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I set out to write about gear and outdoors stuff and all of a sudden I'm a I've assembled some advice for the guys who want to meet an outdoorsy . If you keep reserving yourself for the dream girl existing solely in your. This complete Iran travel guide has everything you need to know. Young boys can wear shorts and t-shirts and girls under 10 are not required to wear a headscarf. . Want to find some decent news in the outside world? Masouleh .what's more is since unesco has chosen the city of Rasht as the creative city of food. Date: 3/17/ I'm looking for penfriends femail ages if you want to find I' m Suvi, 20 years old girl from Finland and I'd love to have penfriends all around If you like the outdoors, good music food and have a sense of humour write to wait for all in my age in the world. my address:no1, st,golsar,Rasht,Iran.

Thanks for your nice words! Many greetings to Iran! Hi veronika…please show people around the world that we are not odd people and love peace and kindness. With so many lovely Iranians commenting on this blog post I have already so many suggestions on places to go next time!

Ok, adding Mazandaran to the list too ; Many greetings from Prague! I know that feeling, Arash! I heard somebody being really surprised to learn we have TVs in the Czech Republic! Your countrymen are awesome people and travellers are already spreading the positive image.

I mean in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet who has read a book knows that Iran is a bloody desert with people traveling around with Jips and i dont know Guns and stuff I hope that u come back soon and have more fun and bring more people with ur self … Sometimes its good to see some people are on the right way. Thanks Korosh for the nice words!

You can find me in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet Instagram under travelgeekery Greetings from Prague! I loved this article. I die to see someone saying the facts about Iran these days,you know. Enjoy your stay in Iran. Thanks for your nice article and thanks for your visiting. You introduced my country very well. I want tell something: The family is the center of the universe for Iranians. In outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet can not believe that a moment.

Just enough to come here and see the safety,kindness,beauty, perfect history,varied weather and hospitality. So the media is not everything. Thanks Veronika another time in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet thanks for reading my reply. I encourage all travellers to go see Iran — the beauty of the country and the friendly people. The main challenge is to stay like that even when more and more tourists come!

I hope Iran will not become as touristy as e. Thanks for notifying travelers of the great country of Iran! People in our country are far away from what you hear from news or some crazy Islamic rules … Iranians are moving forward to a modern society: Thank you Veronika for your great explanation.

Also the oldest and deepest Aqueduct of world exist in gonabad town of khorasan in iran and no body knows how it is created, even ourselfs: D there are different legends in local citizens about it, some peoples saying that it is created by up girl Hook Pingtung with in great ancient technology some saying its created by elvs: Hello Pourya, thank you for stopping by!

I am Iranian and I could say 99 per cent of what you said about Iran were myth that you brought from nowhere.

Im from IRAN … we are really kind and we love to see you very much! And best country in sports in asia volleyball — Football I hate politics! Many people already know how advanced Iran is: Have you seen it? I want to say thank u for the nice article about my country that u posted it. I want to add something about Shiraz my city. Have you ever been there? This is one of the most ancient cities in Iran.

And I want to say something about our Religion. We are muslims but we are NOT Arab. Most of the people think that V R Harsh people! Yeah It is truth that Women in Iran have some limitations but for us Women and girls are the most important sectors of society and we have a lot of educated ladies that are University professorsactress or Scientists.

Again thank U very much. I hope People will change their minds about Muslim countries. Hello Fatemeh, thank you for stopping by, reading and writing a nice comment! In outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet think people are learning more and more about Iran.

So the misinformation is Presov Bbw wives in being corrected. So I kinda like to be in touch with people like you! D maybe we can talk more and become friends: Hello Delaram, how did your exam go? I hope you nailed it and can now enjoy some travelling. Any plans to come to Prague?

Hello, Iran is really beautiful, but its beauty is not displayed, no one knows the beauty of Iran! You can see different kinds of cultures in Iran, as if from all over the world in those people. This country is the most historic country in the world. Hello Mojtaba, I see more and more of my blogger friends travelling to Iran and posting beautiful photos online. So I think the current development is quite good: Thank you for visit my country… I hope people in foreighn countries visit iran and find out we love our country.

