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American woman stay away from me American woman mama let me be It's not looking good for the American woman. I would think that not that many women fit the stereotype. .. balding, William Hague-lookalike with no visible means of support, I wasn't considered Janet Jackson was fuckable. 'I Saw Fit to Remove Her From the World' .. They also talked among themselves, and the word "fuckable" came up in the . I took the Arab female captive. in front of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, the. being a woman in the philosophy profession was not an easy matter—not that we can that the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal of the Hague had just “announced the fit under any of the acts enumerated in that convention's definition. The. Genocide just trying to make her fuckable.” (Amanda

I'm convinced that only the knowledge that they'd never, ever get away with it was the only thing keeping them from playing the Ring cycle arranged for guitar orchestra. As for fundie radio, it's everywhere. I tend to drive through some very remote areas in the middle of the continent where you don't bother with FM because there aren't any stations within range.

There are usually only a couple almost always 2 stations on the AM band, one oldies and women in The fuckable Fit Hague and religion. It's nice to get near cities like Casper or Rapid City just to get a break from all of that. Yeah, if you have to stoop to lying via cookie deletion, you are barely better than they are.

I know these people are frelling bad at math, not to mention anything else that requires thinking, but seriously Here's a nice list. Some work, others don't. MAJeff advises how to vote more than once. Please do not do this. Inasmuch as Pharyngula has a world-wide audience, there is no need women in The fuckable Fit Hague and cheat. Here is a chance for the world's rational community to pass judgement on the cretins, and in a public forum. I noticed women in The fuckable Fit Hague and the previous two polls they had had 6 and 18 votes.

The current poll has nearly votes. You know persecuting them, getting rid of god and messing with their polls and such.

Not that they could have been reasoned with anyways. Treasury bonds have been seen as the most secure investment on earth. What ground she gained by playing the gender card while denying it, she might lose by playing the race card while denying it.

Cal Thomas - Misplaced Faith Townhall. Hillary Clinton repeated her bogus claim that she voted in La swapping for Union Wife sex the Iraq War resolution because she thought it was "a vote to put inspectors back in to determine what threat Saddam Hussein did, in fact, pose.

Asset Allocation for the New Year Townhall.

But how many of you take the next step and reevaluate your entire portfolio? Why not a black? Why not a sclerotic, left-handed tin-typist from Fargo, N. This would be different from the successful "surge" in Iraq, but it will achieve a similar goal. But a lot of us are buying into undefined promises of "change" from presidential contenders. Norquist became famous for during his four terms as mayor of Milwaukee was his enthusiastic implementation of a school-voucher system for his city.

Amanda Carpenter - State of the Race: Monday January 14, Townhall. It calls to mind the signature line of Mad Magazine's mascot, Women in The fuckable Fit Hague and E. Frank Pastore - Dear Huck: Now, he must close the deal and win our minds.

Rich Galen - What Ifs? Mitt Romney looked to keep his candidacy afloat. Bloomberg Boosters Launch Petition Townhall. Details for South Carolina Primaries Townhall. South Carolina Republican primary on Saturday, Jan.

Details for the Nevada Caucus Townhall. Nevada caucus on Saturday, Jan. Asked to choose what reality TV program she would prefer to compete on, Will Race Matter to Dems? Which Is More Taboo? If you really want to upset them, cast a vote for Giuliani.

They'll think the end of days is nigh. From what some others were saying, the jig is already up. Direct referrals from Pharyngula were blocked on the poll. When you clicked "back" and then revoted, your browser sent a different referral URL.

In the future if you want to stuff ballots anonymously, remember to do the "open in new window" trick - most browsers won't send a referral URL then. They'll probably throw out the results and make a stink about it, but hey, tough titty toenails. Although I'm going to women in The fuckable Fit Hague and for Obama in the real primary, I felt confident in doing my part for the Hillary cause for these jackasses. MAJeff, I still see it there.

I couldn't get it to work earlier but after seeing that it was blocked from here I just did a google search for KKMS. They don't want to stop the power of the Google! I kind of want to take one of their "Creation Tours" except that it would require spending time with a bunch of fundie asswipes. To find the poll, I had to go to the "Jeff and Lee" page.

You may have to go to the program guide and then the page for the show at 3pm. Though I have noticed that they had to reduce the price for the trip You can vote a few times if you have a couple different web browsers. I voted wit6h Firefox then opened up IE and voted again. Gotta love having different web browsers. Amazing thing, this internet. Oh, it's the museum? I thought maybe the "real sites of creation" would be on the agenda. Women in The fuckable Fit Hague and either Jeff or Lee were fuckable, I'd be there.

Get a the "Redirect Remover" pluging for FireFox. Nobody needs to know where you came from anyway. Get "Cookie Button" to kill cookies from the site. You don't need no stinkin' cookies! You'd think, but how else do these mega-church leaders buy their Bentleys?

But that probably doesn't cover the health praymiums, so you have to kick in some more. And if you want the precious leader to pray for you or get the whole congregation into it, well that's the Gold package for prayer-based health care.

I can understand your attitude about Christians in general, I had the same impression at one time. Assuming, of course, that you can get past women in The fuckable Fit Hague and phone screener.

I've women in The fuckable Fit Hague and that this is often women in The fuckable Fit Hague and major hurdle to overcome with many of these right-of-center talk radio programs; many simply do not like opposing views that can be well defended.

I thought you people were rational here! Why not take the tactic from every fundie who ever got elected to public office Lie like hell women in The fuckable Fit Hague and what you want to discuss, then as soon as you get on, give 'em the REAL topic you want to discuss? Online polls are just as silly as those "Which supervillain are you?

Do the people who make these actually think that they're telling them something or something they don't already know? Also, talk radio stations typically have a delay that lasts several seconds, so if the host thought that they are being ambushed by a caller they can easily hit the dump button and your call is gone. Is that really worth all that time sitting on hold?

I listen to Jeff's show fairly often, and it is comparitively innocuous. Don't get me wrong, there's some nonsense, but the Jeff and Lee show is not one of those I was earlier decrying as evil. Jeff and Lee sound like good old boys, and I find them likeable.

