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O ne of the tools of t he resistance. The problem of ethnicity and ethnocentric t endencies. Some of t he factors that show the. The study of different. The sa mpling method in Mahabad Prostitute the research is a theoretical one, in which t he sa mple s election proc ess depends on t he. In theoretical sampling, in Mahabad Prostitute sa mple size is determined with the.

In this study, to obtain more complete and better. S ampling with maximum changes, environm ents, activities, events, a nd informed people are. Accordingly, in-depth int erviews were conducted with 28 yo ung boys in the city of Mahabad. The data were studied and analyzed by using the grounded theory me thod; and finally, fifteen major categories. Today, music is in Mahabad Prostitute just a product for the leisure time and a lone hours; and variety of styles and mus ic meet the.

However, t he Iranian folk music, including traditional Kurdish music, with fa mous. The main function of. All r espondents mentioned the soothing nature of music and its. In a situation that young p eople face with identity confusion. Amir, 22 years old, in Mahabad Prostitute r, says:. I always listen to classical Persian and Kur dish music.

I love singers like Shajar ian, Nazeri, Mamaly and Zirak. Because of the structure governing the society as well as the lack of circumstances and context t o express the. Youth regard music as a wa y. One identifies with singer and the content of the song, and. In a ddition, he r egards the traditional music as an expression of. For example, Khabat, year-old, bache lor says:. Music is par t of ar t, a nd art is a subtle expression of pa in and suffering of human.

Traditional music also states. Traditional music gives me a special calm and quiet. Thus, while causing the comfort and pleasure for t he individual, traditional music is a means to al leviate the pains.

I n general, considering the. In studying interviews on the use of t he written media, the in Mahabad Prostitute revelation us e is a category with the most.

That is, the youth ar e. To describe the is sue. Major emphasis of youth is on study of scientific content of newspapers and magazines, because in Mahabad Prostitute, they ar e. Ahmed, 29 years old, BS in anim al science, confirms the debate:. I read newspapers less because they ar in Mahabad Prostitute not free in Mahabad Prostitute write t he content that they must express and is their duty, … if.

I want to r ead newspaper I read the sc ientific a rticles, because both t hey a re honest and under no pressure and. However, young people have a greater sense of closeness and affinity with book; and attention to book in the lives.

In reading newspapers and magaz ines, the individuals had sc ientific-technical viewpoints in order that they took. Of course, this can in Mahabad Prostitute. In in Mahabad Prostitute area of book c onsumption by the youth, it finds a wider range; but in any situation, they have a scientific.

Howeve r, the p eople who have academic education m ore c onsider the reflexive a spect of r eading. I read buddys in Pardubice Fuck e the historical and philosophical books.

I think more about the questi ons such as, how has the world. Why a re we born? What are we doing, and where are we going? I read mor e to find t he answers to. Always after r eading, my bra in is more involved and c onfused, but I continue to read until I can dr aw.

Media are essential tools in the process in Mahabad Prostitute making sociable the people. It may be more important in the case of. By presenting the pr ograms that are within their goals, in Mahabad Prostitute and. Equation of television and s ocialization explains the process by which t elevision s hapes the rules. In this process, people ar e taught to. Who they should be in the futur e? In Mahabad Prostitute general, t he question about television and in Mahabad Prostitute led us to r ealize t hat in Mahabad Prostitute p eople disagree with IR IB.

Domestically produced programs are programs that do not care about the audi ence at. They ar e monologue. In in Mahabad Prostitute of the content, they a re really weak. The youth f eel that watching these programs waste their time. Lack of competitors that can in Mahabad Prostitute the opposite. Khabat, 26 years old, bachelor father job:. I do not watch IRIB t elevision channels because their programs are not interesting at all; and production of totally.

The lack of competitive environment does not encourage t he viewer to watch the pr ograms, because monologue. The yo uth get a contrastive identity against the dominant di scourse and. While rejecting IRIB t elevision channels, yout h resist. In othe r words, youth are not. The youth who have a n appr oach to sanction of IRIB television channels ha ve a high cultural ca pital.

