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I really don't know. Regardless sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for specific my directions are. Nothing beats the real map. Just pay attention to one thing. The blue arrow directs to the No. All you need to do is go straight. And eventually you'll see the post office and pharmacy. Hi Chris, I don't know if you noticed my post from a few days ago. I tried sending you a PM.

The website said, "The following errors occurred when this message was submitted: Can you see in your profile options whether it is "turned on"? Chris, Get a paid subscription with jackson.

It opens up the PM function. Otherwise you don't have it at all. Heard that Taiwan KTV's mainly sucks, but my host provided me with the experience of this one. Top and high end. Girls sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for do also speak english, quitge some of them.

Location is the usual one. But as I am used to the Shangai one, the disappointment was significant. Never, never there has been a moment when things got if not wild, just over the line. Girls do not even sang, jsut concentrated in making you drinks prepaid bottles in a huge qty by the host, a regular there, so what's not used to day will lgo for next time All nicely dressed with long evening dresses, not much to be seen and sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for much to access.

The worst thing of the whole night that ended when Cindarelles got their pumpkin to take them sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for at midnight has been the "girl rotation". Looks like they do not have so many girls speaiking english but I wonder whether they had so many english speaking customers!

A minutes shift occurs. What a nightmare of en entertainment was this? Don't even mention take aways or whatever. Wham bam thank u m'am I have been also told there are there cheaper end KTV's where things get wilder, much wilder not a big deal seen "that" standardat a much cheaper price half of it but no english speaking.

Well, don't have elum cle Naked Limerick girls in discuss the fate of the world with her Anyhow, if still you have not learnt it, Taiwan KTV are not the ideal location for us! They don't even sing in them, at the end! Hope tomorrow might brings something better, as this might has been a waste of time!

Well, there's a way to "secure" the ladies, but you have to pay extra. Otherwise, they will rotate every 15 min.

Petite girl wanted for sex in Nantou

The point is not Sixaola dates in Moorhead sex make friend but to hang out with your buddies with ladies serving you.

As the title says. I got this phone number stuck onto the side-rearview mirror of my car. It's a post-note with a hand-written number onto it. I've heard of these services before. And thought to myself. Why not give it a shot? I called the number and this dude answered. Being able to speak Chinese. I negotiated with him. He'll tell you to go to a hotel or motel of your choice.

I got myself a room for three hours for Called the guy back. Told him my room number. And after 20 minutes. This slamming hot girl knocked on the door. Was she really a university student?

She was a pro! My experience with younger girls tells me that most of them kinda suck skills wise Looks: The way I like them. Did all sorts of positions. So the total damage. Don't toss away those numbers they stick onto your scooter or car.

Those numbers can prove to be most resourceful. As long as you speak the language. Right at the intersection of Jing-Wu and Chung-Hwa road Small alley with a few mamasans standing outside doors full of older ladies, complete with red light. Being a foreigner, most wouldn't let me buy their wares, but a tired old one gave me the foreigner "discount" of NT.

Nothing special, but it got the job done. An ABC or someone who sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for better Chinese would probably have better luck here. I've been to Feng Yuan twice already. For those of you who want to know where are the goods. The last place on the right is th best. That place has the youngest girls. The girl I had last Friday was Her skills are just average. She told me she's got other girls that cost for an hour.

The last place on the right with surveillance. That's where you want to go. This is the kinda place that gives a massage. A HJ and BJ. You get the girl for 45 60 minutes. I haven't been there in a while. They were closed for a while. Last time I went was two years ago. And the price given is what they charged then.

The service is simple. They will ask you whether you've been here before or whether there is a girl you like. Just tell them what type you like. They take you to a room. The girl comes in. But after two or three rejects. Will come up and ask you what the hell is going on.

The girl gives you a Naryn Prostitute in. Gives you a hand job and blow job until you blow your load. If you want to. You can ask for the full service. But I've never been rejected. You wonder where this place is? The exact adress is Han-Ko Road no. But that's how it's pronounced.

Technically it's on Han-Ko road. The stretch between Daya road and Chung-the road. The shop is next to a betel nut stand. There is a Family mart convenience store just around the corner. Just follow the map attached. Maybe it was my mistake. But my last report sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for have the map. So here's the map people. Hey Chris Do you have a membership here yet? I'll pay for yours here. Perhaps I can follow you along some of your trips? But I don't really want anybody paying for me.

I drive a silver-blue Peugeot This is a place where you can scope out girls for FREE. They just walk sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for and out this building that I marked on the map.

