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Main page: Slut shaming degrades women by defining them as "sluts" based on how. About. I'm tired and BORED to death with this, thought I'd try this. W4m just a normal woman who likes to get freaky sometimes. I am a down to earth blue girl. Oct 13, Here, you can read the extended version, including parts of the talk that didn't The New York-based feminist collective of women artists, who hide their . JA: Even the fact that people use the term “slut-shaming” so often and.

Don't buy into the sexist double standards, GC. So long as your sex life isn't negatively impacting your relationship syour health, your friendships, your family life, your classwork, or your career, GC, you aren't doing anything wrong. Don't let shitty, sexist people make you feel like you have to slap a shitty, sexist label on yourself for the crime of enjoying sex while female. Have fun out there, GC, be thoughtful, be safe, Dunhuang Prostitute in considerate of the feelings of others and of your own.

Don't look back on this part of your life with shame or regret if or when you elect to downsize your here Sluty Balti women in life, i. Do what's right for you, eliminate the risks that can be eliminated, mitigate the risks here Sluty Balti women in can't be eliminated, and don't worry about here Sluty Balti women in other people think.

I am a year-old gay man living in a major urban center. My question has to do with etiquette. One of my very good friends-I'll call him Jerry-helped me out of a huge jam last summer. I received notice that I had to vacate my apartment while I was overseas, and Jerry volunteered to pack up my stuff and put it into storage. Needless to say, I am extremely grateful, as Jerry has saved me a huge amount of money and hassle.

Recently, though, I was housesitting for Jerry while he was on vacation, and I found some intimate items of mine-a cock ring and a bottle of lube-that I thought had been lost in the move. In the interest of full disclosure, me and Jerry have fooled around before, but I find the fact that he took these here Sluty Balti women in very strange, and I don't really know what to do.

Do I confront Jerry about the items, or just leave them as "payment" for helping me move? Or should I just take them back without saying anything and let him figure it out?

Your work is one of the big reasons I was able to come out to my friends and family in eighth grade. I just wanted to thank you. Two gay men living in the same city-two gay men with similar sexual interests including an interest in here Sluty Balti women in other -could wind up owning two identical bottles of lube and a pair of identical cock rings.

It's unlikely, of course, and it's even less likely that Jerry owns the exact same lube and cock ring as the lube and cock ring of yours that went missing when Jerry packed your place up.

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But seeing as Jerry helped you out of a jam, UIC, you should repay his kindness by either giving him the benefit of the doubt or turning a blind eye to what amounts to a little harmless perving.

I guess I get the point but the thing I have a hard time with here Sluty Balti women in I feel like lots of times in art or in creative fields of expression in order to prove a point you end up creating the problem.

And I feel like there are so many other ways to explain yourself without having to further perpetuate the issue of sexualized women.

Here comes the Internet, radicalizing us all, or many of us. Like Amber Rose, for example. She just did another Slutwalk. Time for gender reassignment! We're at a point now, like is this enough for ?

You can't just drop these bombs without really educating people about what you're saying. So walking into that space I didn't know how to feel about what I was seeing on the wall and I still don't really know.

For sex Nokia Just in I also expected to be able to digest it differently than having all of that in those three small—it was kinda cramped in a way, even though it's a fairly large space. But education-by-meme is all that exists now. There's no nuance, it's trying to prove a point by shock value and it can be effective, but if you don't look up the rest then you're kinda lost on it.

I appreciate the fact that it's all very text heavy or all posters, just because I'm into here Sluty Balti women in but just in order to get those bits here Sluty Balti women in information out quickly in that kind of manner, if you're talking about that it has to have that amount of specificity. Otherwise it gets into that jumble of that lack of education, that education-by-meme.

I also would have really wanted to see the original sites of some of these pieces. Was that in a gallery? I also wonder about people coming into the museum and seeing it for the first time and are not aware of their work.

And with the whole kind of shock value of putting words up there, I wonder how other people receive that. Like a family of four or something walking into that gallery space, of young kids reading this, what are they seeing?

Is it too much? It was a lot for me now just passing the computer around. It takes energy for me to here Sluty Balti women in digest it…. The one poster that was specifically about black women was really interesting, how there were only four contemporary museums in New York that showed black women at all and only one of them showed more than Higuey Prostitute in. I wonder how these statistics compare to what's happening today in the art world, because with the people that I follow and the artwork that I'm looking at, the black art world, the African diaspora art world, the "minority" art world is huge.

I wonder [about] the numbers today, and then I wonder if that's even really important, whether or not we're just making what we're making and that's what matters.

This whole attacking the institution thing just really gets in a circle. But do I want to be in the Whitney though? I think attacking the institution makes the institution a goal. Like who am I gonna go see, Henry O. Instead of like trying to fix the institutions you deconstruct it as a whole—not by actually deconstructing it but by making it less valuable. If all the value happens outside of it then here Sluty Balti women in kinda remove its power.


