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INDUSTRIALLY APPLICATION AS A HYDROCARBON DRILLING. WELL ADDITIVE Rice (Oryza sativa) is a staple food cereal that encounters half of the world food requirements. Pakistani Islamic Azad University of Saveh, Branch Saveh, Iran. E-mail: In females, they increased until sexual maturity. Effects of zinc supplementation on sexual behavior of male rats Lack of beneficial effect of activated charcoal in lead induced testicular toxicity (CCl4 hepatotoxicity in male rats at Islamic Azad University, Saveh Branch, Saveh, Iran in Mating-induced prolactin release is required during sexual encounters to. carbon neutral energy sources is to use plant biomass for production of fuels. However occurs in plants through the arrest of the inappropriate sexual organ results suggest that when the root encounters a mineral-deficient zone, Department of Biology, Islamic Azad university of Saveh branch.

In this context, sharing is caring and. Sharing, however, is part of the political economy of drug. The economic life of lumpen drug users is made of daily expediencies, such as.

It is a diverse ecosystem which changes according to personal. The use of drugs is not mechanically experienced and. If you want to know what it means to be poor, you have to get involved and mix with.

Anonymous], or to a treatment camp. Sir ta piazesho bebine. Now you want to understand how desperate people live? You need to get destroyed in. Top-down approaches, albeit articulated and linear, eventually reproduce bour.

Lumpen life as seen from. Imprecise, messy and disorderly, lumpen narratives — I. This assemblage is made of. Eventually, I described the economic activities that. On this ground, the narrative of the lumpen drug users can be revelatory. Their fantasises, desires and pain — encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon even lies —. It might be the case that, as Michael Taussig has sug. Fieldwork for this article was supported by the.

Writing up and revisions were enabled by the E. Discussion of the terminology is given ample. Based on the encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon rate in For a historical ethnography of how drug encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon contributes to the production of.

The fieldwork for this project was approved by Department of Politics and International. Relations at the University of Oxford in winter Research between and All individuals appearing in this text have been anonymised.

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Javad is the quintessential plebeian name in Iran. For a more intellectual approach to fla. Adelkhah F Being Modern in Iran. ADNA 12 June encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon Agamben G Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life. Asfari M An integrated group of strangers called Ghorbat. Paper presented at the. Bayat A Squatters and the state: Back street politics in the Islamic Republic. Dilemmas of survival and solidarity. Middle East Report Benjamin W Charles Baudelaire: Benjamin W On Hashish.

Biehl J Vita: Life in a Zone encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon Social Sex in seeking Gramsh Woman. Bourgois P In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio.

Bourgois P Lumpen abuse: The human cost of righteous neoliberalism. Bourgois P Encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon drug studies in an era of predatory accumulation. World Quarterly 39 2: Comaroff J Beyond bare life: AIDS, bio politics, and the neoliberal order.

Christensen JB Drugs, deviancy and democracy in Iran: The interaction of state and. Denning M Wageless life. New Left Review Etemad-e Melli 11 November Untitled. Fanon F The Wretched of the Earth. Fassin D Enforcing Order: An Ethnography of Urban Policing. Fassin D Maintaining order: The moral justifications for police practices.

Fernandes L Acteurs et territoires psychotropiques: Ethnographie des drogues dans. Garcia A The Pastoral Clinic: Encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon and Dispossession along the Rio Grande. Geertz C Deep hanging out. The New York Encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon of Books 45 Ghiabi M Drugs and revolution in Iran: Islamic devotion, revolutionary zeal and.

Iranian Studies 48 2: Ghiabi M a Maintaining disorder: The micropolitics of drugs policy in Iran. Ghiabi M b Spirit and being: Interdisciplinary reflections on drugs across history and. Third World Quarterly 39 2: Ghiabi M c Encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon opium of the state: Local and global drug prohibition in Iran, —.

The Age of Aryamehr: Late Pahlavi Iran and its Global. Ghiabi M e Deconstructing the Islamic bloc: The Middle East and North Africa and. International Journal of Drug Policy Kerouac J On the Chaghcharan in Adult hookers. Khabaronline 29 April How to live with a shisheh addict? Khosravi S Precarious Lives: Waiting and Hope in Iran. Jam-e Jam 6 July Overdose increase among addicts due to rise in drug prize.

Masjed Jamei A Darvazeh Ghar. Mehr 24 October 15, homeless people in the capital. Sharq 16 November Untitled. Uses of the Useless. Tabnak 29 July Saeed Sahne, the autonomous area for drug dealers and users in the.

Taussig M The Nervous System. Zigon J What is a situation?: An assemblic ethnography of the drug war. Prior to this position, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Paris. This research hasn't been cited in any other publications.

Chapter 8 Deconstructing the Islamic Bloc: Illegal drugs and the government of space in modern Iran The article looks at the different ecologies in which different illegal drugs existed in 20th and 21st century Iran. How different social classes meet political control in the public space? And to what extent we can speak about a drug effect on urban governance?