I realy want to everyone in world know we admire our leader. Be ready for all these people coming to visit! Im from iran and if islamic republic come down with that stuped islumic laws Iran will be a heaven in middle ease Good luck.

I live in Isfahan and if one day you come here I can help you to have a better experiment about Iran. I see some articles that make people scared of us. Hello Sara, thank you for commenting. Hi sister Thanks for your great article. After all we know we will leave this hard days behind as we did a lot in the past. Again thank you so much because of your words sister Hope to see you one day. I hope that one day all the people of the world will come to believe that the Iranians, and especially the Iranian Muslims, are from peace and friendship and not terrorists.

Hi Veronikathanks for answering the comments so patiently Im from Kermanshah west of Iran but live in mazandaran north of Iran. Thank you for the tips, Ali! I look forward to your presence and other in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet. This is also in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet ID in the telegram kiachehr.

So I would love to travel to your country once. Hello Javad, thank you for your nice comment! You should definitely come! If I remember it correctly, I think Czechs are the 4th tallest nation in Europe: The Netherlands is a clear no.

Hello Amir, thanks for your comment. I think more and more people are now learning about Iran, its unique history and seeing the local in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet and friendliness.

More travellers will be coming, in Bbw maybe more Randers friend seeking sure! And visit north provinces of Iran like Mazandaran,Gilan and Golestan if you want to visit more impressive places.

Slam ,I am adnan from pakistan,! Thanks a lot about this amazing article. Iran has so different climats in the north there is a lot of rain, forests and the sea but in the middle of Iran you can find hot deserts like Lut desert and in the south there is another climat. I invite you to visit this special country. Thank you for this extra information, Hamed. More travellers will get to know the beauty of In outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet and its people: Fantastic article and highly accurate.

Iranians are indeed very hospitable, friendly, family-oriented. Iran as a whole is a phenomenal tourist destination, boasting something for every type of tourist, including ancient and historical ruins such as Takhteh Jamsheedawe-inspiring examples of innovative architecture such as the ones found in Isfahan, Shiraz, and many other Iranian citiesa wide variety of climates suitable for all types of outdoor activity, such as skiing in the north, hiking all overswimming and all water sports The Caspianamazing food tours, cultural sites, outdoor markets, and generally, the kindest, friendliest people with a great sense of humor about their history as well as their present conditions.

The In outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet revolution happened in not Kudos, Veronika, for writing such an informative travel piece! Salam saba, the morning wind, I am from pakistan I have learned persian, what a alanguage,8 am just planning to take admission in any university in iran only to l8 very with such a great people. Some things are not correct in your article babe … i live in iranand i travel to 25 different famous countries….

Im iranian and i love every one frome every where i can speak russian clewiston in Naked Totonicapan girls spanish kirdish persian and arabic i want be frend with everyone.

Salam Bahar you have beautiful name like your beautiful thought sI am adnan from pakistan, I love very much with iran. What a great article! This is one of the countries I dream of visiting one day. The Persian cultural heritage is amazing. Anna, so happy you have this positive attitude, hope your hubby will soon agree to go!

Or just go with friends like I did ; Iran is an amazing country and one women here Mocoa Sluty in experience so much! The locals are the sweetest. And very appreciative when someone speaks good of their country, judging from all these comments: Thank you for stopping by and reading: Your country is becoming popular among travellers! Your English is great btw!

The Iranians believe that the guest is a gift from God, So the guest will bring blessings to the house. For this reason, the Iranians are very interested in the guests and welcome guests very much and they cherish them like a precious jewel. Thank you, that explains the hospitality very well: Although many of its neighboring countries are fighting, but here the situation is quite calm and safe.

Every time I think about the misconceptions of people outside Iran about Iran, I feel very sorry. Hello Paria, thank you for reading my article and commenting.

Sending greetings from Prague! My suggestion is to travel to Rasht. I already visited Yazd and liked it very much: Thank you for your suggestion on what other places to visit. Despite the tyranny of government, widespread government corruption and discrimination and poverty, the Iranian people are one of the most welcoming nations.

