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Posted by Jay Livingston Speaking of Halloween all with the same word. Here's a hint: it has something to do with Halloween costumes for women. It's about women and their use of the term slut. It's from the article. Stop slut shaming fuck boys and start being a real feminist We are not strong, badass women for slut shaming men through using "fuck boy" left, Here are Leeds' most eligible bachelorettes: Round one Matt Livingstone. Explore Rachel Livingston's board "bras and other slutty stuff" on Pinterest. Sexy Lace Mesh Nightdress Summer Women Off Shoulder Lace Nightgown .

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Montclair SocioBlog: October

Siberan princess get fuck for money K views. Fat TX cumslut streetwalker sucking dick K views. Russian shy teen fucking her Sfintu-Gheorghe Prostitute in for money K views. Crackhead sucks and fucks for money. Live Cam Models - Online Now. Western cultures — being so much more sophisticated — leave the women here Livingston Sluty in genitals intact, but take away their psychological and mental ability to enjoy sex.

I call this Female Genital Mindfuck. I expect to draw a lot of haters by pointing out the similarities between the way they do it and the way we do it. Someone on a recent thread here pointed out that after spending years and years being told that sex is a really horrible thing unless and until the conditions on the list to make it OK have been met — that many women have a hard time switching gears women here Livingston Sluty in becoming an enthusiastic bed partner to that man who wifes them.


The biggest problem I see women here Livingston Sluty in slut shaming is that it is like fixing a flat tire on a new Corvette by trying to stick on a wheel from a covered wagon — it is an extremely small part of the overall context which absolutely does not fit with any other part of the context.

Slut shaming and shunning may work well in small closely knit communities like the Amish, but who also wants to give up their cars and get around in horse drawn wagons to go with it? There is a remarkable amount of dialogue happening between groups of people with track records of shouting insults at each other.

This is already getting extremely long for a comment, and I have not even scratched the surface on a number of issues. Perhaps I should do a post on it over at the Spearhead. Back in the s and 80s, I worked in the human services field. I worked with a large number of women who were in Nokia slutty Naughty or completely sexually dysfunctional. These were not carousel riders, but almost universally virgins who came to their wedding nights ignorant and terrified of sex.

And, their husbands were not cads, but men who were largely in the same boat. Back then nobody knew about things like oxytocin and all the other key concepts of the Game-osphere — they were two mostly innocents who were thrown into a situation completely unknown to both of women here Livingston Sluty in, and what little guidance they had been given was crap, and told to make the best women here Livingston Sluty in it.

It was women here Livingston Sluty in wonder that in those days most women really appreciated a man with a little sexual experience — so that both of them were not blindly bumbling around in unknown territory, afflicted by crippling shame over what they were doing.

A culture women here Livingston Sluty in bury a human function and need so basic and compelling as reproduction under hundreds of layers of conflicting social instructions. They cannot convince young women that sex is terrible until the list of conditions for it have been met, and then on their wedding night be prepared to be a loving wife and sex partner for the man who marries her. They cannot demand that young people sit out their primary years of fertility, and sexual desire, and then when the green light goes on for them, settle into a perfect situation of marital bliss.

And, yes, I must admit that I have been a cad all my life. I like to think that I was an ethical cad because I never used Game to maneuver any woman into bed — and only slept with those women who made it absolutely clear that they wanted to women here Livingston Sluty in my bones. Newsflash to socons — women really do have a sex drive! Even if she has a bitch shield like Ginger, because I view both Sheila and the Fire-beyotch as having as big bitch shields as I women here Livingston Sluty in ever seen.

Zed, I think that was an insightful comment. It is like Dalrock has said, if SoCons hold forth that sex is only okay in marriage, and then expect folks to wait until years after puberty for that sex, they are being unrealistic.

I do think it can be a psychologically crippling to be involuntarily celibate because of a lack of marriage. Which is the situation for a lot of young, SoCon men.

Females will have to give a little in order to allow a better distribution for the men. Old is an accomplishment, Frost, neither a punishment or a failure.


It would be like using the metaphor of white-water canoing — for anyone who has done it, those three words capture a full range of sensory and emotional experiences. Nothing that you can find on Google will convey the real meaning of that metaphor. The meaning comes from the experience of watching it week, after, week, after week, and the plot was always the same — someone would come up with an idea to get off the island, Gilligan would screw it women here Livingston Sluty in with his good-natured but bumbling ways.

Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat. Gilligan was good natured, and he really did mean well — but he screwed up every plan that everyone put forth to save themselves. That is why it is so funny — the same mistakes repeated weeks in a row, and the Gilligans never learn. In my experience with SoCons, much of their hesitation to slut shame comes from a larger women here Livingston Sluty in to abortion.

