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Noname 6ft tall, Hottie was the most beautiful woman that I have ever been with and I could not cum! I wish I had a camera to get the perplexed and disappointed look on her face on film. I told her that I would still pay her the Euros because we went way over the half hour and because she tried so hard. She thanked me but wanted to know if there was something wrong with her. I could have talked to her about her BJ technique, but I think that saying something might have shattered her right then and there.

She had truly invested herself in wanting to make me cum. We went down to the locker room, made out a little in there and in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women suggested that we go back to the room and finish without additional charge! She was Tetovo phones in Horny ladies a mission! All day today, I have been thinking about her and I have a good mind to go back there before I leave Germany to give her a load in her mouth just to show her that it was truly me and not her.

So what in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women her name? I have no idea. But she is the tallest woman there and the Hottest in a girl next door way and is easy to spot. I think that I am now addicted to FKKs. Arrived yesterday at about At the entrance nice girl, gave me the usual description about the club and also informed that 35 girls are present.

Inside you find a big room with bar swimming pool, Sauna and whirlpool and staircase to the rooms. The ratio seemed to me about 1: You always had the chance to sit together with girls and start some conversation.

First sessioned with Maria from Hungaria, 24 y. Speaks some german but not too good. First talked with her a bit on the sofa until we started kissing and caressing. I told her that I like when woman can also come.

We continued caressing and talking a bit but than finished the session. I told her that this fine with me, so I am keeping one shot for the evening, still Sweden Bbw wives in liked to be with her and after paying 50E we separated.

We talked for some while on the sofa than went in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women the room. She wanted to come first, and after some time I really could feel her shuddering orgasm. I extended the session with her Bahrain in Hot bitch 1 h and she really performed well, using her pussy and her breast to give a massage to my member, finished on her breasts.

Payed her E, than she asked me to eat something together with her, which agreed. As there is no food in the club we ordered something from outside.

During the time we were waiting for the food we cuddled on the sofa than we took our food and separated with some kisses. Than sessioned with Cecil from Poland, about 26 y estimationvery good body, b-cups, long blond hair, german not so good.

Also with her I talked some while on the sofa before we started DFK and caressing. I also asked her to try to come, and I had the feeling she tried but after some time gave up, and told me that its difficult for her when its so late. I understand that and really appreciated her effort. In Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women the end she in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women me off with a handjob, which was fine. As my tank was empty I also finished the evening and left. Just before I went out I have been talking with Anastasia from Ukrain, a nice very young blond slim girl.

She wanted me to come with her as it in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women her last day in in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women club, but I told her I am too tired and left. Maybe I missed something!!! A nice club to come again, very clean, good girls, management seems to be strict and clear with the girls as I have been told. Good to visit again. Second visit at Colo excactly 1 week after in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women first one. This time arrived at When entering the clubroom I saw only really only men sitting on the sofa and bar, not one single girl, I was looking araound and thought I am in the wrong place.

Fortunately after getting a drink and sitting there on the middle sofa, girls came down from the rooms one after the other, and it was clear no problem with to less girls, just a bad moment. After some girls were again sitting there and waiting for their next customer I went to sit with Ramona. Ramona a very slim girl with less then A-cups, in Private Bahrain fucking Germany a place close to Augsburg looked like a 14 years old in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women, but in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women is very experienced, with not too long brown-blond hair.

After talking for a while feeling whether there is no negative chemistry and checking up the services she offers we went to the room. Starting with intensive In Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women although she told me before with a smile that she dont like to kiss man with beardthan DATY for some while. I told her I would like to make her come as this is what really turns me on, but she answered that this will be very hard, she needs a lot of time for that.

After cleaning we were chatting for a while and she told me all kind of things about her privat life. I saw her behind the bar self servicing herself, I asked her to also give me some water and she helped me with a smile. Of course than we went to a sofa together and started talking. Naomi, she really looks a little bit like the real Naomi, just not so dark. She comes from Cologne, but originally her parents are from Tunesia and France.

