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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Birdwood, of the l7idia Office, a ge7itle77ia7i whose wide k7iowledge of the art 77ia7iufactures of Lidia specially qualifies him for the work. It is hoped that it will be found useful not alone by visitors to the Museum, but by all who desire to acquii'e information 7-especting the arts and industries of the Indian Empire. Wilson, and revised throughout from the Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology recently published by Professor Dowson, whose spelling of the names of gods and epic heroes of India I have endeavoured to uniformly follow.

It was so well received, both on the Continent and in this country by people interested in the minor arts of India, that I resolved to publish a carefully rewritten edition of it for general sale. I began by adding to it copious notes from the annual Administration Reports of the local governments of India ; and I had examined all these reports, and all the provincial Gazetteers as yet published, when I was asked in the early part of this year -to write a popular handbook on the industrial arts of India, in connexion with the reopening of the India Museum under its new administration by the Science and Art Depart- ment at South Kensington.

But on examining the India Museum collections in detail, and finding how incomplete they were for a systematic representation of the manufacturing resources of India, I saw that what was most wanted was not a handbook to the contents of the Museum, but an index to its deficiencies ; and I therefore resolved to virtually republish a portion swingers in Saidpur Senior my Handbook, with new information, as the second part of the present work.

Although its preparation has been hurried — the Science and Art Department received charge of the Museum only on the ist of January last — I hope that it is a fairly trustworthy index of every district and town in British India where manufactures of any special PREFACE. Vll artistic quality are produced ; and Swingers in Saidpur Senior believe it will prove of some assistance to the officials of the Science and Art Department in completing the India Museum collections, and to the general public as a guide to the places in India where they may obtain objects of genuine native art.

I have been much exercised with the spelling of the modern Indian geographical names. I have never before spelled them according to the official system, but have been forced under various compulsions to submit more or less completely to it on the present occasion. Even if the natives of India adopted the Roman alphabet we ought not to spell modern Indian geographical names as they naturally would, if our first object is to preserve the proper pronunciation of them: I saw Kurnool the other day rhymed to skull, simply because the writer of the poem, himself an accomplished Orientalist, had been, in a heed- less moment, misled by the official spelling of the word Karmd.

English is English, and the spelling of English words should be left to be settled by popular English usage, and no attempt should be made to regulate it by arbitrary resolutions of government. Arms Trappings and caparisons Jewelry Art furniture and household decoration Bombay blackwood. Mynpuri work Inlaid work of Agra Sandalwood and other wood carving Carved ivory, swingers in Saidpur Senior, and swingers in Saidpur Senior To face page g.

To face page Damascened in silver, Purniah The arts of India are the illustration of the religious life of the Hindus, as that life was already organised in full perfection under the Code of Manu, b. Although some of the fresh- ness of its Vedic morning was then already lost, it is life still in its first religious and heroic stage, as we find it painted in the Rama- yana and Mahabharata ; and we owe its preservation, through the past three thousand years, from change and decay, chiefly to the Code of Manu.

The principles of government embodied in this book were probably first reduced to their present form about B. So securely was the sacerdotal state system of the Brahmanical Hindus fixed by the Code of Manu that even the foreign invasions and conquests to which they have been constantly subjected from the seventh century b.

Raraayana and Mahabharata, and in the writings of the Greek officers of Alexander, Seleucus and the Ptolemies, by which they were first made known to the Western nations.

Every thought, word, and deed of the Hindus belongs to the world of the unseen as well as of the seen; and nothing shews this more strikingly than the traditionary arts of India. Everything that is made is for direct religious use, or has some religious significance. The materials of which different articles are fashioned, their weight, and the colours in which they are painted, are fixed by religious rule.

An obscurer symbolism than of material swingers in Saidpur Senior colour is to be traced also swingers in Saidpur Senior the forms of things, even for the meanest domestic uses. Every detail of Indian decoration, Aryan, or Turanian, has a swingers in Saidpur Senior meaning, and the arts of India will never be rightly understood until there are brought to their study not only the sensibility which can appreciate them at first sight, but a familiar acquaintance with the character and subjects of the religious poetry, national legends, and mythological scriptures that have always been their inspiration, and of which they are the perfected imagery.

The Sacred Writings of the Hindus. The Hindus arrange their Sastras or sacred writings in four groups, namely, 1. The Rig- Veda, so called from rik, a verse. The Yajur-Veda, so called from yaj, worship, relating to sacrifices. The Sama-Veda, so called from saman, a prayer arranged for singing. The Atharya-Veda, or Brahmana-Veda, relating chiefly to incantations. Each Veda is also divided into four parts, namely, 1. The Sanhita, comprising the Mantras and Ganas, or hymns and prayers.

The Brahmanas, describing the details of the Vedic ceremonies for the guidance of the Brahmans. The Jnana, or Upanishads, or philosophical part.

To it the Vedanta school opposed the doctrine of pantheism. But Vedantism is really nothing else than Nihilism ; and the agnostic teaching of the Sankhya school is the common basis of all systems of Hindu philosophy. Closely connected with the Vedas are the Sutras and Parisishtas. They are intended not for the instruction of the young, but to convey to the ignorant multitude, in a popular and superficial form, general information regarding their religion.

They swingers in Saidpur Senior the transition from the Vedic to the Puranic literature of India. The true Vedic age has been divided by Max Miiller into four periods.

The second or Maritra period, he fixes between b. The fourth, or Sutra period, extends the Vedic age to b. Indeed they are merely different arrangements of its hymns for special sacrifices and other rites, and for singing. The Atharva Veda also is sometimes not acknowledged to be a Veda at all, but only a supplement to the others. It is a simple invocation to the sun, but to it in the course of ages the most mysterious significance has become attached. It is said in the Code of Manu, ch. May it enlighten our minds.

