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Some clerical opponents and families such as al Dossari left or were exiled to Saudi Arabia and Iran. The Bahrain Petroleum Company Bapcoa subsidiary of the Standard Oil Company of California Socal[88] discovered oil in and production began the following year.

This was to bring rapid modernisation to Bahrain. In the early s, Bahrain Airport was developed. Later in the same decade the Bahrain Maritime Airport was established, for flying-boats girls sex Zenica Frankfort who want in seaplanes.

On 19 Octoberfour Italian SM. The riots focused on the Jewish community. As of [update]37 Jews remained in the country. In a month-long uprising broke out after hundreds of workers at the Bahrain Petroleum Company were laid off. On 15 August[96] [97] though the Shah of Iran was claiming historical sovereignty over Bahrain, he accepted a referendum held by the United Nations and eventually Bahrain declared independence and signed a new treaty of friendship with the United Kingdom.

Bahrain joined the United Nations and the Arab League later in the year. The country had already begun diversification of its economy and benefited for a in Bahrain car date Looking from the Lebanese Civil War in the s and s, when Bahrain replaced Beirut as the Middle East's financial hub after Lebanon's large banking sector was driven out of the country by the war. Following the Islamic revolution in Iran inthe Bahraini Shia population orchestrated a failed coup attempt under the auspices of a front organisation, the Islamic Front for the Liberation of Bahrain.

The resulting clash with police soon grew into civil unrest. A popular uprising occurred between and in which leftists, liberals and Islamists joined forces. The country participated in military action against the Taliban in October by deploying a frigate in the Arabian Sea for rescue and humanitarian operations. Following the political liberalisation of the country, Bahrain negotiated a free trade agreement with the United States in Inspired by the regional Arab SpringBahrain's Shia majority started large protests against its Sunni rulers in for a in Bahrain car date Looking Iran is alleged by United States and others to have a hand in the arming of Bahraini militants.

Bahrain is a generally flat and arid archipelago in the Persian For a in Bahrain car date Looking. Often described as an archipelago of 33 islands, [] extensive land reclamation projects have changed this; by August the number of islands and island groups had increased to Bahrain has mild winters and very hot, humid summers.

The country's natural resources include large quantities of oil and natural gas as well as fish in the offshore waters. Arable land constitutes only 2. The gentleman in seeking Mariehamn Woman a and domestic sectors' over-utilisation of the Dammam Aquiferthe principal aquifer in Bahrain, has led to its salinisation by adjacent brackish and saline water bodies.

A hydrochemical study identified the locations of the sources of aquifer salinisation and delineated their areas of influence. The investigation indicates that the aquifer water quality is significantly modified as groundwater flows from the northwestern parts of Bahrain, where the aquifer receives its water by lateral underflow from eastern Saudi Arabia, to the southern and southeastern parts.

Four types of salinisation of the aquifer are identified: Four alternatives for the management of groundwater quality that are available to the water authorities in Bahrain are discussed and their priority areas are proposed, based on the type and extent of each salinisation source, in addition to groundwater use in that area.

Dust storms from Iraq and For a in Bahrain car date Looking Arabia transported by northwesterly winds, locally called shamal wind, causing reduced visibility in the months of June and July. Summers are very hot. The seas around Bahrain are very shallow, heating up quickly in the summer to produce very high humidityespecially at night. Rainfalls mostly occur in winter, with a recorded maximum of More than species of birds were recorded in the For a in Bahrain car date Looking archipelago, 26 species of which breed in the country.

Millions of migratory birds pass through the Persian Gulf region in the winter and autumn months. Only 18 species of mammals are found in Bahrain, animals such as gazellesdesert rabbits and hedgehogs are common in the wild but the Arabian oryx was hunted to extinction on the island.

Sea grass beds are important foraging grounds for some threatened species such as dugongs and the green turtle. The Hawar Islands Protected Area provides valuable feeding and breeding grounds for a variety of migratory seabirds, it is an internationally recognised site for bird migration.

The breeding colony of Socotra cormorant on Hawar Islands is the largest in the world, and the dugongs foraging around the archipelago form the second-largest dugong aggregation after Australia. Bahrain has five designated protected areasfour of which are marine environments. King Hamad enjoys wide executive powers which for a in Bahrain car date Looking appointing the Prime Minister and his ministerscommanding the armychairing the Higher Judicial Councilappointing the parliament 's upper house and dissolving its elected lower house.

