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That's not to say Gdansk didn't have any strip joints before the increase in It is now impossible as a man, without the company of a woman, to walk along the. I still find when travelling solo I have to push myself to meet new people. I am a Light, Brovarnia Dark and Brovarnia Wheat Beer- all according to old traditions but using the latest technology. Male to female ratio of Photo about Woman hurrying to a business meeting in the old town in Gdansk, Poland. Image of person, happy, digital -

It is often overlooked by many travelers to Poland, in favor of the more popular spots like Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw.

After Hours in Gdansk: Some Brovarnia and a little Absinthe -

However, this city is well worth the journey north. On the fastest of itineraries, Gdansk can be zipped through in one day. However, if you want the best experience, plan on spending at least two to three days here. This gives you enough time to explore the old city, visit two of the best museums in Poland, and eat your heart out at some amazing restaurants. You can also take several day trips, if women Gdansk in older Meeting have more time. Get your Baltic beach time in at Sopot and Gydnia or visit Malbork, one of the largest castles in Europe.

For hundreds of years, the city of Gdansk bounced back and forth from being German territory and Polish territory. While under German rule, the city went by the name Danzig. The German forces won an easy victory, not only in Gdansk, women Gdansk in older Meeting in all of Poland.

Once under communist rule, things in Poland were almost as bad as they were under Nazi rule. Inin the Gdansk shipyards, the Solidarity trade union movement began. This peaceful movement was one of the first major rebellions against the communist regime and ultimately led to the downfall of communist rule in Now, the city looks more Dutch and French than German, much different than it did in The entire street is only meters long, so you can walk it in just 10 minutes, but for the best experience, there are some things to stop and see along the way.

The Golden Gate sits at the western end of the street. As you look down Dlugi Targ, you can see cafes and shops lining the street and the iconic Town Hall tower. During the day, this can be a crowded place. But at night or during the early morning hours, it is quiet and peaceful. Dlugi Targ and the Golden Gate in the morning. Looking down Dlugi Targ from the Golden Women Gdansk in older Meeting at sunset.

Now, these are rare to find in city centers, although a few women Gdansk in older Meeting remain. If you want to try a cheap, local meal or want to take part in a Polish tradition, Bar Neptun is one of the best milk bars in Gdansk. The Neptune fountain is a very popular photo spot in Gdansk. It always had a group of camera wielding tourists around it and we were no different!


Just behind the Neptune fountain is Artus Court, which was once a meeting place for merchants and dignitaries. It is now a museum. Artus Court is the light blue building on the right. Dlugi Targ ends at the Green Gate. Once you pass through here, you step out onto the Green Bridge Zielony Most and the waterfront of Gdansk. Just look for the green, Gothic clock tower and you are women Gdansk in older Meeting the right place.

For the best view over Gdansk, climb to the top of the tower. From here, you can look down at the entire stretch of Dlugi Targ, across the Motlawa River, and on a clear day, out to the Baltic Sea. It is one of the largest brick churches in the world. As far as churches and cathedrals go, it ranks low in beauty and grandeur in my opinion. The interior of the church was whitewashed after WWII, hiding the frescoes underneath, and leaving a rather drab, forlorn appearance. For another great view of Gdansk, climb the steps to the top of the bell tower.

We got our best deal, ever, on SIM cards in Poland. If you decide to get a SIM card, just remember to bring your passport. This is just as nice and maybe even better than Dlugi Targ for a nice stroll. For women Gdansk in older Meeting best views and just a little more walkingI recommend walking down both sides of the Motlawa River. From the Green Gate, cross the Green Bridge and walk north along the women Gdansk in older Meeting. On this side of the river, lots of construction is going on.

Huge, concrete skeletons of futures buildings are being erected. Ignore those and look across the river to the beautiful waterfront. One building that stands out is the crane Zuraw.

This crane was used hundreds of years ago to load cargo into ships. If you are interested, you can take a tour of the crane. Cross back women Gdansk in older Meeting the river and walk down Dlugie Pobrzeze, the street that runs along the brick buildings.

This walk takes you past some very nice restaurants and shops. If you continue on, you can cross the pedestrian drawbridge and take a photo at the Gdansk women Gdansk in older Meeting. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to Venice Whores in spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Greetings fellow BudgetTravellers- excited to share with you another instalment in my Cheap Eats series.

This edition, we are discovering the best cheap eats…. I visited the city last week to check out what the city has to offer Euro visitors. I still find when travelling solo I have to push myself to meet new people. I am a wee shy. This is where BEER helps. Photograph C Stien Olsen. Crazy night out in one of Gdansk's best bars: BudgetTraveller Hi I am Kash aka the BudgetTravellerI have been travelling in style on a budget for the last 6 years focussing on cool trends in Budget Travel like Luxury hostels and street food guides for over 40 cities.

Previous article La Paz on a Budget. Next article We ask the budget travel experts: The In Camacupa buddys Fuck Bunkier is so big that, Although it is crowded with hundreds of people, It seems almost empty: The place attracts a young and lively crowd, with cheap beer and great music, but women Gdansk in older Meeting evenings with live concerts, Quiz and karaoke.

Browar Lubrow — Barbados Club ul. Karmelicka 1, Gdansk Open daily from Browar Lubrow is a spacious restaurant and bar located next to the train station. The place was first called Barbados Club Floorbut with the recent renovation and name change, the Browar Lubrow has become a real brewery.

The Browar Lubrow also has a branch in Gdynia. Autsajder Klub Studencki ul. Autsajder Klub Studencki is probably the most popular student disco in Gdansk and one of the few club which is open every day of the week. Autsajder It is close to the student dormitories in the western part of the city. Early evening, a great place to dine and listen women Gdansk in older Meeting live jazz performances.

Commercial music, plenty of room for dancing and women Gdansk in older Meeting lot of seating: If you want to dance the night away, then this is definitely one of the best clubs in Gdansk.


Its huge dancefloor is always full and it is advisable to get there early if you want to occupy one of the available tables. Among the hardest to find, but one of the most renowned areas of the city: This is the home of hipsters of Gdansk. Located inside the abandoned remains of Lenin Shipyardson the left of the European solidarity Centre, to get women Gdansk in older Meeting take the cobbled Street leading to the two-storey building, next to the old women Gdansk in older Meeting blocks st.

Inside are organized events with exhibitions, concerts, workshops and similar. The club fully reflects the post-Communist fate of shipyards and nights that end with daylight. Doki 1, Gdansk Located in an old factory building, the B90 is, in essence, a large industrial space for concerts.


With two stages, the club can accommodate women Gdansk in older Meeting maximum of 1. Only open during events. The Fahrenheit is a club located in a basement in Central Gdansk.

Despite the rigorous selection at the entrance, This is not a fancy and fashionable place. The Polish rock hits burst from the loudspeakers while the women Gdansk in older Meeting enthusiastically shouting drunks sing backing vocals in the background.

Worn sofas are occupied in a hurry and interiors are a direct homage to the stars of the Polish music scene: Are also organized live music concerts and you can even dance.

After Hours in Gdansk: Some Brovarnia and a little Absinthe

Red Light Pub ul. Frequented by locals, the Red Light Pub is a place of great atmosphere, with women Gdansk in older Meeting small area to dance in the basement and seats upstairs.

The Cafe Absinthe is the appropriate place for a party over the top, especially when Absinthe starts flowing and Rev up girls begin to dance on the tables. Great place, especially for pre and post night. Disco located close to the train station in Gdansk.


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