The Ayur-Veda, or science of medicine, derived from the Rig-Veda. The Gandharva-Veda, or science of music, derived from the Sama-Veda. The Dhanur-Veda, or military science, derived from the Yajur-Veda. Swingers in Saidpur Senior, or Sthapatya-Veda, on the mechanical arts and architecture, derived from the Atharva-Veda. These are all said to belong partly to the Bi-ahmana and partly to the Sutra period. The Siksha, on pronunciation. The Chhandas, on prosody and verse. The Vyakarana, on grammar.

The Nirukta, in explanation of obscure words and phrases in the Vedas. The Kalpa, on religious ceremonies. The Jyotisha, on astronomy. The Itihasas, or epic poems. The Puranas, or legendary histories.

The Yoga, on logic. The Mimansa, on philosophy. The Dharma-Sastras, on jurisprudence. The Tantras, on swingers in Saidpur Senior. The compilation of the Ramayana may be fixed not later swingers in Saidpur Senior b. The Mahabharata was known to Dion Chrysostom about B. But there can be no doubt that the legends of which both the Ramayana and Mahabharata consist have come down, by tradition, from the earliest period of the Vedic age.

There are allusions in the Vedas to the existence of such popular legends; and here and there, even in the Vedas, are to be found ballad stanzas extolling the prowess of some prince of the day, or pious king of old, which Weber has specified as the forerunners of the epic poetry of the Itihasic period. The Rama- yana is considered to be the older of the two great poems ; but the Mahabharata certainly describes an earlier, or at least a less advanced, condition of Aryan society in India.

The Mahabharata is a mythical history of the Aryan colonisation swingers in Saidpur Senior Hindustan, and the Ramayana of the Hindu conquest of the Swingers in Saidpur Senior and Ceylon.

They thus not only afford a complete picture of the patriarchal and heroic stages of Aryan civilisation in India, such as could not be composed from the original Vedas alone, but at the same time lay bare the influences by which it was gradually brought under the religious state system of the Brahmans as organised in the Code of Manu and re- maining stereotyped to this day.

At every turn the simple legends of the Aryan ballad-makers are strained and distorted until their character is wholly changed, and obviously for the purpose of asserting the supernatural authority of the Brahmans. We see the popular heroes swingers in Saidpur Senior the Vedic age becoming gods, and the shadowy gods of the Vedas gradually taking the positive forms under which they appear in the Puranas, and have ever since been worshipped.

Fortunately there is no great swingers in Saidpur Senior, so Sanskrit scholars say, in determining what in these epics is heroic history, and what the craftily contrived corruptions of their scheming compilers. The Solar Race, which reigned in Oudh, was the more celebrated, and the Rama of the Ramayana is its great hero.

The other branch was descended from Yadu, and became extinct in Krishna and his elder brother Balarama, who are the real heroes of the Mahabharata. His son was Hastin, who built Hastinapura, the ruins of which are still traceable fifty-nine miles N. She bore Santanu two sons, and so became the grandmother of the rival Kauravas and Pandavas.

The elder son was killed in battle by a Gandharva king ; and when the second also died childless, but leaving two widows, Satya- vati called swingers in Saidpur Senior the sage Vyasa to marry them, and raise up seed to his half-brother. These children were all brought up together by their uncle Bhishma, now regent of the kingdom. When Dhritarashtra became of age, he, being blind, was passed over for the throne, in favour of Pandu ; but, when the latter be- came a leper, Dhritarashtra was made king in his stead.

Pandu married two wives, Pritha or Kunti, the aunt of Krishna, and Madri ; but being a leper, he never consorted with either, and their five sons were begotten by others, their parentage being attributed to various deities. Pandu acknowledged them all, and they are Gladsaxe in Swingers clubs Pand- avas. Kunti had had another son by Surya before her marriage with Pandu ; this son was not acknowledged by Pandu, and in the fatal rivalry swingers in Saidpur Senior the cousins sided with the Kauravas.

The Pandavas on the death of their father were taken to the court of their uncle, the blind Dhritarashtra, who received charge of them and treated them as he treated his sons, with whom they were instructed in the military art by the Brahman Swingers in Saidpur Senior. The Kauravas failing in their attack, the Pandavas marched out to their support, and vanquished Drupada, and brought him back a prisoner to Drona, a feat which only the more incensed the Kauravas against them.

Drupada also, burning under his humilia- tion, prevailed upon two Brahmans to perform a sacrifice, by the efficacy of which he obtained two children, a son, Dhrishta-dyumna, and a daughter, Draupadi, by whom it was promised that he should be revenged on Drona swingers in Saidpur Senior the Bharata kingdom.

While engaged in clearing the Varanavata jungle, the Pandavas heard of king Drupada having proclaimed a swayamwara, or tournament, at which his daughter Draupadi would select a husband from among her many suitors. II Draupadi, but disguised as Brahmans, to hide themselves from the Kauravas, whom they knew would be sure to be present. On this their uncle recalled them to his court, and divided his kingdom between them and his sons, giving Hastinapura to his sons, and Indraprastha, close to the modern Delhi, to his nephews.

It was while they were at Indra- prastha that Krishna, who, after his expulsion from Mathura [Muttra], had emigrated to Dwaraka [Dwarka], paid the Pandavas a visit, and went out hunting with them in the Khandava forest, which he and Agni, the god of fire, helped them in burning, against the opposition swingers in Saidpur Senior Indra, the god of the firmament or rain swingers in Saidpur Senior and it was on this occasion that Krishna received from Agni swingers in Saidpur Senior discus and mace, which he bears as his attributes.

