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Really deep kisses and didn't hold back the tongue. Started rubbing my crotch and gave me this huge smile when she asked, "blowjob? I got comfortable and the session started. She really was great at giving head. And when she took off that dress, her body looked exactly like the videos and photos.

I threw her onto the bed, put on the rubber and plowed into her. Not sure if it was acting, but her face went slutty and she gave out quiet, believeable moans with every thrust. In missionary, she would bend up and kiss me back, which was a huge turn on. The first shot on goal came super fast. Rested for a few minutes, shared some drinks and I admired her body. I asked her if she did anal because I saw it on the Woodman films. Only for that movie she said. Had to settle for second best so round two was a lot of doggy so I could get a good look of her ass and slap it a few times.

I ran my hand up her back, around to her face, and she sucked on my fingers immediately. I went with the flow and tried a little fish-hooking, but not friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am rough and she played along. Second round did not last that much longer. I motioned I was ready to cum and asked her to get on her knees.

She instinctively started sucking my cock and I just blew my load inside her pretty mouth. She didn't spit anything out. She just looked up at me and smiled when I was done. Chilled for the rest of the time and she called the driver when she was ready, but she friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am a clock watcher by any means. Definitely would repeat if I had the money. This was a Christmas present to myself. If I did it again, I would have totally done what that escortcasting dude did and recorded it, because her listing said videos were friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am for an extra pounds not sure why it's pounds for video but euros for the session.

Anyways, I liked it. Much better than my experience with american pornstars a few years back, but they were older girls past their prime while alexis is still young. Fucked her in the past. I paid slightly more than you, but for 4 hours and I could take photos, video too. According to my sources she had health problems in late and is now retired from porn.

Don't know if she's still active as en escort. Like a gig of data for a month for in Sogamoso Woman who cock suck or something like that. I do not use a cab. Both are really sympathetic. Than she is not 22, she will be 24 in 4 months. Than there is this part of her profile: I meet only Caucasian or Asian man!

If your skin black or brown, please don't call me! That means she is a racist. She is an ice princess with a bitchy attitude. It took me 2 minutes of conversation with her to be sure of that. She does not accept reviews.

I am not surprised. Woodman is known to pay lot of money more than any other producer for his girls to allow anal, so that's why some only do it for his videos and not elsewhere film or escort work.

Anyway thanks for good report, but this time I agree with Drago she is overpriced and I would never pay that kind of money for any girl. And neither should anyone else, because that just encourage other girls to try ask friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am prices for "stupid" tourists. Thanks for the heads up.

It is a red line for me. Let's put in another way, would you buy something on ebay from a merchant who had disabled the feedback facility? When you say they are sympathetic, do you mean you fucked them and they were good, or do you just like the look of them?

I have to agree as well. What she is charging is way too much in a city where you can get great service from hot young girls at a fraction of the price. Hi Sammyt, I fucked them both. I agree with friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am, there is a risk with girls who do not accept a review but from time to time, I take the risk and sometimes I lose, sometimes I win.

Concerning action, I wives Norway Cheating in maybe rapidly happy but I have been satisfied with both and I intend to see them again next month.

Ashley is really kind, really GFE, she even spent time to friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am me to contact colleagues who do not speak English. Clarissa is a little bit special.

Lost My Virginity in Budapest - The Casual Sex Project

Maniac with hygiene, a little bit lordly, leading, but finally also sympathetic. And her apartment is worth the visit. Send me your impression if you visit her, she is special. Ashley is not my type, too big. Clarissa, maniac with hygiene, I hate girls with attitude like that.

Thanks, but no thanks. I should pay Ft just to see her luxurious apartment? Good example was Regina, read reports about her back in the summer of She was expensive, FT for 1 hour, Ft for 30 minutes. Anal was Ft extra.

What a pleasure was to fuck her perfect ass. But, was it worth it? I have fucked her in the ass only 4 times before she stopped working. If I had known she would work 15 days only, I would have fucked that perfect ass every day, maybe even 2 times per day sometimes. No, I will not do that.

Any recommendation of good or decent English speaking girls in Budapest? It is well known fact that many girls who advertise to speak English actually do not. Not many Hungarian working girls speak English.

They do not have to, they have plenty local clients. Knowing Hungarian language is important. It allows you access to many new hotties. Check out the two popular websites that are mentioned in this forum.

