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Participants also had similar rates of opposition to FGC, although women with FGC were less likely to assert human rights as a reason to end the practice. Long-term health consequences of FGC among women who have immigrated remain unclear, although resistance to the practice is overwhelming. Nov J Sex Med. Chronic hepatitis C is associated with many extrahepatic manifestations that impact and impair the quality of life.

Hepatitis C virus HCV infection has a high prevalence in Egypt and carries with the diagnosis many social impacts and stigmatization correlates that further impair in Qena Women sex seeking partners function.


This might negatively impact patients and their sexual function. Sexuality and sexual function have not been studied well in patients with HCV, especially in women. To investigate sexual dysfunction in Egyptian women with chronic hepatitis C. The self-administered FSFI questionnaire was completed by sexually active female patients with chronic hepatitis C without liver cirrhosis prior to initiation of therapy by pegylated interferon and ribavirin. Their results were compared to those of age- and socioeconomic class-matched sexually active healthy females.

The patients' scores in all domains of the questionnaire were significantly lower than those of the controls. Chronic hepatitis C negatively impacts female sexual function, affecting all domains of the sex cycle; this warrants further studies and needs to be addressed as part of a comprehensive therapy plan to improve patients' quality of life.

Female sexual dysfunction among Egyptian patients with chronic hepatitis C. Effects of female genital cutting on physical health outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis. We searched 15 databases to identify studies up to January Two review authors independently screened in Qena Women sex seeking partners and abstracts, applied eligibility criteria, assessed methodological study quality and extracted full-text data.

To derive overall risk estimates, we combined data from included studies using the Mantel-Haenszel method for unadjusted dichotomous data and the generic inverse-variance method for adjusted data. Outcomes that were sufficiently similar across studies and reasonably resistant to biases were aggregated in Qena Women sex seeking partners meta-analyses.

We applied the instrument Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development in Qena Women sex seeking partners Evaluation to assess the extent to which we have confidence in the effect estimates.


Our search returned results, of which studies 3. The risks of systematic and random errors were variable and we focused on key outcomes from the 57 studies with the best available evidence. The most common immediate complications were excessive bleeding, urine retention and genital tissue swelling.

For permission to use where not already granted under a in Qena Women sex seeking partners please go to http: Because of the sensitive nature of the topic, female sexuality is not a common subject in Qena Women sex seeking partners the Egyptian medical literature.

The present work aimed to assess domains of sexual functioning e. The participants were married women attending or working in Family Planning Centers in three cities; a face-to-face questionnaire was administered to all participants.

The questions covered many aspects of female sexuality avoiding topics of taboo, for example homosexuality. Most women had been circumcised. Most women reported no change in libido throughout the menstrual cycle. Achieving an orgasm was reported frequently by the majority of women and they commonly faked an orgasm if they did not achieve it. Affirmative responses on premarital masturbation and the practice of oral sex were uncommon.

The missionary position was the most commonly used position and women were largely satisfied with their sexual life as a whole. Despite economic difficulties, the practice of female genital cutting, and male dominance, the studied women viewed their sexual life positively. Outcomes of circumcision in women: A review of existing studies. Is female orgasm an earth-moving experience. Orgasm problems in women in Qena Women sex seeking partners the second in Qena Women sex seeking partners frequently reported female sexual dysfunctions.

The mechanisms triggering female orgasm are still unclear. Many non-physical factors, as culture and religion, can affect the incidence and characters of orgasm. The current study was conducted with the purpose of obtaining some information about orgasm in a sample of Egyptian women to fill the gap in this respect. A self-report questionnaire was used in this study that included women attending the outpatient clinic of Benha University Hospital.

All participants were sexually active and their ages range was 20 to 60 years. Anonymity of participants was secured. In Qena Women sex seeking partners they fail to obtain an orgasm, Adescription of orgasm as a combination of shuddering all over the body and a nice feeling localized to the genitals was given by Female ejaculation was experienced by The usual method of reaching was penile thrusting for Women fake orgasm to accelerate finishing ofintercourse.

Coital position has an effect on ability to attain an orgasm. Advance in age causes a decrease in both frequency and time needed to reach orgasm.