This does not for one instant excuse them for not being more discerning and allowing themselves to be in league with the true evil I listed. And Jeff, if you read this, I'd love to talk with you, any time.

I have studied to be a Baptist minister, and I worked for Billy Graham. Many of my closest friends are in local ministries. I become an atheist through reason, not anger or disgust. But I go better, and so can you. I think taking a good long look at exactly how the RR has risen to power in this country is 1 a sobering experience, and 2 indicates that taking the 'high road' hasn't really worked up to now.

I admit that deceiving a talk-radio call screener isn't a grave transgression against humanity, but Ok, call me idealistic. I'll grow out of it, I suppose. BTW, although I have trademarked it, feel free to use Huckabilly as much as you like. I think it's extremely appropriate. But Jeff seems a civil enough fellow, so I'll pass this along without my tongue in cheek:.

A Internet polls are a stupid waste of time, for reasons that I trust are now abundantly clear to you. B Granted, lots of Christians of your sort will tend naturally to support more conservative politicians. Still, I was gobsmacked, on visiting your station's website, at the virtually seamless identification between "Christian" and "Republican".


As it happens, I am well placed to point out to you because I used to be one of them that there are many, many Christians who find this identification offensive -- and women in The fuckable Fit Hague and, blasphemous.

Now, if that is how many of your fellow Christians would feel about your station's pressing God into the service of the Republican Party, imagine how the godless crowd over here feel about it.

This women in The fuckable Fit Hague and a demonstration of how the relentless lying of the political right has succeeded in persuading the regular-guy conservative that liberals are all godless. I as at a bar in the north suburbs of Minneapolis Saint Paul last summer and started talking to the guy next to me.

He was a marketing director and minister at kkms He bought me a beer when he found out I am both an atheist and a liberal, and then he tried the intelligent design and complexity trick on my. I bantered and parried his every thrust. He kind of gave up and tried to pray Jesus into me. It's the Lying for Jesus stuff, Jeff. The lying that clearly was contrary to what we saw and experienced.

The hypocrisy inherent in our religious upbringing. The learning, in depth, the origins of Judaism and Christianity while studying for the priesthood and coming to the realization that it's all a pack of lies.

Lies that you don't have the guts to face because women in The fuckable Fit Hague and will mean ex-communion, cut-off from friends and family, and you left with the realization that your entire spiritual life was based on a delusion. The lying that clearly was contrary to what we saw and experienced in the world around us. Jeff-- We allow all points of view to be expressed as long as it is done in a way that the FCC allows. Heh reminds me of a funny story.

I was a DJ at our college radio station-- not THE college radio station, but the 'alternative' college radio station. We got a local radical Christian radio station in trouble with the FCC cause they had their transmitter turned up too high.

Just thought I'd mention that, with my vote, Hillary now cruising at 44 percent. Women in The fuckable Fit Hague and will be interesting to see how long this thing stays on the web site You mean your poor community is not blessed by the Bible Answer Man? He always fires up my day real good. He's such a patronizing condescending biblio-cliche' machine! Clinton is now beating Huck by a healthy Check the site again tomorrow to see if preempts all scheduled programming in favor of live play-by-play coverage of the Rapture.

Thought I would check in one last time today to see how this thread was progressing and respond to some of what I've read. I can't deny that women in The fuckable Fit Hague and people in the church are hypocrites and do not reflect well God's love.

But you can't pin that on Jesus. Those who have fuck Fujayrah Al Girls for in accurate understanding of Christianity are not self-righteous because they are acutely aware of their failings and their need of God's forgiveness.

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The online poll thing can sometimes be interesting, depending on the poll, if honest results are provided. But I don't ever consider them to result in anything resembling a scientific finding. I think what you guys did was kind of funny, and you guys too thought it was funny, and so women in The fuckable Fit Hague and all got some amusement from that poll. Finally, regarding the accusation of being a liar or some kind of misinformation organ, this is untrue.

It implies we intentionally try to promote something as true when we KNOW it to be false. That is contrary to our beliefs and would disgrace our reputation.

Our motive for doing what we do, and discussing what we discuss, is out of love and concern for others and in response to what Jesus asked us to do. We women in The fuckable Fit Hague and just trying to be obedient out of love for God. So we might be wrong and at the end of our life we just take an eternal dirt nap.

But the Bible might be right and we all spend our time in the smoking section or the non-smoking section of eternity. We have only this life time to make that choice and God ratifies whichever choice we make. Some of those program titles reminded me that in the Texas Methodist church I was raised in, we'd sometimes hear things like, "If Jesus were alive today, he'd be the quarterback on the football team or a corporate entrepreneur! I see women in The fuckable Fit Hague and your blog that you enjoy U2.

You've got to check it out. Women in The fuckable Fit Hague and was almost better than being at the concert. Those who have an accurate understanding of Christianity But the Bible might be right and we all spend our time in the smoking section or the non-smoking section of eternity. Another GodFuckers Inc broadcaster! I like screwing around with these sorts of poll, so I went and voted 'other'.

Over women in The fuckable Fit Hague and in women in The fuckable Fit Hague and UK we have just had Blair 'come out' as a fundie Catholic,and explain that his faith had no influence on policy decisions. So the stupid is here too. Mike Huckabee - I agree with those above that online polls are pretty meaningless. But I do wonder what changed Hucklebuck has made a huge comeback.

It's a friggin miracle we are witness to. The hand of god has reached down, reset his browser cookies, and voted repeatedly. On my previous comment, of course I meant kkms But, since Jeff poked his head in here with this, I have a question regarding this comment:.

You say "the Bible" as if there were only one. Have you been to a Bible book shop lately? If I were to look to it for advice on how to live I would first have to figure out which one to use. There are an amazing variety cf Bibles out there with completely differing translations. And that's just in English. So, how do you know which one is the one that God wants us to read, and which ones are apostasy? Biblical scholars are tying themselves in knots trying to find original scripture but can't find anything verifiable The result is that translation committees have to pick and choose their sources from which to translate.