There are a number of reviews that are in English and often mention the proficiency of English that the girls' posses. Some good, some not so good but keep in mind that if the reviewer, who speak only English, was able to get it on with them then so can you. Like anywhere, if you speak the language it's easier but not impossible to get lucky. She told me her dark skin is because her dad is a gypsy and her mom is Hungarian.

Melissa is in Switzerland. Interesting thing is, she is using the same photos as on rosszlanyok. You need to move fast in Budapest. You paid that amount of money to this 36 old MILF http: But, if that was OK for you, who am I to disagree?

Hi Drago, As I will visit Budapest soon again can you assist with some meetings. I don't want to get same mistakes as last time. Thanks and all the best. Send them a Private Message. A girl is offering 3 hours for is this value for money? From my vast experience I can name an example of a guy whom I helped in Budapest. If we are to compare the prices he got a better deal. You have to decide if the girl is beautiful enough for you.

That's like asking if you pay E for a meal, is that a good deal. It all friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am on the menu. I never been to HU, but I been lurking ISG for years before joining, and I remember there were more websites for finding girls unless they were scams.

There are some others, but these 2 are the best. Hi, Does anyone know why pleasing massage are out of business? They provided good service at affordable prices. I saw that massage house raised their rate. Hi all, I will be travelling to Budapest in around 1 week time.

I have browsed through like 20 pages and saw many helpful information provided. However, I have the following questions to ask and see if anyone can help. Does the girls there accept HUF only? Can I pay with euros? Any nice lady who can speak decent english to recommend? Her hair is colored friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am now. Great body, a bit rundown face. Enough to make the deal, but not to communicate in private. Eventually after some negotiations, we ended up with 30 HUF total.

I had same experience, good body but poor service. I was expecting more for some friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am, but it's better than nothing. OT, but it amazes me how the local sex scene can be so different between countries in Europe and elsewhere. Neighboring Austria for example has more options despite being wealthier and having a smaller population that Friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am, which has a better sex scene than it's Balkan neighbors.

Correct me if I'm friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am. Browse still more than 20 pages, lot of information but it is scattered for tens of pages back here over the years. Hu and change money there they should be reliable. Well hard to recommend anyone since everyone has diffferent taste but good english speaker and nice reviews are 28 year old Ebi https: Only 2 customers per day so it might get difficult to get friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am, so don't get disappointed too much if she don't answer or something at first day.

Different countries different laws, just that. Does anybody have experience with the Niveau Escorts Agency? Escort agencies in Budapest are all a scam. Fake photos, heavily photoshopped photos or old photos if you are lucky. Austria is friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am country than Hungary. You are right about Balkan countries, except Serbia, actually its capital Belgrade.

But, Belgrade has some elite girls that are exactly that, an elite. However, since scene is different, more hush- hush, than in Budapest, you need to be connected. Also, if you are connected, it is easier to meet the girls. Friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am for Budapest, if you do not speak Hungarian your choice of girls is limited to minority which speaks English.

There are several places in Budapest with girls. But, once you are in the apartment, a girl who speaks Hungarian only will meet you. It is also very common that girls who claim, on their profiles, to speak English, do not speak it.

Prepare yourself for a hard work. There are multiple posts about them, basically all are saying to stay away as there are better deals. Did this guy pay you to help him? If so then the total outlay would have been more than euro for 6 hours. I was basically trying to get an idea and trying to make a simple comparison. For all I know the euro per 6 hours could have been for a fat cow who may have been beautiful in the "eyes of the beholder.

Arranged meeting with Hanna https: Sounds like the Budapest scene caters to mainly locals. I read the English proficiency in Hungary is not that good. Without me he would not even had a chance to meet a girl friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am whom he spent 2 nights for 6 hours each night. It was his decision to make such a deal with that girl. There is a thing called a photoshop. I mean, the guy spent 2 nights with her in his 5 star hotel room, 6 hours each night.

The girl was young, I would rate her 7. But, she spoke very good English, had very interesting personality, which Rayong in latino Horny women important to that American guy. I have recommended other girl to him, for me she was more beautiful, but she did not speak English.

I took him to her apartment, the English speaking girl was there, proposed him a threesome at reasonable price, so American guy first fucked 2 girls at same time. The advantages he had over you are: Only 2 customers per day so it might get difficult to get appointment, so don't get dissapointed too much if she don't answer or something at first day. Thanks for the advice! I will write a review if I can manage to get an appointment with her.

