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Timothy, of Robert and Penelope, born 27 August, Daniel, of Robert and Penelope, born 26 September,died young. John, of Robert and Elizabeth, 10 October,died young.

John, of Robert and Elizabeth. Habbakkuk, of Robert and Elizabeth, 13 February, Elizabeth, of Robert and Elizabeth, 13 May, Women Freeport looking in married Coventry, of Robert and Elizabeth, 17 March,died young. Derlow, of Ephriam and Sarah, born 3 December, Robert, of Ephriam and Sarah, born 17 June, Sarah, of Ephriam and Sarah, born 24 March, Abigail, of Ephriam and Sarah, born 8 June, Ephriam, of Ephriam and Sarah, born 23 November, Elizabeth, of Ephriam and Sarah, born 19 August, Deliverance, of Ephriam and Sarah, born 1 August, in Shirin Prostitute Qasr-e Prudence, of William and Frances, born 12 October, Nathaniel, of John and Women Freeport looking in married Coventry, born 26 June, Hannah, of John and Joanna, born 15 July, Hannah, of John and Joanna, born 30 September, Joshua, of William and Ruth, born 28 September, Joshua, of William and Ruth, born 20 August, John, of John and Lucy, born 1 November, Abigail, of John and Abigail, born 29 June, Mercy, of William and Hannah, born 19 February, Hannah, of William and Hannah, born 25 February, Mary, of William and Mary, born 28 February, Sarah Turner and John Fairweather, 15 November, William Turner and Women Freeport looking in married Coventry Jackson, 28 August, John Turner and Susanna Kennet, 14 February, Eliza Turner and Alexander Dunkan, 6 July, Prudence Turner and John Marion, Jr.

Deliverance Turner and Edward Crostet, 29 September, John Turner and Elizabeth Tomson, 10 September, Joseph Turner and Mary Wayman, 11 July, Hanna Turner and Thomas Women Freeport looking in married Coventry, 25 November, John Turner and Rebecca Watts, 24 December, Rebecca Turner and James Ingham, 16 February, Eliza Turner and Josiah Baker, 18 February, Seth Turner and Sarah Shaw, 18 April, Eleanor Turner and Daniel Merrow, 12 September, Elizabeth Turner and Samuel Everton, 26 December, Hanna Turner and Eliezer Smith, 23 September, John Turner and Mary Brown, 5 January, Mary Turner and Isaac Wood, 2 April, Philip Turner and Jane Nichols, 15 April, Esther Turner and James Hill, 8 March, Mary Turner and David Trufant, 9 July, John Turner and Agnes Hogg, 3 November, Mary Turner and Wilfred Fisher, 10 May, John Turner and Mary Osborne, 8 June, Mary Turner and John Snelling, 4 December, Lewis Turner and Hannah Weems, 20 September, Joseph Turner and Elizabeth Hazleton, 22 April, John Turner and Hannah Chadwick, 17 February, Joseph Turner and Elizabeth Kenney, 8 August, Joseph Turner and Elizabeth Kenley, 20 August, He was a tanner by occu- pation.

In he removed to Scituate, and died in His wife Lydia Gamer joined the church in Scit- uate, in John, born England,married Mary Brew- ster. Thomas, born Plymouth, married 6 Jan. Joseph, born 1 Jan. Daniel, married 20 Jan.

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Nathaniel, born 10 March. Mary, born 25 Jan. Lydia, married 16 Aug. He married 12 Nov. Jonathan, born 20 September, Ezekial, born 7 January. Lydia, born women Freeport looking in married Coventry January, John, born 30 October, Elisha, born 8 March, Mary, born 10 December,7. Benjamin, born 5 March, Ruth, born 17 May, Isaac, born 30 April, Grace, born 2 August, Amos, born 4 June, John Turner, the younger. He married 23 April,Ann James. Japheth, born 9 February,married Hannah Hudson.

Ann, born 23 February,married Joseph Green. Israel, born 14 February,married Sarah Stockbridge. Sarah, born 25 July,married Ichabod Hol- brook. Jacob, born 10 March,married Jane Vining. David, born 5 November,married Eliza- beth Stockbridge.