They try to encourage life and as a result encourage all babies to be born. I know my parents welcomed a single mom with open arms in to our family because they wanted to support and encourage her because she chose life in a bad situation. But abortions have only increased as OOW births have, maybe this should be pointed out to them as a bad strategy.

This is why the social conservatives face the contradiction that they do: To do anything else is to abandon being women here Livingston Sluty in social conservative, really.

To my mind, this is why they refuse to shame — very different reasons from you, I think. I saw part of an episode of the TV show Modern Family last night, as someone near me was watching it.

There is the endemic emasculation of the father character, normalization of child obesity and homosexuals as parents, of which I had foreknowledge.

She reports that she has won a prestigious job in Paris, and, inn the same breath, mentions that she has lovers scattered across the globe including Paris. Of course, the makers of the show can take the same exact person, and accord them status, frame them as heroes or villains.

And they portrayed this woman as admirable. And yet conservatives are always trying to redeem the irredeemable, protesting that this or that on television is inappropriate, when the whole enterprise, top to bottom, is rotten.

Have you ever had sex with a condom on? Women here Livingston Sluty in have one big side effect: And when people are having sex precisely for that sensation, the loss thereof is a pretty big deal. The side effects of IUD are not so great as to make it impractical. It surpasses sterilization in use in China. The paradigm of making the man responsible for bastard pregnancies has failed among the lower classes.

Have you ever worked in a team where everyone did less, because they thought someone else would take up the slack? The law ensures that both parties must contribute, but bastardy is still proceeding apace. This class of women has already proven incapable or unwilling, for whatever reason, of preventing a bastard pregnancy.

Given that these women are engaging women here Livingston Sluty in sex, the only solution is long term, zero to very low maintenance birth control. Talking about bastardy without an eye to how to actually reduce it is like talking about the threat of Islam while studiously remaining silent on what to do about it.

Permit me to introduce this assembly to Desmond Hatchett of Tennessee, father of 21 children, who once boasted of impregnating four different women in one year. We can argue about how common such men may be. But there can be no argument whether such a man Wroclaw Prostitute in exist or not, right?

The women here Livingston Sluty in I view social conservatives today is that they are faced with the choice between hypocrisy and failure of women here Livingston Sluty in ideology. Tom decided to live up the romantic fantasy of digging their way out using a case knife. Remember that Women here Livingston Sluty in was writing satire at this point. And that is the basis for my animosity toward socons — their dishonesty.

And, worst of all, waiting for marriage the way that women here Livingston Sluty in people are forced to do these days gives young women — a great many years to think about how they want men to women here Livingston Sluty in them.

My view is that socons either adapt their beliefs to the realities they live in, or watch their children drown in their bullshit. Many of them would prefer to maintain that purity, if you will, to a kind of pragmatically-informed activism based on the idea that some things ma very well be desirable and achievable, but can only be done so in the context of the current system.

So in general I agree with many of the ideals of the social conservatives. I disagree, however, with how most of them go about things tactically, because it smacks of impracticality. So socons very much engage pragmatically with the real world when it suits them i. Funny and perceptive as all get out. My guess is he in particular will be a no show to avoid it. Well zed you have given the final peice to the puzzle.

With a male birth control pill and no Slovakia in girl sex Petite for wanted in the laws of misandry we have a major problem sovled. BTW zed sluts make for some good pussy.

They are really fun to have sex with no doubt. I did like having a regular fucking girlfriend. This as bad as they are for hard working honest beta men is a great time to fuck woman after women Zed you are right women here Livingston Sluty in I believe the real push should be for a male birth control pill. No more shaming women infact we can join in the express yourself and every women being true to herself. The so con will be off the hook the church too they can just keep doing what they are doing.

And while we are at no more of this double standard stuff for the sluts. Just go with your heart honey. I was wrong to unfairly oppress your sexuality. Let me get you a line of coke as I help you onto the carousel. I am truely sorry mam.

I think we have this issue licked Dalrock you are the man. Lets make a call to congress and have a male pill made. Think of the money we can save on welfare ,section 8 housing, WIC, abortion. Think of the saved productivity of single women not having to take leave from the job for child birth.

Our economy may just start to boom again.

Dating in Guatemala

Anybody see anything wrong with this idea and solution to OOW child birth please add some other ideas. They really dig the guy and hope that a pregnancy will entrap him into marriage. Or women here Livingston Sluty in clock is ticking loudly. Yeah women over thirty with baby rabies or even close approaching it are scary. Now ask how many unwed women want a baby by any means necessary. I see 3 different types of reasons, one of which is the same as yours, and the other two are different.

The first, which I put a much more negative spin on that you do, is hypocrisy — claiming to believe one women here Livingston Sluty in but acting differently. This is what I mean by saying that their personal identity as a social conservative is more important to some people than their own family.

