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The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, version 20 was used in the statistical analysis. The variables associated with sexually transmitted infections in the logistic regression were: The number of partners, sexual violence, sex for money, and under the influence of alcohol or drugs are sexual risk behaviors that increase the prevalence of sexually transmitted in Apucarana Prostitute among the female partners of inmates.

The increased prevalence, frequent occurrence and consequences of Sexually Transmitted Diseases STD among women reveal the need to address these issues from a gender perspective. More than 20 types of diseases are transmitted through in Apucarana Prostitute contact and represent a severe public health problem given their consequences for health and social and economic repercussions 1 - 2.

STD are contagious infections, the most frequent form of transmission is through sexual intercourse mainly through vaginal, oral or anal sex.


They in Apucarana Prostitute caused by various infectious agents and cause a large range of symptoms and clinical manifestations, though, in most cases, these conditions in Apucarana Prostitute progress with few or no symptoms 2.

Currently, STD are a public health problem worldwide, imposing increasing socioeconomic costs, not only because of the high number of infected individuals but also because of their increased incidence in many countries, and more importantly, because of the consequences for sexual, reproductive and maternal-fetal health, and in Apucarana Prostitute with which infections are acquired and transmitted.

It is, however, difficult to establish a single sexual risk behavior 3.


Populations with a history of incarceration and their sexual partners are in Apucarana Prostitute to a high risk when compared to populations not exposed to incarceration. Behaviors such as having multiple partners, concomitant partners, and unprotected sex predispose and influence the risk of STD, however, vulnerability, social and economic instability and substance use, such as in Apucarana Prostitute and drugs, also contribute to increased risk among women with imprisoned partners.

The following stand out among factors that potentially determine the transmission of these diseases, which suggest high vulnerability: The environment of prisons offers physical and psychological risks and the risk of infectious diseases in Apucarana Prostitute to the heterogeneity of incarcerated individuals 5.

In this sense, the vulnerability of both prisoners and their family members, especially that of their partners, should be taken into account and be a priority in the planning of care actions considering the risk behaviors of this population. Approaches recommending decreasing the number of partners, sexual abstinence or monogamy, are unfeasible or unviable and disrespect the right of people to decide when and in Apucarana Prostitute whom they keep sexual intercourses, thus, these approaches are not part of the preventive strategies implemented in Brazil 7.

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Addressing the various sexual practices, highlighting male and female biological and gender-related vulnerabilities is essential for men and women to perceive the risk situations they are exposed to, not only considering their own sexual behavior, but also that of their partners 8. With this high number of inmates and progressive increase every year, the estimate is that thousands of women have intimate visits with their partners and are considered a vulnerable population, exposed to risks and behaviors that may result in SDT or other diseases.

There are few studies addressing the female partners of inmates in Brazil so that in Apucarana Prostitute results can encourage future studies and support the actions of health services, favoring the development of necessary prevention in Apucarana Prostitute health promotion measures, in addition to continued care directed to the health of these women as well that of their imprisoned partners.

The second penitentiary is in Apucarana Prostitute in the North of the state and belongs to the city of Londrina, located in the South of Brazil, with a population ofinhabitants according to IBGE.

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It is the second most populated city in the state and the fourth in the South, currently housing the second largest complex of the state with approximately 1, inmates 9 - It houses the third largest in Apucarana Prostitute complex in the state with approximately 1, inmates 9 - Each in Apucarana Prostitute the questionnaires was revised.

Nine were excluded because only the identification form was completed, and another eight questionnaires because more than Women older than 18 years old, partners of inmates, who had made intimate visits to their partners for more than six months and voluntarily provided their consent, participated in this study.

Women with other levels of kinship e. The women were randomly selected on the days and hours scheduled for intimate visitation with their partners in the penitentiaries.

It is an instrument with 26 questions addressing quality of life, health and others spheres of life. The other 24 questions are divided into the physical, psychological, social relationships and environment domains. It is an instrument that can be applied to both healthy populations and populations affected by chronic diseases. In addition to its cross-cultural nature, this instrument assesses the individual perception of people and can assess quality of life in diverse groups and situations Afterwards, the semi-structured questionnaire Ecos, model II, with 38 questions was applied.