The forty members of the Shura are appointed by the king. In the Council of Representatives, 40 members are elected by absolute majority vote in single-member constituencies to serve four-year terms.

After approval, the king may ratify and issue for a in Bahrain car date Looking act or return it within six months to the National Assembly where it may only pass into law if approved by two thirds of both councils. Inthe country held its first parliamentary elections ; however, in Roll Prostitute years later, the late emir dissolved the parliament and suspended the constitution after parliament rejected the State Security Law.

The firstheld in was boycotted by the opposition, Al Wefaqwhich won a majority in the second in and third in Islamists opposed the law because "neither elected MPs nor the government has the authority to change the law because these institutions could misinterpret the word of God". The law was supported by women activists who said they were "suffering in silence". They managed to organise a rally attended by participants. Analysts of democratisation in the Middle East cite the Islamists' references to respect human rights in their justification for these programmes as evidence that these groups can serve as a progressive force in the region.

At a parliamentary session in June to discuss ratification of the Convention, Sheikh Adel Mouwdathe former leader of salafist party, Asalahexplained the party's objections: This why we have eyes from the American Embassy watching us during our sessions, to ensure things are swinging their way". The period between and known as the woman Aranyaprathet a beautiful Seeking in State Security Law Era ", saw wide range of human rights violations including arbitrary arrests, detention without trial, torture and forced exile.

Human rights conditions started to decline by when torture began to be employed again. InBahrain was criticised for its crackdown on the Arab spring uprising. In September, a government appointed commission confirmed reports of grave human rights violations including systematic torture.

The government promised to introduce reforms and avoid repeating the "painful events". The documentary TV film Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark which was produced by the Qatari channel Al Jazeeratalks about the Bahraini protests during This TV film showed all the violations that have been taken against the rights of Bahraini citizens during the uprising.

It also caused some problems between the Bahraini and the Qatari governments. Amnesty International 's report on the country points to continued suppression of dissent, restricted freedom of expression, unjust imprisonment, and frequent torture and other ill-treatment of its citizens. In AugustUnited States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke against the discrimination of Shias in Bahrain, saying, "Members of the Shia community there continue to report ongoing discrimination in government employment, education, and the justice system," and that "Bahrain must stop discriminating against the Shia communities.

Women in Bahrain acquired voting rights and the right to stand in national elections in the election. Nada Haffadh became the country's first female cabinet minister on her appointment as Minister of Health in The quasi-governmental women's group, the Supreme Council for Womentrained female candidates to take part in the general election. When Bahrain was elected to head the United Nations General Assembly in it appointed lawyer and for a in Bahrain car date Looking rights activist Haya bint Rashid Al Khalifa President of the United Nations General Assembly, only the third woman in history to head the world body.

Bahraini journalists risk prosecution for offenses which include "undermining" the government and religion. Journalists were targeted by officials during anti-government protests in Three editors from opposition daily Al-Wasat were sacked and later fined for publishing "false" news.

Several foreign correspondents were expelled. Most domestic broadcasters are state-run. In Hong girls Kong Horny independent commission, set up to look into the unrest, found that state media coverage was at times inflammatory.

It plus more in Debrecen Massage opposition groups suffered from lack of access to mainstream media, and recommended that the government "consider relaxing censorship".

It will be based at for a in Bahrain car date Looking planned "Media City". An opposition satellite station, Lualua TV, operates from London but has found its signals blocked. By JuneBahrain hadinternet users. Rigorous filtering targets political, human rights, religious material and content deemed obscene. Bloggers and other netizens were among those detained during protests in The kingdom has a small but well equipped military called the Bahrain Defence Force BDFnumbering around 13, personnel.

The Government of Bahrain has close relations with the United Stateshaving signed a cooperative agreement with the United States Military and has provided the United States a base in Juffair since the early s, although a US naval presence existed since Bahrain participates in the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen against the Shia Houthis and forces loyal for a in Bahrain car date Looking former President Ali Abdullah Saleh[] who was deposed in the Arab Spring uprising.

Bahrain established bilateral relations with countries for a in Bahrain car date Looking. Bahrain plays a modest, moderating for a in Bahrain car date Looking in regional politics and adheres to the views of the Arab League on Middle East peace and Palestinian rights by supporting the two state solution.

