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We heard some people outside and I told my old man if we don't open the door they will kick it in. So I got up and opened it and they ordered me to switch on the light. They killed my husband". Maria Alma Delfa Himinez - whose husband was shot dead last February - as far as she knows by right-wing paramilitaries. San Jose was the most established of the peace communities -started in March by church groups, non-governmental organisations and farmers.

They had hoped the moral authority of the church and the community would keep all the armed groups out. He had come here with the army". This is the first time Maria Alma has spoken to anyone about her husband's San Vicente del Prostitute Caguan in. She makes a common accusation - that the paramilitaries work with the active support of the Colombian army - it's an allegation that human rights groups say they have verified. The London-based charity Christian Aid supports a number of local organisations in Colombia.

It's programme officer for Colombia is Fran Witt:. And also testimonial evidence from our partners and the communities that Christian Aid supports has suggested that there is collusion between the military and the paramilitaries and this continues today".

The government San Vicente del Prostitute Caguan in in fact taken action against some officers including two generals with proven links with the paramilitaries. But with elements of the Colombian military accused of collusion with some armed groups and apparently unable to contain others - and with civilian efforts ineffective, how can the violence be curtailed?

The President of Colombia Andres Pastrana's surprising solution has been to accommodate the rebels - at least some of the left-wing ones. A check-point en route to Caquetta in south eastern Colombia. It gets you to what's know as the demilitarised zone. This is an area effectively controlled by the biggest of the left-wing groups the FARC. And that means the group also controls the cattle ranchers and coca farmers who live here. Preparations are underway - yet again - for celebrations marking the launch of the FARC's political party - the Bolivarian Movement.

Our fight has always been a San Vicente del Prostitute Caguan in one". FARC's leaders call themselves revolutionaries, saying their war against the government is a just fight on behalf of millions of poor and disenfranchised people.

Two years ago Andres Pastrana controversially decided to open a dialogue with the FARC - and to foster conditions for peace talks, he withdrew the army from Caquetta, creating a safe haven for the guerrillas. And then immediately after the safe haven was introduced there were fewer deaths".

The civilian population was caught in the crossfire between the guerrillas and the army. Then when this zone was demilitarised people were terrified because we didn't know what would happen - but what's really happened is that there's been a drop in tension". There's an uneasy peace now but also a sense that the government can't be seen to fail in this endeavour to calm the country.

Dr Failia certainly San Vicente del Prostitute Caguan in the difference in the government's approach to the region. And as a doctor,with regard to health, the government is giving us much more money and support than it did earlier - because San Vicente del Caguan is under the spotlight now.

We get more resources for the hospital, staff and medicines so, ironically, things have improved for us in that way as well".

For years the government refused to talk to the FARC, calling it a terrorist organisation, and insisting that a military solution would be sufficient to tackle the group.

San Vicente del Prostitute Caguan in was wrong - the San Vicente del Prostitute Caguan in only gained strength, becoming the de-facto government in areas it managed to wrest from the authorities. The demilitarised zone from which the army has withdrawn is an area the size of Switzerland - and the FARC is its effective master.

Colombia has a constitution, it has laws, but they are only on paper, they're not being fulfilled and this system caters to a minority". We met him in a concrete office block - the only building for miles in the hills around San Vicente. It's just been built and is well supplied with phones and faxes and e-mail - all the trappings of San Vicente del Prostitute Caguan in business-like set-up.

The group casts doubts on the validity of Colombia's democracy which has led to two parties dominating government right through the country's history. That's not the job of the FARC. We are here to fight on behalf of the majority of people and to act as leaders for the people in order to achieve deep rooted change - so that we can all live in a just state and in peace". So are they romantic revolutionaries or brutal terrorists?

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Servants of the people or ruthless warlords? Either way, the FARC is desperate to be seen as a political opposition. They've been trying - but the last time a left-wing guerrilla group tried to contest elections, members of its associated political party were murdered - allegedly by government-backed hit squads determined to wreck its chances during the elections. But now there's little doubt that the FARC's political standing has risen - both within the country and internationally.

We've had invitations to visit many San Vicente del Prostitute Caguan in countries. We also have a diplomatic presence in many Latin American and European countries.

