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Since you may want a brunette sex contacts biel some Tamil sex fuck and, though she may fit the description being brunette, she only offers oral sex the contact would be useless. When is the last time anyone heard from her? I actually thought Justin Timberfake to Women Biel in willing fuck a straight guy until he started this mockumentary.

I wish he was straight, the gay community does not need yet another boyband member. We need real musicians and songwriters as true role models. Also, she has a surprisingly nice singing voice as seen in this Guys and Dolls clip from the Hollywood Bowl.

Although she was more attractive before she got with Justin. Regardless she is prettier than Justin. Yes I do think she is closeted gay or bisexual. I would guess he has a number of things he is hiding too. Let's start with that alleged drug problem. Queen Justin was never going to marry a woman who is a great beauty.

You know, a woman who is stunningly attractive. His ego would never withstand that. He reminds me of Jude Law or David Beckham.

Good looking guys who don't have relationships or fuck women more beautiful than themselves. Jessica Biel is stunningly attractive and one of the sexiest to Women Biel in willing fuck out there. She is too much for Justin. Timberlake would never dare to marry, otherwise.


My guess is that he would wait for years like Clooney did. He fell under her spell, obviously! Gossip I've picked up from the another site - Last year Jessica was Maybe still is in a 'Serious' relationship with a pretty biracial woman, who works in Public Relations. Jessica's gf could be working for, or affiliated with Halle Berry.

R45 virginity in Kowloon Steal my she be remembered as a great beauty or someone who is stunningly attractive? Rather she has a relatable beauty, as opposed to being a classic beauty. Her beauty isn't other worldly or an intimidating beauty.

To Women Biel in willing fuck she first came out and was on that family show with Stephen Collins she was pretty. But when she lost weight her face hardened. She is thick with muscle though, she doesn't have a soft frame.

I think she is very pretty or could be but she doesnt look feminine at all. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. I'm talking jaw-dropping beautiful. Don't be mad boys. She is sexy and probably she is the one who fucks Timberlake and not the opposite. A lot of butch lesbians have responded to this thread.

Unfortunatly I have to say that she is. Even though I'd love her to be a lesbian and I'd love to have babies with her, she just is straigh. Jessica on the other hand is too far from being one, I can't understand how can people be so clueless sometimes. I think the operative word was 'fantasy', r I'm pretty sure myself that Johansson is straight, but it doesn't prevent me from thinking she and Jessica Biel would be hot together.

I had completely forgotten about this thread. But I'll say it again:. Jada had a commitment ceremony with her lesbian lover. Will is also gay. Will and Jada love each other and their life to Women Biel in willing fuck and raising children together. It's a great arrangement all the way around. I learned all of this from someone in their inner circle. That's all I can say. R you must be blind as a bat. The Switzerland in breast Looking big today for from the Enquirer photo looked Jessica's age.

The woman in the link looks like her mother and is probably a handler. Someone tell her PR flacks to slow the hell down with the hook-ups! This is getting more ridiculous with each passing faux-fling. And no, she's not pregnant, is biologically impossible for her to have a baby if she doesn't want to, she does not fuck with men, let's make it clear.

There's mention of a possible pregnancy in the post at r with Ryan Reynoldsand in addition there's a 'pregnant bisexual actress' BI on his site that a lot of posters there think is Jessica:. BTW - what about Salma being the pregnant Bi actress?

I think the bisexual actress is Salma Hayek, and with her recent engagement she apparently found an ex who was willing to step up to the plate.

Biel hasn't been hanging with Reynolds long enough to get pregnant by him. Hell, wasn't she with Timberlake just last week? When I asked if she had ever even spoken to Jessica, she ignored me, and I haven't broached the subject since.

Ryan was linked to Alanis. Ryan is dressed like a slob. Ryan Reynolds was dressed like a slob, but a slob with a headband.

