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For Linz in Looking buddy fuck is also true that moldovans arent that nice and welcoming when it comes to strange unrelated people and that is unfortunately sad.

Reblogged this on TripMoldova and commented: It seems like there are some. Have an eye on them and enjoy reading this article! Not leaving windows open or if you do, never leaving the door to the room open as well. What science book are you using? There is a difference between a draft and air circulation! I so agree with you, and I am a health professional, this is the thing that gets to me most.

Fresh air is what keeps us healthy, stale, stagnant air is a huge problem. Cold air is healthy air, one reason we keep our operating rooms COLD, keeps down chill Moldova in normal for girl Looking. Let me tell you a story, So im at Christmas dinner the day I arrived. Everyone is trying to be really nice to me. Hence putting food on my plate. Jello meat, chicken feet, fruit soaked in salt for 1 month.

I dont want to be rude and eat everything, Victor asks me if I would like some bread i say Da. I turn to talk to chill Moldova in normal for girl Lookingwhen I turn back my plate is full again. I say ok stop …. Half hour later i turn the other way and my plate is full again. I wait until someone looks away and I fill their plate… Vica looks the other way. I fill her plate. LOL… The next day I had to eat stale bread for breakfast until it was gone.

It took a week… OMG Why would you cut up 7 loafs of bread. I return this August for the winter and get to be my own boss. To that guy who wrote that Western countries have democracy and freedom. In some sense, they appreciate it more then in the West as well. I have always commented how friendly Moldovans are on the street. In fact, that is what I think I would call Moldovans to me — perfect strangers.

A different culture but lovely people to be a stranger too. When reading your rules in Romanian, the one about the smile gave me a great insight on how and why we smile. Never thought about it, actually: I have spent 3 months in Moldova-mainly the capital and generally find Moldovan not to be that open, warm or too friendly. Keeping bags is highly recommended everywhere, meaning less pollution. I am Moldavian living in USA.

I like USA, I like people here, but they are same as every were: What can I tell? This article tells a lot of truest about: But, let me ask you something: Is there anything bad told in this article? I keep grocery bags as well even being in Chill Moldova in normal for girl Looking No matter- how Moldova is, or their people are: People have freedom there!

Night life and day life is amazing! They have organic food and good healthy water! They know what hard life feels like! What does an American from big city knows? I am going over there as much I can: Holidays never end in Moldova! USA — gave me more then I asked! Thanks Moldova for what you made me inside! I am never fake! Moldova is never fake! I love you both! This article hits the chill Moldova in normal for girl Looking on the head, specially 12 and It made me laugh… I really open the banana as you said even if I know that is not right…really funny.

Pentru cei ce lucreaza datorita parintilor, cumatrilor. Me, and everyone I know, opens it from the top because it makes more sense and is easier. Since a bunch of bananas hang from the stem sides, you can even assume that that side is thicker and tougher. If you peel from the non-stem side, you also have something to hold on to the stem while peeling, without having to apply more pressure to the banana.

Why anyone would choose to open it from the stem chill Moldova in normal for girl Looking That was fantastic, had a really good laugh.

I spent 3 weeks there last winter, and a lot of what you said brought me back, we had a tv room connected to the kitchen dinning room, I would leave the door open and someone would close it. LOL That door would open and close times a day. The one thing you forgot, was not to whistle.

I started whistling one day, you would of thought I was waving a hand gun. Anyway I go back this August for as long as possible. You should be able to spot me, I will be the smiling whistling guy.

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Notify me of new comments via email. I think about that every day. I think about that every day Hi, I'm Leah. About Contact Info Disclaimer. Dressing up to go to the store, to class, to walk around the town. People do go to saunas here. About I think about that every day I guess this blog will be a really long answer to the generic 'about me' question. Reply to this comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join other followers Follow. That Moldovan Life Pt. Nadia September 17, Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. All of this retrospective talk got me to thinking about what I am looking forward to in the US and what I am worried about when leaving Moldova. Many of you have asked about this, so here you go! So fresh and so clean.

