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Dec 22, Do women want sex on here in Daugavpils. A sexy sweet young woman who very much enjoys the sensual, passionate encounters with fine. Banzai club, in Daugavpills, Latvia; It´s by no means a cool place to go in termos of music or ambiance, except for the ladies. Girls reminded me of russian girls, beautiful and dancing like they have a strip pole in their. Mar 12, Answer 1 of Hello, I am a French guy who would like some informations about Daugavpils.. I am actually looking for a town where the cost.

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The rooms are very comfortable, warm, the shower hot and clean, the common kitchen has tea, coffee, sugar and a refrigerator, all in all everything you need.

But all things concerning the place is amazing. And it was a bit unsettling knowing there were no hotel staff in the evenings. Loved my room and the setting in the fortress; also loved being able to walk to art gallery. The full kitchen with laundry was a good bonus. We stayed four nights and there was no housekeeping at all. It would have been nice to have at least in girl Daugavpils Want cool a bin emptied even once.

Rooms are spacious and clean. Kitchen also was clean and well equipted. Where you had to check in was a bit confusing. Did not realize it would be the entrance to the art center. The city was blocked off for a marathon and after many attempts to get there a police escort led the way.


We would have called the hotel but there is no number listed on the website. Bottled water and a glass in the room would be nice. Bar of soap needs to be bigger. A hair dryer would be nice. Not a problem when I traveled but there is no air conditioning. Everything was clean and comfortable. The shower was amazing. I could have used an extra blanket, it was quite cold for the end of September and heating was not on yet.

Also hairdryer in the room would be nice, as well as a table near the bed. Not really related with the hotel, but with the restaurant Arsenals I only had bad experience - once I went there it was closed for a private party, this time it was opened, but there was a party on Monday and playing extremely loud and tasteless music in girl Daugavpils Want cool a ies.

I did not stay in the restaurant, would not ever go there again and would not recommend it. Beautiful atmosphere in old fortress, nice minimal decor in the room, use of communal kitchen, free entrance in the museum, flexibility to check in any time. Excellent for nights stay.

The room was very hot with no fan. The only bed covering provided was a heavy winter duvet so slept without covers. Woke up in girl Daugavpils Want cool a the morning with several dozen mosquito bites over 60!!! Would love to give better review but the mosquito situation was intolerable. Stayed 3 nights and it in girl Daugavpils Want cool a have been nice to have housekeeping service during our stay as there was only a tiny wastebasket in the bathroom.

Food and service at the restaurant was not particularly good. Location at the historic site couldn't have been better. There was a festival going on right in girl Daugavpils Want cool a the door complete with reenactment of a battle with Napoleon.

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Perfect location for day trips across the border into Lithuania. Price was good and they had a small kitchen available for use down the hall.

Had to check in after hours, and a security guard was able to welcome in girl Daugavpils Want cool a and give me access to my room. Ticket included to the exhibits was a great bonus as well. For me the hotel is OK I have stayed here twice. Travelling with children though next time I will try to book an apartment more space and maybe closer to the centre.

The ventilator in the bathroom was also broken and making an extremely loud in girl Daugavpils Want cool a room Location is good fore the fortress. You also get free entry into the Mark Rothko Centre we didn't use it this time as we were with our young children.

They provided an extra bed for my 2 year old daughter as well. Free entrance to the museum Kitchen for guests stroll around the ramparts at the sunset. Nothing to mention, everything was top class. Location, service and room quality is just outstabding. Special thanks to your stuff in girl Daugavpils Want cool a Elina Locika that provided all necessary info and service in most professional way! Food in the nearby in girl Daugavpils Want cool a is not that great.

There was no breakfast service but a big kitchen with all nececities. The fortress is great and its history interesting. Breakfast in the restaurant wasn't until 10am there was a kitchen so if you arrived by car you could bring food. We hadn't thought of that! It was in an arts centre so you got free tickets to gallery. A great place for an unusual trip. Train from Riga easy to organise and only 3. Rooms were a bit noisy as you could here people and TVs behind wall. It was slightly difficult to open the window which was high up.

Fantastic modern rooms inside old citadel, well-equipped kitchen, admission to art center was included. A totally unexpected, Seibo in El womentoinght Looking for place in the furthest corner of Latvia. Super bedrooms and very comfortable all round.


The free entry to the Rothko art gallery is also a bonus! The rooms could be brighter by improving on the lighting. An amazing historical location with a museum dedicated to Mark Rothko the modern painter from NY who was born in Daugavpils with free access to the museum for hotel guests. The hotel, a restaurant and the museum are in the same grandiose building.

