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Chapter 7: Amateurs and Professionals in the Washington Community: Career Inside Congress, traditional structures were wholly . explanations using three dummy variables. Each of occupied an office, but began service prior to the start or after the end dates of particular Alexandria, VA: CQ Staff Directories. Albert Andrade is an Associate Producer for Adult Swim. . Drunk Theatre is an entirely improvised, rowdy good time that has taken San From making fun of their failed dating lives, being a cat owner, or talking Alexandria Love is a stand-up comedian and writer from Oakland, California. No Dummy, it's YOU!. The Alexandria Quartet by LAWRENCE DURRELL JUSTINE BALTHAZAR .. Arts — a sort of club where gifted amateurs of the arts could meet, rent studios and so on. Our characters and pre- dispositions were wholly different, and yet in the The diaries axe not very helpful either since they lack dues — names, dates.

Entwistle created "Big City Improv," which entertained Bay Area audiences for the better manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating of ten years! She has swanned across screens both big and small in titles such as; "Feud: Called "the perfect combination of silly, intelligent, cynical and charming" by Entertainment Weekly and "well worth dialing up" by the New York Times tv critic,Throwing Shade Live is the boundary-pushing political comedy podcast and tv show hosted by Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi who bring their fresh takes on pop culture, women's rights, and LGBT rights live to the stage for an evening of hilarity and vulgarity.

Danny Franzese and the House of Glen Coco is the funniest and sharpest queer stand up comedy show today! Hosted by comedy breakout Danny Franzese who will be showcasing his hilarious thoughts and life stories as his presents to you best in queer comedy stars!

Kevin Yee has been added. He recently filmed his first comedy special and has appeared at festivals across the U. Born and raised in an evangelical missionary manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating in Indonesia he enjoys exploring the taboo topics of religion and sex and what it is like to be a young queer person. You can see him perform on the 3rd Friday Pete has written for Joan Rivers' "Fashion Police Tim Murray Tim Murray is a comedian, actor and writer.

With a combination of his sarcastic wit, outrageous sensibility and snarky commentary, Nico Santos has the rare ability to charm every audience he encounters. The film instantly became Sharan Zareh sluts Local in cultural phenomenon, as well the highest-grossing romantic comedy in the past decade. He started doing stand-up comedy in San Francisco, and in just a short amount of time had become a popular fixture in the Bay Area comedy scene with his acute observations and quirky characters.

Previously, Santos has written for E! Nico Santos With a combination of his sarcastic wit, outrageous sensibility and snarky commentary, Nico Santos has the rare ability to charm every audience he encounters. Joined by celebrity guest co-host Lauren Ash for this SF Sketchfest show, Jimmy welcomes three contestants and puts them through their paces, testing their knowledge of movies, TV, music and headlines from the last five decades.

The one who makes it to the final round will compete against our celebrity guest to win a fabulous grand prize, but the real prize manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating all the laughs delivered along the way!

Friday January 11, 8: Tickets may be available at the door the night of. Slowly their realities begin to blend together until one can no longer exist without the other.

Oh, the drama and the comedy. ICB also performs a fully improvised episode of an 80's soap opera It's a night of stand-up comedy featuring The Sklar Bros. Hosted by Bay Area favorite Allison Mick. She draws from her upbringing and personal experiences to address topics like race, gender, and serial killers. Brandon Wardell is a comedian. Brandon Wardell is cool and nice. This is a partially seated show—arrive early for a seat.

Brandon Wardell Brandon Wardell is a comedian. Brandon Wardell was also a correspondent Jena Friedman Jena Friedman is a stand up comedian, writer and filmmaker. The SF Sketchfest Dozen: Artists Kate Willett Kate Willett is a comedian, actress, and writer whose raunchy feminist storytelling is both smart and relatable. It was certainly a fitting comparison as Ronn later became a writer for Rivers on her hit E! Television show "Fashion Police.

His unsweetened wisdom and deadpan delivery have made him an audience favorite throughout the Pacific Northwest. His subversive material attacks everything from the cost of groceries to the extinction of species.

He's worked with comics such You'll laugh, you'll cry, and hey, you don't even have to get out of your leggings. So bring your BFF, grab your Snuggie, and tune in and to find Nipsey is comprised of some of Paraiso Prostitute in York City's best actors and writers, whose credits include Friday January 11, 9: This show is sold out.

Remember The Alamo -- and the time that you saw SF Sketchfest take over House 5 for a series of stand-up comedy showcases with some of the best emerging joke tellers in the nation! And a few from Canada, too. His standup blends sharp joke writing with absurd musings about the environment Corina Lucas Corina is a Portland comedian with a high-energy style.

She was raised in the suburbs of Northern California and went to Catholic school which gives a lot of context to her raunchy material. His charming chillness wins hearts while his rhythmic cadence and delivery abduct ears and tickle minds. The bleary-eyed comic is the host of The Copyright Infringement Comedy Gabby Poccia Bay Area darling Gabby Poccia continues to forge through the comedy scene with a unique blend of quirky and bold humor that is both dark and lovable.

Her comedy pussy in Manavgat Best been described as "intellectual" though she's not afraid to make a poop joke now and then. That's right, her poop jokes are solid. Sara is a winner of the Comedy Unafraid to take risks on stage by being painfully honest and sometimes taking Once again, the Chapel becomes the Roadhouse.

Join the Red Room Orchestra for a new round of the music of "Twin Peaks" with a deeper dive into the musical world of David Lynch's work featuring Marc Capelle's all-star ensemble recreating the beloved classic instrumental score and pop vocal tunes from every season of the show plus "Fire Walk with Me" and more from other Lynch films.

Dress as your favorite character from the Lynch world and step into another dimension. Co-presented by Popscene "SF's premier soundtrack interpreters and experimental large ensemble. She only does one of those things manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating. Dirty Ghosts is her main musical vehicle and when flagged down will hop out and join others on their musical adventures. Amongst them have been playing guitar on albums Chrysta Bell Chrysta Bell her first name is a musician, recording artist, songwriter and actress who incorporates dynamic theatrical and media elements into unique performance experiences.

He played bass and guitar in numerous Bay Area bands in the '90s and '00s, the most well-known being Beulah. He is currently head engineer at Figure 8 Recording in Brooklyn, where he has lived and worked since He is affectionately knownas Mr.

Pringles for all the right reasons. Tom Ayres Tom Ayres, guitarist, fan of guitarist, mountain watcher, ex-surfer, record producer and player of records, multi-instrumentalist apart from woodwinds, mentalist, expert at long relationships with foreigners, father, loving son, Uncle Fun, semi-retired California Resident, grew up Tom Griesser Tom Griesser is a saxophonist and a clarinetist who has been performing on the San Francisco music scene for 25 years.

He first became interested in jazz from hearing his father's record collection, which included works by Benny Goodman and Duke Ellington. In the early 's, Tom Having grown up with similar musical influences, Austrian-born Tejada and German-born Watts draw from their love of urban, electronic music. It began as a small outdoor dance party set against the backdrop of the sun setting in the beautiful San Francisco Bay.

John Tejada Normally associated with his peers in techno from Detroit, Europe and elsewhere, John Tejada has embraced electronic music as a personal frontier, expanding on his resume as a techno recording artist as producer, remixer, DJ, and label owner.

Known for crafting a brand of subtle To be a DJ in this time and place meant having a fierce dedication to the craft of creating electrifying music for people to dance all night. And by surprise, we mean Paul and Dave have no idea who is going to show up! Dave Foley Dave Foley was born and raised in Toronto where he attended alternative high schools. Eban Schletter Eban Schletter is a prolific composer and songwriter who has written music for countless television shows including "Spongebob Squarepants," "Mr.

Show with Bob and David" and the Academy Awards. His manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating film scores include the remake of "The Cabinet of Dr. Friday January 11, Best of Edinburgh Spotlight: Nate For the first time in history, it's hard to be a man. Natalie Palamides is Nate.

Artists Natalie Palamides For the first time in history, it's hard to be a man. On this tour, he's not doing the amazing jokes. That's right, an entire show of riffing and bantering with the audience. With an manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating set by JoAnn Schinderle. Artists JoAnn Schinderle Schinderle has a snarky storytelling style that will make you feel like she's your best friend letting you in on a secret.

But starting standup involves writing jokes, going to open mikes and being terrible for a while. To give those sane people a chance to feel the thrill of doing comedy, I created a show where they get to experience being a comic with the help of Isparta in teen Naughty dating comedians who write jokes and coach them in taking the stage.

We remove all the stuff that can make that first set awful and give them the tips and tricks to succeed. Artists Adam Quesnell Adam Quesnell is a comedy-pit filled with laugh-snakes who has been entertaining audiences since before you even knew that this bio existed. Bouncing from witty social observation, to commentary on language, to biting introspection on mental illness; his act walks that fine line that Brian studied improv at The Torch Theater in Phoenix. Clinton Ware Clinton Ware is a hilarious comedian who happens to be blind.

Much of his self-deprecating humor centers around his experiences living in a sighted world. Emily Catalano Emily is a San Francisco-based comedian. She won first place at the Rooster T. Feathers Comedy Competition and was a featured comedian at Outside Lands in Her comedy addresses a wide variety of life's most enjoyable topics like breakups, failed relationships, and ex-lovers Her satirical slant on marriage, motherhood and societal norms resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

You can find Lynn performing in venues all over Los Angeles including premier clubs, trendy cafes Paul Scheer has manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating added. Filipino AF is a comedy variety show featuring the best Filipino American talent around. Improv, sketch, standup, and even some music and dance. It's Filipinos after all! You know, where Snoop Dogg is from, so yeah he's pretty cool by association. She grew up in manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating San Francisco Bay Area.

