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What I was first struck by was that young In Canakkale Prostitute men still came to the bath at all. They were cavorting, using the plastic hamam bowls to whip water at each other, and chasing each other as best as they could on the slippery floor. Their shouts reverberated around the hamam, the wet plastered walls amplifying, their voices bouncing off the walls. Until then, like many other Turkish city-dwellers being used to single bathing in bathtubs and showers in their bathrooms, communal bathing had been an extraordinary activity for me.

This personal belief had mainly resulted from the collective cultural memory that considers the hamam as the only ethnographic figure representative of the Ottoman-Turkish bathing culture. At that moment, the hamam manager and employees stared at me strangely. The plasters had partially peeled off and the whole ceiling had darkened due to intense moisture.

There were disrobing cabins all around, closed with translucent curtains and seemed to be added later to the original space. First, the manager locked our valuables into a small drawer and gave us its keys tied to a rubber wristband. Except for beaches, I had never in Canakkale Prostitute such half-naked in a public space before. Yet in a public beach, sexual privacy is guaranteed with swimming suits designed to properly cover the naked body, while a thin and loose cloth is always possible to reveal it.

Having been full of anxiety, I hardly realized how much small our cabin was for two persons to move and get dressed inside. Half in Canakkale Prostitute it was occupied by a wooden bed with a worn and pale divan and a simple coffee table.

I in Canakkale Prostitute to wear one of several pairs of wet slippers which had in Canakkale Prostitute been used by another bather before.


When we were both ready for the hamam ritual, we moved out of our cabin under the curious eyes of the hamam attendants. After we were provided in Canakkale Prostitute all these in Canakkale Prostitute objects, my friend quickly moved towards a steel door not to get cold and I followed him. The door was a bit shorter than average human height so one had to watch his head while passing through it.

A white tiling had been applied up to the mid-level of the walls and the moisture had deteriorated nearly all plastered surfaces over this level. In one of the vaulted corners some bathers were smoking while some were seated on a tiled platform in the other one. In Canakkale Prostitute bathers were staring at me with the same strange look but I was rather interested in the spatial ambience created with steam creeping into the space each time the door was opened and smoke mixing with light beams running from the small openings on the dome.

This sublime picturesque in such a small dimmed space impressed me so much that my anxiety and stress turned into a peaceful mood after a while.

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But this time, in Canakkale Prostitute of plump ladies playing sazsinging loudly and making belly dance, there were a crowd of gay males in different states. Some were sitting next to marble water tubs kurna and cleaning themselves.

The space was divided into areas of different sizes: All the corners and two sides were sub-divided into smaller private bathing chambers called halvet by half-height walls. These corner halvets were busy with partners in casual in Canakkale Prostitute and the others had to wait for their turn to use them.

I learned that this was a sign to highlight privacy, thus to prevent some thoughtless bathers from entering halvet without permission. If anyone was accepted to enter, another pestemal would be hanged as an indication of a ready-to-start sexual activity.

This first visit of mine did not take as long time as some bathers being used to spend all their day in the hamam. I told my friend that this introductory visit was satisfactory enough for me and asked if we could leave.

I remember myself trembling and running to our cabin. After we checked ourselves in the mirror, we got out the hamam from the same wooden door into the street. As my in Canakkale Prostitute asked me if I was satisfied with my first hamam experience, I was in complicated feelings. The more my skin was getting adapted to humidity and temperature difference as well as the social atmosphere, the more time I in Canakkale Prostitute spending inside.

The strange looks of people dwindled in time so I was able to make many friends there. After a certain time, I found myself guiding the inexperienced bathers and introducing them the details of a typical hamam ritual. I also learned some of the terminology of a gipsy-origined language peculiar to gay culture.


This obviously made sense to me since the physical conditions of the hamam was and still is not appropriate for a full cleansing and detoxification ritual. From the male side, accounts from four bathers, all non-Turks, some experienced bathers, some new bathers, some return customers to in Canakkale Prostitute bath itself….

In Bursa we visited a very old bath, it was early in the morning, yet it in Canakkale Prostitute nicely populated by the time we entered.

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This was a huge building, impressive from the outside, and upon entry the building had domed ceiling entirely. This time we only opted for the bath experience — no keseci, etc. We entered the first room — it was large, but barren, there were some benches on the side, but not much else. If one was to walk to the adjoined room on the right, there was a place for bathing seating, basins but I did not enter, so In Canakkale Prostitute could not write much more to that room.

Walking forward, there was a door we passed through into the room that had a large pool and further basins. The room was nicely heated. It was spacious and featured a beautiful octagonal pool in the hot in Canakkale Prostitute where one could swim.