Naomi really is a stunner slim body very nice batural B-cups, long brown-blond hair and a nice face 26 years. We were talking for a while, as I am always a bit afraid about the service of such beauties, but she was great, open minded, straight forward and with good sense of humor.

But ok when you know that its no problem. Several positions and finishing after 40 min heavy sex. In Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women cleaning chatting with her for another 20 min or so, she asked me whether I would like to do it again, but In Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women needed a break, so we finished after about min. When I came back to the club I met Rebecca in the dressing room when she got her payment from another man.

She saw me and we greeted each other with nice kisses. It really is fun when you come to a club and this girls regognize you and you see in their eyes that there is a positive memory. She told me that she first want to eat something and than we should meet inside. I in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women into the main room again and were sitting close to another girl. I wanted to wait for Rebecca, but after sarting to talk with her she came closer, you feel the skin, look into her eyes, see her smile I was not able to resist.

This was Chantal from Finsterwalde close to Cottbus, 23 years old german girl about 1,55m natural c-cups, Piercing in her lip and on her tongue, middle long brown hair. She is not such a stunner but her smile and attitude is just beautiful. Than doggy, and side in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women and soon I was shooting my load as I felt that she also was coming again.

She was smiling and In Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women sinaled to her that now I will wait. So I did on the sofa close to the stairs. After 20 min she again came down, a man in front of her not looking so happy. She saw me and in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women me that she will Frankfurtammain pussy in Wheeling wife back in a few minutes.

When she came we started cuddling and talking and it really was beautiful, like meeting an old girlfriend, and I in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women had met her one week ago in the same club the first time, but when the chemistry is ok than everything is possible. After some time I told her that I dont know whether I can still have sex with her, but she just took my hand and told me to come with her.

In the room we continued talking, kissing and cuddling and than she asked me to service her. This really was fun after 10 min, she climaxed in a strong way. Now I also was hard like a rock, she put the rubber and we continued in my favorite side position. Again after some time of hard body movements, I shooted my load and she told me that she came again. She asked me now she wants to sleep a bit in my arms, but this is not possible in the club in the evening when all rooms are permanently in use.

We stayed in the room for some more time talking about her private life and what her plans are. She asked me about some advise to plan her future and I tried to help her as good as possible with the knowledge I have.

As it was getting a bit too cold in the room she asked me go to the Sauna, which we did, and after that we were sitting on one of the sofas and just chatting. So at the end I was together with her for about 2,5 very relaxing hours, but the damage was only E. As I was tired, we went to the change room, because she wanted to see in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women in my suit with tie and white shirt. Than she gave me her mobil number and we separated with some more kisses at 1: I like this club more and more, the management seems to be very good and strict, all girls I met up to now know what they have to do and they also know that its not good for them when customer will complain about them.

In mid-June I visited the Colosseum in Augsburg for the first time. Although my visit was a short one, I had a nice time and will certainly return. I found the Colosseum easily enough using the directions on their website. I couldn't find any hotels nearby, but someone at a nearby hofbrau haus finally directed me to a hotel not too far away.

After resting and cleaning up I made my way back to the club. When I entered, the desk clerk asked me if I had been there before, and when I said no the only information she gave me was the price: She then handed me a in Kismaayo Prostitute in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women some sandals and sent me to the dressing room.

No offer to show me around or any description of the facilities. When I got to the dressing room I had the nice surprise of seeing some of the girls in the dressing room with some of the clients. At the Colosseum they have lockers, but no small safes in a different in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women like at Oase in Frankfurt. So you need to return to your locker to retrieve money to pay after a session, and seeing the naked girls comingling with the clients in the dressing room was very nice for me.

It gave me a feeling of casualness and a bit of violating a taboo that pleased me. After I showered I walked into the main room, which I found to be a bit overwhelming in size. I started exploring the place trying to find out what facilities they have, in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women where things are located.

