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Having pointed them out to some of the others in our group, no one knew of or really cared for them. So I had to enjoy the sight and knowledge of them on my own. I could in room Coihaique chat Sex how they got their names, that they really could be mistaken for little scudding clouds.

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Are they prominent in the night sky without visual aids? Beautiful country and lots of good spots for stargazing. Not to mention the largest optical telescope in the southern hemisphere. Yep, the Magellanic Clouds are easily visible here with the unaided eye — although they do tend to get washed out by light pollution and strong moonlight pretty quickly. I have taught astronomy 30 years, and have brought a class or two out every term, but the problem is always the sky seeing conditions plus the human light pollution.

I still have an amazing experience out there, but I really envy those Atacaman astronomers. At least the earth provides these beautiful barren environs. This is another favorite video from the same place. It shows the in room Coihaique chat Sex fixed in place and the earth rotating instead. I love when the three observatories turn in unison. By Phil Plait February 5, 7: AstronomyPretty pictures. February 5, at 7: February 5, at 8: February 5, at 9: February 5, at Yes, we should overthrow the Northern Tyranny!

Remember that Mao, Stalin, and Hitler, were in room Coihaique chat Sex Northerners.

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They are due for a Fall anyway, at least in their Autumn which will be our Spring. Chile is such an amazing place. Thanks Babak Tafreshi in room Coihaique chat Sex Phil for the sweet time lapse. February 5, at 1: February 5, at 2: February 6, at 7: Fantastic pictures February 7, at What a lovely view we have from this planet!


If you wish you may save this list to your harddisk for personal reference: GPS readings usually taken at the campsites not at the entrance of the property. Since we encountered some difficulties in room Coihaique chat Sex find propane filling stations several locations are included. Do you find this page useful? If so maybe consider a small donation towards upkeep and hosting - which we are paying for.

An astronomer's paradise - Bad Astronomy : Bad Astronomy

This is a work in in room Coihaique chat Sex as we are still on the road, in room Coihaique chat Sex please check back for the latest version and additional countries.

I had to get out of town, and only found this place along the beach - NOT recommended see below for alternative location. I had asked the restaurant owner if it was o. I wouldn't have stayed but it was too late to reach the main land and find anything better.

I went to Playa Blanca and didn't like it: I didn't like the beach much, very windy and crowded Saturday. I wanted to park near the fishing boats, but a local told old Nawabganj horny in Hot ladies it wouldn't be safe and that I would be in the way in the morning Park, opposite a fuel station. I stayed 4 nights no repeat entrance fee. Chiriguana is a little off the main highway and a lot quieter than settlements along the main road.

Circonvolar, left just before the bus station around the historic centre, which has roads that are narrow and roughly pebbled.

I even noticed a Steyr Pinzgauer in their garageand Oswaldo see above says these guys are good Carlos Koch phone is a German engine rebuilder - he might be able to help you particularly if you are German with other vehicle problems and refer you to reliable mechanics.


Francesco De Orellana to Av. Coen Wubbels was there in early for special Landcruiser parts! Las Americas and Av. Loja outside old city. Park not as cold ; turn-off between kilometer 13 and German owned, welcoming and friendly staff. Monday morning all had long lines of cars waiting to fill up - fuel was restricted, we were allocated by a soldier who took our details initially 10 Dollars worth of Diesel only one station with Diesel in townafter some discussion received an extra 5 Dollars worth of fuel - so in room Coihaique chat Sex arrive here with empty tanks Diesel in Peru costs 4x the Ecuatoarian price


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