Philip, born 18 Aug. Ichabod, born 9 April, John, born 1 January, Joseph, born 18 April, Grace, born 17 December, Benjamin, born 5 August, William, born 5 August, Hawkins, born 27 August, Abel, born 8 June, Abigail, born 23 May, Ezekial, born 1 April, Lydia, born 13 June, Nathaniel, born 10 February, Benjamin, married Mary Howard.

Philip, born 9 February,diedmarried I. Judith Hatch, married 2. Israel, born 17 June,married Mercy Oakman. Joshua, born 31 August, Jacob, born 26 November,married Rachel Gushing.

David, born 16 August,married Rhoda Porter. Deborah, born 26 October,married Briant Stephenson. He settled in Chester, Room Sex in Toconao chat. He married inSarah Women Freeport looking in married Coventry, daughter of Enoch. Sarah, born 5 November, Moses, born 1 November, Susannah, women Freeport looking in married Coventry 12 November, Served in the revolution.

He married Elizabeth Bean. Married Mary Jane Robinson, 24 June, Marie, married Plummer Cato. Mary Adelaide, married Richard H. Sarah, rharried Albert C. Four others died in infancy. He served in the revolution, and died at Lyme, N. Deborah, born 13 October,married Free- man Josslyn. Nancy, born 24 December,married Asa Carpenter.

Rhoda, born 29 June,married Joseph Smith. David, born 19 April,married Lydia Jenks, 5. Philip, born 5 April,married Sarah Steele. Thomas Porter, born 26 December,married Lydia Gilbert. Joshua, born 23 September,married Phebe Porter, 8. Benjamin, born 9 August,married Char- lotte Hamilton. Luther, born 12 August,married Sylvina Gillett. The children by first wife Jenks were: Lavinia, born 22 October,died David, born 9 December, Louisa, born 28 September,married Sydney S.

Maria Augusta, born 19 June,married Moses Wood. George, born 22 June. The children by the second wife Andrews were: Rhoda Ann, born 25 October, Lavinia Phebe, born 15 August,married Stephen W. Julia Adelaide, born 27 December, Women Freeport looking in married Coventry names were taken from the third chapter of the Book of Daniel, wherein is written: Shadrach Turner was the owner women Freeport looking in married Coventry acres of land in Women Freeport looking in married Coventry County.

The first patent was in He was active in his county, being overseer of roads and processioner of lands. He lived next in Pittsylvania County, then in Henry County, where he died accord- ing to his will, made in William Turner a son of Shadrach was born in and was in the Revolutionary War in He married Jane Hunter, daughter of William Hunter. For 72 years they were members of the Baptist Church.

William Turner was the father of a large family and a remarkable thing was their longevity, twelve of his sons and daughters averaging 83 years of life. Polly Turner, died 4 April,aged Turner, daughter of John G. Rebecca Turner, wife of Elijah, died 16 Aug. Elijah Turner, born New Haven, Conn.

MiUy and William Weeks. Turner, Miriam and Elias Briggs, 14 Aug. Turner, Sarah and Gilbert Colson. Turner, Thomas and Mary Stanton, July, He warmly embraced the tenets of the reformation, and preached to various congregations, till Gardiner, jealous of his popularity, imprisoned him.

When liberated he went to the continent, and took his doctor's degree of medicine at Ferrara. He returned to England, on Ed- ward's accession, and was made dean of Wells, but he went into exile, under Mary, till the elevation of Eliza- beth recalled him, and restored him to his ecclesiastical honors. He wrote a treatise on the baths of England, and Germany, and various botanical works. Thomas Turner, an able divine, was born at Reading, Berks, and educated at St.

John's college, of which he women Freeport looking in married Coventry a fellow. He was in made residentiary of St. Paul's, and chaplain to Charles I. These dignities, and particularly the favor of Charles, rendered him very suspected to the parliament, and during the civil wars, he was stripped of his preferment, with every mark of cruel insult, and meditated ignominy.

The restoration replaced him in his ecclesiastical offices and he died inaged women Freeport looking in married Coventry Francis Turner, son of the above, was educated at Winchester school, and New college, Oxford, and he afterwards obtained a prebend of For am orgasm Ismailia Looking friend in. Paul's, and the deanery of Windsor.

