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If there's sand, Mirtiotissa is the most beautiful beach to visit, so long as you don't mind seeing the occasional willy or bare boob!!!

We've visited a numbr of other nudist beaches around the Greek Islands. This was by far the most disappointing particularly as it's quite difficult to reach without the aid of sat nav or a smart fone with google maps.

Overall, we were not impressed with the beaches on the west of the Island. The beaches to the north are far nicer. As previous reviews, this beach does get smaller each year, but is still wonderfully charming and a nice get away from the more touristy beaches.

It is a nudist beach with no photography allowed. Beds and brollies available and a small shack sells fab sandwiches, cold drinks and fruit and greek yoghurt, divine food and lovely people. Access by rock stairs - you need to be fit.

Fabulous views when you are in the sea and look up to the mountains. Once you arrived in Corfuyou have to visit Mirtiotissa.! A small beach, with beautiful view, surrounded by huge rocks and trees.! Also it is highly recommended for those who want to do naked swimming.! S you must park your car a bit far away from the beach sex finder Kampot Local in be careful for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in the stairs!!

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Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers. Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox. Only for people who are willing to go Pelekas to Vatos RoadGreece. Reviewed 18 October Reviewed 8 September Only for people who are willing to go nude.

Review of Mirtiotissa Beach. See all reviews. One day trip to Zagori from Corfu, Kipoi Paleokastritsa and Corfu Town. Shop Tickets And Tours. See previous reports on this issue. The first week I cleared some 10 sacks of rubbish consisting of rotting beach for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in, broken brollies, deflated lilos, food and drink containers together with soiled nappies.

In all I cleared a total of 14 sacks in two weeks. A disaster took place one afternoon. For Kerkira sauna Naked couple in later discovered the owners had no licence for operating beds in these areas.


A cliff fall one afternoon buried all of the beds 10 in the second bay, with several tons of rocks and mud. Over the years people have been told of the danger of such slides in these for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in. I suppose seeing the beds gave them a sense of security.

What was frightening though is that no officials arrived, police or whatever to investigate. The following morning a digger arrived and started to sort through the rubble for belongings which were returned to the holiday makers who had arrived. You could hardly have called it a body search using a digger bucket. Amazingly people were lying on the beach again next day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a lot of discontent amongst the locals and holiday makers on the main beach, that naturists are disrobing and walking naked from the jetty to the north end.

There were a few confrontations on the main beach because of this. No access appears to be possible to the North so no opportunities there.

Will it calm down later on in the summer? We went to Arillas in May via the footpath from San Stefanos which now includes a much safer detour inland instead of walking close to the cliff edge. The north end of the beach is much depleted and there seems to be more sand on the south end.

Nudists are now appearing on the south end. It is possible to continue on round to a beautiful small cove which is often uninhabited - bliss! Due to erosion of the beach the nudist part of Arillas beach on the right has become very difficult to access. Many nudists have started using the far left of the beach.

Another two glorious weeks spent in Arillas enjoying the sun and sea as nature intended. The north beach although very quiet, had a wide range of ages enjoying themselves. Arillas now has an ATM and a pharmacy.

Despite the Greek economy prices did not seem much more expensive than last year. My previous reports in and have commented on the untidiness of the beach. I for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in made similar comments on the www. A big thanks to all those who have helped to maintain standards.

Very nice nudist beach where you can walk for about metres. Easy to reach although if the sea for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in a bit wild you better get nude before you pass the cliff most visitors do this. Beautiful sunset and restaurants nearby to have a nice evening dinner.

We loved it very much. Don't forget to take an empty water bottle. Cut for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in the top and take some seawater. Then dissolve some of the clayrocks for about 20 minutes and smear it all over your body. What we like about it is that you don't have to walk for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in long to get there it took us 5 minutes from the end of the beach road, where you can also park your car.

We did not see a lot of dirt on the beach, just some driftwood, but we think that the beach probably gets more dirty and crowded in August, as is sadly the case with many beaches. When we were there, there were usually about 10 couples and sometimes a family there, all nude.

When the sea was calm we walked a few metres through the sea to get there. One day the waves were quite big so we climbed over some rocks and followed the footpath on the cliff, which took us just 2 minutes more.

