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They were raised in America and don't have a home in Women who Visa fuck. It's insensitive to bring it up, guys. We should stop acting like we're on a high horse or that we're superior in any damned.

We've also struggled with difficult circumstances, so have empathy. I posted it elsewhere. DACA kids literally earned it. They did because they were civically active. Skilled immigrants in Women who Visa fuck you and me meanwhile never show up to townhallsnever call congressmanbut have a big mouth to keep complaining. Congressman never vote based on issue. They vote based on lobbying or votes or both.

DACA kids did both and that's why they deserve it. Let's be precise - it wasn't liberal - it was intentional. Laws in US are written by congress and if you want to change it work with it. Crying foul in Women who Visa fuck blind is for cowards. I have attended many in Women who Visa fuck and I know what happens in these. I have seen tons of DACA kids show up and seek support. Skilled immigrants meanwhile keep tweeting, filing petitions and waste their and everyone's time. By this logic we should never have political discourse outside of townhalls.

Townhalls aren't the only wayit is just one mechanism. You can also call up your congrssman and set up 1: You can simply call them and represent your issue. Send them a snail mail I did that - you get a mail response back. If u don't reach in Women who Visa fuck to the people who vote on these bills, and instead tweet and post in your echo chamber, how will you get their support?

Will your congressman stand for someone who asked them in person to support their cause - brought their family and explained their issue or someone who posts on blind and tells they deserve it? You know the answer. To change law you need the people in power to listen to you. I gave you the townhall example, because that's the one I have seen.

I am sure there are more ways other than what I specified here, and I admit I don't know all of them, but posting on blind ain't - I can vouch for that.

The point remains, you're saying that politics should never be discussed outside of means that will impact law So why did you even post here in the in Women who Visa fuck place? No one said that you can't talk - I said we have loud in Women who Visa fuck to complain, but have nothing productive to offer.

We have an effective bunch of people as example DACA kidswho changed the conversation around the issue and have so many people in power standing in line for them. Others are asking why aren't we treated better and I am telling you - that kid cried for milk and you didn't - so you never got milk. If you want milk go cry in front of mommie, don't cry in your echo chamber. To be clear, No one is here to take away your 1st amendment right.

He's saying there's no real preference for one group over the other. The group that shows up and advocates - gets what it needs. Again not being offensive, just wondering. Oct 16, 10 But I am not eligible for any SS benefits unless I am a citizen which given the current pace of thingsI would never be. Basically this country does not give a shit to law abolishing legal immigrants, it gives priority to illegal immigration.

The GC backlog is a huge money maker for the govt in H1B renewal fees! You don't just get Social Security. You have to have paid into it over time.

So are we expected to live with all the uncertainty till we come senior in this country - still on H1B to avail the SS benefits? Also you can't migrate at 65, unless you have a son or daughter here. Do you know H1B holders have to contribute towards social security and Medicare even though they are not eligible to receive a single dollar from it unless they become citizens which we all know how difficult it is for them these days.

Keep in mind, in Women who Visa fuck of H1B holders leave the country and thereby forego their social security and Medicare contributions to Uncle Sam. I can't believe what I'm hearing. You're not citizens, you are here voluntarily and most in Women who Visa fuck you make 5x national average. More if your spouse also in Women who Visa fuck. Your opportunity and lifestyle here is closer to the top than most Americans will ever see because you possess a skill that is in demand.

This is a fair trade off. America owes you no additional perks. I get your frustration but it's unrealistic to make demands like you have the same rights. My Indian neighbors tons buy nice homes, in great areas with good free public education. They drive nice cars. Much nicer than mine. They gain equity in their homes. Around here, that alone is an amazing benefit. Yes you pay taxes as we all do, but your life is damn good here. Not sure if you are jealous or you are making a rational comment?

America does not owe Indians anything but all Indians ask for is to be treated equally when it comes to immigration. If they really want to do country wise quota, they should factor in the population of a country and have higher quota for more populous ones. An entitled foreigner whose plan to immigrate their whole family to our country is hitting a snag. Follow the rules or go home and work on making your homeland a better place to live.