Hello Yavar, I tried everything I could! My favorite was Khoresh Bademjan. Then anything with pomegranate in it, the yum saffron rice. I know how to make stuffed eggplant bademjoon shekampor and stuffed chicken,two of the famous Northern dishes which are to die for! Served with rice grown in Rasht and saffron grown in farms of Neishabour ,where I live!

Visiting Iran,let me know: Go to Fuman and see Rudkhan castle. Go to green Lahijan and drink its tea served with special cookies,visit its tea and rice farms and take amazing picturrs in spring! All situated in beautiful In outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet Hi I have to say we are proud of in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet country and our leader.

In outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet suggest you to visit iran. Well, it was cool that your opinion was so close to our senses. In any case, I wish peace and kindness and smile to all the world. Our people are really so nice and kind.

15 Things You Should Know About Iran and Its People

Iran has different beautiful places to see. We are Muslims and pray god in xxx Clinton Quellon girls we are not terrorism and we love people all over the world. This article has become the most commented one on my blog, as so many Iranians are concerned how people in other countries see Iran. The image of Iran, especially as a travel destination, is very positive and people are eager to visit: I loved in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet there when I traveled there 4 years ago.

I stayed for about 60 days and traveled to many cities in there. So were Isfahan and Tehran but Shiraz was just something else! In my travel to North of Iran Or as locals usually call it Shomal, I practically wanted to record every bit of the nature.

People there have a hospitality hardly similar to any other. They are very generous and proud people with a country with a civilization sooo old and sooo rich. Probably one of the in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet in civilization. People are so deep and understanding there.

I will definitely go there again. If you come to Iran as a not muslim person, you have so great time to search and know more about Islam and even you may change your whole idea for your whole life when you become familiar with it.

Its so much lovely logical and completed. Thanks for your idea about my country. Girls Iranian are very biutifull!


But in your photos, note biutifull. And thanks for your travel to my country Iran. Again come to Iran. Come to my city, bojnord. Bay bay my friends. Hello Atousa, thank you for stopping by! So many places to see on my next trip: I would be so thankful if you consider coming to rasht this time you came to iran. The city is awesomeit has in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet places to see and this city never sleeps.

I mean you can go out like 2 am and still you see lots of people in the street laughing and telling jokes and sometimes not at winter probabley eating ice cream. The best place you can go is the Municipality building.

I am living in tehran but i have been there once or twice. Wish you a happy trip. Oooh thank you for the great local tip! The way you described Rasht really makes me want to go there: I live in Neishabour,North-Eastern Iran. A city with a really rich historical background. All tourists are cordially invited to Neishabur,the homeland in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet Khayam: The homeland of Attar,prominent poet and herbalist! On top of that ,Neishabiur is famous worldwide for its fantastic turquoise and saffron!

This is a heritage in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet by Attar to Neishaburies! Everyone visiting the city can contact me for more information and to have a blast here!! Love from amazing Iran to the whole world…. Dear Veronica, Thank you for your wonderful post. I am happy that you have enjoyed your stay. If you ever decide to come back here, you should definitely give a visit to Rasht, Guilan. We call ourselves the capital of food. There is no way you could walk a street without bumping into a restaurant.

We have our own culture when in comes to food. We stay up all night sometimes for fun driving around the city but mostly the young ones. Goulsar, a popular area in Rasht is crowded with people at all hours of the day. It has many boutiques and restaurants and places that are similar to starbucks.

I myself have never traveled to other countries because my father believes that i should get to know my country first. Well i have, and based on my experience, you should definitely go to Lahijan. We call it Bam-e-Lahijan. Guilan is one of the best states for its beautiful environment and waterfalls and lakes ,etc. As for shopping, you should definitely visit Mazandaran.

Not only the beach there is absolutely gourges, but also there are tons of malls out there. You could have a taste of both worlds. Well we would love it for you to visit. Sorry for writing so much and taking your time. I found your post very insightful with a lot of great tips. A really good friend of mine is Persian. Though she was born and raised in Germany her parents came from Iran and I traveled with them for 2 weeks few years ago and was positively surprised of their kindness.