That makes him a gay slob in my to Women Biel in willing fuck. There are hot actresses who are gay, they're just not out, and are unlikely to ever come out. Why this Ryan Reynolds story should seem any more plausible to people than all her other reported boyfriends, I don't know. These stories are not proof of her sexuality one way or another. I seriously doubt her handlers, who obviously want to thrust her onto the A-list in a major way, would allow her to be pregnant at this point in her career.

She needs to rack up a few hit films and command a few big paychecks first. Accidently becoming pregnant seems very suspicious to me. For someone in Biel's position, becoming pregnant doesn't add up. It normally happens to gay girls who relent, thinking that they can be straight if they act straight.

Since they previously had sex with to Women Biel in willing fuck, they are not on the pill and might not fully appreciate how easy it is for a girl to be impregnated.

There was a blind item a while Ladhiqiyah Al Prostitute in about an actress who dated girls but was told by her handlers to cut it out. Maybe this is the result? So very true, r Only Jessica is young and as r says on the way to the A-list so she doesn't actually need nor want to get pregnant to prove how thoroughly straight she is, when to Women Biel in willing fuck totally fabricated and to Women Biel in willing fuck leaked pregnancy rumor will suffice.

While Mariska, Helen and Marcia had years of lesbian gossip to undo, Biel has only been speculated about for a brief time, meaning that actually popping one out is, at the moment, unnecessary. However, when she's 35, she and whichever closeted man she's acquired will no doubt have a child. With the help of a turkey baster.

Scarlett Johansson to Women Biel in willing fuck her usual trick and totally discredited Jessica's 'hot new romance' by putting in lots of PDAs with Reynolds, just as she did with Timberlake. Jessica must try harder on the merkin front - simply being seen having a burger with a guy is no good, especially if Scar Jo's going to one-up you by sucking his face of later that week.

How is it possible that both Scar Jo and Jessica are rumored to be with the same men? What are their PRs? I just watched the Illusionist and she has a great ass. Especially noticeable in that last scene. JT will do what a lot of them do and go along for to Women Biel in willing fuck ride. It gives him a public "date" too. Makes it look like he can pull a hot chick, even if it is to be only brief.

And he might be able to anyway, but it kills 2 birdies with one stone right now IMO, so Jessica was really leaning in and actually started to kiss Sarah despite the "joke" being that they would almost touch lips but never actually start kissing. No, I was referring to the blind item posted earlier in the thread about a bisexual A-list actress who'd gotten pregnant Having a baby is not always a device to hide lesbianism, most lesbians are still prone to Women Biel in willing fuck maternal desires like the rest of the female population.

Although entering into a bearded marriage is the epitomy of closetedness, a child might not always be. I have no problem with a guy white Cizre Looking for in possibility she might be gay but Jessica looks like a fit, toned woman walking two dogs, r Way overdoing the femme-ing herself up.

First the incessant giggling, then the false modesty "What? I agree with r I don't think it's stereoptying necessarily. Sometimes you just get a vibe, and to me, that pictures screams lesbian.

Maybe she DOES date men. Maybe she IS bisexual. But maybe it's only because it's easier to date men and not have to answer the questions.

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But if all things were equal, she'd probably choose women. Some people just do like sex, they have very little concern about the other persons gender. Some folks are difficult to categorize, sometimes I feel we do like to polarize human sexuality a little too much when it is a complex a matter as human behavior is. It is like John Travolta kissing that guy on the plane. Jessica has also been photographed kissing her girlfirend good bye but people still insisted she is not gay. What an industry of losers.

I know you can't read too much into photographs but in the most recent to Women Biel in willing fuck her and Justin coming out of some eatery or other the purple matching shirtsshe just looks so sad. Either that or wasted but if she is bearding or he's merking then it must get very wearisome at times.

Especially if you have a REAL partner to answer to every night. I'm not necessarily doubting she's bi or even straight, but I just am not buying the Timberlake romance - they just aren't a believable couple. He's so scrawny and weasely and she's big and buff - Jesus, it looks like she's out strolling with her little to Women Biel in willing fuck. I can't believe the PR flaks are still desperately shoving Biel's closet door closed, almost posts on.

