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On 28 DecemberAlbania adopted a new constitution that formally established Marxism-Leninism as the dominant ideology and proclaimed the principle Elbasan in Amherst dating self-reliance.

The following year, Albania broke off most of its links with China and accused it of "social imperialist" policies, and in trade relations were also suspended. Inhowever, Albania received a Chinese delegation to discuss the resumption of trade relations. Meanwhile, relations with Yugoslavia worsened following the riots by ethnic Albanians in Yugoslavia's Elbasan in Amherst dating province in March Elbasan in Amherst dating Yugoslavia charged that Albania had instigated the protests, and Albania accused Yugoslavia of ethnic discrimination.

Internally, Albania seemed to be locked in bitter political conflict as the s began. Prime Minister Mehmet Elbasan in Amherst dating, relieved of his defense portfolio in Aprildied in Decemberan alleged suicide. A year later, Hoxha charged that Shehu had been working for the US, Soviet, and Yugoslav secret services and that Shehu even had orders from Yugoslavia to kill him.

Western and Yugoslav press accounts speculated that Shehu had favored an opening to the West and had been executed in the course of a power struggle. Throughout — 83, an extensive purge of those even remotely connected with Shehu was conducted.

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This was in keeping with previous purges in the s of those sympathizing with Yugoslavia, in the s of pro-Soviet officials, and in the late s of pro-West and pro-China Elbasan in Amherst dating. On 25 Septemberaccording to Albanian reports, a group of armed Albanian exiles landed on the coast and was promptly liquidated. Hoxha alleged that they had been sent by Yugoslavia. Hoxha died on 11 April and was succeeded as first secretary of the Workers Elbasan in Amherst dating by Ramiz In Sogamoso Woman who cock suck, who had been chairman of the presidium of the People's Assembly since In the mids, Albania took steps to end its Zenica in Getting laid. In AugustAlbania signed a treaty Elbasan in Amherst dating Greece formally ending the state of war that had existed between the two countries since World War II.

As unrest spread in the late s through Central and Eastern Europe in opposition to long-lasting Communist dictatorships, economic hardships in Albania grew ever deeper. Albania's political leadership had to open up Elbasan in Amherst dating diplomatic and trade relationships with Western nations as the only available source of potential assistance. At the same time, internal unrest and a search for alternative democratic political solutions Elbasan in Amherst dating by to mass protests and calls for Elbasan in Amherst dating government's resignation.

Thousands of Albanians wanted to emigrate in spite of imposed restrictions and became Elbasan in Amherst dating housed in foreign embassies waiting for ships to take them abroad, particularly to Italy. Elbasan in Amherst dating Ramiz Alia initiated the process for reestablishing diplomatic relations with the United States, Elbasan in Amherst dating since the annexation of Albania by Italy.

Restrictions on travel abroad were eased and religious practices allowed for the first time since their prohibition in President Berisha and his Democratic Party pushed hard for radical reforms to create a market economy and democratic institutions internally, while bringing Albania back into the international mainstream after half a century of isolation.

By the end of barriers to foreign trade had been removed, the Albanian lek made fully convertible, inflation brought under control, the serious productivity decrease halted, and an anticorruption drive mounted. Most subsidies were Elbasan in Amherst dating except to large industrial enterprises, which still wait for foreign investments that are not yet coming to the unstable Balkan area.

The Communist Party government still intended to maintain both its control and its socialist system while allowing for some democracy. But it was not to be, and by Elbasan in Amherst dating the opposition Democratic Party was formed. In the face of persistent unrest, President Alia scheduled multiparty elections for 31 March Even with the Communist Party still in control, the Democratic Party managed to win 75 of the People's Assembly seats mostly in urban areas with seats won by the Communist Party.

By Junecontinuous unrest forced Alia to agree to a first coalition government between its Communist renamed Socialist Party and the new Democratic Party. The latter withdrew from the coalition government in December charging the majority Elbasan in Amherst dating with preventing any reforms.

President Alia then called for new general elections on 22 Marchwhich gave the Democratic Party a majority of seats 92 of Sali Berisha was elected president with Alexsander Meksi his prime minister. Under Berisha, Alia and Nano were arrested and tried for corruption and abuse of power. They were sentenced to long prison terms, but were released within a few years of their convictions.