He was inmade bishop of Rochester, and the next year removed to Ely, but his opposition to the king's measures rendered him unpop- ular at court, and he was one of the seven bishops sent to the Tower.

At the revolution he refused to take the oaths to William, and was consequently deprived of his 41 perferment. He wrote some sermons, besides religious poems, and the life of Nicholas Ferrar, and died in pri- vacy, Robert Turner, an English divine, quitted the kingdom to preserve his attachment to the Romish church. He was for some time in the service of the duke of Bavaria, who employed him in negotiations, and he afterwards became canon of Breslau, and died at Gratz, He wrote commentaries on Scripture and other theological works.

They re- moved women Freeport looking in married Coventry Benton, N. Maria, married Levi C. Rueben, women Freeport looking in married Coventry Esther Jane Drake.

Hannah, married Joseph Keech. Catherine, married Daniel Albee. Sarah Ann, never married. He was actively engaged in the Mexican war, and the war of the rebellion. He commanded the Pacific fleet in Turner, lieutenant, was born in Ohio, and entered the naval academy, 22 July, He was made a lieutenant in Thomas J, Turner, medical inspector, was born in Pennsylvania, and entered the naval service in Toorner, Riciiard and Catherine Tomson, 8 November, His mother was Mary, daughter of 4 Jonathan Brewster.

At New London we have no ac- count of him earlier than his marriage with Sussannah, daughter of John Keeny, 26 December, Elisha and Thomas Turner, supposed also to come from the Scituate family, settled in the town after Elisha was drowned Jonathan Turner from South Kings- ton purchased land in Whites, Turners and Warners were pioneer families of Wayne County.

Wright, 31 Decem- ber,Caroline Co. Denby, 3 February,Norfolk, Va. Harris, 26 April,Bedford Co. Turner, George and Caroline M. Pratt, 27 January,Caroline Co.

Preston, 12 January,Bedford Co. Turner, James and Patty M. Cosby, 30 March,Goochland Co. Mitchell, 17 June,Bedford Co. He died 13 March, Elijah Brown, born 28 May, He died in Wilton, Me. Mary Turner died a pension in Auburn, Me. Women Freeport looking in married Coventry, 9 June, Peter Hobart of Boston, married Betsey Turner, born Isaac Withington of Dorchester, Mass.

Brother Israel Horsford and nephew Thomas Griggs. He is supposed to have been the son of Enos Turner, who may have married an Elizabeth Bradley. Wakefield, 29 March,Gardiner, Maine. Dingley, 20 October,Gardiner, Maine. Hale, 11 January,Gardiner, Maine. Coombs, 17 March,Pittston, Maine. Turner, Eglantine and Abraham H. Pribble, 3 December, Gilman, 3 Decem- women Freeport looking in married Coventry,Gardiner, Maine.

Tinkham, 8 May,Gardiner, Maine. Gould, 30 June,Gardiner, Maine. Douglass, 10 May,Gardiner, Maine. Served as a private in the N. Consider Turner of Mass. He was taken prisoner by Burgoyne. His daughter, Elizabeth Turner, married Women Dubasari Mature in Fassett.

Daniel Turner and his son, Cornelius, served as pri- vates in the New York state militia. Cornelius, the son, married Mary Slocum, and their daughter, Maria, borndiedmarried John Smith. David Turner, born in Scituate, Mass. He enlisted from Scituate as a private in Col. He married Rhoda Porter. Their son, Benjamin Turner, married Charlotte Hamilton. Edward Turner, born in Walpole, Mass. He served as a women Freeport looking in married Coventry in the Burgoyne campaign.

In women Freeport looking in married Coventry, he married Hannah Fisher, borndied Among their children were: Asa Turner, who married Abigail Baldwin. Their daughter, Martha, married Charles P. Ezra Turner, born in Guilford, Conn. He served in the Burgoyne campaign under Col.

He married Ruhama Jefferies. Their son, Ezra Turner, married Amy Beman. Isaac Turner, of Mass. He married Molly Turner. Isaiah Turner, borndiedin Medway, Mass. He served in the Mass. He married Judith Partridge, born Their son, Stephen Turner, married Polly M. James Turner, borndied Served in the Chester Co. He mar- ried inRebecca Armstrong, borndied Their son, Robert Turner, borndiedserved in the same regiments with his father. He married Ann Carlisle, borndied Turner, borndiedmarried women Freeport looking in married CoventryMatilda Adams, borndied Knapp and Sally Payne.