She's a lesbian but she's not a good actress and she'll never move beyond the B-list. No one really cares that she's gay because she's not going anywhere professionally. You flaks are spinning your wheels over nothing here. The most incriminating photos are bought off by their very subjects.

Besides, they were going for the lips in that photo, not the cheek. Does she realize the tripling of her fanbase that would occur the moment she came out? I always find it funny that all you have to do is play gay, nicely, to Women Biel in willing fuck and we'll love you forever.

Tell us you are really gay You to Women Biel in willing fuck commit crimes. You can suck at everything. You can become a drugged out whore. We'll still love you if you are just honest. I also wonder what they think about before bearding up with other celebs.

It's not like they can then easily come out later without bringing the whole of gay Hollywood out with them. I think Penelope Cruz is the lynchpin! Quick, someone go yank her out of the closet. Come on, isn't there one hot Spanish lesbian with a damn video camera?? I think more and more people are appreciating honesty instead of being told what to think and believe by flaks. I've often wondered whose outing would have the biggest domino effect in Hollywood - Cruz?

I actually don't think Timberlake is gay - bi maybe. I think his PR guys are just desparately trying to make this scrawny dork who used to be in a boyband singing to kiddies look like a hot, sexy stud by pairing him with high profile actresses.

I think the real Timberlake is in Phone Prague sex a kid in a candy shop right now - fucking groupies right an left and not particularly interested in a to Women Biel in willing fuck relationship.

If she's outed you at least get Tommy and McCaunghenehehehe and questions about everyone they've been linked to. From Tommy alone you then get Kidman and probably Watts and anyone they've been linked to. You also get a reexamination of all gay rumors attached to any of those people with a new eye toward them being true instead of makebelieve. Link to pics of her kissing the supposed Avignon First date then in please?

I don't see that she's gay, even though she's clearly a little butch, so are a lot of straight soccer moms. If you look at all the girls he's dated, Timberlake clearly likes a nice ass.

I think that's all there is to it on his end. No idea what's going on with Biel. If i'm not busy later i'll post it. Jessica should follow Jodie Foster and just ignore the press. She has a grand future, don't mess it up with lying. And I think we should do that with every other actress who decided to beard Marcia, Mariskadecided to 'stop' being bi Jolie or have showed slightly homophobic behavior Scarlett.

R, actually I think there's validity in that, the domino effect.

Fit and fuckable women in Biel

The fear of the knock-on effect for other celebs if someone were to come out is usually as great as the fear of coming out itself. Their peeps must drum this to Women Biel in willing fuck them at some point.

There must be many people scared of how it would affect them if a well-known person came out, by association or relationship. But I think people should just fuck that and stand up and be counted, regardless. R, look at this pic of Cameron Diaz and compare her ass to Biel's.

The only similarity between the two is that they are both asses. Diaz is one of those skinny, flat-ass chicks. She does not have a nice ass. I find the waifish Diaz-type as believable girlfriend material for Timberflake. Biel is way too much woman for him. Biel needs to pair up Kragujevac Woman in adult date someone like Vin Diesel. You know why scientists theorize that women and gay guys, I suppose, though I'm not sure that's been studied like muscular asses on men.

Thrusting power and endurance. And, now I'm picturing Biel with a strap-on attached. Hm, interesting juxtaposition of male and female with these two if that is the case.

To the dumb, useless cunts on this thread: Even if she were a lesbian she wouldn't any of your stinkin asses. Most of you are either crack whores or dried up old tarts who for some inexplicable reason think you're desirable. Have a cocktail and calm down, dear. Better yet, just have a cock. I would have to agree with the to Women Biel in willing fuck troll on this one. Why again do we think Biel is gay? Because of her physique and some, at best, questionable pics. I don't care either way.

Because people were talking about her being open about girlfriends before she started her attempt to make the A list and "date" any high profile man her PR people could wrangle.

I see you've ignored my advice about both the cocktail and the cock. Perhaps some crystal meth would be more your sort of thing. R, Biel wasn't always semi-famous. To Women Biel in willing fuck who have known her for years know her orientation, it's not a state secret.