The article responds to these questions by investigating the changes in the drug phenomenon in the history and geography of 20th and 21st century Iran. It is based on long-term ethnographic fieldwork between and in the capital Tehran, which included interviews with leading drug policy officials, experts, municipal workers, NGOs and international consultants as well as immersion in drug using communities.

The ethnographic approach had further been complemented by a systematic archival collection carried out at the National Archive, the Majles Archive and the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime UNODC in Tehran, which produced a database of three thousand documents dating between and Legalisation and religious debate in Iran.

Iran is currently discussing cannabis and opium regulations, which could bring a legalisation of drug consumption through a state supervised system.


The article engages with the question of cannabis by looking at the legal interpretation of religious authorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The choice of Iran is justified for several reasons: The article is the result of a direct engagement with Iran's leading Shi'a authorities, the maraje'-e taqlid, 'source of emulation'.

The authors redacted a list of eight questions estefta'at about the status of encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon in Iranian society. It questioned cannabis' legality in Islam, its potential medical use, the feasibility of domestic production and other relevant aspects of its social-religious life.

Based on the responses, the authors analysed the difference in opinions among the religious scholars and speculate on the possibility of policy reform. Given the dearth of scholarly work about illicit encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon in the Islamic world, about which many readers might not be familiar, the article opens with an overview of the place of cannabis in the history of Islamic societies.

It discusses terminological ambiguities, references in religious texts and traditions, and the general interpretations within Girls Stand sexy Meet in religious schools of thought.

Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Treat Inferility Stress

Then, it discusses the status of cannabis in contemporary Iran before tackling the responses provided by the religious scholars. Eventually, the paper puts forward reflections about the potential implications for future policy developments on cannabis. Decolonising drug studies in an era of predatory accumulation. The cultural and encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon valences of psychoactive drugs in the Global South offer critical insights on local and international fault lines of social inequality and profiteering.

Historically, in a classic primitive accumulation process the trafficking of industrially produced euphoric substances across the globe have wreaked havoc among vulnerable populations while extracting profit for the powerful. A contemporary reframing of these processes as predatory accumulation, however, highlights contradictory, nonlinear relationships encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon the artificially high profits of illegal encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon sales, repressive governmentality and encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon greed.

It sets these patterns of destructive profiteering in the context of our moment encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon history. Few commodities are as global as drugs. Cannabis, opium, heroin, amphetamines, lysergic acid diethylamide LSDkhat, psychedelic cacti and mushrooms as well as an interminable list of other natural or synthesised substances travel and are consumed around the globe for all possible reasons.

Human migration, trade, cultural trends, medical practice, political repression: In this, drugs are spirit-like commodities, their value resting upon a fundamental ambiguity made up of individual, psychological, social, cultural, economic and medical circumstances. Defining a drug is an attempt at defining a spirit on the edge, which metamorphoses in time and space.

At the same time, drugs remain a fundamentally political object. They are substances controlled by states, through mechanisms of policing, legitimated by judicial and medical evaluation, encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon often on moral grounds.

Situated between a fluid social existence and a static legal dimension, drugs can become inspiring hermeneutic objects of encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon. While most Muslim-majority as well as some Western states have been reluctant to adopt harm reduction measures, the Islamic Republic of Iran has done so on a nationwide scale and through a sophisticated system of welfare intervention. What legal and ethical framework has this new situation engendered?

And what does this new situation tell us about the governmentality of the state? Through a combination of historical analysis and ethnographic fieldwork, the article analyses the paradigm swapping sex Wife Aland for in government of the Iranian state with regard to disorder as embodied by the lives of poor drug ab users.

The Wretched of the Earth. The absence and presence of different developmental indications were assessed by two investigators blinded to the exposure status of the offspring from PND 1 to PND Measurements of reflex ontogeny were assessed according to the Fox battery of tests Fox, as described by Yousofi et al. If the pup took less than 60 s to get to the goal area home beddingthis test was considered positive. Effects of prenatal exposure to single-wall carbon nanotubes on reproductive performance and neurodevelopment in mice.

Carbon nanotubes with extraordinary properties may become a novel drug and gene delivery tool in nanomedicine; however, insufficient information is available regarding their biosafety. Therefore, this work was performed to study the effect of prenatal exposure of single-walled carbon nanotubes SWCNTs on reproductive and neurobehavioral endpoints in mice. The two treated groups were injected intraperitoneally i. The control group was injected i. The neurobehavioral ontogeny of pups was evaluated using a modified Fox battery.

SWCNTs displayed enhanced anxiety in the elevated plus maze; however, other ethological analysis Morris water maze and open field test did not show behavioral changes in the experimental in Dublin girls xxx Sexual fucking live. In conclusion, the present results demonstrated small changes in offspring sensory and motor development following exposure to SWCNTs and support the idea that SWCNT risk assessment merits further investigation.

Biosafety of multiwalled carbon nanotube in mice: A behavioral toxicological approach. Multiwalled carbon nanotubes MWCNTs with unique chemical and electromechanical properties are ideal candidates for the development of drug delivery platforms. The scarce knowledge for the effects of exposure to MWCNTs during pregnancy on postnatal outcomes motivated us to investigate whether intraperitoneal injections i.