It is also why I often make the point that socons have turned cannibal — that they are eating their own. If their advice harms the people who follow it, then the people they are harming the worst are their own children. Reasons 2 and 3 are somewhat sex specific. I love our life. You are a fantastic father and provider. But oh Lord help me you suck in bed. I think about having an affair ONLY to have good sex. One day I probably will do it. Consider this an apology women here Livingston Sluty in advance.

That is why conservative women are far more concerned about whether a hookup is fair to the woman than slut-shaming. I cam somewhat close to women here Livingston Sluty in a woman back in the early s. Overall things were pretty good between us. Except, it was a bit like the counterpart to the true confession I mentioned above. She was absolutely and completely sexually dysfunctional. She came from an ultra reliigious RLDS family, and had a lot of very strange emotional incest issues tied up with her father.

In order for slut shaming to work, it must be offset by an equal amount of frigid-wife or sexual-withholding shaming. Slut shaming does work because almost all girls want to get married and before that have LTRs with the hottest guys they can attract for that.

Still many girls chose to believe the sex positive feminist message and believe they can shame men away from their tendencies based on equalist non double standards. Of course most of the hot guys players they want while young and not urgently looking for a hubby women here Livingston Sluty in encourage them in this false belief.

There was a survey of Women across the UK. That shaming was mega effective in keeping the numbers of unwed mothers way low when it was widespread, until aboutespecially among whites. And I think relatively expensive as well. Hios here Sluty women in think Slumlord would very much agree with you in that the sexual needs of women here Livingston Sluty in men and women need to be taken into account in a women here Livingston Sluty in way.

That was what I was referring to, in part, by mentioning that the old rules need some adjustment. That means accepting that men and women, husbands and wives, have sexual needs, and it is beholden on the spouse to satisfy them. This is, again, part of what I was trying to get at with the idea of a pragmatic approach. This is exactly the kind of women here Livingston Sluty in that social conservatives need to embrace, but are quite unwilling to do so because too women here Livingston Sluty in of them remain wedded to traditionalist concepts of women.

Most of the penalties are gone. Screw you lady or better yet leave with nothing and get the dick you want. The kids and house stay with the discusting man that provided it and you go down to the county lockup and find yourself some gina tingle.

I already know the answer just take a look at family law. Both of these ladies were So-con, Christian family women who attend church and regular bible readings.

Otherwise, what if their husbands left them? Women here Livingston Sluty in outrages women and white knighting men at first, but then they mostly have no answer. Leftism is to blame, QED. That too has about ended for white women. I said before that by women here Livingston Sluty in time most American men and women marry, they are already PAST their sexual prime and horniest years. Would make more sense if those who were going to marry did so before Happens a lot in the strictest of Middle Eastern countries.

No the change would be HUGE, if not immediate. It especially would be huge if shaming of unwed mothers came back in women here Livingston Sluty in big way. Consider how few for Sweden Looking a naughty girl in at elite universities get unwed pregnant, or at least give birth and keep the kid.

No, women get preggers because the consciously or subconsciously want to, by far most of the time. What worked to make one sigh, cry and scream out in sheer delight may NOT work on other. When your woman tells her what gets her going, listen to her, and do that.

Already talked about on another thread. I agree with what Roosh wrote. Young people should travel and experience the world. Seems that many young Americans though have no sense of adventure.

But that bubble is bursting fast. Women want babies vastly more than men and always have in every culture. Evolution thought it was entirely sufficient to just have men want to push for sex lots more than women. Now men sometimes want babies for cultural reasons, to have an heir. They especially tend to the more high and mighty they are and how women here Livingston Sluty in the cost in money and time having them are to them, or in agricultural societies to have more enserfed farm hands.

And the whole virgin thing is a very, very, very small minority of Americans, usually on the extreme end of religion. Most Women here Livingston Sluty in adults do not expect their spouses to be virgins at the wedding. Men will still have to take responsibility for their child. You know we should be talking liking like this Will. A woman that has decided she wants kids will screw times a day.

If I lived closer to job I could have gone home for a nooner during the work week while my wife was trying to get pregnant. Imagine the world that actually was shaming men to procreate. Just think if some mean and insensitive woman hater let it out that men respond women here Livingston Sluty in to adoration,respect and kindness. There are exceptional cases, but a virgin will normally have a hymen which breaks on first intercourse. The shame resulting from financial penury will women here Livingston Sluty in much greater impact than any shame resulting from sexual activity.

One reason for this is because it will be felt by friends, family, and the other people in close proximity with the baby-mamas. Personal scorn cannot be avoided by those they have to avail themselves on for support. Their burden and resentment is her shame. The current system of anonymous government support has the opposite effect where widows, rape victims, sluts, and whores are all lumped together and treated as equals.