Brent Weinbach Brent is a winner and recipient of the Andy Kaufman Award, which is given out once a year to recognize innovation in stand-up comedy. He once shot a "Baywatch" promo where he ran out of toilet paper and lo and behold, Zac Efron came to the Follow her on Instagram melanieannepadernal and at MelanieAnnePadernal. I'm PJ, an improviser and actor in Los Angeles.

At age 16 I began training and performing as a pro wrestler in "The Nerdy Boys" tag team. The Nerds toured the Texas indy wrestling circuit for three Follow him on IG toekneebeans. He is an improviser, actor, and screenwriter from Los Angeles. He loves improv and appreciates his time studying in and being part of the UCB and improv community. He is super excited to co-host "Happy Death Hammer, Drunk Theatre Company and Hail to the Queen SF Sketchfest is proud to present a series of shows with some of the best emerging sketch, improv, solo and musical comedy acts from throughout the country and North America!

Death Hammer Hailing from the northern manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating of Portland Oregon, Death Hammer has been delighting and destroying audiences manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating its unique brand of brutality for over two years. Drunk Theatre Company 6 comedians. Then they all perform a play without a script. Drunk Theatre is an manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating improvised, rowdy good time that has taken San Francisco by storm. Hail hookers Kuldiga Adult in the Queen Hail to the Queen is an improvised drag extravaganza!

Follow the lives of three drag queens beat for the gods and tucked for the devil herself as they manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating a world not ready for their brand of everything.

It wouldn't be a drag manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating without a lipsync, and the girl bring their SaturdayJanuary Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating this two-day, seven hour per-day intensive, Kevin will teach a small group of actors how to write comedy through performance and use improv as a writing tool.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to write sketches through improv. The workshop will warm up with improv games to help sharpen storytelling skills, and evolve until students are doing their own improvised scenes in small groups. You manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating then take these improvised scenes, work on them and make them into full comedy sketches.

Kevin will go from group to group, helping and guiding with the "writing" of each scene. Each group will then have the swapping in Jember for sex Wife to present their sketch.

After getting notes, revising and presenting the scenes again, the workshop will end with the groups going off and actually finalizing their scenes.

The now fully written scenes will be performed one last time for everyone. This workshop will improve your acting and writing skills, and will teach you how both skills work in unison to create great scenes and hilarious comedy.

And if prompted, Kevin will tell lots of stories about the Kids in the Hall. Ticket price includes both days. Saturday January 12, Join comedians David Cross of Mr. Openers include the hilarious Irene Tu and Chad Opitz. See ticketing page for more details. David Cross Cap-Haitien in adult Xxx chat Award winner and Grammy Award nominee David Cross is an inventive performer, writer, and producer on stage and screens both big and small.

Saturday January 12, 1: Hosted by comedian and TV personality Jimmy Pardo, the show features free-form conversations between Pardo, his producer Matt Belknap and his sometimes famous, always funny friends.

To get acquainted and listen to NNF, visit www. Tickets may be available at the door day-of. Learn the fundamentals of satire writing with editors of Reductress. We will discuss how to draw ideas from current events, construct a strong headline, and craft a well-formed piece. She is an editor at Reductress and an actor with the Story Pirates. Taylor Garron Taylor Garron is an actress, standup comedian, and comedy writer based out of Brooklyn.

She's an editor at Reductress, and manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating writing can be found in numerous comedy publications, such as College Humor and The Onion. Her favorite credit is that she in Vejle Looking for womentoinght a cast member on the PBS Kids Will You Accept This Rose?

Podcast The Nerdist Network presents: Artists Annaliese Puccini Annaliese Puccini, best known for her time on "The Bachelor" Aries season and "Bachelor in Paradise," where she found love but went through a devastating public breakup. He began his career at Venmo, then transitioned to Fin. Saturday January 12, 4: Salute to Bill Plympton: SF Sketchfest is thrilled to present an afternoon with acclaimed animator Bill Plympton, who will present a collection of new and classic short films, demonstrate live drawing onstage, and take your questions.

After the show, each audience member will have the opportunity to meet Bill Plympton and have him create a complementary original piece of art Tinogasta Prostitute in you can take home! Bill Plympton is considered the King of Indie Animation, and is the first person to hand draw an entire animated feature film.

After producing many shorts that appeared on MTV and Spike and Mike's, he turned his talent to feature films. Sincehe's made twelve feature films. Co-presented by the Cartoon Art Museum. Artists Bill Plympton Bill Plympton is considered the King of Indie Animation, and is the first person to hand draw an entire animated feature film. To have a chance at winning some prizes, bring a movie themed name tag! Afterwards he looked for a podcast that was like people talking about docs at parties.

So now Doc Dorks Paco Romane and George Chen chat with interesting people with strong opinions about their favorite documentaries. Just like at parties. They talk to some of the manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating Ujungpandang phones in Horny ladies people from the world of Television, Film, Music and more. The guests are as varied as the documentaries they cover: Ron Hubbard, about Going Clear: Artists Alex Falcone I'm Alex.

I'm a comedian and writer living in Portland, OR. I won Portland's Funniest Person in which is kindof a big deal. His writing has been nominated for two Emmys and a Writers Guild Award. He's written for "The President Show," "Nintendo of Molly Sanchez Molly Sanchez is a writer, comedienne, and lover of burritos everywhere. She also cohosts the podcasts Paco Romane Paco Romane is a comedian, actor, writer, voice-over actor, improviser, multi-instrumentalist and podcaster. His hilarious, engaging, and authentic comedic style has established him as an audience favorite.

So he created "Sup Doc" and asked fellow Saturday January 12, 5: Artists Death Hammer Hailing from the northern darkness of Portland Oregon, Death Hammer has been delighting and destroying audiences with its unique brand of brutality for over two years. ESC has been writing, producing, and directing manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating quarterly shows sincedrawing regular fans to Stage Werx Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating. Each show approaches a different theme from Saturday January 12, 7: His style is raw and grating but relatable, like a sandblaster, or your first divorce.

His ability to pull humor out of everyday Zainab Johnson Zainab Johnson, a stand-up comedian, actress and writer, is quickly being propelled as one of the most unique and engaging performers on stage and screen.

Emma Haney SinceEmma Haney has been delighting audiences with her dry, absurdist wit at comedy clubs and colleges up and down the West Coast. She has opened for Scott Capurro and Sara Tiana, and most recently has She got her start in comedy while at university in Northeast England. Since moving back home to Oakland inGeneva has found Naomi Ekperigin Naomi Ekperigin is an actor, stand-up, and writer.

Shawn Felipe Honolulu, Hawaii comedian, actor and personality, Shawn Felipe is known for his laconic and clever real-life stories as they expand internationally. Torio Van Grol Torio Van Grol was first discovered by a gentleman naturalist incausing an uproar among the clergy, who claimed that he was placed on Earth by God as a test of faith. After much careful study, Torio has been widely accepted as real, though some controversy lingers.

Gettin' Better with Ron Funches This show has been canceled. He is an excellent stand up comedian, actor and writer. Ron has built an manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating acting resume.

Ron is a great writer too. Ron is also a pretty solid dad and friend. He manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating in Southern California with his son. Ron Funches Ron Funches is a manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating threat. Running for more than 10 years in Los Angeles, The Facebook show plucks two random people from the audience to get their Facebook page examined and then turned into long form improvised comedy scenes based entirely on their profile, pictures, comments and status.

Chad Carter is a trained physicist. Charlie Sanders Charlie Sanders was born and raised on the mean streets of St. Jason Mantzoukas Writer, actor, and producer Jason Mantzoukas is in high demand both on and off-screen due to his notorious improv style and impeccable comedic timing. Nick Kroll Nick Kroll is an actor, writer and producer. He most recently co-created and voices numerous roles on the Netflix animated series "Big Mouth," which has been heralded by the Hollywood Reporter as "sweet, progressive and breathtakingly filthy.

Since studying with them, Owen has written, directed and performed in many shows at the UCB Theatre and served as the theater's Artistic Director. Owen now resides in Los Angeles Phil Jackson Phil is a performer, writer, and musician originally from Yardley, Pennsylvania.

Streisand at the Bon Soir In at age 19, Barbra Streisand was already in Eirunepe Prostitute her mark in NYC, performing an array of jazz classics in between humorous musings and eccentric jokes.

She was wacky, brilliant and beautiful and had a musical sensibility that was far too advanced manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating someone her age. This show hopes to capture Barbra's unique essence before she became a household name.

Matteo has performed as a stand-up comedian all over the country and can also be seen on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and upcoming on Netflix's The Comedy Lineup.

QUEERY explores individual stories of identity, personality and the shifting cultural matrix around gender, sexuality and civil rights. She has appeared in films featured at the Sundance and Jak Knight and Zack Fox: Stand up, Music, interviews everything is on the table for this manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating show.

Best to leave clenched booty holes at home! Hosted by Sid Singh. He had previously recorded shows From the bright-eyed newbies and the seen-it-all veterans to the clueless seasonal hires and the in-it-for-life managers, together they tackle the day-to-day grind of rabid bargain hunters, riot-causing sales and nap-worthy training sessions. Ferrera is an award-winning actress and producer known for her breakthrough role as Betty Suarez on ABC's hit comedy "Ugly In the spring ofFeldman returned to the theater in "The Siegel Prior to that, he was a series regular As a child, she loved creating characters and making movies at home, which led to her involvement in theater starting manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating age For the first time ever--the hit AdultSwim.

Saturday January 12, 8: Hosted by Leah Rudick. Bad Asians is a showcase featuring Asian comics doing stand up, being interviewed, and colorful commentary on current events and culture. Your best course may be to tread lightly around this line-up of hilarious provocateurs and troublemakers, hosted by Imran G and David Garzon in Hot horny old ladies Andrew was born and raised in the Bay Area to Filipino One half of The Bad Asians Show, the premier comedy showcase featuring Asian comics, David is a mainstay both in the local scene and comedy clubs across America.

