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Summary: An interview of Santa Barraza conducted November , by Cary Cordova, for the Santa Barraza () is an artist from Kingsville, Texas. Resulting from its discussions, a Statement of Santa Marta was adopted, along as well as a Motion of Acknowledgement to the outgoing Chair of SICLAC, Raúl Alfonsín. Today, the majority of men and women living on this continent elect their . In this way they are seeking to ensure that trading agreements do not limit . On the cover: Scenes of Santa Marta, Colombia as captured by Alberto Mariño, Jordi Font Bayó and George of Lahaina Roads. . cargo vessels entering and departing St. Croix. .. ing blog “Women and Cruising” (www. . two years ago, seeking to promote collaboration between marine protected areas.

The contents of this report are a most interesting illustration of the argument which the members parties of SICLAC have been promoting for many years in their respective countries and in the region, with a view to building freer and more egalitarian democratic societies. In Latin America today the right of universal suffrage is universally upheld, with no significant in Seeking woman Marta outgoing an Santa. But these structural economic reforms are still being applied.

The index of structural reforms shows that these reforms have been applied continuously: This index consists of five sub-categories, containing data on "international trade policy", "taxation policies", "economic policies", "privatisations" and "labour legislation".

Oral history interview with Santa Barraza, 2003 November 21-22

Average per capita GDP has not significantly increased in the last 20 years. Inwhilst the index of structural reforms in Seeking woman Marta outgoing an Santa 0. Levels of poverty decreased slightly in relative terms. In46 per cent of the population were living in poverty; in this had gone down to However, in absolute terms, the number of people living below the poverty line had increased.

Inthere were million poor Latin Americans. Inin a population of million, the number of poor people had increased to million.


The percentage of inequality, as expressed in the relationship between highest and lowest incomes, has not decreased. Inthe richest ten percent of the population of Latin America had an income In this had increased to This region has the greatest inequality in distribution of income.

Over the last 15 years the labour situation has deteriorated almost everywhere in the region. Unemployment and employment in the informal economy have increased significantly. Furthermore, workers have less social protection health, pensions and unionisation. This is linked to the worsening distribution of income and increase in poverty, adding up to a picture set to have extremely negative - and to some extent inevitable - consequences in the medium and in Seeking woman Marta outgoing an Santa term.

SICLAC regards it as very important that its member parties, in their in Seeking woman Marta outgoing an Santa national and regional context, should help to promote these vital debates on real power and democracy, the content and relevance of politics and its institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. There must be a break with the restrictions and prejudices established during the advance of neo-liberalism and a new discussion of the State, the economy and globalisation.


A review of the role of the State in strengthening democracy, that is of the real capacity required by the State in order to develop and expand democracy, is vital. It is not true that there is only one way to organise economic relations in a in Seeking woman Marta outgoing an Santa society.

We must look again at the economy, from a democratic viewpoint, emphasising that different economic policies exist and that each of these has its own impact on democratic development. Economic questions must again become part of politics.

Tamy / 38 / Female / Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia |

Poverty and inequality are a challenge to democracy and politics: Those who are poor in material terms also find it difficult to assert in Seeking woman Marta outgoing an Santa other rights. However, the imbalance of power should not lead us to an attitude of resignation with regard to the model of globalisation without solidarity. We must win back the ability to define our own political policies and in this context we need to reaffirm the commitment to regional political integration, since the action of most Latin American nations on their own is not enough to influence, monitor, regulate or benefit from the globalisation process or resist its tendencies.

We must bear in mind, above all, that the establishment of AFTA is an aim and an instrument of US foreign policy, aimed at the opening of American markets to US exports. The ostensible aim is to establish a free trade zone with the progressive elimination of barriers to trade and investment. The importance of these negotiations should not nude Rio in Verde Naughty girls minimised: It wants AFTA member countries to commit themselves to agreements based on its own interests on matters as diverse as government purchasing, investment, intellectual property, the environment and labour standards.

There is no chance of establishing alliances within AFTA which will be capable counterbalancing the immense power of the United States. We are facing the clear challenge of the establishment in this hemisphere of a system even more hegemonic than the present one. This implies, on the one hand, the existence of a State body capable of imposing on others a structural norm which will determine the rules of financial and commercial play.

On the other hand, our business men and women will have to understand that this hegemonic State will bring additional advantage to its own powerful "mega businesses": Neither should we fail to recognise the capacity of the US government and businesses to influence, from outside our countries, our discussions and decision-making.

The relationship is an unequal one and we shall be subject to strong pressure from the Bush administration itself, whose policies have become a threat to the stability of the whole world.

The most serious problem, however, is that the Congress of the United States has given the Executive a negotiating mandate - in the multilateral WTO environment, in the regional ACLA negotiations and in bilateral talks - which is particularly rigid as regards the defence of its own trade and agriculture.

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