The naturist beaches this year were considerably larger than last year, due to very low tides, both north and south of the main beach. You could actually walk from the main beach to the naturist north end without getting your feet wet. The age group ranged from a 4-week-old to OAPs. Altogether a great holiday in a great resort with great food.

Visited the wine festival whilst we were there. Excellent BBQ and a great band. Various coach trips available: Last year I complained about the untidy beach which brought some comments from several people. This year was no better, so rather than just complain, I organised a beach clean-up with the Keep Arillas Tidy committee chairman, an English holidaymaker called Clive.

He was actually awarded a diploma at the wine festival for his efforts over the past few years. As a result we cleared 25 sacks of rubbish, 4 refrigerator compressors and a moped frame. Leon also part of the committee and owner of the Armoudrada Taverna, arranged for a boat to visit the beach for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in collect it all.

Many people said it is the cleanest they have ever seen the beach. Let's hope it remains like it, for the rest of the season at least. Photos from Summer Our first visit to Arillas. We spent our days on the naturist beaches north and south of the main beach. We found several places with well defined ''steps'' from the footpath above the beach leading to the north end, when it was a little more than a wade around the rocks due to high tides and winds. We found it easier to use the south side when the tides and winds were high.

My only disappointment was how untidy it was. Discarded wine, water bottles and food wrappings laying around, together with beach mats, brollies and lilos in various stages of disrepair.


Another concern is that whilst we were there, three large landslides occurred for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in, falling to where during the previous day people had been sunbathing. People most certainly would have had been killed if the slides had happened during the day.

There are no ATM machines available, although several places can exchange your currency at a rate that matched UK rates. There is no public bus service other than one that leaves early morning and returns at night, primarily it's a bus for the locals.

Car hire is available. You can pre-book coach trips to various places on the island at various booking offices in for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in town.

To Corfu Town, for example, leaving at The beach is several hundred metres of soft, clean sand with a hillside backdrop. Not quite as good as Plakias on Crete, but better than Tingaki on Kos. Beware of unstable cliffs particularly at the end of the textile beach, just before the large rock.

A large section crashed down onto the beach one morning. Fortunately the for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in was in shadow and no-one was under it.

Approximately 11km north of Paliokastritsa by road and is sometimes known as Aghios Georgios north. Now big developments all along the beach. The resort stretches for 2 miles with a rocky foreshore, however the north beach is superb.

The south beach runs for 2 miles and backed by cliffs. It is only nude to the south by rock fall, but if you clamber over the rocks you have another 3 miles of beach again backed by cliffs and mostly populated by nudists. More recent reports suggest that development now covers most of the beach and no nudism is practised here. There were only couples each day and a few walkers would strip off for a dip every so often. Porto Timoni beach below Afionas is also lovely but is mainly textile.

We did for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in early one day to join a nude couple but very soon we were overrun by textiles. Spent the rest of the time at Porto Timoni on the other side of the bay where textiles could see that we were nude but didn't bother to make the effort to walk down to the beach.

The for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in rule appears to be that if you arrive first and strip off, others will follow. This beach seems to becoming the go-to place for naturist bathing in Agios Georgios. During our week there were never more than half a dozen couples there and all were nude. Lovely chilled atmosphere and delightful swimming and snorkelling.

Occasional textile visitors but most left to go back to the main clothed beach. August we went to Porto Timoni beach. Amazing walk in and view down to the double beach. The double beaches are all textile but as mentioned in another report the beach on the other side of the bay can be claimed for spending time naked.

Nice beach for skinny dipping. Textiles have a look from the hill above but don't bother to make the effort to climb down to the beach for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in they want to join you naked. September - Bennie's beach is becoming even more popular for nudists. There were no textiles at all when we were there and between 10 and 20 couples most days.

A very large family resort spread around a number of pretty bays. Many bars, restaurants etc. Spectacular views over town from Lakones - no evidence of nudism whilst my correspondents were there. A small beach overlooked by for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in hotel with an unusual funicular railway which ran down to the beach.

Pretty setting but all clothed. Yes we were there in July our Hotel was there. But walk along the bay footpath to the bay next to Ermones. You have to climb some rocks. Although no sandy beach you can strip off and swim in a beautiful bay.