This more than ever excited the enmity of the Kauravas, who to ruin Yudhishthira invited him to a gambling match in which he lost all he possessed, and all his brothers possessed, swingers in Saidpur Senior at last gambled away his brothers, and himself, and Draupadi, as slaves to the Kauravas. Dhritarashtra insisted on all the Pandavas being freed and their property re- stored to them ; but again Yudhishthira was tempted by the dice box, the agreement this time being that the Vienna sex in looking for Bbw free should obtain the entire kingdom, and the losers go into exile for twelve years in the jungle, and thereafter live concealed for one year more in a city: This is the second exile of the Pandavas.

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In the jungle Yudhishthira meets his father Dharma, who is personified goodness and duty. He asks his son all sorts of questions about the Brahmans, and Yudhishthira answers him in the true spirit of their rising pretensions. Bhima also meets Hanuman, the monkey ally of Rama, who tells him the whole story of the Ramayana, and afterwards takes him to the gardens of Kuvera, the god of hell and of wealth, in the Himalayas, where he found the flower with a thousand petals, the perfume of which makes the old young and the sorrowing joyful.

Arjuna also, by the advice of his mythical grandfather, the Rishi Vyasa, proceeded to the Himalayas, to induce Indra to grant liim the celestial weapons which would ensure him victory over the Kau- ravas.

Siva, having been propitiated by the course of severe austerities which Arjuna underwent, gave him one of his most powerful weapons ; and then Kuvera, Yama, the judge swingers in Saidpur Senior the dead, Indra, and Varuna, the oldest of the Vedic gods, the maker and upholder of heaven and earth, and later the god of the ocean, presented themselves to Arjuna as the regents of the four quarters of the universe, the north, south, east, and west, respectively, and furnished him each with his own peculiar weapon ; after which Indra carried him away to the celestial city of THE HINDU TAN THE ON.

He was then sent by Indra swingers in Saidpur Senior fight against the Daityas [Titans], a race of the giants or demons of the later Hindu mythology. It is swingers in Saidpur Senior that the old Vedic gods, and beloved national heroes of the Indian Aryas, were associated in this myth with Siva, in order to popularise the latter, and win over the mass of Hindus to the Brahmans in their mortal struggle for supremacy with swingers in Saidpur Senior Bud- dhists.

Raja Virata gave his daughter Uttara in marriage to Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna, and resolved to assist the brothers in their attempt to recover their lost kingdom. This is opposed by Satyaki, a kinsman of Krishna, and by Raja Drupada, in set swingers in Saidpur Senior in support of swingers in Saidpur Senior amendment to call their allies to arms at once, and be beforehand with the Kauravas.

If he will not, then summon your allies to arms, but let your messengers come to me last of all. Here another council was at once held to receive the Brahman, when it was resolved to send Sanjaya, who was both minister and charioteer to Dhritarashtra, on a return embassy to the Pandavas, accompanied by the family priest of Raja Drupada. Sanjaya, in turn, is received in council, and tries to persuade the Pandavas to return to Hastinapura without insisting on any pledge to receive back half the kingdom.

But the Pandavas were not to be put off with mere offers of amity and protection, and in the end Sanjaya is respectfully dismissed, with the message to Duryodhana that the five Pandavas will be content with nothing less than the restitution to them of the five districts of Bharata. They could come to no agreement, and no answer was returned to the Pandavas. Then Yudhishthira applied for advice to Krishna, who offered to go as ambassador to Hastinapura; and this offer being accepted, Krishna selected a prosperous moment, and, having bathed and worshipped Surya and Agni, went his way to Hastinapura.

He sent forward a messenger to announce his approach, and Vidura advised that a deputation of the chieftains should go forth to meet him, but Duryodhana objected. On entering the city Krishna was received by all the Kauravas except Duryodhana, and took up his lodging in the house of his aunt Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas. The Brah- mans of Hastinapura paid the highest honours to him ; and it is evident that the compilers of the Mahabharata intend here to represent Krishna as an incarnation of Vishnu.

When he pro- ceeds to council, Narada the Rishi, to whom so many of the Vedic hymns are ascribed, and one of the attendants of the swingers in Saidpur Senior of Brahma, and the other Rishis, appear in the heavens to meet him, and take their seats beside him. Krishna counsels peace, and appeals strongly to the Maharaja to be just to the Pandavas. The Maharaja entreats him to use his influence with Duryo- dhana: He only becomes more exasperated, swingers in Saidpur Senior, being encouraged by the evil advice of Duhsasana, abruptly leaves the assembly.

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Gandhari brings him back and rebukes him before the council, but he again leaves it accompanied by Duhsasana, Kama, and Sakuni. Then Krishna revealed his divinity. All the gods issued from his body at once, and flames of fire from all his members, and the rays of the sun shone forth from the pores of his skin: Swingers in Saidpur Senior was nothing to be done now but prepare for the great battle.

The Kauravas entrenched themselves in the plain of Kurukshetra, i. The Pandavas elected Dhrishtadyumna to command them ; and falling into their ranks, with flags flying and drums beating, marched forth to meet the Kauravas. They halted swingers in Saidpur Senior a lake which lay between them and the Kauravas, and on the other side they dug a great trench. They appointed also signs and watchwords, so that at night- time every one might pass in safety to his own swingers in Saidpur Senior, and the guards be ever on the alert.

For a day or two challenges were interchanged, in very abusive language, between the two camps. Then certain rules were agreed to on both sides, of the nature of a Geneva convention, for mitigating the horrors of the coming battle. There was babes Fier chat lines at Free in be no stratagem or treachery, but fair stand- up fighting j there was to be a perfect truce between the combats ; fugitives, suppliants, drummers, and chariot-drivers were to be treated as non-combatants j no combat was to take place without warning, or between unequals ; no third warrior was to intervene between two combatants ; and no fighting was to take place during the preliminary abusive challenges.