In short order I approached a pretty young blonde girl, Laura from Poland, and asked her to help me out. She didn't really give me a tour, but asked if I wanted some company. I said yes, that I wanted to learn about the facilities and that I would be happy to talk to her about it. The culture seems to be that the clients approach the girls, in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women the other way around. She led me to a spot on one of the couches which do seem in short supply and oddly configured and began to talk to me and to touch me.

When she started to kiss me I was hooked. Her kissing was erotic and parts of me were soon standing at attention. When she asked me if I wanted to go up to the rooms, I gave an enthusiastic yes. We climbed the stairs to the rooms, found an empty room and Leon in Xxx fucking had me go in and then in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women somewhere for a couple of minutes before she joined me.

She asked me what I wanted to do, and I said that In Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women wanted to continue our kissing and then let things develop. Despite being tired from the long drive, I found this to be one of my best FKK experiences. Laura has a sweet personality that morphs into a very sexy companion as the session progresses. She has perfect if small breasts with nipples that stand out, a very shapely ass and a flat stomach. I estimate that she is years old, and her skin, tits, ass, legs, feet and complexion attest to her youth.

I think Liepaja Singles sex party in was on the menu: At one point she sat back and began masturbating while looking into my eyes: I did have some trouble finishing with the condom on because of being tired.

She asked if I wanted to cum in her mouth. She mentioned again that it would involve a 50 E surcharge. That's how we finished with her excellent technique turning the tide. My rating for Laura would be a perfect I hope she is available the next time I visit Augsburg. Walking the stairs down from the rooms is a bit surreal.

It feels like you are making an entry into a grand ballroom, with all eyes on you. Although perhaps that was my imagination. I never visited the cinema or any of the other facilities. in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women


Laura came to the dressing room with me giving me another slight thrillkissed me goodbye after I paid her, and bounced back into the main room. I went to colosseum my first time last week Friday. The place was easy to find, well organised and very clean. I have been to Frankfurt big clubs and to my opinion this is the same level. Went in about 5. Many real stunners vere available all the time, had really hard time to make a desicion.

She really made me understand what is the meaning of french kissing, this deep kisses I never had before I think. Awesame blowjob, plenty of playing with our bodies, then fucking in the multiple positions. Only minus was a lubricant used, this I dont like. Then Gloria from Valencia Spain, a small girl with beautyful very Cartago Horny women in curly hair.

BBBJ very nice, not in the quite as good as Adrianas but still very nice. She used lubricant as well but she was so tight that it did not really matter maybe I just could not get them wet enough during the foreplay. She really moved her ass in an interesting way when we fucked.

In Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women was no food so I ordered a pizza, I think it is even better to order from the menu and pay a little than to eat from a poor buffet that some clubs offer. After my pizza had I left. Came back the following day at 2 pm when they opened, was excited if there is any nice girls at that hour, suprice, the lineup was even better I think it was the same but since I was the first client all of them were present.

Choose Kristy from Dominiq Rebublik, she is in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women, perfect body in my in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women, long legs, b breasts We did 69 for long time, fantastic.

Fucking in many positions finished in the doggy, perhaps the best paid sex ever! With her I would definetely break my promise not repeat. I was going to leave but I have to have another session to get her out of my mind, had it with Hungarian Maria, very nice, passionate session but, GFE and all but I was thinking Kristy all the time.

I will come back to Colosseum when ever in South In Mariehamn singing Girl. After reading some reports on this forum I was really inspired of going to Colosseum in Augsburg. In fact I drove from Frankfurt to Augsburg just for this club.

I thought I remembered from Google Maps that the ride is only km but when I was in my car and entered the street into my GPS I found it to be km. It will be a quick hour easy drive on the Autobahn". It turned out there was road works going on just about everywhere from Frankfurt to Augsburg. Took me almost 6 hours to drive. If some In Woman adult Algeria date officials with responsibility of the road constructions is reading this forum I in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women ask you to please let a sex tourist drive on the Autobahn for at least 10 minutes without a construction work.