David is a refreshingly Imran G Imran G hits the manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating with intensity and clever quips that keep his audience enthralled and roaring with laughter. Imran has been a semi-finalist in the San Francisco International He chronicles the journey of growing up as an immigrant kid hanging out with mostly Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating and Latino kids in the Midwest to rocking skinny jeans and v-neck t-shirts in California.

Joseph Nguyen Subtle but sharp, laid-back yet engaging, Joseph Nguyen is the smart slacker beloved by audiences for his easygoing delivery and good writing. At home in all venues from clubs to cafes, Joseph is a regular at the Punch Line and other Bay Area clubs as well as a member of local group Moon Choe Moon is a promising young up and comer on the San Francisco comedy, but make no mistake, this little lady is no one trick pony.

Moon's diverse background bestows fodder to bring the house down with chortles, giggles, and guffaws. Not Born and raised in manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating sweet lap of luxury, Moon Growing up in the Bay Area, Ryan went through the ringer of high academic standards and strict parenting but came out a clown with a degree in Physics.

Only ever using his degree to estimate the maximum distance he can Plus one token queer dude inspired by the many comedy shows that feature just one token woman. Dominique Gelin Dominique Nude Innsbruck in Girls no singles is a comedian in San Francisco who offers strong opinions on stupid things, -isms, and assholes. Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating all very fascinating.

Currently suffering a college sentence at UC Berkeley by her immigrant parents, comedian Sureni Weerasekera combines her puppy-like heart with the void where her soul The Daily Show Writers Stand-Up Show features the comics behind the jokes that make you laugh every night on Comedy Central's premiere late night show. These comedians tour the country performing their own material that you won't see on The Daily Show. From making fun of their failed dating lives, being a cat owner, or talking Trump, this show has something for everyone!

Daytime Talk at Night Daytime Talk at Night was formed in September by a group of experienced improvisers who wanted to play in a format where character and conflict could be explored.

The performers in this group have played locally, as well as at festivals all around the country, including The Del Saturday January 12, 9: Andie Main Andie Main is a Portland based comedian who just completed moderating and writing the show A Town Hall with Paul Ryan starring Chris Fairbanks, which toured in midwestern swingstates the day after Paul Ryan announced his retirement.

There is no possible reason that Paul Ryan retired Aviva Siegel Aviva is a stand-up comic by day, and a stand-up comic by night. Her jokes are silly clown horn sound yet personal awoogaand she really just wants to have fun up there. Ben Harkins Ben Harkins is a Portland based comedian. Come dressed as your favorite Lebowski character, order a white Russian, and abide. Robinson, Kelley Stoltz, Stephen Yerkey and more. She is also an educator and is the co-founder and director of the Literacy Bart Davenport Bart Davenport might be a multitude then in Trancas First date things, depending on whom you ask.

He lives and writes songs in Los Angeles. Sincewhen his group New Klezmer Trio "kicked open the door for radical experiments with Ashkenazi roots music Robinson, frontman for art rock agonistes OXBOW, has also not only appeared in beer commercials for Gus Van Sant and horrible movies with convicted felon Bill Cosby, but he's also authored books on fighting, crime and threesomes. I love to sing.

I love to sing and play the cello simultaneously. For the last 10 years I played, sang John Schott John Schott is an accomplished jazz guitarist and composer with six critically acclaimed CDs of original music released over 22 years.

His performances have taken him to four continents and 23 US states. Kelley Stoltz Extra fine songwriter and longtime bedroom-pop auteur Kelley Stoltz delivers on the promise so many of his records slyly hint at. Que Aura is the platonic ideal of a Kelley Stoltz record, which is a very exciting thing indeed. Stoltz embraces his best synth-pop tendencies, with this He has been performing in the Bay Area for over two decades now, performing a variety of genres of music, and has played with such Jazz legends as Ray Brown, Mao in Hot bitch Dobson, Bill Berry, Maria Stephen Yerkey Stephen Yerkey has made hundreds of dollars in the music business and yet still has time for those who put him wherever he is today.

His responsibilities in the past have included being caretaker of Fast Floyd and His Famous Firebirds' beer garden, and he is a noted West Coast collector Seth Morris, Jason Mantzoukas and Nick Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating once again return to SF Sketchfest for a night filled with stories, characters, improv and locally sourced, sustainable facial hair. From pretending to be corporate customer service, the corporation itself, or city governments, Hope This Helps opens up a world of chaos.

The West Wing Weekly is an episode-by-episode discussion of one of television's most beloved shows, co-hosted by one of its stars, Joshua Malina, along with Hrishikesh Hirway of Song Exploder.

Artists Hrishikesh Personals Nuussuaq in adult Free Hrishi is a musician and composer, and a political news junkie. He scored the films "Our Nixon" in Sex Antakya meeting "Save the Date.

These are the misadventures of a group of misfits that accidentally found themselves on the wrong side of a wormhole. Get a sneak peak at this disastrous space opera before its February debut. The universe will never be the same. It has generated millions of views and was one of the first projects to ever be successfully She can currently be seen fighting dark forces opposite John C. Kirsten Vangsness Kirsten Vangsness is a dedicated member of the Los Angeles theatre community as both an actor and a playwright.

From Shaq-Fu to Bible Adventures to even more Shaq-Fu, get a chance to see some of the most terrible, poorly reviewed games of all time - and even get a chance to win them. Brian Altano has been added. In May ofshe completed her first tour of the U. Max Scoville By day, Max Scoville is a video host for IGN, covering games, movies, comics, toys and sometimes interviewing celebrities despite his staggering social anxiety.

By night, he records embarrassing podcasts to prevent future employment, including "The Comedy Button," a late-night zoo Nick Scarpino Nick Scarpino is a manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating comedian and professional podcaster.

Her bubbly personality and contagious smile lure in audiences and her comedic abilities keep them laughing. Capitol PUNishment is a fast-paced, in-the-moment spectacle that combines everything you love about gameshows, rap-battles, and "dad" jokes, into a unique and hilarious competitive format. Audiences have cheered, groaned, and loved often all at once Capitol PUNishment for over two years.

The show has enjoyed a nearly year-long string of sold-out performances from Sacramento to Mill Valley, where Capitol PUNishment had a pilot taping manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating the famous Throckmorton Theater. The show utilizes a PUNwheel to select a random topic, keeping the rotating line-up of four contestants per show and audiences on their intellectual toes. Competitors must outlast, outwit, and outpun each other to get Chau Prostitute in Luan the final round: Mark Burg referees each round, bringing his own brand of wit to the show, and keeps things going at a quick and steady rhythm.

Interludes featuring Daniel and Damian facing off using crowd-suggested topics keep the audience engaged and impressed, as the lightning quick duo battle each other, forming puns and trying to out-do each other in real time.

Once a tournament champion emerges, he or she moves on to the boss battle, which becomes an endurance run, with the "bosses" having all the advantages.

Can the tournament champion survive and defeat Damian and Daniel? Only a handful have! He has opened for You can see her in the Now, in lieu of couples counseling, they work out their issues by improvising together! The two are known for their sketches which blend period pieces Martha Kelly is a stand-up comedian and actor based out of Austin, TX. Her Comedy Central Half Hour special is available at www. Marks Theater in Manhattan's East Village.

Johnny Pemberton has been added. Spooky Dookie has been added. Spooky Dookie Spooky Dookie is Chicago's premiere two-woman female sketch duo. Their comedy is dark and polished, like a river stone. Your laughter will be loud and raucous, like a river stone. Couples Therapy is a new podcast hosted by real-life comedian couple Naomi Ekperigin and Andy Beckerman.

Based on the popular live show of the same name, the Couples Therapy podcast will mix hilarious live stand-up sets with in-studio deep dives into the relationships between comedian couples and friends. Audiences will get to hear some of their favorite--and soon-to-be-favorite--comedians talk about their connections to the people closest to them. You'll hear from siblings who aren't thrilled to be roommates now that they're adults; two buddies who get a lot of material from their weekend partying; and exes who realized it was way healthier for both of them if they broke up.

As guests share their stories, Naomi and Andy explore their ownrelationship both on stage and in the studio. Pussy in Mostar Best your hearts and loosen your butts cause Couples Therapy mixes all the laughs of a stand-up comedy show with all the intimacy of a private therapy sesh! Artists Andy Beckerman Chhnang Kompong girls Sexy in Beckerman has been writing and performing comedy since Inhe co-created and executive produced a comedic pilot about race called Inside Caucasia for truTV and served It's all he fun of a comedy show mixed with the intimacy of a private therapy sesh!

Naomi is a Los Angeles-based SundayJanuary Do you like to enjoy a delicious brunch and then giggle with a cuddly comedian? Then this weird and special event to fuck in Sixaola Down for you! Join Ron Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating and his friends as they manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating comedy while you nibble on assorted brunch delectables.

Ron Funches is a triple threat. Sunday January 13, 9: Sunday January 13, From the creators of the 1 podcast for families comes a hilarious musical sketch comedy show, based on stories written by real kids!

Plus, at every performance, the cast improvises a brand new story written on the spot by the kids in the audience. This highly interactive show sparks the imaginations of kids and adults alike, inspiring everyone in the family to start telling their own stories. Watch them get into heated conversations about religion, gentrification, Dasht Marv Prostitute in, and baseball. Watch Ashok drink 2 liters of tea in an hour without urinating once.

Watch them infuriate each other with their patented brand of spontaneous and incisive fraternal psycho-analysis. Watch them go off on tangents with widely varying levels of success. Anything is possible during this freewheeling, mind-melting performance.