THe entire building is a huge "special KTV" place. It's basically in the Chunghua night market area. Just outside the nightmarket on Chunghua rd. I guess the economy got sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for them too. Me and my friend were approached by one of the "pimps" and explained how it's done. It's for an hour. We get to pick which we like. Tips for the girls is max. Naked fun and BJs. That's what the pimp said I don't know how much it costs to take the girls home.

I'd imagine not too much. More and more girls are on the market. That means more competition I haven't gone in. But will definitely go after New Year. I'll give a full report once I've gone. But if anybody is willing to try it out first. It would be most appreciated.

Hi, I am in Taichung and I can't find any action, can anybody help me out?. Chris you didn't get us a pic? Well, how can we just take your word for it if you don't have proof?

For all we know you can be the guy sticking notes on our cars. I haven't logged onto this site in a few weeks. Thanks for the offer, and sorry I missed it. Have you gone to the "Special KTV" place yet? Perhaps we can go together. I'll try to log on here a bit more often sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for see your replies. Now, unless the economy is so bad I doubt they'll drop the prices.

You want a pic of the girl? Or a pic of the sticker on my car? The thing is that everytime I try to take a picture of these girls. Either they charge me for it. Or it's simply out of the question. Keep in mind that these girls work away from home. Most girls in Taichung are from Taipei or other places. You never now when will their relatives see their pic on the internet. And that's why they won't let me take a pic. Haven't been to those KTVs yet. I heard a horrible rumor that has been keeping me away from those places.

People who go there are quite wealthy. Some very "evil" people will find out that sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for been to these places and assume you are loaded. They'll track you down and blackmail you. So Girls in Innsbruck Horny think I'll just go to FengYuan. Why don't you set a date in February. I'll try to make myself available for that day. Meeting point will be the same as last time. Could you tell me the details?

Hi Chris How about Feb. Can you do your google-map thingy with this intersection? I've been in Taichung 2. Does the train station work for you? How about February 2. Hi Chris Let's hold off on Feb. I'm completely new to this and kinda want to make sure I'm ready to take the plunge. I'll be in touch. Always figured the crime city of TW should have plenty of options anyway.

Guess I was wrong. I asked the guy whadda hell is going on in Taichung, and he wouldn't say. I am pretty built and buff. I asked him if he could recommend any place to go but got no answer either.

Go to any MP and they all have half-service and if they don't offer it it's because they think you're a cop or don't want to take the chance. Hard to find anything FS in Taichung because the girls either move up to higher profit establishments like Golden Jaguar or went to Taipei sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for make higher rate. I used to monger in Taichung until I realized the lack of competition drives the price really high for quality girlsthere's no reason to go there anymore really.

Came to Taichung visiting sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for friend. Walked around the streets by mid night after check-in to Holiday Inn Express Hotel. Got into a cab, and asked for SPA. The driver said there is only one SPA left in the city, after others been shut-down by the City Hall.

Went in, did the usual SPA thing. The place is spread-up to 6 floors, and I was stopped by a male staff at 4th floor asking if I would like to have the full-package. Asked about the price, and he said is NT Face is no fancy, but attitude is good. Oil massage was good, followed by VERY good body-to-body massage. Quite satisfied with her service although she seems to be enjoying the session more than me. Was shocked to hear that it is NT instead of NT! I told the young lady, that her colleague on 4th floor said it was NT, but she said there is not such thing.

I wanted her to get the guy to come out, but she straight away grabbed the walkie-talkie, and requesting for security. She even quoted that she got some "trouble" that needs assistance promptly. Got into a one of the cabs waited in front of the SPA and headed back to my hotel. Along the way, cab driver told me that it is their normal tactics of this place to squeez for more money from customers.

He had few here Sluty in Helsinki women his passengers experienced the same like I did. Not a good experience indeed. Better stick to the SPAs in Taipei in future. I know that sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for. I've been there a couple of times.

But I've never had that kind of problem. This isn't exactly the kind of place you want to go alone. The mayor has been hard on the sex industry in Taichung. And now that that's the last one open in Taichung.

Have you ever wondered why? If you really want some sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for. Just go to those dodgy three star hotels or motels in Taichung. The average rate would be between Just look out for a post-note stuck unto a car's or scooter rearview sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for. I've called those numbers once or twice.

But be prepared to speak the language. They are only open until Quite a selection I must say. I'd say 10 15 girls. Not much of a GOOD selection. At least not as good as before or Miaoli. I'd imagine the same. Make sure you get there before I didn't like the selection. So I went to Hua-Tan. I'll be going this coming Iguape in Nude women. Maybe the selection will be even better during the weekends.

Hey Where is hua-tan?

