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Marko Mahin, urges the churches, especially the GKE Church to do penance and confess their fault of discrimination against the Dayak religion and culture. But is this In Kualakapuas Prostitute religion really a homogeneous doctrine from the very beginning of mankind? So much older written sources tell a quite other stay of the Ngaju tribal religion. Author do select two sources only, a In Kualakapuas Prostitute and a German one. Pijnappel, - actually the German geologist and metallurgist H.


He reports, that before the Dayak tribe were politically and economically independent and bartered with their own ships with Singapore. Raja Tanga had only one descendant, the Princess Putri Bui. She married a Banjarmasin prince.

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In Kualakapuas Prostitute the kingdom of Banjarmasin got influence on the western in Kualakapuas Prostitute of Southern Borneo and the independence of the Dayak tribes ended. San Si Perba got four children. The emperor of China sends a delegation to Palembang, to ask the hand of one of his daughters for marriage.

She sailed to China. But the ruler gave Putri Tunjong Bueh in marriage to the young envoy. All rulers of Palembang are decended from him up to this day. The more ancient the source and tradition about this ancestress, the more it is domiciled in the west of Southeast Asia, the nearer it is to India and Hinduism.

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In Kualakapuas Prostitute Ras insist on the connection in Firozabad Prostitute the Indian goddess Lakshmi.

Palembang and Johor which dominated East Sumatra until the frontier of Minangkabau in the 16th and 17th century 12 are regions of origin from where the legend of Putri Junjung Buih entered Borneo. Because there are several other important names of deities originating from Hinduism as Mahatara, dewa, dewata, Jata, Naga a. The tradition is still alive, that the Tumon Dayaks from Delang and Blantikan river immigrated from the Minangkabau area.

But do we find them also in Kualakapuas Prostitute tribal cultures without any script? Hans Schaerer was probably the only in Kualakapuas Prostitute who tried to find the structuralism of ancient Javanese and Balinese cultures in a tribal culture, in the Dayak Ngaju culture. The repeated ritual verses with other words are not relative to two moieties of the Ngaju tribe but to the art of recitatives of Ngaju ritual poetry. In Kualakapuas Prostitute we find the mythologem or the Putri In Kualakapuas Prostitute Buih legend exactly in the myth of origin of the Ngaju.

This ancestress really entered the world on the rocks at the upper waters of the river, then floated downriver with a boat until the mouth of the river. This ancestor entered the world in the sea and sailed with a boat to the coast, where he met the Kameloh. Thus, when we consider sources and their information about the past, we are able to widen our horizon and would be saved from onesidedness and faults. The German missionary Denninger reports They were respected, even esteemed, in society Ronggengs are singing and in Kualakapuas Prostitute girls in Java who perform in village and family festivities.

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