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Had many bizarre experiences, like the girl who invited me to sleep with her, then finding out that "sleep" really means "sleep". Some friends of mine prefer Age of In fuck now to Luzhou it Girl but I've never found anything there.

Different strokes for different folks. One of my 3 scores at Kakadu became more or less my girlfriend. It was one of those dramatic "laowai falls in love with a xiaojie" stories.

I could write a book about it, including episodes about secretly folllowing her, meeting her parents, suicide interventions, taking pictures together in the park, finding condoms in her trash, you name it. The short story is that she was very charming but I was bothered by her constant lying, trying to hide her life as a KTV girl from me, and trying to manipulate me into a more serious relationship than I want.

We fought a lot and broke up, later becoming friends, but I need to keep some distance so as not to get trapped. ST FS is readily available for or rmb, if you know where to go. If they insist ontry to negotiate with whomever seems to be in charge that next time should be Don't go over The small side street just in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl of Bahamas in The Girl phone sex seeking Jian Zhong hotel as mentioned on this board is good, especially the shop with a green and white barber pole, next to a DVD shop.

I also found a nice place near Chunxi Lu, not easy to describe how to get there. The girls there are from In fuck now to Luzhou it Girl I believe, sort of the girl-next-door types, not slutty-looking, maybe rating 6 or 7. I like them because they're nice people. Note that, unlike western mongering havens like Personals in Qalat Fwb, girls in many in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl these shops are picky, they only do the guys they like, and speaking some Chinese seems to be essential.

FYI, the vast majority of BBSs don't seem to be set up for FS, having no private rooms, but who knows, they may have private rooms nearby. When exploring, try to find BBSs with private rooms, or just get a low-end 50 rmb massage and then during the massage be nice to the girl and then bring up the topic of extras, or at least wait until you're in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl a room alone with a girl before you bring up this topic.

I have no info on BJs since I tend not to do that. Didn't explore this much as it seems relatively expensive and more suited for a group, not a lone mongerer. Went back a couple days later and had the exact same experience with another gal, so, no more KTV girls for me. I went once with a friend for a line-up, then didn't choose any girl and we left, girl wanted Sunchales Petite in for sex of the girls having in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl me in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl good feeling but I only saw them briefly.

If you ask them up front what it is, they'll just say it's an in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl massage. This can run you rmb or so for 90 minutes. If you ask for Chinese-style, Thai-style, or anything with an oriental name, chances are it's just legit massage, but this can vary.

I know one sauna with FS, and I never found out until I had been there many times and eventually made friends with a Chinese guy who is a regular there. Without that connection, they seem to make it difficult to find out it's available. Basically, on top of the 50 rmb or so sauna fee, you need to pay about for a hotel style room and to the girl, totaling for ST.

While the environment was great, the lay was average, so I didn't go back and do that again. I'm not sure whether to give the name of the place because they seem to want to be discreet. Another sauna I found offers two massage options, one with HJ, and another where the women gets naked and rubs you all over with her body, or so I understand.

I didn't try the latter option because I think she was giving me a bogus price, she quoted me some number over rmb and I suspect it's less. I should go back there with a Chinese friend. This sauna is a smaller one and I don't remember the name. The saunas in the major hotels probably offer FS but at a hefty price. Carol's and Shamrock are the top hangouts for laowais and girls seeking laowais. I avoid those places unless friends want to go.

They tend not to be xiaojies, more like girls who want to "catch" a foreigner. I'm not into those games. The patrons are usually just Chinese, mainly mid's on up, an older and classier crowd than the discos. The reputation is that there's a lot of married Chinese looking for lovers or one night stands.

You might find some same-night action, or maybe get some phone numbers that lead to next-day action or something. Some friends of mine have had some luck finding freebies, mostly via getting phone numbers, at Empty Bottle, which seems to be packed every night, mostly Chinese clientele, and many are open to chatting casually with foreigners.

Personally, I don't find freebies in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl often, I'm not sure why, but I think you can find a lot of opportunity if you go down the looks scale or up the in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl scale a bit. I've found that young, good-looking girls tend to expect to be taken care of in some way, e. Also, if you're looking for bars with xiaojies, the high-end would be the Rainbow Crown nightclub adjacent to the Crowne Plaza I never tried it but I know because my girlfriend worked those places.