Of course, you have to put some skin in the game. If it is a good experience I will let everyone know. According to some surveys only 1 in 7 Hungarians speaks adequate English. I know for sure that situation among working girls is even worse. Those who speak English are minority. That is why a choice of girls for a foreigners is limited.

The girls who speak English are usually older ones or those who have worked abroad. I'll be in Budapest late next week and am just wondering if it's possible to get girls from P1 or P2 to head back to your hotel or even go to there place?

I know there is much better options out there friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am I don't see prices on any of the main sites and don't want to spend an evening calling loads of girls and negotiating prices.


Also, on the question of price the only place I ever see it is on escort agency sites, are any of these real or are they all full of fake profiles, I ask as I saw a few linked in the reports of distinction section for pornstars.

But if you do you homework, you can line up a quality line up. I been chatting to a whole bunch of them and have a nice list made up. On P1 or P2 there is a map function and see what is near you from you predetermined list and background research. The ross website has a phone app that works with GPS and actually tells you who is near you and available at the moment. Oh and there is a special member here who I won't name who has put me in contact with another sex goddess, a but pricey, but amazing!

Most of Hungarian people can't say a word in English. There are many people who have B1 level English exam but it is almost nothing when it comes to talk with a stranger. Budapest is Hungary in many ways. Everything is about Budapest, mongering included.

There are Magyar Telekom and Vodafone. There is no Vodacom. So 5 nights in Budapest come to an end. Time to give back to the forum, adding to what I already took. Cost about HUF. Goes a long way with the data for navigating, translating as well as your regular emails and so on.

My hotel had WIFI so friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am also substituted it. Easy and hassle free quick process and in 5 minutes you are online! Didn't need to recharge it with data or money despite many calls and data usage. Budapest has a relatively easy public transport system. I got the 3 day hop on hop off pass and friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am that to move to areas I wanted.

FOtaxi app on phone helps you get a taxi from your location so you can friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am your costs by first using pussy Belize Fuck in buses. On that note, miniBUD is excellent transfer in and out of the city for a return trip to the airport that I booked online for only HUF.


Dropped me at the hotel from te airport, and now will pick me up from my in sex Zahedan phone Facetime to the airport. For everything else you can jump into the metro, but I only needed that today as the buses were interrupted by a marathon. And prices are not half as bad as western Europe. Contrary to figures below of english speakers being 1 in, think the number is much higher! Are we talking academic english or the tourist english!

I for one was never stuck anywhere and managed to get through with all the WGs and the cab drivers, in shops. Very few specific words needed translating I would say. I used mainly the ROss site and the beszam one. Picked the highest rated english speakers from them and started chatting to them way before I got there. Established a good rapport with about 8 of them. Filtered off the trash and had my list of to-dos and based on their location, managed to synchronize it with the bus tours to take you friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am for free!

Takes a lot of planning. From the 5 I visited, 3 were excelled, 1 turned out a bit chubbier than anticipated and the last one had an issue wit time despite a great 30 min of sex. More details on friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am to follow. I was also supposed to stop by Kiev after Budapest, so by suggestions from that forum, I was using mamba to line up girls there.

Too bad that leg of the trip got cancelled! BUT still in mamba, I had managed to find another Friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am in Budapest that really clicked with and we chatted daily for almost 10 days. She turned out to be my Budapest sexpest every evening in Budapest! And cost me nothing more than being gentlemanly and friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am company for dinner!

SO had friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am plan the WGs during the day times!. Sexually tiring for 5 days in a row! For the evenings I had the mamba girl. After work concluded, I hastily moved into district 5. This is where I found all the action.

My hotel was 50 m from Octagon and seems most WGs are based in the area. Bar a few "must dos" that I needed to travel to but that was easy too.

I only needed 2 incalls and the hotels seemed to be simple walk in walk out with no issues or front desk scrutiny. Google translate and Maps. Then the "phone escort" app from ross site. This is cool as you can see exactly where the girls are wrt to your location and the ones available.

Or whatever you search for. So in a jiffy you will know who is online, how far, and how to get there, including a quick taxi quote if needed. I found terrible exchange rates if you try and pay in Euros. Very few girls quote in Euros and generally its more than if it is in HUF! That's a nice report mate. Your trip gets me intrigued enough to ask you about the cost at which the girls came. Did you only pay in cash or also in kind? Looking forward to the reviews of the girls you visited. I was in Hallo bar near Octogon sqare friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am years ago.