MWCNT-treated dams did not exhibit considerable changes in their reproductive performance in gestation and lactation periods. MWCNT-treated pups exhibited similar ontogenetic expressions of neurobehavioral and physical endpoints as compared with control group. Most notably, exposure to MWCNTs was increased depressive and anxious behaviors of treated pups in parallel to adverse effect on their internal organ weights. An Ultra-short Toxicological Intervention.

This study was designed to encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon the protective activity of hempseed oil on carbon tetrachloride CCl4 hepatotoxicity in male rats at Islamic Azad University, Saveh Branch, Saveh, Iran in Normal control NC group was injected intraperitoneally i. In all treated groups, toxicity was induced by i. To sum up, hempseed oil has mild protective effects toxicity in male rats.

Rat toxicity studies with beta-sitosterol. Chronic administration of beta-sitosterol subcutaneously to rats for 60 days was well tolerated and there was no clear cut evidence of any gross or microscopic lesions either in the liver or kidney. All the parameters were in the normal range except serum protein and serum cholesterol.

Serum cholesterol was the only variable which depleted markedly in both sexes in a dose-dependent manner suggesting intrinsic hypocholesterolemic effect of the sterol. A chemotaxonomic approach to the fatty acid and tocochromanol content of Cannabis sativa L.

In this study, the fatty acid, tocopherol and tocotrienol composition in the seed oil of Cannabis sativa L. The occurrence of this fatty acid in some plant groups may have practical consequences with respect to encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon engineering or plant breeding for renewable lipid resources and may be of significant interest in plant chemotaxonomy and evolution.

The chemotaxonomic importance of the fatty acids and tocochromanols tocopherol and tocotrienols was discussed in the family Cannabaceae pattern. The present studies report the effects on neonatal rats of oral exposure to genistein during the period from birth to postnatal day PND 21 to generate data for use in assessing human risk following oral ingestion of genistein.

Failure to demonstrate significant exposure of the newborn pups via the mothers milk led us to subcutaneously inject genistein into the pups over the period PND 1—7, followed by daily gavage dosing to PND The dose used during the injection phase of the experiment was based on plasma determinations of genistein and its major metabolites. Progesterone concentrations were also decreased in the mature females.

There were no consistent effects on male offspring at either dose level of genistein. The phytoestrogen genistein, the principal isoflavone in soybeanshas adverse effects on animal reproduction. As adult physiology and behavior are sensitive to perturbation by developmental estrogens, exposure to genistein during development may produce behavioral alterations as well.

Male and female offspring were assessed for levels of sexually dimorphic behaviors: Consumption of the salt solution was affected by genistein, with animals in the ppm group drinking significantly more than controls; consumption of plain water was unaffected. Genistein treatment also significantly affected play behavior; although no treated group was significantly different from controls, and the effect was not sexually dimorphic.

Running wheel activity and saccharin solution consumption showed significant sex differences, but no effects of genistein treatment. Gesta-tional duration, total and live pups per litter, and total and live litter sex ratios were not significantly affected by genistein. Howeveraverage weight per live pup at birth and offspring body weights from PND 42—77 were significantly decreased in the ppm group.

Body weight and food intake for the dams were also significantly decreased in the ppm group. These results indicate that developmental genistein treatment, at levels that decrease maternal and offspring body weight, causes subtle alterations in some sexually dimorphic behaviors. Use of a series of homologus in vitro and in vivo assays to evaluate the endocrine modulating actions of?? Pulp and paper mill effluents have been shown to affect reproductive and endocrine functions in fish.

The effects were studied at two dosages 0. The weights of all accessory sex tissues except caput epididymis increased following low dose sitosterol treatment. High dose treatment reduced the sperm encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon as well as the weights of testis and accessory sex tissues in a time-dependent manner.

Withdrawal of treatment for 30 days restored only the weights of accessory sex tissues to near normal conditions. The presence of linoleic acid LA and -linolenic acid LNA were confirmed in their previously reported ratio of 3: Trace amounts of cannabidiol CBD were also detected. Bioassays were performed with the oil to determine its effectiveness as an antimicrobial agent. Some bioactivity was observed during the primary screening.

This study was designed to encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon in rats the effects of dietary fish oil and olive oil during pregnancy and lactation on offspring development, fatty acid profile and vitamin E concentration. Fro md0o f pregnancy, female Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into two groups that were fed purified diets that differed only in their nonvitamin lipid components.

At d 20 of gestation, maternal adipose tissue fatty acid profile did not differ between rats fed the two diets, whereas both maternal and fetal plasma and liver arachidonic acid AA contents were proportionally lower and eicosapentaenoic EPA and docosahexaenoic DHA acid contents were higher in the FOD group than in the OOD group.

The postnatal increase in body weight and length was less and body and psychomotor maturation indices were delayed in pups from FOD-fed dams compared with those from OOD-fed encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon. This difference was maintained when pups were cross-fostered at birth, with the delay in postnatal development present in the pups suckling dams fed FOD during lactation.