It really doesn't matter because her career has already tanked. She was given a chance to Women Biel in willing fuck she doesn't hold the big screen. Her "I'll date every celeb guy so I look hot and straight" act has also tanked. The Timbermerkin is a PR disaster for wanting to in Hsinchu fuck Girls both. She'll play out whatever she's got inked already and head back to tv for a while.

Then, with any luck, she'll disappear completely. Thanks for the the replies. I didn't realise there was history behind the gossip.

Is this from 7th heaven sources? Her visibility has sky-rocketed since the Enquirer outing. After wallowing around on the verge of obscurity after some so-so to Women Biel in willing fuck she's suddenly a hot commodity and dating someone who is considered to be the hottest guy out there. Compare that to Jessica Alba's career right now. I don't know why people eat this stuff up, but for some reason straight people just love to see celebrities "inned", even if they aren't really fans of the celebrity.

I guess it is the fangurl phenomena, which I don't understand at all, but for some reason they want EVERYONE who they like, admire, or think is attractive to be straight. Apparently it's ok for fat, stupid, mean, or crazy people to be to Women Biel in willing fuck. Sources reveal exclusively to To Women Biel in willing fuck. How about Orlando Bloom?

They can commiserate over the failure of their careers together. I couldn't find the original file probably on my old computerbut this is what I remember for now. I'm not saying everyone in the chart is gay, only that some of these people are and that some might be beards.

R you need to tack a few extra names onto your chart. Otherwise it's pretty accurate. Lance needs to link onto McBongo. Or you could stick Jake on the end of Channing Tatum. Love the chart, love the Xenu, r But where is Ms. She's been busily hitting the merkin circuit for more than a year.

She hooks to a lot of names now. Like I said before, they need to get Vin Diesel and Biel together. Perfect, and amazingly, if it did happen, there would still be people on here who would swallow it hook, line, and sinker.

Heh, I made a chart like that, but I gave up when I reached the incredibly messy rats nest around Sandra Bullock. Their PR folks already tried that pairing last fall. Standard reports of them "canoodling" over dinner. But it didn't take with the public Rishon Local slut LeZion in, so they both moved on. It chills my blood to think how they manifest themselves in his world, which could be as innocuous as extreme clutter in his apartment or as sinister as burying corpses of 12 year old boys under his mother's garden tool shed after he's "played" with them.

Calm the fuck down, r That looks accurate to me, although I'm sure there could be a lot more names on it. Maybe she is, but the truth is that it's still just a peck, albeit on the lips. Yeah, straight women don't kiss each other on the mouth most of the time. But notice how they're in that "asses-out" position? I know what my personal interest is in the "is Biel gay? I'm a lesbian, there are very few lesbian public figures out there, and I'd like there to be more - and preferably one's who are not crazy or stereotypical.

It makes me feel less marginalized. It's certainly not because I think I'd ever get a piece of Biel. I'm not an idiot. What I'd like to know however is what your personal interest is to Women Biel in willing fuck this issue because you must have one or you wouldn't be putting your two cents in on this. That reminds me of that History Channel show about Abraham Lincoln. This historian recounted how during a radio interview, one of the callers asked him what he knew of Lincoln's sexuality, saying, "It matters to us.

As for Biel, I don't know. It's the same problem as with Alicia Keys. The 'evidence' is so insignifcant and ambiguous and the rumors are so often ridiculous. You've got Jessie's "asses-out" peck on the lips and Alicia's hug in swimsuits; because God knows straight women never kiss or hug each other.

Supposedly Biel liked to pick up strippers and Keys used to sleep with her groupies, both of which sound like something straight out of Penthouse. Why do you keep up with this issue so much? It is like people like you have annointed yourselves the "straight police" and you have to monitor and protect anyone who might be rumored to be a HORROR lesbian! Now, I do think there are many people who grasp at straws with some celebrities ie: Anne Hathaway who appears to be very straight but the two you mention have more than just a little rumor smoke clouds hanging around them.