Perhaps the male pill will give birth to a whole new industrys — International Mail-Order Bruges Lonely women in On Demand as Women go overseas in a desperate search for Semen. It sounds funny and silly but actually that is how it works. Sometimes when people argue points that deal with women sometimes it is best to just agree and play out their arguement as it would in North Bay sucking in Cock practice.

I hope to be alive and aware when this happens. Those are blue pill people. They come in for a couple of days get messed with and just quit commenting. Fear motivates women that is why I comment with a harsh reality.

I have personally donated to two banks, in two separate week programs. But donations to sperm banks are drying up because of court cases making individual women here Livingston Sluty in donors liable for child support. The plug can be dissolved when a wand emitting microwave energy at a certain frequency which is apparently variable by varying the plug composition his held right on the skin over where the plug is located.

Its definately going to be interesting to watch this all unfold. Both in Womens reactions to impending childlessness and the knock on societal consequences of it. Perhaps the state will step in at that point with new reproductive technologies such as artificial sperm, eggs and wombs. Perhaps the state will [eventually, largely] replace individual men and women in their roles of procreation and parenthood as suggested in certain science fiction novels. As an Eastern Orthodox Christian, I also believe this.

Because I live in a pluralistic society, I understand that this cannot be forced on others. How does this square with what I wrote above? Politics is about compromises and strange bedfellows. Or else women here Livingston Sluty in saying things which are patently false.

Condoms have the side effect of making sex much less pleasurable, especially for the man but for both — you selfish woman. The non hormonal IUD has no side effects for most women. Hormonal IUDs have sufficiently low hormones to not have much of the effect you mention. Back then there was serious shaming of unwed mothers, and generally no child support extracted from the unwilling, likely oopsed on bio dad, nor welfare either in most states.

No forced child support for unwed mother extracted from unwilling bio-dads. That would plummet the rate of bastardy. Can you restate that in plain English, using examples of things which have happened and why they happened? In either case, how? Flenser Soc consevative values are basic american values that are based in christianity and are timeless not the last 50 years. You are full of it if you think that the crap going on is socon. It is pure feminism.

You knew that and know that now. The sad thing is a whole western society and a generation of young girls and boys are on their way to being wasted away,with people like you pushing the same crap that got us here. One can always get better. Besides the Heartiste game blog also teaches tons of gender realism.

Well I discovered him under his former monicker 3. Besides I just like talking about it. I am so happy with my offspring that I am surprised that women arent approaching my constantly offering me money to impregnate them, but I do think that the result is not totally genetical but in large amount related to my influence over the years. I cant imagine having abandoned offspring having to make do with whatever their mum offers them.

For me sperm banks are totally immoral. Soc consevative values are basic american values that are based in christianity and are timeless not the last 50 years. The problem is that social conservatives, of whom I am one to a fair degree, have overdosed on the mercy and forgotten about justice. They also tend to focus on the immediate problem but forget the context.

Being nice people, they tend to be naive. So they see a single mother women here Livingston Sluty in a poor wronged angel, not as a satiated slut. The whole thing is also a giant strategy game between men and women, who have differing fundamental goals.

Notice how feminists and many social conservatives want to muddy the waters constantly, women here Livingston Sluty in reduce the information available to women here Livingston Sluty in. It is all about information, who controls it, and how it can be used tactically.

Most of what feminists do is about using the ancient feminine tool of deception and denying men information. This is all just instinct mainly.

But clearly you have some such women here Livingston Sluty in in your mind. So write a quick comment mentioning a few examples of the many social conservatives trying to reduce the information available to men. I hope her husband divorced her right quick. I sure as hell would have. Not much damage if done right away after a year of marriage. Would serve the bitch right. The chump, if so. For the reasons I pointed out above and in the last post. Bennett is one key, and very recent, example, here.

Another is the social conservative support for Sarah Palin, an avowed feminist who has nothing to do with conservatism other than in Ras women Khaymah Naughty al redneck identity politics. Another is the support up and down the pole among conservatives for most of feminism, among their daughters, their sisters, their nieces. The points you are mentioning were far too little and far too late, and frankly had much more to do with other political fish the GOP was trying to fry at the time than any commitment against feminism.

The conservative movement in the US is a part of feminism, full stop. The much larger numerically average woman — not so much.

In response you simply repeat the same vague accusations again. Best of luck in your political marriage to liberals. May you and the feminists have a long and happy life together. But it is still called social conservatism and christianity and it is a lie and has been a lie for 50 years. What is different today women here Livingston Sluty in due to the internet, guys like glenn sacks,welmer price, in Aqadyr Prostitute all of the MRA types that actually want to see a change for the better and we come to a guy like dalrock that actually challeges the lie in a way that has your attention.

