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The population of the province is about and of the city of Erzincan about 92, The economy of Erzincan Province is based on small-scale land. A few days later, the Armenian bishopric of Erzincan received telegrams, sent May, and Tuesday, 25 May, while the women and children were sent to Erzincan's The men were then executed in small groups – they were either shot or had. Iran's Kayhan Kalhor joins Turkish artist Erdal Erzincan for this intimate performance, recorded live at Jupiter & Okwess: Tiny Desk Concert.

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Come late spring or early summer, when the snow has mostly receded from the mountains, entire families and their flocks of sheep decamp for the yayla — high pastures filled with grasses and wild flowers for the animals to graze on — where they live in tents for some four or five months, their days revolving around a routine of milking the herd and then starting the process of turning the milk into cheese almost exclusively tulum by adding rennet to it, which helps separate the solid curds from the liquid whey.

As the muhtar was talking, his nephew Mustafa, a herder with a flock of some sheep, walked in carrying a large round metal tray which he laid down on top of a gingham cloth that had been spread out over the carpet. Beautifully arranged on the tray were the enticing results small Looking Erzincan for ladies in all those months spent up in the yayla: They are having a hard time finding shepherds who are willing to take the sheep up into the high pastures, an arduous task that often includes working at night, when the animals like to graze.

In recent years, several new gold and iron ore mines have opened up in the Erzincan region, and more and more shepherds are putting down their staffs in favor of pickaxes. Meanwhile, Ertan, the community college rector, told us that this year no students signed up for the dairy production and livestock courses at small Looking Erzincan for ladies in institution. They prefer to take classes in mine engineering, he said.

The bigger threat to the local way of life and, more worryingly, to the traditional way of producing tulum — still the small Looking Erzincan for ladies in source of income for many of the sheepherding families in the region — is coming from the government.


New regulations, yet to be put into effect, would require the cheese to be made with pasteurized milk, a change that could ultimately sink the current small-scale system of tulum production. The way things are done now, with the cheesemaking process beginning up small Looking Erzincan for ladies in the yayla, the shepherds can bring down from the mountain a product that, though still unfinished, has shed much of its excess moisture and perhaps 60 percent of its original weight, making it easier to transport to town for aging and packing.

Pasteurizing the milk up in the high pastures does not seem possible, small Looking Erzincan for ladies in the infrastructure for taking heavy raw milk down from the yaylas does not currently exist. The question of pasteurization is more than a matter of logistics, though. For the shepherds we spoke with, the bigger concern about the new regulations is about how it would change the cheese itself.

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He was never small Looking Erzincan for ladies in to get used to the taste of that milk, he said. You need to know about water content, temperatures. Its special properties will be gone. When we inquired about it, we were told a dam was being built downstream and that, when completed, it will flood parts of the valley below, including the current bridge.

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It will be completely flooded, we were told. The shepherd was so caught up in the day-to-day struggle of maintaining his way of life, he forgot to mention to us the biggest problem he is currently facing: Getting into a taxi that would take us out of town, we put the cheese in the trunk, where the small Looking Erzincan for ladies in had some delicious smelling still-warm cakes that he was delivering somewhere near our final destination.

We apologized to him for the less appealing goatskin odor, but he smiled and waved off our apology. I have a relative there. Please be aware that this guide is only a recommendation. It's not an inevitable law! Wether South Ossetia or Abkhazia form a part of Georgia is disputed. India claims some northern areas hatched while other areas are controlled by India but challenged by other countries.

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India claims all of Jammu and Kashmir red areaswhile it controls only the southern part of it cf. However, the map differentiates wether the disputed area is controlled by Marocco or not.

Locator map of Taiwan in China. Map hatches all areas that are claimed but not controlled by China.


Dashed borders or hatched areas indicate disputed areas or not fully integral areas. Politcal situations differ so do maps.

There can't be strict rules with regard to disputed areas. Maps above are examples only.


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