He was most notably a member of influential rap group Das Racist, a rap group which toured throughout the world and played Primavera, Bumbershoot, Bonnaroo, Carnegie Hall, and many venues across the world. Sunday January 13, 1: Janeane Garofalo and Arden Myrin give the makers of Ritalin a run for their money in this comedy podcast. These two ladies have surrendered to the fact that they can never stay on the same train of thought for more than a few minutes and it works for them.

Together they lead their comedy and celebrity guests on a winding trail of topics. You know those podcasts where famous people recount their lives and careers, and then things get emotional?

That is NOT this show! Hosted by internet superstar Grace Helbig, "Not Too Deep" is a ridiculous, silly, and unapologetically superficial interview podcast, that is more about the laffs than about the feels. Sunday January 13, 4: Kamau Bell, who will sit down for an in-depth conversation with his longtime friend and fellow comedian Hari Kondabolu.

Ending Racism in About an Hour. One time, on his website, Kamau wrote about getting kicked out of The Elmwood Cafe in Berkeley on his birthday because they thought he was harassing his wife. Listen to his appearance on "This American Life" for all the details.

The Benson Movie Interruption: Traumatized manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating Erin and Jason Traumatized with Erin and Jason is a comedy podcast in which we rewatch the children's movies that terrified us as kids, and reexamine them in the cold light of adulthood.

This means that we make jokes about them. We cover children's movies and TV shows from our own childhoods, which keeps us in focused in the '80s and mid-'90s, though we will occasionally talk about movies from the '70s if it's a real classic or heavily requested.

Erin is a lifelong performer, with a background in theater, improv, and occasional stand-up. Jason is a musician and DJ, and he has a Master's degree in film studies, which means he actually knows what he's talking about, so there is actual knowledge interspersed with the fast-paced banter, pop culture references, and puns.

A few reviews from our listeners: I found this podcast, listened to the first few episodes, and now I'm hooked. Nostalgia, humor, bafflement over the things our parents were willing to stick in the VCR to buy a few hours of quiet from us -- what more could I ask for in a podcast?

Jason is equally sharp and funny, and they play off one another so well! Artists Traumatized with Erin and Jason "Traumatized" was born when Erin Ridgeway and Jason Apple realized that every time they had a conversation, they were hosting a podcast in their own minds, so they added mics to make it a reality. When they discovered they had manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating been personally victimized by Tim Burton's "Batman Sunday January 13, 5: Artists Andie Main Andie Main is a Portland based comedian who just completed moderating and writing the show A Town Hall with Paul Ryan starring Chris Fairbanks, which toured in midwestern swingstates the day after Paul Ryan announced his retirement.

Founded inSecret Family has brought the funniest, weirdest, and, yes, the coolest sketch comedy performances that the University of California has manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating seen. These college kids will Sunday January 13, 7: Brooke Heinichen Brooke is a San Francisco-based up-and-coming stand-up comic who talks too fast and smiles too much. She performs nightly at clubs, bars, theaters, and wineries all over the Bay, and produces Bay Area showcases Resistance is Fertile, Brave New Jokes, Jokelandish, and regular fundraiser Gary Hughes There isn't a better feeling in the world than making people laugh, at least Gary Hughes thinks so.

The Oakland native sets out to let his humor be known amongst mammels all around. Also, he knows as long as they keep letting him write his own bios he can treat this like an interview In he co-founded Cynic Cave Bring on the bearstack! Get ready for a laugh out loud improv game based on live drawings of the beloved bear bros, see an all-new exclusive episode from the hit animated series and more. Co-presented by the Cartoon Art Museum Scheduled to appear: Eric Edelstein Eric Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating is an actor, improv performer and writer who has amassed some fantastic comedic work throughout his time in Los Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating. Eric has had recurring roles Sassen began her career at Cartoon Network Studios in This Might Get Weird with Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart Grace, an introvert from Jersey, and Mamrie, a firecracker from North Carolina are best friends sharing stories of their personal shenanigans, venting about pop culture nonsense and talking through new, dumb things that caught their attention.

With Reductress editors Taylor Garron and Eva Victor An extension of our popular monthly show in New York and Los Angeles, your hosts Taylor and Eva take you through the weird manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating of Reductress alongside some of our favorite stand-ups and comedians. The show pits scientists against comedians in a rapid-fire competition that tests both knowledge and wit.

Sincethe show has been entertaining audiences while simultaneously educating them and sometimes disgusting them.

Very rarely, audience members are forced to reconsider their own relative insignificance in the universe and wonder what it all truly means. In her past life as an atheist activist and D-list blogger, she's most well known for making a scientific boob joke good enough to land on the Colbert Report.

He is funny, and sincere, and is trying to be a good human. He will add to his pile of comedy albums and specials when he records, "Not For Rehire" for Pound Gorilla Records in February of In Jensen's first book Rebecca Watson Rebecca Watson is the founder of the "Skepchick Network," a collection of sites focused on science and critical thinking.

In addition to hosting Quiz-o-Tron, a rowdy, live quiz show Steve Silberman Steve Silberman is a writer and contributing editor for Wired who covers science and society. The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity" explores neurodiversity and the manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating between autism and genius. Sunday January 13, 8: Deep Night with Dale's Vortex Variety Hour Join wellness guru and possible cult leader, Dale Seever comedian James Bewley as he welcomes a stellar lineup of comedians, musicians, and noted experts for a cosmically-attuned variety show with a focus on manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating future.

Will we need gills to survive? Can I marry a drone? Are ghosts still a thing in ? Dale explores all these questions and more as he plummets through a range of possible timelines with help from his guests: Featuring psychedelic sounds from the band, Agouti.

Escaping from chronic fatigue and dysfunctional routine, she ruminated on what to do next. Caruso realized many of her musical facets - early experiences Comics of the Future Comics of the Future. Wearing his signature black turtleneck and owl-shaped amulet, Dale opens in Fuck Santacruzdetenerife pussy a portal to an hour of regrets, revelations, and rising stars.

Dale has performed across the country to sold-out halls He has presented work both as Dale and under his own name, as part of numerous comedy and storytelling events around the country including SF Sketchfest Rose Eveleth Rose Eveleth is a producer, designer, writer and animator. She's dabbled in everything from research on pelagic invertebrates to animations about beer to podcasts about fake tumbleweed farms.

These days, she explores how humans tangle with science and technology. She's been a columnist Peaches Christ has been shocking and entertaining people from all over the world with her unique combination of Golden Age Hollywood and Slasher Horror humor for more than 20 years.

The alter-ego of Joshua Grannell, who turns 45 this night, Peaches Christ is a San Francisco treasure, one of its deepest, darkest jewels that has had audiences rolling in the seats and aisles of both The Castro and the late-lamented Bridge, where her now legendary cult movie series, "Midnight Mass," was born back in the summer of We invite you to come to The Castro tonight for this celebration, destruction, and rebuilding-with-love of all things Peaches Christ as we roast this Bloody Queen of Queens within an inch of her life.

Some of her nearest and dearest friends are here for this one-night-only experience, bound to keep us all laughing through the rest of the year with brilliant zingers and one-liners like only a roast of this magnitude can do.

Halloween icon and quintessential symbol of all things spooky, the one and only Mistress of the Dark. Back inwho could have imagined the hostess of a local Hollywood Horror movie show would grow to become a household On manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating, Miss Coco is best known Heather Matarazzo Heather Matarazzo has almost 3 decades of award-winning and critically-acclaimed performances in both major studio film as well as independent cinema.

Jinkx Monsoon Jinkx Monsoon is a hard working single mother with ambition. The duo have also released two albums: Other film roles include Nancy, the mother Her infamous cult-movie events are self-produced at the Castro Theatre and regularly draw over 1, attendees to each new production. Sister Roma Sister Roma! Marcus Williams Marcus Williams is a stand-up comedian posing as a structural engineer during business hours. As a comedian Nick has performed all over the country including at Bridgetown MondayJanuary SF Sketchfest is honored to pay tribute to Carol Burnett for this in-person conversation at the historic Castro Theatre.

Indiana Authors Books

Carol Burnett, an award-winning actress and best-selling author, is widely recognized by the public and her peers for her work for her comedic and dramatic roles manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating television, film, and Broadway, most notably "The Carol Burnett Show.

As a highly acclaimed actress, Ms. Born in San Antonio, Texas, inMs. Burnett, her mother, and grandmother moved to a less-than-glamorous section of Hollywood in the late s. Raised in a small studio apartment by her grandmother, but with no financial means, Ms. Burnett could only dream of college. While studying journalism, she took an acting class, and the rest is history. After moving to New York City, Ms. Burnett staged a musical revue, featuring her out-of-work roommates from The Rehearsal Club, a theatrical boarding house, performing material by unemployed writers and composers.

Soon, offers for manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating stock and 13 weeks' work on Paul Winchell's television show followed.

SF Sketchfest Full Schedule

Shortly thereafter, she landed the leading role of Princess Winifred in the original Broadway musical production of "Once Upon a Mattress. She remained a regular on Garry Moore for the next four years. During this period, Carol met Julie Andrews and the two became close friends. After the duo appeared in their Emmy-winning special, "Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall," CBS took notice of this emerging new talent and manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating her to a ten-year contract.

After the show concluded inCarol immersed herself in numerous projects. She wrote three New York Times bestsellers: Laughter and Reflection," "Carrie and Me: There was nothing there for him to do and, leaving his wife and baby at Shakoppee, he took boat and went down the river to Greenville, Miss. Paul and Minneapolis and planted two acres to flax, said to have been the first field manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating flax raised in that state, which later became a leader in flax production.

He also planted at Spring Lake, fifteen miles south of Shakoppee, a grove of walnut trees, the first trees of this variety in that region. Before he could get this flax to market fire destroyed his warehouse and his dwelling, with contents, leaving him again stripped.

In the next spring April, his wife and one of the children, another child by this time having arrived in their home, died of typhoid fever. Through with Minnesota, he disposed of his little plot of ground and in June returned to Ohio, manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating at Alliance he secured an interest in a flax mill.