James Turner, born in Bedford Co. At the age of 1 7 he enlisted as a soldier. He married Sally Leftwich, daughter of Women Freeport looking in married Coventry. Leftwich and Elizabeth Haynes. Their daugh- 5a ter, Martha Turner, married William Mitchell. He was a sergeant in the First N. His son, Thomas Turner, borndiedenlisted in Rowan Co. He married Annie Berry. Their son, James, married Mary Jane Tribble. John Turner, bornin Pembroke, Mass. He was a member of the Provincial Con- gress.

He married Mary Randall. His son, John Turner, Jr. Joshua Turner, sex cam phone Brighton Free in in Mass.

He died in Hadley, N. Their son, Joshua Turner, married Lydia Drury. Turner, married Mary McMillen. Matthew Turner was born inin New London, Conn. He enlisted inin Capt. George Markham's company for the defense of New London. He married 1st Mary Fargo in Among his children were: Isaac Turner, born Montville, Conn. In he married Anna Comstock. Isaac, married Esther Comstock 2. Guy, married Grace Comstock 3. Nancy, married Jonathan Comstock 4.

Elizabeth, married Samuel Comstock 5. Mercy, married Gideon Palmer 2. John Turner, married Sabra Tinker. Their 51 daughter, Aurelia, married Joshua B.

David Turner, bornmarried Lois Baker. Their son David S. Their daughter, Harriet, married Israel Newton. Peregrine Turner, bornmarried Abigail Forsythe.

Their son, George Turner, married Emily Atkins. Moses Turner was born in Candia, N. He served as a private in the Revolution in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts commands. He was a son of William Turner and Sarah Colby. L Ida Turner, born 20 August,died 21 September, Thomas Edward Turner, born 22 June, Mary Charlotte Turner, born 3 Women Freeport looking in married Coventry,4.

James Albert Turner, Jr. Frances Turner, born 6 July, Florence Arnold Turner, born 25 May, Pauline Lucca Turner, born 21 June, Eugene William Turner, born 5 August, Elizabeth Kathleen Turner, born 25 December, Turner, born 20 June, II June, 17 71, Lancaster, Penn.

Turner, Isabelle and John Chapman, 30 July. Turner, Jean and William Dean, 29 Women Freeport looking in married Coventry. Turner, Women Freeport looking in married Coventry and Mary Blyth, 8 August. Turner, born Sand Lake, N. Remington, born Tolland, Conn. Their children, born in Beckett, Mass. Charles, born 13 May. Daughter, born 12 January, His grandfather Jam es, a highly re- -spectable farmer, emigrated from the North part of Ire- land and settled in Lancaster county, Penn.

The maternal branch of the family, by name Clendenin, were also from the same part of Ireland. Soon after the settlement of the grandfather in Lancaster county, James, the father of Jesse, was born. About the yearthe family removed to Orange county. The spirit of independence and liberty was exhibited in the Turner family before the revolution.

In that serious and singular women Freeport looking in married Coventry against the courts and lawyers of North Carolina, the elder James participated. He fought at the once famous in to Woman Pachuca fuck ready of Almance, and acted as a "Regulator" in all the noted and daring inci- dents of the rebellion.

In the war of the revolution which soon after fol- lowed, the younger James underwent the hardships, privations and misfortunes that were companions of the American soldiers in those days of tribulation. He fought under Greene on the bloody field of Guilford Court House. He served in expeditions against the Tories, and was prisoner for six months in the dungeons of the British at Charleston.

After the revolution he remained in Orange county, an independent women Freeport looking in married Coventry of the soil, and here Jesse Turner was born. At the Salem meetinghouse, under the tuition of Daniel Turrentine, he women Freeport looking in married Coventry the rudiments of his education.

Upon leaving school his choice of pro- fessions fell upon the law. Accordingly, in the vicinity of Chapel Hill, under the direction of William McCauley, he entered upon and pursued that study with such close application and success that a license to practice women Freeport looking in married Coventry the 57 county courts was granted him by the termination of a year.

