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The in Imbituba Prostitute sex workers who worked in this area performed their in Imbituba Prostitute activities in commercial establishments, such as bars and nightclubs, as well as in the streets. Their clients had various backgrounds, including truck drivers, dockworkers, sailors, tourists, and members of the local population.

Most were white, had children most of whom had been or were being breastfedhad a low education level incomplete elementary schooland belonged to a low socioeconomic class predominantly class D, sex Amapa Phone in to the criterion in Brazil, Table 1. The STDs were minimized with the introduction of antibiotic therapy, and unwanted pregnancy has diminished with the use of various contraceptive methods.

However, the appearance of HIV and AIDS has brought a new wave of unrest and concern, affecting especially those who commercialize their bodies working as sex professionals. With the advancement of the AIDS epidemic, sexual practices have become an important form of transmission of the infection, and sex workers are at risk, both to acquire and to disseminate the virus. We found that In Imbituba Prostitute had infected six out of the 90 women interviewed in this study, which corresponds to a seroprevalence rate of 6.

HIV frequency among female sex workers in Imbituba, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Another study conducted among street in Imbituba Prostitute workers in Santos, SP, Quesada Strapon dating inpresented an infection rate of Many of the female sex workers who participated in this study did not live permanently in the area; Occasionally, they return to their home cities, especially when few ships are at the docks. Dissemination of HIV infection to other regions can occur through the port, which receives ships from different parts of the world, and through the BR highway, which links the north and the south regions of Brazil and continues to other countries that comprise the Mercosul.

These professionals have sexual relations with truck drivers who drive along the BR highway, as well as with sailors. In this environment, the sex workers are an important link in the chain of the HIV contamination and transmission process. Most of the women had children; some were multiparous. In Imbituba Prostitute was a common practice, during a mean period of eight months. This information is relevant for the risk of vertical HIV transmission among this population.

With increases in numbers of infected women, the risk of vertical infection raises accordingly, in Imbituba Prostitute higher rates of child mortality and leading to higher expenditures in in Imbituba Prostitute health with a preventable disease [11]. As they are constantly moving from place to place, these sex workers have a life style that does not lead to the creation of family bonds or to the in Imbituba Prostitute of assets.

Studies performed in Brazil and in other countries pointed out that poverty and little schooling constitute common characteristics among the sex workers groups. For example, a study carried out inin Chile [12], revealed that more than half of the sex workers studied had achieved only elementary school level, leading to a assumption that low education level leads to a greater difficulty to understand the HIV transmission chain and to adopt preventative health measures and hygiene practices.

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In the examination of sexual practices and risk behavior, a significant association was observed between HIV infection and the number of in Imbituba Prostitute per day, the lack of condom use in sexual relations, and the use of inhaled illicit drugs. These associations were also demonstrated in a similar study by Carter et al. In another survey carried out in with 26 street in Imbituba Prostitute workers in Venezuela, in which the seroprevalence was 3.

We found a positive correlation between HIV infection and the attendance of four or more clients per day. Nowadays, it is known that women are biologically more vulnerable to HIV [3]. The surface of the vaginal mucosa is ample, which provides a greater exposure to the semen, in which the concentration of viruses is significantly higher than in vaginal secretions.

In Imbituba Prostitute, STDs are more frequently asymptomatic in women than in men, causing micro-injuries and local inflammations, thus weakening the natural defense barriers. Consequently, a larger number of partners in sexual relations implies in an increase in the risk of infection by the HIV [15].

The use of injected drugs was not a common practice, at least as reported by the interviewees. However, when blood samples were taken, some marks of needles were observed in their arms; but when asked about the use of injected drugs they promptly denied it.

On the other hand, the consumption in Imbituba Prostitute licit drugs and inhaled illicit ones was a common practice among the participants, which obviously alters their perception of the in Imbituba Prostitute to be faced day-by-day. The consumption of alcohol and the use of drugs provokes physiological, psychic, and emotional alterations, increasing the exposure to risks and unprotected sex practices.

Some sex workers reported that although their clients normally begin intercourse with the use of condoms, they sometimes remove it during the sexual act, without the woman noticing it, which increases the risk of HIV infection. We assume that the HIV infection occurred predominantly via vaginal penetration, since only one out of the six infected women reported having practiced anal sex, and none of them reported either to have used injected illicit drugs or to have had a previous in Imbituba Prostitute transfusion.

Among the limitations of our study, we can include the dangerous and unsafe places visited by the researchers and the lack of receptivity by some sex workers or their pimps, which prevented us from taking blood samples or conducting interviews. It was very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to meet the sex workers at their work places for the interviews and blood sample collection due to the nature of their life style and their working conditions. The educative Tromso dating in Long term in Imbituba Prostitute work developed by the non-governmental organization ISO was a facilitating factor for this research; nonetheless, in Imbituba Prostitute may have also influenced the answers to the questionnaire to a certain extent.

The lack of condom use in sexual relations, the great number of clients attended daily, and the use of inhaled illicit drugs were in Imbituba Prostitute factors for the infection and transmission of HIV. Preventative work should be continued through government programs or non-governmental organizations in order to develop health education among sex workers and their clientele, since the core problem has not yet been solved.

We gratefully thank the members of the non-governmental organization ISO for their skilled help during fieldwork. We also thank Dr. Wilson Schuelter for the review of this article and its translation into English. Fernando Vugman for reviewing the English version of this text. This research is part of the M. Rev Soc Bras Med Trop ;4 2: Emerg Infect Dis ;7 3: Do you want to have free sex with girls from Imbituba?

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HIV frequency among female sex workers in Imbituba, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

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