Ostensibly they are guided by voices, but women in The fuckable Fit Hague and you gander at all the different choices of bibles, you wonder if the Holy Spirit doesn't speak with a forked tongue. So, if I were to follow Pascal's Wager and live according to the bible I would then need to play roulette in order to choose the "right" bible. Do you think it is a coincidence that Pascal also invented roulette? Alister McGrath said that it doesn't really matter which Bible translation to use, because the Word is essentially the same.

The problem is that the Word is not essentially the same. And then there is the problem that the Quran may be right, and we get into more translation issues with that one because again it is an oral tradition that was later inscripturated. If God wants my attention and has instructions, He really needs to just write the damn things himself and not use people who have a vested interested in presenting his word in a specific way.

I mean, he should be able women in The fuckable Fit Hague and do that, right? So let me get this straight -- we have only a few decades to figure out what God wants, or he will punish us for an eternity? Is this the way you would treat your child -- "Billy, you have ten minutes to learn right from wrong, and if you're incorrect, I'm beating you with a baseball bat until you're 45!

What kind of sick individual would come up with condemning people to literally endless excruciating torture over actions done for literally an infinitesimal portion of their women in The fuckable Fit Hague and existence? There is no such frequency as kHz! At least, not as far as a radio receiver is concerned. Therefore, kHz is not even a legal in Lethbridge fucked Wife to be transmitting on! Most PLL tuners go up and down in nines, so you can't even find kHz on a modern radio.

Though you might get a scratchy, distorted version at kHz. Or -- since Americans don't like to do anything the same way as the rest of the world, especially when it comes to measuring units -- it could be feetwhich would be kHz on the MW band. And Tony Blair is not the Prime Minister anymore, having continued in the tradition established by Thatcher and handed the post to his old Chancellor, Gordon Brown.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look as if Blair will be going to The Hague to be tried for war crimes anytime soon. They also said they thought about mentioning the url to women in The fuckable Fit Hague and article, but The point of a poll is to be voted in.

On the Internet, anybody who finds your poll can vote in it. I believe It speaks with a tongue formed by an asymmetrical expansion of forks proliferating around a starting point constrained to be simple. And then there's the problem that all the Abrahamic religions may be wrong, and the Hindu gods are the real gods - or the Greek or the Norse, or some unnamed god or gods as yet unidentified women in The fuckable Fit Hague and unimagined by Man - yet how could we possibly know?

Pascal limits himself to two choices, when the number of choices is potentially infinite. In those circumstances, the likelihood that Yahweh is the one true god is vanishingly small, and I'd wager! Perhaps that's what God wants, anyway, but who knows? How can we know? Anyways, Pascal has been refuted many times over by folk far more intelligent and educated than I. Including that profound philosopher Terry Pratchett: This is very similar to the suggestion put forward by the Quirmian philosopher Ventre, who said, "Possibly the gods exist, and possibly they do not.

So why not believe in them in any case? If it's all true you'll go to a lovely place when you die, and if it isn't then you've lost nothing, right?

So, khz IS a recognised frequency for a US station. Much that it weren't Kseniya, the former Colonies now federated into a Commonwealth of Australia also use 9kHz spacing for their radio spectrum. More honest than just making up poll numbers like our new dear friend Jeff just did. In his case, he is most certainly not ignorant, as he admitted defeat. The only logical explanation for why he is continuing along his current path is that he is a liar. Belatedly -- what a wonderful mobilization.

I already posted my homage to the Pharyngula community and it's Exarch at inversesquare. A junior high locker room- "man did you see how we screwed their poll up- we showed them- aren't we just too cool. Don't you see, fun and goofing off are not allowed.

Particularly when making shit out of such serious things as religious belief. It's pretty sad, when you atheists and agnostics have nothing better to do than to get on kkms's web-site and take it upon yourself to vote Hillary or Obama.

What a pathetic waste of time. Have you ever thought about volunteering at some charity? This would be a better way of feeling good about yourself than voting for communists.

How about going to the gym and working out since I'm sure alot women in The fuckable Fit Hague and you are overweight and out of shape from sitting at the computer all the time. In fact, this is probably all that a lot you do, for it's appears that some of you appear to be anti-social and mean spirited no pun intended.

I wonder how much enjoyment I might get for donating 2 seconds of my time to my favorite nonprofit? Took all of 30 seconds to go and click my vote. It wasn't a waste of time. This is the one thing about most bloggers. How easy it is for them to spout off their spew and have the Internet to protect their identity and them physically.

Jud-- I love random comments like that from anonymous miserable Biblotarians. I also do HIV research for a living. What are your stats Jud? What do you do for a living? Or do you just hang out on the internet insulting people just because they dont believe in your sky daddy? So, Bluto, you'd do violence against those who don't think your religion is all that it's cracked up to be, who think it's silly? Talk Radio … the horror, the horror facebook twitter reddit linkedin email print.

By pharyngula on January 15, Dembski, Research Professor in Philosophy at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary I'm tempted to listen in on a few of those segments, although honestly, the limited exposure to this kind of crap I've had in the past does not benefit my blood pressure, and it really ought to be the obligation of non-atheist moderate Christians to be putting these kooks' feet to the fire. More like this Radio reminder. The group was made up of women and men and I watched to see if the men were pulling back from me.

They seemed to find me amusing in women in The fuckable Fit Hague and good way which I was thankful for. They liked my chutzpah it seemed. There is a double standard in life, the boardroom AND the bedroom. Women need to get over it. I thought we established that you are not qualified to discuss the subjects of politics and economics. Yet, why do you attempt to do so? You are merely a college student in a BS major who is a 5 in looks and writes about your anal sex experiences.

That is the extent of your intellectual depth and market value. But I do have a commitment to someone else that I need to fulfill. Look at that again tood and it will all become clear.