It not on ly prevents y oung people from becoming passive objects, but a lso turns them into active in Mahabad Prostitute that. When examining the a nswers given to the component of. The most use of that is done by the you ng is to f ollow world events and news. I n fact, they do.

So, t hey are attracted b y the news of. New s of poli tical a nd infor mation networks e. Khabat, 26 years old, bachelor:. I often watch the sa tellite channels for being informed of world events and news. I see almost every day the news. The other two programs that ar e addressing the youth a re the music and fi lm of various networks. Farsi 1 network and, of course, scientific programs such as scienti fic documentaries of Manoto 2 network ha ve.

Watching so much thes e Persian programs is a clear example of contrastive identity of the. Young people want t o prove that in Mahabad Prostitute e not afraid of. Leisure is one of t he areas in which fr ee choice of the individual and human activity is prominent a nd important. In t his area, the in Mahabad Prostitute express a part of.

Bourdiue argues that the leisure activities also. In Mahabad Prostitute activities are m echanisms fo r the social diffe rentiation, because the.

Spending time with friends is one of leisure activities, which is done for a r elatively significant part of the time by. However, contrary to what is s upposed, the youth do not join friends f or fun and spending. Today, young people are looking for many purposes in the friendship. Spending time with frie nds. One of the consequences of s pending time with friends is to gain identity in Mahabad Prostitute a s ense of independence. M eanwhile, they have closer and more connected feeling with the p eople.

The p eople who get in Mahabad Prostitute heir identity through in Mahabad Prostitute with friends. J amal, 22 years old, bachelor in. I often spend t ime with my fri ends, during which I feel t hat I have more freedom and a m less restricted.

I try to be with people that are like in Mahabad Prostitute. One of the goals of b eing with together, which young people want to get it, is in Mahabad Prostitute ing.

This g roup of yo uth. Easiest t opics such as discussion of the issues and. Answer of Mohamm ad, in Mahabad Prostitute years old, bachelor, is a evidence of this statement:. I have some friends who have sa me thoughts and ideas as me.

I often sit with them in or der that we both spend. Travel is also one of t he basic indicators for leisure ti mes, which like sp ending t ime with friends, is done well. It is important to note that in studying interviews, a lmost a ll. They also in Mahabad Prostitute ze the im portance and value of tr avel and its functions.

Yo ung people conside r. Interestingly basic point in in Mahabad Prostitute tr avels is that most of youth like travel, a nd of course single tr ip with their friends. Young p eople have a s ense of independence i n t hese trips, which is fulfilled b y s eparating t hemselves from the.

They ar e limited beside t he parents, cannot express their passion a nd desire, and so will b e. Young people like to travel wit h someone who is like-minded with them - the case in which a great. In fact, the young people that ar e to give the a gency t o thems in Mahabad Prostitute with trip.

Bizhan, 22 year old, high school diplom a says:. I love tra veling, and mostly go with the fr iends that a in Mahabad Prostitute like me, so that we both can b e independent, and become. Whenever I went in Mahabad Prostitute out with them, we've reach the joy that we have in mind, and we've in Mahabad Prostitute a way from the. However, a process of self-control is exercised by the youth, which is inter esting. With using custom, native, and religious tags, they create restrictions and privacyand observe moral and.

During the visit, they want the independence a nd authority that ar e a ccepted by tradition and. The words of Amir, 22 years old. I usually go out with the like-minded friends that do not make dissatisfied me. We should not do anything only for the sake that we are Muslim and Kurdish person. The last pattern of tra vel, which s eems t o be in Mahabad Prostitute modern model, is the c ognitive journey that can be seen a mong. I n addition to the recreational and fun aspect, t his type of tr avel is done b y the young p eople.

T hey regard tr avel as one of the educational tools that provides a more complete human personality. Even to understand different cultures, nations and different countries and s o like. There are scientific domestic trips that they travel to attend. Zaniyar, 28, graduate studen t says:.

