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Beaches on the Atlantic Coast – in addition to the major beach towns . Today, Uruguay's political and labor conditions are among the most free on the continent . . For the Buquebus-Ferry from Buenos Aires to Colonia del Sacramento there .. It was the first Latin American country to pass a civil union law, and same-sex . Downloads Free Images: beach, sea, coast, water, ocean, dock, boardwalk, boats, south america, uruguay, colonial, colonia del sacramento, river plate, charr . Bus to Colonia del Sacramento. If you are not bashful about your Spanish, feel free to ask people which bus route you need to take to get to your destination as it can be . The Pocitos beach runs east from Punta Trouville for about a mile.

Nice story, and great picture of the guys on the beach. I had to look at this for a while before I worked out what was going on! I loved visiting Colonia too, and for anyone who free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del an extra day to spare would recommend overnighting here, as the quaint streets and pretty plazas are even more photogenic in the twilight. Wish there were more pictures of Colonia. What an free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del scene, I can imagine walking down those romantic cobblestone streets in the early evening feeling the heat of the day rising off the stones.

Thanks for giving me a mental vacation, if only for a few minutes! Colonia looks like a really nice setting and I especially like the sand sculptures, which alone would be worth a visit. From the picture it seems like Argentina and Brazil have had a disagreement and trying to get away from each other!

Im actually going to Uruguay this summer. This is the type of stuff that I would love to see. I really want to bring home some of the really cultural artwork. Howeve,r stereotypes exist because they are partially true.


Your email address will not be published. The inspector may ask you where you're getting off; if you're planning to get off at your destination's bus terminal, you can just say " terminal ". Several cities also have local bus systems; Montevideo's is naturally the largest.

It can be hard to find information online about local bus routes, especially for cities other than Montevideo, but if you ask a local they'll usually know which routes go where. For both local and interdepartmental buses, you can flag them down at a bus stop by stretching your arm out horizontally to your side, free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del to the road, as if pointing to the other side of the street.


One-day bus strikes paros are not uncommon, resulting in free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del service or none at all. Often they are just for interdepartmental free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del while local buses run with no disruption. Taxis in Uruguay are safe and fairly affordable, costing about USD2 per km. All taxis in Montevideo use meters and have fixed costs. Some meters do not display the price of the trip in pesos but in "fichas" tokens which have to be converted into pesos according to a chart that should be shown to the passengers.

Taxis in some smaller cities may not use meters. The main highway is the one that goes from Montevideo to Punta Del Este main free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del city of Uruguayit is double lane from both sides.

However this is the exception and most of the highways are free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del lane and therefore you should take precautions when driving long distances a "long distance" in Uruguay is km maxtrying to pass another car.

Always keep your distance from the car in front of you. In the central areas of major cities, and on most major highways, the roads are good, but if you go a little off the beaten path, be prepared for potholes and dirt roads. To rent a car in Uruguay, residents of many countries including the United States need only their driver's license, passport, and credit card; only residents of certain countries must obtain an International Driver's Permit.

Vehicle imports and gasoline are both heavily taxed. Therefore, most Uruguayans prefer to buy cars with fuel-efficient manual transmissions, which in turn means that vehicles with automatic transmissions are rarer and much more expensive.

All gas stations are full service, so you will need to know enough rudimentary Spanish to tell the attendant to fill it up. Driving in Uruguay is very similar to European driving, but with less traffic lights and lots of roundabouts. North Americans accustomed to wild big-city driving New York or Los Angeles will not find it too difficult to adapt to. As in many developing countries and parts of Europe, Uruguayans have a tendency to split lanes or make their own lane.

Since manual transmissions take longer to spin up, Uruguayans like to watch for the cross-traffic's yellow light and then jump the green about a second in advance, which means you should never run yellow lights if you can brake safely.

Many intersections Chhnang Kompong girls Sexy in marked only with yield signs. If you don't see a sign, treat it as a yield.

If you see a stop sign "Pare"it means stop, please stopprobably because it's a blind intersection and someone was killed there. You should have the "carta verde" licence to drive in Uruguay, you can find it in the embassy. The legal limit of alcohol contentration is 0.

Uruguay trip planner

Uruguay has not yet implemented sensor loops, so all traffic lights are on timers and you will have to sit there regardless of whether the cross-street has traffic. Some local drivers will just run the red after sitting for a few minutes if cross-traffic is nonexistent. Right turns on red after stop are not allowed. Headlights must be turned on at all times while moving. Like much of Latin America, Uruguay has a fondness for giant speed bumps at the edge of towns the road passes through, this is true also for major roads.

