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Mar 16, Women across Algeria are organising events to defend an iconic garment worn by their As for me, I want the haik to make a comeback. The haik has a rich and interesting history that differs according to each region. In the. During the Algerian War of Independence, Algerian women fought as equals alongside . and cooks", "women assisted the male fighting forces in areas like transportation, communication and administration", the range of involvement. Find attractive women from Algeria on LoveHabibi - the top destination on the Web for meeting the Algerian woman of your dreams.

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Members of the National Liberation Front [Editor's note: The outfit also symbolised Algerian society's resistance to French colonial authority, according to Sihem Raheb Ramdani of the department of Islamic and Arabic studies at the University of Madrid.


The Observers See profile. Sarah, a year-old nurse, organised one such procession on March 7 during International Women's Day in Oran. The haik has been forgotten.

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My grandmother wore it. As for me, I want the haik to make a comeback. It's part of our cultural heritage: I wear the haik, but not the hijab. Many outfits like the hijab have been imported from abroad, particularly from the Middle East. Nowadays, we're tossed to and fro by dress codes that come from other civilisations.

Young people don't know what to wear anymore.


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