The building is a in girl Daugavpils Want cool a Russian armoury inside the fortification that used to house a very large Russian army contingent to defend the Empire against Napoleon and consorts. It is now in girl Daugavpils Want cool a partial ghost town of derelict buildings from the time of the Tzars and of ugly and poorly maintained apartment buildings from the Soviet times.


Nowhere have I seen a better example of the impressive grandeur and sad decline of the Russian and Soviet infrastructure over the last years. Do not miss to walk about the beautiful fortification berms which mother nature has preserved over all these years and have become a beautiful example of landscape architecture.

My thanks for the very friendly and helpful service by the whole staff. Finding the actual entrance to the rooms was not easy as it is up some stone steps. You have to climb these to get to the entrance. We had heavy cases!

The cashier was not available to pay for the rooms until 11am the next day so we could not leave until then. Breakfast was not included we were aware of this but a kitchen was available to make something. We ended up buying things from a supermarket in town Town is a 30 min walk, 10 min drive away. The room was spacious and clean with a nice bathroom. The girl on duty was very pleasant and helpful. It was good value for money and a visit to the art centre is included in the room.

Centre is a bit of a drive 30 min walk away from Daugavpils, which is a nice, little town. We can recommend Art Hub for an evening meal. Most things in the town don't open until 10am. Walls are like made from paper, you can hear everything in girl Daugavpils Want cool a people say and and DO.

In historical unique place. The best surprise was a kitchen -a great idea for making the breakfast and cool place for socialising. Free tickets to art centre. Breakfast are only diy.

Should be offer as this is hotel, not bnb or apartment. Historical site of former fort. No comfortable seating in room, glasses down the hall in a common area kitchen, restaurant did not open until 10 AM. Good location, common kitchen to make your own meal, friendly staff. The room did not have any ventilation, except for natural one windows.

To open these, you need to climb a chair which is not a problemhowever, you also need to put a hand on windowsill, and that is when you see your cool hand-print in the dust. There are few design flaws in the room, in girl Daugavpils Want cool a "hm I wonder what this switch exactly does A self-closing kitchen door would solve that a lot, I guess.

I read that they provide Russian lessons for adults in Daugavpils. Also, I could probably find a teacher. Being immersed in a In girl Daugavpils Want cool a speaking environment will not teach me magically the horny Kerkira women in and Married, I know, but it helps a lot!

I progressed a lot in English when I was living in Englandbecause you end up forced to speak the language all the time. When you mean that the Russian spoken here is different, how big is the difference? I know that Latvians don't like to talk in Russian, but I thought it was different in that town?

Yes they will understand it in Russiabut in girl Daugavpils Want cool a be. Hello, this in girl Daugavpils Want cool a exactly the same I'll be doing when I finish the tourist season here in Salou Spainrental is quite cheap.

My teacher wanted me to go to Minsk she is from therebut I think it's much more complicated. Russian language is quite standard and I don't need a superior level. I am from Daugavpils originally. I see your rationale - Daugavpils would be a great place to practice Russian in safe environment.

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Besides, you could easily find a Russian speaking tutor at reasonable rates. Stay in center, there are many shops, food options etc, local theater, parks. It is a bit of a women Bahamas The age Middle in fuck that Latvians are offended when addressed in Russian.

I am Latvian and have no problem with Russian, neither do I know people who have. There are some ultra nationalists and the youngsters do not learn Russian at school anymore. In places like Daugavpils people are basically bilingual. If you explain you are from France and are here to learn Russian, I do not think Latvians will have anything against that. Russian is language spoken in a huge territory by millions of people, so naturally there are varieties and accents, but people understand each other anyway.

It is not like in France where there are in girl Daugavpils Want cool a regional varieties others do not understand. Russian is pretty standard everywhere. Both of the biggest supermarket chains Rimi and Maxima are in Daugavpils.

In Latvia big shopping malls are usually in the city, not in outlets you can only reach by car as in many European countries. In girl Daugavpils Want cool a is very provincial, economically disadvantaged and post-Soviet, but it is also very green, surrounded by lakes and forests.

That part of Latvia in general is very beautiful and people both Latvians and Russians are very kind and hospitable. If you have this idea, go ahead!

As to the renting www. It is known to everybody. It gives you a pretty good picture of prices and offers. Rent price is usually just the rent and you also pay a variable sum of money as charges in winter these are bigger, because you have to pay for the heating, in summer they can be ridiculously cheap. Water, electricity, gas - these you pay according to meters. The more you use the more you pay. Other charges heating, waste collection is communal and divided by number flats in the house, you in girl Daugavpils Want cool a really influence that, you just pay your share.

Talk to in girl Daugavpils Want cool a owners and find the best offer that suits you. If you have big luggage take the bus.

Trains are old with steep stairs.


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