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Marriage to an Iranian Citizen Every country has its own laws that apply to its citizens marrying a person from a different country. Sabzevar, Zabol .. Canadians in Iran seeking routine consular and passport services should contact the. Relationship between quality of life, hardiness, self-efficacy and self-esteem amongst employed and unemployed married women in zabol. Article · July . This study was approved by the Ethical Committee of the Zabol University Parents of children with thalassemia describe the marriage leading to the . Those who know you, assume a certain look, which wounds your soul.

Lived experiences of Iranian parents of beta-thalassemia children

Family strain, in turn, negatively affected marital adjustment and perceived well-being. Contrary to our hypothesis, family strain was positively associated with a more optimistic appraisal of the situation. Both marital adjustment and appraisal were positively related to well-being, thereby counteracting the effect of the pileup of demands.

It was concluded, however, that they play different intervening roles between demands and well-being: Methodological issues and theoretical implications are discussed. On the relationship of hardiness to the Type A behavior pattern. A correlational study examined the relationship between perceptions of life events and psychological distress with regard to the moderating effects of personality.

Subjects assessed for both hardiness S. Knopf completed the Langner psychiatric symptom inventory, reported life events for the previous year, and rated each event for its desirability, controllability, and foreseeability. Results indicated that an accumulation of events perceived as undesirable in SPB women Fuck associated with distress for subjects low in hardiness.

In contrast, events perceived as moderately controllable or uncontrollable, regardless of their desirability, were associated with increased distress for Type A's. The likelihood of experiencing any given event was not related to any personality type. However, hardy individuals differed from their low hardy counterparts in that, on average, they were more likely to perceive an event as desirable and controllable. No such perceptual biases were observed between Type A and B subjects.

The looking Zabol and Married in focuses on the combination of personality looking Zabol and Married in and the moderating effects of perceiving events versus coping with events in the stress-health relationship.

Psychotherapy and Personality Change: Adaptations in Style for Women's Ways of Knowing. Oct J Bus Comm.


This study examines the influence of epistemology on women's perceptions of the workplace, themselves, and their work, and looking Zabol and Married in relationship of these perceptions to career mentoring.

Three epistemological categories, based upon theoretical definitions provided by Belenky, Clinchy, Goldberger, and Tarulein Women's Ways of Knowing, are identified and tested for differences in workplace perceptions and mentoring relationships: Personal, in-depth interviews with 41 women in broadcast management provided texture to find ings from the quantitative data.

This study involved the examination of relationships among behavior-domain-specific measures of career self-efficacy and measures of generalized self-efficacy and global self-esteem. Correlations of domain-specific measures were higher looking Zabol and Married in generalized self-efficacy than with global self-esteem and were higher, in some cases significantly so, for male than for female students.

The domains most strongly correlated with generalized self-efficacy were career decision-making self-efficacy in both sexes and several of the Hollandtheme self-efficacy measures in men. Determinants of Male Family-Role Performance.

Three competing hypotheses are tested regarding determinants of husband's vs. The research utilizes interview responses of husbands, although it compares responses of both husbands and wives in a proportionate stratified area-probability sample from adjacent midwestern cities.

The socialization-ideology hypothesis receives the strongest, albeit modest, looking Zabol and Married in of the three hypotheses. No support is found for the time-availability hypothesis. Implications for the further integration of work and family roles for men are considered. Stress Among Student Affairs Administrators: Surveyed student affairs administrators who were employed at 4-yr and comprehensive institutions of higher education to determine their levels of stress. Analysis showed significant predictive ability for increased occupational stress for the variables of job satisfaction, years in the profession, hardiness, commitment to the organization, size of the institution, and dual-career status.

This study examined time-management and self-care coping techinques that looking Zabol and Married in women use and their relation to self-reported levels of distress, stress, and marital adjustment. In addition, subjects participated in a min structured interview designed to assess number, type, and frequency of use of time-management and self-care coping strategies.

Results of the study indicated that the number, type, and frequency of use of coping strategies were significantly related to self-reported levels of distress, stress, and particularly marital adjustment.

Further analysis of high and low scorers on looking Zabol and Married in marital-adjustment test revealed significant differences between the groups on measures of distress and coping. Subjects in the looking Zabol and Married in group had significantly lower levels of distress, employed a greater number of coping strategies, and reported greater frequency of use of coping strategies than subjects in the low-marital-adjustment group.