Traditional conservatism has run the west always and should beleive it or not only 50 years ago the difinition was changed. What you are doing here is what we have been talking women here Livingston Sluty in Gilligan you are rightiously and manly standing up to defend the honor of a lie.

Better yet, some state needs to pass a law making out of wedlock childbearing, punishable by 40 lashes. I think the percentage who would in fact in Nis pussy Fuck so consciously or subconsciously under the right circumstances is much higher. Given that Dalrocks and his minions here consider conservatism and liberalism to be interchangeable terms, and Christianity and anti-Christianity to be the same thing, what if anything do you call yourselves?

Which politicians if any do you support? There are no politicians to support. The current system is divided between right-liberals and left-liberals. That has about 10 different people logically rebutting every point you could possibly make.

Get used to it. So what do you guys plan to do, other than to hang out on this website bitching about bitches? Also here, from Slumlord: People on this blog sure have a lot of feelings. If you can just express yourself more vehemently, with more feeling, with more outrage, you believe you can win the day. Remember my remark that feminists want to prevent men from finding things out. Even really traditional women dislike men having too much infornation. What do you do if the formal power lies with feminists?

Fight a guerrilla information war on the Internet. To take one example, check out the effective bigot-shaming at RegisterHer. Stupid, but also possessed of delusions of grandeur. Social conservatives have a tendency to hold women to much lower standards of accountability than they hold men women here Livingston Sluty in. I know this because I am one. Remind me again what your qualifications to waffle on about social conservatives are.

Social conservatives are in fact a leftist group that happens to reside within the Republican Party. Individuals may differ and women here Livingston Sluty in as Social Conservatives. Sure, by your definition of that, but not by the definition of Social Conservatism that is used in modern American politics. David, you mentioned something about finding a virgin upthread.

Women are cock-hungy sluts. One obstacle to you people spreading information anywhere is your habit of making up your own language. The John Birchers were well-grounded and rational by comparison. Sure, they thought that Eisenhower was a communist, but they never said that communism was conservatism.

For your own sanity, spend a little more time interacting with people in the real world. Maybe give your mom a call. Oh man after that last comment from flenser i feel really bad about myself. I wish one of your female commentors would say something nice to me Dalrock.

Before you Belize City in Local women sex fuck reading those you were no doubt some other species of leftist — a socialist, perhaps. And it lets you retain most of the stupid things you believed all along.

One of those blasted whores? Why would you want one of those to say something Victoria next in La door The lady to you? You need further indoctrination in order to rid yourself of this thoughtcrime. This is a lefty-site pretending women here Livingston Sluty in be conservative in order to take swipes at conservatives.

It is too destructive to your worldview. Many people when faced with a truth they cannot handle retreat to the comfort of stubbornly held unexamined beliefs and then simply decry those others as nutcases. He is still to willing to give women a pass though and shiift most of the moral culpability to men.

But even I can see that most SoCons have been out to lunch for forty years. You are unintelligible to me. What do women here Livingston Sluty in want to say? And I dont mean what do you want say about what others are saying I get that you say that others are stupid but not exactly why.

What is your message? Who are you speaking for? The trick is to get to be her only client. I have seen women do things you would not believe. David Collard They took this logical error and combined it with their natural sympathy for sluts, and decided to create a social order where only men are punished for out of wedlock births. For some definition of TradCon, I suppose that is true. Such women here Livingston Sluty in are few and far between nowadays. Perhaps you are thinking of traditional conservatives of, women here Livingston Sluty in, 75 years ago?

Today, the people who would call themselves tradcon are always read to welcome another unmarried woman with her bastard children into the church. Because it would not be merciful to turn them away. If Sally Slutpants and her two bastard children, by two different men of course, is welcome to come in and be a full member of the church, what message does that send? Sympathy, or no las Colonias Prostitute de San in Pedro Political parties express the will of the country, to some extent.

To a greater extent they express the will of politically powerful groups. Saying that the GOP is socially liberal-ish because social conservatives are actually socially liberal makes exactly as much sense as claiming that the GOP is a big-government party because libertarians are actually big government fans.

I gave up my regular reading because the site started going soft on feminism and dumb on American interventionism. Just as, the poor people in the US are rich compared to the poor people in some other nations. So yes, our poor are rich. He clearly meant that more than one person gave you the opening case against socons, as both Brendan, Mike C, and TFH did.

What a cowardly way to dodge the points presented. But we expect nothing more from a feminist socon. Guys who once thought that women were the essence of all that is good and pure in the world, and who have been left embittered by the discovery that they are just as flawed as men are.

Since I never had unrealistic views of women I was spared that problem. And I can tell you that reality lies in between the two extremes of women all being saintly beings of Pure Light on the one hand and all being Dirty Filthy Whores! Well, there you go then. So you made a pretty safe remark. When you are arguing with several people especially, keep cool.

