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Treatment of first episodes of genital herpes simplex virus infection with oral acyclovir. Burrel S, Aime C, Hermet L et al. Effect of acyclovir on HIV-1 acquisition in herpes simplex 2 seropositive women and men who have sex with men: a. I was fielding their various questions stemming from solving their relationship woes, to the women wanting some tips on better oral sex. Their stories show that how women experience sexual harassment depends on Rosenfelt, the cook who says she was coerced into oral sex in the restaurant .. Celebrity chef Anne Burrell was sued in for allegedly.

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If there's excess shoulder motion, we'll have to figure a way around that. Chloe was past being surprised at the ease with which today's college women handled sex. She rolled the blanked up over Georgia's tummy and watched as the girl eased the vibrator, glistening with a coating of lube, inside her vagina. Georgia's technique would minimize motion underneath the scanner. The girl's clitoris also glistened with a coating of lube, something readily apparent given Georgia's denuded pudendum.

But Georgia was quick to say that she fully expected to receive as well as to give oral sex. Quickly checking that all arrangements were still go, she started the process that would result in the functional magnetic resonance images of Georgia's brain during arousal, climax, and post-orgasmic return to Planet Earth. In a surprisingly short time, the co-ed was already on the pre-orgasmic oral in for Burrel sex Woman. This was always a fascinating part for Chloe—watching the signs that linked with arousal and climax.

Each subject was different. For some, it took oral in for Burrel sex Woman to plunge over the edge, and some never made it. Georgia, though, was blasting through each stage faster than any woman who had ever been in the lab.

Then, there it was. The incontrovertible evidence of the female orgasm as displayed in real-time fashion for a few brief seconds or, in Georgia's case, an amazingly long series of seconds. The near shut-down of cognitive activity in specific regions of the brain was neurological proof of a climax. Georgia had experienced probably the most intense orgasm Chloe had ever witnessed.

The data would oral in for Burrel sex Woman incredibly valuable simply because there was so much of it, so much evidence of brain function cessation in multiple areas for so long.

She must be completely blissed out, Chloe thought. That kind of orgasm would be powerfully addicting.

Why women love oral sex

When the signs appeared that the refractory period had finally tailed off, Chloe stepped into the scanner room and approached the platform cautiously. Georgia opened her eyes dreamily and looked at Chloe. Carefully holding open the plastic bag into which the co-ed dropped her toys so she could take them back home with her, Chloe said, "The readings I got told me clearly that you just had one heck of an orgasm, Georgia.

And you're saying that you've had some that have been even MORE intense? A touch oral in for Burrel sex Woman female pride in her voice, the co-ed said, "Oh, yeah. This place doesn't really allow me to get comfortable, to dive into a favorite fantasy or watch a hot video, you know? An even more intense orgasm would produce even more data, maybe something worthy oral in for Burrel sex Woman a journal article.


This girl who had no hesitancies about describing oral in for Burrel sex Woman exhaustive detail her fellatio technique, why she liked cunnilingus, how she had surreptitiously masturbated in public places? Chloe was now even more intrigued. I mean, are Katoomba in adult Local hookers saying that you can have these even more spectacular orgasms by doing the oral in for Burrel sex Woman things you did just then, but that you'd be thinking of something different?

A different fantasy or watching a video of that fantasy. Chloe knew the girl was aware that the day's experiment was over, oral in for Burrel sex Woman the only thing left was to collect her pay on the way out of the psychology complex's research building. Taking in a breath and stiff-arming the platform in order to slide back a little—and thereby sending the message that she was ready to listen if Georgia was ready to talk—Chloe didn't say anything.

But she did look at Georgia, raise her eyebrows and cock her head slightly. It goes without saying that the more aroused a woman is from foreplay, the easier it is for her to orgasm in oral play as the genital area becomes increasingly engorged with blood the more she's turned on. To reach an orgasm, women need ongoing, steady stimulation which means that the giver needs to be patient and not rush. In vaginal intercourse, guys typically orgasm more quickly from the stimulation this provides the penis - and women usually need to be stimulated for a longer period than their partners are able to last.

In cunnilingus, it's more likely that the giver will provide the right kind of stimulation as there are no distractions to curtail the event - such as his own impending orgasm.


The giver is also able to stimulate different spots simultaneously using hands and mouth; multiple stimulation is more likely to take a woman past the point of no return. And if his tongue tires, his fingers or a vibrator can easily keep up the pleasure strokes. As awareness of women's sexual response grows, especially that stimulating the oral in for Burrel sex Woman is the singularly most important route to female orgasms, pleasuring a woman orally is increasingly likely to take centre stage.

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