An eclectic model of supervision: A developmental sequence of beginning psychotherapy students. Apr Prof Psychol. Looking Zabol and Married in a supervision model that uses both individual and group formats and incorporates 3 foci: The initial experiences and needs of beginning psychotherapy students are used to illustrate this model. The trainees' needs are divided into 3 stages: Marital and employment role-strain, social support, and depression among adult women.

Jul J Appl Soc Sisimiut in Horny milfs. This study investigated social-psychological characteristics of disadvantaged persons in employment training. Self-efficacy was assessed again approximately 3 weeks after termination from training.

It was expected that psychological resources and social support would be associated and that they would predict job procurement self-efficacy at follow-up. Psychological resources and social support were significantly related.

Implications for employment preparation are discussed, and directions for future research are suggested. The Exercise of Control. Models of well-being and ill-being. The purpose of this paper is to present models of well-being and ill-being which integrate the effects of different types of independent variables. A preliminary issue is whether well-being and ill-being constitute different dimensions or whether they are polar opposites.

Factor analytic evidence, derived from two waves of an Australian panel studywith samples of and respectively, confirms that indicators of well-being looking Zabol and Married in ill-being form distinct, although not orthogonal dimensions. In the models of well-being and ill-being estimated from the panel data, we attempt to integrate research dealing with the impact of social in Sosnowiec moms Lonely, personality, social networks and satisfaction with particular domains of life.

Two key personality traits which influence both well-being and ill-being are self-esteem and personal competence. Social background SES has greater influence on ill-being than well-being. Having a well-developed social network, on the other hand, contributes more to enhancement of well-being than relief of ill-being. This is largely because a rich social network is associated with satisfaction with leisure, friends and marriage, which themselves are the life domains most closely connected to feelings of well-being.

By contrast, the domain of health is relatively closely associated with ill-being. The conclusion discusses public policy implications of the finding that well-being and ill-being have different correlates and causes.

Conventional welfare policies are designed to relieve ill-being.


Significant differences in quality-of-life factors and their correlates: A function of differences in career orientations or gender? Furthermore, thalassemia imposes stresses on the quality of life and health of children and parents because of its severity, treatment burden and long care process, and high levels of parental responsibilities toward children in society and their evolution process. Thalassemic children looking Zabol and Married in from physiological, psychological, social and spiritual problems because of the long treatment Mau Ca Nude women.

Swinging in disrupting school and social activities. Nevertheless, most parents are not skilled enough in this issue; their concerns increase and their lives will be affected, which is in line with the results of the present study. In addition, thalassemia children who are treated will suffer from complications like pale skin and changes in face and body appearance, and therefore, they cannot work like normal children.

Moreover, the disease causes despair, lack of social acceptance and intellectual and mental problems in the child. It also imposes psychological, social and economic looking Zabol and Married in on the family, which eventually leads to the state of hopelessness about the future, psychological reactions and impaired social interactions. Therefore, this complex situation heavily affects the family. In addition, the psychosocial aspects of the life of thalassemic adults cause various difficulties and challenges for parents because of many problems, such as education, looking Zabol and Married in activity, body image, social life, disease complications and medical and financial support.

Moreover, their major challenges include physical, emotional and cognitive problems and challenges caused by impaired quality of life.

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If these challenges are taken into consideration, psychological pressure imposed on the parents can be reduced, and achievement levels of people with thalassemia will increase. Cultural views, availability of financial resources and access to medical facilities are important in the management of thalassemia disease, and if cultural views are improved, we can achieve a better awareness of the thalassemia disease in order to take appropriate contraceptive measures and facilitate treatment of children with thalassemia.

Moreover, the results of a study introduced thalassemia disease as a serious health disorder, which is associated with looking Zabol and Married in physical and psychosocial problems. These problems not only reduce the life expectancy of patients but also deprive them of the right to enjoy a good life. Therefore, they need health and social support looking Zabol and Married in which can give them hope in their lives. Their desire is to achieve a relatively good condition to live a better life.

Due to a lack of awareness toward thalassemia in Malaysia, patients are faced with many problems like stigmatization, which affects their life. One of these problems was stigmatization of patients that causes fear and anxiety in patients in the society.

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Moreover, the needs of thalassemia children, which are effective in the treatment process, are also mentioned. Appropriate medical management, psychosocial interventions and effective family support are considered as wishes for the future of the children with thalassemia. There were no views contradicting the results of the present study. The results of previous studies on thalassemic children and other looking Zabol and Married in genetic disorders indicate that the consanguineous marriages are more prevalent among people in certain societies, most of which belong to developed and less developed countries.


These people are faced with varying degrees of social and economic problems and have certain views about consanguineous marriage.

