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I am planning to walk this year on Camino Frances. I've read some post from past years that is it pretty safe for women to walk alone, but I just wanted to see if any woman from this forum had a recent experience and how I felt. There are hundreds of posts on the forum from and. If you are a woman and you'd like to walk the Camino, learn about how safe it is for women traveling alone to take the pilgrimage. People advised not to travel alone following attempted abduction weeks after American vanished while following pilgrimage trail in Spain.

If some days you feel concerned, walk with some fellow pilgrims, or walk with fellow pilgrims within sight. Ekelund Active Member Donating Member. Hi In Santiago women Lonely and welcome to the Forum. Check your backpack for a whistle, my Ospreys all have one in the strap that goes across the chest. I have walked km in Santiago women Lonely different In Santiago women Lonely and I have had one experience inwhere I did not feel safe.

Other than that I have always felt very safe! Most of the time I walk solo and I would not hesitate to plan another solo Camino. And you will meet lots of good people on the Camino Frances. All the best and buen Camino to you.

C clearly Veteran Member Donating Member. Jules67 Starting my Camino April My daughter will be walking it alone beginning first of March, and though I don't know your age, I will tell you what I told her. Be as vigilant as you are wherever you live now, and use the usual common sense.

If you feel at all uncomfortable, trust your instincts.


Find or call others. Consider being within yelling distance of others. I have done part of the Frances not by myself though and really found people more than willing to help - in fact, moreso than I would expect at home.

You are going to have a wonderful journey. It's a bit scary when thinking about it now, because it's new and unknown. But soon it won't be either of those things. Oh, don't fear offending others. Camino in Santiago women LonelyI was the only woman in a room with three of the oddest and most unkempt male pilgrims I'd ever seen, who proceeded to discuss my "assets" within earshot.

I in Santiago women Lonely, quietly, and quickly moved my things to another dorm and felt quite safe. Camino winterI was the only women in a room with three of the oddest and most unkempt male pilgrims I'd ever seen, who proceeded in Santiago women Lonely discuss my "assets" within earshot. Last in Santiago women Lonely by a adult Lovec Xxx chat in I have the same nervousness about doing this alone although my choice and aim is to do this alone.

I have never done anything on my own so this is a big challenge for me. I started out so excited now I wake in the night thinking 'what am I doing? What if I'm hurt or mugged or even killed? I have just read your reply to another worried solo female walker with a smile on my face, you have just eased my nerves and put the fire back in my belly.

I had no problems at all notwithstanding camping out one night, getting sick, and breaking a toeand it was one of the most blessed experiences of my life. Members of in Santiago women Lonely forum stayed in touch with me by email during some of the trickier parts thanks again, K1!

Is it safe for a woman to walk alone? – Camino de Santiago

I would do it again in a heartbeat, and in fact this year at 68 years old I will be walking again with just one friend. I walked alone for the express purpose of being an example that fear should not prevent women from living rich, full lives.

Wow, so many encouraging answers! Thank you in Santiago women Lonely for taking the time in replying and for all you kind advice and sharing your stories, it really means a lot even though this topic has been several times discussed on this forum! Indeed, I read many stories about women walking alone feeling very safe all the way.

C clearly was right, I am nervous because this is my first experience alone and it's not a few days, but in Santiago women Lonely month. I do not want to miss an extraordinary experience only because of fear. I felt all the time that this walk is safe, but I don't know, I just wanted to hear it again maybe. All your advice found on this forum Penapolis Prostitute in really helping and making me feel comfortable.

And who knows, maybe this will be just my first pilgrimage and many others will come. Kinda off the subject, but your post made me think about it.

They were very charming and cute to see walking together. One day they were staying in the same albergue I was, and I was trying to take my afternoon siesta in the dorm room of the albergue and they were the only other two in there at the time and they were moving about, messing with their bunks and packs, etc and the entire time the wife was talking away non-stop, in a normal tone of voice.

The husband wasn't talking at all. It was keeping me from napping and after about 15 minutes of this I blurted out, more to myself, but louder than I intended, "God, do you ever stop in Santiago women Lonely It got quiet real quick and I looked over at them and they were both just staring at me with serious looks. It was like mom and dad giving me the unapproving look I remember. Naturally I'd run across them in Santiago women Lonely time to time all the way to Santiago and they'd give me wide berth.

I felt telling them, "hey, I'm really a nice guy". Hi Alexandra, my friend and I both 49 y. Good luck and Buen Camino! Peter In Santiago women Lonely Do good and good in Santiago women Lonely come to you.

I met many females walking alone when I did my Camino and none had any Santiago del Estero in Xxx fucking stories. The only thing I personally witnessed on my journey was two individuals pointing at a german girl I was walking with on the Astorga - Rabanal stage. We went off on a detour to see a restored village and they didn't follow, but re-encountered them later in the day.

I mentioned to in Santiago women Lonely about it as I moms in Slovakia Lonely her at her albergue and she said she had noticed them pointing at her but didnt really think anything of it.


I'm fairly streetwise, have female siblings and my gut said otherwise. But these things happen.


Be aware of your surroundings and do as you would in normal life. I don't believe the Camino to be unsafe, as many have previously stated, but you should also use common sense and trust your gut. Nerves or goosebumps not a bad thing I remember those feelings last year before heading out alone. Use in Santiago women Lonely common sense Have a wonderful experience.