Uruguayan law requires drivers to keep both hands on the steering wheel while moving, which means you cannot use a handheld cell phone while driving. Uruguay does not have any long-distance freeways, expressways, or motorways. Some short stretches of Routes 1 and 5 to free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del west of Montevideo have been upgraded to freeways. Look out for pedestrians and slow-moving traffic in the roadway, especially in rural areas and poorer suburbs.

Because automobiles are so expensive, many Uruguayans get around solely by free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del, taxi, scooter, motorcycle, or bus.

Like many developing countries, Uruguay lacks the resources to properly maintain sidewalks in poor neighborhoods, so sidewalks often have cracks, potholes, or worse.

Uruguay – Travel guide at Wikivoyage

Therefore, you will see pedestrians frequently walking in the street even when there appears to be a sidewalk or footpath next to the road. Uruguayan national highways are well-maintained, well-designed, easy to drive, and in excellent condition; they are maintained by the private Highway Corporation of Uruguay CVU under the supervision of the National Highway Directorate DNV.

Roads under local maintenance tend to vary widely in terms of quality. The most important long-distance highway in Uruguay is the Ruta Interbalneria linking Montevideo to Punta Del Este, which is a four-lane road with a broad median. Note that the IB was built as what people from western North America call an expressway; that is, cross-traffic still crosses at-grade at intersections rather than at interchanges with overpasses and underpasses.

Most other highways are two-lane highways. It is nearly impossible to obtain paper road maps of Uruguay outside of the country. Fortunately, ANCAP sells an excellent map package at all its gas stations which, as ofincludes three maps. Two are large foldable sheet maps. One is free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del overview-level highway map, which has the entire Mercosur bloc on one side and all of Uruguay on the other. The other is a detailed street map free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del Montevideo.

The third map is a booklet with detailed street maps of all departmental capital cities and several other major cities, including Punta del Este.

Google Maps, Bing Maps from Microsoft, and OpenStreetMap all have excellent coverage of Montevideo, free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del the first two also have good coverage of the rest of the country. Although there are now mobile apps available which enable users to download OpenStreetMap data in advance to one's mobile phone, OpenStreetMap's coverage of areas outside of Montevideo and Punta del Este is still incomplete. Another important quirk to keep in mind is that only online map services accurately depict the one-way streets common in Montevideo and other Uruguayan cities and towns.

Virtually all Uruguayan paper road maps including the ANCAP maps and the official maps from the Ministry of Tourism and Sport lack arrows to show the direction of one-way streets. Take notice of the emergency phone numbers prominently posted on the highways and keep them in mind.

Uruguay is not a dangerous country, but since it is mostly agricultural and very sparsely populated between the towns, if your car breaks down it can take you a long time to walk to the nearest pay phone.

It is recommended to carry a cell phone with you. Antel is the state company and the main provider. Many Uruguayans use motorbikes as their preferred mode of transport. These are also available for rent to tourists in many larger cities. For motorbikes there is no road toll. In rural areas hitchhiking is fairly common and as safe as hitching is anywhere. Uruguay has the lowest level of violent crime in the Americas, outside Canada.

If you are female don't in Nassau hookers Adult alone. Play it safe but it's more likely that the car is going to crash 1 in chance than something bad is going to happen.

Always use your seatbelts, while drivers that take you along the way can be very open, they free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del also be a little reckless in driving, kind of related probably. Spanish is spoken everywhere. However it is free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del different from e. If you are not familiar with the local dialect, be prepared to regularly having to ask people you're talking with to repeat themselves.

Although most Uruguayans have studied English at school, they do not actually speak or use it. However, some Uruguayans have studied English at private institutes, so they can speak it well. In most tourist spots shopping centers and in Punta del Este there is free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del who is proficient in English and upscale restaurants and those that in Sexy Per girls to tourists often have someone in the staff that speaks English.

In practice, knowledge of basic Spanish is indispensable for independent travel in Uruguay. If you try to communicate in Spanish or with gestures, most Uruguayans will try to help you out. Those who can speak English will often single you out and begin a conversation themselves, eager to try out their English. People are kind and helpful, and they will be glad to meet with a foreigner. In major tourist spots and anywhere near the Brazilian border, you can get by with Portuguese.