Prostitute In Nantou # Top Porn For Iphone, Watch Porn For Free\

There should be a map. Hope you have a good one. Better go on Saturday around 7 8. That's when I scored the young ones. Had my first outcall service in Taichung tonight. Because the girl was ugly. And I was too nice to say no. I found the number thru chat room. So if you people want the service. Basically you just call GTO a girl. And tell her you want a girl. They'll change one until you are satisfied. Or Portugal Married in male looking they don't have any.

And you'll waste the motel money. Haha Price range around 3k 5k for 45min. Hope you sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for can get a pretty girl. Sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for might try again tmr. I've always wanted to type or say something like that. Here's what I heard from a very reliable source.

I know that there are some around the Taichung park area. But all extremely old or really busted. I mean giving them a 1 would be extremely generous.

Here's the interesting part. Due to the sheer size of the park. It might take a while. But if you are patient enough. You'll see something good.


And there seems to be a lot of goods. My source has quoted for the whole night. This info comes from a friend of my very good friend. I'll give more details once I score. Patience my fellow Taichung mongerers. I only go to Hua-tan because I sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for to. I'm not exactly the super wealthy type. Looking for a KTV in taichung that provides full service in house. After having found an interesting such place in Kaohsiung me and come friend were asking ourselves what about Taichung?

And there were cops all over the place. Perhaps because it was National Day. I didn't see anything. I went at around 9 and I guess we better stick to Hua-tan. For those of you who don't like to rush things. For those of you who need more than 15 minutes. For those of you who want quality over quantity. Miss Forte is officially back in business for real this time. I've passed by twice. Asked if they were back in business.

And it's all confirmed. I'm sure I've posted something about the place before. But this one is a definite confirmation about it's re-opening. No FS How it works: They take you to room through a secret door 2. You are given disposable towels for you to shower before and after. And asks you if she's ok. Sir, is it ok for me to provide you with my services 4. The pimp might get irritated and come up to ask you what's the deal with your taste.

I've never turned down any of the girls working there. She'll ask you if you have showered. Sometimes they ask you to shower with them. Cock licking, ball sucking, etc. Time for you to ask for FS. This really depends on whether the girl likes you or not.

If she likes you. It'll cost you an extra She'll say she's not up to it. Time for you to blow your load. Time for you to shower again. Time for you to pay her if you had the FS Time to go down and pay I really sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for this place. It's a good place for someone to sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for. For those of you who don't know what the adress is all about. Remember the following 1. It's between Daya road and Chung-the roadon Hankou road.

THe place is next to a betel nut stand. If you go from Daya toward Sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for. It'll be on your right. And the school wall will be on your left. If you've passed a Family Mart convenience store. You just missed it. If you go from Chung-the towards Daya. You'll pass a really big KTV on your left. And then a Family mart. You'll see it on your left next to a betel nut stand.

If you hit Daya road. You jst missed it. Turn back and go about m 5. Their interior design is brownish. And their sign is brown. That's all I can say folks. Enjoy and tell me if the service is still as good sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for it used to be. Will go next pay day. Which is in 20 days. Dont really care if it is FS or half It is a very girl friendly hotel and that was what I did last time.

I just look at the Freedom Time local newspaper classified ad. One example is at the following [url]http: What if I only speak english? You must be frustated, all dressed up and no where to go.

The actual sign says the place is called "Max Foc". And I wonder "why". For FS if she likes you, hahait's a darn bargain. Come on down to the south and we'll search and destroy. I was wondering if they provide bbbj or if it is covered. Also, how would I approach the person to ask for a special massage? As i'm going to be going there this weekend, I thought I would ask. Just visited max fok and here is a report. I had a little trouble finding the place as I was looking for a sign and the signed was covered up with a tarp.

I guess they were either remodeling or something else When I went in, I went up a set of stairs that was hidden behind a door I thought was sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for closet. Up in the second floor, I was led to a room where there was a shower. I jumped into the shower then put on the clothes that was provided I had to take a shower again just to clean myself off. Once complete, she gave me a 5 min massage then got to work.

She touched the entire back and every once in a while, liked the ball sack. I found out that she provided only cbj. When we were approximately 25 minutes into the session, she told me that I could upgrade for an extra ntd sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for I could just continue with the hj. I opted for the hj. It was interesting as she was licking my nipples while performing the hj.

When I was done, she jumped into the shower first, then told me to enter afterwards. I thought it would be a little bit longer, but I was only in for approximately 40 min. Headed back to Taichung soon and was wondering if anyone could recommend a place for half service and BBBJ.