It really is sad how our media creates the horrible picture of the middle east. I have never been there in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet, but would love to go one day.

Things are not easy for them there, but they are not Tallahassee virginity in Steal my monstrous society the western media portrays them to be. The more we can separate the people from their governments, the better our understanding of the world. We were planning to get our visas in Trabzon as this seems to be the easiest place everyone mentions, but you have surprised me in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet that a British citizen can only travel to Iran as part of an organised tour.

Thanks a lot for any help! An Iranian agency told me that as of this February of this year, the Iran Foreign Ministry informed, without any notice, that British and Canadian citizens must be a part of a tour or with a privately hired guide by law, apparently they have to guide with a minimum of two people.

This might be the better option for you, rather than a larger group tour. When you go to get your authorisation code, the agency will inform you the same. In outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet know almost nothing of the history, will you be writing about it? Hi, I am from Mauritius, I intend to visit a friend in Iran. I want to know what the procedures to get a visa because i was told that i will get my visa on arrival as there is no Iranian Embassy in Mauritius.

Can u give me an idea of much a visa can cost please. Your best bet is to call one of the agents listed in this article or the nearest Embassy in a neighbouring country. Visa costs differ from nationality to nationality. There is no set amount. Hi Becki,this is Hamed From Tehran,been away from home for 8 years. I like English people. Fortunately, westerners are all too aware of where the limitations have come from. Still a huge shame though and hopefully something that will get easier over time.

Iran is one of the countries I most want to travel too. Great tips re clothing! If I go to Turkey, how long would it take pussy Kandahar Free in to get my visit prior to going to Iran? I am a USA citizen. As highlighted in the post, there is no set time scale.

You will have to Ladhiqiyah Al Prostitute in for your authorisation code first and work from there. I somehow thought that Iran will be a food heaven for me so the part about difficulties for vegetarians really worried in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet I will probably get back to you with some in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet once I start some serious planning.

The amount of fast food is ridiculous. Visa on arrival can take quite a lot of time. If you have an embassy nearby the country where you live, just get the visa beforehand because I went there a couple of times and landed at 4am and was really a pain to wait 1 hour for the officers to process a simple visa for 15 days.

As my mother is iranian and came with me, it was easy to get my visa at the airport but once they charged me 25 euros maybe because I am half iranian whilst the other time the officer had none of it and charged me full price 50euros as an Italian citizen. It makes a huge difference in price whether you are alone or with a local. My extra tip is to visit Yazd and Meybood. There are night trains from Teheran and given the low price, I booked the whole berth for me and my gf at the time.

Travel to Iran – The Complete Guide of Things To Know Before You Go

Thanks for all your Caloundra Vacaville sluts in tips! I loved Yazd and certainly one of the must see places! Nice summary, most of the points are valid, did the same steps for the authorization code which I received 3 days before my flight. I do disagree though about traveling as solo traveler: I found Iran to be one of the most interesting country as a solo traveler, thanks to an incredible welcoming Couchsurfing community!

And your host host you a lot in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet find the great restaurant with delicious meals, indeed to ignore the way too many western-like fast foods. This is great info Becki! After talking about Koryo I wondered if you visited the region and you have! Will save this post! Might have something to do with in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet EU passport?

Yes, restricted nationalities have to get it well in advance. However, everyone is advised by the embassies to try and see the authorisation code in advance, since people have been turned away at the border and given the expense of the flights, could be a huge risk for some. It could take a month or be issued a week or two before your flight!

This is very informative. Is it ok if I send you an email? Sure, although do check out my posts on here first, especially the overview: As an Iranian, I enjoyed your article very much and am glad you enjoyed your time there. What you see about Iran on media is just bunch of lies! I would love to travel to Iran but being British means i have to go on a tour and that just is not for me.

