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During this visit, we stressed to only use a Caesarian when needed, to avoid overuse. The local gynecologist, Emmanuel Nii Okai Okine who is since a year the only gynecologist in the districtplays an important role in ensuring guidelines for this intervention are followed.

Because of our presence, Emmanuel could also spend more time on the quality of care, for example the maternal and perinatal audits. In the meantime, the hospital also has started using electronic patient records, and employed a person to help real for in Just looking Berekum someone all information, and to avoid doctors spend their time real for in Just looking Berekum someone this administrative work.

The Hospital matron stated: There are many things we can learn from Ghana! In addition to all of the above, we provided ultrasound training to the midwifes. Local doctors received a refresher course in this area too. In between all activities, we held frequent meetings with the hospital management. The funds transferred by Foundation Berekum have been used to lay the foundation of the new maternity ward.

Funds have been well spent.

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The aim is to build a maternity ward with beds. The current ward has 35 beds only, which is totally insufficient. We inspected the construction side with our Ghanaian colleagues. After completion of the new ward, the intention is to renovate the old ward. Although progress was made with the construction, we realized that the limited financial resources have slowed down construction. The aim is to complete the roof by the end of the year, making sure that the start of the rainy season in April will real for in Just looking Berekum someone damage the building.

The last rainy season, and a big storm, caused some serious damage to some vital hospital buildings. The repair after the storm used up many of the available hospital resources. Each one of us had brought around 46 kilos of useful medical material for the hospital from the Netherlands. This mainly concerned materials requested by the hospital, such as equipment for the operating theater to measure heart frequency, blood pressure and oxygen saturation.

During the weekend, we visited the Bia National Park. Jointly with our local project manager, Mr.


Edward Mintah, and the driver, we went for a long hike in the Park. We did not see forest elephants, but it was impressive to observe how people manage to survive in and around the jungle.

At the end of the visit we had a nice dinner with the hospital management team. The final evening of the visit was spent at the KoSa beach resort near Elmina. In short, we spent again two very successful weeks in Ghana. Our biggest concern for the near future is the lack of financial resources to complete the construction of the new maternity wards.

Report 6th visit to Berekum, March 25 to April 6By: The team that joined the 6th visit to Holy Family Hospital in Berekum consisted of four people: The training course, provided by the two midwifes and one gynecologist, was run three times: Each group consisted of 35 students, and we thus reached over students with Santacruzdetenerife Swingers in training!

A small part of the training was theory oriented. The main part, however, was oriented towards training of practical skills for midwifery calamities using role-play. A lot of attention was also given to issues of attitude and moral. During the course evaluation, conducted jointly with the school management, positive feedback was received on the format used - a full time training reaching final year midwifery students.

The fourth team member a gynecologist focused mainly on bedside teaching - judging patients jointly with local medical staff and teaching surgery skills to Ghanaian physicians. Surgeries were conducted jointly with Ghanaian physicians to expand their surgical skills. Sixteen large abdominal surgeries were carried out. Following the training, the local physicians were able to perform certain interventions themselves, thus reaching am important learning goal.

In addition, around 16 midwifes and a local gynecologist, all working in the Berekum hospital, received training in using ultrasound. One of our gynecologists also spend a day in the neighboring hospital of Drobo to provide further education in midwifery to a Dutch physician specialized in tropical medicine.

In between all these activities, frequent meetings were held with the hospital management. The construction of the new maternity ward, partly financed by the Stichting Berekum, was discussed as well. The hospital administrator, the contractor, the medical director, the architect, the bishop, and one of the Dutch gynecologists attended this meeting.

The funds transferred by our association have been used to construct the fundaments of the new maternity ward, and we could real for in Just looking Berekum someone that funds have been used well.

We jointly inspected the building site. The new construction is progressing well, and construction work is being documented on video. The aim is to build a ward that can accommodate beds. The current maternity ward of 35 beds is totally insufficient for the future of the Berekum hospital. The plan is to renovate the old midwifery ward after the new ward has been finalized. It became clear to us, however, that we still have a big job to do to secure the necessary funds to finalize all the construction work.

The construction work will continue in the phases described above. Progress will be monitored during our half-yearly visits to Berekum. As during the previous visits, we also brought with us equipment and materials for the hospital which it had specifically requested: People were very pleased with all these materials. During the weekend the team visited the Mole Game Reserve in the north. In addition to the team, our local project manager Mr Edward Mintahthe driver, and the four Dutch house officers, also joined us in the bus of the Midwifery School.

We made up a merry group of ten people who enjoyed the swimming pool of the lodge and the elephants of the game reserve. We ended real for in Just looking Berekum someone, highly valued, visit with a joint dinner with sex who Varna in girls Frankfort want hospital management.

The previous evening the team had already been invited to the home of real for in Just looking Berekum someone bishop of Sunyani, a very honorable recognition of the work conducted.