Oct 16, 15 5. You sound like an entitled citizen. Perhaps you should focus on your own life and not get in the way of others. And you think the rules are right and just? They are ridiculous, and they have a huge hole in them. I can tell you with certainty that if ridiculous rules were placed on you that made you wait for years on end, you would be raising Hell against them.

Yeah that's the problem with the immigrant mentality, right? Cancel all H1b visas except for 10 a year. Now let's see if we get the best and brightest instead of the whining mercenaries I am currently reading.

We have enough humans in this country. Oct 16, 6 That way companies will get out of US.

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No h1b, no nothing then. None of the tech companies will survive without H1B and foreigners. Not a single one of them! As an immigrant on h1 I don't believe companies will.

Please don't have this self centered attitude. They will have pains, but they will move on. Think of it like babies weaning off mom's milk. Kid doesn't die because it stopped nursing from Mom. In your analogy, the gut bacteria thought that it in Women who Visa fuck the host. If that strain of bacteria is flushed, something else will replace it. We aren't unique and more deserving than others.

We are as deserving as anyone else. Thats all I can say. When people migrated it was Italians, Irish, Chinese and now Indians. These whining mercenaries are needed by the US companies, which is why they are here. The H1b immigrants have to work very hard, pay more tax and get little benefits. Their hard working helps businesses stronger and then hiring more. To everyone asking OP to leave: Kunal Bahl, founder of an Indian Startup - In Nambour vip girls Fuck, Wharton educated had to go back because of not getting the H-1B visa in the lottery.

US lost talent and jobs as well. So how is US benefiting from this shitty immigration? If someone is made to wait years for a GC before they can take a risk and start companies, then US is basically losing out on a hell lot of jobs! Trump talks about this guy: Oct 17, 21 2. Why do u think these jobs will go to Americans if they stay here?

Bringing more people to already over crowded silicon valley sounds like an awful idea. They will bring their extended families to occupy schools, roads, hospitals. It'll be just adding to silicon valley s nightmare. If you really want to fix this issue, talk to your congressman and ask him to support Bill HR Oct 16, 5 If you are worried about being retaliated which is a legitimate fear to have, as we have seen how things work back homeremember that DACA kids and illegals only need one nutjob in the crowd who in Massage Ji-Parana more plus to call ICE and these kids will all be booted out of country.

Yet they show up in droves to townhalls. The fear of being identified or retaliated is the weakest of all arguments. Just to be clear - this bill has close to cosponsors because people spent their weekends attending townhalls and talking to Congresswoman in Women who Visa fuck Rajahmundry Prostitute in. They also have understanding of political landscape from a lobbyist, who is paid to give sound political advice.

You need both to even get a bill introduced. All of these take money. I have seen green card holders and citizens stand up even though they are out of this process. A widow who lost her husband just months ago to hate crime in Kansas showed up to encounters in Vilnius Carbon sexual the bill in DC.

If someone who is grieving can fly thousands of miles out of their free time to support, if you have the desire for change you can too! The responses seem rather emotional.

A logical response would have been preferable. If the bill got 99 to 1 in favor then whoever put it in hotline made a mistake.

Also if you think the US is a democracy then I feel bad for you. Qualifying democracy with adjectives like flawed is just simply trying to justify your belief that this country is a democracy when it is not. Maybe it makes you feel better however the reality is that this is a country for the wealthy and which has always attended to the needs of the wealthy. If things get done for the rest then great otherwise too bad. This is a plutocracy.

It was never a democracy. There weren't many vehicles at that point to push the bill and the session was drawing close. Of course, many didn't pitch in with money or time. Bunch of skilled immigrants who didn't have a lobby, but in Women who Visa fuck just Facebook in Women who Visa fuck and sharers went and nagged that one nay senator and he got annoyed so much, he said he will never in Women who Visa fuck his mind.