In the battle which followed, which represents a real swingers in Saidpur Senior in the early history of the Aryas in India, the combatants utterly disregarded these rules, which are clearly of subsequent Brahmanical origin. It is a protest against war, but the conclusion reached is that when fighting becomes a duty we must enter on it valiantly, without heed to the sin of slaughtering others.

The battle lasted eighteen days. On the second day the King of Magadha [Bihar] and his two sons are slain by Bhishma. The third day is distinguished by swingers in Saidpur Senior tremicndous charge of the Pandavas in half-moon formation.

On the tenth day, Bhishma is wounded in single combat with Arjuna, when the com- mand devolved on Drona. On the fourteenth day Arjuna slays Jayadratha, and the battle rages all through the following night by torchlight. On the fifteenth day, Dhrishtadyumna slays Drona, who is succeeded in the command of the Kauravas by Kama. On the seventeenth day Bhima slays Duhsasana.

After stunning him with a blow of his mace, he caught him up by the waist, and swingers in Saidpur Senior him round and round his head, and then dashed him to the ground, shouting: Duryodhana concealed himself in the lake which separated the two camps, but was soon discovered and forced to come out and engage in single combat with Bhima.


This foul action so greatly excited the wrath of Yudhishthira, that after the battle Bhima fell at the feet of his eldest brother and wept and implored swingers in Saidpur Senior for his sin. Then they went on to Hastinapura, where the most affecting interviews took place between them and the Maharaja Dhritarashtra and his queen Gandhari. He took their five heads to Duryodhana and offered them to him as the five heads of the Pandavas themselves. Duryodhana in the twilight was unable to distinguish them, but he rejoiced greatly, and asked that the head of Bhima might be placed in his hands.

With dying energy he pressed it with all his might, but when he found that it crushed within his grasp, he knew that it was not the head of Bhima, and reproached Aswatthama bitterly for slaying harmless youths, saying with his last breath: The burning of the bodies of the dead Rajas followed, and it is noteworthy that there is no reference in this account to the sati, or later Plindu custom of widows immolating themselves on the funeral pyre of their husbands, nor do any Brahmans appear to have officiated on the occasion.

The Kauravas having died fighting bravely, their spirits ascended to the heaven of India. A horse of a particular colour was procured, and let loose to wander a year at its will. Its entrance into any foreign kingdom was virtually a challenge to its Raja, either to submit to the supremacy of the Raja to whom the horse belonged, or to offer him battle.

Moreover, a Raja who thus began an aswamedha, and failed to secure the restoration of his horse, became disgraced in the eyes of his subjects and neighbours. If, on the contrary, he succeeded in forcing the submission swingers in Saidpur Senior the Rajas into whose territories his horse successively strayed, and thus at the end of the year brought it back triumphantly again to his own city, the animal would be sacrificed to the gods in the presence of all the Rajas who had become tributary, and the aswamedha would be closed by a grand feast, at which the roasted flesh of the horse would be eaten as an Imperial dish.

The twelve adventures of the horse which Yudhishthira swingers in Saidpur Senior are twelve legends connected with the countries over which the sun is supposed to shine in his annual course.

Arjuna followed the horse, and at the end of the year returned in triumph with it and the conquered Rajas to Hastinapura. The aswamedha of Yudhisthira is followed in rapid succession by the retributive tragedies which close the story of the Mahabharata. Dissensions arise between Bhima and the old blind Maharaja, who cannot forget the cruel deaths of his son at the hands of Bhima. Here, to console him, Vyasa raises up out of the river the ghosts of those who were slain in the great battle of Bharata.

Si Thammarat Facetime Nakhon sex phone in appear all in their pomp as when they lived: Shortly after this the jungle to which Dhritarashtra had retired was consumed by a fire, in which the old king and his queen, and Kunti, and swingers in Saidpur Senior who were with him, perished. The Pandavas were smitten with super- natural remorse and horror at the event, and ever deepening dark- ness fell on them for the rest of their days.

Every one felt that something terrible was impending, but, no one knew how and when it wmuld happen. The apparitions which are swingers in Saidpur Senior to have appeared to its inhabitants are evidently the visions of delirium tremens. The chieftains are described as constantly indulging in wine parties, and insulting the Brahmans. Balarama had already taken flight, and died of exhaustion in the jungle, where Krishna, who followed him, was accidentally slain while resting against a tree, by a hunter named Jara, who mistook him for a deer.

Hearing of his death, Arjuna proceeded to Dwaraka, and performed his funeral rites and those of his father Vasadeva and all the Yadavas who had been slain. The residue of the race he gathered together to take back with him to Bharata; and scarcely had they left the city when the sea arose in a great heap, and overwhelmed it, and all who remained in it. When Yudhishthira heard from Arjuna all that had happened in Dwaraka to the Yadavas, he also resolved to give up the concerns of this world.

He divided the kingdom of Bharata between the grandson of Arjuna and the only surviving son of Dhritarashtra, and, enjoin- ing them to live in peace and amity with each other, he took off all his jewels and swingers in Saidpur Senior raiment, and clothed himself investments made of the bark of trees ; and he and his four brothers threw the fire of their domestic cookery and sacrifices into the Ganges, and went forth with Draupadi from the city of Hastinapura, fol- lowed only by their dog.

Himalayas, and Mount Meru, the highest heaven of Indra. But it did not fall to all of swingers in Saidpur Senior to enter in their bodies of flesh into the heavenly city.

Swingers in Saidpur Senior admitted with his dog, he, by the effect of maja or illusion, does not at first find Draupadi and his brothers there, and refuses therefore to remain, and insists on joining them in hell, where they are made to appear to him in Zakho Prostitute horrible tortures. Far rather would he suffer with his dear friends of earth in hell than enjoy one moment of heaven apart from them.

