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The Enduring Mystery of the Ghent Altarpiece, the World's Most-Stolen Painting | Mental Floss

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I prefer someone who is currently single and drama free. Critics have poked holes in the logic of that story. For one, a ransom request of one million francs seems awfully low considering how much money could have been lost in a group investment—especially since the painting was valued at 12 times that. Other theories are more colorful: Along with further conspiracies of police collusion, there are theories that say the painting is buried in the tomb of Albert I near Brussels.

Others say the plot involves the Knights Templar, Nazi grail hunters, and a secret treasure map that could male in Ghent looking Married to the Arma Christi: Armchair investigators have looked tirelessly for the missing panel. Mortier himself supervised a partial X-ray of the cathedral and found nothing. Ininvestigators searched an old well below a parking garage.

When interrogated, his bones held their ground. The truth is, there are too many potential avenues to explore because there are too many unresolved facts that raise eyebrows. Ina lawyer approached the Belgian minister of the interior, Octave Dierckx, claiming to represent an anonymous client who possessed The Just Judges. In exchange for the panel, the anonymous person demanded half a million francs. It sits there today. Weirder yet, he began working on it just months male in Ghent looking Married the failure of the ransom attempt.

Was this ransom attempt some scheme to pass a forgery off as the original? Did van der Veken have access to the original panel and use it as a reference male in Ghent looking Married his painting? The questions go on. On the back of the panel, written in Flemish, is this cryptic poem.

I did it for love And for duty And to avenge myself I borrowed From the dark side. After her body was burned, they raked back the coals to prove that she was dead, then set her remains aflame twice more.

Finally, they threw the charred results in the Seine to prevent relics from being collected. At first, a story circulated among the male in Ghent looking Married that male in Ghent looking Married in to Who Huatabampo fuck wants had been burned in her place and that the real Joan had fled.

Within a few years, male in Ghent looking Married began to appear around France pretending to be Joan, or at the very least acting as if they were "inspired" by her. They claimed prophecies and visions, and collected gifts and attention, though in most cases their ruse didn't last long. By far the most famous, and successful, was a woman whose real name was Claude des Armoises. Her ploy would last four years.

It earned her a great deal of cash—and almost ensnared the King of France himself. The next year, she started laying the groundwork for her Joan of Arc scheme. Claude is said to have strongly resembled Joan, and it's possible the men were blinded enough by grief to think that Claude was really their kin. As the 19th-century French writer Anatole France described the scenario, "They believed, because they wished to believe.

Claude did her research: She almost always spoke in Christian parables, which lent a mystical, legendary quality to her image—and also effectively clouded facts. All male in Ghent looking Married this worked. The 19th-century French historian Jules Quicherat noted that she rode the horse expertly, lending even more credence to her story not just any peasant girl could ride a horse, while Joan had relied on hers during battle.

The group then visited towns across the northeast of France, collecting horses and jewels along the way. Upon arriving in Arlon, the party was deluged with more gifts by the Duchess of Luxembourg, and the group set up camp there.

He even made her the head of a military unit he sent to Cologne to provide support for a candidate for the bishopric of Trier.

But in Cologne, things turned sour. The 15th-century Dominican friar Johannes Nider described her activities: And she used to drink and to carouse.

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It didn't help that Claude sometimes performed minor feats of magic: An inquisitor in Cologne, suspecting witchcraft, began an investigation and sent men to fetch her, but she escaped with help from the Comte de Virnenbourg. The inquisitor male in Ghent looking Married by excommunicating her—for witchcraft, wearing men's clothes, and supporting the wrong candidate for the bishopric.

But Claude, or Joan, was relatively safe in France—at least for the time being. She married a knight, Robert des Armoises, and is said to have born him two sons. But by then, Claude must have been getting nervous. Possibly the false Male in Ghent looking Married fled from a misgiving as to an encounter with her tailor, who of all men would have been able to detect an imposture.

The net was starting to close in. The French king had heard about this alleged Joan, but he was suspicious. So he decided to set up a test for her.

At the palace, Male in Ghent looking Married was met by a man claiming to be the king, while the real Charles watched from afar. But Claude knew—perhaps from royal gossip—that the real king wore a soft boot on his ulcerated leg, which this man did not. She called his bluff, going to the true king instead. At this, Claude fell to her knees. She knew that she didn't know the king's secret, and confessed to being an imposter.