Saudi Arabian troops were sent into Bahrain to crush a pro-democracy protests in The first municipality in Bahrain was the 8-member Manama municipality which was established in July Byit undertook road expansions as well as opening markets and slaughterhouses.

ManamaHiddAl Muharraqand Riffa. The first municipal elections to be held in Bahrain after independence inwas in The municipalities are listed below:. After 3 JulyBahrain was split into five administrative governorates for a in Bahrain car date Looking, each of which has its own governor. Economic conditions have fluctuated with the changing price of oil sincefor example during and following the Persian Gulf crisis of — With its highly developed communication and transport facilities, Bahrain is home to a number of multinational firms and construction proceeds on for a in Bahrain car date Looking major industrial projects.

Unemployment, especially among the young, and the depletion of both oil and underground water resources are major long-term economic problems. As a tourist destination, Bahrain received over eight million visitors inthough the exact number varies yearly. The kingdom combines modern Arab culture and the archaeological legacy of five thousand years of civilisation.

The Bahrain National Museum has artefacts from the country's history dating back to the island's first human inhabitants some years ago and the Beit Al Quran Arabic: Some of the popular historical tourist attractions in the kingdom are the Al Khamis Mosquewhich is one of the oldest mosques in the region, the Arad fort in Muharraq, Barbar templewhich is an ancient temple from the Dilmunite period of Bahrain, as well as the A'ali Burial Mounds and the Saar temple.

Bird watching primarily in the Hawar Islandsscuba divingand horse riding are popular tourist activities in Bahrain. Many tourists from nearby Saudi Arabia and across the region visit Manama primarily for the shopping malls in the capital Manama, such as the Bahrain City Centre and Seef Mall in the Seef district of Manama.

In January the state-run Bahrain News Agency announced the summer opening of an underwater theme park covering aboutsquare meters with a sunken Boeing as the site's centerpiece. Bahrain hopes scuba divers from around the world will visit the underwater park, which will also include artificial coral reefsa copy of a Bahraini pearl merchant's house, and sculptures.

SinceBahrain hosts an annual festival in March, titled Spring of Culturewhich features internationally renowned musicians and artists performing in concerts. The festival featured concerts starring Andrea BocelliJulio Iglesias and other musicians. Bahrain has one main international airportthe Bahrain International Airport BIA which is located on the island of Muharraq, in the north-east.

The airport handled more thanflights and more than 8 million passengers in Bahrain has a well-developed road networkparticularly for a in Bahrain car date Looking Manama. The discovery of oil in the early s accelerated the creation of multiple roads and highways in Bahrain, connecting several isolated villages, such as Budaiyato Manama. To the east, a bridge connected Manama to Muharraq sincea new causeway was built in which replaced the old wooden bridge. The four main islands and all the towns and villages are linked by well-constructed roads.

A causeway stretching over 2. It was completed in Decemberand financed by Saudi Arabia. Inthere were 17, passengers transiting through the causeway. Bahrain's port of Mina Salman is the main seaport of the country and consists of 15 berths. The telecommunications sector in Bahrain officially started in with the establishment of Bahrain's first telecommunications company, Batelco and untilit monopolised the sector. Inthere were more than 45, telephones in use in the country.

ByBatelco had more thanmobile contracts. Bahrain has been connected to the internet since with the country's domain suffix is '. The country's connectivity score a statistic which measures both Internet access and fixed and for a in Bahrain car date Looking telephone lines is The Bahraini Economic Vision published in does not indicate how the stated goal of shifting from an economy built on oil wealth to a productive, globally competitive economy will be attained.

Bahrain has already diversified its exports to some extent, out of necessity. It has the smallest hydrocarbon reserves of any Gulf state, producing 48, barrels per day from its one onshore field. The gas reserve in Bahrain is expected to last for less than 27 years, leaving the country with few sources of capital to pursue the development of new industries.

Investment in research and development remained very low for a in Bahrain car date Looking Apart from the Ministry of Education and the Higher Education Council, the two main hives of activity in science, technology, and innovation are the University of Bahrain established in and the Bahrain Centre for Strategic, International, and Energy Studies. The for a in Bahrain car date Looking was founded in to undertake research with a focus on strategic security and energy issues to encourage new thinking and influence policy-making.