I've never found SWs in Chengdu. I did approach a woman on the street who I in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl seen in a legit massage place I waited for her outside after my massage was done. She turned out to be married but was open to having a lover. After being with her a few times, she said I must not see other women, so that was the end of that. She did also ask me if I can introduce a friend of hers another married woman to any of my friends, so I did. Chengdu seems to have a reputation for married people rampantly having lovers, so I jokingly call it "the city of swingers with secrecy".

But it seems like you have to be married in order to join the club. I was once told, "everyone finds a different China". This seems to be especially true in Chengdu, different foreigners have widely different experiences. A lot seems to have to do with knowing the right people and getting introduced, or speaking Chinese.

Unlike Shanghai and many western cities, Chengdu is just not set up to cater to lone travelers who are complete strangers and don't speak the language.


On top of that, there is a lot of ambiguity in the culture, many Chinese will tell you one thing like "married people rarely have lovers" when the opposite may actually be true.

Many of them want to put a positive public face on their culture, or want to make in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl that in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl their own views e. I also get the impression that China's closure to foreigners decades ago is still in the mindset, there may be situations where being a foreigner closes doors.

In some ways, it seems like the Chinese, or the Han ethnic group, or the people of a given city, are like a big family, and outsiders are treated politely but differently. The only solution I know is to speak some Chinese, make friends with some locals who know where to go, and be respectful toward the people you encounter. I do think there's a strong emphasis on being discreet, so westerners who blow into town looking for the red light district may be disappointed.

There are some pearls to be found, and I have had some concern than making their business more "public", such as via a forum like this, might be offensive to them and result in them going further underground, or becoming more cold and commercial like in the west.

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Only time will tell. In any case, good luck and happy mongering. I will also post on the Shanghai board, see you there. Night Cat, That was such an excellent report! Thank you for posting it for us!

CERGY Nasty woman in to the land of the contributing non-lurkers. If only half of in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl new "regular members" contributed information like that report, this would be a completely different forum. Unfortunately, too many just continue to lurk while mindlessly typing "reports" which contribute nothing on wasted bandwidth. I have lived here long enough to know that China's in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl beautiful women and those that are the greatest in bed come from Sichuan and Chongqing Province.

If you're a dedicated monger, it really doesn't take very long to figure that out. Just for fun last night when I was dining with my colleagues, I turned the conversation to "which China province has the most beautiful women". This was a table of all professional Chinese men, and I just wanted to hear what they would say.

They were in universal agreement: When I mentioned Chongqing they all agreed, "yes, yes, also Chongqing". They gave the explanation I have heard from many other people: I have wanted to take a leisurely monger expedition up there for the longest time.

My current plan is to come up for a couple weeks in August, when Guangzhou gets unbearably hot and those mountains starting looking pretty cool. I hope you're still around there in a couple of months when I arrive. Keep up the good work! Sichuan is actually the hoter part of China in summer! Could you please explain again the relation between the beauty of the girls and the army during the revolution, I did not get your point.

How shall I thank you guys for complimentting my hometown in such a way. I in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl I really got birth here, in the maintown of CQ, and spent nearly 20 years in this mountainous land. Of course I could also speak the smooth dialect chongqingese. Well, Erik is right. Chonging and sichuan's summer is extremely hot. But since weather is hot, many eye candys would appear short dressed belles in the streets and allies.

Chongqing and sichuan province do have many beautiful girls. But their features are a bit different from that of northern in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl. They are relatively more small, short, petitie, slim and white.

Their arms and thighs are so slender that you can't imagine. Personally I favour tall large women not fat ones. And also they like to tie up their hair to ponytails. You could see absolutely most girls in style of ponytails.

For me, this is a bit out of trend I think. Then lets talk about the food. Chongqing 's food is really spicy. Whatever food you perfer will always contain some red peppers. I don't know whether that flavour would suite you. The most famous dish is Spicy Chinken. By that you could challenge your buds concentrated in mouth. Finally narrate a little about this sex in Estonia Woman wanting site.

The in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl place for the local guys to hook up some girls is the Disco Bar. You could relax there, join the dancing crowd while eyes scanning for good-looking girls. When your eyes bingo someonedon't be ashamed, go straight up ahead and chat with her. Even if she is not willing directly go with you at once, she probablly still will give you cell phone number to call her latter.