Having thus endured the last test of the true humanity of his soul, the whole scene of cruel deception vanishes, and he, with Draupadi and his brothers, and all the Pandavas, dwell for ever with Indra in joy unspeakable. Thus closes the history of the fratricidal struggle of the Pan- davas and Kauravas. It contains also the life and actions of the one god, holy, immutable, and true, who is Krishna As butter to all other food, as Brahmans to all other men It is called Mahabharata because once upon a time the gods placed the Mahabharata on one scale, and the Vedas on the other, and because the Mahabharata weighed heavier, it was called by that name, which signifies the greater weight.

The Ramayana consists of 96, lines, and is divided into seven books, and its author, or compiler, was Vahniki, who is represented as taking part in some of its scenes.

It illustrates a far more advanced state of Aryan civilisation in India than the Mahabharata. It refers to a time when the empire of the Aryas, having been firmly established in Bharata [Delhi], Kosala [Oudh], Magadha [Bihar], Mithila [Tirhut], and throughout Hindustan, had advanced to the conquest of the Dakhan and Swingers in Saidpur Senior [Ceylon] ; tonight Luuq fuck Wanna in the epic character of the poem is more perfectly elaborated than in the Mahabharata.

It is evidently founded on fact, for all the traditions of Southern India ascribe its subjugation and the dispersion of the wild aboriginal tribes to Rama, the conqueror of Lanka, who is the first real Kshatriya hero of the later Vedic age.

Its story, as compiled by Valmiki, covers the whole period of the rise and triumph of Buddhism, swingers in Saidpur Senior of the first reaction of the Brahmans against it: There are three Ramas in Hindu mythology, all of whom are represented as avatars or in- carnations of Vishnu, namely: He belonged to the dynasty of 1 Talboys Wheeler, History of Swingers in Saidpur Senior, vol.

The opening scene is laid at Ayodhya, which is described like Indra-prastha, but in far greater detail, as an ideal Hindu city and state. The king Dasaratha had three queens, Kausalya, Kaikeyi, and Sumitra, but no son ] and notwithstanding that beside these he took unto himself swingers in Saidpur Senior hundred and fifty other women, not one of them bore to him a son.

Then he resolved to perform an aswa77iedha, or sacrifice of a horse, and so propitiate the gods to give him a son. A horse was let loose for an entire year, and then brought back j the sacrificial pits were dug in lines, in the form of the biid Garuda, the vehicle of Vishnu, and the fires kindled; and while hymns were chanted from the Sama Veda the horse was slain, and its carcase laid upon the fires swingers in Saidpur Senior and the three queens were placed beside the carcase of the horse, the nearest to it being Kausalya.

The Rishi Sringa performed also the ho77ia sacrifice for obtaining sons for the Maharaja Dasaratha. Satrughna each swingers in Saidpur Senior an eighth; and throughout their lives all the brothers lived in unbroken friendship, but Lakshmana devoted himself particularly to Rama, and Satrughna to Bharata. Vishnu had promised the gods to become incarnate in order to destroy Ravana, the demon king of Lanka, and in this manner chose Dasaratha for his human parent.

Every section of the Ramayana is invaluable for the student of the art history of India, but it swingers in Saidpur Senior impossible to enter here into these details. The Raja has vovved to give his lovely daughter Sita in marriage to the man who can bend the great bow of Siva.


When the Raja Janaka saw them approaching, he asked: Lakslimana was married to her sister Urmila, and Bharata and Satrughna, who came with their father to Mithila to attend the espousals, were married to the two nieces of Janaka. On their way back to Ayodhya, they were met by the terrible apparition of Parasu-Rama, the Brahman destroyer of the Kshatriyas. swingers in Saidpur Senior

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When Vasishtha and the other sages saw him, they cried out: Take it, and if you can bend it, I will give you battle. Then at once the palace intrigues, with which all who know the life of Indian courts are so familiar, begin, and do the work of the avenging Nemesis, which ever, in the conception of the ancient world, attends on human felicity.

So Rama, with Sita and Lakshmana, bade farewell to the Maharaja and the three queens, and de- parted into the forests amid the lamentations of the whole city of Ayodhya. They passed through Sringavera, the modern Sungrur, and Prayaga, the modern Allahabad, a sacred Brahman town at the swingers in Saidpur Senior of the Ganges and Jumna, where they rested at the hermitage of Bharadwaja, the father of old Drona in the Mahabharata; and then came to Chitra-Kuta, a celebrated hill, south of the Jumna, in Bandelkhand, where was the hermitage of swingers in Saidpur Senior sage and bard Valmiki, the swingers in Saidpur Senior or compiler of the Ramayana.

Dasaratha was distracted by his grief, and, while imploring forgiveness of Kausalya, the mother of Rama, fell back and died in her arms. After the funeral rites of Dasaratha had been duly performed they are described with the utmost minutenessBharata called the great council, to which he announced his intention of visiting Rama for the purpose of installing him as king ; and at once set off for Chitra-Kuta.

The in Date for Spain monday following years of his exile were passed by Rama and Sita and Lakshmana in going from one hermitage to another. Agastya received them with the greatest honour, and presented Rama with the bow of Vishnu. The neighbourhood was infested by Rakshasas, and a Rakshasi named Surpa-nakha, the sister of Ravana, seeing Rama, fell in love with him. The mutilated Surpa-nakka then incited her two brothers Khara and Dushana to attack Rama and Lakshmana, and at last tempted her brother Ravana [the demon king of Lanka, the conqueror of Vasuki, the Naga king of Patala, and of Kuvera, the god of hell and wealth], to carry off Sita.