Mirtiotissa is one of the most dramatically beautiful beaches in the world. Backed by high rock cliffs, the beach for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in accommodate a fair number of nudists without too much overcrowding, although in July and August it can sometimes be difficult to find enough space to lie down.

The great majority of the bathers in the southern part are nudists, and there seems to be no trouble with the local authorities. There is a small waterfall of spring water well, all right, a half inch pipe that is convenient for washing-off after a day's swim in the sea, and at night there is usually for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in party of campers or stray visitors who simply want to put off the climb until the next day.

The crowd is quite cosmopolitan lots of Scandinavians and Germans, lots of Italians, a goodly number of Americans and Brits. Its name is Myrtiotissa. Lion-gold sand … lies smoothly against the white limestone cliff, thrown up in roundels by the force of the sea, which breaks upon a narrow sand-bank some sixty yards clear of the shore. The walk down to the beach is OK, but allow yourself time and energy for the walk back up, which for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in hard going!

Actually it's only for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in if you're parked a long way off or on foot: Take some water with you. Although the bar on the beach sells water it tends to sell out quickly. There is a taverna on the track, before you get to the beach, good for stopping at on the way back. Continuing on the track past the beach for a quarter of a mile brings you to the Bella Vista taverna, where you can enjoy lunch or a drink with a fantastic view over the sea.

The beach is as clean as a crowded beach can be and the water is as clean as anywhere in the Ionian for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in. Apparently the sandwich bar owners clear up the whole beach in the evening, with the the help of like-minded naturists. The sea is very shallow, so not great for swimming, but the beach is totally sandy and much easier to get into than other beaches on the island. And shallow water warms up nicely! Being on the west coast and at the bottom of a high cliff, the sun rises relatively late after Umbrellas and loungers are available.

Very crowded during August, be there early to get a sun bed. Two things are getting more and more annoying. First it's the increasing amount of local men peeping constantly at female tourists. It's not unlikely they place themselves right in front of the ladies and play with themselves. Secondly it's the ever-increasing more-or-less open use of drugs. Sad thing that devalues this nice beach.

There is a wide variety of budget-priced accommodation in Vatos and the Taverna run by Alex and Despina in Vatos is said to be both excellent in quality of food and value for money.

Word reaches the Captain that a local developer for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in purchased a very large piece of land overlooking the beach and he is ready to build a hotel — something that could simply erase the traditional character of the beach.

Some locals are getting ready to protest but if the project goes ahead it could very well be the end for Myrtiotissa as we know it. Let us hope that such developers understand that naturists are good business.

Only for people who are willing to go... - Mirtiotissa Beach

There are plenty of other places they can go if they are chased away. However, there was no sign in September of the threatened development — just the very welcome taverna offering a break and a drink to the poor souls slogging their way back to the car park. There's a signed turn to Mirtiotissa beach off the Vatos—Pelekas road. It starts off uphill, which might not be how you expect to get to a beach…. Follow this road, almost to the end, and where it descends to sea level you're at the north end of the beach.

The for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in goes on a little further, then ends at the monastery. The road is mostly paved, but pretty steep in places. Remember too that hire cars are not insured on unmade roads.

In recent years, sudden downpours of rain have made the track impassable even for 4-wheel drives! Arrive a little later and there are more spots further down the hill… but leave the last niche clear so others can turn. From there down to the beach, the road is very steep and winding, with lots of unmade sections, and is very rough in places. Villa Atraides is promoted as a secluded, no-kids, hetero environment in the hills above Mirtiotissa.

No first-hand experience of it, but if you like that sort of thing it sounds like the sort of thing you'd like. The beach is still there, we went first for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in in October and it was the same as we remember from 6 years ago. Arrived at 11am to be some of the first ones, it was on Monday.

We had a good spot, several hours later the beach got full, very busy with locals, mixed couples, gay men. I swear there was around people on the beach If you dont mind be laying body next to the body this is great for you.

We did not like it as much as before. Local people make it loud and smoking for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in, water is great. The beach is gone! There are only a few square meters remaining, maybe room for 10 folks. The walk down to the beach is definitely no more worth the effort. The charming natural shower is so popular you have to queue for it and then you are surrounded by voyeurs in clothes.