Well, You would think you could not speak the mandarin or local words. Don't worry about this. Some collegae girls could speak a bit rusty english. Some of them are free because they just wanna contact the foreigners to improve their english so that they could get a job in the oversea companies after they have graduated.

Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the extra blank spaces before commas and periods. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl a blank space in front of commas and periods.

I met a KTV xiaojie that ended up being a freebie. She's half Northen Chinese and half Sichuanese. Amazingly tall and has a beautiful face.

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Stomach is a little flabby, but you can't tell unless you have her doing doggy style and am looking at the mirror. I agree with Cronin that Sichuan girls are one of the best in China. I thought Dalian was before, but now I think Sichuan is the place to be. I must agree John. In fuck now to Luzhou it Girl have gone crazy over a few "factory" sichuan girls. Hunan has also become a taste of mine.

I am so lame, I am likely going to fly from Shanghai to Chengdu, just to see a sichuan hottie I met on a plane. I hope I am not getting soft in my young age! I could say different persons got different tastes. Although sicuan girls' face are more petite, skin more smooth, I still perfer dalian girls.

That is the main reason I live here in north. I would not say sichuan girls is not suit for fucking, attually they are the best ceatures to do the job amostly.

But in my experience they are not suitable to be a good girlfriend. Their characters is so spicy and unrational that could probablly mess up my work. Therefor keep a bit distance from these girls.

Fuck them but don't let there pricky idears influence you. That is my advice. Thanks for the encouragement. I will return to Chengdu in a few days and am open to any joint mongering suggestions. After a few weeks, I plan to go touring around China for a few months, probably starting in Guangdong. By August, it's possible I'll be back in Chengdu, or just about anywhere.

While there is certainly a lot of talent walking around Chengdu, I've developed mixed feelings about the place. Mongering opportunities do exist in the city as I've postedbut finding anything outside of the sex-worker scene a girlfriend, semi-regular lover, one night stand, etc. Some folks like Laowai seem to have a knack for coming up with clever methods, but in general I have the feeling in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl there is in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl much trouble in finding and dealing with freebies that it's hardly worth it.

It would be interesting to find out what those Chinese businessmen think about in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl, my guess is that their experience of Sichuan girls is mainly just with xiaojies, and they might tell you that if it's not about marriage or money, sex in Sichuan is trouble. Maybe I've just had a run of bad luck and am focusing too much on the negative side, but I've seen other in Graz fucking Private on the ups and downs of freebies in mainland China in "China Women - Opinions and Advice".

I posted a more detailed inquiry there, please take a look if interested. This report was reformatted to remove extraneous word wraps. The reason I am interested in this topic in the Chengdu section is I met a chengdu girl on the plane. She is SO attractive to me. I am thinking about getting together with her when I visit there.

I am based in Shanghai, but may take a trip there. Maybe it is risky due to the spicy nature of the girls. I know a few other monget buddies who are married to sichuan girls apperantly the sichuan girl is very appealing, but difficult to live with long term.

To be honest, I dont know what it is, but something is so appealing about her. She is NOT the hottest girl I have ever met. Just amazingly magnetic to me. Seems strange for me to say this.

Why do you in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl about sex without marriage and money is trouble? Have you encounter any girl sweared self-suicide when you claim for breaking up? Well, This sort of things freqently happens in China most in local guys, but seldom heard of foreingners involved.

Well, I will tell you what these rich taiwanese do in sichuan. Thoese tainwanese are wealthy, could speak fluent mandarin, and often above the age 40, surely got a formal wife in tainwan. They come to arrange investment here meanwhile seek his second or third secret young wives. Apparently they don't favour in huantting the brothels for service. First he will probablely buy his girl a small pack residence, keep his girl live there for long term.

When he feel craving or need to solicite some bussness in the mainland, they will fly over here to sleep with her girl for couples of days, Then fly back to taiwain regularly. Therefor his girls probablely should be alone for most of the year and known that she couldnot get married with this guy.

When he feels bore down by one girl, he will terminate this relationship and pay some compensation for the girl. Well, I heard of these "folk tale" for tremendous times. I post it right here because I think the taiwanese's method is a bit different from the whites. The whites are more willing to travel all over the land and fuck diversity of girls from region to region. The taiwanese maybe not like to explore the new adventure and would like to fuck a few his favourite girls.

Where do you guys fly to? I've never sat beside an attractive girl on the plane yet. I used to fly around America every weekend and now I travel to Shenzhen from Shanghai and back. This flight doesn't have any hotties either! Don't get me wrong, Dalian girls are still on my favorites list.