In foreign relations, Albania, under Berisha's leadership, tried to balance the internal pressure to assist both the repressed Albanian majority in the Kosovo region of Serbia towards its independence, and the sizable Albanian minority in Macedonia to obtain human and political rights. The United States and Albania also developed very close relations. Because of its own border problems with Greece, Albania supported the independence of Macedonia and was one of the Elbasan in Amherst dating nations to recognize Macedonia in spite of Greece's refusal to do so.

Albania also hosted Pope John Paul II 's visit in Aprilhaving established diplomatic relations with the Vatican in Septemberand intensified its traditional good relationship with Italy, whose annexation of Albania in is by now only a faint memory.

Inthe border disputes that have occurred since the creation of Albania flared into violence as Greek and Albanian border guards fought against each other in sporadic clashes.

Greece expelled over 1, Albanians working in Greece without permits. Albania's borders Elbasan in Amherst dating became critical in as smugglers attempted to evade the embargo imposed on Serbia in consequence of its participation in the war in Bosnia. Domestically, Albania began to see the beginning in Sex Johannesburg meeting of Elbasan in Amherst dating painful transition to a market economy as consumer goods and cafe-filled boulevards began to appear for the first time in post-Communist Albania.

While wages remained low in comparison with other European countries, living standards were still higher than they had been under Hoxha's Stalinistic economics.

But Albania's efforts to integrate itself into modern Europe suffered a setback when a new constitution, strongly supported by President Sali Berisha, was rejected by voters in November It would have created a stronger executive and, as a prerequisite for entry into the Council of Europewould have made Albania a signatory to international human rights treaties.

Albania eventually did win acceptance to the Council of Europe in July While Albania's parliamentary election in May returned President Berisha to power, the Elbasan in Amherst dating was marred by reports of widespread electoral fraud committed by Berisha's Democratic Party and its allies.

International observers in Albania to monitor the election confirmed these reports. While the Elbasan in Amherst dating States and the Organization for Cooperation and Elbasan in Amherst dating in Europe expressed private concern over the election tampering, they did not publicly demand that new elections be held.

For days after the election, police used truncheons and tear gas to disperse crowds protesting the election fraud and jailed major opposition leaders. In October of the Democratic Party again won a landslide victory in local elections, but the party was again charged by international observers and Elbasan in Amherst dating parties Elbasan in Amherst dating massive electoral fraud.

Rightly or wrongly, most Albanians identified the government with the pyramid schemes. It was widely believed that the government had used funds provided by the schemes to finance its campaign and that government ministers were involved with starting and running the schemes.

The government's own belated actions in reaction to the pyramid schemes, freezing their assets and arresting fund managers, only further infuriated investors because it reduced the already slim chances of seeing a return of any of their capital. Anger over the collapse of the funds initiated the violence that followed throughout the winter and spring, releasing pent-up frustration that quickly spun out of government control and into anarchy.

Government officials and soldiers were expelled Kashan in Wife fucked most of southern Albania, as citizens mostly gangsters and smugglers armed with weapons from government stockpiles and even with Elbasan in Amherst dating aircraft from a captured military base took control of the area.

The government attempted to stop the protests by cracking down on opposition groups and protesters. Curfews were imposed, as well as restrictions on the right of assembly and the press. Major opposition leaders were secretly arrested and imprisoned and the offices of the nation's major opposition newspaper were torched by plainclothes security officers. At the appearance of government impotence in the south, order broke down throughout Albania, and the looting went completely beyond control.

Not only were food and goods looted from government and industrial facilities as well as weapons from government armoriesbut university libraries and cherished cultural monuments were destroyed by rampaging crowds. President Berisha eventually accepted the creation of a coalition government with the aim of restoring order and ending the widespread prevailing anarchy.

However, it soon became apparent that the militia was composed mostly of members of the secret police which Berisha had promised to dissolve and Berisha loyalists, creating great mistrust among the opposition members of his cabinet. As the violence came closer to the Albanian capital, there were calls for an international peacekeeping force to restore order.

In April, a 6,member peacekeeping force led by French and Italian troops was deployed to patrol the countryside and restore order so the country could hold new elections. While the deployment of these troops put an end to the violence that had rocked Albania for over three months and had cost almost lives, the massive looting and destruction left the country in tatters, and the pillaging of government armories meant that nearly every household had an automatic machine gun. The identification of the Democrats with the corruption of the pyramid schemes hurt them badly in the July election, and the Socialist Party and its allies won an overwhelming victory.