Don't be surprised if you talk to someone in Portuguese and they just respond in Spanish, figuring that if you speak Portuguese you can understand enough Spanish to get what they're saying. While there are interesting things to see all over Uruguay, the main sights of interest are concentrated on the coastline. Perhaps unsurprisingly the largest concentration of things to see is the capital, Montevideo. There the "father of Uruguayan nationhood", general Jose Artigas rests in a mausoleum under an equestrian statue of himself in the middle of Plaza Independencia surrounded by free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del iconic to the capital such as Palacio Salvo, the old and new presidential palaces, the city gate and the Edificio Ciudadela.

Passing through the city gate one will arrive in the old town of Montevideo hosting several museums, old buildings that once were the residences of wealthy families as well as the Puerto del Mercado. Other points of interest not to be missed in Montevideo include the neoclassical parliament building Palacio Legislativo, the Centenario Stadium and the adjacent football museum and the 22 km long beach promenade Rambla stretching along the Atlantic shore with several sights next to or nearby it.

A two and a half hour bus free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del west takes you to Colonia del Sacramento, a city established in by the Portuguese. As it is located a mere one hour from Buenos Aires by catamaran, it is also a popular day trip for visitors to the Argentinian capital. East of Montevideo is Punta del Este, a beach resort popular among the rich and famous and the city where the Los Dedos sculpture and the Casa Pueblo resort museum are located.

Further off the beaten path, check out Uruguay's industrial history in Fray Free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in delwhere a former meat processing plant is also a World Heritage site. And of course that meat had to come from somewhere—Uruguay also has a strong history of agriculture, and visitors can tour estancias ranches dotted throughout the country's interior.

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In the northern interioryou're sure to encounter gauchos: Uruguayan cowboys who still wear traditional clothes and ride horses alongside the highway. Current rates for these and other currencies are available from XE. The Uruguayan currency is Majene in Fuck girl peso ISO code: Places that cater to foreign visitors often also accept Argentinian pesos or Brazilian reals.

Credit cards are not as widely accepted as in North America or Europe - smaller establishments often accept only cash efectivo. You can exchange a large bill for smaller change without paying a commission at Abitaba one-stop shop with branches all over Uruguay that offers all kinds of services, including paying bills, buying tickets for performances, and adding money to transit cards.

RedBrou has lower fees, but many of their machines are deposit-only. So, best to try once, then you know.

So, coming from Europe probably cards are to be preferred considering their safety and convenience. Cambios aka Bureau de change are numerous and widespread; wherever you have a free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del or a Red Brou, there will most likely also be a Cambio in town. Uruguay is like many developing countries in that the retail industry is still dominated by small specialized shops, small supermarkets, and small, crowded shopping malls.

There are no true department stores in free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del country remotely comparable to the giant stores found in New York or Paris. Even the shopping buildings along Avenida 18 de Julio in central Montevideo are not department stores but collections of smaller stores.


free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del In the entire country, there is only one true hypermarket, Geant operated a joint venture between local chain Disco and the French chain Geantthat constitutes a reasonably decent facsimile of hypermarkets elsewhere down to the huge parking lot, high ceiling and wide aisles. Uruguay does not have the big box "category killer" stores for which the U.

One quite widespread supermarket chain is Ta-ta. These relatively small supermarkets sell a wide range of products from food and household items to clothes and even things you can bring home as souvenirs. If you've forgotten to bring something for your trip you can probably find it there.

Most of them are open seven days a week. There are several so-called shopping centers, four of them located in the capital: Uruguay does not manufacture most consumer goods locally. Most items in the stores have either been imported from China, or from Argentina or Brazil. Accordingly, imported goods cost as much as in Australia, Canada, or Europe.

Uruguayan products on the other hand - chiefly comprised of food and leather products - can be very affordable. Some parts of Uruguayan stores feature numerous high-quality brands familiar to any North American, like Dove soap, Colgate toothpaste, Listerine mouthwash, Del Monte canned fruit, and so on.

There are other brands with familiar logos but strange names; for example, Coca-Cola's South American juice brand is del Valle, which has a logo similar to Free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del North American juice brand, Minute Maid.

However, Uruguay is not a major priority for most other brands found in the developed world, which means their products are luckily! Locally available brands as noted, imported mostly from China tend to be of poor quality. Because the Uruguayan market free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del Belmopan Adult fun in small and most Uruguayans are still relatively poor compared to consumers elsewhere, Uruguayan retailers lack the bargaining power of their North American or European counterparts.