I agree with what you guys are saying. In general, Sichuan girls seem a little irrational. They flare up at the slightest things I think it is the the spicy food and hot wether that result in the character. They often speak like a machinegun firing when I don't really know what they are on hell talking about?

Dalian girls sometimes could in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl me more feasible advise, so I favour them a bit more. But I still can't resist the sicuan girls' seduction, their petitie round face, shiny smoothy skin, tight body. Gents, The good thing about our hobby is that we can sample different flavours. It is nice to eat Sichuanese, but sometimes a guy will want Dongbei food instead.

Chinese ladies are like Chinese cuisine, they have different flavours but all are satisfying in different ways. In Chengdu, I had so much luck with the amateur action that I never needed to try any professionals out.

I believe it was suggested below that the malls are good hunting grounds. This was the case for me, just go to a mall and stare at a cute girl who is staring at you. The rest will take care of itself. Clubs are also very good places, just give it a shot. My experience sleeping with Sichuan girls suggests that they really love sex, therefore the experience if often very pleaurable with them.

The other "spicy" girls, from Hunan and Hubei are good too in my experience. Blankie, please be careful about getting attached to anyone.

A lot of the Sichuan charm can be found in many girls, please be careful before you set your sights on one. If you go meet the girl, please try some other Sichuan xiaochi too! Thirty Mins thanks for the advise. I will be careful.

Went to Top One, found an attractive girl, tall, slender, very long hair. Chatted a bit mostly Chinese, but she also speaks Englishshe's a in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl student. She declined to go with me that night but insisted that I call her the next afternoon. Ignoring previous reports that undergrads in Chengdu don't give it up, I called her up, she declined a sauna suggestion, but accepted a tea invitation. While chatting over tea, she told me she had never had a boyfriend, or sex for that matter, and has no intention of having sex until she's married.

Needless to say, I'm not calling her again, I've had enough 3 or 5 date situations with go-nowhere girls. James Cook asked why do I say sex without marriage or money is trouble? I was just curious whether the Chinese businessmen Cronin talked about, who say Sichuan girls are the best, say this from experience with freebies or just xiaojies.

My guess but I'd really like to know their answer is that they'd say freebies are too much trouble, stick with xiaojies. My guess is based on my own experience with freebies, which has entailed a lot of hassle, and the fact that the Chinese businessmen don't have the "foreigner advantage" so my luck might be better than theirs on average.

While I had some luck, maybe one or two new scores in a good month, far better than I'd do in the U. This includes nights going out and in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl getting phone numbers that don't lead to a date, dating too many times with no sex see Club Report, abovehaving the girl bring a friend on a date, and then there are the year-olds who want to sleep together but not have sex.

I find far more of these situations than actual scores, and I've wasted a lot of afternoons and evenings this way.

Is it similar with you guys? By "pressure" I mean once sex is ongoing for some time, the girl either tries to get serious starts planning marriage, demands monogamy, etc. Then there's casual affairs with someone older or less attractive, it's not my favorite. Overall, the above situations are the overwhelming majority of my experience. Is this typical of Chengdu or is it just me? Again, my luck isn't all bad, I think everyone just has their own unique mix of good and bad results, so it's interesting to hear from others.

Regarding the department stores, I went to JiuLong, as Laowai suggested. I didn't get much interesting eye-contact action. Frankly, I didn't think the girls there were attractive. I think many girls who work in high-end departments stores like Pacific or RenHe Spring are much prettier but I haven't tried anything with them.

Anyone tried those gals? How about we arrange a "shopping" trip and check out the scene? I was hoping to hook up with Laowai sometime and see him in action. Regarding the discussion about Sichuan girlfriends, my suggestion is to expect that, while the girl might be compellingly charming, she will likely also be working an agenda on you.

Yes, the girl I wrote about April 15 post is a xiaojie and goes with many men, but she's also a girl, with romantic fantasies, desire for family, etc. Sometimes I think of her or look at pictures of us together, and feel that I miss her, but the bottom line for me is that I don't want a marriage-track relationship, especially not with someone who has a habit of lying to me and manipulating me in order to forward her agenda.

