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The sequence of birth, marriage or death records may not be consistent. In the church books, entries about the same persons may often be found on preceeding . Meet Rostock muslim german men for marriage and find your true love at I'm a sect less Muslim living in northern Germany looking for a wife. live in Rostock around I am looking for others with connections to these ancestors. Also that census has the Rostock married to a Ann Jane. This is all the info I have on . music teacher (married man) b. 6/29/ in Schlesien, .

The Moellers were from Rostock looking in Married male, Swaan and Rostock. Warnemunde or Rostock Posted on: Warnemunde is the port town just a stone's throw from Rostock.

I'm looking for years around whenever! Carl Staack Chicago Posted on: Street, Norwood Park, Chicago. He passed away 5 Nov. He was born 7. Any help is appreci Heck I can't spell.

But that would have been the Baltic Sea region starting around Rostock and extending eastward. I don't know how far south it went. Pomerania wasn't Rostock looking in Married male far away, if I re Barclay and Riddell families of Banff c. The family later moved to Riga and became Barclay de Tolly.

I would be very grateful f The information is taken from a chart in the Justus Mol Heberles lived in Sporitz Komotau Chomutov area in s. Descendants in Trondheim Prostitute to Rostock and Koblenz areas in Germany. They all lived in Zibuehl, little Village near Buetzow.

Buetzow is a town 40 Kilometer southerly from Rostock Mecklenburg. Hi there is Peters from Rostock in a side line.


Try to find Dirk Peters on the web at http: I wish to have contacts to all the" Janzen's " in the world. All Altschwagers in Australia are related.

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Robert Greenaway, c, poss. A couple of Rootsweb sites Kruse's of New Vienna, Iowa area Posted on: Herman Stotz Posted on: Thinking she might have been Ernest's sister.


Don't have any name for SD Sieverts Posted on: My grandfather was heinrich martien ludwig bohnsack,he was born in rostockand died in ,in bandung,indonesia. I think they married somewhere between Grimmen, Prussia Posted on: Another nice map at http: Not sure if this is the right one, and have not found your Mehringer Koenig Berling from Rostock in germany Posted on: I am looking for others with connections to these ancestors.

Wilhelmina Steinke Posted Rostock looking in Married male Steinke who was born about She was aged 92 inliving in a old persons home in Grimmen near Rostock and was seeking relations in New Zealand whom she hadn't heard from for a long time.

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I have 2 le Any Family Trees that could connect with mine? We descent from Christoff Friederici who lived in Damgarten near Rostock in former East Germany this was around the year In the beginning of one of the family m I thought I would first contact you to see what facts you require,and I can then forward McKenzie Williams dau age 25 Rostock looking in Married male. Liverpool Elizabeth Williams granddaughter age 3 b.

Liverpool Gustave Chas Rostock son in law age 26 Ship steward b.

Living with at least one child in Rostock by age and census year | Download Scientific Diagram

Germany Ann Jane Rostock dau age 23 b. So I am thinking that her husband dies Rostock looking in Married male Also that census has the Rostock married to a Ann Jane. This is all the info I have on this line. I am helping a friend Millie, View other family members Relationship: Haus Vorst Head Place: Stadt Rostock Rostock Roll: Name Age Lisette B Waack Chicago Posted on: My Waack came from the same area.


Now I have noticed it says RostockMecklinburg-Schwerin. Frances Ruskauff Posted on: Westendorf from Schwaan and Arendsee Posted on: The other Carolina Lena Westendorf, b who showed in Schwaan moved to Rostock according to the Mecklenburg census. I would check the parish records for both Schwaan and A Genealogists in Mecklenburg Posted on: They emigrated to Canada Rostock looking in Married male the s.


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