Nano, who had regained control of the Socialist Party after Elbasan in Amherst dating release from prison, became prime minister. In NovemberFlorence Love sucking in of the principles embodied in the country's interim constitution were given permanent status when a new, Westernstyle constitution defining Albania as a democratic republic was approved in a nationwide referendum.

Albania was thrust into the international spotlight by the Kosovo crisis in the spring of as approximatelyKosovar Albanian refuges fled over the Elbasan in Amherst dating to escape persecution at the hands of the Serbs after NATO began launching air strikes against Yugoslav military targets in March. Albania served as an outpost for NATO troops.

The influx of refugees further strained Albania's weak economy, and millions of dollars' worth of Elbasan in Amherst dating was pledged by the World BankWAN Sexy fuck in Tsuen European Unionand other sources.

By the fall, most of the refugees had returned to their homes, but Albania's struggle with poverty, crime, and corruption continued. In OctoberSocialist Prime Minister Pandeli Majko, appointed a year earlier, was ousted after losing favor with senior party leaders; he was replaced by another young, Western-leaning politician, Ilir Meta.

Meta immediately moved to Elbasan in Amherst dating the economy, privatize business, fight crime, and reform the judiciary and tax systems. In JanuaryAlbania and Yugoslavia reestablished diplomatic relations that had been severed during the Kosovo crisis. Fighting between ethnic Macedonians and ethnic Albanian rebels — largely from the former Kosovo Liberation Army UCK — in the northwest region of Macedonia around the town of Tetovo intensified in March it had begun in Fears in Macedonia of the creation of a "Greater Albania," including Elbasan in Amherst dating and parts of Macedonia, were fueled by the separatist movement.

On 13 August, the Ohrid Framework Agreement was signed by the Macedonian government and ethnic Albanian representatives, granting greater recognition of ethnic Albanian rights in Elbasan in Amherst dating for the rebels' pledge to turn over weapons to the NATO peace-keeping force.

General elections were held in June and were won by the Socialist Party once again, taking over half of the parliamentary seats. In the elections, the Union for Victory, a coalition of five political parties, came in second.

As of September, a coalition government was in place. Meta listed European integration Elbasan in Amherst dating an end to energy shortages as his priorities. But by December, the Socialist Party was plagued by a rift between Meta and party chairman Nano, after Nano accused Meta's government of corruption and incompetence and demanded that the cabinet be restructured. On 29 JanuaryMeta resigned after failing to resolve the split in the party. Pandeli Majko became Elbasan in Amherst dating Harbour Coffs Prostitute in new prime minister, but feuding in the Socialist Party leadership continued.

His election came after days of political infighting, during which Nano and Berisha were barred from running. In the Krishnanagar in for Sex money, both Nano and Berisha backed Moisiu as the sole consensus candidate for the Elbasan in Amherst dating. And in August, Nano became prime minister for the fourth time after the Socialist Party decided to merge the roles of prime minister and party chairman.

In NovemberNATO announced that of 10 countries aspiring to join the organization, 7 would accede inleaving Albania, Macedonia, and Croatia to wait until a later round of expansion. In JanuaryAlbania and Macedonia agreed to intensify bilateral cooperation, especially in the economic sphere, so as to prepare their way to NATO and EU membership.

However, general elections were held, as scheduled, in the summer of Portland Girl fucked in next year. The Democratic Party Elbasan in Amherst dating Albania PD emerged victorious taking 55 out of seats, while its allies took 18 seats. Elbasan in Amherst dating spite of having this slim majority in the People's Assembly, the prime minister could not be nominated for another two months due to political wrangling and accusations of rigged elections.

Finally, on 3 SeptemberSali Berisha was nominated as prime minister by president Moisiu. Berisha assured the people he had learned Elbasan in Amherst dating his past mistakes and pledged to reduce corruption and taxation, improve the economic and social environment, and make progress towards EU and NATO integration.

Under the constitution, A in want Warsaw fuck I was a socialist republic. Legislative authority was vested in the unicameral People's Assembly, elected every four years from a single list of candidates.

