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In downtown Lome there is an area known locally as “The Child Market,” where girls as young as nine are offered for sex, sometimes for less. A number of prostitutes operating in some hotels and restaurants in Lome, the Togolese capital, have deserted their posts in search of greener. About half of the country's sex workers are in Lomé. According to research published in , between and , prostitution in the country increased .

Poverty is quite visible, as you will quickly discover trying to navigate its back streets, and nightlife is probably the most limited in the region but not bad. Lome Prostitute in of them are jaw-droppers. Learning a Lome Prostitute in words will sweep them of their feet. You can find good girls at any marqui bar, while the young upper class Togolese head to the Byblos club. As you may expect, French will get you further, but English is pretty widely spoken also. Night time is also great for meeting locals.

La Galien is great on Fridays food is awesome too. With 3 floors, two clubs and several bars, it attracts a crowd every night.


This is where you will find the best looking Lome Prostitute in in the whole of Togo. Where to buy marijuana: Ask your tour guide best or the guys at the hotel.

Lomé City Guide (Togo)

Moto drivers may offer to help you out but just sum them up first. Alternatively, trying talking to male waitors at marquai bars. Why not check out more cheeky City Guides? I missed Le Lome Prostitute in when I was there two years ago. There was a decent bar across the street from Domino called Mini Brasserie. Other people are dancing, but no one dares to lay claim Lome Prostitute in the dirt road, which is acting as the main stage, until a fat man in grey sweat pants sidles by.

His eyes are coal-black, vacant and wild—the eyes of a man barely clinging to his mind. The hookers clear a space and he swivels his hips and jiggles the fat of his gut beneath a stained white undershirt.


The crowd whoops and cheers. The most spectacular performance comes from a body contortionist, who suddenly appears next to me Lome Prostitute in both of his legs over his head. He then hops, like a toad, across the road, holding this freakish posture. When he tries to hop back onto his chair, a security guard pulls it out from underneath him. Everyone laughs riotously and minutes later the fat man in the grey sweat pants is back jiggling his gut again by popular demand. Lome Prostitute in


Baba says we should leave and go to another bar, so we stand and walk toward the roadside, but on our way out chaos erupts. A scuffle has ensued, apparently among Lome Prostitute in friends, and the security guard pulls out a giant cane and menaces the participants. At the same time, the hookers eye me leaving—the Lome Prostitute in white man in the bar—and come rushing over, their long Lome Prostitute in nails groping at my arms and beneath my belt.

Most Togolese victims are children exploited within the country. Traffickers bring children from rural areas to Lome, where they are exploited in child sex trafficking. Girls from Ghana Lome Prostitute in exploited in sex trafficking in Togo. From September to April, many Togolese adults and children migrate in search of economic opportunities to BeninBurkina FasoNigerand Maliwhere many are subjected to sex trafficking.

Togolese women have been fraudulently recruited for employment in Saudi ArabiaLebanonthe United Statesand Europewhere they are subjected to forced prostitution.

Scenes from a Bar in Lome

Inin a raid in the capital city Lome, over people were Lome Prostitute in in an operation designed to reduce child prostitution. The government had previously announced on the radio its commitment to address the issue.

The government's minister for child protection, Agneley Christine Mensah, said that the children who had been arrested would be taken into care and helped "to acquire new trades and skills so that they can be integrated into normal social and economic Lome Prostitute in. From Wikipedia, Lome Prostitute in free encyclopedia.

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