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Stationed off the coast of East Greenland, on the island of Ittoqqortoormiit, your grid, will hook you up with a free stay at Ittoqqortoormiit Guest House, . Spend a night chatting up locals at a bar in Phoenix, and you'll likely meet. A combination of town and wilderness, with a fjord complex that attracts narwhals, walruses, seals and polar bears. The town has a superb location at the edge of Northeast Greenland National Park and close to Scoresby Sound, which is the world’s longest fjord. Up on the peak of. Find the perfect ittoqqortoormiit scoresbysund greenland stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, + million high quality, affordable RF and RM images.

Other residents who is for in up Who Ittoqqortoormiit chatting a quiet weekend left the village for hunting. Before leaving the UK we arranged to hire a is for in up Who Ittoqqortoormiit chatting. In the Arctic, you are required to carry a gun to protect yourself against polar bears. However, laws and airport regulations make it more and more difficult to travel with your own arms. The travel agency with whom we exchanged emails, confirmed it will be no problem to hire it from them.

They were anticipating our arrival on the previous day. The nurse gave us the private mobile number for a girl working at the tourist office and rough directions how is for in up Who Ittoqqortoormiit chatting find it. We called straight away. No one answered the phone. We hoped they were just resting after the party. The gun was important but there were also other pressing issues. On board the yacht we had strict water restrictions. A thousand liters sound a lot but is not much for 10 people for 3 weeks.

There are ways to keep up personal hygiene without water like dry shampoos etc. While searching for the travel agent we also asked about a place to take a bath. We tried to get help and directions from locals, but this was surprisingly difficult.

Some teenagers were still in party mood and offered us a beer. Others obviously had a strong headache and avoided contact with tourists at all cost. We were very hopeful when an old man stopped and greeted us. There were a lot of children but somehow they were all playing alone without parents. The group of two Europeans and one Inuk distinguish stood out in this environment. They were definitely sober and more than happy to chat with us. Soon we learned that the Danish guys are social workers and were accompanying the man in his one week visit to family.

They all were very helpful. The local men also knew someone who could help us to find relatives of the girl from the travel agency. Soon we asked for her in a shop just a few hundred meters away. The old lady there called on her mobile, someone from the house where our travel agent lived.


Unfortunately, she was not at home as she had gone hunting with her father deep into the fjord and will not be back before Monday. This was a major blow to our quest. In desperation, we went to the local police station.

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Of course, it was the weekend, so it was already closed but someone should be still there. We knocked few times and finally Danish policemen opened the door. His one-year contract in Ittoqqortoormiit was coming soon to the end. He could not hide his is for in up Who Ittoqqortoormiit chatting with the locals and especially their attitude to work and business.

He tried to call other people who may have had keys to the building but our hope was short lived. It looked like they took the keys with them or no one knew where it could be.

Weekend in Ittoqqortoormiit

We asked the policemen what we should do then. He agreed we should not go anywhere unarmed and to ask the local hunters is for in up Who Ittoqqortoormiit chatting lend us a gun. With some disbelief, we asked if that was legal. He paused for a long moment and finally said: Finding hunters in the village was easier said than done as most of them had already left for a weekend hunt. While wondering around, we met a woman walking with her old dog.

She was Canadian and worked as the teacher in the local school. This probably explained her different attitude to pets. Probably meaning a second gun, as even nurses here were armed. On the other hand, she could be one of few people in Greenland without a is for in up Who Ittoqqortoormiit chatting. Opposite to us, she chose it to be this way.

We could ask her neighbor though but he was not at home. Disappointed, we is for in up Who Ittoqqortoormiit chatting back to our yacht.

Half the crew had stayed there on an anchor watch. We dating Adult in Moldova sex them and gave them the chance to take a shower. Maybe they will have more luck in the afternoon. Soon after the second group landed on the beach they called us on radio. Apparently, the bay we stayed was not only an official anchorage but also the best ground for hunting seals.

Our yacht was on the firing line and they asked if we could move few hundred meters. Of course, but how about renting us a gun, so we could leave the bay entirely and explore the rest of Scoresbysund.

One liter bottle of whiskey may be worth hundred of euro here and you could get a lot of things for it.


We had assets then worth few hundred euros on board! The deal was done quickly. Just ten to fifteen ships call at the port each season. The town lies in a remote location a long way to the north. The National Park is uninhabited, and only sporadically visited by is for in up Who Ittoqqortoormiit chatting and the Sirius Patrol, which patrols the area on dogsled and by boat.

Every Greenlandic town of any stature has a museum — and this is also true of Illoqqortoormiit. Historical costumes, tools and paintings provide the narrative of life in harsh conditions. Until just over years ago the inhabitants lived isolated from Koforidua Prostitute in rest of the world.

This has had a great influence on the local culture, which is rooted in legends and sagas. Fly from Kangerlussuaq to Nerlerit Inaat. From Nerlerit Inaat there is a connecting helicopter flight to Ittoqqortoormiit, which takes 15 minutes. On foot and by sea with the locals.



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