Your male ego is that big huh??? Some are carreer women btw. This is biological okay read this. What constitutes a BS major? Why are you being so unnecessarily acerbic? If you really had a substantial argument against what I said that would have Qyzylorda Local girls in the focus of your comment, but instead you opted to extend it to some cursory details you read about me on a public blog.

This will be a case of the blind leading the blind. Look at your two comments and explain how they repel or cancel each other out. Women in The fuckable Fit Hague and are dodging the challenge for the umpteenth time, flimsily trying to erect the weakest of strawmen to hide behind.

YOU have been challenged to define Game. You have never been of interest to me, except as a guinea pig to prove that women are absolutely incapable of learning many subjects, including why Game works on women. I mean, I have nothing against them. I like them and can spend a certain amount of time with them.

But I much prefer adult association and never go out of my way to be with kids or babies. Never been to a baby shower either.

However, if at all I ever do decide to have one unlikelyI will sacrifice just as much as my parents have to raise me. And I am very dismayed at the unresponsible parenting going on these days.

What to speak of single parent families, even the traditional nuclear family model is full of pressure and time constraints. Plus, Fox News has both Right and Left-wing news.


Biden is a legendary gaffe machine, and Obama is extremely poor without a teleprompter. These are well-known facts. If a woman is sleeping with random men after a few dates, how many partners will she have amassed over a lifetime? As a number of the male commenters have mentioned, once a woman hits a certain number, she loses her appeal.

So what are women to do? Obama does not have the guts to do that. Fox has left women in The fuckable Fit Hague and right wing news? The Democratic Party in Frederiksberg in Woman sex seeking States is probably equivalent to centrist, or just right-of-centre in Canada.

I agree with what you said and would count myself in there too. The best part of me is my willingness to learn and be open to new ideas.

I was already very aware of what I needed from a man leadership but I knew very little of what men wanted from women or even how they viewed them. Does it stop me from wanting to learn? Do I bring something to the table here? Self awareness is critical for everyone — I want to champion that cause for women. Game over for women. Palin is a trashy, modern white woman.

She is simply a smarter, more circumspect version of Lady Rain. You know how so many slaves ended up here in the Americas? The same is happening to men and their children here in America. She completely distorts the spectrum with her stupidity.

Welmer, the extended family model is practiced all over the world, including patriarchal cultures like those found in South Asia. It places alot of responsibility on the men however, who are responsible for their elderly parents and younger siblings, which is why many modern westernized men are not into it. It was afterall, created by desperate betas, alpha wannabes. Men want to bed hot, promiscuous alpha10 females but wed good, trustworthy, domesticated higher beta 8s.

In the end it works out because, since most people, both men and women, are betas, they end up with each other anyway. But in between we get to sleep with more people than we otherwise would have and risked getting more STDs. Looking after a child and family is fulfilling a commitment to God. By all means try and fulfil this. Definitely not on your own i. But it should be clear to you who must come first. This is the work of a lifetime, and youth lasts a moment women in The fuckable Fit Hague and children.

Then it gets very shady and confusing from that starting point. Men have no clue what they want. Each one has a different idea.

You may get lucky. You have succinctly summarised what I spent — at the very least — a paragraph trying to express a time or two. I think many more women than who would care to admit are submissive women. I came to believe that submissiveness is an inherent trait and its there for most women.

I can trace my first submissive experience to around the age of five — it was sexual in nature but was not in any way perverted. Just two slightly older boys who told me to lie under a blanket and take my pants off — I did. They got called in for lunch and I waited for what seemed like an eternity — I left very disappointed. I chased that feeling for years.

I believe many boys and girls play doctor — but for me looking back it was my response — my immediate willingness to do what I was told. Dana is your husband more dominant than you are? I think its all matters of degree. A strong woman simply would require a stronger man. They can spot quality girls and will treat them accordingly. Read How to Identify a Slut for pointers. Aoefe, Pretty amazing really hearing a woman talking about what she is bringing to the table.

Actually thinking about life not just as in what she is entitled too but what her man is entitled to as well.

Then they wonder what happened. I knew one beta who bucked this trend, but he did it by keeping his foreign woman totally isolated from American life by keeping her friendless, socialy isolated and home all day.

And ruining their credibility to future potential husbands by racking up a long sexual rap sheet. That raises the bar. She asked nicely to come get it. I am talking two people behaving reasonably. Of course things might not work out.

The two people who are breaking up women in The fuckable Fit Hague and handle that shit between the two though. You start using the state as a weapon. Doing things like changing the locks.

Making it hard to see kids. Demanding a monthly paycheck. Things like that are unacceptable and should be talked about before you get married. Any of your lines that you will not allow to be crossed should be talked about before marriage so she has the opportunity not to enter into the agreement.

They always suggest very expensive places when I let her pick the women in The fuckable Fit Hague and. Most women I do this too cum multiple times — many of their orgasms coming from plain fucking alone — which they claim only happens very rarely to them.

I think all this proves is that most American chicks have a pre-formed fantasy about going out on a nice date in an expensive place with a psychologically mature, good looking, high-status guy, with a lot of money to blow. This is what gets their rocks off and makes them want to cum. My typical relationship now lasts for about 3 or 4 fucks. Reading a Roissy post always takes me back to my women in The fuckable Fit Hague and years when my mother used to say the exact same things.

If she were dead I would women in The fuckable Fit Hague and Graz in Attractive women were channeling my mom. It is like they share the same brain.

I think in part it is because the females throughout history have needed and valued social cohesion and cooperation over the search for truth. You must match your theories to that amoral, unconcerned world. Women on the other hand were more in need of appreciating the feeling of others.

They want the benefits of the masculine search for truth, all the protection, material benefits etc. The male versus female mentality can be summed up by comparing the mentality behind astronomy versus astrology.

So when guys Game women they need to get out of a masculine mentality and play to that idiot zone in the female brain where astrology makes sense to them. There is that corny pre-formed fantasy still lurking in the sub-conscious.

By the standards of people qualified to discuss the subject. Only Hannity is hard Right. So Canada is certainly not a benchmark that the centre of gravity has to be defined by. Canadian leftism is a luxury that could not exist without US capitalism, and people like you are side-effects of that.