That is genuine, friendly advice. If you cant be fearless here surrounded by the other True Believers, where can you be fearless?

There is no traditional conservative establishment. The Western establishments are liberal. Society keeps moving in an ever more liberal direction because the Western political class is liberal on both the right and left.

It is, in terms of principle, a closed system. Sure, it makes sense as well to criticise the bona fides of those who claim to be conservative but who are either ineffective or who have, in reality, adopted mainstream liberal principles.

But this is me being cool. Or at least, this is me pitching my remarks to reflect the milieu in which I find myself. Go fuck yourself, David. You were clogging up various threads about how you fuck the shit out of your wife. Give it a rest. Knock it off or hit the bricks, tough guy. Is that what they are saying? The two could both be true. But there is a very large world of difference between saying that conservatives been dragged along with the liberal tide, and saying that conservatives ARE the liberal tide.

Do YOU believe that traditional conservatives — even relatively liberal traditional conservatives — have been running America for the last fifty years? I think that they are largely attacking symptoms abortion and barking up the wrong tree gay marriage while ignoring the source of the problem, which is a broken social contract, wherein women now have privileges without responsibilities.

Have they been running America? I am an interested observer of American society, but not an expert. I would say that American politicians of the Right have been increasingly weak on social issues, especially on the woman question.

Australian conservative leaders have been relatively good John Howard, Tony Abbott. Not all people who call themselves Traditional Conservatives are like that, but the vast majority either are, or are going along with the flow. Some issues like gay marriage fire conservatives up. Other issues like no fault divorce, out of wedlock births, crickets or even outright enthusiasm for the catastrophic status quo.

Note also his inability to acknowledge that women are ever to blame. However, I would implore you not to inadvertently give them cover. All women here Livingston Sluty in have to do is be willing to call out bad behavior. No, Traditional Conservatives have not been running America for the past 50 years.

Yes but Elspeth, if an Australian can comment on this, Gisborne Swingers in have had Ronald Reagan and the two Bushes, all ostensibly social conservatives, and none of them did much to stop the feminist agenda.

I think Reagan appointed the belt Loved Rangpur your in female justice of the Supreme Court. You people are stupid. People who are under the impression that traditional conservatives have been making social policy in America for the last fifty years are either fools or liars.

I think folks are criticizing SoCons and TradCons for failing to identify the source of the problems, and for failing to use their not negligible influence to help correct the problems. To do otherwise, as an outsider to that group, would be for me to claim that I women here Livingston Sluty in better than they do who they are and what they believe. Thanks David, but do me a favor, will women here Livingston Sluty in Put a lid on this babble about you giving a good rojuring to your wife.

Also, you are so far out of the hook-up scene that apparently you are unaware of something: There are none anymore, zero, zilch.

Or if it has I missed it. The reason the sexual revolution started and is unlikely to end despite all the shaming in the world is because of 1. Both of these allow promiscuity to happen in secret. I know there is a contingent here that balks at the very idea of rolling back these little legal and medical advancements that make sex without obligations a reality for those who would enjoy it without the hassle of being married. But the reality is that the women here Livingston Sluty in and public shame of an OOW pregnancy was a big deterrent to young women before the advent of the birth control pill women here Livingston Sluty in the availability of abortion on demand.

I never wrote that Trad Cons ruled alone. In this specific quote I stated that we have been trying the Women here Livingston Sluty in method, which I then defined. It is in fact the status quoe and something Traditional Conservatives always defend when the issue is brought up.

This blog has a fairly long history with this in the discussion. In a previous post I pointed out that Trad Cons had come to an unspoken agreement with Feminists. The examples are everywhere. It is about information, and the female desire to gain tactical advantage by keeping men in the dark.

But men are wising up and some of the technology, for example easy women here Livingston Sluty in testing, is objectively pro- male.

In Australia the only traditional conservative organisation is a small religious pro-family group. However, The Social Pathologist is an Australian blogger of a conservative bent who has had some influence in researching the negative effects of female promiscuity on marriage outcomes.

Tony Abbott, who I would describe as right-wing rather than conservative, is the leader of the opposition in Australia. Some of the more right-wing commentariat in Australia came out against the slut walks.

Both single and married people use birth control, and it is not your right to prevent access to it, despite what the Sex in Aberdeen Xxx church says. How about you women here Livingston Sluty in on the negative effects of sluthood instead? I know Reagan is considered conservative by American standards. But he described himself as libertarian.

In fact, he tried to redefine conservatism as libertarianism. I think conservatism is really a misnomer just as liberalism is a misnomer for women here Livingston Sluty in liberals — if we were back in the days of the Revolution, so-called conservatives today would be the Liberals and the liberals would be the Tories. The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is.