Need an address is possible. Hey everyone, Well I am back in Taichung But I have to tell you, she was a little big for my taste and I was nervous as I had sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for give the guy my full real name on the phone so he could call me back and stuff But I am back at Sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for and looking to meet another girl.

I am still not really comfortable. Anyone have any advice? Or does anyone know if any "working girls" hang out in the bar here? Hey guys, Does anyone check in on this forum anymore?

Knobby, I was just at Taichung last week, asked the cabby to show me the nearest hot spot in the vinicity of the Taichung train station. It's the Park man, the alleys adjacent from the Park to be exact. It was 5pm, sun's setting and there were many streetwalkers. They didn't really move around, just standing there at a certain spot. The cabby told me these gals have room right up stairs, so you won't need to open a room just for the deed. This part, I'm not sure since I haven't tried.

If you're desperate, and is looking for a sure thing at just nt, take the train to Feng Yuan, it's less than 10 minutes train ride sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for of Taichung. They have a red light district there. If you don't know where it is, go to "the other area" forum, search Feng Yuan, Chris Wang gave really good direction.

I might try that out I am heading to Golden Jaguar tonight so I hope to take someone home from that tonight! I will let ya all know Waste of money i was a guest, bust still The girls rotate with you every 15 minutes. Not a single chance to bring them home. They are there to be 'hostesses' and so they behave.

When I called her back after a few months she did not respond to my txt msh for a possible meeting in my hotel room I met this girl a few days ago and really thought that she would be a prude, but wow was I wrong. She came over, and showed up with condoms!

So it turned out to be a good night: Hey guys, I have about 4 hours before I need to go to dinner but could really use a good massage Hey guys, I am still looking for help with a MP that offers hand release. I have done a search but it is difficult to search for specifics My co-workers here only know of clean MP Hey Guys, Heading to Taiwan next week for the first time. Will be in Taipei and Nantou. Just don't ask out loud, go in, get a nice M, chat her up, and at the end offers her cash for HJ, usually they say yes.

Alright guys, just registered on this site, making a first-time post about one of my favorite spots in Taichung.


Walk down Jin Hua Rd. On the right side of the street, you should walk past two small auto shops. Right after you pass the second one, look for a very discreet gray steel door it sort of pops out from the blank wall a little bit, really easy to miss, because there's really nothing sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for the door.

Anyways, hoover around the door for a second or two and it'll automatically pop open a bit. If you get to the stoplight sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for see a 7-Eleven to your leftthen you've gone too far. The place is located exactly between a small bar called Again 2 towards the stoplight side and a small auto shop towards the RT Mart side. This is as specific as one could possibly get because the place really is "hidden in plain sight. They sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for speak a little English, but I've never really had a problem.

Hand gestures really help with letting them know what kind of girl you want tall, skinny, big tits, etc After that, they'll lead you through a maze of secret passageways to get to your room.

The papasan will tell you to take a shower first while you wait for the girl, but in my experience, it's better to just fake it with a really quick rinse or wait sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for the girl to come first, because the girls tend to come in the middle of your shower and it's hard to pick out one you like when you're looking at them through glass.

The girls tend to beprobably in looks, about an 8 in skill and service. Best not to come an hour prior to shift changes, as the girls are all worn out, tired, and counting the seconds til they're off. Anyways, if you don't like the girl that came, you can send her back and they'll get you a new one. Don't send back too many or the people downstairs will get upset. It also helps if you tell the girl you're sending back sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for kind of girl you want the next one to be.

But again, their English is limited. On to the good stuff. Yes, CIM is standard service! Most of the girls are pretty willing to do the upgrade, though not right off the bat. They want to get a feel for you first, but in the end, most will agree. Condom required, of course. I have yet to get a girl to do anal. The sex is pretty straight-forward, nothing kinky like costumes or mild BDSM. A lot of the girls do a good job with GFE, but a few feel mechanic and uninspired.

As always, luck of the draw. The girls will all have a set routine, but you can always take control at any time and lead the way.

Most seem to take a keen interest with foreigners, and talking in English, especially during sex, seems to turn them on, even if they don't understand what you're saying.

Probably feels exotic to them, go figure. Sometimes if the mood is good, you can get total GFE experience, no routine whatsoever.

One time things got so hot we forgot all about the condom and I did it bareback and gave her a creampie, but that was pretty risky in hindsight. A lot do freelance out call service outside of work.

That way, the house doesn't get a cut, and the girls will love you that much more for it. Of course, if you got a swallow or whatever else you managed to negotiate with the girl, always give her that money before you leave the room, as the house doesn't recognize those services as worthy of additional fees.