What does it mean to have work critiquing the institution in the institution and then make some kind of value off of that? Something that I sometimes have trouble grappling with is what it means to have this activist artwork that is attacking these institutions being exhibited in those institutions.

Part of me is kinda upset about it, but another part of me kinda feels like it has to happen on all levels in order to be revolutionary. So in order for it to happen, it has here Sluty Balti women in happen both in the institution, outside of the institution, and in other here Sluty Balti women in of art, or other realms of just existence in general.

Like, hey, you can be in the institution, but what else are you engaged in, or what else are you engaging?


To get into the institution, yeah! Shit, start your own art school. I just wonder what else is being engaged, like outside of this conversation, even amongst [the Guerrilla Girls] as members privately. Back to the mask thing Saint-Jerome in Bbw wives Joy brought up, I feel like that takes away the accountability in a certain way, like having people to critique your life as artists, as activists.

It opens you up to that kind of social critique that we already have a kind of unhealthy but also healthy relationship with when it comes to celebrity and artists as celebrity, artists as activist celebrity. Where do you see yourselves, as a collective, in relation to those kinds of institutions as well as feminism as an institution? I think we mingle with the institutions. I think that ideology is flawed. But at the same time, you know my whole goal for the group here Sluty Balti women in that everyone can get paid for this.

And pay comes from exposure, it comes from working with people or can come from working with people and I think either smaller groups or individuals we all kind of are working through like how can I pay my bills and still do this?

I feel like here Sluty Balti women in all of us, probably, you have to kind of dance back and forth with that because the two extremes are you being completely broke and not having anything to support your dreams and being depressed and being Morelia Prostitute in a really bad situation, versus completely selling out and being used by an institution.

Where is the middle ground? And they all know it. Critique is okay but that point when critique becomes fighting—. People can just very easily get online and say some shit about you. Here Sluty Balti women in then all those expectations roll on in, even though you were like, I was just chillin.

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I speak for myself. Still even in—what is this third wave or fourth wave feminism? That goes to show how race really does play a role in how things get dictated and who feels like they get to speak for whom.

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Why does it feel like that? The state of the arts here is influenced by the uprising in ways that we don't even know yet.

People want that story still, and people still want to talk about it and write about it. That's a good point. If you had asked me that question close to two here Sluty Balti women in ago now, I would've had a more concrete answer, but the scene has changed so much and has been so informed by the uprising and who kind of date in Berlin Blind to the top as a result of that and that's still very much the conversation.

And you know, the two or three Baltimores existing at nymphos dating Krakow Milf in time—I really enjoy that that's a part of the conversation but my fear is: So when this is no longer the topic-of-the-day, what is everything going to shake out to look like?

What are these arts districts still gonna look like? Who's gonna get funding? Who's gonna have space? Because I think that these conversations and platforms are great, but what the end result of that is going to be, to here Sluty Balti women in, is more important. It does feel like there's been radical change in the various scenes here—at least, more radical than in the past—and it is hard to know what to make of that.

In some ways, it's a new city. The amount of development in the past year or two has been staggering…The whole development of the Station North area becoming a district, not a couple of blocks.

And the fact that it's so close to where the uprising really took place also says a lot. Another part of the conversation about art and self-proclaimed activist art is, who's been doing this and who hasn't? It's an elephant in the room. There's this weird unspoken kind of "who's really from Baltimore and who's not? You know, if I decide to be vocal about so-and-so. But then why do I have to check myself? I'm not out here frontin' or trying to play a role that's not mine. It's just this whole thing people wanna be like, oh you're from here, you're from there; like, yeah I couldn't control where I lived here Sluty Balti women in I was 15 years old.

That's another conversation that undermines everything [rather than], what is the work that you're trying to here Sluty Balti women in right now? And how is that benefiting the goals that you have and the mission that you have, and are you doing what you say you're doing?

A lot of the real and who's fake conversation really stems from a weird place. It's always in the background. There are other DJs who were born and raised in Baltimore who are dope as hell in the club who have been doing it for years who here Sluty Balti women in awarded that. I understand that, but I also don't wear the award on my chest either.


It's like that dance again, it's conflicting. I feel it personally, not on like a Balti Gurls level, but personally I feel it. There's a long line of black people feeling guilty for success, for accomplishment, and what is that?

The "real Baltimore", the people who define here Sluty Balti women in as that don't think that somehow you deserve that recognition, but if they got recognition from the same institution they'd love it—no shade.

That's just really the, who's black and who's not conversation. That's what that is, that real conversation, you are not black enough, I'm blacker than you, when we all black. It's simultaneously distracting yet important. The core emotion of that is representing experience and being real about that and not being fake and just not making shit up.

And not misrepresenting people, but there's also this larger goal of us here Sluty Balti women in being but in Married Manokwari looking in the things that we do and supporting each other.

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