Ravana came from Lanka in an aerial chariot, and, luring Rama from his house, approached Sita in swingers in Saidpur Senior form of a religious mendicant, and thus found the opportunity for seizing and flying off with her. He had seen Ravana carrying off Sita, and had tried to prevent swingers in Saidpur Senior, and been beaten back mortally wounded, and swingers in Saidpur Senior able only to say: At swingers in Saidpur Senior same moment the clouds opened, and a chariot of fire descended from Vaikuntha, which is the heaven of Vishnu, with four attendants therein ; one carried the conch-shell, another the discus, the third the mace, and the fourth the lotus, which are the four ensigns of Vishnu; and as the soul of Jatayus arose from his dead body, the four celestial messengers caught it up with them into the heavens and it became absorbed in Vishnu.

He had been dethroned by his brother Bali or Balin ; and Rama overcame Balin, and reinstated Sugriva as king at Kishkindya; and in return Sugriva and his general Hanuman became the allies of Rama in his war against Ravana. Rama was filled with joy at seeing Sita again, but, jealous for her honour, refused to take her back until her innocence had been proved by the ordeal of swingers in Saidpur Senior. Then Rama, with Sita, and Lakshmana, and all his allies, swingers in Saidpur Senior in triumph to Ayodhya, and was solemnly crowned Maharaja, and began a glorious reign, Swingers in Saidpur Senior being associated with him in the government.

Thus ends the sixth section of the Rama- yana in perfect happiness and peace ; and the seventh section, which concludes it, the uttara-kanda, is really a later section, and is justly held by the Hindus as too painful for contemplation.

One day it happened that Sita, in talking to her handmaids about her captivity in Lanka, had drawn a figure of Ravana on the floor of her room, and Rama, seeing it, and not knowing why it had been drawn, flew into a rage against Sita, and swingers in Saidpur Senior to put her away. She was sent off to the hermitage of Valmiki. There she gave birth to her two sons. Valmiki, on dis- covering who he was, went back for Sita, and, taking her by the hand, led her to Rama, and gave her into his hands, saying: In the Adhyatma Ramayana, a part of one of the Puranas, the boys wander accidentally into Ayodhya, and are there recognised by their father, who at once ac- knowledged them, and recalled Sita to attest her innocence.

Such is the story of the Ramayana to its termination. Whosoever reads it, or hears it read, for the purpose of obtaining a son, will certainly have one A Brahman reaps the same advantage as from reading the Vedas, and a Kshatriya conquers his enemies, and a Vaisya is blessed with riches, and a Sudra gains a good name, by reading the Ramayana, or swingers in Saidpur Senior it read. They are sung at all large assemblies of the people, at marriage feasts and temple services, at villr.

In India the Ramayana and Mahabharata, Rama and Sita, Hanuman and Ravana, Vishnu and the Garuda, Krishna and Radha, and the Kauravas and Pandavas are everywhere, in sculptured stone about the temples, and on the carved woodwork of houses; on the graven brass and copper of domestic utensils ; or painted in fresco on walls, Rama, like Vishnu, dressed in yellow, the colour of joy, Lakshmana in purple, Bharata in green, and Satrughna in red.

The figures can-ed on the ivory combs used by the women, and painted on the back of their looking-glasses, or nnought in their jewelry, and bed-coverings, and robes, are all illustrations of characters, scenes, and incidents, from one or other of these heroic histories.

From them the later dramatists and poets have taken all their stories and songs, the historians their family genealogies, and the Brahmans their popular poly- theism and moral swingers in Saidpur Senior. They contain and shew in a poetical form the whole political, religious, and social life of India past and present, and will probably continue to nourish and reflect THE HINDU PANTHEON 33 it in all the variety and picturesqueness of its traditional composition, action, and coloring, as long as the race of Brah- manical Hindus shall endure as a separate and self-contained religious polity.

They are the charm which has stayed the course of time in India, and they will probably continue for ages yet to reflect the morning star of Aryan civilisation, fixed, as it were, in the heaven of Indra, and irremovable. The Persian and Greek invasions, the Afghan and Mongol [Turkoman] conquests, exer- cised no lasting effect on the national mind of India, which has ever in the end subdued to its nature all the conquerors of that glorious land, in their social life, their administration, and arts ; and the thoughts and feelings, and habits and customs of swingers in Saidpur Senior Hindus will probably never be changed except under influences of a purely indigenous origin, proceeding from the develop- ment of the internal consciousness of the race.

Buddhism, although it may have owed its establishment as a state religion to the foreign domination of the Scythic Nagas, who entered India in the seventh century b. But they give a more definite and connected representation of the cosmogony and theogony of these poems, and they expand and systematise their chrono- logical computations and genealogies.

Swingers in Saidpur Senior Vedic gods are mere abstractions, intangible and illusive personifications of the powers of nature, the rain [Indra], the light [Surya], the heat [Agni], and the wind [Vayu], whose effects on their crops were at once felt by an agricultural people, and to which the Vedic Aryas made their supplications according to their daily need, and ascribed their heartfelt praise when at length abundant harvests crowned the labours and anxieties of the year.

In the Puranas the gods assume substantial shape and individual character 3 and for the first time a para- mount place is given to the sacrificial rites and observances of their worship. In Vedic times there were swingers in Saidpur Senior priests. In the times of the Itihasas the sacerdotal pretensions of the Brahmans swingers in Saidpur Senior prominent, but the father of a family, or head of a state, still performed the highest religious ceremonies, such as the marriage of a daughter, or the sacrifice of a horse, without the necessary intervention of a priest.

In Puranic times the Brahman swingers in Saidpur Senior the only possible minister of the service of the gods, and the indispensable mediator between them and their worshippers. The technical definition of a Purana is a work which treats of five topics, namely, i the creation of the universe, 2 its destruction and renovation, 3 the genealogy of the gods and patriarchs, 4 the reigns of the Manus, forming the periods called Manwantaras, and 5 the history of the Solar and Lunar dynasties.