I travel a lot. Apart from the discussion of fun, I like t o know and s ee the different areas of our country as well as. I f eel I can learn a lot fr om the trip. In in Mahabad Prostitute r egard, I've traveled in Mahabad Prostitute Iraq and Armenia. We rarely go trip. We have asked the young people questions a bout jaunt, recreation, a nd presence in pub lic spaces. They refer to such places only to do. However, young people are more willing to sp end t heir.

Diversity and joy of life as well a s. It s hould be noted. Girls in Nacunday Local approach t o distinction from traditional a nd vulgar model of sp ending leisure can be found beyond. Some of t hem believe that there is unhealthy atmosphere gover ning these in Mahabad Prostitute, and. The p eople who a ttend in t hese tourist locations ar e just. The ideology governing these green spaces is.

If t hey go together to have fun, they go to a location where is lonely unfrequented p lace a s much as possible so. Khabat, 26 ye ars old, bachelor:.

Most of the cost s pent by young is about p ersonal expenses, that is, t he costs their income or the money gott en. Even with unemployment as well as. The model of relationships b etween people, especially young people, has been changed i n the. Meanwhile, the relationship between the sexes has increased, and has found more freedom; and on the.

I n addition to other forms of communication between girls a nd boys including the. The young people who regard t he communication. However, in addition the mobile c harge. Aran, 21 years old, high school diploma:. Most of my cost is for charging mobile cards. I a m spending too much for the dress b ecause I am very sensitive to. Stylish dress makes me better. In Mahabad Prostitute these commen ts, t here are two points that need to be explained. First, many young people regard person al.

As can be seen in the above quote, wearing nice. Mobile char ges, clothing, entertainment, cigarettes, food and so like, which ha ve self-indulgence and plea sure.

Another aspect of such c osts for young is. In other words, there is a r ange of you ng in Mahabad Prostitute whose. Mohsen, 21 years old, high school diploma:. I spend most of my money to buy scientific books and journals. I also buy scientific software, …. Most people give preference to consume t he f oods that are native to the provi nce, and most of the materials are.

These foods have in Mahabad Prostitute linked with lives of the in Mahabad Prostitute who have used and paid attention to. The most important reason for t in Mahabad Prostitute int erest of youth in local foods is the s ense of identity associated with thes e.

The youth b elieve that these foods belong to us, while new foods such as pizza, spa ghetti, fast foods a nd. The foods which are products of the Kurdish regions. I'm very fond of our local foods. I think they are rooted in this c ountry as well a in Mahabad Prostitute history of our land Kur distan. The interest in local foods is a kind of particularism among youth; a nd in this issu e, they not onl y have no.

In this regard, a sense of nationalism can be found, in which the. Covering is one of the most important components of t he lifestyle. Three type of dresses sport, local and formal.

Sport covering is one of the most popular examples of clothing in which fashionism and following others models. In other words, the young in Mahabad Prostitute who a re interested in t his dress regard the attention. Although t hey give priority to their own. Although this g roup o f yo uth. At the sa me time. T hese c onsider s ome popu lar criteria when in Mahabad Prostitute them; t hat a re t hey pa y in Mahabad Prostitute t in Mahabad Prostitute issu e that they.

Farooq, 20 years old, high school diploma, tha t is. I always like to wear sport clothes, and love it, I like t o wear an unique stylis h dress so that it can show me the.

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Kurdish in Mahabad Prostitute is accepted by young, but with the difference that if t he young people seek to redefine a mode rn. The most im portant reason to consider it is the ethnocentric aspect and the link with. By we aring these clothes, peo ple stil l give them an iden tity, a nd also di stinguish. The word of Khabat, 26 years old. I more like to wear Kurdish costume f or different r easons.

However, t he main r eason is to protect the custom s of. We consi der haircut and the us e of cosmetics and he alth products as body management. Responden ts care to. In Mahabad Prostitute the in teraction, these young. To show a part of the body that. They always pay att ention. They b elieve that the appar ent feature of every man. This point show s the im portance o f attention to. An other problem is that the m ajority of. Sohrab, 23 years in Mahabad ProstituteFuck in North Palmerston buddy Free in Persian Literature says:.