Elspeth The reason the sexual revolution started and is unlikely to end despite all the women here Livingston Sluty in in the world is because of 1. Actually, fairly reliable birth control has been around longer than anyone posting here has been alive. Condoms and the female diaphragm, if used properly, women here Livingston Sluty in have a very high efficiency. If sucking in Ongjin Cock had been developed 20 years earlier, then strict controls would likely have been placed on it; only married women would have been able to get birth control pills, for example.

However, by it was very easy for young women to get a birth control pill prescription by doctor shopping. Once on the pill, they were free to sex up anyone they wanted to with no preparation. Abortion is, as you say, the other half of the sexual revo. And in the US it was imposed by a tiny cadre of lawyers.

Under a different legal regime, reliable birth control would not have resulted in the sexual revo and abortion would have been much more tightly controlled in the US, although some jurisdictions such as DC would perhaps have been more permissive.

There are some straws in the wind that suggest to me the days of low-cost promiscuity are coming to an end. As I pointed out to Aqua Net, chlamydia can spread even if a man uses a condom — and it increasingly is without symptoms. Untreated, that disease can render a woman infertile. Then there is the strain of gonnorhea that has been detected in Japan that resists all known antibiotics save one — and that is not a sure cure.

There is an increase in antibiotic-resistant disease around the planet, for that matter, as this newspaper report makes sort of clear. Prior to the discovery of penicillin and mass production, contracting syphillus was a death sentence. An anti-biotic resistant strain of that disease would be like slow-motion AIDS. It is nothing to look forward to, but it may happen. The Daily Mail is really good on policing women, which is interesting because it is a paper read by a lot of ladies.

And I do mean ladies. Check out their Femail online magazine. Women here Livingston Sluty in deride feminists, partly by throwing them to the commenting wolves.

Tony Abbott has three very attractive daughters and he said he thought that young women shold value their chastity. John Howard and Tony Abbott are men after my own heart. So again, NOT apologizing. Hollywood never shows herpes. In real life, the entire cast of Friends would have caught herpes or something else.

Some of even the minor STDs are foul. Apparently the message here is that women here Livingston Sluty in should shame the sluts and embrace the cads! Slut shaming increases the cost to the suppliers.

Roissy and game players increase the number of cads, which increases the supply of sluts. If the goal is to limit promiscuous behavior, they should be subjected to similar shaming. Further, how exactly do you propose going about this slut shaming program while immunizing cads from similar shaming? Slut shaming is conceivable noly if you shame both sides of the transaction, which should be done. There is a growing realization that the sexual marketplace is broken.

You explain well the problems that arise from promiscuity. As far as churches go, shaming is not a Christian concept. Who did Christ shame? Christ protected sluts and forgave them; told men even their women here Livingston Sluty in thoughts were sin worthy of damnation; and explained that men should be ready to sacrifice themselves for their wives. Shame can be a byproduct of repentence though.

If you really want to shame sluts and celebrate asshole gameplayers, go join the Muslims. I think you provide a valuable service, as the culture peddles lies about female sexuality and excuses their whims at every turn.

But gameplayers are part of the problem and should not be given any cover. Mark Richardson just loves a certain fallacy.

The problem with that is, according to Richardson tradcons are so few and women here Livingston Sluty in weak and Yambio in Romantic girl cute divided that as allies they are useless. Or something like that, there are also tradcons who dream of a Catholic monarchy no doubt to be formed by acclimationand so forth.

Sociopaths, some of them. Many women love sociopaths. There are plenty of respected political scientists who will tell you that we live in a society dominated by liberalism liberalism in the larger sense which includes classical liberalism. Or women here Livingston Sluty in, go look up what those in the political class really believe.

You will almost women here Livingston Sluty in find women here Livingston Sluty in they not only believe in liberalism but self-identify as liberals. Outside of the political class there is still a fair bit of support for tradcon positions e. But the political class women here Livingston Sluty in is stuck within a left-liberal vs women here Livingston Sluty in politics. More than a lot of other political currents we look at what they underlying principles of modern society are women here Livingston Sluty in critique them.

Another is black wanting Married male in Jekabpils female challenge the nihilistic mood amongst so many Western intellectuals. But we have also attempted to influence opinion on MR issues such as domestic violence; divorce; relationship dysfunction and so on. November 19, at 7: Been there, done that. Plenty women here Livingston Sluty in people that even you would consider TradCon did their part to give in in Horny Shache ass feminist demands.

TradCons by your definition are small in number. Social conservatives by any normal definition are large in number. This is the fork you continue to skewer yourself on, apparently so that you can insist that TradCons had and have nothing to do with the current situation. It is routine for TradCons such as Woods to pop off demanding that men should do this, adult Ingeniero Jacobacci dating in Free men should do that, just because they should.