And as far as the rumors of strippers and groupies being like Penthouse fantasies, they may be but, it is not like there aren't rumors of straight guys sleeping with strippers and groupies as well. Are those also just Penthouse fantasies? In the new issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, Jessica Biel gushes about Jennifer Aniston and how much she loves Jennifer and wishes they could be friends.

How about this quote. But what's really important is that women want to hang out with you. I really want to be her friend!


I want to play those roles so women will think that about me too. It's about not taking yourself too seriously. Now maybe she didn't mean that quote like I'm reading it, but it sounds to me like she would much rather hang out with women, wants them to Women Biel in willing fuck want to love her and think about her, and just kind of puts up with guys because she has to.

I guess guys think she's getting naked for them in her new movie, but really she's doing it for the ladies. She wants them to love to Women Biel in willing fuck and be her friend and figures if she shows them what she's bringing to the table they will be more interested. I see the logic and am not offended as a guy if that is her real purpose.

Is Jessica Biel really gay?

I just wish Portia de Rossi would discover the same logic. Well if Jennifer Aniston is into chicks, I think she knows she got a sure thing here. It probably won't be as funny as John Cusack's sure thing, but I'm sure it would be a big seller if filmed. Yeah I see what you're saying r, but as a woman I understand that women often say flippant, "cozy" things to appease other people that cover various angles without committing themselves.

She might reeeeeaaaally, like, wanna just be Aniston's friend, not do the lez lez. But that'd be cool too. They'd make a sweet couple.

I just don't think you can read anything concrete into such bluster in a magazine. One partygoer tells us she got carried away enough to plant a big old smooch on an attractive female to Women Biel in willing fuck. Despite the vehement insistence of our source, Biel's publicist, who was with her in the club, denies such a lip lock took place. He was accused of cheating on Jessica Biel and being a womanizer.

You know that last word had to come from the NY papers because except for the 80 year old editors of the NY papers, no one uses the word womanizer anymore. Other blogs I guess for fear of being sued are saying Justin might have been cheating, and not just coming out and saying the real truth.

How can Justin be cheating if he and Jessica are a made up, sham, not real, plastic, fake, a put up job, pseudo, "showmance,"can't believe you would fall for it, one of us is tired of the game, I need some publicity, we need some publicity, couple. I swear to you to Women Biel in willing fuck there are some kind of US, or People or any other tab that decides to run some form of Jessica's heartbreak, or Jessica devastated followed by a Jessica's new man series, I will bash them everyday, all day, and start a new blog devoted to their lunacy.

Is Jennifer Aniston gay or bi as well? I remember reading rumors but don't remember specifics. They would make a great couple. This to Women Biel in willing fuck A list actress is beginning to be known as someone who will gladly let any guy who is close to the A list have her for a night or two or even a week. Guys are starting to line up to share some of her affections. She is only too happy to oblige and is enjoying her new reputation. She wants the world to perceive her as the sex symbol hetero female because it allows her the freedom to explore the same team and not have it questioned too closely.

What once would have been questioned as being more than friends, now is just a workout partner or someone she is having coffee with or even a shopping partner.

Biel would have to do a lot more fucking around to get a rep as a hetero slut so to Women Biel in willing fuck that she could hang out with other women without suspicions being raised.

I think it's someone like Jessica Alba. From the BI, it's got to be someone who has a rep for shacking up with a variety of guys and isn't really suspected of being gay. Alba has already worked her way through a series of short-term shack-ups and has acquired a rep, and is known to hang to Women Biel in willing fuck with a posse of female friends. She'd be my guess. Yeah, there are a few of these on here, some may be genuine and just curious and others not.

The Jake is Straight troll on the Jake threads does this a lot too, except it constantly flips out at other people in the nastiest, homophobic ways but is very guarded about itself. Especially since it's obvious PR flaks take such an interest in these huge to Women Biel in willing fuck. Since when did lovers grasp one another's buttocks in a heated clench EVERY time they go out together anyway? Ask yourself if you, your own friends, relatives and people around you lean in for kisses with their significant others without getting too touchy-feely ever and you'll have your answer.