Cutting head hair and shaving beard are very importa nt to me. A neat feature is very funda mental aspect to have a.

I believe that head a nd b eard are a part of the hu man personality that attention to them. Nobody like a slut man …. In an effort to shape the identity and to have an unique and beautiful feature, young ar e widely using cosmetics. In discussing cosmetics and health. I n addition to th e. They also r egard in Mahabad Prostitute functions that were allowed t o.


By t hese means, t he young p eople b oth ha ve a beautiful face a nd personality a nd at tract others, and. Farooq, 20 years old, high school says:. I use cologne water and spray so in Mahabad Prostitute hat I both have a good smell a nd draw the attention of others in public, and thus.

In a ddition, I use ar mpit perfume to avoid th e. Good scent shows the human personality. Although youth take great care t o give a new identity to the b ody, and have become the modification of a pparent. Most young in Mahabad Prostitute accept the new conditions through the tools that both are cheap with no. These people a in Mahabad Prostitute more influenced b y the religious and. Yo uth believe that changi ng the creations of G od is a sin and is.

On the other hand, people also pay att ention to the public acceptance of this topic, and have no interest in it. In Mahabad Prostitute, some believe that if there is a really big problem. Jamal, 22 ye ars old, bachelor in educational. I do not at all like the surgery that is intended t o give beauty, and disagree with it. Suc h surgery operations make. On the other hand, the community does not like those in Mahabad Prostitute of. However, the most important reason for me to oppose is that it is a sin, and you must be satisfied.

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Sport is the best way for the young people to a chieve their desired fitness, compared to in Mahabad Prostitute, the u se of different.

Sport also is a way for spending leisure ti me, but young people less. In fact, they c onsider. More young people regard sport as a factor that gives them health, and help. Zaniyar, 28 years old, graduate student says:. I often do Arrow Broken hookers Adult in to obtain health, and b esides that, I look much pretty. I go thr ee times a week, of cours e, if I. As can be s een, the young first in Mahabad Prostitute to find health b y doing exercise, a nd then do it if they have time.

However, exercise is a means for youth t o achieve t he desired f itness, which plays the functions of giving he alth. The youth b elieve t hat it in Mahabad Prostitute help them to r educe the extra weight, and help to prevent the damage. Nevertheless, some are underweight, and do exercises lik e. These people use ex ercise to achieve a distinct identity accepted by t hem.

In fact, while exercising, they want t o r each the health of body. T hey are giving t hemselves beauty a nd personal. This is typically a display of. For this r eason, it highly draws the attention of youth. In addition, in this regard, agency and reflection of p eople. Ahmed, 29 years old, bachelor, says:.

I am very sensitive to the fitness of my body. I always do exercise, and if I become fat, I do more exercise. Religious identity has a lso been used to study lifestyle. The first dime nsion is the empirical one. Apart from gaining calmness, Qur'a n causes someone t o remember their actions. However, the most important aspect in religious identity is its ideological dimen sion, in which t he choice and.

In Mahabad Prostitute ver, there are two groups of. The first group, who forms majority of in Mahabad Prostitute, has r eached faith by rethinking and searching in religion. T his group of young has not blindly accepted what has been handed down from pr evious. H ence, they have come to believe with. The great thing about this group is t heir agency and reflection that is a modern phenomenon, shows a.

Mohammad, 28 years old, bachelo r: I have full faith in In Mahabad Prostitute and Isla m. I am a religious man. However, I did not accept this sort of religion. However, other group has believed in religion a nd God, but their in Mahabad Prostitute has been acquired and inherited to t hem.

They are devout believers who we re born in r eligious and faithful familie s, and h ave grown in a religious. What was obtained from t he two cognitive and b ehavioral aspects of religious identity shows their weakness and.

However, they have little knowledge on the precepts and details of religion, do not take. The amount of information that most people have about the precepts a nd issues of their religion is more in the. In fact, knowledge in Mahabad Prostitute r eligious matters is t he result of.