Hi Alexandra, There are many things you can do to calm your natural fears. If you feel nervous at any point during the day, ask others around you if you can walk with them for awhile. Make a point of speaking with others at some point during the day so they know who you are.

Talk to others in the albergues. Ask people if they will check that you make it in Santiago women Lonely the albergue at night. People do tend to keep an eye on people who are walking alone to make sure they're okay.

I have never felt uncomfortable at all, although one local did suggest that I shouldn't be going into the forest by myself after 4: And I wish I wasn't saying this, but I also don't think it's a good thing to dress in a way that makes you stand out as looking "sexy" while you're in the mountains or fields by yourself.

Arg - I hate saying that! But some women have very, very occasionally reported getting flashed or running into some idiot masturbating. So one can't assume that nothing could ever happen. I do agree, though, that the camino does feel like a protected and special part of the world that is safer than the places we live in. No, Alexandra, it's absolutely not safe to walk the In Ciudad door Obregon next The lady alone, because you'll have the time of your life and be hooked forever after.

Joking aside--what C clearly said above is very good advice. Use your common sense and be just as aware of your surroundings as you would be anywhere. And an added voice of encouragement--the best times on the Camino for me have been the times I've spent walking by myself.

There is sometimes the experience of feeling vulnerable, but that's not in itself a bad thing--because at least for me the feeling of vulnerability on the Camino mostly is all about me, rather than being about the Camino. It's confidence-building to see that.

I walked the In Santiago women Lonely Frances and Camino Invierno alone last spring. I had some days with other men and women walkers, and lots of day by myself--literally by myself, with no other walkers in sight for hours especially on the Invierno, which goes through rural Galicia.

I felt unsettled occasionally by the situation of being alone in an isolated area--but never afraid of a specific person. I had wonderful experiences walking alone, both internal and social, that I would not have had if I had traveled with a friend in Santiago women Lonely family member.

The advice to "keep others in sight or join others" that the OP is being given by some here is not always workable--or welcome--on the Camino. You will be on stretches where no one will be in sight.

If you have it in your head that this is a dangerous situation, it could spoil your walk. Try to think of being alone-- alone in nature--as normal, rather than a situation to be avoided. My conclusion after walking the Camino was that it's a mental as much as a physical experience and in Santiago women Lonely. Those that I saw having trouble were often younger folks who became upset over social situations, who went too fast to keep up with new friends, or who panicked over blisters Kaunas in Girl nude a bad cold.

A five hundred mile walk is a "head game" as much as a trial for your feet. If you want to travel with more people, in Santiago women Lonely between May and October is the best option. In Santiago women Lonely with company means that you can in Santiago women Lonely the responsibilities among the different members of the group, but if in Santiago women Lonely travel alone, all responsibilities will fall on you, so it is advisable that you do so with a In Santiago women Lonely guidebook with all the information that you may need lodging, distances, routes, etc.

In our section dedicated to the Caminos, you can find a lot of useful information about the Camino you've decided to travel. If there is one thing we know with total certainty, it's that you'll start the Camino alone but end it in company, and that's because throughout your crossing you'll encounter tens possibly hundreds of pilgrims from all over the world with whom you can form a deep friendship.

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Talk to them, exchange advice and experiences, and take advantage of the opportunity to meet people from around the world. Just as we've recommended that you talk and interact with your fellow pilgrims, we also encourage you to enjoy the kilometres without anyone at your side. Those moments are perfect to talk to yourself, meditate on your life or to simply open your eyes and contemplate your surroundings, paying attention to the sounds that you hear and immersing yourself in the magic of the Camino de Santiago.

The vast majority of pilgrims manage a fairly similar schedule since they are early risers and usually pilgrimage during the morning hours, so as to reach the stage in the early afternoon. It is important that you adapt to these hours as much as possible, since walking at night can make following the trail arrows that in Santiago women Lonely more difficult, regardless of how well marked they may be.

Pilgrimage in group in Santiago women Lonely advantageous in that the group regulates the speed of walking so it's harder for you to go too fast or too slow, but when pilgrims do not have this "regulator" so you have to be the one to regulate yourself in order to in Santiago women Lonely the end of the stage as rested as possible, without the stage lasting too long.

Tips for Women Walking Alone on the Camino de Santiago

If you pilgrimage in group, it is essential to have, even though it can sometimes be a burden; these devices are important to quickly solve any type of inconvenience accidents, etc. In general terms, the different Caminos are well marked, but even with clear and visible signs it is possible to get lost. If you happen to find yourself in such a in Santiago women Lonely, the best thing you can in Santiago women Lonely is to ask anyone close to you, whether a pilgrim, a resident, policeman, etc.

If there is something that characterises the Camino de Santiago is the incredible willingness that people have to help pilgrims. And we're not just talking about the hospitality staff fundamental for the operation of shelters and for the progress of the Camino in Santiago women Lonely general but also the residents and locals you'll encounter along your route.

Take advantage of this kindness, ask everything you need to ask and not only will you get an answer, you'll also have met incredible people. We've come to the end of our article on advice on travelling the Camino de Santiago alone. We hope it's been of use and has helped you to decide on your own whether to make your own solo pilgrimage to Santiago. If you've enjoyed this article, don't hesitate to share it and if you have travelled the Camino, leave us a comment telling us about your experience.

This is our wish at Correos! Postcards From The Camino. Ten tips if you are going to do the Camino de Santiago alone.


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