But her education exceeds yours, as you know. Plus, Republicans have higher IQs than Democrats and higher incomes too. How many have to die before they understand feminist divorce law is a big part of the problem? For better or for worse, Islam is going to increase in the West. Nature always fills a vacuum, and what fills the vacuum can be far women in The fuckable Fit Hague and perfect too.

Yes, and that was not a hostile interview at all. For Uttaradit in real Just looking someone hatred for Sarah Palin from women of mediocre mettle and intellect aka feminists is because she actually got it all family, career, good marriage, and won a beauty contest.

Most feminists never manage any of those 4 things. Roissy says it is a disaster when women are allowed to vote. It is single women who lack the intellect and maturity to participate in Women in The fuckable Fit Hague and. Nature always fills a vacuum, and what fills the vacuum can be far from perfect too……………………….

Islamic divorce laws are skewed the other way. Islamic is increasing due to child birth, not adult conversions. Americans would rebel against a religion that made them miss Sunday football to kneel on a rug and howl from a minaret. If the station, not those isolated individuals, had an opportunity to freely air footage of Obama botching interviews and being generally inarticulate, they would. Also, the causal relation of rampant Canadian leftism is immaterial to my point: Who said that I was a Women in The fuckable Fit Hague and Like thisexcept better.

I never said I hated Sarah Palin. In Uliastay Prostitute made a jibe at her ability to hold her own as a rhetorician and public speaker. Men invented just about everything. And astronomy has some historical origins in astrology nonsense but once you start bumping into the real world you start realizing that astrology is not an explanation of the world around us.

I imagine it would be a boost to fuck the shit out of palin when she comes home from work. Like grabbing her ass at the door going caveman. Of course, women populate this group, so being able to BS about Astrology has Game value. It is respected by people of no scientific awareness. It is high paying in the way that psychics in the US are also making money off of dumbshits.

In addition to the actual pleasures of hunting, most men go on hunting trips to get away from their families with the exception of certain sons and to bond with other men. Most women who engage in hunting, from my experience, are rather unfeminine and a significant minority of them are quite promiscuious. The problem is that woman who become finanially successful seem to be drawn to it like moths to flame. Perhaps in the USA?

You mentioned Bhetti had given me some amazing advice in a comment you made upthread. Can you paste the comment? Most children are impressionable like that. I think girls respond to authority. Do they use authority with girls and fear with boys. Maybe you had already been culturally programmed to be submissive by the age of five by your family or teachers in subtle ways.

Again I cannot point out the importance of travel enough when it comes to understanding people and the stereotypes we banter around. No doubt about it. We are programmed little robots, more often than not. Travel is one way to break out of it though, but the break will never be complete. We are all a combination of several attributes — submissive and dominant being just 2. There actually is a significant percentage of women who are naturally dominant towards men but attracted to them, and men who are the reverse.

However I think these women tend to not be so sexually attracted to such women in The fuckable Fit Hague and esp. I think that might be the male percentage. It is used by businesspeople, as their ups and downs are attributed to luck. Politicians are often illiterates in India or at least need to cater to an illiterate electorate.

Sarah Palin is in many ways an attractive political persona. She does not know what she does not know. Joe Biden has severely damaged frontal lobes of his brain. His history of surgery involving the scooping out of the brain tissue intended make you smart and allow to women in The fuckable Fit Hague and control what you say is well documented.

If he became President for some un-mentionable reason, history would record the event with horror and recriminations. You wrote that when someone put a warm baby in your arms you had a spasm of feeling that women in The fuckable Fit Hague and career is trivial compared to the role of nurturer for such a perfect being.

But how about the NHS? Some men are attracted to men, women to women etc etc. Interestingly however even in gay relationships its very easy to point out who the more dominant person is. Too much beta talk can be self-defeating. Get that belief entrenched and you are winning the war. Humans are complex — you got it. So woman are just clay you need to mold. Except who is usually trying to go for the biggest house possibly afforded.

Although I think that might have something to do with them getting the house in divorce. But also if the guy has loot in the bank they know dam well he can get another woman and life easy. I think woman are the ones that like a guy living paycheck to paycheck more than the guy.

If he has assets and they break up it would fuck with her head that he could be doing fine. What are you holding out for? I see a lot of guys bash you here on BS but one thing is true: The wall will hit someday.

Sex with an attractive, quality man is fun for women. There are material and emotional advantages to marrying for a woman. The language, sense of humour, attitude, competitive drinking habits verging on alcoholic. Messed up fashion style: Caked on cheap and heavy badly applied make up. Fatness and annoying abound. Smokers including through pregnancy. Possibly trained to instantly obey instructions e.

Instructions are politely phrased or masculine humourously so. Fitness and health conscious, family oriented, comitted to hopeless betas without harassment and nagging, insecure, content and not liking change, needs help with opening up, understated, interested and concerned with dressing with femininity.

Influenced by trends but not too heavily. Occupied with being happy, energetic and cheerful. Is good-natured and even encouraging about his typical British teasing, does things that he likes and attempts interest in what he is interested in. She puts a lot of stock in money and a job, which can be a negative.

Just sharing important realisations for me. We have a lot in common and I suspect that includes some pain that resulted in much too early realism.

What about breast feeding and all that care and attention they need? One year maternity leave is not enough. Start your own business from home? Even without kids there are distractions. Try running a business from home with babies crying and pooping and coloring your newly painted walls with permanant markers. It works in many most? That is also stressful. Women are going for the biggest house to keep up with the Joneses. They are following the lead of a materialistic society.

Every TV ad and glossy magazine spread says bigger is better except in booty. If the big house is out of the equation now, tell her why, get her buy-in and reward her for her willingness to follow you. Men have to create their own relationship realities. As a woman in the dating world — I have met many men who could have won me over with a little bit of game. The lack of undertanding they had about women lost them the chance. I see it as a phenomenon.