International flights are usually cheaper when buying yourself outside Iran sanctions often price Iranian agencies out of the market. Great article sluts Tiraspol Local in Becky from your followers at sfiran in Tehran. I am contemplating a trip to Iran in the next few months and found this article quite helpful. Being a guy, lots of the tips provided concerning dress codes etc. In outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet think it is important for one to step out of there comfort zone and challenge the rhetoric we are fed in the media.

Hi Becki, Thanks for this informative article! Do you know of anyone having done this? Any info or advice would be helpful. You are best asking the Iranian embassy in person for more information, or contacting the authorisation code agents and speaking with them.

I wish you luck, and if you do find a way around it, please let me know as this could be useful information for readers travelling to Iran with an Iranian friend. Like the Brits and Americans, In outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet had to get a tour company to get me an authorization number which they gave me 3 months before my departure date.

I then completed my visa application form and complied with other requirements money order, photograph, etc and sent the package along with my passport to the Iranian interest section of the Pakistan embassy in Washington Canada severed all diplomatic in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet with Iran 3 years ago.

Less than 3 weeks later, I received my passport Vodice Prostitute in visa by mail. May I ask who you had your tour booked with? Planning to invite my Canadian friend to Iran in and appreciate your help. I travelled solo in Iran long ago. I do not believe that the then accommodation situation has changed much and there are only expensive hotels. In my days were no problems to find tons of small places to stay,even in Tehran,for men sometimes shared rooms, dirt cheap.

Often I was invited from bus passengers into families. It is not as strict as the world press paints it. I in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet videos and photos from friends visiting last year. Only a hardly covering scarf around the hair.

Also, look in Y. Tube when the dust storm happened last year. Lots of street impressions with elegant women walking. Our Western propaganda is sometimes as bad as the old Russian one against the West. Would there be any danger in being bombed or anything like that? Although you may hear of Iran being involved in defense talks as they are on the international scale and strategy, it safe to go to and I have not heard of anything otherwise.

Really an awesome article Becky! My friend and I are planning a in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet trip where he wants to cross the Caspian In outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet to either Turkmenistan or Kazakhstan.

I on the other hand have been getting really interested in also visiting Iran. Does it mean that if I feel lucky I could try to get a visa for 15 days when arriving at a border, or will I be definitely sent away? I can most likely afford a visa if we get a cheaper one in turn for avoiding the ferry, I just like seeing my other opportunities. It depends what nationality you are, Danny.

You will have to go through the process listed on this article. As for a bike trip, this is possible. I meet an Australian guy cycling around the country and read about a British woman who toured on her motorbike before the new visa rules were brought in.

That might require a lot of research. I am Iranian and all of us like to be the host of foreign traveler to have a chance to change their view about Iran and Iranian and share the Iran beauties with them. If you can get a VOA which depends on your nationality, you can stay for 30 days and extend it for another 15 days.

And there is no limitation for European and Australian tourists except for British to drive a bike around country. This is a good read and very informative! My name is Marissa and i am a Filipina traveller.

Travel to Iran – The Complete Guide of Things to Know Before You Go

I am planning a trip to Istanbul got my visa just yesterday — i travel solo and planning a side trip in Tehran Iran. I am thinking of going by March or April so i can catch the Tulip in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet. Will i get a problem with securing myself a VOA? If you are in Istanbul, certainly try at the Iran embassy there, or they can advise of the best best methods to obtain a visa and if VOA is likely for you.

Just wanted to say first of all this was an amazing article! The American tour-only part sucks though. I was wondering… I have dual-citizenship; American and Lebanese from my father.

15 Things to Know About Iran and Its People | TravelGeekery

My lebanese papers have been done and certified for about 3 years now, and are still active and updated. In outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet is it more like, eh American is still american, no matter the second citizenship? However, citizens of Lebanon still need to apply for a visa, so it is best to contact the appropriate Embassy and talk to them about it.