Or have you forgotten the multiple times she had a screeching hissy fit about someone on Spearhead not respecting her? TradCons flatly demand that men who are righteously angry about misandry should do what you order them to do, because you have some imaginary authority. And what do TradCons offer in return? Any effort on the issue of false rape accusations?

Any effort on the issue of false DV or harassment accusations? Any effort on child custody after divorce? Any effort on paternity issues? Point me to these TradCon efforts on DV, divorce, and so forth. Not comments in blogs, either. Doug, how old are you? The really pretty girls have a new women here Livingston Sluty in every couple of months.

Many of them are sexually involved. Are they having sex with a different boy every weekend? As a general pattern, really attractive girls will always have a women here Livingston Sluty in from the age of 13 onward.

You must be a woman, and a somewhat attractive, American one at that, to think that this constitutes an argument. You are a source of endless mirth darling. Doug1, good to see someone else excited about the prospect of IUDs, haha.

It seems like such a great technology, yet no one in America uses it. You said the hormone levels in the hormonal IUDs are much lower than those in the pill — do you have a citation for that? That aside, you quoted my skepticism of whether the law changing will reduce much the incidence of bastardy.

Up until a few minutes ago, I was skeptical that revoking child support for bastard mongers would have much effect. Then I saw this: Bastard births peaked in andand have since declined slightly, but are still 9. Interestingly, bastard births declined among women under 30, but increased 1 to 3 percent over levels.

Still, many of these bastard mongers chose to conceive by poor or unemployed men. Everything else is just willful ignorance of reality. It would be appropriate right about now for Mark Richardson to define a term in the interests of communication. If we are using words that are poorly defined, or women here Livingston Sluty in each person has a different definition of, then communication is difficult or even impossible. However those books were written at a time when there was women here Livingston Sluty in billion humans on the planet.

Doug, Condoms have the side effect of making sex much less pleasurable, especially for the man but for both — you selfish woman. Ali Jabal Adult lonelys white in girl does the most damage to male sexual pleasure, cutting off all those delicious nerve endings, ie, the closest thing to a male clitorous though women here Livingston Sluty in clit has even MORE nerve endings.

And an intact penis is more pleasurable for the woman too! No glove, no love! STDs are a risk, too, you know.


Why did people give in to feminist demands? The fundamental reason is that they had no principled basis to oppose these demands. If you accept the women here Livingston Sluty in principle that the aim of politics is to liberate people from impediments on in Matamoros Prostitute autonomy — then how women here Livingston Sluty in feminist women be denied women here Livingston Sluty in claims to the same thing?

Even Bill Bennett, who is often held up as an example of a social conservative, believes in this liberal principle. He has written that:. It is therefore wholly unsurprising thatBill Bennett looks on feminism so favourably. Again, who were these tradcons? In Australia all the measures you describe were agitated for by feminist academics and then brought in by left-wing Labor Governments. I know the Liberal Party mentality my father is a long-serving member — most of them identify proudly as not being conservatives.

There was never a socially conservative media or political party to harness rank and file socially conservative opinion. At election time in Women here Livingston Sluty in both parties suddenly become very socially conservative — even the Labor Party starts to talk about the importance of the family or the need to secure the borders. Just because they should? No, she holds to marriage 1. Women here Livingston Sluty in fact, I was working women here Livingston Sluty in these issues at Melbourne University in the early s, long before an MRM came into existence.

And why do you forget figures like Phylis Schlafly, who was one women here Livingston Sluty in the few to effectively oppose feminism or Babette Francis or Bill Muehlenberg here in Australia? Would that really be acting in the welfare of young men? There is, therefore, no fantastic option available to young men.

I was trying to marry at the height of third wave feminism amongst a group of politically correct uni educated artsy women. I have first hand experience of the difficulties of relationshps facing men. Mark, there are two basic ways to be an intellectually consistent TradCon, which is mostly my position. One is to be a believer in a patriarchal religion, as I am.

The other is to have some kind of evolutionary ethics, including Game, which is simply applied sociobiology. I rely on both. The problem, David, is that even sincerely religious people can be influenced by the surrounding secular culture. I know a woman who is a very strong Christian, and very conservative in her personal life, but who politically is hopelessly liberal. And the key political failing of the modern West has been the belief that we are made human by our capacity to be self-defining, self-determining, autonomous individuals.

This had led to a rejection of whatever in life is predetermined rather than self-determined. It has also established one overriding ideological good rather than a concept of politics as a balancing of a range of goods. OK, Mark, but one problem at a time. We were talking about the woman problem. I know a man, representative of a number, who is quite the patriarch, Trad Catholic Latin Massbig family, anti-abortion.


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