Affairs prospered with him there and in the following winter he was able to secure control of the mill through purchase. Presently a better opportunity presented at Wooster and, selling his page: Two years later fire again interrupted his efforts, the mill being destroyed with its contents, and with no insurance. Dauntlessly he rebuilt the mill and resumed operations, continuing there until in the spring ofwhen he sold the place at a profit. It was then that he came to Muncie, the date of his arrival here being July 4, His operations here were successful from the start, though he from time to time suffered other fire losses, particularly in the fall ofand it was not long until he became recognized as one of the most successful manufacturers in his line in the country.

During his residence in Muncie, he invented machinery for use in manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating flax industry— shipping many of these machines to his native country. Other industries also were started by him, as has been told; a handle factory, a shoe factory, a rivet mill, a basket factory and the like, and long before the gas boom came on he had become one of the largest employers of labor in eastern Indiana.

Alexandria Girls Swim & Dive #mannequinchallenge

Inat the age of seventy-seven years, Mr. Boyce arranged his affairs so that he could retire from his general activities, and his death followed in September of that year. Reference has been made above to Mr. Boyce's individual activities during the days of the natural gas "boom. It also is agreed that his was the largest personal influence operating to bring about the location at Muncie of the Ball Bros.

Glass Manufacturing Company, whose plant has been developed into the greatest manufactory of glass jars in the manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating.

Boyce's love of trees was a continuing passion with him and it is agreed that to the stimulus of his influence and to his personal example in setting out shade trees along the streets is due much of the present manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating of Muncie's attractive streets.

Boyce's influence in the flax industry was widely acknowledged. During the time of his operation of the flax mill at Muncie, he invented certain mechanical devices for the improvement of operations in this industry that came into wide use in the trade, many of his machines being shipped to the older mills of his native land.

James Boyce was thrice married and Oslo in Hot want se girls the father of thirteen children. The death of his first wife has been noted above. On January 7,at Alliance, Ohio, he married Mrs. Elizabeth Shaffer, who died at Muncie on April 18, On July 10 of that same year he married Margaret Mohler, who survives him and who is now a resident of Los Angeles, Cal.

HOWARD PERSHING, veteran seed merchant at Muncie and the oldest representative of the seed business in point manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating continuous service in Delaware county, has been a resident of Muncie since and thus has been a witness to and a participant in the amazing development which has marked this community since that date. Sellers Pershing, the latter of whom was born in Preble county, Ohio, a member of one of the pioneer families of that county.

The late David R. Pershing was born in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, and was a son of Daniel Pershing, who was born in that state and who spent all his life there. Daniel Pershing Pfoerching was a son of Frederick Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating, an Alsatian emigrant of Huguenot stock, born inwho came to the American colonies in and settled at Baltimore, where he married Elizabeth Myach, who was born in Germany in and who lived to be ninety-six years of age.

In Frederick Pfoerching, whose children simplified the spelling of the family name to Pershing, moved from Baltimore to Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating county, Pennsylvania, and settled on a farm about fifty miles southeast of Pittsburgh, where he died four years later, and where his family is still represented.

He and his wife were the parents of a considerable family, the descendants of which in the present generation are said to number about 7, This is the family from which descended Gen. Pershing, general of the United States army and commander of the American Expeditionary Force in Europe during the time of this country's participation in the World war, and on Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating 8,on the old Pfoerching farm in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, there was dedicated a monument to the memory of the founder of this family in America, representatives of the family from all parts of the country being present.

Daniel Pershing, one of the sons of Frederick Pfoerching and grandfather of O. Pershing, was born in Maryland inand died in Pennsylvania in He married Christina Milliron, who was born in Pennsylvania, and had manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating children, seven sons and four daughters.

Pershing, the fifth in order of birth of these children, was born in and as a young man came to Indiana and in Wabash county manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating married to Sarah M. He afterward devoted himself to newspaper work and established the first newspaper published at Warsaw, this state, and also the first newspaper published at Rochester.

Later and Tanjungpinang Prostitute in some time he was editor of the Ft. Wayne Gazette and in came to Muncie manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating bought an interest page: When in the plant of that newspaper was destroyed by fire Mr. Pershing retired from the newspaper business and was thereafter engaged in mercantile business at Muncie, a dealer in seeds and provisions. He was a Republican and during the time of his residence at Rochester had served as auditor of Fulton county.

His last days were spent in Muncie, his death occurring there inhe then being sixty-nine years of age. His wife died at the age of sixty-six. Of the children born to them five grew to maturity and of these but two are now living, O. Pershing having a brother, Marvin W. Pershing, formerly and for many years the proprietor of the Tipton Ind.

Advocatenow living at Indianapolis, where for some years past he has been connected with the automobile registration department of the secretary of state's office.

Howard Pershing was nine years of age when his parents moved from Rochester to Whitley county and thence after a time to Warsaw, in Kosciusko county. He thus received his schooling amid varying conditions and circumstances, but became well grounded in the essentials, his father being his chief mentor along scholastic lines, and for some years as a young man was engaged in teaching school, meanwhile becoming acquainted with commercial forms through practical mercantile experience.

Pershing responded to his father's call to come to Muncie and take charge of the grocery and seed store the latter had established there and he ever since has thus been engaged in the seed business, proprietor of the store since his father's death many years ago.

It was in that O. Howard Pershing was united in marriage to Eva L. Lord, of the state of Wisconsin, and to this union three children were born, namely: Beecher, a banker, of Peru, Ind. Pershing are Republicans and are members of the Methodist Episcopal church. Pershing is affiliated with the Knights of Pythias. DUNGAN, secretary of the Muncie Savings and Loan Company and former recorder together get Ceskobudejovicka s Let tonight in Delaware county, is a native son of this county, a member of a pioneer family, and has lived here all his life.

Dungan was born in Muncie on July 5,and is a son of John W. The late John W. Dungan, a former sheriff of Delaware county, was born in Fayette county, Indiana, June 2,and was a son of Benjamin and Margaret Mitchell Dungan, the former of whom was born in Bucks county, Pennsylvania, the son of John Dungan, who had come to this country from Ireland.

Benjamin Dungan was married in Butler county, Ohio, and later became a pioneer farmer in Fayette county, this state, where he and his wife reared their family and spent the remainder of their lives, her death occurring in and his in They were the parents of ten children and thus the Dungan connection, of this family, in this generation is a considerable one.

Inwhen eighteen years of age, John W. Dungan left the home farm in Fayette county and came up here to the village which then was known as Sofia in adult Local hookers. He got a job here in the pioneer smithy of Thomas S.

Neely and after acquiring the trade opened a blacksmith shop of his own, locating the same on the corner manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating occupied by the Anthony building at Walnut and Jackson streets. In he was elected sheriff of Delaware county and was thus serving in that office when the Civil war broke out. Upon the expiration of this term of service he manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating his services for army duty and thus served until his discharge at Indianapolis in May,the war then being over.

Upon the completion of his military manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating Mr. In he was again elected sheriff and served another four-year term in that office, meantime buying a farm just south of town. Upon leaving the sheriff's Hill Broken Fuck my wife in he moved to this farm and there made his home until his retirement and return to manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating city, where he spent the manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating of his life, his death occurring in From the time of the organization of that party Mr.

Dungan had been a working Republican manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating in addition to his service in the sheriff's office had rendered public service in other capacities, including three terms as assessor of Center township and service as street commissioner in the days when Muncie was just beginning to give some effective attention to the making of its streets. It was on October 18,in Muncie, that John W.

Dungan was united in marriage to Edith Dragoo. To that union were born nine children, five of whom are still living, the subject of this sketch having two sisters, Caroline, who married William Weeks, and Jessie F. Reared at Muncie, George E. Dungan received his schooling in the schools of that city and then went to Hartford City, where he served an apprenticeship to the harness-making trade, afterward returning to Muncie and here becoming engaged in the harness business.

Four years later he became employed as a clerk in the Thomas H. Kirby grocery store and was thus engaged for four years, at the end of which time he bought that store and for six years thereafter was engaged in the grocery business on his own account. In the meantime he had been giving proper attention to local political affairs and in was elected county recorder. By re-election he served for eight years in that office and later, for three years, as president of the city board manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating works.

In the meantime, almost twenty manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating ago, Mr. Dungan had become a member of the directorate of the Muncie Savings manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating Loan Company and in he was elected secretary of this institution, which position he since has occupied, with offices at the southeast corner manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating Adams and High streets. Dungan married Ida Kelly, daughter of Johial Kelly, of Muncie, and to this union five children have been born, namely: Bingham Ball, who were the parents of eight children, six sons— Lucius L.

An account of Mr. Ball's ancestry, early life and business career will be found in the biography of his brother, Edmund Burke Ball, presented manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating in this work. These two brothers are of nearly the same age and it is impossible to separate their activities from earliest childhood to the present day.

Ball and his four brothers have been very closely associated in all their many interests, outside of as well as in their business. They have taken an active interest in public affairs. They have contributed more than one million dollars to public institutions. Among some of the more manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating page: Edmund Arthur Ball, a veteran of the World war and present commander of the Diekirch Local sluts in Division of the American Legion and advanced to the rank of lieutenant colonel, who is associated with the operations of the Ball Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating Company in an executive capacity and concerning whom further mention is made elsewhere in this work, married Frances Davies and has two children, Arthur Brady and Barbara.

Margaret Ball married Fred Petty and is now living in St. Adam Wolfe, who died in the spring ofwas born in Washington county, Pennsylvania, inand was a son of John and Catherine Devore Wolfe, who in moved manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating their family to Ohio and settled in Coshocton county. He early became engaged in the mercantile business in Ohio, later extended his interests into Indiana and in located at Muncie, where he became successfully engaged in banking and merchandising.

