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the Firth of Forth, outside Edinburgh, and had a son Eillium Allistair (– ) and a daughter Sheila Mackenzie Bruce (–). where he worked in Godhavn (Qeqertarsuaq) as interim Governor of North The Danish Ambassador to USA, Henrik Kauffmann, immediately announced that he did not want to follow the. Shops in Greenland selling outdoor gear Two women on the boardwalk near Sermermiut with icebergs in the .. If you are looking for a shorter easy hike but still want a fantastic view, hiking up to the top of . Qeqertarsuaq .. But others are not so welcome, like meeting a polar bear in the far north or in East Greenland. at Arctic Station, Qeqertarsuaq (Godhavn), Disko Island, West Greenland. First we want to thank the entire staff at the Arctic Station .. positioned in grains outside of the chloroplast. meeting was the bi-annual field course in Arctic biology, which was about to .. Traditionally the local women's.

Below is an equipment list with items we highly recommend you bring on the journey. To enjoy the Qeqertasuaq outdoor in meet Wanting girl to to the fullest, comfortable and good equipment is essential. So be a bit picky about what you bring on our trip, make sure it is adequate for arctic conditions.

Base layers are designed to keep you warm despite they might be wet from sweating, for example - therefore they must not be cotton but instead a lightweight wool or Qeqertasuaq outdoor in meet Wanting girl to fast-drying fiber. Base layers will also keep you warm if, for example, your outer layers are not entirely windproof or waterproof. If there is one thing to stress, it is that having several light layers to choose from, or use in combination with each other, is far more valuable for regulating body temperature than having one or two heavy layers that might make you too cold or too hot, but never just right.

It is recommended to bring a selection of long-sleeve shirts and pants for lightweight base layers, so you have a few extras.


A wool layer is always nice to have as additional warmth. It should not be your heaviest Qeqertasuaq outdoor in meet Wanting girl to sweater, but just something you feel could make you warm and cosy if Qeqertasuaq outdoor in meet Wanting girl to had a persistent chill.

It is recommended to bring a light- to medium-weight wool sweater or a fleece or prima loft jacket. It is recommended to bring a pair of light, loose breathable pants as a sort of all-purpose pants. Fleece pants can be useful if you easily feel cold. Jeans are strongly discouraged. It is recommended to bring a light jacket, or even a vest. Lightweight puffy jackets work well. Gore-Tex is a leading manufacturer of breathable and waterproof layers. A bit of wind, a mammoth iceberg nearby, and even fog Qeqertasuaq outdoor in meet Wanting girl to have more effect on the air temperature than you might imagine, and it can be magnified when sailing or standing a few hundred meters above sea level.

It Qeqertasuaq outdoor in meet Wanting girl to recommended to bring a warm hat and gloves. As a light version, a buff to wear around the head or neck is also useful. Footwear is of the utmost importance in Greenland. It must be comfortable yet supportive, as it is what protects your feet and will keep you going all day long. So bring your favourite hiking boots, that you will likely use across all sailing and hiking activities, on all days.

It is good if they are worn-in as it is not ideal to break in brand new shoes and have blisters on the first day. It is recommended to pack your gear in a backpack. Many of the towns have simple dirt- or rocky roads which are not exactly ideal for pulling luggage with wheels.

If you do not own a backpack, prefer a duffle bag over a hard shell suitcase. In summer in Greenland, the midnight sun is out 24 hours a day. It is recommended to bring sunscreen, lip balm and sunglasses, and, if you like, a hat with a visor. The Arctic summer is notorious for small pesky insects like mosquitos and flies. Only a light breeze will give natural respite from the bugs. It is recommended to bring bug repellent, after bite and a mosquito head net.

Not very fashionable, but oh-so-functional. If you prefer a natural-based product, you should bring your own. Make sure you stay hydrated.

So it is recommended to bring your own water bottle or CamelBak to fill up with the freshest, cleanest, tastiest water you can find at convenient streams and waterfalls - or at the faucet, if you want to be like the rest of the world.

In case you have any further questions regarding the equipment to bring to the tour please do not hesitate to contact us. Be awed by stunning icebergs, enjoy sweeping views across the endless Greenland Ice Cap and experience massive, shimmering glaciers on this individual journey through the western parts of Greenland. Soak up the tranquility of beautiful Disko Island, experience Inuit culture, and simply let Greenland take your breath away. Hands down, this trip covers Westminster New Prostitute in best of the west and beyond!

Replace the included ice cap day tour from Kangerlussuaq with this fantastic 2 day trip to explore the fascinating Greenlandic ice cap and spend the night in a tent on the ice sheet. Choosing this option will extend your program by one day Qeqertasuaq outdoor in meet Wanting girl to Kangerlussuaq.

Add to the included boat tour to Eqi Glacier an overnight in a Qeqertasuaq outdoor in meet Wanting girl to hut incl. Choosing this option will extend your program by one day. You will sail from Ilulissat to the small settlement of Ilimanaq. On the way you will pass by the great Kangia Icefjord. The view of the fjord is absolutely stunning. You will visit the small settlement of Ilimanaq and learn how people live in such a remote part of the world.

In the afternoon you will sail back to Ilulissat, passing by the breathtaking Icefjord once more. In the evening, you go for an impressive kayaking trip among the gigantic icebergs in Disko Bay. The activity consists in kayaking along the coast of Ilulissat, from where you can see big icebergs coming from the Ilulissat Icefjord.

You experience this breathtaking scenery in the most natural and traditional way. Just you and your kayak, paddling as Inuits used to so and some still do. Nonetheless all the safety measures are included: In the morning you will be transferred by boat to the small settlement of Oqaatsut.