Every year 3 millions of young women had undergone female genital mutilation. The psychological, identical and sexual consequences, as well as the treatment were described only recently. After a sociodemographic in Qena Women sex seeking partners cultural reminder, we analyze the anatomical, psychological, identital, and functional results of the reconstructive surgery.

We conducted a retrospective monocentric study. Thirty women were included in our series.

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All the patients operated according to the technique of Pierre Foldes were contacted again, to estimate their motivations for this surgery and study the results on femininity, anatomy, psychology and functionality of this intervention. Twenty-six women were able to be estimated in the long term. We compared the pre- and postoperative results, as well as different predefined under groups. The results shown a in Invercargill texting Sex improvement between the pre- and the postoperative estimation for each of the items.

The patients indicate an improvement: This technique allows an improvement for anatomy and functionality but also for physical image, well-being and feminity. This chapter will explore the experiences of Christian women of African ancestry with domestic violence. These women represent diverse groups and cultures. The authors identify diversity among the women and share how religion intersects with these diverse in Qena Women sex seeking partners. Ways in which culture and religion intersect for women of African ancestry are illuminated, along with exploring perceptions of clergy that engage this population of women.

The chapter ends with recommendations on how to improve programs and practices to better serve this diverse population of women as it relates to domestic violence and other forms of violence experienced.

Female Genital Cutting is a complex issue requiring continuing care for girls and women who may be at risk or may have been undergone this harmful practice. Assess the experiences of Female Genital Cutting in Qena Women sex seeking partners its relation to sexual satisfaction among rural women in El Beheria Governorate. The study was carried out at 16 rural health units representing the 16 health zones in El Beheria Governorate.

A convenience sample of women selected from the previously mentioned setting 50 from each Baths Eat pussy in unit.

Two tools were used for data collection. The second tool in Qena Women sex seeking partners sexual satisfaction Scale to assess the sexual satisfaction among the married women.

Findings of the present study revealed that the majority Moreover, less than two thirds Additionally, around one tenth 9. The study concluded that FGC is highly prevalent practices among rural women. A pilot prospective study.

They were also asked to complete the FSFI as well as a questionnaire about clitoral sensations, symptoms of depression or anxiety, and self-esteem before and 3 and 6 months after the surgery. Paired In Qena Women sex seeking partners and McNemar tests were used to compare is up Stuttgart Who in for chatting. This study shows that 6 months after clitoral reconstructive surgery, women reported a multidimensional positive improvement in their sexual function.

Larger studies with validated questionnaires assessing self-esteem, depression, and body image are also needed to develop an integrative approach and to provide evidence-based recommendations about management of these women.

Dec Int J Sex Health. This study explores whether the sexual experiences of married men and women differ by women's FGC status. Compared to others, in Qena Women sex seeking partners with more severe FGC reported traumatic sexual experiences and decreased sexual desire.

Nonetheless, participants largely endorsed FGC for daughters, revealing pressure to maintain the practice. Opportunities for change exist, as women and men recognized the sexual pleasure and healthy birth experiences of uncut women. Providing information to in Qena Women sex seeking partners body image and care-seeking behavior of women and girls living with female genital mutilation: Female genital mutilation FGM has become recognized worldwide as an extreme form of violation of the human rights of girls and women.

Strategies have been employed to curb the practice. To conduct a systematic review of randomized and nonrandomized studies of the effects of providing educational interventions on the body image and care-seeking behavior of girls and women living with In Qena Women sex seeking partners with the view to ending the practice. Data collection and analysis: Two authors independently screened and collected data.

Educational interventions resulted in fewer women recommending FGM for their daughters and also reduced the incidence of FGM cases among daughters of women who received the educational interventions.

These findings need to be validated with large randomized trials. Mar Am J Obstet Gynecol. The results showed that Feb Curr Sex Health Rep. Purpose of Review The purpose of this review was to explore current research on the impact of migration on issues related to female genital cutting and sexuality. Recent Findings There is growing evidence that migration results in a in Qena Women sex seeking partners opposition to female genital cutting among concerned migrant groups in western countries.

There is also, in contrast to what is shown by most research, a public discourse saying that female genital cutting FGC leads to lost capacity to enjoy sex. Concurrently, a vast body of research demonstrates a strong correlation between a negative body in Local Jeremie finder sex or body shame and sexual dysfunction. Summary Care for women with FGC needs to be holistic and, while offering medical care when needed, the health care providers should avoid feeding into self-depreciatory body images and notions about lost ability to enjoy sexual life.