He and his wife were the parents of seven children. Brady, father of Mrs. Ball, was in his generation one of the best known men in Indiana. He was a son of John Brady, first mayor of the city of Muncie and concerning whom full and fitting mention is made elsewhere in this work, and was from the days of his boyhood an active factor in Muncie's affairs.

Born inhe had just come into his majority when the Civil war broke out. He at once enlisted his services in behalf of the cause of the Union and went out as captain of the first company of soldiers page: In he was given a colonel's commission and continued his service until mustered out in July,the war then being over, and he was retired with the brevet rank of brigadier general.

General Brady later became engaged in newspaper work at Muncie, and later was appointed assistant postmaster general under President Hayes manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating his last days were spent in the East. To him and his wife were born three children, Mrs. Adams is one of the leading artists in the middle West.

Adams is also an artist of note and excels in painting still life. Albright Wingate, both of whom also are natives of Indiana and who are now living at Albany. Wingate is a son of James W. Wingate, former farmer and banker at Albany, who came to Indiana from Maryland in the days of his young manhood and who after his marriage settled on a farm in the immediate vicinity of Albany, in this county, where he reared a family of nine or ten children, the Wingate connection in the present generation thus being a considerable one.

When "boom" times came on at Albany thirty years ago James W. Wingate became engaged in banking there and was president of the bank when he died at the age of eighty-seven. Reared on the home farm in the vicinity of Albany, Wilfred W. Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating received his schooling in the schools of that village and at Valparaiso University, and as a young man became engaged as assistant cashier in the Albany State Bank, a position he occupied for about two years, at the end of which manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating he became interested in the clay products line, taking employment in a factory engaged in that line and was thus employed for five years or until his entrance into army service in the summer of It was in August of that year that Mr.

Wingate returned home and ineffected the organization and incorporation of the National Clay Products and Silo Company, page: This company was organized for the purpose of manufacturing clay products, hollow building tile and silos a specialty, and has developed an extensive business, its area of distribution including not only Indiana but Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating, western New York and Michigan.

Wingate is president and general manager of this company, C. Frick is vice president, C. In girl outdoor Wanting meet Melun to second vice president, F. Pittenger secretary-treasurer, and C. Wingate assistant secretary-treasurer, these and O. Strong constituting the stockholders.

Tracy was born in Elmwood, Ill. He early became employed in office work, and in he became connected with the Dawes Bros. Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating company as manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating elsewhere in this work, is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of gas in Muncie as well as in a number of cities and towns surrounding Muncie. Tracy enjoys a wide acquaintance in public utility circles, and is a past president of the Indiana Gas Association.

In at Chicago, Ill. Tracy was united in marriage to Elizabeth F. Force, daughter of Merton H. Force, of that city, and to this union two children have been born, a son, Frederick B. Tracy are members of Grace Episcopal church and Mr. Tracy is a member of the vestry and treasurer of that parish. CHARLES HENRY CHURCH, cashier of the Delaware County National Bank of Muncie, treasurer of the Muncie Loan and Savings Company, a charter member and former president of the Indiana Bankers Association and long recognized as the dean of the bankers of Delaware county, the oldest continuing banker in the county, is a native of the old Empire state but has been a resident of Indiana and of Muncie for nearly forty years and has never had cause to regret the choice which brought him over here from Ohio back in the days when the discovery of natural gas here opened up a new field for development in this region.

Church was born in the hamlet of Church Hollow, in Chenango county, New York, May 7,and was but three years of age when his mother died. His father, William Church, was a merchant and the postmaster of Church Hollow, served for some time as sheriff of Chenango county and also represented that district in the New York state legislature. His last days were spent in Orange county, New York.

Reared in his home village, Charles H. Church completed his schooling in the academy there and early became identified with his father's mercantile enterprises. He was married in and three or four years later, inmade his home at New London, Ohio, where he became engaged in merchandising and in the grain business, operating not only a general store but two grain elevators.

He also in Vaduz in horny Mature sex year promoted the organization of the First National Bank of New London and was elected vice president and manager of the bank. For fifteen years Mr. Church continued in business at New London and then, early inattracted by the live girls fucking xxx Osorno Sexual in possibilities attending the opening of the natural gas field here about that time, he manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating of his interests at that place and moved to Muncie, where he aided in the organization of the Delaware County Bank and was elected cashier of that institution.

Five years later when this bank was nationalized under the name of the Delaware County National Bank, Mr. Church was retained as cashier and by successive re-elections has continued to occupy that responsible position, his service in this connection thus covering a period of thirty-seven years. At the end of five years this bank's deposits aggregated a quarter of a million dollars and it then applied for a national bank charter, which it received in November,the charter number being Under this reorganization page: Church also was an active factor in manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating organization in of the Muncie Savings and Loan Company, one of the original directors of that concern, and was elected treasurer of the company upon its organization, a position he ever since has occupied.

When the movement to organize the Indiana Bankers Association had its inception in Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating. Church Kabul in horney Hot women one of the forceful factors in that organization and was the secretary of the initial meeting of the bankers held at Indianapolis in that year.

He also was made a member of the committee manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating constitution and by-laws of the association and the constitution which he thus helped to frame is still in force with few amendments. Church was elected president of the Indiana Bankers Association. In other ways he has been serviceable in this association which started out with a membership of forty and now has a membership of more than 1, Church arrived in Muncie in the spring of the town had a population of around 8, as against its present population of around 40, and it is freely acknowledged that in this development he has been one of the most potent personal factors.

Church cast his first presidential vote for Abraham Lincoln in and has ever been a consistent Republican. While still living in New York he became a charter member of the Masonic lodge organized in his home town and served the lodge as one of its first masters. Upon moving to New London he helped to organize a lodge of Freemasons there and was first master of the same. His interest in Masonry has been maintained during the long period of his residence in In Anyang Prostitute and for more than twenty years he has been treasurer of the local commandery, Knights Templar.

For six consecutive years he also served as priest of the local chapter, Royal Arch Masons. In December,Charles H. Church was united in marriage to Louisa J. Tyler, who was born and reared at Norwalk, Get Tiraspol together s in Let tonight, daughter of Henry P. Church have two sons, William H. Church, who is engaged in the wholesale grocery business at Peru, Ind. Church, who is engaged in the wholesale lumber and paint business at Denver, Colo.

Though still physically hale and hearty and mentally as manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating as manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating, daily active in the banking business, Mr. Church realizes that page: On May 7 of the current year he entered upon the eighty-sixth year of his life and the occasion was made one of many congratulatory and complimentary messages from friends in all walks of life. ELLIS, treasurer of the Citizens Finance Association of Muncie and a former banker of that city, now engaged in the flour and feed business there, was born in Muncie and has lived there the greater part of his life, active in civic and commercial affairs since the days of his boyhood.

Ellis was born on May 31,and is a son of John S. Rickard Ellis, the latter of whom also was born in this county, April 20,a member of one of the pioneer families here. The late John Seymour Ellis, for many years one of the best known figures in the public life of Delaware county, was born in Knox county, Ohio, August 15,and was a son of Robert and Casander Schweckard Ellis, the latter of whom was born in Rockingham county, Virginia, ina daughter of John Schweckard.

Robert Ellis was born in Lycoming county, Pennsylvania, October 11,a son of William and Eleanor Ellis, the former of whom, a native of Montgomeryshire, Wales, was a soldier in the Continental army during the time of the Revolutionary war.

Robert Ellis and Casander Schweckard were married in Licking county, 'Ohio, and later became residents of Knox county, that state, where they made their home, Robert Ellis following his vocation as a stone mason, until inwhen they moved with their family over into Indiana and established their home on a farm in Hamilton township, this county, where they spent the remainder of their lives, Robert Ellis's death occurring in December,and that of his widow in the year following, and both are buried in Beech Grove cemetery.

John Seymour Ellis was ten years of age when he came to Delaware county with his parents in and he grew to manhood on the home farm in Hamilton township. He taught school for two terms, spending his vacations working as a carpenter, and then went West and was for a time employed on a big cattle ranch in Iowa. When twenty-one years of age he married and for three or four years thereafter was engaged in farming and carpentering, living just manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating of Muncie.

He then moved into town and became employed in clerical work, for which his tastes inclined him, clerking in stores and also was for some time "on the road" as a commercial traveler. During the incumbency of John Eiler as postmaster of Muncie Mr. Ellis served as deputy postmaster page: Upon leaving the postoffice he moved with his family to Columbus, Ohio, and it was during his residence in that city and his later residence in Detroit that he developed his fine specialty for public park improvement, attaining in those cities a record of important service along that line and also in the development of the great Palmer Park.

Ellis was away from Muncie for more than fifteen years and upon his return here did much to promote the development of Muncie's park system. He resumed his former commercial activities upon his return here, worked for a while in the store of the Keller company and in the McNaughton department store and also kept up his newspaper writing, and it was in that he published his informative and illuminating little volume, "Our County; Its History Anuradhapura in Sexy women mature Early Development by Townships," a labor of love which is coming to be appreciated in the community more and more as the years pass.

Ellis was elected justice of the peace about that time and rendered four years of service in that office. In he was elected a member of the board of county commissioners and by re-election served for four years in that important office, during which time he was elected vice president of the Indiana State Association of County Commissioners.

Ellis's writings were not confined to the plain prose of newspaper expression but were carried out in the more graceful forms of poetry, much of which remains in enduring form, one of his works along this line being Bentiu Prostitute in "Songs of St. Matthew," a metrical paraphrase of the gospel of Matthew.

He was a member of the Association of Western Writers and also was for years an active figure in the meetings of the Indiana State Editorial Association. His incidental newspaper work was kept up almost to the time of his death, which occurred at Muncie on July 5, Ellis was twice married. On August 28,he was united in marriage to Sina E. Rickard, of this county, who died at Detroit, Mich.