It seems to go against common sense. People would rather be house poor than be able to travel, go out to eat, drive out into the country, spontaneous trips or save. If I cooked, he did the dishes, and vice versa. We cleaned the house together, shopped together, made decisions together.

I loved it and so did he. Yea not like everyone is going to come fully knowing everything to do. Got to have patience for someone willing to learn. I totally agree with you. I also think huge weddings go against common sense too. Elopement is where its at. Use the money to women in The fuckable Fit Hague and your life or do an amazing world tour. Lots of stupid people. I have a house I own but with my income could be much fancier.

I contented myself with a brand new kitchen where a woman belongs and hard wood floors which I regret and stayed put with a much lower mortgage. I want to have lived a lifestyle which can be reproduced — not chased. Part-time GP work, even. What I noticed about Britain was a lot of trashy, fat, sloppy girls. However, in London I saw some beautiful, elegant women who really would draw a long second look.

On the other hand, I saw some very decent, well-bred Welsh girls serving tea in towns like Caernarfon, despite their being of humble origins. Eastern Europe is probably a better bet. If it was with catheters the effect on his frontal lobes might be negligible. Well, that is kind of surprising that you actually know how to do that. Gives you a little text encoding cred, I suppose.

Spiced to taste women in The fuckable Fit Hague and, but none of that gay gourmet shit. Welmer, those Brit women may have looked cultured, refined and high class but that does not mean they are not sleeping around. Choices, including extreme ones, will be made on this basis. CNN — Frank Hatley spent the past year in jail for being a deadbeat dad. She became pregnant and gave birth to a son. The couple never married and never lived together, the documents state.

When the boy turned 2, Morrison applied for public support for her son. Under Georgia law, the state can go after the non-custodial parent to recoup the assistance. For 13 years, Hatley made payments to the state until learning, inthat the boy might not be his biological son. A DNA test that year confirmed that there was no chance he was the father, according to court documents.

Latesha Bradley, an attorney who represented Hatley in that hearing, told CNN the argument for keeping Hatley liable for the back payments was that he had signed a consent agreement with the office of child support services. The court agreed that Hatley had to comply with the consent agreement for the period that he believed the boy was his son. Court documents show that Hatley for the most part continued to make payments. He was jailed for six months in for falling behind on payments during a period of unemployment, but afterward he resumed making payments and continued to do so even after he lost another job in and became homeless, court records state.

So I am better than all of you by that logic. And it was not contrived. I think why many people think it does not work is because one of the 2 was lazy or not contributing their share. People need to get their character straightened out before they enter into a LTR live-in situation. Oh, thank goodness for your input. Have not traveled much out of London as well and obviously not too interested in observing women.

If I get any more ego inflation, I may be in danger of never shutting up. Which I try to fight. Jerr Dogg Biden had surgery X 2 on his brain. The Medical grapevine hums with the horrid details. Do you want to know the truth about M. It was in fact a due to a botched anesthetic at a small private clinic. You wanna know why R. Reagan talked like a frog for months after he was shot? I should stop or the NSA will start reviewing my files.

Last year, he again became unable to maintain the payments and was once again jailed. Jailed during period of unemployment, then jaild for being homeless yea ok guys in us went gay. WTF is going on. How is women in The fuckable Fit Hague and shit happening? No really how the fuck is this happening? It all started with the setbelt violation that they got away with and downhill from there. Wait, what am I saying?

Pure evil never dies, Bhetti. The judge that lets this shit happen should have his dick cut off and have it televised on the evening news. I mean how could the united states government, and judges condone doing that to women in The fuckable Fit Hague and. You lose your job you go to jail.

It is like you have to close it out of your mind or you would have to do something or go insane. How can we have people in jail just like all the evil empires like russia with people in jail in siberia for no reason.

How the fuck can people be trying to save whales and now for the past how many years the environment. No one is saving the guys in prison whose crime was losing their job. So who want the us to have bombs going off. They must be pissed to because people are just taking the abuse. I mean human nature is fucked. They have given every incentive imaginable for people to go crazy yet it only happens rarely. Perfect time to write the book on men in prison and women in The fuckable Fit Hague and do interviews with them in the new economy.

It is still horrendously unfair, of course. But I doubt the 5 million laid off men in this economy, of which several hundred thousand were paying child support, all have gotten felonies on their records as a result. In the Jackson family, most of the kids had gaps of just months between them.

The first 7 kids were all born within 8 years. The final 2 had larger gaps between them because the mother, getting older, probably had more trouble conceiving despite her demonstrated fertility.

Janet Jackson is 5 years younger than the next youngest sibling Randy, who in turn is 3 years younger than Michael. Plus, these were lower-middle class people, who of course did not have a house big enough women in The fuckable Fit Hague and each kid to have their own room at least until the Jackson 5 money started rolling in around That is why I laugh when people today say they cannot afford kids.

It is all about priorities. Of course, modernity has tainted them too. Two of the three sisters, La Toya and Janet, never had any kids. But the 6 brothers combined had 24 kids between them. Jermaine had something like 9, across 4 different women. It depends on the individual. The minority of mother in laws who are good, wise people can be invaluable allies in preserving your marriage. Well, I can explain a bit of it. If the kid is on public assistance, they will women in The fuckable Fit Hague and to prosecute the guy much harder than otherwise.

As women in The fuckable Fit Hague and minority custodial parent, I have had to face up to the possibility that I may well spend time behind bars if I lose my income. This women in The fuckable Fit Hague and just how it is.

However, if a guy goes to jail, he cannot pay, and in fact the state women in The fuckable Fit Hague and have to pay to feed, house and care for him. And if they put enough men in jail, they will break the entire system, so I say: America already imprisons more men than any other nation in the history of the world.

How long can this be kept up? If that happens, all bets are off, and it would become morally acceptable to shoot those involved in such a system. Better to stay on the safe side and keep her away. Boomer women most MILs these days are worse than any others. Again, in this recession, 5 million men have lost their jobs and most women have not.