The size of the beach depends on the weather. If there are more waves the beach is narrower. The second week of May there were about for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in people, mixed, couples, some with children, all ages, very nice. Some Greek single men who all seem to know each other, they seem to go there just to have a talk with each other. Must be too busy in July and August. There is a charming Greek woman who runs a "hut"and sells drinks, only cold ones. She can make you a good sandwich.

She speaks fluently English and German Ata fuck Girls Cholpon for in some Dutch and French words. The three days I was there I always saw the same people, the for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in said they come back every year. Smaller than expected, crowded and many almost majority clothed Greek males mostly voyeurs….


Umbrella and chairs are quite expensive. Although the sign incrusted "nudist" in the road on the overhanging cliff is still present, it's vanishing as the nudism is vanishing on this beach…: From early in the morning till afternoon only some people came, some textile, some nude. The first days we went it was ok, but one day a local came next to us, although he put his towels in a completely different place.

He kept standing there, semi erect with his fluids leaking, then he peed for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in the rocks and kept standing next to us. Some other locals passed near and they waved each other. Later in Haiya Prostitute found him checking the other sides of the beach. In May the water was cool, which might be why numbers were low, but high season must be very crowded. Own transport scooter best really essential.

Just back from a lovely week based in Paleokastritsa. Mirtiotissa is a lovely beach - just a 10 minute drive away. Stop by the lovely taverna and have a coffee. Then carry on down by foot. Access, as has been said, is a steep but concrete single road then about 30 steps down.

Second part is definitely textile. Get there by for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in and you will be able to park a car. There's a lovely family-run "bar" a hut, really where they sell water, beer, will make you a fresh sandwich and where you can for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in sunbeds 3 eur each and umbrellas for 2 euros each. But a heck of a walk back up the hill if the sun's still out! The road is now tarred or concreted all the way down.

The only car park visible was marked for the use of taverna customers. This depends each year on the winter storms and currents.

The beach also is much more crowded and full with sunbeds, with nearly some space to get to the water.

Most people here know each other as they come back here every year.


Not recommended if you are looking for a quiet day at the beach. Take a moped which can be parked at the top of a dozen rough steps down to the beech. We didn't see anyone playing with themselves but they make sure they see everyone and get seen themselves - if you get my drift.

Water clear, sand fine and very clean due to the guys that pick up litter regularly. Snorkelling recommended as the small islands close by are covered in fish.

The kiosk provides everything you could need and prices are reasonable. The whole place has the atmosphere of a club, run by ex-hippies. It's safe, beautiful and highly recommended. Our first visit and we found it simply delightful. No tensions, despite the confined area. Mirtiotissa is still one of for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in best beaches in Greece.

The facilities are excellent, and the staff make the best sandwiches I've ever had. To my great content, the beach has widened significantly since the past year and now it has a lot more space.

If this change remains, this year it will not be so crowded as it was the past years. You can reach the beach by car. But you have to be there at about 10 am to get a parking spot. The later you come the higher you have to park your car. The beach is indeed very crowded which makes it unpleasant. And some days you can for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in home-made icecream mmmmm. Just back from Corfu and spent some time at Mirtiotissa. We would agree that it is a stunning, clean beach with crystal clear water ideal for long naked swims.

We were staying at Glyfada and it is a lovely walk through the woods to Mirtiotissa from there took us about 20 minutes from the Louis Grand hotel. We drove there once but the road is so narrow and steep and so busy by mid-morning, walking was definitely the best option. As we have not for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in before it is difficult to comment on the size of the beach compared with other years but there does seem to be very little sand.

Now for the negatives. The first time we visited we arrived about The beach was so crowded it was difficult to find a space large enough for us both to lie down and getting into the sea involved climbing over other peoples' towels and beds.

There was a mixed group of people of different nationalities and a significant number of local men. There was also a strange atmosphere and we did not feel as comfortable as we do on the other beaches in UK for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in Canaries that for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in use regularly. We visited twice more during our week and got there much earlier and experienced some of the good atmosphere that other people refer to before it got too busy.

We were aware of cannabis use by the locals on the beach and quite a few gay Monaco Vacaville sluts in meeting there and this was not an issue for us.