My point is very simple. You can work to make the system help you. Telling nothing will happen and sitting in your echo chamber is for cowards. That's all I can say. The conversation around DACA is very different today because they worked for it. They had a strong lobby, bankrolled it, attended in personthey also raised awareness in media etc. At this point it is well oiled enough that most Americans think immigrants are all illegals!

You have so much to point fingers at others - why don't you join? Those who pushed the bill were people just like you. Instead of sitting on blind and prognosticatingthey moved the bill! You haven't leanrt to walk, but you are laughing at someone who runsbut happened to trip because he didn't see a stone.

No one is fooled here by indoctrination. Hey, AdultDC - I get that you're feeling defensive. The point of what snkparnt is trying to say again is that it IS possible to speak up and get the process moving.

Having a dystopian world view without even trying any of this is a disservice to yourself. The country isn't all that bad. If it in Women who Visa fuck all that bad, you'd not be here. Snkparnt is talking from the perspective of a group that has succeeded in getting those many buy ins for reform.

No, you will not get a GC easily and no, this doesn't mean citizenship. But this bill will solve a lot of problems.

You should laud their efforts. And if possible, participate. We're all on the same side here! Dealing with an unfair situation. I wish people would just open their eyes and see it for what it is and what you can do instead of fighting against each other. I have nothing against the bill or immigrants. If it were up to me I would get rid of the stupid limits around visas and green cards. Ok then in Women who Visa fuck should check out immigrationvoice and figure out the next steps in removing caps.

There should be no walls. If they were smart they would treat outsiders well and provide them with the resources to succeed. And if they become a major population here like they want they will turn the US into another cesspool like India within no time. This Rape argument is falling through isn't it? All US does is settle out of court and shove it under the carpet. After hearing all the horror stories recently of assault in Silicon Valley things which don't make it in for Macedonia looking men Women the newsI now know that bringing up Rape in topics regarding India is in Women who Visa fuck hand racism.

Very typical of racist American women. They know very little about India, but will talk about rape on any thread involving India. The CFO saw it and didn't say anything. The lady didn't complain as she is new to the company. Yet apparently Indian culture in Women who Visa fuck about rape. Look at yourself in the mirror once in a while. Fucking racist asshole dickhead. Oct 19, 14 9. Lol I can't keep arguing with every bigot here.

I have a job I can't afford to lose. Because I will get deported. Continue your online trolling brave soldier. Well, we had medical Ott Women nude in which did not let us die like barbarians.

Oct 17, 9 9. Let's say you have 2 groups. One has 10 people and the other has Why do so many people want to leave the second group? That's exactly the question you're asking. Not only that, there are only 4 tickets available for each group that can be used to get out.

Give tax breaks for families with only one child. Are your genes really that special?? I absolutely agree that population control is essential, all over the world. In Women who Visa fuck it's a very difficult issue to tackle, both because of its sensitive nature as well as its possible political implications in a democratic system. China is the only country which I'm aware of to have pulled off something to that effect, and it isn't a democracy.

Do you know of any democratic system that encourages population control? Totally agree that the government needs to give tax breaks for smaller families but the real problem is that the uneducated masses having more and more children since more kids means more money. Idk of any other country currently but I do know India will need to do something sooner than later. World population growth is expected to turn negative within 50 years and then we are all in for a lot of uncertainty in Women who Visa fuck potentially screwed.

Just ask China why they removed their one child policy. Or ask Japan about the drivers of their stagflation are. The reality is the most women in developed nations have a replenishment rate of less than 2 children and that and decreasing at an alarming rate.

Most of the kids I knew growing up were only children. Or had one sibling. I was born in the 80s. India did try to encourage people with incentives to do family planning and some of it backfired. There were many campaigns about one family one child or one family two children. This was in the in Women who Visa fuck. I'm sure there's data to back up the fact that educated folks have smaller families. Urban India which is where most immigrants are from has a fertility rate of 1.

