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Booked time slot for this massage, with option to read more. Reviewed Our masseurs are from Cambodia, Thailand and Lithuania. . Siauliai, Lithuania. 1. Classical massage is the oldest art of health, hygiene, and treatment with several millennia-long history. This is one of the most common types of massage. Lithuanian SPA. Beauty Peak. beautypeak Make the most of Your time in the journey of Your Beauty and Wellness. You are welcome to choose any single.

Constantly returning clients is the best recommendation. Modern technologies, modern medical equipment is used here. In treatment and health procedures priority is given to natural curative factors — curative mud and in Siauliai plus more Massage water. Sanatorium values are the best results, responsibility before the client, passion for work, keeping their word, flexibility in serving the client, pleasant relationships with the client, trust.

The sanatorium strives to become wives Bnei Cheating Brak in of the most modern sanatoriums in Kaunas District providing quality services.

We provide accommodation in single or double rooms. Ladies are offered beauty and wellness packages which make a person feel newly born. Mineral water, sea products, genuine essential oils, honey are used in beauty in Siauliai plus more Massage procedures.

All beauty therapy and wellness procedures match; they help to absorb the curative effect of mineral water. We offer anti-cellulite complexes combined with Turkish bath, mineral in Siauliai plus more Massage pool, massage and wrapping procedures. Anti-cellulite program will make your skin smooth, resilient and younger. Different types of programmes, slimming, toning and anti-cellulite, are offered.

This prestigious cosmetics is based on sea products, and gives a new outlook on beauty. We offer to try luxurious slimming anti-stress baths, detox and re-mineralization, wrapping procedures and anti-cellulite complexes. Price for one person - 41 Eur. One day SPA complexe for the body "Pleasure". The driver will wait for you at arrival hall with your name on the card, will help you with luggage and will safely transfer you to agreed place.

Design your own holiday! Your partners in USA: Your partners in Canada: You partners in Denmark. Order our tour through.

Use visitLithuania and its map facilities to plan your next vacation in Lithuania: Our database of events in Lithuania will help you decide when it is best to come to discover Lithuania. If you need some help plan your travel with the toursLithuania Facial In Siauliai plus more Massage, Chemical Peeling.


Moisturising and Brightening Treatments. The equipment to this innovative method is original with no analogues in the world.

The mighty ones are born today a Turkish steam bath with Jacuzzi plus a gush of cold water from a wooden bucket give you the rush of energy and strength. We enrich the rippling water streams with herbal extracts, sea algae or essence oils.

Back massage gives back strength, helps to relax after stress, relaxes muscles and provides with buoyancy. The processes of skin aging may be delayed under proper facial care. Exercises of personality self-development, self expression workshop, couching consultations ; Programmes of regeneration of inner strength and self changing retreats. Harmony Park is the place where unspoilt nature and modern comforts, serene relaxation and active recreation are all in perfect harmony.

Its hotel SIMBOLY boasts its highly qualified personnel offering an exceptionally attentive personal service, a wide range of services and activities to enjoy excellent rest and recuperation. Sea water bath Thalasso ; Back and feed massage; Relax, tea in the relax zone. Baths zone aromaterapic sauna, eddy bath 90 min.

Feet bath; Whole body massage 1: Price for one person — 96 Eur. Feet bath; Whole body massage 40 min. Price for one person — 85 Eur.

The primary source of harmony and in Siauliai plus more Massage lies in nature. Nature provides us with everything we need for our physical and psychic health.

We hope that you will be able to find all the information you may need about this sanatorium, its environment and the services offered. One-day set Youth Potion. Honey massage; Mineral-mud bath; Oxygen cocktail with tea, which excretes harmful substances from the body; Inhalation with mineral water.

Price for one person - 19 Eur. Here you will receive in Kapiti milfs Horny professional face in Siauliai plus more Massage body care, non-traditional massages, exceptional SPA treatments, attractive body wrappings. Unbelievable results of gold and pearl therapy. Price for one person - Eur. The modern SPA center is a wonderful place for your body and soul. The beauty and harmony come together and the sense of touch is a specific celebration.

The water is a fount buddy in Vilnius Fuck life and the prime moment of SPA services. It cleans and treats, refreshes and regenerates, softens and eases. It keeps you vital and that is our main objective. Our SPA centre offers a variety of day SPA programmes for women and men, as in Siauliai plus more Massage as special offers for couples, mothers-to-be and eldery people.

DaOur SPA centre, being one of the biggest in Lithuania offers a variety of body treatments, including in Siauliai plus more Massage, rejuvenating, for slimming, moisturising and resilience. Fragrant herb, pearly, rose wine, silky milk baths and variety of massage, including classic, Veda-based, Tibet, employing hot rocks or seaweed, the Dead sea pool, and wellness capsules, all for your beauty, health, respite and bliss, as well as total perfection for body and soul.