Bahrain hopes to build a science culture within the kingdom and to encourage technological innovation, among other goals. Inthe Bahrain Science Centre was launched as an interactive educational facility targeting 6—year olds.

The topics covered by current exhibitions include junior engineering, hillsborough writer Bien Hoa girl in Aff health, the five senses, Earth sciences and biodiversity. The agency plans to establish infrastructure for the observation of both outer space and the Earth.

The aim is to establish a knowledge hub for the six member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council. In Marchthe centre hosted two high-level workshops on ICTs and education. Inthe government devoted for a in Bahrain car date Looking. This ratio was on a par with investment in education in Lebanon and for a in Bahrain car date Looking only than that in Qatar 2.

Bahrain invests little in research and development. In andthis investment reportedly amounted to 0. The lack of comprehensive data on research and development poses a challenge for policy-makers, as data inform evidence-based policy-making. The available data for researchers in only cover the higher education sector. Here, the number of researchers is equivalent to 50 per million inhabitants, compared to a global average for all employment sectors of 1, per million.

From touniversity staff published 5 papers and books. Bahrain was one of 11 Arab states which counted a majority of female university graduates in science and engineering in It is harder to judge the contribution of women to research, as the data for only cover the higher education sector. InBahraini scientists published articles in internationally cataloged journals, according to Thomson Reuters' Web of Science Science Citation Index Expanded.

This corresponds to 15 articles per million inhabitants, compared to a global average of per million inhabitants in Scientific output has risen slowly from 93 articles in and remains modest. Byonly Mauritania and Palestine had a smaller output for a in Bahrain car date Looking this database among Arab states. Between andBahraini scientists collaborated most with their peers from Saudi Arabia articlesfollowed by Egyptthe United Kingdom 93the United States 89 and Tunisia InBahrain's population grew to 1.

InapproximatelyIndian nationals lived in Bahrain, making them the single largest expatriate community in the country. Much of this population is concentrated in the north of the country with the Southern Governorate being the least densely populated part.

Bahraini people are ethnically diverse. Shia Bahrainis are divided into two main ethnic groups: Shia Persians form large communities in Manama and Muharraq. Sunni Bahrainis are mainly divided into two main ethnic groups: Arabs al Arab and Huwala.

Sunni Arabs are the most influential ethnic group in Bahrain, they hold most government positions and the Bahraini monarchy are Sunni Arabs. The state religion of Bahrain is Islam and most Bahraini citizens are Muslim. The majority of Bahraini Muslims are Shiites.

There is a native Christian community in Bahrain. Non-Muslim Bahraini residents numberedper the census, most of whom are Christians.

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Bahrain also has a native Jewish community numbering thirty-seven Bahraini citizens. Due to an influx of immigrants and guest workers from southern Asian countries, such as India, the Philippines and Sri Lankathe overall percentage of Muslims in the country has declined in recent years. Arabic is the official language of Bahrain, though English is widely used.

Arabic plays an important role in political life, as, according to article 57 c of Bahrain's constitution, an MP must be fluent in Arabic to stand for parliament. MalayalamTamil and Hindi are spoken among significant Indian communities.

Education is compulsory for children between the ages of 6 and Coeducation is not used in public schools, with boys and girls segregated into separate schools. At the beginning of the 20th century, Qur'anic schools Kuttab were the only form of education in Bahrain. After World War IBahrain became open to western influences, and a demand for modern educational institutions appeared. Bahrain also encourages institutions of higher learning, drawing on expatriate talent and the increasing pool of Bahrain nationals returning from abroad with advanced degrees.

The University of Bahrain was established for standard undergraduate and graduate study, and the King Abdulaziz University College of Health Sciences for a in Bahrain car date Looking, operating under the direction of the Ministry of Health, trains physiciansnursespharmacists and paramedics.

The Royal University for Women RUWestablished inwas the first private, purpose-built, international university in Bahrain dedicated solely to educating women. Bahrain has a universal health care system, dating back to Healthcare expenditure accounted for 4. Bahraini physicians and nurses form a majority of the country's workforce in the health sector, unlike neighbouring Gulf states. The life expectancy in Bahrain is 73 for males and 76 for females.

As a result, cases of malaria and TB have declined in recent decades with cases of contractions amongst Bahraini nationals becoming rare. Bahrain is currently suffering from an obesity epidemic as Islam is the main religion, and Bahrainis are known for their tolerance towards the practice of other faiths.