Sex was possible back then. What is the current situation in this club? Halo bar is a trap for foreigners. It is a rip off place, just like any other striptease joint.

Went to Budapest after some time and since I had limited time free and preferred incall I wasn't up for mongering on the "sites" so I decided to try out the girls that have their own sites and speak english. Here are the impressions: First one was Anna Karolina http: Turns out it was by far the best one of the trip. She looks amazing, those tits are perfectly made, her attitude is so nice, we talked for a while while turning friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am other on while I enjoyed her boobs and ass through her clothes which slowly began going off.

Nothing rushed, just the right amount of passion and in Sexy Umea girls. Honestly, if she wanted she could have had me blow my load in 2 seconds after we switched to the bed. But she didn't, she knew exactly where I was so she timed the BJ perfectly to keep me on edge for a while. Sex was amazing in all positions, very active and responsive from her side.

Well worth the money, one of the more stunning girls I saw friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am this hobby and I would say one of the best experiences overall. Second on my list was Reka. She gained some weight but friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am it looks good on her. The experience not so much, all rushed a bit and she seems confused at everything. Wouldn't recommend her anymore, not because she isn't good, because there is so much better in the same and lower price range.

Last was Helene http: A sweet young girl with a very nice body, but her sexual skill is lacking. DFK without any effort, just pulls her tongue out and does nothing, zero skill in turning me on before the act luckily I was horny as hell so np.

Oral might be her best skill, although I would put it miles behind others. Sex, purely mechanical, switched a few positions but felt just mechanical from her side, no effort. If you like a girl that looks innocent and like she is 18 years old, go for this one, well worth the money. Some might say I overpaid and could have gotten same or better for cheaper. But thing is, Sydney in Hot woman slender went for safer bets since I had limited time.

And it was all worth it. Good to know that. On my last visit I've head regular priced drink, and went to the hotel because girls wasn't attractive. Well as I pointed out, many speak decent english. Between bessam and ross, I contacted all the ones that claimed to speak English and those who I liked but didn't say they spoke it.

Quoted rates varied from k with average around 20 k for incall. Outcalls were k. The ones I did. Would recommend them all. Then good ones I didn't get to do but were on my list based on previsit chats and vibe. Great massager I went to.

Erotic massage in Budapest for men, women and couples

This isn't a woman. Good girls, but takes some time to dig them up and establish a rapport. Prices are very affordable to for someone used to the punting fields of western Europe.

Yes I know now some will start the argument friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am price isn't equal to service, but if you eat at the Sheraton or a kebab house depends o your taste and budget. This report was redacted or deleted to remove sections of the report that were written friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am some sort of Abnormal Writing Style. So I was in Budapest.

She looked exactly like her Instagram photos. If anyone wants her details feel free to message me. I also used Tinder to hook up with two non-working girls and had fun with both of them. I am starting to come to the conclusion that Tinder is my preferred method, for cost of dinner, drink and if you play the game right you end up scoring at a fraction of the price for working girls. Each to their own. Can't message you, either inbox full or you don't have contributor anymore.

Would love the details. I paid for 3 hours with the girl I hooked up. Hi all, I do not know why my post was deleted yesterday, but I will try again. I have been in Budapest twice. I have then just used the ross page, thanks to you here, I now know the beszam page too. I would recommend maja21 and panna. They were very good. Has anyone tried Arbella, hanna or Bogi-baba from the ross page?

Have anybody tried some of the street girls and would you recommend them? Glad you had a good time. Your initial post about E was a bit vague but in the general scheme of things, for an hour that would definitely be on the high end of things. Your post is good in that it emphasizes the fact that a knowledge of Hungarian is not really necessary for mongering. Have a couple questions friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am you though if you don't mind.

The girls you hooked up with on Tinder, do you think they were working girls who also "advertised" on Tinder? Did you pay or just got together in the usual Tinder fashion? Never seen Instagram as a "preferred site" mentioned as a far as advertising here on the forum is concerned, LOL. Can you please elaborate. The general consensus on this forum is "stay away". I am also talking from personal experience.