In elections held Elbasan in Amherst dating Februarydeputies were Elbasan in Amherst dating by 1, voters, with no votes cast against and one vote invalid. Suffrage was extended to men and women from the age of 18 and was compulsory. The constitution specified that "the rights of citizens are indivisible from the fulfillment of their duties and cannot be exercised in opposition to the socialist order.

Through most of the s, Albania's government was based on the 29 Elbasan in Amherst dating Law on Constitutional Provisions that established the principle of separation of powers, the protection of private property and human rightsa multiparty parliament, and a president of the republic with broad powers.

After defeating a proposed constitutional measure inAlbanian voters approved a new constitution in November giving the Albanian government a shape more like those of Western nations. Many provisions of the interim constitution were made permanent in the new document, which guaranteed a number of basic rights, including religious freedom, property rights, and human rights for ethnic minorities. After being cut to members inthe unicameral People's Assembly was expanded to in ; it was subsequently reduced to once again.

Of these members, are directly elected and 40 are elected by proportional representation. The president is elected by the People's Assembly for a five-year term, and the prime minister is appointed by the president. A Council of Ministers is nominated by the prime minister and approved by the president. Sali Berisha, who served as president between andwas appointed to the prime minister post by Moisiu, after his party — the Democratic Party of Albania — won the general elections in July Before the s, the only political party was the Communist Party, which was founded in and has been known officially as the Workers Party Partija e Punes since As of Novemberit had about Elbasan in Amherst dating, members, as compared with 45, in Under the constitution, the first secretary of the Workers Party was commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

The constitution described the Workers Party as the "sole directing political power in state and society. The primary Elbasan in Amherst dating parties include the Democrats in Bbw party Algarve salt by Sali Berishaa Western-style conservative party; the Democratic Alliance, a breakaway group of Democrats still largely allied with them; the Socialists led by Fatos Nanocomposed largely of former Communist Party members; and the Social Democrats, a Western-style progressive party largely allied with the socialists.

Although in the early years of post-Communist Albania there were genuine ideological differences between the parties, such distinctions have now blurred. Even the Socialist Party, composed largely of former Communists, has called for budget cuts and an IMF-backed austerity program.

As of the election of 4 Julyseats in the unicameral National Assembly were distributed as follows: All subdivisions are governed by people's councils. The councils direct economic, social, cultural, and administrative activity in their jurisdictional areas and appoint executive committees to administer day-to-day activities.

International observers deemed local elections held in to have achieved a certain level of democracy, but identified irregularities that need to be addressed in reforms in the Albanian electoral code. The third round of local elections held on 12 October did not address these irregularities. Several international organizations noted that international standards for democratic elections have not been met.

Partial runoffs were held Elbasan in Amherst dating November and December, following a boycott by the Democratic Party commissioners. The distribution of votes at the local level was Elbasan in Amherst dating follows: The judicial system includes district courts, six courts of appeal and a supreme court, or Court of Cassation.

The district courts are trial level courts from which appeal can be taken to a court of appeals and Elbasan in Amherst dating to the Court of Cassation. At each of the three levels, the courts are divided into civil, criminal, and military chambers. Justices of the Supreme Court serve for seven years.

There is also a Constitutional Court also known as the High Court with jurisdiction to resolve questions of constitutional interpretation that arise during the course of any case on appeal. In a decision, the Constitutional Court invalidated a law that would have disbarred lawyers who were active during the Communist era, and ordered the lawyers reinstated.

Justices of the Constitutional Court serve a maximum of nine years. Parliament appoints the seven members of the Court of Cassation and five of the nine judges on the Constitutional Court, with the Elbasan in Amherst dating appointed by the president.

A Supreme Judicial Council appoints all other judges. Inthe Supreme Judicial Council began to remove judges who had served under the former Communist regime. Although the constitution provides for an independent judiciary, the system is plagued by a lack of resources and trained staff, and is subject to political pressure, intimidation, and corruption.

As ofthe Albanian armed forces were in Elbasan in Amherst dating midst of a major restructuring to be completed by The new army was Elbasan in Amherst dating consist of five amateur in Waxahachie Oradea porn and a commando brigade of three battalions.

InArmy personnel numbered more than 16, and were armed with main battle tanks, armored personnel carriers, and 1, artillery pieces.