I just couldn't get used to not knowing if anything she says is true. The bottom line for her is that she wants to find a better life for herself and in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl family, and that includes not only being with someone she enjoys being with, but also something financial. I'll be in ChengDu doing a bachelor in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl. If you have any ideas of what to do, where to go please respond back to the group or send me a private message. Also, are there any "strippers" for hire?

Or even any strip clubs? We're looking for only top-notch 9's and 10's. Some of the teenage dancers are even from nearby dancing schools. I think the nude dancers over there probably are still available for outcome performance in your party at a reasonable price. Therefor you should come to the night clubs to have a look or further dicussion.

Hi Jalor Child, I had my bachelors party in Beijing a few years ago. Although we had a string of activites along the way, the fun we had in a KTV in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl was the thing that was most memorable, and most crazy.

If you start early, she can probably bring them over for your pre-selection before they go to work at night. Make sure you brief her what you need so she can recommend the best girls for you. Depending on how wild the KTV's are in Chengdu. I think they are your best best. I have in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl a couple of birthday parties at KTV's that got quite wild. It's depends on your negociations but money really talks in a KTV. Ask how much it will cost for in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl what in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl want and be sure to give us a report!

I will be traveling to ChengDu in about 3 weeks. Any suggestions on where to find action? S Times, Never ceases to amaze me! Guy with 5 posts, all requests for information and no useful contributions and, he never seems to read the thread before asking such general questions.

Do any of you guys have places where the Mamas speak decent english so that we can get by? Information on Chengdu required please. We are 2 Australian businessmen and will be in Chengdu on nights Nov 4 and 5. If this type of bar does not exist where is best place to pick up the better class ladies in this city. I've been to the one call Million KTV and the gals in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl are absolutely gorgeous.

None of the bars that you've mentioned existed in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl CD. You can PM me in advance before you arrive here in CD and I'll be happy to take you around for a minimal charge. I must admit that Chengdu has picked up a bit and offers at the moment a very acceptable BBS scene.

If you find the intersection of Yulin nanlu and Caofang donglu, well it is the whole block south-west of this intersection. Start by walking down Yulin nanlu, you will see 3 BBS on you right, then enter the little lanes and you will find another 10 or They are not red lit but easily identifiable. They all have separate and secure rooms nearby, if you don't want to stay in the dirty back room.

Nice selection in in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl of them. On the other hand I don't recommend to sleep in one of these hotels at the airport, even if you have an early flight. As the scene of "tea houses" with all the touts outside is acutally ripp off and dangerous, all the hotels borbid stricly the ladies in your room, even if they register as in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl with thei ID.

Does anyone know the name of any clubs, discos, bars or student hangouts where I can meet semi and non pro girls?. Where can I go to meet all the pussy?. Are shopping malls and parks a good spot? Trisomie, You can find some of the non-pro, student type in Carols Bar by the river directly across from the Sofitel Hotel. I've been there many times and most of the girls there are students.

Usually you can find them there almost every nights depending on the season. Need to find out more? After Beijing and Xian I am now in Chengdu, staying at the Sheraton, find a small BBS just near the hotelfirst street on the right when you exit the hotel.

I will investigate further. Not many BBS at this area only found 3 of them so far. Went to one near to my apt but only got special once on the 1st time but next 2 was just the damn lousy massage. After breakfast decided to try 1 of 2 I used to passby but never went in. There are few girls, all young girls, all looks less than Decided in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl a slim 24 yo. Had a good footwash and finally into the topic waiting for and settled for RMB incl footwash.

Nice tips and she's real wet. Frenching all the way from start to end. Another minus point was the dirty small room and she agree to go my place next time after make her come for many times, hehehe.

There are some other sweet young thing in the shop which may try next time. Trust more report is coming. What in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl the exact name for Long Life street in Chinese? Many in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl girls there. Real good service but expensive. Yup you are right about the street name. It is not that famous and a bit out of the way. It is at southern side of Chengdu.

So if anyone needs any "inside" info I will be glad to share it with them. I am a just a horny P4P westerner working in Chengdu and not a tout, so feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

For all you guys out there looking for "freebies" in Chengdu-all I will say on that subject is that freebies aren't free. Think about it, you meet a nice girl in a club first off, she won't speak any English in Chengdu you arrange a date, you buy her dinner, flowers and a cuddly toy chinese women are childlike and the damage is yuan at least, plus all the bullshit text messaging back and forth.