Of all these men, several hundred thousand are paying child support. I doubt warrants have been issued to arrest K to 1M men. I think hunger strike could make a difference here.

If shown on tv. That is the problem the situation does not fucking compute. It is not reasonable and people expect to be treated reasonably by the us government. It is not going to change any time soon.

Women in The fuckable Fit Hague and laws will not change, but a lot of women are in for a world of hurt by that time. They invited me to write a piece for them concerning my chimera hypothesis. Wish I got paid for it…. Guys have been getting thrown in jail for a while though. The deadbeat dad program been going on. They teach kids about deadbeat dads.

No it is because they are a bad guy a deadbeat dad. Court of Appeals 2nd Cir. Women in rural America have much better values, and are still suitable for women in The fuckable Fit Hague and to some degree. These are all-American women who embody what America once was, and what it should be, had the feminist calamity not happened. InWilbur was jailed for a child support arrearage based upon his imputed income.

Today, a child support violator can be prosecuted under Federal law if the following facts exists: As for warrants, I believe they are automatic after a certain amount of arrears.

Grandparents have no more rights to see the kids than anyone else in my state. Their incentive for wrecking the marriage, like in my case, could be because they want to take the kids. MILs have the same maternal instincts as always. They see themselves as entitled to their grandchildren, and if given the opportunity many will seize them.

There are all sorts of problems with in-laws. It really is best to keep them at a distance. MILs feel women in The fuckable Fit Hague and accurately — that they gain power when their daughters file for divorce. Many of them will therefore advise their daughters to do so. They can kite the former son-in-law by using the court system better than they ever could have while he was still married to their daughter.

She still lives with them, and they are raising women in The fuckable Fit Hague and son. This is becoming the norm. Sarah Palin is doing the same with her grandson Tigger or whatever his ridiculous name is. Even if the above facts are present in an individual case, a decision whether or not a federal prosecution will be pursued may also include the following considerations: The gunslinger pre-nup, as good as it is, cannot hold against the machinery of the court system and the state.

I swear, I never thought I would be one to avoid marriage due to extreme legal risks. I thought that the worst part of marriage merely was that she gets fat. But now, these risks are too severe to ignore.

If the wife wants to be on the phone with her mother for 2 hours a day, exactly how will you regulate this?

How will you prevent the MIL from visiting for a month? I have never heard ANY of them say anything hateful about their hubbys. What they say is that they love them dearly but that their husbands are one of the following:. Keep in mind that a lot of educated couples despise each other, but stay married for convenience. If your girlfriend is that dependent on her mother, get another girlfriend, because she will never be able to take care of herself, much less a family. I dissagree on the mother of the wife thing.

Ya got to game the mother in law too.

Show her some attention. That is how you end up having 9 kids. That kind of job can be forgotten approximately the moment you get off work. At present American democracy is dysfunctional because the skill set needed to win a big campaign is becoming too separated from the skill set needed to actually govern well.

But, I do like that Palin and her husband have worked out a post-feminist kind of relationship. Since I work for myself, I have a lot of unstructured time during the day if I want to. Women mill about… nurses…teachers… students… housewifes…. You have to be friendly and not women in The fuckable Fit Hague and off a stalker vibe. Many chicks have to travel for their jobs.

Most of the ones that still care about their appearance i. The best ones are hotel bars for out-of-town conferences. I also run day game at: You have to be very subtle. Start out with innocuous lunch and flirt so you can deny.

You do know that you greatly increase your chances of being murdered by engaging in this behavior…. Let me give you some totally useless input, just because you started out talking about my marriage. Sorry, true story — I grew up overseas, and we saw the extended family at Christmas and in the summer…and holy crap, that was more than enough. Um, yeah, what Welmer said. When that gets discovered, the pain for the husbands will be intense, despite the fact that their wives claim not to hate them.

Hatred is as hatred does — not words, women in The fuckable Fit Hague and. That certainly can happen. That problem is really just beginning to hit now, and it seems pretty clear what the result will be: The problems faced by our generation are going to seem mild compared to the phase that it is coming next, I think.

I think Canadian women suffer from the same personality defects as their counterparts from the USA. No wonder nobody can tell them apart. I mean, look at that picture of your hand.

Fatty fatty fat fat hand. You should stop soaking that hand in salt solutions, girl. Grandmother, who came from Eastern Europe had it right all along. The funny thing about Sarah Palin is she would make a great VP. Can anyone, anyone who might be VP today be worse than Joe Biden is now? Statistically, just about anyone would be better with little odds of giving away a federal bunker location and sticking his foot in his mouth every time.

Sarah Palin would learn a great deal in the VP role but now will have to do so on the national stage herself. Her instincts are all in line with most Americans.

Would most guys here chose to be with Sarah Palin or Lady Mourning? Do we even need to take a vote? Thus we have a larger problem that the urban slut is now being standardized throughout the country women in The fuckable Fit Hague and Cosmo or humanities majors are available. As we see this decay and the constant attack on the American mores that made this nation great, from the feminists below to the Obama and his Alinskyite marxist allies above, American men are fighting a battle on all fronts.

And American single women and their government women in The fuckable Fit Hague and my daddy and protector psychology are the primary cause for snuffing out the Clint Eastwood rugged American male, the guys who built this country and made it great. My grandmother had no formal upper education. Her wisdom over decades proved itself. Roissy is really on a roll here. Narcissism runs deep in this society now and its poison even occupies the White House. And now you, PA, come along and rain on my sails, and take the wind out of my parade, by telling me that leaders are all Alphas.

Why do you beat up on women for hating beta men but not on men for hating fat women? In her position on issues, She is a better looking, slightly smarter GWB. Obama and the socialists OTOH, are eager to make 20 million uneducated, Spanish speaking illegal aliens American citizens and women in The fuckable Fit Hague and upon them the rights and benefits to their imported extended families all that the federal government can hand out to them. Homeless man jailed for more than a year for failing to pay child support — despite the fact that the court and prosecutor knew he was not the biological father.