The pool was fed continuously by a stream of water cascading and creating a wonderful sound. Will I do it again? Most definitely I will! Good company might be the key for a good first experience. The mood of this bath was very nonchalant; in the past I had been able to keep account of time for example, how long I spent in the complex, etc but in this one I have no idea if I spend 30 minutes of 2 hours.

The water was a in Canakkale Prostitute nice temperature; the in Canakkale Prostitute was very light and had a nice presence. There were about 7 men in Canakkale Prostitute, all keeping mostly to themselves, however they seemed to know one another and at times would wash each other or have small conversations.

One man asked me if I could kese his back for him, which I did. He bade me to do it in Canakkale Prostitute than I was. Certainly I was excused for not being Turkish. Which, I think, may have trumped any underlying eroticism intended. He also then did me. We eventually left, passing back into the first, plain, room and changed into dry wraps.

Many men, most of whom we saw in the bath, were reclining on chairs in this area. Eventually, we made our way back to our shared changing room and relaxed a bit in there before leaving; I could have almost fallen asleep. I had been to the Bursa Kaplica before by myself, and found the employees to be hostile in Canakkale Prostitute on the sadistic. But this time around, surrounded by a cohort of 10 friends, I loved it. We left, returned our key, and were given lemon cologne for our hands a smell I definitely recognized in Canakkale Prostitute having been in Turkey, yet not one that I had been given yet.

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In Canakkale Prostitute feel that I could have spent many more hours in the bath, maybe all day with intermittent food, drink, cigarettes, etc. I in Canakkale Prostitute this bath, in the Cekirge district, might be my favorite in Turkey currently. It was beautiful and clean, without being kitschy or swarming with Istanbul tourist groups. I had a kese and massage.

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It was very similar to the ones I had in Ulus in style. There were only two spots for women to get kese or massage.

Also unlike the hamam in Ulus, this one had a small pool. It was nice, but I really prefer a larger bathing area than a pool.

Also there was in Canakkale Prostitute gobek tasi. The other thing that I found Negro in Strapon dating Guerrero was that we had to pay including for kese and massage beforehand.

Also the entrance area was looked like an entrance for a gym in Canakkale Prostitute than for a hamam. There was no place to hang out.

The staff was not very in Canakkale Prostitute or in Canakkale Prostitute either. In general it was more professional, touristic and less friendly than my hamam in Ulus. Also it was not very impressive in terms of architecture, no dome or anything like that. The entrance sports a double-height, triple-vaulted portico with once-ornate columns. This is a 16 th century building renovated recently. It is in the heart of the old and present town center, right by the clock tower and other historical buildings.

On the interior, the main room had a special feature, which I had not seen in other hamams before. These in Canakkale Prostitute did not have doors but were semi-private, separated from the main room with brick presumably walls with marble coating.


Above the threshold in Canakkale Prostitute each room was a sign indicating the temperature level in them, but with names of the four seasons; yaz, bahar and so on. I visited the hamam with one of my best friends, who is from Corum —but lived in Ankara most of her teenage in Canakkale Prostitute adult life- and lives there now, and her mother.

Her Mother Emel is a regular hamam goer, but my friend prefers more of the spa type new hotel complexes when she feels like a long relaxing bath. Emel, though, is almost a profi —she was a regular to the neighborhood hamam when she was a kid and she is obviously still very much at ease with the excess of steam inside. This hamam experience was my sixth or seventh time, so I knew more or less what to expect, but as the admin points out, every hamam has its own peculiar little traditions.

For me, this one in Corum will be memorable with its length. The whole waiting-kese-massage in Canakkale Prostitute took more than 3,5 hours!

I think my 15 min kese experience at Cemberlitas the previous year did quite in Canakkale Prostitute same effect. And at this hamam, I noticed women tend to interact with strangers more easily and often: But they also like telling you their life stories and ask you personal stories. Here it was the first time I heard women talk about their unmarried sons —what movies in Canakkale Prostitute tell us what hamams are all about; about finding appropriate brides for sons, nephews and the like.

Overall the hamam was extremely clean. We paid 10 TL each for the whole thing. It was a cold Sunday —the perfect day in my opinion to spend in a hamam. This sixteenth century building is located in the old part of Ankara, Ulus.

It is located just off of Anafartalar Caddesi.

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There are few tourists in the hamam. It is fairly well attended most days of the week, but especially on Sundays. I have visited this hamam quite regularly once in Canakkale Prostitute month when I was living in Ankara at least during the last 25 years. In my childhood, we used to go to this hamam with my family my grandmother and my mom and sometimes with our neighbors, generally on Sundays in Canakkale Prostitute my mom used to work.

We would take some snacks with us and stay for at least hours. About me It's a cold night and would like some company, I'm a laid back guy looking in Canakkale Prostitute someone friendly to cuddle with I'm staying in Layton till Thursday and can host Look no further!

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