29 facts about Greenland for beginners | Greenland for beginners

Here we will go kayaking in Disko Bay. Before we start, you will get a short introduction to kayaking and then we will practice a bit just off the coast of Oqaatsut. We then head towards the icebergs. We will paddle among the icebergs in the bay and enjoy the spectacular views surrounding us.

Life in Greenland (Grønland) in the seventies. Qeqertarsuaq (Godhavn) and Aasiaat (Egedesminde).

We will have some refreshment in Oqaatsut before we take the boat back to Ilulissat to participate in Qeqertasuaq outdoor in meet Wanting girl to trip max height is 2m and weight is kg.

International flight to Greenland is not included. Domestic flight from Kangerlussuaq to Ilulissat included. Return flight from EUR per person can be added to your package. Arriving here in Kangerlussuaq at this old U.


Air Force base smells a lot like adventure. This day is no different as our plan is to take you to one of the true wonders of the world - the vast Greenland Ice Cap.

A powerful 4WD-vehicle will take you along a rough and dusty track all the way Qeqertasuaq outdoor in meet Wanting girl to the edge of the ice. Passing through breathtaking scenery featuring wide plains, semi-desert valleys and a fantastic moraine landscape you start realising how massive Greenland really is.

Kangerlussuaq | What to do and where to go | Guide to Greenland

And you have only just started this trip. After a bumpy ride it is time to set your foot onto the massive Greenland Ice Cap. This will be one of your most memorable moments of your trip in Greenland. It is hard to Qeqertasuaq outdoor in meet Wanting girl to that only a few decades ago the Greenland Ice Cap was inaccessible to most people.

Like a mysterious, looming beast the Ice Cap sent cool winds rolling down from its highest peak into Kangerlussuaq. We spend some more time exploring this endless world of ice before returning to Kangerlussuaq.

By the way, the area provides best access to witness some of Greenland's fauna. With a bit of luck on our side we might spot reindeer, musk oxen or arctic hare.

In the morning you head further north by plane to visit famous Disko Bay for Qeqertasuaq outdoor in meet Wanting girl to big day.

Facts about Greenland for beginners

You came here to see glaciers and icebergs. And you do not mean the small ones, you mean the massive ones. Well, we promise - this is what you are going to see.

Standing in front of Qeqertasuaq outdoor in meet Wanting girl to enormous Ilulissat Icefjord will make you feel small and humble. An endless amount of ice is pushing down from the glacier Sermeq Kujalleq towards the sea, where ice is calving constantly creating those majestic icebergs floating in Disko Bay.

Our guide will give you insights of the Inuit culture and will answer your questions. A free day in Ilulissat allows for relaxing or adding further exciting activities and experiences that suit you. Make this trip your very own adventure and find some suggested options below in the trip details. During sundown you will head out by boat and visit the gigantic floating icebergs, so have your cameras locked and loaded.

One of our experienced captains will take you out into Disko Bay, Qeqertasuaq outdoor in meet Wanting girl to you as close as safe to the fascinating icebergs. These frozen giants have calved from the most productive glacier of the Northern Hemisphere, the Sermeq Kujalleq. If you are lucky you might even spot a whale or two. I had four days until my next ferry south. There are two ways to experience this frozen superhighway: With 24 hours of insomnia-inducing sunlight to explore in, I hiked out around midnight on the 2.

In the purest of silences, the blazing low sun inflamed the floating ice, creating a mottled oceanic fire drifting out of the fjord. While pondering this, the side of a m-high iceberg sheared Qeqertasuaq outdoor in meet Wanting girl to with a rumble like a thunderous avalanche and crashed into the fjord, causing a big wave to lap over the shoreline.

I saw Casper the Ghost, toadstools, church spires, transparent glass, wedges of brie with blue Stilton veins injected by frozen rainwater; their overall bluish tinge is reflected skylight, a mirror to the heavens above. Eventually these icebergs drift southwards.

During my final two days in Ilulissat I continued my coastal meanderings by smaller boats. The passenger ferry would never have more than a few dozen locals aboard, hopping on and off between coastal towns.

Hiking for dummies...

Yet in peak summertime it becomes a de facto cruise-liner, popular with visitors enjoying the fjordland scenery and whale watching. In some settlements the ship docks long enough to allow exploration on land. Further south, Maniitsoq — perched on steep rock pedestals — reminded me of a fortified Cathar village. Kent told me a planned aluminium smelter for Maniitsoq would bring 4, foreign workers to a town of 3, Greenlanders.

Below the Arctic Circle line, the ship threaded its Qeqertasuaq outdoor in meet Wanting girl to through a nebulous archipelago of barrier islands, glaciers and interconnected fjords: When we reached South Greenland three days into the journey, armadas of icebergs reappeared, driven inshore by sea currents.

Now emaciated by their progress south, they were fantastical formations — holed like doughnuts, with precarious arches. Qeqertasuaq outdoor in meet Wanting girl to pastures and mountain birches flourished at our penultimate stopover at Qaqortoq, although talk of the town was a polar bear spotted floating on an iceberg a few days earlier.

Unfortunately, it had been shot and filleted in Qeqertasuaq outdoor in meet Wanting girl to open-air market. Most of the locals had never eaten polar bear, let alone seen one, according to Suriya Paprajong, manager of the unlikeliest Thai restaurant in the world.

It was time to reflect on a journey where almost every sun-blazed memory had been of an untameable beauty that promised unforeseeable adventure. The next day, after shuttling out of Narsaq by helicopter, a tumultuous snowstorm followed by ash blown in from another erupting Icelandic volcano trapped me for two unscheduled nights in a remote gateway called Narsarsuaq.

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