Checked into a hotel not far from Colosseum. Thanks to this forum I knew that no food would be served at Colosseum so I had some food before I arrived at the club at about I was welcomed at the reception and just like In Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women reported I was not offered a tour of the place. I took a shower and entered the main room.

Wow, lots of great looking girls sitting and walking around. Everyone completely naked, not a single woman trying to cover up some body parts! Most girls were slim, tall, perfectly fit, shaved and seemed to enjoy what they were doing.

And a very nice detail is the lighting of this place. It is so good lighting that you actually get a good look in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women the girls.


The club felt just as good as I had thought it would be from reading reports on the Internet and visiting the clubs web in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women. I walked around to check the place out. I think everything about this clubs facilities have been reported already. Basically except from the locker room and the big main room there is one sauna, a whirlpool, a small outdoor area with a few sun chairs and some dining tables.

The facilities made me wonder if I would enjoy the whole night here, I started a bit to feel that I should have stayed in Frankfurt anyway. Much more to do between sessions in Frankfurt. But I was wrong, between the sessions I really enjoyed laying in one of the couches and just looking at all the great looking women walking around totally naked.

I wish they put a video camera to this place and started to broadcast on xxx in La Cruz Webcam Internet. I would pay a lot to watch this daily: At this club the women don't approach the customers so you can really enjoy just laying down and watching, very nice.

All very beautiful and relaxed. I felt no stress and they took very good care of me, not a single attempt to up sell. The rooms upstairs have also very good lighting so you can see the lovely girl in action.

I left the club at about When I woke up the next day I almost considered staying in Augsburg for in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women night to be able to visit again, but the great outdoor facilities of Oase made me head back to Frankfurt.

I think Colosseum does not have enough to stay a in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women day just relaxing as Oase has. But I am still dreaming of Colosseum and the naked girls. The ride back to Frankfurt was not as bad but still around 5 hours.

Was it worth it? Yes, I in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women so but I can't say I would recommend anyone to make the extremely tough ride from Frankfurt only for this club. In Frankfurt there are so many great options. Maybe if the road works get finished after the summer it will get better. What in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women prefect combination that would be, a few days in the wonderful city of Munich and spend the nights at Colosseum.

If business won't take me to Munich this autumn I may very well plan a personal in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women vacation here.

Great report but not very useful without names. Thank you very much Jackyo but I'm sorry to say I always have a very hard time remembering the names of the girls.

I will try to do this better during my next visit. But it's not easy for a non native English speaker to keep up with the extremely high level of your senior members reporting. Anyway here is a little bit more detailed description on the girls. Damn, I can't even remember the color of the girls hair.

Anyway her body and face was very good looking and she was very nice to talk to. Very nice girl, easy to talk to. I have no idea in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women old she is girls Gdansk Fuck in just a qualified guess. This girl has nothing in common with in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women young Romanian teens in Frankfurt so don't judge her for being from Romania.

Again very nice and easy to talk to. After the session she relaxed with me in the bed and had a smoke. Very nice, wish she was my girlfriend. All girls did BBBJ and normal sex. I didn't ask any of them for extra services. Don't know if this no-name list can be of use to anyone, but I'm afraid it's the best I can do. None of the girls that I spoke to in this club had any problems whatsoever speaking English. Only the bar ladies at this club was not comfortable speaking English.

But that's no problem for me. I can order a mineral water in German if I have to. Is this club of the same caliber as those in the NRW and Hessen regions?

Last week 42 girls were present, all top range for looks and service, according to reports on IJsberenforum. After one visit to this club last week I would say, comparing to Oase during the same week, that the girls are just as good looking or better. Speaking of the service that the girls provide I would in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women that the normal standard session in Augsburg is of higher quality than Oase.

But keep in mind I've only been to Augsburg one time. It's not enough to make some final judgements. It seems like not so many tourists visit Augsburg and maybe that's why the girls in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women harder because they know a lot of in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women customers will come back to the club and repeat.

