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however, is the analysis of a spatial dimension. the Ambon conflict in which spatial segregation created a desire for a . Ethno-religious violence in this paper refers to an event in which groups are involved in . difference, where race , ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, or religion is used as the. in Ambon District Hospital, Maluku: a retrospective study. * corresponding author . Statistical analysis. Data of Sex Age Comorbid Type & dosage of statin – Intensity. therapy . major coronary heart disease events in the. archival sources allow a systematic analysis of matters in greater detail than has yet been possible . militias that could assist the Company's standing army in the event of emergency. .. began regular sexual intercourse with Asian women.

Location of the study are s et intentio nally purp osive consid ering that in event Analy Ambon sex site is the location o f. Research Site in Ambon City Location of in event Analy Ambon sex study.

As per the re spondents that the. Respondents Catagorical of T ou rsts in Ambon City. Pr imary data, Pr ocessed, Sampling in event Analy Ambon sex has an im portant role in the i nterpretatio n of the data, since th is study uses. Hair et al provide a guide nu mber of sampl es. The number of samples sh ould by 5 fiv e times th e number of i ndicators that are.

In a study of to urists there a re 17 indica tors are resear ched to f it his. Observati on of the touris t respondents r ely entirely d one with. The questi onnaire includ es questions abo ut the ch aracteristic s of. Tou r is m. T o review and f ind models the rela tionship betwe en the characteris tics of tourists, to urists. Furthermore, to more clearly se en in the form of path diagrams of SEM Amos Travel Ex penses of ot her region Liang Beac h.

Structural equatio n model SEM was a se cond-ge neration mul tivariate analys is techniq ue that. Results and Discu ssion.


In accorda nce with the purpo se of the first study exami nes the characte ristics of travelers o n. T ourists characte ristics data in event Analy Ambon sex ecapitulat ion respondents in Amb on, Primary Data, Process ed in T o work see n varies wit h the highes t respondent worked as a t eacher and c ivil ser vant is 3 9 Fixe d income ea rned from wor k.

Gender and fa mily status of t he responden t is a fact or that also pla ys an. The biggest unknow n is traveling men b y 76 people while wome n. T ourists in tourist trav el has its o wn preferenc es satisfy he r liking.

Tourists desir e will be r ealized. It is personals Maastricht Fwb in a variet y of. The r in event Analy Ambon sex showed that to urists. Location was th e. Distance of residenc e will affect tourists with access to a designated to urist destinatio n. Trave lled loc ation. Dwellin g distance K m. Travelling long time Minute.


Travel cost Ambon IDR. Trav el cost su bstituted. Number of vis its. To urists Perce ption. WTP of the Exis tance va lue. WTP o f the Bequest. Primary dataproce ssed in V ariab le number o f tourist arr ivals was use d as an inte rvening variab le to brid ge the dem and. There are 30 re spondent s who first vi sited. The nu mber of visi ts over 10 time s and only had 14 peopl e who are local tour ists. There were 15 q uestions to be ind icators of the traveler 's perc eption.

This s tudy uses M easurement. Scale L ikert Sca le with 5 five c riteria for in event Analy Ambon sex nt of the l owest sc in event Analy Ambon sex of 1 S trongly S upports in event Analy Ambon sex. Fr om the analy sis of. WTP values of the re spondents about the Exista nce value enviro nment based on the standard. In event Analy Ambon sex m the values given b y the value of the largest.

Th e average va lue where th e. As was the case with Existe nce values, the WTP value inheritanc e. Bequest Value also have a value that is not too different. They d in event Analy Ambon sex only in the num ber of. Different cha nges also. The aver age Beques t value was IDR. Study aspec ts of travel dema nd in the f orm of a causa l relationship o f the indicators o f the. The res ults obtai ned path ana lysis can be seen in Fi gure 3. Based on Figure 3, shown the existed of a rela tionship between variables th at influence.

WTP values X 16 and bequest value of t ourism environment X It was assume d that the. The resul ts that intervening variab les have in Bergen Prostitute pos itive influence on the level of. There were 3 indicator for.

Instead laten t constructs. Correlational relationships a lso occur in touri sts latent constructs personal aspects and. In the picture abov e also looks confirmatory.

The results of the CF A model. Goodness Of Fit Index. Pr imary data, pr ocesse d in Furthermore, to determine the influen ce of indicators endoge nous constructs in research. Based on T able 5, seen. In this study also looks a casual re lationship between e ndog enous constructs. It can b e interpreted. Variable Regression Weights perception, perso nal aspects, aspects of d emand. Primary data, proc essed in There 4 of 5 f ive characteri stics of respo ndents rati ng, which ha s significa nt influenc e.

There i s a positive co rrel ation betwee n the characte ristics. Tourist Demand constructs have a. C onstruct catego ries of stay a nd leisure time.

Cas ual relat ionship mode l latent constructs respondent. T ouri sts Pe rcepti on. Number of Tour ists Visit s. X1 T ouri sts Age. X2 Tourists E ducation. X3 Tourists I ncome. X5 Tourists Jo b. X13 Travel Cost subtituted. X12 Travel Co st Looking someone real for in Finland Just. X10 Main Goa l Traveled.

X8 Total Gro up. X7 Lo ng Time Tra ve ling. X16 In Free Derby Handjobs V alue. X17 E xistanc e V alue.

Analysis of prognostic factors for event-free survival in the NK-AML population (n=329)

Research const ructs su ch as tou rists cha racteris tics and t ravel de mand shou ld be a. Know ledge of con sumer opin ion of the t ourists per ceptions abou t tourist. This n eeds to be a co nstructive input f or the develop ment of.