Then she tells you she will stay a virgin until marriage or until she thinks your serious at the very least. If you do get one that fucks she will be a dead lay. Chinese women are the most sexless women I've ever met.

If you want passion fuck Filipinas or Thais. Anyway, thats yuan youv'e just blown and you leave the restaurant with blue balls.

So what do you do? That's right, you go to a barbershop and get a handjob for 5o yuan. This has happened to me many times so now I don't bother to date chinese women. If I want to get laid I just go straight to the barbershop where you know your going to get fucked for that in your pocket. Don't date chinese women unless your looking for marriage or a relationship leading to marriage. Even KTV's are rip offs-think about it, all those hangers on at the club valets etc decor etc, your paying for all that overhead and staff.

Barbershops are the answer where you only pay for what you need. Except on one point: I would not say Sichuan girls are dead lay. In my opinion they have quite some qualities on bed, and are certainemy the hottest girls in whole China. If you are not convinced to that, do a few week-ends in Chongqing, read the relevant section on this forum and have fun there. By the way, most of the chicks I have met in Chengdu were from Chongqing, but in Chongqing I met very few from Chengdu.

I will be in Chengdu in April. Is there a 5 star hotel with a sauna which offers FS? Alternatively, a superdiscreet room service. Manonsanboy, There is a place called Water????

I posted about it previously. The VIP rooms are humongous and have all the toys and hardware. I stay around the corner at the Dynasty Hotel but never visited the sauna there since my wife has friends in the hotel's management.

Dynasty Hotel is a bit nicer fitted out. Another 5 star option in Chengdu is the Sheraton, apart from having FS provided by the massage girls just call to the health club, but have to say price is not cheap approx rmb I have also had girls visit in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl in the room with no problem. So it seems quite girl friendly.

Their buffet breakfast is also first class, try to get two breakfasts included in the room rate. Massage place around Sichuan University, the one with red light surely serve full service.

You can just say want massage, and in the room you can nego with the girl, but the girl can not speak english, soo go learn chinese 1st. The girl you can take out for the price of Yuan. After you decide the girl then you will be taken to the room flat near the shop, the place I went is not very dirty. But when do the deeds the girl keep asking be quick, that is very annoying. But the girl really has a good body like model, and good looking face.

But the girl wont do any BJ, I keep asking the girl, still get refused. Body is 8,5 out of 10, and face 7 out of Note you need speak Chinese, for better bargain. I will try to get the picture of the in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl. I also tried the alley near that hotel. I thought most of the girls were of low quality but I picked one that looked decent. Any port in a storm! Anyway, we went to a room that I can only describe as disgusting.

Filthy mattress with no sheets or pillow, gob marks all over filthy walls and floor. Nowhere to wash and no lock on the door. But I was horny and hadn't had any pussy for a while, so I fucked her anyway.

Then the stink off her pussy was really awful! Never went back of course. After that bad experience, and some others, I only want to do bbs girls in a hotel room. I can understand how bro Santa feel coz in Chengdu to get a perfect gals with good look, good service and good fucking conditions, it's all luck, esp the nice smell pussy. As most bbs gals at those back alley in Chengdu are all from village they have very little awareness to keep themselves clean incl the pussy.

U can see they don't wash themselves after the session. Most gals i had have the same problem, that's the stink pussy. ANd most of the fuck shop the rooms are dirty and stink.

So better dun take risk by going bareback in Chengdu. Thank you and enjoy fucking. I wonder if the Jian Zhong has a ST rate for their rooms. There is an American food restaurant across the street. As close to authentic as I have had in China. Hello bros, Can we upload video? If can, I will try to make the video of the alley and the room condition too, on my next trip: I find the place not very dirty: P But I really believe if the girl pretty, the service will be not good, but tonight Want Ulsan in fuck to with the one not pretty, I am not that on: P Good luck all, thanks: Was the Authentic American food restaurant named McDonalds?????

This is often not a successfull question. I'm staying at the Dynasty for one night. Is this alley close by? Anyone can recommend action within walking distance of this hotel? How about in house or in room service? We also heard this kind of thing has ever been reported on local newspaper last year, the same KTV. So all the mongers here, wherever you try to have fun in Chengdu, never go to this Xin Hua International Hotel. Hi fellow Sishuan lovers: I am debating visiting Chengdu How you you rate Chengdu in terms of mongering?

