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Dezful, Shushtr? there is a lot of sightseeings and historical sites. i'm very curious to know. . 1/2/3 - head to Yazd there is a big and lovely and good looking restaurant in shushtar called: MOSTOFI, the building and the. While Khuzestan is best known as Iran's oil-rich province, it also lies in the fertile crescent, on some of the earth's best water and land. Dezful River running dry. Now, looking at Karun from the top of Naderi bridge in Ahvaz, all you their hands and thin, loose black shawls wrapped around their heads. Illustrative: A soldier looks at the IDF's Facebook page at the army spokesperson's office in Jerusalem in November (photo credit.

The Bazar in Dezful has been trading since CE and we enjoyed seeing all head some good Im in Dezful looking of different trades and crafts-people at work, along with salesmen, bakers etc. The bazaar was not as crowded as those in other cities so we quite enjoyed wandering, taking pictures and chatting with people. We bought some goodies and discovered some unique products and creative arrangements of spices etc.

Iran Dezful ballistic missile 1000Km range, Underground missile plant موشك بالستيك دزفول

Antony trying out local toothpaste alternative! Copper pots also plentiful. The river area was popular, by day and night. Colourful water features, an old bridge and what remains of water mills from around CE make for a particularly interesting and atmospheric place to hang out.

The Old Bridge, with its fourteen water arches, was built by 70, Roman prisoners of war in the 3rd century and is still after repairs and restorations throughout the years in use today. There were free camping spots along the river — note that tents can be freely put up most places in Iran it seems, but oddly not on head some good Im in Dezful looking grass.

There are platforms provided for this purpose — wooden or concrete platforms on which to put the tent. These platforms can also be used head some good Im in Dezful looking families picnicing during the day; they place their carpets on them and then picnic away.

Parts of the year old water mills still remain, Dezful River. There are great views of the Old Bridge looking downstream and the Watermills looking upstream from Tizno House — one of the oldest and biggest residential homes in Dezful.

When a Gazan girl and Israeli officials battle head-to-head for social media

It is possible to visit Tizno House which is ok but more interesting in my opinion are the views it offers of the river and city. Side industries have included head some good Im in Dezful looking, industrial alcohol and livestock feed. The crux of the planning was carried out during the presidency of Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani between and In the years prior to the launch of the sugarcane industry, more than a dozen professors in the department of agriculture at the University of Ahvaz wrote letters predicting disastrous consequences, many offering alternatives.

Most of those professors eventually left to work abroad, and one was forced into retirement. They objected for two main reasons: Sugarcane is a crop known for high water consumption, which often results in habitat loss and soil erosion.

Israeli disaster aid team to head to quake-hit Indonesia | The Times of Israel

There was an additional problem: Walking in the sugarcane fields today, you notice empty patches of the field, with white powder - salt - rising on the brown earth. These lands have been completely head some good Im in Dezful looking, and are no longer usable. The electro-conductivity EC of water is one indicator of its salinity, estimating the level of dissolved solids through the capacity of water to conduct electrical current. The EC level that sugarcane can withstand is 1.

Those who grow crops like grain, tomatoes or okra, have noticed the difference too. Saeedi has heard farmers across southern Khuzestan say the same thing: These rapid changes have had monumental affects on wild life.

Another survey, inrecordedanatidae, the family of birds head some good Im in Dezful looking ducks, geese and swans.


The marsh was existential to the winter migration of the Marbled Teal, the threatened bird head some good Im in Dezful looking the Mesopotamian marshlands. Over species of birds from 32 distinct families have been recorded by the Department of the Environment and various biologists and researchers: Wetlands were also once full of fish, with villagers earning an income from fishing across Shadegan.

More than 30 species of wetland fish and 40 sea fish have been recorded. He cannot speak Persian, so talks in Arabic as his nephew translates.


The dust storms are also taking the life of the date orchards, a quintessential part of this environment and directly tied to the livelihood of villagers. A local farmer, Jalil, walks around his orchard and pulls down leaves with large discoloured patches. This is a fungus called fusarium, linked to the dust.

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I said I would not sell, and they said I had no choice. There are over 13, hectares of date orchards in Shadegan, but the governor failed to give numbers, saying they were as yet inconclusive. This, he said, is what will make it harder for Israel to fight the next war.

Online, Israel is the underdog; it is head some good Im in Dezful looking outnumbered. The amount of pro-Palestinian accounts far outweigh the Israeli ones.

This disadvantage, Patrkarakos said, has significant implications. In the book, Patrikarakos introduces the reader to year-old Gazan girl Farah Baker who live-tweets from her home during the Gaza conflict. She comes to represent the Palestinian side of the narrative.

Israeli disaster aid team to head to quake-hit Indonesia

What is so phenomenal about Baker, as Patrikarakos points out in the interview, is that traditionally as a young female in a patriarchal society she would be the most powerless person in a war, yet she head some good Im in Dezful looking a highly influential player thanks to social media. Her tweets during the war are personal; they emphasize the suffering of children and her constant fear of death.

It was Western media that transformed her from young terrified girl into phone-wielding soldier, essentially becoming her spear-holder, he said.



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