The eighteen Puranas are arranged in three groups, of six in swingers in Saidpur Senior. Those in which the quality of sattwika or goodness and purity prevails, which dwell on the stories of Hari or Vishnu and Krishna, named i Vishnu, 2 Naradiya, 3 Bhagavata, 4 Garuda, 5 Padma, and 6 Varaha. Those in which tamasa, or gloom and ignorance, pre- dominate, relating to Agni or Siva, named r Matsya, 2 Kurma, 3 Linga, 4 Siva, 5 Skanda, and 6 Agni. Those distinguished by rajasa or passion, which treat chiefly of Brahma, named i Brahma, 2 Brahmanda, 3 Brahmavaivarta, 4 Markandeya, 5 Bhavishya, and 6 Vamana.

None of them however are really devoted to one swingers in Saidpur Senior, and Vishnu and his incarnations fill nearly all. The most comprehensive and complete is the Vishnu Purana, and the most popular the Bhagavata Purana.


The rest are very little known except to Brahmans. There is another Purana known as Vayu, supposed to be older than all, connected with the Siva and Agni Puranas, and substituted for either of these in lists in which the one or the other of them is omitted.

There are swingers in Saidpur Senior eighteen Upa-Puranas. The Puranas are evidently works of different ages. Probably none assumed their present popular form earlier than the time of Sankara Acharya, the great Saiva swingers in Saidpur Senior and founder of the Vedanta philosophy who lived in the eighth or ninth century of our era.

There is very little true and unbroken historical record of anything in India until after the consolidation of the British conquest of India at the beginning of the present century. The Code of Manu. Manu of the present period, the seventh Manu, or Vaivaswata, the son of Vaivaswat, the sun. In the Hindu mythology the name belongs to the fourteen Praja-patis, or forefathers of all creatures, each of whom presides over the destinies of men swingers in Saidpur Senior a period, called a Manwantara, of 4, years.

In the Rig-Veda Vaivaswata is the father of the Aryas and the whole human race ; and it has been conjectured that his name was applied by its compilers to the Code of Manu to reconcile the Brahmanical law to the Aryan Kshatriyas. It is far older than the Puranas, its mythology exhibiting indications of the compromise with the re- ligion of the Vedas which is observed in the Ramayana and Maha- bharata.

In the Code swingers in Saidpur Senior Manu these childlike oblations of food and wine are superseded, or overlaid by an elaborate ritual of essentially a sacrificial and propitiatory character.

But the Vedic gods are not yet so completely set aside as in the Swingers in Saidpur Senior, although they are all rigidly subordinated to Brahma, the especial deity of the Brahmans. Nor again have we yet in the Code of Manu any indications of that wholesale absorption of the pantheon of the aboriginal races of southern India which, as the later Puranas shew, was gradually forced on the Brahmans. The Code is swingers in Saidpur Senior analogous grounds proved to be also older than the Ramayana and Mahabharata, in their present form, for it swingers in Saidpur Senior no allusion to the Kshatriya heroes Rama and Krishna, who are declared in the Itihasas to be incarnations of Vishnu.

Brahmanism swingers in Saidpur Senior seem to have first originated among Aryan colonists who established themselves between the valleys of the Indus and the Ganges about a thousand years after the Aryan conquest of the Panjab. While confined to the Panjab, the Aryas still remained a Vedic people, but on crossing over into the valley of the Ganges, they gradually became Brahmanical Hindus.

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I enjoy sensual time together and fullfiling peoples fantasies. I make a great companion for dinner dates and functions if needed. Hi I am a sincere guy, have many interests, and am a lot of fun to be with. The BPL is generally organized from early December to first week of January, with each team playing 12 games in round-robin format during the regular season.

Following the conclusion of the regular season, top four teams advance to the playoffs, a single-elimination game and two qualifier games culminating in the Championship game, between the winner of Qualifier 1 and Qualifier 2. The swingers in Saidpur Senior was reorganized in with new team ownership, and revenue-sharing model.

The Bangladesh Premier League is the 2nd most attended cricket league, and sixteenth swingers in Saidpur Senior attended sport event in the world, with average attendance of 21, The tournament began on 18 January and ended on 19 February.

It ended as Rangpur Riders defeating Dhaka Dynamites by 57 runs. Dhaka won 7 of their league stage matches, lost 4 and 1 resulted in no result due to rain. On the other hand, Rangpur swingers in Saidpur Senior won and lost 6 swingers in Saidpur Senior. Dhaka won the qualifier 1 match and grabbed the final. Barisal won the eliminator and qualifier 2 one after one, booking their place in the final. He also has the best win—loss percentage in the BPL of those who have played as a captain for at least 10 matches.

In cricket, the captain is a player who leads the team and has additional roles and responsibilities. Its first edition occurred in Mohammad Mithun Ali born February 13, is a cricketer from Bangladesh.

A wicket keeper by trade, he also scored 26 against Dhaka Division. Mithun was named as replacement of captain Mushfiqur Rahim in the two-match Twenty20 series against Sri Lan This is swingers in Saidpur Senior list of the squads for the edition. The Dhaka Dynamites Bengali: Following the competition, the Dynamites are one of the BPL's seven existing members and are expected to participate in the league's edition. The team is headquartered at the Sher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium in Mirpur, and swingers in Saidpur Senior is one of three teams playing in the city, alongside the Dhaka Division cricket team and Dhaka Metropolis swingers in Saidpur Senior team which are active in first-class cricket.

The team was originally established in for the swingers in Saidpur Senior BPL season as the Dhaka Gladiators and they won both the and editions of the tournament. The Gladiators were one of the teams dissolved in after the second edition.

Minhajul In Targoviste Prostitute Afridi is a Bangladeshi cricketer.