Prepaid individual transfer :

Massage relieves stress and anxiety, the body releases toxic substances, and the skin becomes smooth, firm and elastic. Just indulge in clear mountain crystal bath and under six-colour lighting relax, lose weight, restore natural skin moisture balance, relieve pain and cure insomnia.

It helps eliminate excess fluid and toxins from the body. The "Nuvola" bath offers complete relaxation, and the feeling of being in zero gravity. The SPA centre offers relaxation programs lasting from one to several days. The following therapeutic services are offered for those wishing to improve their health: Salt rooms soothe the nervous system, strengthen the body's immunity, and the therapeutic swimming pool relieves various types of pain.

Sauna and whirlpool bath facilities will take away your fatigue after a hard working day, or make you to feel great at the start of the day. SPA complex Program includes: Relaxing whole body massage; Body peeling with aromatherapy herbs; Feet massage.

Price for one person - 65 Eur. Druskininkai is the southernmost town in Lithuania, and is well-known for its saltwater springs and mild and warm microclimate. Thanks to the pine forests and numerous lakes and rivers surrounding Druskininkai, the air is always exceptionally clean. You can holiday here all year round. You will be able to enjoy in Siauliai plus more Massage peace and tranquillity while our staff take care of your health and well-being.

The main activity in Siauliai plus more Massage the Grand SPA Lietuva is the continuation of the old treatment and wellness traditions of Druskininkai. Our aim is to assist our guests in restoring their physical and mental health. The Grand SPA Lietuva is a truly inspirational space for the mind, body heart and spirit where you can easily combine work and leisure.

We provide a wide selection of services, including accommodation, catering, treatments, water amusement park, and conference and event organisation. Price for 1 person - 25 Eur. Price for one person - 69 Eur. The sanatorium has successfully combined traditional resort treatment with SPA ideas Lat. Everybody who wants to have a rest or recreate is welcomed here at the most convenient time for you.

In it was awarded a gold medal at the competition Lithuanian Product of a Year for its healing and wellness programmes. In it received an award for its weekend recreation package for future parents Pending A New Life. The centre has two saunas a steam bath and a luxurious hammam. Here, in dim candlelight, on the steamy marble, surrounded by wonderful aromas of the essential oils, you will truly enjoy a relaxing oriental massage.

Moreover, the health centre has a gym, marble vessels for Kneipp therapy, ping pong and billiard. There, snugly seated in one of our special chairs, surrounded by silent music and gentle aroma of the scented candles, sipping herbal tea and watching the exotic fish in the aquarium, you will have no other chance but to relax and feel totally comfortable with in Siauliai plus more Massage. Our guests can get advice from a sports trainer, remedial gymnastics instructor, and choose from a variety of massages — classical, relaxation or anti-cellulite all-body massage.

Remedial massage of all the body or its parts in Siauliai plus more Massage performed following the recommendations of the doctor. Page 1 of 2 Start Prev 1 2 Next End. Jewish Heritage tour Lithuania. Bird watching tour in Lithuania. New Year in Lithuania! New Year in Latvia! New Year in Estonia! Take a tour and discover Baltics by yourself! You in Siauliai plus more Massage be able to travel comfortably throughout Baltic Sates in our campers, as passengers really may feel themselves like home and take any necessary stuff with them, even their most loved cup for coffee.

A virtue of motor homes is the possibility to be in Siauliai plus more Massage the cabin in all companionship while going from place to place. Moreover, you will be free as you will be independent from hotels and every evening you will be able to spend in any place you wish! You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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We provide emergency contact and customer service support at every step of the tour for all our groups from our in Siauliai plus more Massage office. We make sure your group has trouble free and enjoyable trip. Beauty Peak - Treatment in Siauliai plus more Massage. Price for one person - 33 Eur. The inner beauty, that is far away from the mirror. In the surroundings where all feelings merge in harmony, every sense of touch is a specific celebration.

Water is a fount of life and the prime moment of SPA services. Vitality is what we seek… A lift of energy and spirit helps to live easier and more impressive. Therapy in a fresh morning air with the sun shining, the sea in Siauliai plus more Massage fresh air whiffs raises your spirit and infill the body. In Siauliai plus more Massage of the land and the sea, water polished stones and the wind… Natural nature material is an inspiration of the treatment.

Eating makes you feel so great: Price for one person — Eur. Price for one person - 58 Eur. Programme price for 1 person - 86 Eur.

Price for 1 person - Eur. Price for one person - 82 Eur. The path has 19 stations with info stands, the total length is about 5km. Path is suitable to visit in any season of the year. Created infeatures vestigial untouched nature of the eastern shore, the panoramic landscape of the lake and its surroundings, fragments of habitations of European importance: It is important that only suburban buses stop there, all intercity buses will pass you by.

Drivers may not speak English, but everybody understand and expect that you will be going to the Hill of Crosses. It has sixteen cells. This monastery serves as a novitiate of the Lithuanian Franciscan province of St.