Europe's rate is 1. Rural fertility rate is apparently 2. Here's a write up about recent developments in re one or two children policies in India: The author is sourcing the data from a national level federal survey. In Women who Visa fuck means GDP growth. I'm smart enough not to get into chicken-egg useless banter with you. India clearly has plenty of smart people but they export you like some common good. India, IMO, should do more to make life there better.

The problems facing India aren't things that can be fixed in a year or even a decade. That doesn't mean they won't be fixed, it will take some time. It is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and will eventually reach the stage that you're talking about.

But what are people to do in the meantime? They have the skills, they're taking it where there's demand. It's just globalization Lots of US and European in Women who Visa fuck sell their goods and services in India, making as much money as Indians living overseas make.

Should India close its xxx Auckland girls Clinton in to such companies as well?

Don't answer that because it was rhetorical. Point is, in a globalized economy, companies set up shop around the world and people move around as well. They end up stuck in an overflowing country-specific queue in the US because the tokens aren't allotted based on population but a fixed number.

Damn, if that's the language skills from a slum in India, RoW ought to be shitting bricks. If Indians think America is too racist then they should go back to India.

Probably because they love their in Women who Visa fuck and feel like helping them enjoy a more comfortable in Women who Visa fuck. It is also nice to have them around to help raise grand children.

Doesn't even make sense with all the money we send back it doesn't even make sence. Greencard guys can get Medicare not us. Ignore the idiot trolls here. Pity on your parents who gave birth to a shithole selfish kid like you. Everyone can see the sorry state of your knowledge on the matter. Go read a bit more than trolling on Blind. However much you wish these brown people we're not here, but they are and will persist. And oh, will keep bringing their parents here to rub salt on your sore wounds.

Us citizen here so I can't relate at all. Can you explain why the visas exploit you? I'm not saying they don't, I just don't know anything about it. Oct 19, 0 The problem is the the quota system makes it significantly longer for Indians vs. That also means that Indians are less likely to move jobs in Women who Visa fuck they wait because that in Women who Visa fuck the new company will have to start the process all over again.

Less mobility means less wages. Also, you need to start the GC process if you get a promotion. So your choice within your own company is also - whether to even ask for promotions if you want the GC. It's cute sucking in Osh Cock you guys don't have a clue how this impacts you as well in terms of ending up with low wages. If Indians had mobility and freedom to move and it'll happen if their process is as fast as other nationalities you would have better salaries.

Companies use this to keep their employees salaries low. They use it to hold them in those positions and salaries even through their skill level might be higher. Boils down to op is a bitch. We love you, though. Blind and America wouldn't be the same without you. USA has achieved superpower status mainly because it opened its door to smart immigrants.

You cannot possibly enumerate the contribution to US power, might, technology and economy made by Indians. It is sad that US wants these smart people to go back or go to other countries, the effect of this will be in Women who Visa fuck 30 years from now, when major inventions and technology is developed elsewhere.

In Women who Visa fuck hell bent on sending them back! The immigration system is not targeting Indians in particular. It is just enforcing the per country limit as it does for all countries. As far as I know there is no special rule for India.

Exploitation, tell me you just kidding: Which kind of diversity is this!! That will still not solve the problem of depressing wages that the backlog brings. Unless this backlog is flushed, people on the line will depress wages for all.

That h1 teammate who didn't ask for raise is depressing your wage. Even if companies don't willing hire h1, the low wage make them attractive for companies and end up choosing them over someone with higher wage. If North Bay sucking in Cock wait was few years it won't have mattered. But life long wait creates a second class citizen who will hurt themselves and everyone. Please don't forget that companies ganged in Rostov Clinton girls xxx to depress wages and when caught just settled.

GC backlog is a legal route to depress wages. Companies love this sugar candy. Diversity visa exists for diversity. There is diversity caps on family visa, which is in Women who Visa fuck skills visa because it doesn't vet for skills Skills visa employment Visa is for skill. If diversity is so important why not do it in h1? I can relay to the feelings of the GE guy. The world and economies keep shifting, so almost all major tech companies have already worked around the problem by expanding into other countries.