I finally made it to Chengdu after more than four hours of bus. The rate of beauties among the general population seems to be lower than in Chongqing, but there are still many lovely girls.

Still a good place for short legs lover I guess. I choose randomly the Minshan hotel because they have BB Internet and a swimming pool. It's also near to the Bar street. But I have a bad feeling: Maybe I have to change hotel tomorrow.

The touts outside don't seem to see any problem to introduce a girl, but it is clear that I don't intend to use their services. I had a look around and saw a few BBS, but the girls seem to be of low quality. I will try tonight some spots advised in this forum: I have the strange feeling that in this city, in order to get superbly laid, you need to deserve it.

What do I do here? Yesterday I have been to two places. The first one should have been the Top one. In fact, I in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl not sure, because it was not near the university in the South, but not far from the famous Water Hotel.

I did not spot any girl who could offer special service. Anyway, the customers also don't look like potential customers for such girls. I in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl to another one, called MGM. It is more upscale and provides a bar, a disco and another place with dancing and various exhibitions. The place was quite nice and there were at least a dozen westerners in it.

Two girls that were obviously working made eye contact with me, but they were too ugly. I am used to Beijin discos were there are always a selection of girls that you can pay to dance with you and often take with you after that for ST or LT. I am surprised I was not approached by or could spot such girls, especially at MGM.

Maybe Monday is a bad day? I also went to the Sauna of the Minshan Hotel. They have massage for RMB and you must add for Fuck. Too expensive, especially for the quality of the girl. So I only had a bad massage. Well, I hope tonight is better!

Here is my last report about Chengdu. Although not being a mongering paradise, this city still provides acceptable pussy opportunities. You already know about my first day from my previous post. I met a very nice and lovely girl that spoke some English. After that I went to have a look at some BBS I had spotted in the surrounding area, but they were closed already. I went to the small bar on the side of Sheraton hotel.

They are clearly overpriced as they target the Sheraton customers. They have a selection of girls that are not very beautiful, but try to be friendly and entertain their customers. They systematically propose to stay with you during the day and help you visit the tourist spots around Chengdu, if you in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl them for LT. There were two German guys in the bar and I talked a little with them.

So I took the mamasan apart to negotiate out of their ear reach. After tough talking, I could not do better in Bac Lieu Seeking ladies for LT.

After two days of abstinence I did not want to look further so I took a girl that looked nice and about my taste. We went to disco and it was very nice, letting me hope for a GF experience. But back home, it was terrible. I told her to get away as soon as I finished. Her body was also worn out. I guess she had one or two kids. After a lot of visiting tourism the day, I finally end up in the same bar. There I meet a Chinese businessman staying at Sheraton. He was not excited by the girl selection and had asked the mamasan to phone for other girls to come.

I asked him how much he paid. How can a Chinese guy be such a sucker! I saw a cute girl coming for him, and the mamasan told me: I want new girls. Luckily, the chinese guy seemed to have fun refusing many girls so I took one of these girls: They wantedso I began negotiating again. I had a bright idea: I told them I wanted to negotiate together with the Chinese guy. Still expensive, but it was already late and the girl was cute.

In fact, it is easy to find. Ask a taxi driver to take you to this hotel, and it is the first street after the hotel coming from the North, or City centreon the same side of the road. In the afternoon there were few girls, but I spotted one in a shop and decided to come back at night. Luckily she was still available when I came back around 9 pm. There were a lot of girls around at that time, some quite beautiful. I guess the Mirror Bar phoned there to get girls for us yesterday.

I took this lovely 18 y.

West China - Chengdu [Archive] - InternationalSexGuide

Unlike most other young girls I met, she was more interested than afraid by the size of my cock. It was a good GFE: BBJ and passionate fucking. I am not able to tell if she really enjoyed it or not, but it was my best time in two weeks in China. After I finished, I noticed she in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl a rather stinky pussy, although I got her wash herself before.

From other reports I read, it seems to be a tradition there! Unfortunately, I am already back home! In brief, for El Faguoren and others, here is my appraisal in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl Chongqing and Chengdu, from the point of view of a short duration staying guy who does not speak much Chinese. You see these lovely girls in the street and you think: Mongering and entertainment spots are rather concentrated and of easy access.


Maybe I was lucky, but I only got very clean girls. In June, it is already very hot, and when it is not hot, it rains. Not such easy access to pussy as in Chengdu, but it may well provide as much interesting opportunities once you know your way around. Risk of stinky pussy. I see many reports of guys getting freebies easily, I can't understand why you are having no luck.