Ellis, the latter of whom was born at Indianapolis on August 3, On December 17,John S. Sanders, a Muncie lawyer. Ellis was but a child when his parents left Muncie in the '80s and his schooling was received in the schools of Columbus, Ohio, and Detroit, Mich. When he returned with his father to Muncie in manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating, he then page: Not long afterward, however, he transferred his services to the F. Heath real estate agency and a year later began a period of service for the Keller-Bryce company, as clerk and collector.

Ellis was elected secretary of that organization. Two years later, inhe helped to organize the Peoples National Bank of Muncie and was elected first cashier manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating that institution. When four years later it was reorganized as the Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating Trust Company he was elected vice president of this latter institution, and in this capacity he continued in the banking business until his resignation in to take up the business in which he is now engaged, proprietor of the flour, feed and seed store at West Howard street.

Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating helped organize the Citizens Finance Association of Muncie and has served as treasurer of that organization since the beginning. He is a Freemason into the cryptic degree councilis a past worshipful master of Delaware lodge No. He is a Republican, as were his father and grandfather, and is a member of the First Presbyterian church.

In Charles H. Ellis married Edith B. Blair, daughter of William A. Blair, and to that union were born two children, Robert and Dorothy. Ellis died on March 13, The family home is at East Charles street. SKILLEN, general manager of the plant of the Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating Products Company of Muncie, vice president of the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce and in other ways actively identified with the commercial and industrial life of the community, manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating a native of the old Buckeye state, but has been a resident of Indiana and manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating Delaware county for thirty years.

Skillen was born at Sidney, Ohio, February 12,and is a son of William and Caroline Rice Skillen, both of whom manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating born in that same community, in Shelby county, Ohio. William Skillen, a veteran of the Civil war, was formerly and for years engaged in business at Sidney as a pension attorney. He rendered service as a soldier of the Union during the Civil war, going out with the 20th Ohio Infantrylater to a heavy artillery regiment, and served for four years, gradually gaining promotion in the field from the rank of a private to that of a captain.

At the battle of Millikin Bend he was wounded so severely as to physically handicap him the rest of his life. Skillen finished his schooling in the Sidney high school and then started out as a traveling salesman, page: In the meantime, in in Milf Telemaco dating Borba nymphos, Mr.


Skillen had become associated with H. Warner in manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating manufacture of automobile parts at Muncie, and thus became identified with the Warner interests, serving a friend for Sparti Looking close in secretary-treasurer and as vice-president of the company. In he was made treasurer of the T. Warner Company and was thus connected when that concern was sold to the General Motors Corporation in Upon this transfer Mr.

Skillen became comptroller of the Muncie Division of the General Motors Corporation, and in was made general manager of this concern, operating as the Muncie Products Company, and has since been serving in that capacity. Skillen also is vice president of the Muncie Gear Works and is interested in the local real estate business, secretary of the Skillen-Moore-Sample Company, realtors at Muncie. Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating Muncie Products Company now employes better than manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating, persons and its operations are continually expanding.

This concern manufactures some part or another of all the automobiles which form the manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating of the great General Motors Corporation. He is vice president of the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce, is affiliated with the local Rotary Club and he and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal church. Skillen reside on their farm west of Muncie. David and Olive Saunders Kilgore, both members of pioneer families in this section of Indiana.

David Kilgore was born on the old Kilgore home farm in Mt. Pleasant township, this county, and was a son of the Hon. David Kilgore, judge, congressman, banker, community builder and lawyer, concerning whom much is said elsewhere in this work and who was one of the most influential men of his generation in this section of Indiana.

Judge Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating "got his law" under the preceptorship of James B. Ray in Villa Angela Prostitute John T.

McKinney at Brookville and in came to Delaware county and entered a tract of land in Mt. In the next year he married Mary G.

VanMatre, daughter of Absalom VanMatre, one of the real pioneers of this county, and established his home on the tract he had entered from the government, and this he made his permanent residence. He straightway made his impress upon the pioneer community and in was sent to the Legislature from this district. In he was elected speaker of the House.

In he was elected judge of the extensive circuit then constituting this judicial district. In he was elected delegate from this district to the state constitutional convention, was later elected to Congress, thus serving during the Buchanan administration, and in other ways rendered service in the public behalf which impressed his name indelibly upon the records of Indiana. Of the six sons born to David and Mary VanMatre Kilgore, four served as soldiers of the Union during the Civil war, with officer's commissions.

Alfred Kilgore was a captain in the 36th Indiana, Dr. Tecumseh Kilgore was surgeon of the 13th Indiana, David Kilgore was a captain in the 19th Indiana and James Kilgore was a lieutenant in that same command. David Kilgore, fifth son of Judge David Kilgore, became a lawyer and after his marriage established his home at Anderson, county seat of the neighboring county of Madison, where he remained until his retirement from practice when he returned to the old home farm in this county and here spent his last days, his death occuring in Of the five children born to him and his wife, three are still living, the subject of this sketch having a sister, Mary Arlena, and a brother, Dr.

Byron Kilgore, of Indianapolis. Reared at Anderson, Obed Kilgore was graduated from the high school there in He then entered Indiana University and after something more than three years of study there entered the Central Indiana Normal School at Danville and from this latter institution was graduated manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating Meanwhile he had been admitted to practice at the bar of the Madison circuit court and upon completing his college work located at Anderson, where he was engaged in law practice until his removal in to Muncie, where he since has been located, with offices at the Johnson block in South Walnut street.

Kilgore is a Democrat and is now serving manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating chairman of the Delaware county Democratic page: He is a Freemason, a past noble grand of the Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating Order of Odd Fellows, a past chancellor commander of the Knights of Pythias, and is also a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles. In Obed Kilgore was united in marriage to Harriet M.

Rummel, daughter of Benjamin Rummel, of Madison county. Kilgore reside at University avenue. They are members of the Methodist Episcopal church. LANNING, principal of the Longfellow school at Muncie, has been active in school work since the days of his boyhood and thus has become a definite figure in local educational circles. Lanning was born in the village of Millgrove, in the neighboring county of Blackford, October 21,and is a son of William Jackson and Mary Thorpe Lanning, the latter of whom was born in Noble county, this state.

William Jackson Lanning was born in Blackford county, a son of Robert Lanning, one of the pioneers of that county, who had manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating there upon coming into Indiana from New Jersey, and he grew up in that county. After his marriage he became engaged in the mercantile business at Millgrove and was there located for years or until his removal to Sweetser, in the neighboring county of Grant, where he is now engaged in business, proprietor of a general store.

For thirty years William Jackson Lanning was a school teacher in Blackford county. To him and his wife were born four sons, the subject of this sketch having three brothers, Karl, Hugh and Paul Lanning. Reared at Millgrove, H. Lanning completed the course in the high school there and in began teaching school, his first work in this line being in a district school in Jackson township in his home sex Swinger Luxembourg seeking couples in. For five years Mr.

Lanning continued teaching in the schools of Blackford county, meanwhile pursuing his studies in normal work, during the summers, and manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating spent two years in the normal school, graduating inafter which he became a teacher in the high school at Rensselaer, Ind. In the following year he became principal of the fwb Looking in Kanchanaburi for school at Sweetser and was thus engaged for six years, or until inwhen he was given charge of the schools at Gaston, in this county, where he remained for three years, or manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating inwhen he was selected as principal of the Longfellow school at Muncie and has since been occupying that position.

There are ten or twelve teachers connected with the staff of the Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating school and more than pupils enrolled. Lanning are members of the Methodist Episcopal church. They reside at Almeda avenue. KEMPER, dean of the medical profession at Muncie and a resident of that city for nearly seventy years, now living practically retired, spending much of his time in California, has been a voluminous writer on medical topics, is the historian of the Indiana State Medical Association and is emeritus professor of the History of Medicine in Indiana University.

Doctor Kemper is a veteran of the Civil war with a record of more than three years of service in the army 7th and 17th regiments, Indiana Volunteer Infantryis a past commander of Williams Post, No. In a recent December, article in the Indiana Magazine of Historywriting under the head "My Childhood and Youth in the Early Days of Indiana," Doctor Kemper has manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating a valuable contribution to Indiana historical collections, preserving there much of interesting and informative detail, from personal recollection, of conditions in central Indiana during the '40s and '50s of the past century.

In he rendered a valuable local service by acting as editorial sponsor for the publication of the Lewis Publishing Company's "Twentieth Century History of Delaware County," compiled by various local authorities, his special contribution in that behalf having been an authoritative chapter on the medical profession in this county. In the period Doctor Kemper served as treasurer of the Indiana State Medical Association and in was president of that association.

He for years has been a lecturer on the history of medicine before classes of medical students and has written much along that line, these writings including more than fifty articles on medical manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating for medical journals and medical societies. His first book was on the subject of "Uses of Suffering. Kemper also was born in Garrard county, Kentucky, inof Virginia parentage, and after his marriage made his home there until inwhen he came with his family up into Indiana and established his home in Rush county.

In his recent autobiography above referred to, Doctor Kemper makes note wanting Algarve Girls sex in "my father was an ardent Whig and named me for General William Harrison. The nickname 'Tip' clung to me nearly as long as it did to the distinguished President.

Three years later, inhe returned to Indiana and began the study of medicine under local preceptorship at Greensburg. When the Civil war broke out he enlisted his services on the first call and went out with Company B of the 7th Regiment of Indiana Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating in the manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating month of the war.

Upon the completion of that term of service he re-enlisted September 25, and was appointed hospital steward in the 17th regiment Indiana.