Not so much to do between sessions if you don't like to watch totally naked girls in good lighting. Babylon and Wiago are owned by Turks? So is FKK 39?? Funny the girl at 39 said that usually only admit German guests. Is Colloseum that good that its worth it just in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women go to Munich?

The question always is what does it mean better. For some location is impoartant, for other only service for other the combination etc etc. My understanding is that the owner of F39 is also the owner of Artemis in Berlin. Artemis's ownership is Turkish. Whether it's the same Turk s as others I don't know. Colosseum's up there with the best in my opinion.

Good lookers and high standard service mostly. And the lighting is very good. If I am in Munich I will normally travel to Augsburg for the evening. Only disadvantage is no food, although you can order but pay for delivery from outside.

And the Kino's not up to much. Those clubs were at one time the best there was in terms of selection. Lately, they've gone downhill and have not been worthwhile visiting. I've been hoping against hope that the situation will change but there are no signs of a resurgence. Wiago is undergoing a renovation which has been very disruptive.

Last time I was at Babylon, a chick ran up the clock on me and billed me for a double session. I didn't contest it but I get in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women pissed off about these things. Yeah but its kind of strange that a club owned by a Turk Serbia in Webcam xxx 39 has a discriminatory door policy.

Local lady want fuck!

Another poster didn't say too many good things about Colloseum on another board. Anyway I am the type who goes to several clubs and then finds one that I consider a favorite. My favorite is Cocoon and most of the women and staff recognize me each time I visit. I prefer clubs with Eastern European staff, I used to have a thing for Turkish women but no more. Russians and Ukrainian women are superior in terms of looks and service.

It's good to know that Colloseeum still gets good reports. I ended up there some years ago quite by chance and was really impressed. Like others have said, I specially like the good attitude and the lighting, I don't mind the "only" room, quite the contrary, I like to observe everything from one single spot, it helps to make one's in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women. I have mot been able back since, and would like to try again.

I do connect quite often at Muncich airport in my travels, how long ,would I need to in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women there and back, and stay say about 4 hours?

Women fuckable Tuquerres and Fit in how to get there?

Any help welcome, thanks. You can get there within the hour by train from Munich main station incl. And the trains are very regular. You will have to change trains once, either at main station Hauptbahnhof or Passing.

Be careful to check the trains after midnight if you're going back. Die Bahn AG has a website you can google. Print off the possibilities and little can go wrong. I rented a car from the airport, took me a little longer than an hour with a traffic jam of Friday evening, very easy and convinient. By car its about 85 km. This means when you go during rush hour it may take hours to get there or even longer if there are traffic jams. During daytime it took me about 45 min.

Thnanks, all in all, it looks in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women 8 hours are needed. Ill need to find a credible way to miss my connection If I get a cab to there, how much would I in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women Can I get there by any other public transportation means bus, tram etc.

Good luck, Hunter I've Bayghanin Sluts in the direct drive from airport to Augsburg times at different times of the day- unless there's some unusual stau, it shouldn't take more than minutes at any hour, as you skirt on the northern edges, avoiding the city entrance.

Take the A92 directly onto the A99, avoiding the traffic-plagued A9 which is the main carrier highway into the city, and then switch onto the A8 all the way to Augsburg.

The onlly real problemmatic stretch is at the juncture of the A99 and A8, but that usually dissipates quickly. Popp masterYes, you can. In Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women takes 18 Haapsalu in Hot fucks from main station. You have to change from tram 4 to bus I will be driving to Augsburg on Monday and could collect a fellow mongerer from MUC airport if this helps anyone. Directions were perfect and I arrived 30 mins before they opened.

Went for a quick sandwich and when I returned the car park was full. From the outside Colosseum is an interesting building in a modern industrial style. Inside it is quite amazing and purpose built. On entering was informed that 26 girls were present this appears to be the standard number quoted. Then entered the changing room and found it as busy as a railway station! Alarm bells started to ring. Showered and entered the club.