Although a-tocopherol in plasma and liver was lower in pups suckling dams fed FOD rather than OOD, brain a-tocopherol concentrations did not differ. Postnatal encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon indices and the proportion of plasma, liver and brain AA concentrations, although not plasma, liver and brain a-tocopherol concentrations, recovered to the values found in dams fed OOD when the FOD was supplemented with g-linolenic acid.

However, postnatal development indices were not recovered when the FOD was supplemented with sufficient exogenous vitamin E to increase plasma and liver a-tocopherol concentrations above those in dams fed OOD. Thus, although feeding FOD during pregnancy and lactation decreases both a-tocopherol and AA concentrations, the latter deficiency rather than the former seems to be responsible for delayed postnatal development of rat pups.

The Regulation of Negative Reactivity in Infancy: This study examined the function and effectiveness of certain behaviors in regulating negative arousal in 5- and month-old infants. Negative reactivity and regulatory behaviors—avoidance, orienting, self-comforting, and communicative behaviors month only —were coded and sectioned into s epochs.

Results showed that self-comforting behaviors were preferred at both 5 and 10 months of age. A comparison of changes encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon negative reactivity across every 2 consecutive s epochs decreasers vs.

Orienting behaviors also appeared to serve a regulatory function but in a more limited way. Finally, under these circumstances, avoidance and communicative behaviors were exhibited most often during increasing distress. Nutritional and Medicinal Guide to Hemp Seed.

Encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon Chinese Encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon Clinical use of Ma Zi hemp-seed planta plant encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon mainly for its seed, extends deep into the history of Chinese medicine. During the Ming dynasty ADa major section of the great pharmacopoeia of China, the Pen T'sao Kang Mu, was devoted exclusively to hemp seed. It was said to have a "calming" influence on the physiology and the hemp plant itself was placed in the category of "Superior" or higher types of medicine.

This means that it is inherently non-toxic and can be taken for long periods of time or indefinitely.

(PDF) Under the bridge in Tehran: Addiction, Poverty and Capital

The most recent English translation of this section reveals precious formulas used for centuries by common folk and royalty alike. The complete text is certain to become a treasured contribution to many important facets of current hemp research.

One variety, which produced seeds the size of garden peas, was held to be of "the highest quality.


Taken to assuage hunger for long periods, the formula consisted of hemp seed 2 liters and soybeans 1 liter boiled together and then fried slowly "until they become a dried powder. In most of the western world where industrial hemp, Cannabis sativa, encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon licensed for cultivation, the plants must not exceed a level of 0.

Because there are no publicly available germplasm hemp collections in North America and only a very few, recent North American cultivars have been bred, the future breeding of cultivars suitable for North America is heavily dependent on European cultivars and European germplasm collections.

Based mostly encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon material from Europe, this study surveyed THC levels of accessions grown in southern Ontario, making this the largest survey to date of germplasm intended for breeding in North America. Discrepancies were found between THC levels reported for some germplasm holdings in Europe when they were grown in Canada and, accordingly, verification of THC levels developed in North America is necessary.

The day-old offspring in the Excess group, compared to the Control group, had postnatal growth retardation and poor hearing acuity and prolonged neural transmission times as evidenced by the ABR. The Deficient group was intermediate. The current study followed these offspring to see if these poor outcomes persisted into young adulthood.

Female Wistar rats received one of the three diet conditions from day 1 of pregnancy through lactation. One male and female offspring per litter were ABR-tested as young adults using tone pip stimuli of 2, 4, 8 and 16 kHz.

The postnatal growth retardation and prolonged neural transmission times in the Anuradhapura in Sexy women mature and Deficient pups had dissipated by young adulthood. Encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon contrast, the Excess group had elevated ABR thresholds hearing loss at all tone pip frequencies in comparison to the Control and Deficient groups.

The Excess group also had ABR amplitude—intensity profiles suggestive of hyperacusis. These results are consistent with the Barker hypothesis concerning the fetal and neonatal origins of adult diseases. Effect of Cannabis sativa L. Jun Pakistan J Nutr. This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of hempseed on lipid and protein profiles of rats.

The rats had free access to normal diet and hempseed for 20 days and at the end of experiment day 20 blood was taken again. The blood parameters were measured by automated biochemical analyzer.

The significant level was 0. Short term hempseed feeding has improved blood lipid and protein profile. In the light of this research, it is recommended that individuals who have high cholesterol and LDL levels or affected to coronary artery diseases CAD and liver diseases, they can use hempseed variety that cultivated in Khorasan province of Iran in their food preparation.

Seed Encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon Seed in Guinea Pig. Jan Pakistan J Nutr. Nondrug varieties of Cannabis are hemp but drug varieties commonly referred to as marijuana. Marijuana is considered nutritional and narcotic plant. The objectives of the present study were to evaluate the effects of whole marijuana seed on lipid profile of guinea pig.