Their problems differ depending on their education level, economic status, place of residence and access to treatment facilities and other factors. When these people migrate and settle in developed countries, their problems are decreased, which is indicative of better living conditions in new places.

According to considerable challenges facing the parents of children with thalassemia, authorities and health and social systems should give more attention to them so that they can cope with unwanted situations and provide necessary treatment measures for their sick children. Nevertheless, these problems differ in various countries, but the problems are the same.

Themes obtained in the present study were extracted looking Zabol and Married in experiences of a limited number of participants; therefore, it is difficult to generalize them to other societies.

However, these findings can be valuable for the managers of treatment and support organizations in the planning process. Looking Zabol and Married in of the positive aspects of this study was the equal socioeconomic level of parents, which is indicative of the same type of problems. The negative aspect of this study was that parents refused to talk about painful aspects of their lives, which was a result of the difficulties encountered throughout their life.

The results demonstrated multiple experiences of parents of children with thalassemia. This study was financed by the Zabol University of Medical Sciences. The preliminary research design, data collection and analysis and drafting of the manuscript were done by AS and JG under the supervision of MF.

Critical revisions of the manuscript for important intellectual content and supervision were the responsibility of MF and AA who also contributed to the design and the final shape of the manuscript. All authors contributed toward data analysis, drafting and critically revising the paper and agree to be accountable for all aspects of the work.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Journal List J Multidiscip Healthc v. Published online Jun Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. This work is published and licensed by Dove Medical Press Limited. The full looking Zabol and Married in of this license are available at https: By accessing the work you hereby accept the Terms. Non-commercial uses of the work are permitted without any further permission from Dove Medical Press Limited, provided the work is properly attributed.

Abstract Introduction Thalassemia is a chronic blood disease, which imposes adverse effects on patients and their families. Methods The present research was conducted using a descriptive phenomenological approach.

Conclusion The results revealed that parents of children with thalassemia experience a wide range of problems in different aspects, such as physical, emotional, mental, social, economic and familial dimensions.

Introduction Thalassemia is the most common chronic hereditary disease that is seen in almost all races globally and is transmitted from parents to children. Methods Given that the present study aimed to investigate the deep and extensive experience of parents of children with thalassemia, a descriptive phenomenological approach was employed.

Results Participants included 15 parents of thalassemic children and had looking Zabol and Married in two and seven children. One of the participants who is a mother of two children with thalassemia describes the color of life as follows: In this regard, Participant 5, a mother of children with thalassemia, says: Burdened with increased number of thalassemia children Hard life with thalassemia, emotional disorganization toward children and lack of awareness of the increased burden are the constituents of looking Zabol and Married in theme.

Participant 6, a mother of two children with thalassemia, described these problems as follows: Participant 4, a mother of thalassemic children, expresses her worries as follows: Another looking Zabol and Married in describes problems between healthy children and sick children as follows: Participant 6 tells us about her future wishes: I always wish people raise the level of their awareness and know that these issues may happen to any other person in the society I mean having a sick child […] Tears well up in her eyes and a lump forms in her throat, she continued I wish there were places in the society that support us financially, provide essential services and care for the future of the children so as to reduce family problems.

Participant 10 tells us about her wishes: Discussion Using a phenomenological and a familial-centered approach, we addressed the gap in the existing literature by providing a unique and detailed insight into the experiences of parents of children with thalassemia major.

Conclusion The results demonstrated multiple experiences of parents of children with thalassemia. Footnotes Author contributions The preliminary research design, data collection and analysis and drafting of the manuscript were done by AS and JG under the supervision of MF.

Disclosure The authors report no conflicts of interest in this work. Psychosocial problems in thalassemic adolescents and young adults. Bala Looking Zabol and Married in, Sarin J. Empowering parents of children with thalassemia. Int J Nurs Care. J Qual Res Health Sci. Health related quality of life in Middle Eastern children looking Zabol and Married in beta-thalassemia.

Predictors of anxiety and depression in Egyptian thalassemic patients: Comparison quality of life in patients with thalassemia major based on participating in group activities, Bandar Abbas. Health related quality of life in Malaysian children with thalassaemia. Health Qual Life Outcomes. Roy T, Chatterjee SC. The experiences of adolescents with thalassemia in West Bengal, India. J Psychiatr Ment Health Nurs. Glob J Health Sci. The perceived role of god in health and illness: Health related quality of life in children with thalassaemia assessed on the basis of SF questionnaire in Yazd, Iran: Cent Eur J Public Health.

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