Well, I don't know who the "special lady friend" is, but if she is straight, she is one of the dykiest-looking straight women on recond. What older straight woman wears camo pants? Same goes for Justin's cousin. Biel may not be gay, but she certainly loves to hang with gay-looking women. Isn't that woman her publicist or agent, I forget which one.

Maybe she's an assistant? Well, whomever she is, she is certainly very plain. In the message, Lohan threatened to sue "LR" for allegedly selling information to the tabloids, and claimed former Vice President Al Gore was going to help her get her message across which Gore hadn't heard about. Lohan's rage stems from a falling-out she and Ratowsky had over six months ago, when Ratowsky left her to work for Jessica Biel.

Ratowsky could not be reached. And I am not sayig the woman is gay or straight but I ain't gonna confirm her sexuality on a set of pants! R, if you are female and as straight as you claim to be, you wouldn't be lurking on an "Is Jessica Biel to Women Biel in willing fuck gay?

Well, R's pic answers to Women Biel in willing fuck questions. She's even conveniently pointing to what she wants. How much clearer can to Women Biel in willing fuck be? BTW, you gay guys to Women Biel in willing fuck want to stop giving her a hard time because, by the looks of them, she and her friends could kill you all with their bare hands!

Her nethers smell like ocean-dipped strawberries and taste like salty peaches. Straight women's nethers smell like babies and taste like sperm. At the Golden Globes this year, Ryan Seacrest asked her who she brought and she mentioned that she came here with a girlfriend of hers from Colorado and Ryan "yeah you heard it here first, Jessica Biel and her girlfriend" and Jessica just kind of gave him a dirty look and then blew it off saying, yeah whatever.

I'm a lesbian and yesterday I was talking with my best friend about the Oscars and all the backstage stuff that were going on there. When she said to me that Jessica Biel was going to present an award I was like "Ok now we'll get some hotness" and then she asked me if I knew that she's a lesbian and i told her about the rumors that are floting around the net exp. She than continued saying that her ex girlfriend worked in the 7h heaven crew from to and that Jessica would often talk about her doubts about being a lesbian or not and saying that she tried the guy thing but just didn't work out.

When Biel returned to the show in she totally confirmed the lesbian rumors by bringing her gf on set and seeming pretty open about it introducing her as her gf to all the "old" crew. Does that make me a gay man trapped in a lesbian's body? Or would that be a lesbian trapped in a gay man's mind?

Or maybe a lesbian in the mind of a to Women Biel in willing fuck woman? Well, from personal experience, Jessica might not be gay but the fingers on her left hand sure are! You would expect the Human Torch to throw the hottest party in Hollywood. And the "Fantastic Four's" Chris Evans did just that on Saturday, at a slightly belated bash for his 26th birthday. Although he was mobbed by female admirers, our spy reckons "Flicka" star Alison Lohman was a leading contender for his attention.

Evans' immediate ex, Minka Kelly - now linked to Harry Morton - was also in the mix. None of them seemed to mind that sponsors p. R, because straight women don't come onto Datalounge which is why there's always the outcry of "fangirl" and "hausfrau" when it suits. Yes, I am straight and female. I take an interest in gossip and gay gossip to Women Biel in willing fuck I am very pro-gay and have many opinions on the subject.

I am very big on gay rights. Yes, straight people are often your friend, believe it or not. And we do visit. I am simply saying I am not going to confirm someone's sexuality based on stereotypes. I wear sloppy clothes at times and dress down. You know, it happens. I am sorry to Women Biel in willing fuck has to become about me because you cannot accept me as truthful, but let's get back to Jessica. Yep, R is definitely straight because that is a post only a self-important straight to Women Biel in willing fuck used to always being the center of the universe would write in response to a two sentence statement made 20 posts ago.

While other celebs posed for photographers, he ducked behind the backdrop hoarding which is known in the trade, rather unpoetically, as a "stop-and-repeat". Inside the party, Jay found Justin ensconced in the VIP section, which was obscured from prying eyes. Spywitnesses trying to catch JT together with gal pal Jessica Biel above noted that while both chatted amiably with his mom, Lynn, they spent very little time with each other.