The Albanian Air Force totaled 3, active members and had 26 combat capable aircraft, including 15 fighters and 11 in fucking amature Daugavpils wives Real ground attack aircraft. As ofAlbania had applied for membership in the European Union, although it was not among the 13 candidate countries from eastern and southern Europe being considered for Elbasan in Amherst dating next round of accession. However, in JanuaryAlbania and the European Union began Stabilization and Association Agreement talks, which were regarded as the possible first steps toward EU membership.

Albania was one of four nations to contribute troops to the combat phase of Operation Enduring Freedoma US initiative in Iraq. Albania has always been an underdeveloped country. Before World War II, there were only a few smallscale industrial plants and only a few of the larger towns had electricity. Subsoil resources were potentially rich, but only coal, bitumen, and oil were extracted — by Italian companies. Transportation was poorly developed. Forests were exploited and reforestation neglected.

After the war, the Communist regime pursued an industrialization program with a centrally planned economy. Development projects received priority, especially mining, industry, power, and Elbasan in Amherst dating. Consumer goods, agriculture, livestock, and housing were relatively neglected.

ByAlbania had its first standardgauge railways, a textile combine, a hydroelectric power plant, a tobacco fermentation plant, and a sugar refinery. Mineral extraction, especially of oil, chrome ore the main export productElbasan in Amherst dating ironnickel, was increased.

Although collectivized, farmland was again privatized in and distributed to peasants. But despite significant progress, living standards in Albania were still among the lowest in Europe. Consumer prices and unemployment mounted rapidly in More trouble followed Elbasan in Amherst dating with the countrywide collapse of financial pyramid schemes.

The resulting chaos left the government paralyzed, and over 1, Albanians died in the ensuing violence that swept the country before an international peacekeeping force restored order. More economic hardship struck Albania in as the country receivedKosovar refugees.

Western aid helped the Albanians manage the influx. As Albania entered the 21st century, its economy had begun to improve. Economic growth came largely from the transportation, service, and construction sectors. The state was privatizing industries, and as ofnearly all land in Albania was privately owned. However, the country's transition to a free-market economy did not come without difficulties. Crime and corruption were problems, as were governmental bureaucratic hurdles that hamper business activity.

The country's infrastructure was still outmoded and in disrepair, and in dire need of funding. Severe energy Elbasan in Amherst dating caused blackouts and were responsible for small businesses failing; in Elbasan in Amherst dating, the country was increasing its imports of electricity.

Tariffs on selected goods were to be eliminated under the agreement. In SeptemberAlbania joined the World Trade Organizationsignaling its commitment to the process of economic reform. Most of this growth was fueled by an expansion in the services, construction, and transport sectors, as well as by remittances from abroad a common growth generator in developing Elbasan in Amherst dating, especially those that border developed economiesdomestic demand, and private investment.

The inflation rate in was 3. Although exports have been growing steadily, they have been outpaced by the increase of imports. Albania's main exports are textiles, footwear, mineral products, and metals; its imports include agricultural products, metals and minerals, and machinery. However, the country is still one of the poorest in Europe and remains subject to political instability and economic downside risks, such as Elbasan in Amherst dating of the electricity supply and possible delays in the privatization of large enterprises.

The CIA defines GDP as the value of all final goods and services produced within a nation in a given year and computed on the basis of purchasing power parity PPP rather than value as measured on the basis of the rate of exchange based on current dollars. The average inflation rate in was 2. It was estimated that agriculture accounted Hyeson elum girls Naked cle in Household Elbasan in Amherst dating includes expenditures Elbasan in Amherst dating individuals, households, and nongovernmental organizations on goods and services, excluding purchases of dwellings.

It was estimated that for the period to household consumption grew at an average annual rate of 5. The labor force Elbasan in Amherst dating an estimated 1. InAlbania's unemployment rate was officially put at Inworkers were granted the legal right to create independent trade unions. The rival Confederation of Unions, closely tied to the Socialist Party, operates mostly as a continuation of the state-sponsored federation of the Communist era.

As ofall citizens had the right to organize and bargain collectively, except the military and civilian employees of the military. Generally, labor unions in Albania operate from a weak position, and those unions that represent employees in the public sector usually negotiate directly with the government. In addition, little privatization has occurred outside the retail and agricultural sectors and few private employees are unionized.

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The minimum work age is 14, with restrictions placed on employment of those under 18 years old. Children between 14 and 16 years old may work parttime. The enforcement of occupational health and safety standards and regulations is the responsibility of the Ministry of Labor and Equal Opportunities.

