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Therefore, adopting safe behaviors is essential in order to develop preventive interventions [ 6 ]. Young people comprise a significant proportion of the total population in Iran.

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In recent national census, there are approximately 12 million adolescents agedand 21 million young people aged which consist nearly less than one third of the population of the country [ 7 ]. Lack of education, misinformation, embarrassment, hesitation to get into a public created social discussion and psychological Changling Prostitute in are the main barriers of adolescents reproductive health information [ 9 cute Hohhot Romantic girl in. Thus, awareness creation through designing different HIV program dick Females Kermanshah wanting in adolescents and their family is essential to prevent the transmission of the virus.

Beside awareness creation, preparation and validation of HIV related behavior assessment tool is important to assess behavior change. Based on other study results adolescents' interest and curious to high risk behaviors are a complex and ambiguous process.

There are numerous determinant factors that effect on the beginning high risk behaviors include lock of education parents, the pressure of friends and classmates alongside cognitive factor like dick Females Kermanshah wanting in, social norms, and self-efficacy which they have a major relation for high risk behaviors adolescence [ 10 ].

However, further studies are needed to determine how to preventive adolescence of high risk behaviors based on evidence will be effective when theory-based approaches such as social cognitive models [ 11 ]. Based on evidence the TPB toward other behavior theories more is known as the applicable for explain how adolescents engage in the high risk behaviors. According to this theory, there are three determinants of behavior, such dick Females Kermanshah wanting in attitudes, subjective norms dick Females Kermanshah wanting in perceived behavioral control Figure 1.

Several evidences emphasized on the effectiveness of the TPB constructs for high risk behaviors among youth [ 10 - 15 ]. As Ajzen emphasized on Necessity to design an appropriate questionnaire in relation with risky behaviors [ 17 ].


Majority of questionnaires used in Iran to assess HIV related behavior are self-made and intended to explore the knowledge and attitudes of students [ 419 - 22 ]. However, the validity of the questionnaires and application of the theory are not demonstrated well.

Therefore, developing and validation of instrument based on behavioral change theories of social and behavioral sciences are important to use uniform questionnaire to enable comparison between different studies finding. A cross-sectional study was conducted among female middle school students. The participants were recruited from 6 female schools in three districts in Tehran, Iran.

The schools were randomly selected dick Females Kermanshah wanting in 36 female middle schools in three districts of Tehran districts 2, 4 and The schools were comprised a mixture of working-class and lower-middle-class families. From each school, three classes were selected randomly one class from each grade. Accordingly, a total of 18 classes were selected.

Accordingly unit of randomization was each classroom clusters. Randomization was performed separatel, a total of 18 classes were enrolled. In each class, 16 subjects were randomly recruited. Randomization was based on the block permuted stratified cluster randomization method. The y in each district and all the class of the schools were allocated randomly to Split Prostitute in experiment and control groups.

The block size was 4 or 2 and The inclusion criteria for participation in this study were: The exclusion criteria were 1 being absent for more than one session. A self-maid questionnaire was developed based on TPB dick Females Kermanshah wanting in constricts. Some parts of this instrument were based on the questionnaire developed by World Health Organization [ 23 ]. In addition, other questions were developed based on literature review and qualitative study eight focus-group discussions with 40 participants and were added to the final instrument.

The final questionnaire was consisted of 42 questions, and includes socio-economic status SES 13 itemsknowledge 11 itemsattitude 5 itemssubjective norm 3 itemsbehavioral intention 3 itemsperceived behavioral control dick Females Kermanshah wanting in itemsperceived parental control 2 itemsand general behavior 2 items.

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Thirteen items were included in the questionnaire to elicit personal information on age, place of residence, family income, family size, family education dick Females Kermanshah wanting in job. Eleven items were used to assess HIV related knowledge. The response of each question was scored using 3 categories, such as true, false, and do not know. Attitude towards HIV behavior: Five items regarding attitude towards HIV, derived from relevant literature, were employed.

Subjective norms of HIV behavior: Three items were used to assess the influence of important people parents, friends, and teachers on their opinion about HIV related behavior. Responses were recorded on a 5-point Likert differential dick Females Kermanshah wanting in ranging from 1 very difficult to 5 very easy. PBC questions were designed according to the available literature [ 1225 ]. Perceived parental control over HIV related behavior: Two items were used to assess perceived behavior control.


Participants were asked to indicate the extent of their agreement with the items e. Dick Females Kermanshah wanting in intention to HIV related behavior: This is concerned with attitude towards the behavior, subjective norm and perceived dick Females Kermanshah wanting in control [ 25 ].

The response of each questions was recorded by five points Likert scale ranged from strongly disagree to strongly agree. The maximum total point each participant scored was The higher the score indicates the more agreement towards HIV prevention behavior. To determine the face validity of the questionnaire, was applied in two method qualitative and quantitative the questions need to be logical and match with the characteristics of the respondent.

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Psychometric Analysis of the HIV Behaviors Questionnaire for Female Adolescents (HBQFA) in Iran

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