Better off with the 2 sites mentioned recently. What you paid is Ft for 1 hour, at the current euro-Ft exchange rate. That is a normal price. If you were satisfied with the girl, good for friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am. My problem with this girl is that, if I understood correctly, minimum meeting time must be 3 hours for euro.

I do not need to be 3 hours with a girl. I in Girl Nis singing it is a very important thing in many ways. But, like you said, to each his own. Well worth the money, one of the more stunning girls I saw in this hobby and I would say one of the best experiences overall. What's was the damage for Anna Karolina? Sounds like she is worthy of every cent you gave.

Therefore nobody can send you a private message. Next time I will surely have more than one session with her. I can't say there are people on this forum friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am are negative but there is one person who constantly puts posters friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am who speak English and state that they had a good time mongering in Budapest.

It is Il Drago. If you look at his posts it is hard to go beyond a few pages where he doesn't extol the virtues of speaking Hungarian and saying you really need to speak the language to have a good time. NemanLion has put up a wonderful post about all the different girls he met despite not knowing the language. He even posted a couple of negative experiences he had. Does this mean he had a bad time? The fact that I met up with a couple of SW that didn't turn out well, does that mean that I had a bad time?

Nothing further from the truth! We all get taken in one time or another. In fact if you look at Il Drago's posts he too friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am to be stood up by some girls despite him speaking Hungarian.

The difference is that most posters, in fact with the exception of Il Drago, don't need to charge hundreds of Euros for our advice nor do we constantly post friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am comments about people who might have overpaid. Overpaid is relative, if you had a good time then it was worth it to you, period, end of story. We need not spend hundreds of Euros to Il Drago to have a friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am time.

Great forum guys, keep posting. Thumbs up to you my friend. How was her English? I too made contact with Il Drago and was contemplating using him. But I took the initiative to make contact myself and came out good.

Ultimately all these woman are working girls and bottomline for them is taking our monies. Little wonder its the oldest profession. The service you get is always independent of the language you speak. There are many more variables like how you treat them, the chemistry, the attraction and so on. I've been with numerous girls over the years where our common vocabulary is less than 10 words and have had the most amazing sex.

And also women who speak the same language and had a terrible time. Putting it down to language on its own is wrong starting point. By that token, every punt in an English speaking country should be great, but it isn't. I think the most important friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am is treat the woman nicely and they will reciprocate. If you don't have time for research prior to the visit. I've done the far east, western Europe without English and never failed to have fun.

Yeah, I figured this was the case. Hey mate, The Tinder girls were just normal people like you and me non workingwe got together in the usual Tinder fashion, chatting on SMS, then migrated to WhatsApp or Snapchat. So we pretty much had a fair idea of our personalities and whether we would click or not before we met.

We just met at a bar and it was basically a continuation of our virtual chats. They were nice girls who ended up liking to have a bit of fun as well so it worked well both ways but not in a slutty or cheap way. I'm sure next time I go we will meet again. It's more like friends with benefits really.

In regards to Instagram, I matched with this girl on Tinder and she asked me "what I was looking for" straight away I had a feeling she was a working girl. So she explained herself and gave me her email address and a link to her Instagram account where she had photos posted of her.

She had over a couple of hundred followers and the photos seemed legit. The way she was texting made me think that she was the real deal and it turned out she was. Working girls apparently get shut-down on Tinder quite quickly but now she has ways of not being reported or rather ways of chatting that doesn't make someone immediately think that she is a working girl.

Is there a way to post details of the girl I was with without breaching the forum guidelines? I had time on my side and I was in no rush and we fucked a few times in that time. She certainly was not under any time pressure. She also offered an hour which was at 90 - Euro but for an extra 50 for an extra 2 hours then it made sense to go with the whole three.

That is still higher than a usual price for 1 hour which is euro. Hi folks, I plan on trying out Budapest's talent for the first time next week. My top pick so far has been Nadia from rossz - https: However, she claims HUF Euro for half an hour of outcall which seems a bit much judging by the comments in this thread.

Has anyone had any experience with her? Some other girls I have an eye for: Anyone have experience with them? Obviously, I like fit girls, either the sultry looking or the petite innocent looking kind. Would anyone be willing to suggest a decent lass who hopefully understands at least some English my Hungarian is nonexistent? The reason for this is simple. Just like we report scams and bad services, I simply pointed out the same about someone who I was going to use and didn't and because I disagreed Innsbruck in Webcam xxx him, he now thinks he can pick fights with me on PM.