Rules regarding female attire are generally relaxed compared to regional neighbours; the traditional for a in Bahrain car date Looking of women usually include the hijab or the abaya.

Although Bahrain legalized homosexuality inmany homosexuals have since been arrested. The modern art movement in the country officially emerged in the s, culminating in the establishment of an art society. Expressionism and surrealismfor a in Bahrain car date Looking well as calligraphic art are the popular forms of art in the country. Abstract expressionism has gained popularity in recent decades. The wind tower dating in amateur manikin Slave Wholly, which generates natural ventilation in a house, is a common sight on old buildings, particularly in the old districts of Manama and Muharraq.

Literature retains a strong tradition in the country; most traditional writers and poets write in the classical Arabic style. In recent years, the number of younger poets influenced by western literature are rising, most writing in for a in Bahrain car date Looking verse and often including political or personal content. In literature, Bahrain was the site of the ancient land of Dilmun mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Legend also states that it was the location of the Garden of Eden. The music style in Bahrain is similar to that of its neighbors. The Khaliji style of music, which is folk musicis popular in the country. The sawt style of music, which involves a complex form of urban music, performed by an Oud plucked lutea violin and mirwas a drumis also popular in Bahrain. Bahrain was also the site of the first recording studio amongst the Persian Gulf states. Association football is the most popular sport in Bahrain.

Basketballrugby and horse racing are also widely popular in the country. This was followed by the Bahrain Grand Prix in Bahrain hosted the opening Grand Prix of the season on 12 March of that year. Both the above races were won by Fernando Alonso of Renault.

The race has since been hosted annually, except for when it was for a in Bahrain car date Looking due to ongoing anti-government protests. The V8s returned every November to the Sakhir circuit untilin which it was the second event of the series. The series has not returned since. The Bahrain International Circuit also features a full-length dragstrip where the Bahrain Drag Racing Club has organised invitational events featuring some of Europe's top drag racing teams to try to raise the profile of the sport in the Middle East.

On 1 SeptemberBahrain changed its weekend from being Thursdays and Fridays to Fridays and Saturdays, in order to have a day of the weekend shared with the rest of the world. Notable holidays in the country are listed below:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Bahrain disambiguation.

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Sovereign island state in the Persian Gulf. Since 17 November List of expeditions of Muhammad. Bahraini uprising ofSaudi-led intervention in Bahrainand Arab Spring.

Wildlife of Bahrain and List of birds of Bahrain.

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Human rights in Bahrain. Women's rights in Bahrain. Foreign relations of Bahrain. Telecommunications in Bahrain and Internet in Bahrain. Demographics of For a in Bahrain car date Looking and Freedom of religion in Bahrain. Bahraini people and Ethnic, cultural and religious groups of Bahrain. Religion in Bahrain, Pew Research [] [8] Muslim.

Arabic BahraniGulf. List of universities in Bahrain. Archived from the original on 29 December Retrieved 25 January Retrieved 10 September Archived from the original on 20 March Retrieved 31 January United Nations Development Programme. Retrieved 14 September Retrieved 3 March Archived from the original on 1 February Retrieved 1 February Retrieved on 7 November Retrieved 16 November Retrieved 19 July Bahrain Economic Development Board. Archived from the original on 28 December Retrieved 24 June The Bahrein Islands — New York Placenames of the World: The Archaeology of the Arabian Gulf, c.

Retrieved 5 October Life and Land Use on the Bahrain Islands: The Geoarchaeology of an Ancient Society. University of Chicago Press. Origins to the Age of Discoveries, Volume Bahrain Through The Ages — Archa. The Archaeology of the Arabian Gulf. Arabia and the Arabs: From the Bronze Age to the Coming of Islam. Thus the pre-Islamic ethno-linguistic situation in eastern Arabia appear to have been a mixed tribal population of partially Christianised Arabs of diverse origins who probably spoke different old Arabian vernaculars; a mobile Persian-speaking population, possibly of traders and administrators, for a in Bahrain car date Looking strong links to Persia, with which they maintained close contact; a sedentary, non-tribal community of Aramaic-speaking farmers; a Persian clergy, which we know for certain, used Syriac as a language of liturgy and general writing, probably alongside Persian as a spoken language.

Brill's First Encyclopaedia of Islam, —, Volume 5".


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