Decided to have a good look around and then headed for the bar. At this time there were in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women 10 gents around the bar area and only 2 free ladies lounging on the raised couches.

Despite warnings from this board, I decided to strike quickly and found that the only ladies available were both from Romania. Both thin, phone Kimhyonggwon Facetime sex in not so young and one younger. Started talking to Mica to find that she speaks only limited German, no English. So conversation was rather short and down to business.

So in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women the stairs and into one of the many, functional rooms. Service from Mica was rather mechanical.

BBBJ was ok, her version of cowgirl left a lot to be desired. Decided for CIM and for some reason she thought that I had finished.

Little confusion then managed to clarify matters and enjoy a good O through her lips. Service continued to be very mechanical, the wipe down, her having a mouth wash and then informed it was time to leave.

Down to the changing room, payment, kiss on cheek and bye bye. After my first rush into action, I decided to take the advice of WSG members and lay down close to the whirlpool to get a good view of all the action. Was able to identify 3 girls who would be acceptable for the 2nd session.

However then noticed that the ration was many more mongerers that ladies. Started to get concerned and moved to the bar.

Sexy pussy Crossville

There were now more than 20 gents around the bar and at the tables nearby. As the girls re-emerged they were very quickly snapped up and we could see eager mongerers now almost lining up by the door where the girls emerged. Followed one of the girls on my list and wandered towards the door where I expected her to emerge. However beaten to it but in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women very eager colleague and 2 minutes later she was up the stair for the next pounding.

Stayed around the bar for the next 30 minutes and the situation now appeared to become rather desperate with the girls not even having time for a drink before the next session. Somehow this was not what I had expected and disappointment set in.

I wanted a relaxed and enjoyable time with a selection of ladies, now it was becoming a race to catch the chicks as they emerged. After a further 30 minutes of frustration decided to call it a day and left. So end result a most disappointing foray into the wonderful world of German FKK.

However back to Moscow soon, life will continue. I am not trying to make any complaints, as this in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women my first experience. Maybe it is always so busy or just on Thursdays, when it rains!

Sharalumi, This has in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women been a problem when I visited. There were always plenty of girls around. BTW, if this happens again, follow the girl you want to hook up in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women inside the locker room. Then, right after she is paid, ask her if she would like to session with you next.

If she agrees, tell her that you will wait at the bar or wherever until she is done with her shower. Bingo, you got a date. Thanks for the report Sharalumi. Bingo, you got a date Oh dear, how long did it take me to work that one out? And here is Euro giving it away free on ISG.

But for God's sake, don't put it onto the German forums, OK? Thanks for the tip Euro, I will certainly try this next time. I was there last Thursday arrived at I use the same handle on the RF as I do here, but I hardly ever post there.

Your secret is safe with me Colosseum is one of those clubs where there is a lot of action right after the doors open the same thing happens at others, Finca comes to mind. I've actually been in a queue at up Fort-Liberte girl Hook with in This probably happened to Sharalumi last Thursday. Decisions, decisions - will it be St. Yesterday i started a trip to Colosseum by train and bus.

It works, but it isn't comfortable. First I fucked Amanda.

Girls from Germany

She has a beautiful tattoo over her pussy and she wears golden boots. You can see her on the website: In Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women does french kisses, CIM and you can lick her pussy very deep. Nurse needed for pleasurable procedure. Senior looking horny fucking Annapolis Thicker than a snicker tastier than a treat. Who wants to play with 4 girls w4m I am ready to play today. I am a curvy redhead.

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I look forward to hearing from you and most importantly I look forward to giving you the best mind blowing experience you want!! Visiting alone at friends 4 u. Looking for New Friends. Swinger fr is hunting. Profiles on this site have been in Augsburg Unsatisfied sexy women to sites with the purposes of finding someone for dating, casual sex, or a relationship. Some of these profiles may not be registered users and may be for illustrative purposes only.

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