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We recently completed a tour of Europe as a combined delegation with the government. So our organisation does have national and international recognition". In a sense he's right. Although many non-governmental groups like Christian Aid are forbidden by their charter to have anything to do with armed groups, the FARC's new found confidence stems from its growing legitimacy outside Colombia.

Mary Robinson, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, says international organisations have increasingly begun to feel that they must create a dialogue with rebel groups in order to stop the violence in a region.

And I will be urging the need to comply with international human rights norms and standards and international humanitarian law". But within countries there's often considerable opposition to negotiating with people perceived as terrorists. So does talking to guerrilla groups only legitimise their activities?

But in fact, it is so important to not only address the killings, murder, the extra-judicial killings, the activities It is still the primary responsibility of governments to protect their citizens.

So part of the dialogue is to get governments to take action against armed groups". The trouble is, there is a further complication for which Colombia is only too well known - the drugs trade. What started off in the s as an ideological war between the left and the right has assumed San Vicente del Prostitute Caguan in new San Vicente del Prostitute Caguan in now - its a territorial war to control coca farms and drug trafficking routes.

With the aim of dealing with all these problems - the drugs trade, left-wing groups, right-wing paramilitaries, general criminality and the contributing factor of poverty, President Pastrana initiated a package that has San Vicente del Prostitute Caguan in to be known as Plan Colombia.

Jamie Ruis is his special advisor:. When somebody uses drugs in Europe they don't really think they're financing a conflict somewhere else. More and more we're finding out that the diamond trade is financing the war in Africa and the drug trade is financing wars here.


Plan Colombia's really telling both Europe and the US: So we need to solve it - not only with a military force to help lower the amount of drugs but also with social and economic development for those peasants that have no other alternative". Plan Colombia is a military, social and economic programme worth seven and a half billion dollars. The part that's really dominating the headlines is a one-point-three billion dollar package from the United States. Most of which is aimed at tackling drugs production by boosting the San Vicente del Prostitute Caguan in capacity to combat armed groups which control the coca growing regions.

Critics say pouring money into arms and training for government troops was always going to lead to an escalation of the conflict. The military and paramilitary are feeling stronger than ever, the paramilitary are committing more massacres, more violations of human rights than ever before and at the same time the FARC is less interested in negotiating with the government on the peace process because they feel that there's been such a vast military escalation and also they've been consolidating their positions as well".

And what's more, this aid has come to the Colombian government without the usual strings. The Colombian government, on this occasion, does not have to San Vicente del Prostitute Caguan in by human rights conditions which are normally attached to US aid - because the US President Bill Clinton waived those conditions.


Mary Robinson thinks even the waiver could be used to good effect:. If you give somebody a waiver which means that you accept that they are unacceptably below human rights standards, that must be very strictly monitored and it must be a way of trying to ensure compliance".

The European Union, for its part, is still negotiating with Colombia over the nature of its contribution. It says it will fund a series of social and judicial reform packages meant to strengthen democracy and build the conditions for peace - but not necessarily as part of Plan Colombia. Fran Witt of Christian Aid thinks it's vital that European governments have nothing to do with the Plan. At issue really is the focus on drugs. San Vicente del Prostitute Caguan in Colombian San Vicente del Prostitute Caguan in says the conflict will never be resolved if the problem of drugs production is not tackled.

The guerrilla groups and, indeed, some non-governmental organisations - say much of the conflict in Colombia has nothing to do with drugs and some of it San Vicente del Prostitute Caguan in could be solved by negotiation - or giving armed groups political space. Jamie Ruis has his doubts:. So they are afraid because if we really hit the drug production we're going to lower the amount of money feeding the violence. Now they would prefer only to have one strategy, the strategy of peace with them - obviously this is a political position of the guerrilla.

Whatever the merits of having an all-in-one drugs eradication, military and peace package - in San Vicente at least, Dr Maria Emelia Failia suggests its the negotiations and the withdrawal of the army that have brought some measure of stability San Vicente del Prostitute Caguan in the region:. We're lucky to be in the de-militarised zone because there's no fighting here as there is in other parts of the country.

We have to have security not only here but outside Caquetta as well". Outside the demilitarised zone, the political fight certainly continues. Recently the FARC massacred up to 20 people in the south west of Colombia - apparently in revenge against people who had helped the paramilitaries launch an attack on them.

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