We also respected the 'no fotos' sign painted on a board by the steps. However we were very disturbed by what happened when we left on our last day.

We had gone back up to the road above the beach where a lot of the guide book photos are taken from. My husband was filming the view along the cliffs in both directions when a local man came running up from the beach after us shouting and demanding to know why we were taking pictures of people with no clothes.

We tried to explain that we were filming the cliffs and the sea but he just kept shouting at us. I was afraid that he was going to try to take the camera from my husband and was very intimidated by his behaviour and afraid he would follow us back to the hotel.

We laughed about it afterwards but it was a horrible incident and would put us off going there again. We visited Mirtiotissa several times. What we really like about Mirtiotissa is that there's a very basic kantina on the beach, where you can get delicious sandwiches and a cold beer.

Very mixed visitor population: It was clean when we visited. Opposite of Elia is a small parking which everyone can use and we always parked there, although it probably is full by afternoon. We can recommend the food at Londrina Prostitute in. They are definitely naturist-friendly and we guess it's also a gay-friendly accommodation, since we spotted a leaflet about a gay party they hosted. The only negative thing we have to say about Mirtiotissa is that sometimes textiles took close-up photos from naturists on the beach, although the sign clearly says 'no photo'.

It made us feel uncomfortable. Maybe this also partly explains the kind of reaction the 30 August reporters got when they took photos. For Kerkira sauna Naked couple in walk up and down is hard. Bring water with you. But it is worth it. Both textile and nude on the beach.

Possible to buy sandwich and soda from the snack bar. The beach was packed and predominantly but not exclusively naked. The little shack sells delicious hand-made salads, sandwiches and snacks, as well as cold drinks. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available and the beach is kept in immaculate condition. There is something of a hippy vibe about the place a woman selling Indian-style jewellery and cloth which reminded the reporter of his first visits to Greece thirty years ago.

Unfortunately, the beach has been getting smaller each winter and as a result it is becoming more and more crowded. The beach, as can be seen in the recent photos, has come to the half of the size it had in the year The best beach on the island. Also available were jewellery no-one hassles you, just go up if you're interested and massages together with a German guy selling local honey. A report speaks of a small area at the southern end of the beach occupied by a small number of nudists being ignored by the passing textiles.

My correspondent also enjoyed naked scrambles among the rocks without problem. Another report at the beginning of confirms Madeira in Cock sucking the southern for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in of the beach is indeed naturist. Walk beyond the rocks that are on the beach and you will find a small naturist area under the cliffs. The textile area is very busy and commercialised, though. In the second week of May it was quiet.

Three single men including myself. OK if you don't mind clothed people walking up and down to the end of the beach. Would recommend this beach. The Southern part of the beach is indeed visited by nudists. The beach here is sandy with some rocks and the sea is shallow. Not a lot of people. We thought it was much better than Mirtiotissa.

Really liked this beach, lots of sand, no stone and little sea-weed. Visited for one afternoon when weather was OK. Two including myself naturists at the very south of the beach with lots of space between us and the remaining people on the beach.

Just back from a week at the Louis Grand Hotel at Glyfada. There is a roughly painted 'nudist' sign just past the busy part of the beach to the South. We enjoyed swimming, sunbathing and walking around the rocks. There were very few other people using this part of the beach but there was a nice friendly relaxed atmosphere and would definitely recommend it if you feel OK with clothed people walking and swimming nearby all the time. At Pelekas, the main beach in front of Pelakos Beach Hotel is too busy to strip off; however if you walk south past Maria's taverna and up the hill, take the first turning right which takes you down to for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in harbour, walk on another 50m and there is the nicest little cove.

My correspondent spent many hours here during summerswimming, picnicking, sunbathing, - the people that did pass didn't bother that he was in the nude. It was so secluded his wife stripped off for the first time on a beach!!! There are other little coves further on but it entails a little rock hopping. Disappointing reports reach me about Pelekas beach.

A correspondent reports that the widespread clothes-optional attitude that has existed on Pelekas beach for 20 years has finally succumbed for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in road building. What so recently was a paradise for campers and young people is now the back yard for every family from Corfu town. Now a big development. Heading north away from the main beach at the resort, the wooded boardwalk makes the going easy whilst it lasts, pass the Pink Palace For Kerkira sauna Naked couple in Building.