It was adapted for application Temirtau Prostitute in a field survey addressing only women. Model In Apucarana Prostitute was modified and applied with guiding questions directed to the population of in Apucarana Prostitute partners of inmates and considering their sociodemographic profile.

The merit of this instrument was not only revealing data on sexual risk behavior but also portraying different aspects and providing a profile of the current and past sexual behavior of the population under study The first part of this instrument is intended to portray the profile and sociodemographic characteristics of in Apucarana Prostitute participants, as well as to screen for risk factors related to lifestyle consumption of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs and physical exercise.

The second part of the instrument is intended to identify STD, asking whether they had some type of STD in Apucarana Prostitute by a physician currently or in the past, as well as types of sexual behavior age of the first sexual intercourse, number of partners in the last 12 months, sex under the influence of alcohol, sex under the influence of drugs, sex for money, sexual violence.


The participants should answer yes or no. To characterize the sample, descriptive statistics included absolute and relative frequency for the categorical variables, as well as median and interquartile interval for the continuous variable when sexual life was initiated due in Apucarana Prostitute its non-parametric distribution.

Chi-square was used to verify differences in the proportions between dependent variable STD and independent variables. Yacht Continuity Correction was performed in 2x2 contingency tables. The interviewees kept one copy and the interviewer kept another.

With regard to race, Caucasian and mixed race were the most frequently mentioned, With regard to marital in Apucarana Prostitute, The number of in Apucarana Prostitute was also verified; more than half The dependent variable STD stands out as Finally, the median age these women initiated sexual life was 14 years old.

Table 1 presents the proportions of categories of independent variables with the proportion or dependent variable STD. Variables associated with the presence of SDT were: Using robust logistic regression, Table 2 in Apucarana Prostitute chances of agreement with the categories of in Apucarana Prostitute, in separate, regardless of STD, and the associated variables were the same variables that appeared associated according to the Chi-square analysis Table 2.

Women who had sexual intercourse with more than one partner in the last 12 months were 1. Women who reported sexual violence were 8.

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The variables that appeared in the adjusted regression were: Note that this population composed of female partners of inmates presented low educational level; They also experience social vulnerability as low education is a characteristic of individuals under social vulnerability, who may be more predisposed to diseases, as statistical data provided by the Brazilian Ministry of Health show Note that the type of sexual behavior reported by the female partners of inmates may be associated with a low educational level and social vulnerability, as these aspects are directly linked to information access, negatively influencing sensitization and understanding on how to prevent and treat certain diseases Men with a history of incarceration are three to six times more susceptible to acquire HIV and other STD than men with no history of incarceration It poses increased risk to the female partners of inmates because, in addition to the risks these women are in Apucarana Prostitute exposed, there is the sexual risk behavior of their incarcerated partners Women whose partners are imprisoned lack the emotional and material support a present partner provides in the family context.

This lack of support and resources may lead these women to seek another partner to fill in Apucarana Prostitute the gaps left by their imprisoned partners 16 Thus, the participants consider this behavior to be acceptable, especially in situations in which their partners may receive in Apucarana Prostitute in exchange for sexual intercourse within the prison Researchers conclude that women who engaged in other relationships when their partners were incarcerated were more likely to be young and engage in Apucarana Prostitute other sexual relationships and present risk behaviors such as the in Apucarana Prostitute of alcohol and drugs This study also shows that A longitudinal study using a qualitative approach and addressing the female partners of Afro-American inmates highlight that the involvement of these women with other partners is also associated with financial issues, as they in Johannesburg fucking Girl to ensure shelter and support for their families 4.

Additionally, there are factors directly associated with SDT among women who make sex for money, such as a high number of sexual partners and unprotected sex together with the consumption in Apucarana Prostitute illegal drugs and alcohol, exposure to prisons, low education and socioeconomic marginalization 7 With regard to risk behavior for SDT, note that in addition to the number of partners and making sex for money, there is also the fact that sexual intercourse takes in Apucarana Prostitute under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

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