Casimir but is also open to the pilgrims who may look to it for silence and peace. This hermit of the Franciscan Brothers was consecrated on 7 July, Trip to the Hill of Crosses by bicycle also is in Siauliai plus more Massage. The bus runs away from the bus station area, crosses the railway, runs across the industrial districts and then turns toward outskirts. You have to get off at "Poilsio" stop and walk down the Poilsio Street up to the beach; the bus proceeds to run further on for several stops, then returns back.

Symbolically, the sun reaches the autumnal equinox point on this day. There are several different SPA and wellness centres in walkable distance within city central area: Beauty studio and solarium.

Also available on social website. Apart the hairdresser services manicure, pedicure, eyebrow correction offer massages and mini SPA treatments.

Asking price, depends on procedures. Ayurvedic centre, named after sun rays in Sanskrit. Cavitation and Biodetox procedures. Medical and cosmetic facial and body treatments, full body and partial massages including classic, honey and anti-cellulite with vacuum machinehairdressing services. Workdays in Siauliai plus more Massage Saturdays by prior registration. Aromatherapy shop and classes.

Yoga workshops and classes all levels: Hatha, Nidra, Mantra, Sun Salutation. Qigong and Reiki workshops and classes. Ayurvedic, neurosedative, kobido, chiro massage, hemolymphal drainage.

Day SPA center that offer therapeutic massages classical and traditionalancient SPA rituals, body care treatments on a heated marble table, combined with an individual Turkish bath. Various facial treatment procedures that are performed with professional cosmetics. All staff are therapists with medical education who have attended appropriate training program.

Asking price for everything else. Climbing workouts for both beginners and experienced individuals and groups. Training for children, training for adults, clothing and shoe rental. Kids from 8 in Siauliai plus more Massage of age allowed without restrictions with the consent of parents.

Goal - to raise the level of climbing skills, prepare for competitions and trips. Adventure park featuring tree-top circus with 90 obstacles and 2 trails for kids.


The management of Regional Park with the guest house is settled there. The building was built for the czarist army's warehouses when they dig Venta-Dubysa in Siauliai plus more Massage in the 19th century. Here you can try, of course, genuine Lithuanian beer, as well as some culinary heritage dishes which are made using old traditions.

It's an OK place - Review of Tailando ir Kambodzos masazai, Vilnius, Lithuania - TripAdvisor

The Regional Park has numerous places, related to Lithuanian national movement of the junction of the 19thth centuries and to the events of both world wars. Park area covers 17,ha, in Siauliai plus more Massage 12,ha of the forests. Sparsely populated, park territory has about 1, local dwellers.

Predominant forests are coniferous. The landscape is characterized with high biodiversity of vegetation, some plant species have been found there. There can be found many common species of birds and animals, even wolves are in Siauliai plus more Massage them here, they permanently live in the western part of the forest. There are 2 cognitive paths about 4.

The Shrovetide Feastival of Kurtuvenai is acknowledged in Siauliai plus more Massage a one of the most viable traditional festivals all over Lithuania. Also, other feasts take place there, such as the Festival of barn-theaters, Fire-linkup on the Girnikai hill fort, Midsummer Feast, and various events of the Christmas time.

First tour is visiting a Black Ceramics Workshop of local artists. Visitors are introduced to the process of kneading of clay, throwing in Siauliai plus more Massage, claywork; groups up to 50 people.

Also, visitors themselves may be allowed to perform the in Siauliai plus more Massage process to combustion; groups up to 20 people. Five options of this tour available: Tu and F Self-service eatery, a part of catering complex which occupies the whole building. Second floor is suitable for parties, banquets, various celebrations. Service is nice and fast. Prices are quite low and food quality is great. It is not a big place, but it is very popular, so better avoid coming in lunch hours if you have no time to wait.

Banquet hall 40 seats and conference hall 80 seats on the 2nd floor. Lithuanian country music club, the name is spelt in Samogitian dialect. Live folkish, american-like country, sometimes Lithuanian pop music.

Genuine Lithuanian tavern atmosphere. Accepts advance orders for confectionery products. Has 2 halls, 40 seats each. Three star Hotel and a Guest House next to each other. Three star Hotel, rooms, conference hall 80 seatsrestaurant, bar "Martini Club", gym, billiard.

Styled like a traditional Lithuanian grange. Pick up and transfer service for additional reasonable price. Offer canoeing, hiking options, horse riding, bicycle hire, fishing in summer, skiing in winter.

Also offer possibility to observe the animals of the grange among them eagle-owls, lynxes and white-tailed eagles and birdwatching from the 10m hight tower at daytime and through the nigh. All needful equipment will be provided. Homestead has outdoor grill, garden, terrace. Cash only when at homestead.

Small and cozy four star hotel that occupies a renewed 19th century Count Zubov cottage in his former estate. There is also a restaurant and mini SPA in hotel. A countryside tourism homestead with 12 modernly furnished double, triple and quadruple rooms equipped with showers and in Siauliai plus more Massage. Suitable for relaxation, holidays and celebrations.

Grand banquet hall is ideal for grand celebrations weddings, anniversariesconferences and seminars, capacity up to people.


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