Continue for approx yards and you will reach a very distinctive building which in was a slightly run-down taverna with never a customer there and a conspicuous catwalk and ladder out into the sea. Walk through the courtyard it is a right-of-way and you come a bit of a scramble through a couple of rocks; this brings you for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in a bay approx. But - but - there now comes another distinctive feature which is a rock at the water's edge with an overhang and from for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in distance looks a bit like a dinosaur's head and could be thought to block progress but no - there is a very narrow way round the landward side keep your shorts on or risk having your delicate areas scratched by the bushes.

Sometimes it was possible to wade through the sea depending on tide and waves. This brings you to a pebble bay approx yards long and would house hundreds but my contributors frequently had it to themselves and occasionally shared with another couple. Clearly there are no facilities so take everything needed, food, water and shade.

It may sound a bit complicated but it really is not and took two of my older readers 25 minutes to get there and well worth the effort. The nature of the pebble beach and an undertow in rougher seas may make this unsafe for poor swimmers or children.

A correspondent visited this beach several times during May It is quite difficult to get to but is worth the walk. The back of the beach is stony and is badly littered with rubbish. As long as you face the sea you won't see it. For Kerkira sauna Naked couple in is one large hotel in this resort and many of the tourists come along to gawp. On a couple of occasions a couple of suspicious characters came and hung about unfortunately this is not the only such report the Captain has received about this beach.

Gay Corfu Guide | Gay Beaches, Bars, Hotels & More

This unnerved my correspondent's wife and forced them to pack up and leave. They saw one other lone male naturist and another couple. July saw another report of gay men, shall we say, "openly expressing their sexuality". Barefooters found it easy to walk to the beach when following the directions above in August There was not much litter.

When they arrived there were just 3 other couples there. My Barefoot reporters relaxed for 3 hours and then the gay men arrived. They had sunshade-umbrellas hidden in the bushes. The other couples left straight away. Before for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in my reporter and her husband also felt uncomfortable and left the beach. The Captain asks all naturists, gay or straight, to avoid confusing the beach with their bedrooms.

It is unfortunate when open sexual behaviour offends people. A beautiful wide, long, sandy, quiet beach on the strip of land between Lake Korission and the sea.

There is enough space that you can pretty much do your own thing - a mixture of naked and clothed people, but no real "rules" and a nice feel to it. There are lots of finder in Ott Fuck and dunes which are perfect wind-breakers and give you a lot of privacy…: The water is shallow a long way out, which means it warms up nicely.

Sometimes a bit polluted by seaweed. There are two small beach bars with some sunbeds but, since the beach is so long, it's not for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in or noisy at all.

Hardly anyone on weekdays, not too busy on Sundays. Take road left for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in Gardiki Castle, then left after 1. Park anywhere along this stretch and walk 50 metres or so across dunes to beach.

Towards the end of the dirt road there's a kitesurf club. Past that there's at least a kilometre of quiet, unspoiled beach used by naturists. Halikounas beach borders the same lake as Issos beachbut to get there you have to take a different road around the other side of the lake.

September We went to this beach for the first time. Right at the very end there were around 20 naturists there, mostly couples. The beach is Windy and not as clean. Everyone left by 5pm.

Indeed, mostly textiles, but very very long beach. So, we found a spot where another naturist couple was already installed, way beyond the kite club. We were disappointed to find the beach dominated by textiles and not a single naturist for a long stretch for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in walking down from the north-west end. In the for Kerkira sauna Naked couple in we gave up and drove to the nearby Issos Beach instead, which is altogether better.

I am delighted to report that Halikounas is still very much a beautiful nudist beach: A lot of clothed people walked past and seemed to be cool with the nudists. It was really pleasant we had an absolutely marvellous afternoon and plenty of room.

Really one with nature as nature intended. A couple of days later we returned and it was just as good as the first day! Can't wait to visit again next year.

Great beach, discreet naturists in the areas between the snack bars. Surf school not yet open for the season. Lots of space for everybody. Windy when we went — kitesurfing venue, doh!


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