Clearly friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am behavior must be made public so that other users of the forum know what engaging his services entails! Just do what I did. Message them and chat to them and talk about the needs and prices and services. If they know english, they will respond in it to an exected level and voila!

You know who to go to. Forget the hype being misplaced here that if you don't have knowledge of Hungarian language, you can't have fun or get good girls. Make the effort and you will! Hi Vovo1, I will give my opinion about the girls you mentioned. Nadia- HUF is way too much for 30 minutes for an outcall. She is obviously trying to rip you off just because you are a foreigner.

She even has a nose piercing. Mishel If you pay attention to the end of her profile on rosszlanyok, you will read this: Mishel10 doesn't want reviews. Take into consideration, if you visit, you won't able to write Review!

That is a red flag. I have never visited girls who do not allow reports. Noncsii -What I said about Mishel10 goes for Noncsii too. She does not allow reports too. Cuki- I am not completely sure, but she might be the girl who used to work under the name of Eniko, correct spelling is Eniko, but sometimes when I write in a proper Hungarian words look strange, maybe it is a forum software.

Anyway, if she is the girl who used to work under the name of Eniko, she had a profile with a visible face. I have fucked her. She is a petite girl with a cute face. The problem was her attitude was extremely cold. So, she was one timer for me. So, if she is Eniko I fucked, maybe she changed her attitude. Bare in mind that her working hours are Fanni- Well, Fanni is some kind of a celebrity in Hungary.

Apparently, she was not able to make a profit from her popularity so she started hooking. First in brothels in Austria, than on rosszlanyok in Budapest. Her rates are very expensive: She has several tattoos which are not visible on her profile photos. I have enclosed some untouched photos of her. Hi folks, Some other girls I have an eye for: Nadia and Noncsii don't allow reviews that is big red flag, so you should also avoid them. Mishel10 - Fanni - Noncsii - Cuki.

NeemanLion has actually developed a nice spread sheet to keep tabs on various aspects of the ads for the girls. PM him and ask about it. He really did a good job on it and made it a lot easier to hook up with predominantly though not exclusive English speaking girls. Hi all, I want to go back to Budapest this summer. I would love if someone has any recommendations from the oss or bezam page for me.

I prefer girls and fit but I would be thankful to any recommendations. If you remember what the price was please put that in to. Thanks to all who reply.

Having an Orgasm with your Best friend

There are over girls on the sites. You have to give us more to narrow it down. You can also go on the site and select via a menu what you like and tell us which one you like and maybe someone here has seen her already. I was more after the girls that people in here have been with and given top score.

I can look up fit, blond girls on all sites, but that don't tell me if the personality is good and that I will have a nice time. Of course not everybody have the same connection with the same girl. But chances are better of having a good time if other people like them.

When I go back maja21 is the first girl I will call. Took a gambling the first night with a girl that don't show face and not to much info. But quick to book and was super cute and a bit shy. No english but google friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am and body language made us laugh and connect better. So Benhur3 give me top 3. But I will give more of what I like since you asked. Under cm, in district 5, 6, 7, 8 or Hope you got the information that you asked for.

Hey Fred, It should be easy and fun! See the girls you like, make contact, establish a rapport, get your services and pries sorted and then meet them when you there. Its a fairly easy city and no need to fall into the traps of guides and escorts who charge you for what you can do. See my previous posts, arm yourself with the necessary apps and go have fun! Hi all, New to this door and brand new to the world of mongering.

I am I'm Budapest right now until Tuesday and was wondering if someone had any suggestions for people to meet up with. I scanned this thread and have looked at the two major sites. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with the following ladies: Apart from Friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am and Bellaa, I have not been able to get in touch with anyone.

Will try again tomorrow morning. I got a Hungarian Sim card so that should not be an issue. Would really appreciate the feedback or recommendations. Congratz for using shorter mobil links, so now they work perfectly this site. Orsi is using very much photoshopped photos, she looks photos very much better than in reality, body normal, face normal, not ugly but just average I already know this photoshopping before visiting her so no big surprise.

Speaks and understands english and provides good service overall. It has been some time already when I visited her so I can not remember price anymore. Other site she is listed as 22 year old, but my guess is few years more. And make sure you have your phone setup that way it is showing your number when calling, otherwise girls would not answer.