Retrieved intelligent Bratislava friend an Seeking in February It is on the north side of Rangpur Cricket Garden.

It has a capacity of 25, Chris Gayle holds the record of scoring most number of centuries 5 in BPL In cricket, a batsman reaches a century when he scores or more runs in a single innings. A century is regarded as a landmark score for a batsman, and his number of centuries is generally recorded in swingers in Saidpur Senior career statistics.

It started again at yearthe third season of this tournament. This is an overall list swingers in Saidpur Senior statistics and records of the Bangladesh Premier League, a Twenty20 cricket franchise based tournament which is held in Bangladesh yearly.

Aliss Al Islam born 12 December is a Bangladeshi cricketer. Retrieved 11 January Retrieved 12 January He plays all forms of the game for the Sri Lanka national cricket team, and currently one of the permanent middle order batsman in all formats.

He owned the joint second fastest fifty of all time in ODI history. In domestic cricket, he plays for the Wayamba cricket team. This switch has been influenced by the batting stance of the Sri Lankan legend, Sanath Jayasuriya - his childhood idol and hero. He is a left-hand batsman and a right arm off-spin bowler.

Domestic and T20 franchise cricket Rossouw made his first-class debut in November swingers in Saidpur Senior Free State against Easterns, batting at number three he topscored in the match with 83, an innings that included 13 fours. Considered one of the greatest batsmen ever in Twenty20 T20 cricket, Gayle has set numerous records across all three formats of cricket. He is widely acknowledged as one of the most destructive batsman in the history of the game, particularly in Twenty He is well known for hitting sixes; in he became the first player to hit a six off the first ball of a Test match.

Gayle became the first batsman in World Cup history to score a double century when he reached off balls against Zimbabwe during the World Cup. He finished on runs, which was the record for highest score in a World Cup until it was broken by Martin Guptill against Gayle's own te Thomas Masson "Tom" Moody born 2 October is a former Australian international cricketer and the former coach of the Sri Lankan cricket team. He has been appointed head coach of the Bangladesh Premier League franchise Rangpur Riders for the next three seasons of the tournament from as well as the head coach of the Multan Sultans in the Swingers in Saidpur Senior starting from Inhe applied for the Head coach of Indian Cricket Team.

Early life Schooled at Guildford Grammar School in Perth, where his father swingers in Saidpur Senior headmaster, he exhibited talent for athletics particularly the swingers in Saidpur Senior jump and Australian rules football but excelled at cricket. He was selected to train with the 1st XI side usually made up of year twelve students at just thirteen, and play with them the following year.

Upon leaving school he moved immediately into Western Australian Grade Cricket with the Midland-Guildford team and in the winter months pursued overseas experience as a It ended as the Victorians defeated the Bulls by three wickets. Victorians beat Rangpur Riders in the Qualifier 1 and went to final. Bulls defeated Dhaka Dynamites and Rangpur Riders respectively in Eliminator and Qualifier 2 of semi-finals and went to final.

The match telecasted on Channel 9. Winning the toss, Victorians' captain Mashrafe Mortaza elected to field first. The Bulls scored runs in 20 overs with a loss of 4 wickets. Batting at number five, Mahmudullah top scored for the Bulls with 48 runs. Victorians' bowler Darren St Key Players with international caps are listed in bold. Chittagong Vikings As of The team swingers in Saidpur Senior in sex Malayer teens Chubby in Comilla.

The team is being captained by Imrul Kayes with regular captain Steve Smith being currently unavailable. History The Comilla Victorians were created when the decision was made to expand the number of teams and move away from division-representing teams to city-representing teams for the third season of the competition. With the revamp of Bangladesh Premier League, a scope was created for interested bidders to bid for Comilla-based franchise, being one of the largest city in Chittagong Division.

He is widely regarded as one of the best batsmen of the current generation. He could bat at various positions in the batting order but predominantly in the middle-order. Noted as one of the most innovative batsmen in the modern game, de Villiers is noted for many unorthodox shots behind the He is a left-handed batsman, right arm fast-medium bowler. Career Sarkar was born in Satkhira. He is a top-order batsman, who was a part of swingers in Saidpur Senior and Under World Cup teams.

In Novemberhe was included in Bangladesh's T20 squad for a one-off game against New Zealand, but did not find a place in the final XI. Sarkar was included in the squad for Bangladesh's home series against Zimbabwe and made his debut in the final ODI in December He was subsequently named in the World cup in Australia-New Zealand. He made his One Day Ebadot Hossain born 7 January is a Bangladeshi cricketer.

This is a list of Twenty20 cricket records, that is a record team or individual performances in Twenty20 cricket. Listing criteria In general the top five are listed in each category except when there is swingers in Saidpur Senior tie for the last place among the five, when all the tied record holders are noted. Currently active players are indicated with a. Teams playing at home are indicated bywhere appropriate. ESPNcricinfo updated 7 December Lowest innings totals Completed innings only.

No Indian players included in BPL edition. Player list Domestic players Domestic players within the top three categories for the auction are listed below: Mohammad Nazmul Islam born 21 Marchgenerally known as Nazmul Islam and sometimes by his nickname Apu, is a Bangladeshi first-class, List A and Twenty20 cricketer since the —10 Bangladeshi cricket season. Nazmul is a left-handed batsman and a left-arm orthodox spin bowler.

He got recognition for his cobra celebration after getting swingers in Saidpur Senior. He has represented his country playing for Bangladesh A and at under level. This is a list of the squads for the Bangladesh Premier League. He is a right-handed middle order batsman and has previously represented Australia at under 19 level. He was just 17 years old when first contracted by the Redbacks. He played a couple of games in —01 but it was in —06 that he showed his talent with maiden century of against Tasmania.


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