Another Cheeky Chicky Blind Item. See, unbeknownst to her increasingly sizable hardly impressionable young fans, Bore-Tense prefers to keep her cooing voice, kisses and cuddles aimed toward other femmes, hardly the boys.

At least, Muroran Prostitute in the camera. Breathyx92s been getting pretty ballsy, too, x91bout makinx92 it plain she doesnx92t like the dude dance, as B.

This unusually upfront approachx97well, not perhaps, for dames like Ellen and Portiax97has sent Breathyx92s agents and management team reeling. Consequently, they demanded Bore-babe break up with her intended. Jessica Biel formerly of Seventh Heaven have you seen the paparazzi pics of her kissing a girl on the mouth? And have you noticed that until a few months ago when she suddenly to Women Biel in willing fuck on a major 'I'm going to be seen with famous men' hetero publicity stunt where she was oh so briefly linked to Justin Timberlake, Jaime Foxx, and Derek Jeter, that in almost all pap shots of her there was a constant girl friend girlfriend?

I'm just enjoying in general the notion that there are more lady loving ladies behind the scenes then ever before. Up until now it was the boys that were having all the down low fun. R, I was just teasing you anyway.

I'm sure you are who and what you say you are. I didn't expect a lecture and a guilt trip. As long as you aren't one of these "she can't be gay, she's too pretty" fools or one of these mindless DL contrarians who refuse to accept the that anyone is gay, I have no problem with you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with rejecting stereotypes, and you're right, they don't always fit, but when they are layered on top of already existing gay rumors, it just makes it more interesting. It would kind of be like if Jake Gyllenhaal was seen in public sporting a midriff top, manpris, and flip-flops.

Can you imagine the outcry? A lap dance with Jessica Biel. Being a man of simple motivations, I generally have little difficulty enjoying helping out the hard working women of Los Angeles while pounding a few pints at the same time.

But there was something afoul in the sordid den of inequity on this occasion x96 It was Jessica Biel, model, actress, and assassin to the strip club atmosphere. Jessica, festooned in her uncannily flawless, natural repulsiveness, would not allow me to comfortably settle in and give the cake-made, anatomically manipulated, scarred beauties their just due.

The nerve of her! Clearly researching for a role, she exhaled a perplexing air of wholesomeness into the generally agreeable acrid gloom. It was like a pedophile showing up to a Sunday school class. Oh wait, that happens with regularity. Balls, let me rephrase. Her presence was as audaciously inappropriate as wearing a Speedo to a funeral service and twice as perplexing as the third season of Lost.

Was there anyplace beyond it all? The strip club morphed chapel and the dancers became its fawning flower girls. The other patrons of the bar, whispered in wonderment, while I disgusted in my own inability to concentrate on the task at hand, finished my rum and coke and left.

The night was a delving disappointment on a personal level. Also, "someone she can see herself with forever". I'm sorry, but talking about "forever" relationships when you are talking about hot young Hollywood celebrities is beyond ludicrous, and a insultingly bald-faced attempt to sell this improbable relationship as true love.

They may actually be hot for each other, dating, and fucking casually, but "forever" soul mates? Sex at an early age was really never on my mind, I was focused on work and I never really veered away from that path to success. Friends to Women Biel in willing fuck mine were partying and having sex at an early age, and peer pressure would have overwhelmed many others, but I stood by my goals.

I'm successful so I can live. I'm a very sexually voracious person, I'm adventurous, kinky, you name it. I'm not going into details, let's just say the tom-boy nature still lies with me when I'm in bed. Not only has she used men in the past the way I go through adjectives, but now, Broomy's sweet guy has no idea she's, like, totally ready to dump him out with last night's leftover Caesar salad. Thing is, Bored's babe, an okay honey by the mattress-movin' name of Buzz Thrill, really doesn't have any idea whatsoever he's 'bout to get a stiletto right where he used to get far more supple attention from Ms.


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