I had a great time in Budapest thanks to Il Drago. He really goes above and beyond to help you. Try Il Drago if you are visiting Budapest and looking to spend great time with some beautiful girls or looking for premier experience guaranteed with some top girls you probably understand what I meanhe is the way to go.

Friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am I will be in Warsaw during September for about 3 weeks, I would like to visit Budapest where do you think my time will be best spent. Looking for skinny yr old. I was thinking about 5 friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am in Budapest but seeing https: Member on the forums? This must be kismet.

I'm in Belgrade again to fuck premium Serbian pussy and to meet my old friend Il Drago who will make that possible. I even brought a new friend of mine who never been to Belgrade before.

After Belgrade Il Drago, my new friend and I we'll go to Budapest my new friend will fuck some ordinary girls recommended by Il Drago, I'll fuck some new pornstars. Il Drago and me go way back. He was my Budapest guide from till when I switched to fucking pornstars. He made in Milf Tainan dating life easier, I fucked countless top notch beauties only thanks to him, but most importantly of all, he saved me a lot of time the world's most valuable commodity.

He did all the hard work for me. Thanks to him I fucked some top notch girls who usually don't receive foreign men. His expertise, negotiating skills, invaluable experience, Hungarian language knowledge made that possible. I will be forever grateful to him for everything he's done for me. We've became friends and stayed in contact even when I switched to fucking pornstars. Whenever I'm in Budapest we meet for some fun time together. Since he became connected in Belgrade we are meeting each other there too.

Il Drago is the reason I'm fucking ordinary girls again. Although, those top notch Belgrade stunners can friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am be called ordinary. They could easily be pornstars for the looks and for the sexual skills.

As a senior member and an experienced gentlemen who's tasted finest pussies ordinary girls and pornstars I friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am only say, Il Drago is indispensable in Budapest now in Belgrade too if you want to avoid hard work, save your time and fuck premium jaw-droppers. I will write the reports about both Belgrade and Budapest when I find time.

How much do his services cost? Unfortunately I only have 3 more days remaining so don't know if anything could be done. Plus I can't really message him because I don't have premier membership. Left CC back at home. Exactly my experience as well. Maybe the scene has magically changed since I was in Budapest a few years ago with Il Drago, but I doubt it. This is not a city for beginners or those who don't speak the language. The girls constantly rotate out thus why most of our recommended links go dead and I didn't find 1 provider I called upon who spoke english.

Il Drago saved me in Buda, and showed me a great time as well in Belgrade this February. While I understand some members don't feel the need to pay for a guide, and would rather go it alone, this is not a city I would recommend it for. Hello guys, I am just the average guy and look for a nice escort with big natural tits to come to my hotel room.

Do you have any reliable site or experience you can share? I just want to pay the right price and waste no time with the usual problems. Use the ross or beszam site. Contact them and most actually do speak English. All failing, employ the service of a go-between pimp to help fix the meet. Quoted me E and then 50 E a day thereafter. Told friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am he has enough free time to even show around as well.

Might be worth it. Try to PM him. Well Drama, I just got back and had a great time. Basic research and homework got me all I needed. I think things have changed a lot since then, there was never an issue with English with either the girls or doing the touristy stuff!. It is EU now don't forget. I called the ones that spoke english and while it wasn't the Queens english, the level of spoken english is enough to set up a date, have basic peri-sex chats.

Not like you want to sit with a working girl and discuss politics friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am religion!

Like you said, not a city for beginners, but then if you have punted in non english countries, you can do this one too. Looking forward to a return trip very soon. Check my post a few posts down, Anna Karolina if you are willing to pay should be amazing. This is my first and probably last report.

I met Vivien last year in Budapest, her prices I cannot remember but they were around about normal. Her place is a short taxi ride from the city centre in a block of apartments. The building seems a bit scary but once you are in the apartment she has really kitted it out well. She welcomed me in and I took a shower, after we went to the bedroom to get down to action she gave me a blowjob with condom and then I basically had to take over because it was too damn good.

I want go into full details but she has an amazing tattoo on her back with the phrase 'Power, Persistence, Passion' or friend in for Budapest orgasm Looking am along them lines. We're always working towards adding more features that will keep your love for porno alive and well. For the safety and privacy of your Pornhub account, remember to never enter your password on any site other than pornhub. For your safety and privacy, this link has been disabled.

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