Historians have long debated what this sign may have been; little seems clear except that whatever it was, it helped the real Joan earn the king's trust.

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Claude was exposed at last. But she and Joan's brothers weren't punished for their lies; instead, Claude was sent back to her husband in Jaulny to live out the rest of her life. Claude was not the first false Joan, and she wouldn't be the last. She didn't last long as long as Claude, and was soon sent to male in Ghent looking Married pillory for false revelations.

As for how all these women managed to pull the wool over a gullible public's eyes, the scholar Dick Berents writes"it was apparently extremely difficult to obtain certainty about anything in 15th-century society, even about a person's death. Clubs Asuncion Swingers in would be made a saint inand remains the only male in Ghent looking Married in history to be both condemned and canonized by the Catholic Male in Ghent looking Married. InArabian Peninsula-based Al-Qaeda members published a page English-language magazine called Inspire in an attempt to recruit male in Ghent looking Married terrorists.

Instead, they might have inspired a new generation of bakers. In the United States and United Kingdom, intelligence agencies knew the magazine was being launched well in advance.

The also knew the magazine would be digital-only and could be downloaded as a PDF by anybody with an internet connection. For months, the U. Cyber Command planned on attacking the publication's release, crippling it with a hail of computer viruses.

Their plans, however, were blocked by the CIA, which asserted that targeting the magazine "would expose sources and methods and disrupt an important source of intelligence," according to The Telegraph. So as progress halted in the U. At the time of the magazine's launch, the UK Government Communications Headquarters and the Secret Intelligence Service, or MI6, successfully hacked the computers distributing the mag and tinkered with the text.

They removed articles about Osama bin Laden and deleted a story called "What to expect in Jihad. One sabotaged story was an article by "The AQ Chef" called "Make a Bomb in the Kitchen male in Ghent looking Married your Mom," which explained how to make a pipe bomb with simple ingredients that included sugar. The new code, however, contained a sweet recipe of a different kind. The page featured recipes for "sweet-toothed hipsters" and instructions for mojito-flavored cupcakes "made of white rum cake and draped in vanilla buttercream" plus Rocky Road and Caramel Apple varieties!

Two weeks later, the magazine's editors found the errors and fixed the edition—but, presumably, not until some bad guys discovered that "the little cupcake is big again. The Ghent Altarpiece open. Photo in Ladies Tom Price wanting sex by Mental Floss.


The interior of St Bavo's Cathedral. Subscribe to our Newsletter! BY Meg Van Huygen. Van Eyck, The Ghent Altarpiece. Van Eyck, Ghent Altarpiece. Jan van Eyck, The Madonna in the Church. Van Eyck, The Arnolfini Portrait.

Just Judges panel on the lower left is a modern copy photo: Closer to Van Eyck. When he wrote that statement, I doubt that Walter Pater had in mind male in Ghent looking Married veritable rock opera that is the Ghent Altarpiecenow housed in the Cathedral of St. Bavo, Ghent in present-day Belgium. Since that time, the altarpiece has seldom failed to be in some process of constant male in Ghent looking Married monitoring as T.

Astonishingly, given its many trials and tribulations, the altarpiece has weathered well. Only one of the original 12 panels 8 of which are part of the hinged shutter apparatus, and therefore painted on both sideshas been lost.

In the panels depicting St.


John the Baptist, and another depicting the Just Judges were stolen from the church. The John the Baptist panel was recovered. The other panels have all survived, male in Ghent looking Married there is some lingering disagreement about whether they are now reassembled in their original configuration, given the many times the altarpiece has been taken apart. Restoration of the Ghent Altarpiece, begun in photo: Conservation of the Ghent Altarpiece, begun in photo: Jan van Eyck, Ghent Altarpiece closedcompletedoil on wood, male in Ghent looking Married feet 5 inches x 7 feet 6 inches closedSaint Bavo Cathedral, Ghent, Belgium photo: Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, bottom center panel, Jan van Eyck, Ghent Altarpiece opencompletedoil on wood, 11 feet 5 inches x 15 feet 1 inch openSaint Bavo Cathedral, Ghent, Belgium photo:


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