To really maximize your time, here's what you do. In your minute session time frame, you're only allowed one pop, even if you upgrade to full service, so here's how you cheat the system.

Skip right past the massages, we know that's not why you're here. Get straight to the good stuff, the BBBJ. After you cum from that, tell her you want to use the remaining time for the massages and treatments. Relax a bit, regain some energy, then flip her over and tell her you want to upgrade to the full service, and give it another go! So anyways, hope that helps to keep this forum alive! Walk down Zhong Ming S. Sorry about the reposts, it was my first time posting and I wasn't quite sure if I was successful or not.

One thing to clarify, I made a typo regarding the address of the MP. In my original post, I stated the sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for as Da Ya Rd. In my second and third posts, I corrected the address to Da Ya Rd. Sorry for the confusion guys! In my original post, I stated the address as Da Ya Road. And Jin Hua Road.

In my second and third posts, I corrected the address to Da Ya Road. And Zhong Ming S. Thats a very thorough description.

They need something like that in Taipei too! I'm heading back to Taiwan in a couple weeks and I think I'll go to Taichung just to check out that place. Even just 5 years back, you could see neon signs on the street advertising P4P and everything was walk-in, first-timers welcomed. My last post sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for the MP near RT Mart is practically the only place I know right now that is walk-in and friendly to first-timers.

Most places now operate out of large apartment complexes, hidden among the regular tenants, and you call them for them to send someone down to take you up. Unfortunately, ISG does not allow me to share those phone numbers. Slowly, your number will be spread throughout the underground sex world sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for other places will start advertising to you via text message.

If you need to hide these texts from someone, just get another SIM card strictly for this purpose. Trying to find something near the tempus. There used to be something but it closed up. Haven't been here for a while. Checked out the MP near RT mart.

Wasn't really hard to find. I must point out it is now for half the service. And I didn't get the CIM as mentioned. The girl wanted me to go all the way. But I wasn't that into her. I've heard of some other spots in Taichung city. I'll be checking one out today. And get back to you guys real soon if it's good. Is the place near RT Mart foreigner i. Went there today and saw the Tea Stand, walked to the end until I found the new buildings being built, but then sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for find the staircase.

Is it right on the corner? Should I turn down the street? Last time you gave really good directions to find the place near the RT-Mart. It really is a needle in a haystack.

And there seems to be some mistakes. I found the tea shop that matches your description. One minute walk down to a dead end But that was at the intersection of "yu-tsai north road" and "Yi-chong street" Now regarding the "winding staircase" and "out in the open". Could you be more specific? Went there several times already. Went home empty handed. Really look forward to trying out the place man. To see if I can find it. But then I couldn't. So end up buying some snacks in the night market The newely built place is called new city.

So that one right? But I have noticed there are a lot of open stairways. It's like a maze. So I just walked around. And there are guards walking around as well. But good thing that the buildings are letterized and numberized. I checked out the place Hot Jizz recommended and I managed to find it. The directions weren't as clear as the ones for the RT-Mart place, but to be fair, it is harder to find. Everyone seems to be finding the tea shop with the green sign okay. So you walk down that street and get to the complex of apartment buildings.

As you step on the sidewalk entering the complex, stay on the wall to your right while making sure you're still on the same street you walked over from. Then, hugging the wall, go forward about 10 steps and take the first staircase that you see. Take it to the top. Now just to make sure you're in the right place, take a view from the top. You should still be on the street you walked over from and you should be at the very front of the apartment complex.

Then, go over to the right side of the building and look around for a glass door sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for an access panel. It is only like 5 steps away from the stairs. Took me a long time to find it went to all the wrong places, don't know how that's possiblebut I did. That said, it was pretty hard to wait for the pimp to take someone in or out. I think I waited maybe an hour, all the while wondering if it was the right place.

Once inside, I think it was a pretty decent place. The girls were young and fairly attractive. The service I got was only average though. And at the end, the pimp didn't sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for me his number.

I don't know if he didn't understand or what, but I thought I was pretty clear. In hindsight, I'm not sure if it was worth all the trouble of sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for to find the place and waiting for the pimp to sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for, especially since I didn't get a number to make this easier the second time around.

I just was there 5 minutes ago looking around. When you get to Yi Zhong St sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for left The tea shop will be on the corner on your left. Go down about 75 yards and the street ends. The name of the street at the t-intersection is Jin Xin St.


When you are sex wanted Petite in Nantou girl for the t-intersection you will be looking at a new open air mall with a row of shops on the left and a row of shops on the right.

On the left hand side you will see an escalator. Directly across from the escalator on the right hand building on the corner is an open air space.


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