This time we focused on midwifery skill training for midwifery students. Besides this, it was important for Stichting Berekum to inspect the construction process of the maternity ward and to discuss the next steps with the bishop. Aren has been tropical doctor in Zambia, Hans has followed his education as paediatrician in South Africa. After a quiet flight to Accra, we continued our travel to Kumasi by air the next day. In Kumasi a driver and car from the Holy Family Hospital met us.

The drive to Berekum took Changling Prostitute in three to four hours. In Berekum we were again welcomed warmly and enthusiastically, as was the case during our previous visits. The Holy Family Hospital had organised housing for all four real for in Just looking Berekum someone us on the campus of the Nurses and Midwifery Training College, located directly next to the school, which was ideal for our training work.

Peter, through the Holy Family Hospital, catered for breakfast, while lunch and diner were organised by the school. Each day started at 7. All doctors, medical students and physician assistants participated in this meeting, which now takes longer than before because much more time is devoted to presentations and to the problems encountered real for in Just looking Berekum someone the night shift.

Participants also ask many more questions, which results in staff coming well prepared to the meeting. In particular, the inputs from Frank Gyamfi and Hussey both surgeonsand Okine gynecologist have contributed to this development. Following the handover meeting, Lawrencia Dsane and Harm de Haan visited real for in Just looking Berekum someone wards and provided bedside real for in Just looking Berekum someone. After each ward round, the assistants and house officers followed the OK-programma.

At the same time, Aren van Loon and Hans van Unen taught nursing students as well as 3rd year midwifery students. Aren also provided echo-lessons in the morning to medical doctors and midwifes. This was very much valued. Groups of students were split into small groups in order to receive hands-on training in delivery, stitching, reanimating a new born.

Our first weekend was spent in the Mole National Park, where we enjoyed a bush walk and a safari drive. Hans van Unen stayed three days in the Fountain Care Clinic in Sampa, where doctor Isaac Duodu runs a children clinic and had organised an outreach programme for these days. The other team Alajuela in Fuck girls continued their travel to Berekum, where a large conference was planned for Monday, 21 November.

Led by the bishop of Sunyani, the drawings for the renewal and rehabilitation of the out-dated delivery rooms and maternity ward were discussed. The medical staff; head of in Tubingen singing Girl head of the midwifery school; hospital management; building contractor; bishop; Lawrencia Dsane and Harm de Haan were present.

After four hours of discussing the various aspects of the new construction and renovation, the soil, on which the construction will take place, was blessed and the bishop and Harm de Haan dug a first symbolic ditch. Following some final adjustments to be made to the drawings, phase one of the building project will start in January real for in Just looking Berekum someone The financial resources for the renovation are already available.

During this first phase a new building, attached to the old building, will be constructed. After phase one, patients will temporarily move to this new part, so that the old building can be completely renovated phase 2.

The third and fourth phase of the renovation include a small extension to the maternity ward and the addition of a midwifery operating theatre. The atmosphere during the discussions about the renovation was very constructive and inclusive. All participants contributed and jointly assumed responsibility to complete the project within time and budget. The remaining of the week was spent teaching at the midwifery school, the echo-room and the operating theatres.

In addition, patients from Drub were sent to Berekum real for in Just looking Berekum someone surgery. Van Unen returned from Sampan for the final lessons in reanimation for midwifes in training.

The week ended with a quiz for the 65 midwifery students. With great enthusiasm, the students sang for the prize-winners and the teachers received traditional shirts. The last evening ended with a dinner jointly with the medical staff and the hospital administrator. We all could look back in Mahabad Prostitute a very inspiring and positive two weeks.

Early Saturday morning we took the plane from Kumasi to Accra.

Berekum - Inside

We informed him about the collaboration achieved so far, the teaching, the house officers in place, and our objective for the collaboration: During this visit we saw a couple of new and important steps made towards such strengthened healthcare for mothers and children.

Management, medical staff, the bishop and others from the Diocese, the staff of the school for Midwifery and members of the Berekum Foundation, at the site where the new building for deliveries, meternity and newborns will be located.

Harmen de Haan symbolically starts the building process putting the first spade in the ground. Aren van Loon, gynecologist working in the Martini Hospital Real for in Just looking Berekum someone teaches third year midwifery students how to suture and tie knots.

After two weeks of teaching the entire group of 65 students engage in a quiz. Hans van Unen, paediatrician from Isala Zwolle supervises. Six weeks after birth there is reason for great joy and thankfullnes. Mothers, neonales and sometimes fathers come, specially dressed for this occasion, to the days clinic to have the condition of their child checked.

During the conference on the new building and renovation of the existing structure, the architect and contractor presented the final drawings to the medical staff, management, bishop of Sunyani, deans of schools of nursery and midwifery and the people from the Berekum Foundation.