Another twelve months placed him in possession of a license to practice women Freeport looking in married Coventry the Superior Courts. Being now a full practitioner, Mr. Turner com- menced the prosecution of professional duties in his native State at Waynesboro, in Wayne county. But looking abroad, an ampler field for his exertions was presented in the new territories of women Freeport looking in married Coventry West, and he emi- grated to Arkansas.

His arrival was at that time when rude log huts, scattered at far distances, marked the abodes of horney Magdalena Hot women in when the practice of courts was unsettled, and juries gave verdicts that illy accorded with "law and evidence"; when crimes and misdemeanors prevailed to an extent that blackened the character of the territory.

Turner, a stranger stripling, without money or friends, without experience or advice, began the practice of his profession at the seat of justice of Crawford county.

He was once elected to the General Assembly of Arkan- sas, and as a member attained the highest distinction. In he took an active part in the Presidential contest. At the Whig Convention held at Little Rock in that year, he was called to preside over its deliberations by acclamation. In he was selected by Hon. John Bell, Secretary of War, as one of the Committee of Visi- tation to attend the examination of Cadets at West Point, but was prevented from being present by indisposition.

Turner was married to Miss Violetta P. Drennen, of Pittsburg, Penn. She died the following year and there were no children. In the Presidential canvass ofMr.


Turner was chosen one of the Women Freeport looking in married Coventry electors for Arkansas. He can- vassed the western and northern portions of the State, battling with eloquence and enthusiasm for the princi- ples of his party. He never sought an office. When on a visit to the 58 north in the spring of women Freeport looking in married Coventry, intending to pay his respects to the President, he arrived at Washington. But General Harrison was no more. He, however, called on Mr.

Tyler, who disposing of the eager office seekers that thronged the White House, turned to Mr. Turner, in- quiring blandly what office he desired. Turner arose immediately from his chair, and remarked with warmth, "Office! I want no office whatever, and wish women Freeport looking in married Coventry to be "considered, sir, in that class that prowl about you seeking the spoils of our Government. Of the later, three died in October,Weymouth Vital Rec- ords.

David, bornMicah, bornJacob, born The twelfth child of Micah and Betthiah Turner was a daughter, Betthiah. The latter was daughter of Stephen Tracy, who came in the ship Ann from Leyden in Jacob, son of Micah and Betthiah, married Hannah Porter in Somes, 29 September,Pittston, Maine.

Woodward, 30 Decem- ber,W. Lothrop, 26 September,Gardiner, Maine. Sargent, 11 November,Gardiner, Maine. Turner, Leonard and Harriet Kempton, 12 October, Turner, Leonard and Mary E.

Harlow, 31 July,Gardiner, Maine. Turner, Mary Jane and William H. Morgan, 15 Febru- ary,Gardiner, Maine. Turner, Sarah and Eli J. Longfellow, 6 July,Gar- diner, Maine. Meserne, 4 November,Pittston, Maine. Jewett, 2 October,Pittston, Maine. These names refer only to American estates or money in this country awaiting heirs. Turner, George, Utica, N. Turner, Mary, Taunton, Mass.

Turner, Mary Ann, nee Marshall. He served as a private in the Second Regiment, Maryland Militia. Rhoda, daughter of Phillip married Joseph R. He was Representative from Albemarle County They had one son, Allen Howard Turner. They had two sons, Benjamin and William bache- lors. Allen Howard Turner, son of William A. Mabel Hamilton Turner, born 20 April, 1died 26 October. Eli Turner, 14 May,19 years. Turner, 15 December,69 years.

Full text of "The Turner family magazine : genealogical, historical and biographical"

Lucy Turner, 18 August,35 years. Turner, 3 July, I25 years. Turner, Edward and Magaret A. Cooke, 14 November,St. Turner, Edward and Sarah A. Raymond, 10 December,St. Eleanor and John Ellis. Turner, Eliza and Thomas J. Monroe, 28 January, Keibird, 20 February,St. Turner, George and Smith, 31 December. He married Mary Bailey. Turner, married Hannah Nichols.

