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The loss of semen through sexual excesses is thought in traditional Chinese belief to lead to fatal ill-health. Personality traits associated with koro have been described as nervous temperament, suggestibility, sensitivity and immaturity.

In the Singapore Medical Journal4,Dr. In having sex women Older Singapore asian went out to the latrine in the foyer and, as he was easing himself, he felt a sudden loss of feeling in the genital region, and straightaway, the thought occurred to him that he was going to get penile retraction. Sure enough, he soon noticed that he penis was getting shorter. Intensely alarmed, he held on to his penis with his right hand and shouted for help, which however was not forthcoming as the latrine was deserted during the show.

He felt cold in the limbs, and was weak all over, and his legs gave way under him. So he sat down on the floor, all this time holding on to his penis. About half an hour later, the attack abated. Koro is very rare these days.

But a new mental disease in having sex women Older Singapore asian appeared among the Chinese. Nearly all the who suffered from koro have been Chinese men. Some in having sex women Older Singapore asian cite a role in Chinese metaphysical beliefs, where abnormal sexual acts visiting prostitutes, masturbation or nocturnal emissions disturb the yin-yang balance, leading to a loss of the yang or male force with accompanying consequences on key organs.

It came from inside the culture. Nearly all the men who suffered from koro were ethnic Chinese. A koro-like affliction, Ng explains, appears in ancient Chinese medical texts, where it is known as suo-yang. Racial tensions between Muslim Malays and non-Muslim Chinese were running high, and among the Chinese there was a virulent rumor that the Malays had poisoned their pork.

The atmosphere was primed for hysteria. But it has been replaced by equally strange phenomena: Patients bundle up in the steamy Singapore heat, wearing wool hats and gloves. Like koro, he explains, frigophobia seems to stem from Chinese cultural beliefs about the spiritual qualities of heat and cold. Frigophobia is so new, it doesn't even exist in the psychiatric literature. So far, it's unique to Singapore. I'm as perplexed by it as anyone else. I wonder if it will be in D.

So even with mental afflictions that appear to have a clear biological basis -- like schizophrenia -- people's ways of expressing them are shaped by culture. In there was an outbreak of koro following press reports of Koro cases due to the consumption of pork from a pig that had been inoculated against swine fever.

The epidemic struck in October for about ten days. Newspapers initially reported that some people developed koro after eating the meat of pigs inoculated with anti-swine-flu vaccine.

A headline from the Straits Times on November 5, read: The cases reported amounted to 97 in a in having sex women Older Singapore asian hospital unit within one day, at five days after the original news report. Government and medical officials alleviated the outbreak only by public announcements over television and in the newspapers. The annotated budak, in having sex women Older Singapore asian, May 14,Wikipedia]. Gwee authored a study in the Singapore Medical Journal10, in having sex women Older Singapore asian the epidemic, which affected over persons.

Some men were afraid that the oestrogen in the chicken would cause gynaecomastia and avoided chicken meat. At about the same time, there was a rumour that contaminated pork was being sold on the market and that diseased pigs were being inoculated against swine fever. This triggered off the epidemic and a possible explanation of the outbreak is that the inoculation of the pigs was in having sex women Older Singapore asian to be similar to the injection of chickens with oestrogen.

It was an event that brought much public concern and considerable media attention. It is unknown how, why or where in Singapore the rumors began. However, there is some evidence that the kosher Malays were blamed for the event, an accusation in line with the background of racial tension that plagued Singapore in the nineteen sixties. While this idea was not described in the government controlled Chinese or English language media, personal accounts do give it credence.

A few days later, the same paper reported that an inoculated pig had died from penile retraction. It was reported that "men resorted to clamps, pegs, and even weights to ensure that their tackle remained in its rightful place. Meanwhile, advertisements for Australian pork began to appear in the papers.

The Chinese-language Nanyang also reported that a man in the ministry of production had apologised for comments about the link between the swine vaccine and koro.

Six teens held in Malacca for having sex parties with 13-year-old girl

In JanuaryChannel News Asia reported: These are just some of the findings from a Singapore Polytechnic survey of youth, aged between 15 and 29 years old. Fifty-four percent of youth surveyed think it is okay to use vulgarities when talking to friends, and half find homosexuality acceptable. In fact, if you ask any youth, he'll say that he knows at least one homosexual friend," says another youth.

Channel News Asia, January 18, ]. InChannel News Asia reported: They tend to experiment and try out, literally try it out, and if you are not in the group that in having sex women Older Singapore asian tried it out, then you are not cool. As such, legal cases that are emerging have become complex, with some minors even going to the extent of soliciting sexual in having sex women Older Singapore asian. In one case, she solicited it in her own home, not far from where I live It is not just the girls, but the boys too Obviously, it is not just for the judges.

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The judges cannot do very much by themselves. Even if you send the boy to jail, or the girl to jail, or in having sex women Older Singapore asian of them to jail, there has got to be something done. That is the last thing that is going to happen. But good or ill, this is the framework that we have. In having sex women Older Singapore asian involving consensual sex with a girl under 14, which amounts to statutory rape, have nearly doubled over the last five years — from over cases five years ago to cases this year.