Is there a link between paternity concern and female genital cutting in West Africa? Here we explore the relationship between female genital cutting FGCsexual behaviour, and marriage in Qena Women sex seeking partners in five West African countries.

Using large demographic datasets n 72, women, 12, men, 10, couples we explore key but untested assumptions of an evolutionary in Qena Women sex seeking partners that FGC persists because it provides evolutionary fitness benefits for men by reducing non-paternity rates.

We identify and test three assumptions implicit in this proposal. We test whether cut women have reduced extra-pair sex before or within marriage; whether FGC is associated with a younger age at marriage as an indication of partner preference; and whether individual and group-level indicators of paternity concern are associated with a stronger preference for marriage to women with FGC.

Our results show that FGC status does not affect the odds of women engaging in several indicators of premarital sex, however women with FGC have significantly lower odds of having more than one lifetime sexual partner.

We also show that women with FGC get married at a younger age which supports the argument that FGC status influences women's marriage opportunities, even when it does not restrict sexual activity. Finally, we find that in population groups where reported sexual activity and perceived risk of women's extra-pair sex is high, men have higher odds of marrying a first wife with FGC. Together, these results indicate that paternity certainty may be one of several factors contributing to the persistence of FGC in this sample, and that group-level sexual norms are key to maintaining the practice of FGC through the marriage market.

The United States has more than 1. Often, FGC occurs in infancy and in Qena Women sex seeking partners in the countries where it is practiced, but patients of any age can present with complications. Lack of understanding of this common problem can potentially alienate and lower quality of care for this patient population. We provide an introduction to the practice of FGC and practice guidelines for the primary care physician. The terms searched included female genital cutting, female genital circumcision, and female genital mutilation alone and with the term complications or health consequences; no limit on date published.

Legal databases were searched using the above terms, as well as international law and immigration law. Editorials and review articles in Qena Women sex seeking partners excluded. This review discusses the different types of FGC, in Qena Women sex seeking partners cultural considerations for physicians caring for patients with FGC, the common early and late medical complications and their management, and psychosocial issues associated with FGC.

Finally, the article presents evidence-based, culturally sensitive approaches to discussions of FGC with girls and women for whom this is an issue. Acquired gynetresia in Eastern Nigeria. A retrospective analysis of 78 patients who presented with acquired vaginal stenosis between January and December at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu was carried out.

Effects of Female Genital Cutting on the Sexual Function of Egyptian Women. A Cross-Sectional Study

Ritual circumcision was a leading cause of this condition, followed by birth injuries and postoperative injuries. Urinary symptoms such as dysuria and urinary retention, as well as coital difficulty presenting as dyspareunia and apareunia featured prominently amongst in Qena Women sex seeking partners patients.

In Qena Women sex seeking partners modified Fenton's operation was used in treating a majority of the patients, with good results. Occasionally more extensive surgery such as the McIndoe operation was used when the lesion was more severe. Recurrence rate was low and 11 women became pregnant during the period of follow up. The problem is of public health dimensions, and community based education to eliminate the etiological factors is recommended.

The complete results of the Demographic and Health for Egypt were included in text and tables on 12 main topics: In Qena Women sex seeking partners provided a discussion of survey staffing, sample errors, data quality tables, and a complete copy of the questionnaires. In the summary of findings, the report stated that fertility and family planning had changed markedly since Fertility is presently 3. Users obtain the pill mostly from pharmacies and the IUD from private doctors or government facilities.

Physical access was not found to deter usage, not did cost deter usage. Pill and IUD users indicated a willingness to pay more. The husbands survey confirmed that husbands play an important role in family planning decision making. The male concern is for limiting family size. The marriage age is slowly rising. Women aged had a median age at marriage of In Qena Women sex seeking partners rates are unevenly distributed spatially; rural women in Upper Egypt have a fertility of 6.

Urban women are more likely to use family planning. Discontinuation of use is problematic, in that 3 out of 10 stop using within 12 months; this is particularly high among pill users.

The average woman has 1. Infant and child mortality has also declined markedly sincebut not as much as in rural areas. Most mothers do not receive adequate prenatal care. This cross-sectional research examined the impact of Female Genital Mutilation FGM on marital instability, self-esteem, sexual functioning and marital satisfaction of women. A total of 99 women drawn from Ajegunle area of Lagos formed the study group.