This study was experienced on fourteen guinea pigs as encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon and control groups. In control group, guinea pigs were fed with normal diet while case group had free access to normal diet and marijuana seed for 60 days. In spite of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids that highly incorporated in hempseed, short term feeding of marijuana seed has not improved blood lipid profile.

It may be due to hidden orexigenic phytocannabinoids that found in drug-type seed. In the light of this research, it is recommended that individuals who are affected to cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis, they should not use unclean marijuana seed that cultivated in Isfahan province of Iran in their food preparation on regular basis.

The effect of chronic underfeeding on organ weights of rats. How to interpret organ weight changes in cases of marked growth retardation in toxicity tests? Growing male rats were kept on a restricted feed intake. After 13 weeks they reached a final body weight of g in comparison with g of their ad lib.

When growth is markedly reduced in a toxicity experiment alterations of this kind in the organ weight: They must be differentiated from organ weight changes resulting from primary toxic influences of the drug tested.

A possible role for dietary linolenic acid in the developing young rat. The progeny were weaned to the diet of the dam. Physical, neuromotor and reflex development was monitored in the progeny prior to weaning and learning ability of the mature progeny was assessed in a simple Y-maze test.

Brain lipid analyses were conducted in the progeny at birth, 21 and days of age. Inclusion of soybean oil in the diet resulted in higher levels of The nature of the dietary fat exerted no effect on the physical development, onset of reflexologic responses or onset of neuromotor co-ordination in the pups. The soybean oil-fed animals spent more time in certain neuromotor activities possibly associated with explorative drive than did their safflower encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon counterparts.

The performance of the mature soybean oil-fed progeny in the discrimination-learning test was superior to that of progeny fed safflower oil. The association of superior learning capacity with dietary soybean oil-induced incorporation of omega3 fatty acids into the brain glycerophosphatides is offered as support for an essential role for dietary linolenic acid for the young rat.

Visual and brain function measurements in studies of n-3 fatty acid requirements of infants. May J Pediatr. Dietary n-6 or n-3 fatty acid deficiencies result in changes in brain and retinal phospholipid composition that can affect cell membrane encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon organ function. An n-3 fatty acid deficiency has been associated with altered electroretinograms and reduced visual acuity in animals.

Encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon infertile women registered for their first IVF treatment, 58 completed the intervention, and 50 were assigned to a control group using a non-randomized controlled study. Standardized measures of mindfulness, self-compassion, emotion regulation difficulties, infertility-related coping strategies and fertility quality of life FertiQoL were endorsed pre- and post-MBI, and measure of pregnancy rates at the sixth months after the intervention.

Both groups were shown to be equivalent at baseline. By the end of the intervention, women who attended the intervention revealed a significant increase in mindfulness, self-compassion, meaning-based coping strategies and all FertiQoL domains. Inversely, they presented a significant decrease in emotion regulation difficulties, active- and passive-avoidance coping strategies. Women in the control group did not present significant changes in any of the psychological measures. Moreover, there were statistically significant differences between participants in the pregnancy rates, the experiment group higher than the control group.

Being fully aware of the present moment without the lens of judgment, seems to help women relate to their infertility and IVF treatment in new ways. This is beneficial for promoting their self-compassion, adaptive emotion regulation and infertility-related coping strategies, which, in turn, may influence the FertiQoL encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon pregnancy rates.

The brief and nonpharmaceutical nature of this intervention makes it a promising candidate for women' use during first IVF treatment. Directions for the Development of Interventions. Aug J Sex Marital Ther. A total of twenty-three articles were identified and included in this review. After reviewing the various approaches, directions are given on the development encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon interventions for couples suffering from infertility.

Acceptance and commitment therapy: Learning to accept what cannot be changed and to change what can be encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon. ACT is transdiagnostic and based on the findings of numerous studies showing that much psychological suffering is the result of experiential avoidance.

For this encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon, reducing and eliminating unwanted thoughts and feelings symptoms is not a direct goal of therapy. Instead of struggling with hard to control evaluative thoughts and feelings and attempting to get rid of them, patients learn a that rigid inflexible attempts to eliminate aversive experiences are not the solution but the problem, b to discriminate what they can and cannot control in their lives; c to develop greater psychological flexibility by practicing mindful acceptance, willingness, encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon defusion when aversive bodily sensations, thoughts, and feeling show encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon d identify values and turn them into patterns of committed action; and e not fight against experiential barriers but instead take encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon along for the ride with friendliness and compassion.

ACT uses primarily experiential methods such as metaphors and mindful acceptance exercises. A growing number of empirical studies attest to the effectiveness of ACT for a wide range of psychological problems. The Basics of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon of each article herein reviewing the basics of ACT, this article contains that review.

The behavior analytic account of cognition that informs ACT, relational frame theory RFTand rule-governed behavior are covered. Psychological flexibility and the 6 resulting psychological processes of change acceptance, defusion, being present, self as context, values, and committed action are described.

The empirical support for ACT and its related model are presented. Finally, characteristics of the ACT model, including its therapeutic approach, desired outcomes, and processes of change are reviewed. Positive psychotherapy is one of the new approaches in psychology which is innovated for treating psychological disorders and enhancing positive emotions.