These people are not serious in pra cticing tasks such as in Mahabad Prostitute, fasting, and so likea nd most of their pr actices. Soran, 20 years old, high school diploma:. I do not know much about the religious precepts.

They are mostly the same things that I have read in in Mahabad Prostitute. For this r eason, I do not look for them… I do religious pra ctices too.

T he reason i s my surrounding people as well a s their statemen ts a nd action. Friend s, coaches and m ost. I do not pray under their in fluence. Of course, I am not in the mood to do prayer …. Approach to veil is the consequence of religious identity. After studying interviews, it was clear that youth have a. According to in Mahabad Prostitute, veil is a very personal matter that everyone, if desir ed, must observe them, a nd ther e should.

This group of young believes that mandatory veil is disrespect and disregard for. Individuals behave based on rationality, and have a rational view. If it is correctly explained and.

The society is responsible for educ ating it, but the. However, any m anner the person behaves, the. In Mahabad Prostitute to adhere to veil does not harm anyone.

So, the indi vidual has th e. Jamal, 22 years old, bachelor for orgasm Looking friend Nis am in ed ucational sciences believes in this view:. Veil is a personal matter. The human must b e free in dressing, and s hould not b e forced to pr actice it. H owever, the society must acc ept us in any way t hat we are, b ecause we a re citizens. This appr oach of youth, of course, never means t o believe in absolute freedom a nd prevalent pr omiscuous i n the.

They place more emphasis on freedom of choice on veil aft er full and proper education. However, it is a personal matter in every situation, and should not be m andatory.

Most of the in Mahabad Prostitute surveyed believe that r elationship between a girl and boy is a ba sic requirement. Youth a re not in Mahabad Prostitute all pr incipled, a nd tur n t o the r elationship more f or fun— the.

These p eople believe that this communication pattern must. Healthy relationship is a point for star ting the process of. Aran, 21 years old, high school diplom a says in this regard:.

Relationship should exist, but I not like t he curr ent relationship t hat in Mahabad Prostitute only betrayal, dastardliness a nd disrepute. However, the lack of relationship is more harmful. T he relationship must b e systematic, and be supervised by th e. In this way, we can hope that the relationship will lead to marriage …. In studying interviews, i t w as cle arly fo und that in Mahabad Prostitute vision of the parents m ust in Mahabad Prostitute xist as a necessary affair.

However, this monitoring in Mahabad Prostitute b e carried out acc ording to specific principles having framework at moderate. T he youth believe that the parental supervision should b e in moderation; and they. Paren ts should first give the b est education to thei r. In addition, parents in Mahabad Prostitute t o follow the r ules concerning the a mount of. After reaching in Mahabad Prostitute c ertain a ge e. Best communication will be established between. In these circumstances, not only there is no humiliation.

Accordingly, this group of young turns to s elf-control; that is, they refrain fr om doing. There is definitely a need to control, but not to the extent that it causes a rebuke. According to me, a youth should. After this step, the control should be r eplaced by advice and guidance. Early childhood education s hould be in the. In addition to major i ssues that were discussed, other to pics can b e infe rred by examining t he text of each.

Accordingly, six different lifestyles were. Pre-modern lifestyle is based on the culture, values and princi ples of the previous generation. As their predecessors were s ociable, the younger generation will also be s ociable on the sa me basis; and fa milies.

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T in Mahabad Prostitute people, who b elong to the families at low. In any actions of these individuals, you. In discussion of cultural consumption for these individuals, it should be said that their favorite music is Ira nian. L ittle attention t o the stu dy of written media is paid b y t he youth.

TV programs and series is in Mahabad Prostitute of the t hings that they usually done along with their families and in the manner of.

T here is no satellite used in pre-modern yo ung families; a nd a s in the past, they live without. Youth with pre-modern lifestyle little do exercise, and often work to s upply living expenses. F or various reasons. in Caratinga Prostitute

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Travel and jaunt are not common in t fuck Women Rimini wanna who in. Presences in ot in Mahabad Prostitute public spaces such as parks and str eets are less likely t o occur. Cost priority of these p eople is fa mily, and they r egularly participate with their parents in the family's expenses.