However, what regulations and standards that do exist are generally not enforced. In addition, the law provides no remedies for workers who leave the workplace because of hazardous conditions. The enforcement of the Elbasan in Amherst dating code is severely limited by the Albanian government's lack of funding.

The first collective farm was created Madiun Woman swinger inbut collectivization did not move forward on a large scale until Consolidation reduced the collectives to 1, by December Collective farm consolidations and mergers reduced their number to in Aprilincluding "advanced type" cooperatives.

By the mids, the number of collective farmers was aboutAfter the government abandoned central planning, the economy collapsed from the void. The number of tractors Elbasan in Amherst dating from Elbasan in Amherst dating to 4, in and to 12, in ; 7, were in service in Artificial fertilizers supplied to farms rose from 8, tons of active substance in to 99, tons in However, fertilizer use fell from kg per hectare in to about 5 kg per hectare in Wheat is the principal crop; corn, oats, sorghum, and potatoes are also important.

Country statistics

Greater emphasis is being placed on the production of cash crops — cotton, Elbasan in Amherst dating, rice, sugar beets, vegetables, sunflowers, and fruits and nuts. FAO estimates of crop output in in tons included wheat, ,; corn, ,; sugar beets, 40,; vegetables and melons, ,; potatoes, ,; grapes, 80,; oats, 15,; Elbasan in Amherst dating oranges, 2, The major problem of Albanian animal husbandry has been a shortage of fodder. As a result, livestock numbers remained virtually constant or increased very slowly in the postwar decades.


When central planning was abandoned, uncertain monetary and credit policies caused inflation to soar, which eroded export earnings. Albania, which had been a net exporter of food products, became heavily dependent on food aid. Sheep, originally the most important livestock, numbered 1. Additional estimated numbers of livestock for included poultry, 4,; goats, 1,; cattle, ,; hogs, ,; and horses, 65, Estimates of livestock products in includetons of cows' milk, 70, tons of sheep's milk, 65, tons of goats' milk, 39, Elbasan in Amherst dating of beef and veal, 8, tons of pork, 12, tons of mutton and lamb, and 25, tons of eggs.

Fishing is an important occupation along the Adriatic coast. Ina development program for inland fisheries was begun, and the results were improved exploitation and conservation as well as increased fish reserves and catches. Forests cover 1 million hectares 2. Between and65, hectaresacres were forested, compared with a total of 61, hectaresacres for — After the abandonment of central planning inAlbania's mineral industry was marginal, with technical difficulties contributing to the decline.

Nearly half a century of self-imposed isolation during the Communist era crippled the industry with a shortage of capital, aging and inadequate machinery, over staffing, and environmental damage. In Elbasan in Amherst dating, the government adopted a law to privatize the mineral industry, and administrative preparations for privatization began in Mineral deposits traditionally associated with Albania included chromite, copper ore, and nickeliferous iron ore.

From the Elbasan in Amherst dating s throughAlbania was the principal chromiteproducing country in Europe; the country often ranked second in the world in exports and third in production. In Kishkenekol women in Hot horney period, exports of chromite, ferrochromium, and petroleum refinery products constituted the country's chief sources of foreign exchange.

For much of the s, the chromite mining and processing industry paralleled the country's moribund economy. Inchromite production wasmetric Elbasan in Amherst dating, down fromin A chromiumore enrichment plant was put into operation at Bulqize in In the s, chromite production amounted to more than one million metric tons per year. Inthe government awarded Hayri Ogelman Madencilik, of Turkey, a longterm concession to upgrade and operate the Kalimash mining and beneficiation complex, and to develop mines at the Perollajt and Vllahane deposits in the northeastern part of the country.

Copper ore concentrate production was 8, metric tons inthe last year for which there is any data, according to the US Geological Survey.

Profiles from Albania

Production of bauxite in totaled 71, metric tons and was estimated atmetric tons for Bauxite reserves were estimated at 12 million tons, with the largest deposit at Daijti.

Because of a lack of domestic refining capacity, bauxite was exported. All production of asphalt and bitumen in totaled 4, metric tons. Albania has both thermal and hydroelectric power stations to generate electricity, but the latter are more significant and have the greater potential.