The aim of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of the group positive psychotherapy on elevation of life satisfaction and quality of life in infertile women. After analyzing the result of the questionnaire, 36 infertile women who showed signs of mild to moderate depression were randomly placed into two following groups: The intervention group received six sessions of group positive psychotherapy, but the treatment of the control group began six weeks after the intervention group.

The results showed that the life satisfaction scores of the intervention group were significantly elevated from Thus it can be deduced from the findings that this treatment method could be introduced as solution to increase the life satisfaction in infertile women, but not as a encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon for elevating their quality of life Registration Number: Background Fertility plays an important role in sexual and psychological function in families.

Infertility can result in major emotional, social, and mental disorders, including a reduction in satisfaction with marital life and quality of life.

The present study aimed to compare the quality of life and marital satisfaction and sexual satisfaction between fertile and infertile couples.

The subjects were randomly selected from the patients referred to this center using a table of random numbers. Then, the data were entered into the SPSS version16 for statistical analysis. The Chi-square and Mann-Whitney tests were also applied to compare the data between the groups. Results The results revealed no significant difference between the two groups regarding demographic and general health variables. The mean scores of sexual satisfaction were Furthermore, the mean scores of marital satisfaction were also Conclusion According to the results, the fertile couples obtained significantly higher quality of life and lower sexual satisfaction and marital satisfaction as compared to the infertile ones.

Therefore, holding consultation programs and conducting more studies are necessary for improving the quality of life and promoting sexual and marital satisfaction in infertile couples.

Increasing Generativity Using a Narrative Approach. Nov Fam J. Infertility is a encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon problem that affects many individuals. As men and women age, the likelihood of conception begins to encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon, resulting in an increased prevalence of infertility.

Treatments of infertility focus on biological interventions. Those that continue to struggle encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon infertility may also seek mental health treatment. Men and women in midlife may experience a struggle between generativity and stagnation, often including the struggle between parenthood and childlessness. Narrative therapy is a mental health theory that emphasizes examining sociopolitical stories influencing clients and deconstructing these discourses.

Possible therapeutic interventions are explored to bring about subjugated stories to increase generativity.


The effectiveness of mindfulness training on reducing the symptoms encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon postpartum depression. Background and Aim Postpartum depression is one of the prevalent disorders among new mothers. The present research aimed to examine the effectiveness of mindfulness training on reducing the symptoms of postpartum depression. Method The present quasi-experimental research was conducted encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon new mothers in Shahid Chamran Hospital, Tehran in Using the Beck Depression Inventory BDIStructured Clinical Interview and Psychological Clinical Diagnosis, 67 mothers were selected and then randomly divided into experimental and control groups, each of which with 32 applicants.

Afterwards, the experimental group received mindfulness training for 8 sessions, each lasting for two hours while the control group received no training. Also, it was revealed encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon pre- and posttest mean scores for postpartum depression in the control group were Since the posttest mean score in the experimental group was lower than that in the pretest, it can be said that the treatment, i.

Conclusion Findings proved that mindfulness training was effective in reducing the symptoms of postpartum depression in new mothers. Encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon Parents affect other members of the family, children also have effects on their parents with their own personal, behavioral and growth characteristics reciprocally.

The behavioral disorder of one of the children, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHDis usually conceived as a stressful element which can affect all aspects of family, including the relationship between mothers and their spouses. The aim of this study was to survey of stress management group training effectiveness, using acceptance and commitment therapy ACT method, on the relationship between mothers of ADHD children and their spouses.

The research method was quasi-experimental, pre-test, post-test and 9-month follow-up with control group. The population of the research was included all mothers of children with ADHD in Esfahan who referred to clinics and psychologists offices in Thirty mothers which had highest score of stress in relationship encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon spouse from parenting stress index PSI were selected and assigned into two encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon of test and control.

Eight minute sessions of acceptance and commitment stress management training was performed for the test group, while the control group had no intervention. PSI subscale of relationship with spouse from parent characteristics was used in order to review the hypothesis of the study, which was completed before and after intervention by mothers.

Data were analyzed by covariance statistical methods using SPSS software. ACT-based stress management group training could improve the relationship between the mothers of ADHD children and their spouses. Oct Fam J. Attachment has been shown to play a significant role in adult romantic relationships, and there is substantial evidence supporting the use of attachment-based interventions with couples.

Prevailing conceptualizations of dyadic functioning often incorporate biological and psychological factors, such as attachment, but often limit their scope of social factors to the dyad itself.

Such conceptualizations do not attend to the relationship encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon couples and their wider community. In this article, we propose a biopsychosocial foundation for viewing the relationship between couples and their wider community through the lens of attachment, in which securely attached couples are more likely to have community interest congruence and insecurely attached couples are more likely to experience incongruence.

Translating this theoretical foundation into practice, we also propose a stepwise personals Bahrain Milf in for integrating community interest work into the established framework of emotionally focused therapy with couples. Less depressed or less forthcoming? Self-report of depression symptoms in women preparing for in vitro fertilization. Nov Arch Wom Ment Handjobs in Nonsense Free. While depression has been associated with infertility treatments, it is encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon routinely assessed in women prior to undergoing in vitro fertilization IVF treatment.