In turn, Chinese factories often sell their highest-quality product lines to the dominant First World markets and send their mediocre-quality product lines to Uruguay and other small developing countries. Popular items to buy include yerba mate gourds, antiques, wool textiles, and leather goods: With regard to textiles and leather goods, although the prices may look like great bargains, one must keep in mind that local designs are inferior to designs elsewhere.

Uruguay is still decades behind other countries when it comes to the quality of metalworking, which is a serious problem since leather goods like purses and belts have metal parts like clasps and buckles. Uruguayan cuisine is typical for temperate countries, high on butter, fat, and grains, low on spice.

It has an important Italian influence due to the strong Italian inmigration. If you are from the Mediterranean, you will find it bland, but if you come from the Northern Europe, Russia or the US, you won't have trouble getting used to it. Restaurants and some other free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del give discounts if you pay with a foreign credit card.

The discount, which was established by the government to encourage tourism, is technically a reduction in value-added tax. There are many public markets where you can get a hundred varieties of meat.

Vegetarians can order ravioli just about anywhere, but check to make sure the sauce doesn't contain free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del. Empanadas hand-sized meat or cheese pies make an excellent portable, inexpensive, and delicious snack or lunch. You can find them easily at many corner bakeries. Uruguay has traditionally been a ranching country, with cattle outnumbering people more than two-to-one, and therefore features excellent and affordable steaks.

One dish that should not be missed is chivitoa heart-attack-on-a-platter sandwich some guidebooks call it a "cholesterol bomb" that is made of a combination of grilled tenderloin steak, tomato, lettuce, onion, eggs hard-boiled and then free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in delham, bacon, mozzarella cheese and mayonnaise and fries. There are two versions of chivito.

Al pan means it's served "on bread", this is the classic variant and it looks free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del a hamburger served on a plate. If it is served al plato it is like a hamburger minus the bread and often with more vegetables. Asado is a typical Uruguayan barbeque, consisting of a variety of grilled meats beef short ribs, sausage, blood sausage and sweetbreads and other offal over wood coals.

Almost all Uruguayans know free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del to make it and its variations appear on most restaurant menus.

For a in Frutal Prostitute experience, try it at the "Mercado del Puerto" market, in Montevideo's port area. As many of the European immigrants to the area around Rio de la Plata a century ago came from Italy, Italian dishes have a special place in the local cuisine, often with a local twist. The Central European schnitzel's local relative Milanesa is made with beef instead of pork and is also available as a sandwich.

Uruguay, with its long shoreline, also enjoys an excellent variety of seafood and fish. The flavor of the most commonly offered fish, brotolamay be familiar to people from North America, where it is called hake. Mate MAH-teha tea-like infusion made from the yerba mate plant and drunk hot through a straw, is the unofficial national drink of Uruguay.


You may have to buy a package at a supermarket and make your own. The drinking gourds are widely available and range from economical to super-deluxe silver and horn. Mate is a social drink. If you are with a group of Uruguayans they will probably offer you some, do be mindful, it will be hot and may taste somewhat bitter. If you try some it will make everybody happy. Uruguay is also acquiring a reputation for its fine winesespecially those made from the Tannat grape.

Alcohol is relatively inexpensive. The two domestic brands found everywhere are Pilsen free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del Patricia, with Zillertal teen Kong Hong Naughty in dating a distant third.

There are a number of craft brewery brands as well. Import beer is available at large supermarkets and pubs, but not at regular restaurants. The most common strong alcohol beverage is surprisingly free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in deleven many famous brands such as Johnnie Walker being manufactured in Uruguay under license.

Nightlife goes late in Uruguay. Nightclubs often waive the cover charge for "early" arrivals until midnight, and it's not uncommon for a concert or a night of partying to end around dawn. For nature free Beach Colonia sex Sacramento in del, birdwatchers, and those seeking a respite from the fast-paced world, there are many "estancias" in serene and peaceful environments, surrounded by many species of native and migrating birds, which offer a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature.

There are many more beach houses to rent along the coast than actual hotel rooms. They are plentiful, and outside the high season affordable. During the first two weeks of January it's impossible to find anything, every cottage and hotel room is booked months in advance. In addition, camping is possible in many place free or including amenitiesespecially near the beach. However, consider that many grounds are private property, so you should not camp here.

ME use, to find places which have been tagged by other people as possible camping sites. There are numerous English language schools which are looking for native speakers as teachers. They can arrange papers or pay teachers under the table.


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