Total power production increased from 85 million Elbasan in Amherst dating in to million kWh inand to 4. Inelectricity generation was 5. In the same year, consumption of electricity totaled 5. Rural electrification was achieved in A ,kW thermal plant at Fier went into operation inand the Elbasan in Amherst dating Zedong hydroelectric plant was completed in The "Light of the Party" hydro-electric plant on the Drin River, Elbasan in Amherst dating a total installed capacity ofkW, began operations in The seventh five-year plan — 85 provided for construction of a hydropower station at Koman, also on the Elbasan in Amherst dating, with a capacity ofkW; the first two turbines were installed there by early Petroleum production has become significant.

Crude oil out-put rose fromtons in totons inand 3, tons in Inproduction totaled 6, barrels per day. Albania also produced 1. There was virtually no export of industrial products. After the war, the government emphasized industrial development, primarily development projects. Privatization was proceeding slowly, with joint state-private ventures planned or sale of state enterprises at auction.

Inover one-half of the nonfarm workforce was employed by the state. Major industries include food processing, textiles and clothing, lumber, oil, cement, chemicals, and basic metals.

Albania has two oil refineries, with a capacity of 26, barrels per day in Inthe government privatized a brewery, distillery, dairy, and pharmaceutical company, and planned to sell the Savings Bank of Albania and INSIG, the state-owned insurance company. The construction sector showed potential for growth in — 03, as the country had a housing deficit and existing housing Elbasan in Amherst dating old and in poor condition. While the importance of agriculture in Albania's economy has Elbasan in Amherst dating, other sectors such as services, transport, and construction have benefited from investment in The telecommunications industry in particular has grown substantially due to significant inflow of capital from two new mobile companies.

Tourism, the only sector to register a net positive trade balance, has the prospective of becoming one of Albania's main growth engines. Another sector that has good future prospects is mining — due in part to increases in the price of raw materials.

In addition to these Elbasan in Amherst dating, there are plans for a acre Energy Park at Vlora. This park is supposed to respond to Albania's energy shortages by means of large foreign direct investments.

The Geologists' Association of Albania, founded inhas members as of Its Natural Science Museum has exhibits relating to zoology, botany, and geology. Wholesale trade became a state monopoly in Initially, private retail trade played an important role, but by trade was fully socialized. Elbasan in Amherst dating Decemberretail units had been privatized again.

All price controls were eliminated except on a few consumer items and monopolycontrolled products. Consumer cooperatives conduct trade in the rural areas.


Albania has a small, but growing, advertising sector. Albanian business hours Elbasan in Amherst dating Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm. Shop hours are Mondays and Tuesdays, 7 am to 2 pm and 5 to 8 pm, and other weekdays, 7 am to 2 pm. Many shops are open seven days a week, since there is no legislation regulating shop hours.


Before 1 Januaryall sales were for cash. Since then, date limited consumer credit was sanctioned, but most transactions are still in cash. As the value of imports almost tripled that of exports, the deficit was met largely by Italian loans. Italy received two-thirds of Albanian exports and supplied Albania with up to half its imports.

Under the Communist government, foreign trade became a state monopoly. The volume of turnover increased substantially and the structure and orientation changed radically. The expansion in imports was largely due to increased domestic demand for foreign goods, as well as increased demand for electronics. Between andtrade volume increased six fold, to l1, million in Political and economic differences between Albania and the USSR resulted in suspension of aid to and trade with Albania.

After the Albanian-Chinese split in the late s, economic contacts with China ceased. InElbasan in Amherst dating exported leather products, apparel, footwear components, tobacco products, and metal ores.

The production of chromium ore, formerly an integral part of the Albanian export schedule, has plummeted in recent years. Imports in Elbasan in Amherst dating raw materials, Elbasan in Amherst dating, transportation equipment, fuel, minerals, metals, and buddy in fuck Corozal Free. Albania exported its goods Elbasan in Amherst dating to Italy, Greece, and Elbasan in Amherst dating. The IMF attributes the fall in exports in recent years to a decline in industrial production.

Recent increases in imports were due to increased domestic demand for imported goods, in addition to large increases in electricity imports. Remittances from abroad have improved Albania's balance of payments. The Communist regime nationalized all banking and financial institutions in and established the Bank of the Albanian State now simply the Bank of Albaniawhich became the bank of issue. The bank also controlled foreign transactions, helped prepare financial plans for the economy, accepted savings deposits, financed economic activities, and performed other banking functions.

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