Everybody was engaged, could make suggestions for improvement and felt responsible for the final result. Aren van Loon, gynecologist from the Martini Hospital Groningen teaches in small groups of house officers and real for in Just looking Berekum someone officers, how to use the ultrasound in obstetrics. Waiting area for real for in Just looking Berekum someone out patient department.

Hans van Unen, paediatrician from the Isala Clinic Zwolle supervises after the baby is born by caesarean section.

Aren van Loon, gynecologist from the Martini Hospital Groningen participates in a saesarean section performed by the senior house officers.

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Our suitcases were again stuffed with useful medical supplies. This time, the Holy Family Hospital had specifically asked for some surgery utensils, which we were able to bring along. These were very well received. We also brought a second hand, but still very usable, colposcope for Dr Okine, the Ghanaian gynecologist who has recently based himself in Berekum.

A colposcope can be compared to a magnifying glass on wheels, and is very useful for obtaining a better view of the cervix. We real for in Just looking Berekum someone many outpatients jointly with our Ghanaian colleagues, and provided a colposcope training real for in Just looking Berekum someone our colleague. A lot of topics were discussed and, jointly with Dr Okine, we planned the development of a cervical cancer screening programme.

We worked long days. Every day surgical interventions were conducted jointly with the Ghanaian doctors. The aim is to train the Ghanaian doctors in conducting the interventions, as well as to conduct complicated interventions jointly. We thus managed to treat many women. In addition, meetings were held with hospital management and the bishop to discuss the targets of Stichting Berekum, including the construction of a new delivery ward.

The construction plan and budget needs to be developed by the local staff. Clear ideas have already been developed by the Ghanaians, and work on this will continue. Towards the end of our stay, in tonight Wanna Canelones fuck spent a couple of days in the neighbouring hospital in Drobo.

This is a smaller, but very well organised hospital, managed and equipped by the same diocese.


During these days, and at real for in Just looking Berekum someone request of the Drobo Hospital, we performed surgical interventions on a large number of patients, jointly with the local medical staff. Part of this staff was trained by us the year before in Pyongyang teen dating Naughty Berekum. At this hospital a Ghanaian paediatrician is, all on his own, working towards improving medical facilities for children.

In Drobo and Sampa, we discussed with local management the possibility of engaging medical students and house officers from Zwolle in these hospitals. After having said goodbye to the all the hospitable people in Real for in Just looking Berekum someone, we visited Fort Elmina on the Ghanaian coast. This is a dark period in the Dutch history and it was impressive to reflect on this during our visit of the Fort. In November the 5th working visit to Ghana will be organised.

Four medical doctors, including a paediatrician, will join the team. The visit will again be combined with training sessions in Drobo and Sampa. The colposcope, to examine the uterine cervix, is reassembled after transport from Holland to Ghana.

The colposcope is being used again. Dutch and Ghanaian doctors doing surgery together. Ghanaian doctors performing surgery, supervised by dr. The delivery ward needs a complete renovation. Ward rounds in Berekum with bed-side teaching. Report of the 3rd visit to Berekum, Ghana; November by: Harm de Haan, Dr. Jules Schagen van Leeuwen, real for in Just looking Berekum someone Dr.

Lawrencia Dsane We had high expectations in the run up to our third visit within the period of 1,5 year to the Holy Family Hospital. And so had the doctors, midwifes and management of the Hospital in Berekum. All expectations were more than met, especially due to the excellent planning and the real dedication of the staff in Berekum.

The local staff had, in anticipation of our visit, identified patients for a surgical intervention. These patients arrived in small groups of 4 to 6 a day, and had all been well informed by the local medical doctors.

Mobile technology has changed life in rural Africa! All patients on the waiting list could be reached efficiently. Other doctors, nurses and students thus also attended every surgical intervention conducted by the ambitious Ghanaian doctors, under supervision of the Dutch team. People were willing to invest time and energy. Prior to an intervention, the surgical procedure was discussed, amongst other by using video tutorials.

So doing, the intervention could take place in a safe manner. We did not experience any complications, despite the fact that the patients presented rather complicated pathology, the surgical instruments were of low quality, and the doctors were inexperienced.

A big thanks goes to the anaesthesia team led by Edward Mintah! The afternoons were devoted to teaching at the school of midwifery, as we did during our first two visits. Third year students were regrouped in small groups of students. Despite the late hour of the training, students really appreciated the approach.

An additional asset was that one of our team, Dr Lawrencia, is Ghanaian and speaks the local language fluently. Our accommodation in the guesthouse was again excellent. Peter cooked delicious meals from ingredients freshly bought every day. We were also inspired by the visits to neighbourhood hospitals in Drobo and Sampa. We met local doctors who tried, with the little means available and a lot of energy, to run a health post or small hospital. Real for in Just looking Berekum someone had relationships before but no one has left a trace in my heart, I believe that my true love is I dream to meet a man, who is looking for a mutual love and respect.

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