There was a post of a guy who is 58, and he said he can get a freebie whenever he wants. Either some are exagerrating, or your doing something wrong. Don't let us in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl love your posts! Fred 1 There are probably opportunities for freebies. However, I guess it better works when you stay long time enough to do the things you want to do and catch an opportunity when you encounter one. I only stayed a few days and wanted to visit some tourist spots. I did not want to frantically look for a freebie all day long.

One aspect that should not be neglected is that very few people speak more than a few words of english in these two cities. Another aspect is that I felt very lazy, as I knew I would find a lovely girl for a relatively low price in BBS or bars. Dear Hunters, I will be in ChengDu in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl week.

If anyone would like to go out togather and have some wild time, Drop me a note. Brothers, I have a confession. I have dishonored the brotherhood. But I have also redeemed myself. My disgrace ocurred in the Sheraton. I dialed "0" for room service, and ordered me up a hot Sichuan in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl. She showed up at my door, fair skinned with ample breasts. I was already hard. But, she in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl this demure, sexual air about her, and she already had me hard, I could feel her sexual heat through her thin silk blouse like the door of an open furnace, and, in a moment of weakness, I caved.

Under her silky blouse, her ample breasts were lovingly clasped by silk brassiere, and she had on a white g-string under her black skirt. She took a shower and came back with condom in hand, which she placed under the pillow. She did not kiss, but what the hell, we got down to business. I ploughed her good, tunneling into those silky white thighs, burrying my self in her ivory breasts. With that beauty, it didn't take long to pop. She headed out for another shower, and came back, still flushed from passion -- or so I thought.

Actually, I had given her a pretty bad beard rash rubbing my stubbly jowls all over her cheek, neck, and breasts and she was feeling it. Well, small sacrifice for RMB. But, after she left, I went in my bathroom and in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl a black box on the sink that I had not noticed before. I noticed it because its seal had been broken. The box had an ominous message "If you break this seal, you will have to pay 88 RMB, charged to your minibar", or something to that effect.

Well, I certainly hadn't opened it, who could have. The abomination is called an "emergency kit" and inside it had tampons, condoms one missingeven disposable underwear sorry, not of the edible type. As if running out of underwear constitutes an "emergency". The hotel massage girls cannot waltz around the halls with condoms and other paraphernalia of their trade, so the hotel places these "Survival Kits" in the in Camacupa buddys Fuck, unbeknownst to the unsuspecting guest, which the masseusse opens without asking.

Then, at check out, you get stuck with the bill -- essentially 88 RMB for a condom -- and the embarassing explanation should you question the bill. About 1 am she rang my bell, and I opened the door. Well, I had to do something, so I berated the felon afterwhich she meekly apologized people are so much more civil in Sichuan compared to Beijing!

In fuck now to Luzhou it Girl guess God swiftly strikes down sinners who dishonor the faith by paying RMB for a piece of ass in China. Have that baby removed from your room so that the masseuses cannot tear it open. The next night I picked up a freebie so In fuck now to Luzhou it Girl guess my kharma is back in balance. Hi Jimbo, I have also had the in room service from the Sheraton, I managed to bargain down to rmb FS, still it is expensive,, But I am sure the girls can carry their own condoms, so she was just being lazy, and trying to make some more money for the hotel.

Can you give any details where you picked up the freebie?

Call girl in Whyalla

But at least you got some beardrushed swinger Faiyum El Woman in remembering you!

I didn't realize this until I was checking out the next day. I was adamantly denying my use of the kit, when it finally struck me. Please negotiate for the benefit of the rest of us who in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl also be lazy and suckers for convenience sometimes.

The most I've ever paid for this type of room service was 1, RMB under similar circumstances as you describled. Just too hot to resist and she would not budge on the price. Another mostly legal part of "prostitution" in Luzhou is to hire an escort lady from an agency.

You only buy a sexy madam for society, not for sex. So mostly it is legal, because she is no hooker. But for a small extra money many of them offer high class sex in Luzhou. I am over We have a huge number of sexy singles from Luzhou, who just want erotic adventures. China Sichuan Luzhou Find in fuck now to Luzhou it Girl in Luzhou, Sichuan Many men like sex with hot prostitutes in Luzhou and search for it every week or even every day.

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