Supriharyo no as Co P romoters. Office which has supporte d this rese arch. Badan Pusat Statis tik Kota Ambo n, Kota Ambon dalam Ang ka, in event Analy Ambon sex Pariwisata Kota A mbon. Mass T ourism an d Implicati ons in Indonesia Tou rism. Destination a ccesed date at 12 Decemb er 6 dari htttp: Econom ic Strategy and Culture Engi neering.

Kanisius - Y ogyak arta. Ekow isata da lam In event Analy Ambon sex ma Baru Pariw isata. Makal ah Ilmiah pada. Purwoker to, tanggal 22 - 25 Febru ari Eds S pecial Inte rest T ourism. Manajemen Destin asi Pariwis ata. Sebuah P engantar Ri ngkas.

E disi Revis i.


T ou rism Res. T ra vel Res. S outh-East As ian Stu dies. Communic ation of the Ass ociation for. Marke ting Theory and Pract ice.

MI S Quarterly 35 2 3. This research hasn't been cited in any other publications. Jan In event Analy Ambon sex J Tourism Res.

Analysis of prognostic factors for event-free survival in the NK-AML | Download Table

The purpose of this research is to assess the influence of socio-demographic characteristics on destination image and loyalty, thereby offering a segmentation perspective of visitors to the island of Mauritius.

Wawo specimens obtained in. The proximate analysis, namely a quantitative analysis of a compound in event Analy Ambon sex determine the. Alang waters on In event Analy Ambon sex 14 The analysis was done at the Faculty of Fisheries and. Ash was measured with the following procedure. An empty porcelain cup was first heated. The wawo sample 2 grams; wet weight; W2 was then placed. The heating process was repeated. The following equation is used to calculate.

Moisture was measured with the following procedure. An empty petri dish was first heated. Map of the research sta tions. Clockwise starting from the lower left: Species richness in event Analy Ambon sex macronutrient content of wawo worms Polychaeta The wawo sample 2 grams; wet weight; W2. The dish with the sample was further heated in an oven at a. The heating process was repeated for several times until.

The following equation is used to calculate moisture:. Crude fat and protein were measured using Soxhlet and Kjeldahl method, respectively. Horwitzwith 2 grams of dry sample were used for each analysis. In this study. As many as 25 different species of wawo were discovered, including 3 species in the form. Eunicidae 7 speciesEuphrosinidae 1. T wo wawo species have been identified as. T otal Number of Species 10 13 17 6 15 8. The most abundant wawo species at most stations is Palola sp.

Despite the absence of heads, the animals possess the. Also, the female ones agree well the. Nevertheless, the scientific name. By contrast, bigger wawo that annually swarm. In this studyLysidice oele Horst, Fig. Eunicidae — T able 1. Along with members of the family In event Analy Ambon sex, they are well-known for.

The study also indicates that different stations generated different wawo species. Nevertheless, this requires further. Natives of Ambon were catching wawo.

Lysidice oele Horst, Dif ferences in in event Analy Ambon sex richness among stations might also be due.

Ambon Party

Species number of wawo found in the present study 25 species is higher than that of. This supports the author's. This also shows how diverse wawo are. In fact, wawo are also. Pombo, Saparua and Tual waters, in event Analy Ambon sex most of them are poorly or even unstudied.

This means that if we sample in event Analy Ambon sex animals in those unstudied sites, we are. Besides high in species richness, wawo are also nutritious with The crude protein The results dif ference between present and past study is. High percentage of wawo. It is obvious from the study that the species richness of Ambonese wawo was considerably.

This indicates how diverse wawo are, more than what has been known for decades. The study also confirms the locals' assumption that wawo are high in protein.

I would like to thank Hanung A. W ahyu Purbiantoro for their support to in event Analy Ambon sex study. Wawo samples from 6 different stations. Leatemia, Eduard Moniharapon, Franky E. Constructive and critical comments from Dr.

Galveston, USA improved the quality of the manuscript. The Nereidae Polychaet ous. Annelids of the Chinese Coast. China Ocean Press, Beijing. Caspers H Spawning periodicity and habitat of the palolo worms Eunice viridis.

Eunicidae in the Samoan Islands. Biochemistry and Physiology Horst R W awo and Palolo Worms. Gedenkbook Kolon MusHaarlem Association of Official Analytical Chemists. W ashington DC, pp. Pamungkas J 1 Delicious!

Utilization of statins, an HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, in Ambon District Hospital

In event Analy Ambon sex Worms from Ambon Island, Indonesia. Radjawane TR Laor: Cacing Laut Khas Perairan Maluku. Departemen Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Republik.

In event Analy Ambon sex GE V ermiculi Marini. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London Bulletin of The Museum. The activity of catching the worms is known as 'timba laor' by the locals Pamungkas The entire species composition of wawo from the present collections, comprising 5 families and 25 species, has been listed by Pamungkas ; there are similar numbers of species of Eunicidae and Nereididae, but wawo is dominated in mass by the larger-bodied eunicids.

The only previous taxonomic studies of Ambonese wawo are those of Horst in English, in Dutch and Martens et al. Ceratonereis singularis australis, Neanthes unifasciata and Perinereis nigropuncata Table 2. In the present study, six species of Nereididae were identified in the collections of Hoedt and nine species in the recent collections Table 2; also Pamungkas The Hoedt in event Analy Ambon sex are all now in one jar Fig.

Multispecies, or mass, spawning of different invertebrate species is well known for coral reef systems; however, incidences involving polychaetes are poorly documented.

In this study we report on mass swarming, prior to spawning, of Nereididae at Ambon Island, Maluku, on three occasions:


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