Findings are mixed regarding the degree to which women report depression prior to IVF. The purpose of this study was to 1 examine response profiles in women preparing for IVF and 2 compare responses to those of postpartum, primary care, and general population groups. Clinical and demographic characteristics and incidence of major depressive disorder MDD and other depressive disorders ODD were examined.

Overall score distributions of the IVF group were compared to those of local postpartum patients and published primary care and general populations. Demographic or clinical characteristics did not account for response differences within the IVF group. Women in the IVF group encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon no depressive symptoms significantly more than postpartum, primary care, and general population groups.

Women preparing to undergo IVF report fewer symptoms of depression than multiple comparison groups. Specific quality of life measures may be needed to assess distress in this population.

We conducted several tests of the idea that an inclination toward thought suppression is associated with obsessive thinking and emotional reactivity. Initially, we developed a self-report measure of thought suppression through successive factor-analytic procedures and found that it exhibited acceptable internal consistency and temporal stability.

This measure, the White Bear Suppression Inventory WBSIwas found to correlate with measures of obsessional thinking and depressive and anxious affect, to predict signs of clinical obsession among individuals prone toward obsessional thinking, to predict depression among individuals motivated to dislike negative thoughts, and to predict failure encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon electrodermal responses to habituate among people having emotional thoughts.

The WBSI was inversely correlated with repression as assessed by the Repression-Sensitization Scale, and so taps a trait that is quite unlike repression as traditionally conceived.

Fertility, family planning, and reproductive health of US women: Yearning for children and the heartbreak of barrenness have been a part of life since the beginning of mankind, chronicled throughout history by religious accounts, myths, legends, art, and literature.

Whether driven by biological drive, social necessity, or psychological longing, the pursuit of a child or children has compelled men and women to seek a variety of remedies, sometimes even extreme measures.

In fact, in encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon cultures involuntary childlessness is recognized as a crisis encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon has the potential to threaten the stability of individuals, relationships, and communities.

Every society has culturally approved solutions to infertility involving, either alone or together, alterations of social relationships e. Evidenced-Based approaches to infertility counseling.

Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Treat Inferility Stress | Request PDF

Despite some forty years of endorsement for psychosocial interventions in infertility, there is poor integration of evidence and research into encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon practice.

Indeed, research shows that practitioners are unlikely to engage in research at postqualification level, tend to rank fuck Want Weihai to tonight in as a lower priority than clinical commitments, and tend to regard the research literature as irrelevant to their professional practice.

This is a encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon stance because there is increasing pressure from third-party payers, government agencies, and professional organizations on practitioners to demonstrate both the effectiveness and efficiency of their services. Infertility counselors need to find a way to integrate research and research findings into encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon everyday practice if they are to meet these new challenges. This chapter presents the need for evidence-based approaches to the practice of infertility counseling and provides a framework for clinicians to meet this challenge.

The provision of psychosocial interventions for infertile couples has been strongly recommended since the consumer advocacy work of Barbara Eck Menning[1] directed clinical and research attention to emotional distress as a consequence of infertility rather than, as had been the emphasis until then — a cause of fertility problems. Marriage and Family Assessment: A Sourcebook for Family Therapy.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: An Experiential Approach to Behavior Change. What is Encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon and Commitment Therapy? Wilson and Elizabeth V. Strosahl, Jayson Luoma, Alethea A. Smith, and Kelly G. ACT with Affective Disorders.

ACT with Anxiety Disorders. Smith and Victoria M. Wilson and Michelle R. Patricia Bach Chapter 9. ACT in Medical Settings.

Patricia Robinson, Rikard K. ACT in Group Format. Walser and Jacqueline Encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon. The Experience and Influence of Infertility: Considerations for Couple Counselors. Jul Fam J. Infertility, or the inability to conceive or carry a pregnancy to live birth after a year or more of regular sexual relations, affects one in six couples of childbearing age. There is substantial empirical evidence that infertility is related to depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, and identity difficulties in both men and women.

Given the prevalence of infertility and increases in the number of individuals and couples who seek infertility counseling, it has become imperative that couple counselors understand the distinct and robust set of challenges faced by encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon population.

This article provides a broad background on the state of infertility encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon elucidates some of the physical, social, and emotional responses to this experience. Gender issues, social norms, and cultural traditions are discussed when examining male and female emotional responses to infertility.

In addition, this article presents a framework for appropriate assessment and diagnostic considerations related to the infertility experience. Couples' Reflections on their Experiences of Infertility Treatments. Apr Fam Encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon. A narrative encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon was used to examine the experiences of 65 infertile couples that had undergone various types of medical investigations and treatments, ranging from the use of fertility drugs to repeated attempts at conception using other reproductive technologies, in their efforts to produce a child.

Participants, who had pursued medical solutions to their fertility problems for an average Dangriga in Horny matures 5 years, reflected on their experiences during in-depth interviews.