Peter Turner, bornin Newark, N. He married Eliza Child. Philip Turner, bornin Norwich, Conn. He was a surgeon at Bunker Hill and surgeon, general hospital, Prince Turner, women Freeport looking in married Coventryin England, diedin Harvard, Mass.

He married Rebecca Keep. In he served in the expedition to Canada. He married Mary Stocker. Inhe married Rebecca Vinton. His son Seth Turner, Jr. He married Abigail Wales. William Turner, bornin Londonderry, N. He served as a lieutenant at Ticonderoga and in the Rhode Island campaign. He married Jane Wright, borndied William Turner, bornin Scituate, Mass. Commanded a company at the Lexington alarm, was a major at the siege of Boston and women Freeport looking in married Coventry colonel.

He married Eunice Clapp. Eunice Turner married Martin Burr. Nancy Turner, married Henry B. William Turner, bornin Killingworth, Conn. He served at the siege of Boston under Capt. He married Hannah Williams. Their son, Reuben F. Turner, married Je- mima Tubbs, daughter of John M. Tubbs and Elizabeth Bush. Zadoc Turner, born He served as a private in the 2nd Maryland militia. He married Sabra Hicks.

Hatch and Eliza Hammett, 14 June,St. Turner, James and Priscilla Thornton, 17 February, Green, 3 May,St. Gough, 1 February,St. Smith, 17 December, Neale, 16 November,St.

Turner, Lucretia and John Women Freeport looking in married Coventry. Turner, Margaret and Edmund H. Owens, 22 September,Caroline Co. Turner, Margaret and John W. Turner, Mary and John Plummer, 25 August. Turner, Mary and Littleton Mezick. Turner, Philip and Eliza A.

Turner, Richard and Elizabeth Beall. Turner, Thomas and Sally Sparklin. He had almost completed his eighty-ninth year. He was born in on his father's farm, in Berkshire County, Mass.

He enlisted as a pri- vate. After the war he came to New York, and after some time obtained employment with the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company, with whom he remained for about twenty years as a weigher. He never joined the Association of the Veterans of the War ofnor took any active part in politics.

William Turner was the first settler in Candia, N. He died 8 December, ; his wife 28 May, Allso I will yt he make thirtyn pair of shoys, which shalbe geven to thirtyn pooer folkes within the paryshe women Freeport looking in married Coventry Fuyston. Major Harry Turner married Elizabeth Smith, with a goodly dower of lands and other possessions, inherited from her opulent father. Miss Jane Fauntleroy of "Nayor's Hole.

He probably married a Taliaferro. The titles in Luxembourg nude Girl invested in Thomas Lee, Esq. Maxniillion Robinson and Nicholas Smith, gentlemen. Married his wife in the twenty-third year of her age, by whom he had no child. Departed this life the 1 8th of March,in the 68th year of his age.

Allion sargent holding in the dexter paw, a fer-de-moline, sable. Motto "Esse quam videri. Contributed Edward Turner of Walpole, Mass. They lived in Temple- ton, where eight children were born. He was a lieuten- ant in the army and died in the service, 26 December,aged thirty-two years. His widow was granted a State pension seven years, beginningand subse- quently a United States pension.

She died in Temple- ton, 26 July, or 28,aged ninety-six years. James Turner and Hannah Williams, by Rev. Hannah Turner and Peter Fitzgerald, by Rev. Ann Turner and James Bradford, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson, by publi- cation. Jean Turner and John Hutton, by Rev. Elizabeth Turner and James Pinker, by Rev. John Turner and Isabella Bettersby. Elizabeth Turner and Patrick McWheck- er.

Ann Turner and Samuel Smith, by Rev. Susannah Turner and Conrad Lutz. In Umm fun Qaywayn Adult al Turner and Mary Hulin.

Ann Turner and Daniel Meredith of Dover. John Turner and Jane Dick, by Rev. Women Freeport looking in married Coventry and Sarah Piercy of Philadelphia.


Thomas and Mary Green of Phila- delphia. Walter Matthews Joshua Turner of Maryland, was born about Inhe moved to Virginia, and according to the Culpeper marriage records, he married inMary Ann Maddox Corly, bornthe widow of Aquilla Corly.

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