For example, if you cannot get a h1b in the US, then go to Vancouver Canada. Terms over there might not be as good, but no one says that you are entitled to remain in the US just because you think you are entitled. Instead of complaining about the problem, try to find your next best alternative approach instead.

The world is full of problems and this is no exception. You are not the only ones they exploit. They exploit even their own people. Think about why there are so few worker protections in Women who Visa fuck this country. Oct 16, 8 The US definitely needs more in Women who Visa fuck protections. But as you can tell - the level of exploitation is higher when you have even lesser agency.

I think he means that when you're tied to an employer during the pendency of a green card petition, you have less "agency" to move freely. You're controlled by someone else. Typically, if you want to maintain your priority in the greencard queue and you really want to, considering it takes 15 years you need to stay with the employer that filed it till you reach a certain stage of mobility.

That could mean years? And take any crap that they throw at you. It's like you're that company's bitch. Both your info is so inaccurate I wish it were true.

Someone who applies from India will never get their green card before they die. I am not lying. The output of line is fixed at 10k per year. Input is around k per year. Please tell your in Women who Visa fuck Indian peers and friends like me a year back taht they aren't getting their green cards in their lifetime majority won't and that USCIS is now processing applications from only works when input matches output. The more years pass by the more we're accumulating in visa queues and waitlines.

So if someone filed today, it'll be longer than what it was for the guy who filed back in If your pd in Women who Visa fuck after you will likely never get gc before you retire.

Around your death. Oh and the moment you retire you are out of status and will be kicked out of the country. So don't have much hopes on getting GC after you retire. Oct 18, 4 7. Also, doubt it went from 5 to 70 without someone noticing. Lol statistically, it will be The process is so opaque that you can't tell. I'd recommend you try going through it with someone you know who is an immigrant and see what it is like. At this point, if I decide to file for one - there's definitely no way to predict how long it'll take.

People use historic cases to say 15 years. However, considering in Women who Visa fuck existing backlog and the added backlog every in Women who Visa fuck, it becomes slower and slower.

Fuck these exploitation visas

It's just sad that people with sucking Peterborough Love in knowledge or experience with the system seem to think that they'll know more than someone who has been through the system. Please realize that we're here not because we're daft. Datdudetho Do you know there are unused GC's from other countries that go waste?? There just not enough highly skilled folks in these countries.

Its a supply demand equation based on the skill gap in the US workforce, bringing this per country quota is effing everything in Women who Visa fuck. If there were quotas on h1 companies will cry telling they need best and brightest.

How many companies do you see lobbying for green cards? Some do lip service. Rest don't even bother. They say it isn't important to them.

Note that when people can't get their green cards in their lifetime, it is effectively denial. In such cases, US should make it clear when you apply for h1 that you can't get your GC. USCIS knows this and wilfully admits people into country - that is duplicity. Even better if they start denying people in GC line because they can't service them, it will be clear to people.

In such a situation, you can blame those who are here knowing they won't get GC and complain. The rules have been changing on a regular basis lately.

Also no one signs up to be treated like a 3rd class human being. Also, just because the rules are known doesn't mean they're just, it's why people break the rule ex. Civil rights movement, slave rights, women's suffrage rights etc to reach a higher state as a humanity and as a in Women who Visa fuck. What about your brothers and sisters? If you bring your parents here they might feel lonely in India.

Also, don't you think about how your nephews will feel if you separate them from their grand parents? Oct 17, 11 5. And childhood friends also. The ultimate goal is bring everyone. I'm sure you use the same logic when deciding who you're taking with you on a road trip.

Don't forget your kindergarten teacher too! Democrats like it because it helps vastly grow their Hispanic base. Sibling immigration should be ended. However, parent immigration enables parents to sponsor their kids aka the siblings. The solution is to totally in Women who Visa fuck sponsorship for kids over a certain age early 20s. One problem that arises here is that kids who move to the US with their parents might become older than the age threshold before they get to the front of the line.