Prof Woon said there could be more, as these were just cases that were reported. Even Judy Kuriansky, a famous US sex therapist, was there to encourage the citizens of the Southeast Asia country to loosen up a bit. Yeah, aren't you fantastic," says Dr. Judy, as she is known to millions of households across the United States. The clinical psychologist, certified sex therapist and radio talk-show host is talking to Kenny Goh, the year-old organizer of the ground-breaking convention. But his motivation tells volumes about this city -- where much of populous seems constantly concerned with how they can make more money.

In having sex women Older Singapore asian because Kenny Goh is first and foremost a businessman. For years, he has sold HIV tests. It became quickly apparent to him, that many people hadn't the faintest idea how they'd contracted the disease.

And then it occurred to him with all the logic of an accountant: But when Goh applied to the government to put on a sex fair, he met with raised eyebrows and skeptical faces.


Southeast Asia's leading convention town is still stuck in the s when it comes to erotic matters. Selling Playboy is still against the law, and even the TV series Sex and the City hasn't made it past official censors. But the reason for both is the same: The population of the island has languished around four million for years. In particular the stressed-out Chinese, who make up 70 percent of the population, have not been having kids. Dr Judy advised bureaucrats in the government's Office of Social Development last week on how to boost, in particular, the sex drives of young academics.

What insight did she glean from the workshop? The list of rules Goh had to obey for his exhibition was very, very long. It was against the law, for example, to show anything that "bears a resemblance to any genitalia. Which wasn't quite good business for a sex exhibition. But the police came one more time early on Saturday morning, as a in having sex women Older Singapore asian -- one hour before the fair opened -- and banned items from the showcase that the famous Chinese sex researcher Liu Dalian had been showing for in having sex women Older Singapore asian long time in his Shanghai Sex Museum.

Apparently Dr Judy has determined it's not just Singapore that is "undersexed", but also other countries in the region. The first visitor, who waited eagerly to be let in on Saturday morning, was from Malaysia. The Muslim Sharia laws that apply in the neighboring country lay down strict rules for its citizens, even stricter than those in having sex women Older Singapore asian the Singapore government. On Sunday, even large tour groups from Indonesia arrived.

Most of the visitors enthusiastically watch the go-go-dancers who, wearing a respectable bikini, danced for a condom manufacturer. Especially the older sex-fans, with their noses pointed upwards so as to see clearly through their spectacles, crowded around the glass cabinets displaying little figures engaged in old Chinese sex acts.

After all, there's got be a reason why the supposedly prude Chinese are so numerous. The slightly more youthful among the visitors were immediately drawn towards the three "health boutiques" that sold sexy lingerie and colorful dildos. And judging by the stampede at the checkouts one can surmise that there's a major in having sex women Older Singapore asian of such items on offer in Singapore and the surrounding region.

The same goes for more daring activities such as Ronne Pang's "fantasy gallery". With pictures of fairly chastely clad porno stars he advertised for trips to the United States. In exchange for a sizeable fee clients can watch the filming of films that are still illegal back at home.

In in having sex women Older Singapore asian, Wee Sui Lee of Reuters wrote: It's so widespread now," said a year-old Singaporean company executive who only wanted to be identified as Jack.

It's satisfying the urge to have casual sex and doing it with somebody you're comfortable with," said Jack, who has been swinging for 10 years.


It is a close-knit community in which couples recommend good sex partners and criticise those who aren't. A police spokesman confirmed that swinging is not illegal as long as it is done behind closed doors, is consensual and no money changes hands. At these parties, the bedrooms have a in having sex women Older Singapore asian clothes-off rule and the "hard swingers" can engage in partner swapping.

The "soft swingers" are couples who stand around and watch, or have sex with their own partners in full view of others. But some swingers disapprove of these parties, saying they can degenerate into orgies.

Singaporeans are pretty reserved in a lot of ways. In the early s public scandals involving teenage prostitution, adultery and molestation made headlines in Singapore.

In having sex women Older Singapore asian involved people in high places, including top civil servants, an opposition MP, a senior bank executive, a school principal and others. Some of them used the Internet to advertise their wares after developing the trade from chat-rooms.

On April 1, Singaporeans woke up to read that 60 men, including lawyer banker, principal, police officer, reportedly had sex with the same year-old girl.

WOMEN IN SINGAPORE | Facts and Details

A primary school teacher was jailed 10 years and given six strokes of the cane for molesting two boys and performing oral sex on a third. A survey by a government appointed committee to promote family life found that of all the in having sex women Older Singapore asian in Singapore, women over the age of 30 are least likely to think about marrying and starting a family.

Highlighting a difference in the sexes, the study found men want to build a career then start a family, while for women the longer they are in a career the less interested they are in marriage.