On February 20,he was promoted to assistant surgeon of that regiment and thus served until the expiration of his term of service, July 27, He afterward carried on his medical studies in the University of Michigan and in Long Island Hospital, Brooklyn, and in June,was graduated from the latter institution. In the following August he opened an office for the practice of medicine at Muncie. In that same month he married and established his home here. He thus has been an influential factor in the life of this community for almost sixty years and no name in Delaware county is more widely known than his.

The Doctor's wife Harriet Kemper died in the year before they would have celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. Of the four children born to them, three are still living, a daughter, Mrs. Smith, and two sons, Dr. In closing the autobiography above referred to as having appeared in a recent number of the Indiana Magazine of HistoryDoctor Kemper arrives at the conclusion that "my life has been one of industry, toil and activity; sometimes I have met with hardships and occasional privation, and yet my journey has mostly been through a sunny land.

Surely goodness and mercy have ever been near me. The snows of eighty-four winters have whitened my locks, but my physical frame is fairly good considering my age. Breitwieser was born on a farm in the vicinity of Jasper, in Dubois county, Indiana, September 19,and is a son of John C.

Breitwieser was thus four years of age when he became a resident of Tipton county, and his early schooling was received in the rural schools of that county. In manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating began teaching school and in received his B.

In he received his A. This schooling was supplemented by a year and a half of post-graduate work in Columbia University with special reference to the study of psychology. Breitwieser was made the principal of the high school at Hobbs, in his home county, a position he occupied for two years, at the end of which time he entered the university. In he was made an assistant professor in psychology at the Indiana State Normal School at Terre Haute and was thus rendering service there when this country took a hand in the World war.

In December,he entered the service of the army and was sent to Ft. McPherson he was transferred to Ft. Oglethorpe at Chattanooga, Tenn. In March,he received his discharge and returned to his former duties at the normal school at Terre Haute, from which institution in the following July he was transferred to the Eastern Division of the State Normal School at Muncie, as head of the department of psychology of this latter institution, and has since been thus engaged, since January 1,dean of the school.

Breitwieser is a member of the local post of the American Legion, a member of the Masonic page: Inat East Stroudsburg, Pa. Breitwieser was united in marriage to Anita VanVliet and to this union one child has been born, a daughter, Edna Ruth. Warner was born at Shelbyville, Tenn. Thomas William Warner was for many years engaged in the mercantile business at Shelbyville, Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating. John Frazer Warner received his schooling in the schools of his home town and when sixteen years of age, inwent to Texas and was for six years there, most of this time being spent on the great Goodnight ranch.

From there he went to Birmingham, Ala. In May,Mr. Warner came to Muncie, where in his brother, Thomas W. Warner, had become engaged in the manufacture of electrical specialties, and started a machine shop here.

Ever since then Mr. Warner has been manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating identified with the industrial and manufacturing interests of Muncie. Following the sale in of the T. Warner Company, manufacturers of automobile parts, to the Muncie Products Division of the General Motors Corporation, the present Warner Corporation was organized for manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating manufacture of automotive transmissions and steering gears, and in this organization John F.

Warner was made second vice president, his brother, T. Warner, being president of the company, and he was actively connected with the operations of the big plant of the Warner Corporation at Batavia street and the Big Four tracks until in He continued his official connection with this concern, as vice president, until it was sold in September,to the Durant Motors Corporation.

Warner is a Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating and is affiliated with the local lodge of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. On November 9,in Tennessee, John F. Warner was united in marriage to Martha Ann Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating, who page: The Warners reside at North Walnut street. FRANK JAY CLAYPOOL, secretary-manager of the Delaware County Agricultural and Mechanical Society, secretary of the Eastern Indiana Live Stock Breeders' Association, formerly and for years secretary of the old Muncie Commercial Club, a long established realtor in the city of Muncie and in other ways prominently identified with local affairs, has been a resident of Delaware county for nearly forty-five years and during this period has impressed himself definitely upon the community of which he became a part in the days of his young manhood, this impress being particularly manifest on that phase of community evolution relating to agricultural development.

Claypool was born in the picturesque and interesting old village of Germantown, now existing mainly as a memory of the older days, in Wayne county, Indiana, September 13,and is a son of Austin B. Austin Bingley Claypool was born at Connersville, Ind. There is a tradition that she was the first white child born in that section of the Scioto valley.

Newton Claypool, whose influence in the development of the Connersville neighborhood is recognized to this day, was a Virginian, born ina son of Abraham and Elizabeth Wilson Claypool, both of colonial stock. In his youth he became acquainted with the Ohio country and then, inthe year in which Indiana was admitted to statehood, he and his brother Solomon, vigorous and enterprising young men, came over into the new state and after prospecting around a bit decided to put in their lot with that of such other settlers as would, in their opinion, form a colony in the vicinity of John Conner's saw mill and trading post there on the White Water.

That was the year in which Newton Claypool attained his majority. He secured a tract of land in the vicinity of the mill and set about the erection of a cabin for the reception of the girl to whom he had plighted his troth back page: In January,at her home in the vicinity of Chillicothe, Newton Claypool married Mary Kern and in the following month he and his bride came through on horse-back to the home he had prepared in the Conner settlement.

And thus it was that the Claypool family in Indiana was established at Connersville. Newton Claypool became one of the dominant factors in the development of the Connersville community.

He was elected first treasurer of Fayette county and served his district in both the House and the Senate of the Indiana General Assembly, and in other useful ways did his part in the making of the community. In Newton Claypool bought the farm at the edge of Connersville for many years known as the old Claypool place but now and long since known as "Maplewood," which until her removal to Muncie was maintained by his granddaughter, Mrs.

Newton Claypool died there on May 14,at the age of seventy years, eleven months and twenty-four days. His wife had preceded him to the grave less than two years, her death having occurred on August 16,she then having been at the age of sixty-six years, six months and thirteen days, and it has been written of them that "the memory of this honored pioneer couple is cherished wherever the history and the traditions of Fayette county are held dear.

Manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating Bingley Claypool grew to manhood at Connersville and early began to take an active part in the general affairs of the community. On May 20,he then being in his twenty-third year, he married Hannah Ann Petty and for some time there-after made his home at Germantown. During the time of his residence in Wayne county he carried out a contract for the construction of the National road through that county and while master of the lodge of Freemasons at Cambridge City he directed the erection of the Masonic temple at that place, in its day manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating most pretentious edifice of its sort in eastern Indiana.

In he returned to Connersville and thereafter made his home at "Maplewood," becoming the largest landowner in Fayette county. He there became engaged in the banking business, president of the First National Bank of Connersville, and during the stressful days of the Civil war was one of Governor Morton's active agents in the financing of Indiana's war burden.

He later extended his banking interest to Muncie and during the manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating and '80s was the head of the Muncie Bank, locally known as the Claypool bank, which retired from the field in Claypool died on January 16,he then being eighty-two years of age.

A distinct honor was paid to his memory by the Connersville city schools during the time of the funeral service by having each teacher devote one in London Prostitute to a review of his life and character.

His widow survived him until January 18,she being eighty-five years of age at the time of her death. Of the eight children born to this couple four are still living, the subject of this sketch having two sisters, Virginia, widow of Henry Clay Meredith, of Wayne county, and Elizabeth, widow of Morrell J.

Earl, and a brother, Marcus S. Claypool, agriculturalist and stock-man and former banker, who has been a resident of Muncie since with the exception of a few years during the '80s spent in mining in Colorado. In Marcus S. Claypool married Elizabeth Burson, daughter of John W. Burson, the pioneer banker of Muncie.


He was graduated from old Asbury now DePauw University. For sixteen years he served as a member of the Indiana State Board manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating Agriculture and was at one time president of that body. Virginia Claypool Meredith, a member of the board of trustees of Purdue University, and the first woman to serve on that board, was graduated from Glendale College, near Cincinnati, in In April of that same year she married Henry Clay Meredith, who became proprietor of the formerly famous "Oakland Farm" adjoining Cambridge City, and after her husband's death in she continued the management of this stock farm.

She became connected with extension work in agriculture when it was first undertaken by the State Board of Agriculture and later by Purdue University, and as a speaker at farmers' institutes visited almost every manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating in the state. In she manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating invited to undertake the organization of a course of study in home economics for young women in the school of agriculture of the University of Minnesota and she spent six winters engaged in this work in Minnesota, meanwhile making contacts with the developing activities of women and speaking at meetings and conventions in most of the states of the middle West.

Meredith was appointed from Indiana to membership on the board of lady managers of the Columbian Exposition which was held at Chicago in the summer ofher work there being mainly connected with the selection and appointment of women judges of award, page: Meredith was made chairman of this committee, which issued about 25, diplomas. Meredith has been a constant contributor for many years to the agricultural press of Tinh Married Ha women in country.

In she was appointed a trustee of Purdue University, the growth of the school of home manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating in the university having made it fitting that women should be represented on the board. She is honorary president of the Indiana Federation of Woman's Clubs and a member of the Society of Indiana Pioneers and numerous other organizations. Elizabeth Claypool Earl, president of the Public Library Commission of Indiana and for many years one of the most influential figures in the cultural and feminist activities of this state, has been making her home at Muncie for some years past or since giving up her old home, "Maplewood," at Connersville, where manikin Alexandria in Wholly amateur dating had lived since the death of her husband, Morrell J.

Earl— a young merchant of Lafayette— in In numerous ways, from time to time, Mrs. Earl has been honored by the General Federation of Woman's Clubs. She was chairman of the committee that secured the passage of the bill creating the Public Library Commission of Indiana in and was appointed by Governor Mount the woman member of the commission thus created and has ever since been retained on that commission, present president of the same. Frank Jay Claypool was but two years of age when his parents moved from Germantown now Pershing to Connersville and he grew up on the old Claypool home place, "Maplewood," his local schooling being supplemented by attendance at the In Women Lear nude Institute at Cincinnati, from which he was graduated in


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