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Nis is a bustling city in the south of Serbia. For authentic local cuisine visit restaurant Nislijska Mehana on Prvomajska 49 in the city . As a girl that grew up in Niš, and is still spending a lot of time there, I love your blog. Russian Brides dating service offers quality translation call service. Here you can reserve a phone talk with Danica, beautiful Never married Serbia girl photo. 71 locals in Nis, Serbia, can offer you nightlife & bars tours. Milica . Imagine what it would be like to explore Niš with a like-minded local friend? A local who can.

Nis was Nis Local girls in very important crossroads in the past. The main Roman road Via Militaris used to pass through the town.

Nowadays, over 70, people visit Nis per year. My following list of things to do in Nis consists of historical places, nature, adventure and sports so everyone can find something they would enjoy there.

10 things to do in Nis Serbia – ultimate guide to Nis Serbia

If you love all kinds of flying as much as I do, then paragliding could be your thing Nis Local girls in well. We took a curvy road to the top of the hill Koritnjak to do paragliding from there. I was so happy to be the first one to go from our group.

The wind was not the best but still ok to fly. Compared to the adrenaline rush at sky diving, paragliding feels very peaceful and it really calms me down. We took off from m a. As usual the most difficult parts of paragliding were the take off and landing. But we managed it easy and I was the happiest person there in the air. Unfortunately, it was the first time Nis Local girls in was using my new Gopro Hero 5 so was paying more attention to it than to the breath-taking views.

The first thing I learned was that Nis was occupied by the Germans from to The main concentration camp building dates back to that period of the WWII. First, it was used as a prison, and then as a concentration camp for Jewish, Serbian and Gypsy people. I will never understand how people can torture and kill other peoople. Our guide told us that about 40, to 50, people passed through this camp.


And about 10, of them were killed on the Bubanj hill I mention the Bubanj further in the article. The Concentration camp Nis is famous for a mass escape of prisoners in one day. Out of people that were imprisoned there on February 12 intried to escape but only successfully escaped from the camp. Later on, another 6 people managed to escape but then they were found by Gestapo and killed anyway.

We even saw holes from gun bullets in the wall surrounding the camp. The big grey building was the concentration camp, the other smaller buildings around were built for German soldiers later. Some of the prisoners Nis Local girls in using nails or even blood to write messages on the wall inside the camp before their execution.

Logically, they had no pens to use. The museum holds also numerous objects, such Nis Local girls in letters, photos, skulls, weapons etc. There was also a barber shop for German soldiers inside the camp. I was very touched to see the wires on the floor and they even brought tears in my eyes. The Concentration camp was operating until Septemberthen the Germans left the city and burnt all the documents.

You need to pay a fee to enter. When the Serbians saw they were losing the battle because it was a lot more Turks than them, Nis Local girls in Serbian Duke Stevan Sindjelic decided to use gun powder to kill them all.

Some people consider it a heroic Nis Local girls in to do from Duke as he decided Nis Local girls in suicide himself and his soldiers in order to win the battle killing also all the Turks.

More than 10, Turks and 4, Serbian soldiers died in Nis Local girls in explosion in the mentioned battle that lasted just one day on 31st May Skull tower is a unique stone monument with skulls from the Ottoman Empire dating back to When Criciuma Prostitute in at the yellow Skull tower building from the outside, we can notice a Jewish star above the entrance because the architect was Jewish, but not because there are Jewish skulls inside.

Ottoman commander Hurshid Pasha ordered to cut off the heads of the Serbian soldiers who died in the Cegar battle and he ordered to skin them.


The skins were sent to the Sultan in Constantinople and the Turks built a tower made of the remaining Serbian skulls. Originally, there Nis Local girls in skulls when it was Nis Local girls in. But then the tower was without any protection for 80 years so many skulls were damaged and are now missing. Now only 59 skulls are part of the tower. A famous French poet Lamartine was the first one to write about the Skull tower in as he was so shocked to see such a tragedy!

And I am too…. We visited Nis in the second week of August on purpose. Our main reason was to visit the Nisville festival that was held in Nis on the 10th to 13th August To be honest, I am not the biggest jazz fan and usually only listen to jazz when they play it at restaurants. However, we went to the opening night before the festival and I was so surprised!

The opening night located on a stage outside of the Nis Fortress is dedicated to Saban Bajramovic, the most famous Serbian — Romani jazz musician who was born and who also died in Nis. At Nis Local girls in opening night we could listen to amazing Marko Luis. The opening night got under my skin and now I can really recommend Nisville even to those Nis Local girls in are not crazy about jazz.

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And frankly, it did work as it captured also Nis Local girls in non-jazz freaks. Since Nisville always takes place in Nis every year in August. Now around 5, people visit it per night.

It always takes 4 days at the Nis fortress and 2 extra days before at different stages outside of the fortress. Nis Fortress is probably the main symbol of the city. Yes, you can visit the fortress on any day for free.

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The current Nis fortress was built by the Turks in to as a defence against Hungarians. There was always a fortress in its place, even before Nis Local girls in current one.

First the Celts, then Nis Local girls in Romans, and even Slavs built a fortress there in the past. Nis fortress is one of the nicest Turkish military fortifications in the Balkans. Fortress is a popular place for locals to hang out, especially in summer. The Stambol gate is located in the South and was built in to I like older man I am getting horny from them. I am very horny and playful kitty.


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