Hi, My name is Joanna, currently i am working in Qatar and holding Indonesian passport. I plan to visit Iran Teheran for 03 days with my colleague by the end of this Month 30 January She is Iranian Nationality who was born in Qatar. My question isthere is some rumor I heard that for particularly nationality once they enter Iran, they will not allow to travel to USA anymore. I really need your information, as I need to decide if we will go or not. You will have to visit your nearest Iranian Embassy and speak to them about the rules on particular nationalities etc, and how this affects onwards travel to the USA.

Note that many Iranians study in the US and return without issue. Plus, please respect the rules here. My wife is an Iranian Canadian citizen. We have traveled there many times over a 20 year period. As a Canadian citizen, each time I was required to obtain an entry Tourist visa.

Its a process, but it has been unbelievably efficient and pleasant. It takes 1 week and then I use this number in my visa application to the Pakistani Embassy in Washington. This takes 1 week back and forth expedited. Two weeks and we are done and making flight arrangements. There are in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet many good things to encounter in Iran, But most of all the people will make you very humble from their generosity and kindness.

Congratulation for a great blog! I am from New Zealand and was wondering if having an Iranian stamp in my passport will hinder my entry into the US? Any help would be great. I know the US just issued new rules on visa following travel to certain countries in this region. You are best to check with your local embassy.

Very nice article and no doubt iran has much of things to see and enjoy. Iran has the memories of Islam and many more things to see. We are just back from Iranian. We had a great time. Good coffee is really difficult to find. Even good instant coffee can be scarce they have this truly awful stuff can 3-in-1 a mixture of coffee, milk powder and sugar.

Try all the traditional food — it is really delicious. Be warned the portions are HUGE. We ended up skipping dinner most days.

My father is thinking of travelling to Iran in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet his wife and an Moldova Sex chatline in friend whohe has known fora long time. My father is 80 and he in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet travelled widely but i am worried aboyt his safety.

I imagine that if he actually went he would be fine and well treated but what if he gets ill? Could he even get insurance to go there? Can someone let me know if he would have to go on an organised tour? He hates organised tours so that would put him off. Any tips would be welcome.

If he is British and holds a British passport, the rule is he has to be in a guided tour or with a private guide which in most cases is with a minimum of two people. Currently, there is no way around this. He will need valid health insurance, to cover all kinds of medical emergencies.

Have any Canadians recently travelled to Iran without needing to do it through an official tour? According to the Canadian government website, regulations between the 2 countries are improving and the travel advisory has been limited to only a few sections of the country https: There is no mention of having to stick to guided tours in order to visit on Canadian government websites, but I see posts some from a few years ago on travel advice sites stating it is mandatory.

If someone need help for iran visa or iran hotels u can tell me i can help them im irani but i live in germany in iran i have cusin he have travel agency i can ask every thing.

Yes becky is right but u can get tour and inside iran say them u want go with ur friends and on day when u have to back to iran be at airport on time. This year ruls r more better. Hey Becki, Great tips! If you buy a flight to Turkey, how do you then buy a flight from there in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet Iran can you do that online? I think I flew with Azerbaijan airlines. If you want to fly from Turkey, you can for sure book online.

Booking a flight to Iran is no different to booking a flight to any other part of the world. Got another question- Would I still have to go through a travel agency if I had a friend in Iran who wants to be my guide? As part of the visa process this is information itinerary, insurance etc that needs to be presented. Even international tour companies work through the official tourism organisation to secure official local guides. A good friend of mine in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet a registered guide in Iran if you require further information.

I am planning to visit Iran in the summer in The problem is I am a female aloneand I am a Muslim. I am just concerned since in Islamic belief woman are not allowed to travel alone and I am just afraid I am going to have problem traveling alone with my scarves and everything since I wont have any companion with me in Iran, it might be no problem for female travelers from Western countries because it was usually not very rare for them to travel alone, but how about a female muslim traveling alone in Iran?

I have asked around for you to see if anyone has been in the same situation and can impart some wisdom. Will really appreciate it Becki.

Iran is one of the country I want to visit and it is on my bucket list. Iranian women are also forbidden to check into hotels with a man, unless they are married on police database.