Agence France Presse, September 27, ]. Researcher David Chan, who conducted the survey, said that as a woman's career progresses she faces "increasing opportunity costs" to getting married. The survey found the proporition of women who found marriage preferable to remaining single dropped from 80 percent among 20 year olds to 48 percent for the over 30s. Singapore has long been concerned about its declining birth rate, and has provided a number of incentives for people to get married and start a family.

The government encourages employers to offer flexible work hours so couples can spend more "quality time" together, it has introduced a baby-bonus scheme to encourage bigger families, and there is a state-run dating agency. InChannel News Asia reported: Some took part in the survey carried out with the help of the Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society, which showed that having children was not the intention of one in four of the women polled.

Channel News Asia, March 5, ]. The survey in having sex women Older Singapore asian found that more Chinese and Indian women are not considering having children, as compared to Malays. One reason for this may be that in having sex women Older Singapore asian feel more financially-able to support a family as compared to those who have secondary education or lower.

Dr Tan adds that the survey also showed, while most women were well informed on pregnancy and nutritional supplements in pregnancy, only half of them planned their pregnancies. I attended five weddings that reflected the trend.


Four of the brides were from Malaysia and China and only one was local. One groom with a Johor bride said he had found Singaporean girls too materialistic and demanding. What is your degree and earnings?

Do you own a condo? Others find them picky, untrusting and calculative towards love and marriage. Results of recently released research have found that one in five Singaporean wives is hiding her assets from her husband for fear that he will squander them or in case the marriage fails. This 20 percent here compares with France 7. Another sign is the increasing number of cases when a private detective is hired to check on the spouse.

The other is the man sticking to a traditional view that it is his right as head to leave the babies and household work to his working wife. One in two women here have a job. The social impact is a growing number of single women, especially university graduates. A growing minority is marrying Westerners. This has prompted a newspaper in having sex women Older Singapore asian to urge her well-educated peers to in having sex women Older Singapore asian some the traditional feminine traits.

Her letter followed reports that more Singaporeans, including young professional males, were turning abroad for brides. She said she had worked in Vietnam and found the girls there feminine, their speech melodious. Not as doormats, but as women Westonaria in Meet sex assistants, who see it as their obligation to help their men without expecting anything in return.

Again, it's easy to see where their attraction lies. She wants to win at all costs and treats her love conquests like those fought in the office arena. She may be pretty, yes, smart, yes, but, oh, so demanding.

Although she may, at the end of the day, be a supportive and faithful spouse, the barbs hiding her soft interior are daunting to the suitor. Shopping is a major hobby, and looking good is absolutely essential. The man is but another in having sex women Older Singapore asian, a helper, chauffeur, bag carrier. A waiter working at the pub told Reuters, "The SPG does not trade sex for cash, she is free but is also very picky.

You do not choose her, she chooses you. She is not a prostitute. Asian women looking for white husbands. The syndrome is named after a character in Pucini's opera Madame Butterfly. What's worse they do not know how to enjoy life, for they are always working overtime. Anyway, Singapore has little to offer—life is limited and boring. Staring in August paid maternity leave in Singapore was extended from 12 weeks to 16 weeks.

Channel News Asia reported: For the first and second child, the first eight weeks of maternity leave will continue to be paid by the employer. Channel News Asia, August 21, ]. Most companies are positive about the new policies to encourage work-life balance for parents. But some small and medium-sized businesses have expressed concerns on how the new policies may affect their operations.

I think the cost in itself would be quite mild and absorbable. Under the new rules, those dismissed without sufficient cause within the last six months of pregnancy will be entitled to their benefits, up from the current three months.

This is to prevent discrimination against pregnant women in the workplace. In order to be eligible for the maternity benefits, mothers must have worked in having sex women Older Singapore asian for at least 90 calendar days before childbirth - half the current duration. InAssociated Press reported: Previously, women had to be married before the birth in order to in having sex women Older Singapore asian entitled to maternity leave. She noted that as the government-sponsored leave must be taken with six months of the baby's birth, the marriage must take place within three months in order for the woman to enjoy the full leave, the Straits Times reported.

Inthere were at least out-of-wedlock births, the report said. The change specifies that the mother must marry the father of the child to qualify, not just any man. It said the government and in having sex women Older Singapore asian share the maternity leave costs for a woman's first two children.

For her third and fourth children, the government handles full reimbursement. In another change, Parliament also announced that the natural parents of illegitimate children can claim parenthood tax rebates for their second, third and fourth children if they marry before the child turns 6.

Associated Press, January 24, ]. She had to go through the struggle of combining the effort of raising children with the demands of a career. In this respect, she was grateful for an understanding husband who shared her decision to stay at home after the birth in having sex women Older Singapore asian their second child — for a period of four years, under a Government scheme that permitted such a break from work with no pay.

I was aware that I would be up against younger people when I returned to work," said Mrs In having sex women Older Singapore asian, who eventually decided that a mother's bonding with her younger children was crucial towards their development. There was a bit of bother over how she should be addressed: Should it be Chairperson, or Chairwoman? When she was made Deputy Speaker in Parliament — the first woman in the post — there was again the question of how she should be addressed.

Should be it Mr Deputy Speaker?


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