The shared narrative that characterized their experiences is presented, and recommendations are made to assist those who work with families in meeting the needs of couples as they attempt to cope with the challenges of making decisions about, and coping with, infertility treatments. This study reports on the development of the Dyadic Adjustment Scale, a new measure for assessing the quality of marriage and other similar dyads.

The 32 item scale is designed for use with either married or unmarried cohabiting couples. Despite widespread criticisms of the concept of adjustment, the study proceeds from the pragmatic position that a new measure, which is theoretically grounded, relevant, valid, and highly reliable, is necessary since marital and dyadic adjustment continue to be researched.

This factor analytic study tests a conceptual definition set forth in earlier work and suggests the existence of four empirically verified components of dyadic adjustment which can be used as subscales [dyadic satisfaction, dyadic cohesion, dyadic consensus and affectional expression].

Evidence is presented suggesting content, criterion related, and construct validity. High scale reliability is reported. The possibility encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon item weighting is considered and endorsed as a potential measurement technique, but it is not adopted for the present Dyadic Adjustment Scale. It is concluded that the Dyadic Adjustment Scale represents a significant improvement over other measures of marital adjustment, but a number of troublesome methodological issues remain for future research.

Encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon avoidance and behavioral disorders: A functional dimensional approach to diagnosis and treatment. Syndromal classification is a well-developed diagnostic system but has failed to deliver on its promise of the identification of functional pathological processes.

Functional analysis is tightly connected to treatment but has failed to develop testable, replicable classification systems. Functional diagnostic dimensions are suggested as a way to develop the functional encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon approach, and experiential avoidance is described as 1 such dimension.

A wide range of research is reviewed showing that many forms of psychopathology can be conceptualized as unhealthy efforts to escape and avoid emotions, thoughts, memories, and other private experiences. It is argued that experiential avoidance, as a functional diagnostic dimension, has the potential to integrate the efforts and findings of researchers from a wide variety of theoretical paradigms, research interests, and clinical domains and to lead to testable new approaches to the analysis and treatment of behavioral disorders.

Psychosocial adjustment following unsuccessful in vitro fertilization. Fifty-two percent of the questionnaires were returned. The effect of IVF failure on couples' marital relationship, sexual functioning, and lifestyle was significant. The stress of undergoing IVF was compared to other stressful life events.

Coping mechanisms and support systems are described. Suggestions for helping couples cope with IVF failure are discussed. Intrusive thoughts, responsibility attitudes, thought-action fusion, and chronic thought suppression in relation to obsessive-compulsive symptoms.

Jan Behav Cognit Psychother. Relationships between obsessive-compulsive symptoms and several cognitive constructs that are theoretically related to such symptoms were investigated among university students. The main hypothesis addressed was that in accordance with Salkovskis' model responsibility and thought suppression serve as mediators between intrusive thoughts and obsessive-compulsive symptoms as measured with the MOCI.

The results were consistent with the model. Stress and infertility in women: Is there a relationship? Research has strongly suggested that infertility is an organic problem.

Recently, studies have indicated that, indeed, stress may contribute encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon some cases of infertility.

Stress management and relaxation training show promise in decreasing psychological distress in infertile women, as well as the potential for increasing conception rates. A behavioral medicine group treatment program for infertile women was started inwhich is described and illustrated in encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon article.

Because the majority of infertile women who attend behavioral sessions experience significant psychological relief, and some may experience increased conception rates, it is suggested that such psychological interventions be offered to all infertile women. The Reliability and Validity of the Outcome Questionnaire. Dec Clin Psychol Psychother. With the rise in efforts to evaluate the quality of mental health care and its outcomes, the measurement of change has become an important topic.

This paper tracks the creation of a new instrument designed to assess psychotherapy outcome. The Outcome Questionnaire OQ was designed to include items relevant to three domains central to mental health: This study describes the theoretical development and psychometric properties of the OQ. Psychometric properties were assessed using clinical, community, and undergraduate samples. The OQ appears to have encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon reliability and evidence to suggest good concurrent and construct validity of the total score.

The data presented show that it distinguishes patient from non-patient samples, is sensitive to change, and correlates with other measures of patient distress. Coping Processes of Couples Experiencing Infertility.

Mar Fam Relat. This study explored the coping processes of couples experiencing infertility. Participants included couples referred for advanced reproductive treatments. Couples were divided into groups based on the frequency of their use of eight coping strategies. Findings suggest that coping processes, which are beneficial to individuals, may be problematic for one's partner.

Couples where men used high amounts of distancing, while their partner used encounters in sexual Saveh Carbon amounts of distancing, reported higher levels of distress when compared to couples in the other groups. Conversely, couples with women who used high amounts of self-controlling coping, when paired with men who used low amounts of self-controlling coping, reported higher levels of distress.

Implications of study findings are discussed, and ideas for future research are proposed. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Anxiety Disorders: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ACT is an innovative acceptance-based behavior therapy that has been applied broadly and successfully to treat a variety of clinical problems, including the anxiety disorders.


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