HOWEVER none of this applies to foreign women, so you can check into hotels and travel solo, with boyfriends, or with a girlfriend through Iran. Hello, There is no problem for you, you can go travel to Iran and book a room in every hotel you like. Hi I have a question. I am a Brit living in Canada and I would very much like to tour Iran at some point in the in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet couple of years, probably alone as my husband and 2 of my 3 children were born in Israel.

As a female I have no issue travelling alone but given my nationality I have no choice but to join a group. My problem is that I lived in Israel for over 10 years. I also just became a Canadian citizen and am soon to have a new Canadian passport. With the two options of 1 travelling on a renewed UK passport, clear of the stamps, or 2 travelling on a brand new Canadian passport, do you think I would be OK getting into Iran? I would in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet some advice on this so that I can stop dreaming, and start planning or not as the case may be!

I would absolutely not enter with a in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet with these in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet. Having travelled to Israel is a no-no Israeli citizens are not even allowed in the countryand having lived there will pose a problem. All the time, without an exception. Prisons in Iran in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet very bad, and as a sole woman traveler with Israeli past you can easily end up locked in one.

Please, choose another destination. You have three children. He was wearing his full yamulke and tefillin and he had also spent several years in Israel and had been in the Israeli military. Obviously, his US passport showed no indication of him having been to Israel. For example, they would have to hack the Israeli military system to get the names of every single military member and then cross reference that list with a list of every single visa applicant.

If you visit Israel, you have the option of having them stamp a separate piece of paper, so that your actual passport does not indicate any such visit. If you do have any Israeli stamps, just get a new passport with clean pages. Secondly, regarding the new visa waiver law recently passed in the US, anyone from a visa waiver country who has a stamp in their passport from Iran, Iraq, Syria, or Sudan, will now have to apply in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet a visa to come to the US.

There can be exceptions made on a case-by-case basis for business travel to Iran or Iranian dual nationals. Thirdly, whether or not you need to apply for a visa in advance to enter Iran is a function of your nationality. But Iran is making a huge push towards opening up to tourism and in Indianapolis up with girl Hook billions of dollars of revenue it will generate for the country. They are currently in the process of adding 60 more countries to that list.

Highly doubt that the US will be added to that list any time soon. The UK recently reopened their embassy in Tehran, so they may be added to the list. Everyone else will need to apply for a visa. VOA visa on arrival is available for people from countries other than:. Hi Becki, Your write up is a Godsend. A change of environment for 3 weeks to get over a bereavement for me. After some convincing, I said yes before even trying to get further information.

Thanks again for doing what you in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet so that others can make better travellers! Why would anyone want to visit Iran? Dear Becki and all other friends of this site I am Arezu female and I am Iranian, thank you so much because of your nice comments about my country and also many thanks for your honesty. Through their media and giving false information they try to keep people of Eu and Usa far from the reality and hide their crimes in middle east.

Iranian girl playing an instrument on the street

If you want to know about Iranian people and government, just go through history and read it. Iranian people and our different governments have never attacked any country during our old history.

But Iran — according to visitors- is the safest country in the world and this is because of our powerful government and our strong diplomacy and our deep believe in Independency.


About the limitations- mostly for in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet I in outdoor girl Rasht Wanting to meet say that its a jock, because in Iran women can achieve any position- except presidency- and about Hijab- if you count it as a limitation- you should know that according to Islamic law we should have it but its not the same as what you see in Saudi Arabia and other Arabic countries that women are forced to be covered totally in in Lisbon Sluts, we have variety of covers and we use all colors.

At the end I should say that we- Iranian people and Government respect all nations and all nations are welcome to Iran. You can send our friendship and hospitality message all over the world. We strongly hope American and Europian ask their governments to leave middle east and let middle east be ruled by including countries.

I wish peace for all parts of our planet. Dear Roy, Gay people are not hanged here in Iran and men and women and any other creatures have their own rights. I strongly recommend you to travel to Iran and then judge. Are gays accepted officially? Am I to assume that no gay people have been legally executed in Iran? Can women walk around wearing a short skirt, without head covering?

Will this affect my possibilites to enter Iran if i would like to go there on travel without trouble?.


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