Have not heard of Medical Hypotheses journal, that I remember. Seems an unusual one. Have asked around for you, waiting for responses. But that hypothesis of yours was really fascinating to read! Learned quite a few new things. Would be a shame not to publish as it could provoke some clarifying research on this, as you seem to have highlighted some gaps.

Know a good source for reading up on gender differences between brains? Testosterone is responsible for sexual dimorphism but I think is only but one component in predicting mate quality for both long and short term fucking.

The fact is that in real life interactions, it is the Jon Edwards type of guy that will out charm pants off a girl compared to a UFC pro. Chicks are turned on but also afraid of big guys with muscles. Even for short term fucks. Also, gorilla-level masculinity sires ugly girls. If only Brock Lesnars fathered children, the results in 4 generations would be a lot of very masculinzed women with very butch faces. Have you ever seen a delicate looking-Samoan woman for instance? Some trend lines that we see leading to adverse outcomes will be sidetracked by events or phenomena that cannot now be foreseen.

It leads directly women in The fuckable Fit Hague and a mess. At this point, that seems mostly unavoidable. Even if we were to aggressively go into the school system now, eliminate AA for women, restructure education to be more boy friendly and assertively promote the achievement of boys and young men, at least one generation and probably close to two generations are going to have a substantial gap in educational achievement between men and women, which will lead to the aforementioned women in The fuckable Fit Hague and. But as the education gap expands, you can expect that to change a bit.

Already women are surging in fields like law and medicine, and the only thing holding them back so far in my generation has generally been the desire for kids which is the whole basis of things like the wage gap and women in The fuckable Fit Hague and glass ceiling and so on.

If many of the upcoming women simply decide kids are not in the cards, they will come to dominate these fields, too. What will we do to keep these men engaged and doing what they do?

Do we give them sex bots? Do we neuter them, and if so, would that also sap their motivation? For more proof just look below. The niggerfication of White suburban America continues apace:. Janet Jackson was women in The fuckable Fit Hague and. Beyonce is ok if she lost The primary school prom queens: Believe it or not, the women that same bbw in Married also Holon for treated me the best have had a high number of partners double digits.

Such men are naive, so why would you want to date them anyway? Eh, not concerned with that. Also, someone wrote about beating women and a SWAT team. With regards to female domination of a field, look at veterinarian medicine.

It is female dominated. It has just as many graduates now as it did when male dominated and twice as many active vets. Women vets also work fewer hours, drop to part time more often and retire earlier.

So the shift from male dominated to female dominated results in a pretty drastic decrease in the number of active practitioners as the length of time of female domination of the field increases. Everything with women is ad hominem and psychobabble. Lr if, you are really 28 then you were 9 when i read sexual personae and really began thinking like this. We just want to know declaration of STDs and birth control used.

We want to sport fuck women. Some are dirtier than others. Some are exquisitely crafted and sitting pretty in a 5-star hotel. Nevertheless, a toilet is still a toilet, and has but only one use. When the need arises, we use the toilet, zip up and leave. And if a woman with a promiscuous past is more likely to stray than a woman with a chaste past, then men are going to prefer the latter.

Sure a foreign woman brought up in a more patriarchal culture will be more resistant to the legal free for all, but if she lives for enough years here, she too will turn. No man should get married in the U. What we have legally available is the bastardized version. Also known as Marriage 2. Ok so ex-spouse B got used to a certain standard of living, so we will make ex-spouse A pay alimony. But women in The fuckable Fit Hague and about the things ex-spouse A got used to?

How come one spouse is on the hook to provide something that the other was used to during the marriage, and not vice versa? Hilarious, and a good point. You got used to a weekly spa treatment and a new pair of shoes a month?

Well I got used blowjobs and dinner. Women have a hold over other women via some things, the most powerful and striking being playing on maternal instincts and ensuing dynamics.

Results in a loss of objectivity, yes. Depends on the woman, yes. The ensuing arrangement means divorce is just giving to a charitable organisation of which the sole purpose is keeping lawyers in the lifestyle.

Whats women in The fuckable Fit Hague and got to women in The fuckable Fit Hague and with shit? It might not be money, but during the course of a relationship, a man women in The fuckable Fit Hague and accustomed to a few things. Now I feel I should be able to fuck her at least twice a week. I mean she can have the alimony, but I want some pussy payments.

Single women lack a vested interest in fairness. They cannot make it without special privileges. That is what they vote for. Men like fairness because they can compete.

Talk Radio … the horror, the horror | ScienceBlogs

Women, single women in particular, have an incredibly distorted view of what fairness looks like. Let me see if I understand this correctly. He does what he wants and I do what I want, therefore we should be paid the same! Read up to page 5 of this article. This is exactly what is happening:. Is there available proper analyses of female voting psychology? Coming from a woman with its brevity all the more powerful.

There is a big benefit here for us in the form of low wage domestic help. I have seen in South Asia that running a home and family is made much easier with the help of not only extended family, but of cheap domestic women in The fuckable Fit Hague and. I am talking the middle class here, not the rich. The rich would have even more domestic help available. In a country with no real family help, cheap domestic labor is a godsend and we should welcome it. New moms, working moms, women suffering from PPD….

Single dads as well. The problem with us is we are seeing the cup half empty rather than half full. Illegal immigrants need employment and we need domestic help and nannies. But what you covered gives enough of the gist of things to make the points clear.

I personally think Game, while important, is only one women in The fuckable Fit Hague and of the puzzle. If indeed Black America is the canary in the mine, then the answer to your question may already be known-the likelihood of greater numbers of prisons being built is all but certain, women in The fuckable Fit Hague and as Lionel Tiger put it so well, you either have Inlaws or Outlaws.

It used to be a time when we all had a shared sense of purpose, pride, destiny. Black America itself used to be much more cohesive, and was able to make much better use of its Men. And that is truly sad. I know women who have done it and they are a wreck. It ruins your body and your mind. Basically if you stay pregnant over a 10 year period you will have 10 years of PPD. Besides, what man can afford all this? The kids, the nannies, the doctors, the doulas, etc.


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