Anyone who supports In Women who Visa fuck should, logically, also support this. If it is any consolation - the sibling visas are the fourth priority visa. So that means that if a visa is available, the priority first goes to spouses, immediate children or parents. And to this date - siblings from Mexico and Philippines who filed in Women who Visa fuck, say, have still not gotten their greencards.

India and Real for in Just looking Berekum someone are at Not sure if you heard about the cumulative increases - so if someone filed now from India, they probably won't get it in their lifetime. You've identified a problem that doesn't need any solving, assuming your problem is the inflow of Hispanic, Filipino, Indian and Chinese siblings.

We are only talking about employment based GCs. You can't put your siblings on your employment GC. Only your spouse but even that, I might need to verify.

Oct 16, 14 5. Can you not afford to hire someone to take care of in Women who Visa fuck while you work on getting them to the US? There has to be some middle ground? You can't outsource emotional support. That's what they need most. And also being cared by a family member vs a caretaker are not same. People who apply for green card today will die before they can get theirs.


I want to go back to Bangladesh. But that means giving up my career Oct 16, 12 1. As a Republican and full American citizen, I say that we're in the land of opportunity, a situation you should fully take advantage of. If you're in the valley then you have a chance to make some serious cash, if you go back to India, make sure you can retire and live the good life when you get there! Oct 17, 15 1. One thing I definitely learnt from this post - most of the non-immigrant people have no clue about immigration and all its struggles.

Oct 20, 15 0. A better solution is to eventually take over "native" Americans, given that Chinese and Indian immigrants are the smartest ethic group in the U.

With the exception of how long it takes the requirements especially for those with a family are lower in in Women who Visa fuck US. When I lost my job I had to uproot my family with no notice and move back to Canada. It was traumatic as it was all my child had known, her friends and extended family are all in the US.

When we are here on h1b visas the US owes us nothing. We know the risks and the potential rewards. The US owes us nothing. Worst case scenario people in Women who Visa fuck their jobs and take their skills back to their come countries. Living life in limbo waiting for a green card is a choice, and a privilege others would gladly sacrifice for. Oct in Oskemen Prostitute, 13 1.

That's why legislations are necessary, how do you think laws are made. Politicians or lobbyists work toward making a law that prevents 1 from happening.

Obviously there's a lot of nuances there. Oct 17, 11 1. I'm in the same boat. Moving back to India next month for good. Oct 20, 13 0. Imagine how much more exploitative America has been to illegal immigrants. This quasi legal state just leads to their exploitation where they pay tax dollars but not receive any of its benefits when they retire. Oct 18, 3 6. The progressive left has pushed for this ambiguous state. Everyone else has been against ALL of it. I in Women who Visa fuck that that's a problem, but the solution is not to offer drivers licenses and sanctuary.

Those are what creates the ambiguous state, and there is one side to blame for that. Those damn white people. The source of all of the world's problems. In Women who Visa fuck get out of the discussion of humanity Go back and start a new venture in india Oct 21, 12 1. Wtf is wrong with you? S owe you something?? If you really are confident about your skills and think building a company is so easy, why not start with india and make your country a better place instead of whining about why in Women who Visa fuck a U.

S green card is so difficult. Make your country so that no one would think of in Women who Visa fuck it. Oct 20, 11 1. Then USA should stop taking social security from our paycheck. Now stop being a racist and get a life. If you don't agree then try getting citizenship in one of the Arab countries.

I think the US has well defined path to citizenship. Oct 18, 6 9. Despite all the hype many things in USA are primitive or backwards, the immigration system is one of them.

It is designed to exploit educated, talented young people from in Women who Visa fuck rich Asian countries. Another oblivious an uncaring fool whoCares! We're not saying it is a right. But if you're letting us petition for it and telling us to wait for it while we work our asses off - make the process fair. The longer we wait in Women who Visa fuck limbo, we cannot move jobs! That's how companies manage to keep the wages low.

So your salary also doesn't grow.


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