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She rejected any comparison to conversion therapy. That practice, which claims to change one s sexual orientation from homosexual or bisexual to heterosexual, is opposed by the U. There is no law in Israel against conversion therapy, but the Health Ministry advises against it. It s not about conversion. We don t do that, Aloni said. If in Meet Aviv sex for Tel re homosexual, you re homosexual. But we know sexuality is on a spectrum. Some people can function both ways.

We go through the process with them and talk about what they ll win and what they ll lose. It s not for me to judge. Aloni brought sex surrogacy to Israel in the late s after studying the treatment in the United States, where it was first developed by gynecologist William Masters and psychologist Virginia Johnson in the s.

She started by treating severely wounded kibbutznik soldiers, and in opened her Tel In Meet Aviv sex for Tel clinic to the general public.

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At this point, Aloni said, sex surrogacy is more mainstream in Israel than in any other country she is aware of though hers is the only major center for the treatment. The Defense Ministry sends her severely wounded soldiers and pays for their treatment.

And thanks in in Meet Aviv sex for Tel to her in Meet Aviv sex for Tel expert testimony, Israeli courts have awarded litigants in personal injury lawsuits damages to pay for surrogate therapy. Sex therapists from hospitals and other clinics across Israel refer patients to Aloni, who is a well-respected member of the Israel Society for Sexual Therapy Training professional association.

Several said the treatment has shown results when nothing else seems to work. Like every profession, it s not percent effective, said Milchan, a former chair of the Israel Society for Sexual Therapy Training.

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But if it didn t in Meet Aviv sex for Tel period, it would have extinguished already. It s still here. Aloni also works outside the clinic to promote sex surrogacy. With a signature shock of white at the front of her curly black hair and academic-chic style, she is a regular presence on Israeli TV and teaches a course on sexual rehabilitation at the Tel Aviv University Medical School. She also lectures at conferences abroad and has contributed to several English-language books on sex therapy.

At least a couple dozen foreign patients visit her clinic most years. Still, Aloni has plenty of critics. It is commonly argued that sex surrogacy is no different than prostitution. It is legal to pay and charge in Meet Aviv sex for Tel sex in Israel, though pimping, brothels and sex trafficking are outlawed.


Many Orthodox Jews condemn the treatment.


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