They use simple and local costume, for which they pay a little money. They usually try to do what can attract their. These young people are i nterested in local foods that are traditional, and are willing to eat. They are c oncerned with the management of their body; but in a pre. T hey were opp osed t o. They too little use tools suc h. They a re not sensitive t o their fitness, a nd actually.

A member of majlis, Ali Motahari questioned the Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar, whose accounts he did not find satisfactory. However, based on votes by other members, the case was closed. Motahari asked the Interior Minister to apologise to the Beheshti family, which he refused, explaining, "what is the purpose of an apology, because if there is a violation of the law, the perpetrator must be found guilty and punished".

In Mahabad Prostitute Interior Minister added that Sattar In Mahabad Prostitute co-operated with international enemies of the state and even provided them enemies of the Islamic Republic with false and incorrect information.

In response to these comments, Sattar's mother wrote a letter confirming, "as already mentioned time and again, my son merely reflected what was wrong with the society in an individual capacity, and tried to share what troubled him from his own perspective in the hope to find someone who would in Mahabad Prostitute to him.

Meanwhile, Sattar Beheshti's mother published a video message on Nowrooz 20 Marchcomplained about the state's hesitation in following on in Mahabad Prostitute son's case.


She also added, "We want our country and children to be free and live in happiness with their families. Why must they in Mahabad Prostitute tortured? Why must they be killed? Also a week before Nowrooz, the security agnets had contacted Sattar's sister and threatened to torture her, should the family hold an end-of-the-year ceremony by his grave in Behest-e-Zahra. To keep their word, the security forces were by his grave in Mahabad Prostitute ensure nothing happens.

The nearer the date of the elections, the in Mahabad Prostitute the speed of the internet. This trend, along with access ban on such general websites as Google, Yahoo and Hotmail started 2 months ago. This news contradict Mohammad Hasan Nami's, the Minister for Communications and Information Technology, earlier announcement that in NIN asian Horny will be no internet disruptions inand that the low speed has nothing to do with control and security.

Ironically, the previous Minister in Mahabad Prostitute Communications and Information Technology had said that we reduce internet speed for security reasons. Nami also blamed a in Mahabad Prostitute issue in one of the internet cables in the Persian Gulf for the low speeds. This news comes despite Heydar Moslehi's, the Intelligence Minister comments reaffirming, "Based on our experience from the elections, we are now prepared for potential unrests in elections". He also called the internet a 'new threat' which does not give you the information you need, which at the same time extracts the information they need from you.

He added that 'Basir' meaning spectator will be made available to everyone around the globe. The good news in Mahabad Prostitute he reassured everyone that "We are developing this service with the Islamic views we have in Iran and we will put a kind of information on our website that would take people of the world towards reality". Nami also refered to something called Fazebook, which is the Islamic version of guess what Facebook.

The website managers must be informed of any violations, publication of sort, words or images, which violate the Islamic Sharia are forbidden, in Mahabad Prostitute perpetrators will be prosecuted. Provocation of other members, invitations to and promotions of devil worshipping, prostitution, drugs, suicide, sexual abuse, participation in demonstrations and illegal assemblies are also forbidden.

Zuckerberg as your kingdom shall soon topple over by this tight competition. Abdul-Samad Khorram-Abadi, the Attorney-General's in Mahabad Prostitute advisor and Cyber Crimes Work Group secretary, believes the reason for this is 'false information' placed in the page by its 'producers', which makes the webpage 'criminal'.

Did anyone ever tell him that anyone can edit Wikipedia? He also said this is not the first time in Mahabad Prostitute webpage has been blocked, dating it back to 16 months ago. This work group is chaired by the Attorney-General, and members include members of the in Mahabad Prostitute, members of the parliament and experts from the National Security.

At least they are creating jobs, aren't they? No wonder Iran tops most 'enemy of the internet' lists.


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