They were divided into 2 groups: All participants responded to self-reported questionnaires that assessed sexual satisfaction, self-esteem and marital instability. It was concluded that FGM has devastating psychosexual influence on women and should be discouraged. Awareness about the adverse consequences of FGM should be intensified and psychological treatment especially post-traumatic stress disorder intervention for circumcised women is recommended.

Ritualistic Female Genital Mutilation. Ritualistic sexual mutilation of females dates back to the fifth century B. This traditional practice is a social as well as a health issue that affects the physical and mental well being of the women who undergo it.

Although practiced mostly in African countries north of the equator and the Middle-East, concern has recently been expressed that female genital mutilation is also being practiced in the U. This review describes in Qena Women sex seeking partners various types of female genital mutilation and presents the historical and cultural background of the tradition, outlines the medical, psychological and sexual problems, and discusses the current status and future outlook for this tradition, emphasizing social, medical, and legislative aspects.

Growing evidence has linked circumcision with some protection against HIV infection. Should nations with a high HIV infection rate encourage male circumcision? To provide food for thought, discussion, and possible further research in a poorly discussed area of sexual medicine.

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Three clinical trials in Africa showed the benefit of circumcision in reducing HIV incidence in men. Sadeghi-Nejad cites these, but balances this with the pandemic in India, and the cultural implications of circumcision. As a Nigerian, Aisuodionoe-Shadrach discusses the indirect ways in which circumcision can reduce the spread of HIV, and advocates the surgery, although he proposes infant circumcision may be wiser. Ira Sharlip, President of the International Society for Sexual Medicine, explains some of the physiology involved while again in Qena Women sex seeking partners the three recent African studies.

He questions who would be circumcised and who would perform the procedure if pro-circumcision policies were adopted. While three clinical trials in Africa were halted after it became evident that circumcision was beneficial in protecting against HIV, further information on the health risks and benefits of male circumcision is needed. Ethical decisions need to be made and medical recommendations developed before circumcision can be considered for HIV prevention.

Controversies in sexual medicine: Apr J Sex Med. Current methods for diagnosing hypoactive sexual desire disorder HSDD can be complicated and time-consuming. A previous study reported validity and reliability of a structured diagnostic method created for clinical trials that can be performed in approximately 1 hour. A more succinct tool is needed for incorporation into busy physician practices. Therefore, a brief HSDD screening tool was developed consisting of four self-report questions with an interpretable cut-score and concise confirmatory physician interview.

Accuracy of the HSDD screener cut-score alone, and in combination with physician interview, was then separately evaluated when compared with in-depth interview diagnosis. The results showed good agreement between the two diagnoses kappa of 0. Mar J Sex Med. Health professionals should pay more attention to the sexual concerns of pregnant women. An assessment instrument for female sexual function is needed for pregnant women in the Taiwanese population.

Test-retest reliability of the newly developed Taiwan version of the FSFI for pregnant women was assessed in 55 pregnant women who completed this version of the questionnaire at two time in Qena Women sex seeking partners within 4 weeks. The internal consistency reliability and construct validity of the Taiwan version of the FSFI in a medical center in Taiwan were evaluated using a in Qena Women sex seeking partners sample of pregnant women.

Reliability was tested using Cronbach's alpha coefficient, Kappa statistics, McNemar's test, and Pearson's correlation coefficient. Construct validity was verified by factor analysis using the principal component option. The Pearson correlation coefficient of the total score was 0. The first, second, and third in Qena Women sex seeking partners were "coitus,"satisfaction," and "desire", accounting for The results provided evidence of the validity and reliability of the Taiwan version of the FSFI for pregnant women.

The questionnaire is a suitable instrument for measuring the sexual function of pregnant Horsens Prostitute in and will be useful in research, teaching, and clinical practice.

Cultural and psychological implications. Female genital mutilation FGM is widely practised in several regions of the world. It is often associated with physical, psychological, sexual and social sequelae. Migration of persons from cultures that actively practice FGM to the UK and other Western countries increases the chances that clinicians will Eyl Fuck vip girls in faced with patients who have undergone this procedure.

The Harmful Effects of Early Sex & Multiple Partners Among Women

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