She even accepted my sweet fuzzy pup as her own. You are the best, I love you! I will always cherish these memories. I love you all. I will always hold the people who have shared this experience with me in one way or another near chill Moldova in normal for girl Looking my heart. I hate to be so cheesy, but I mean it. I will always love you guys as my brothers and sisters. My good friend Chris has told me on many occasions that I should have a camera crew following me around. I seem to get myself into ridiculous situations on the reg.

It was totally worth all the wasted chill Moldova in normal for girl Looking to see King Joffrey die. So, being the generous person that I am, I will save said editor from that hell and let you all know some of the most ridiculous situations I have gotten myself into here in Moldova. I sometimes got myself into awkward situations in the US, but here in Moldova, it seems to be my new normal.

I blame this pattern on five things:. I have always been pretty patient and easy-going, but this experience has reinforced these qualities in me. Have fun, live life, and there is usually never a reason to stress! Life is an adventure, right? Worst case scenario, you have something amusing to blog about.

I have not posted an entry in an embarrassingly long time. I want to say I have been too busy, but I was mostly just uninspired. What is mundane to me can seem very strange to the average American back home. Today, I experienced something that helped me put my situation into perspective, that experience was enjoying pickled watermelon. I tasted it out of curiosity and it held true to my poor expectations.

Today, I tried it again going against my instincts and actually enjoyed it. I found a grain of inspiration. This experience helped me realize that I was seeing Moldova through the eyes of Moldovans instead of as an American. This melon got me thinking about what other things I find normal and unmentionable also unblogable, if that is a word that may be interesting to my loved ones back home.

So, I decided to showcase some things that are a part of my normal, everyday life now that would have seemed weird or dangerous 2 years ago. On to my favorite medium for blogging… bullet points! Before I made the final decision to join Peace Corps, I talked very earnestly with my family and friends. I chose it, I faced winter and the unknown. I would not take back one day of it. I love Moldova and all of the people I have shared my experience with. Thank you for proving my fears unfounded.

My next step… I have to find out what scares me most now? Any of you, dear readers, who know me well know that the thing I do best is procrastinate. I have had so many adventures, both good and bad, that I simply cannot sum them all up in one post. True to form and inherent lazinessI will switch to bullet points. So, my dear friends and stalkers, here is the summary of chill Moldova in normal for girl Looking summer followed by my oh-so-deep impressions of my volunteer experience so far.

If you want me to have an awesome 30th birthday in September, send money so I can take another vacation! Sorry about the downers at the end. All will be well in the end with some good juju? Ok, on to the next bullet-point list. Oh look, a bunny. I came into chill Moldova in normal for girl Looking experience thinking I would be inspired as to what should be my next step. Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it.

Avoiding danger is no safer in the chill Moldova in normal for girl Looking run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. Most of chill Moldova in normal for girl Looking post will seem silly to Americans back home.

There are many more silly and deeply embedded traditions in American society, but my goal is not to expose them, but to introduce the outside world to the unique culture of Moldovans. Just as many American superstitions are based in old tales and not in scientific evidence, so are Moldovan ones. And both Americans and Moldovans think a black cat crossing your path is bad luck, so there you go. I feel like now is the time.

Before diving into my deep and pressing observations, I must note that I have a new persona here. This is looking towards the Romanian school directly in front of my apartment.

Walking home for dinner after visiting other volunteers. Picnic in the lavender field between Ciorescu and Cricova with my fellow trainees. As a PCV, I accepted being sick as a possibility… a lot. Chill Moldova in normal for girl Looking the first few weeks, I felt great! I understand that volunteers in Africa have problems, but here? Upon arrival here, we were warned that Moldovans are generally very standoff-ish and negative. Sure, a lot of people go abroad to find more lucrative work, but the ones who stay behind are golden.

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Between working extra hours, spending more money than I can afford, fighting awful crowds, seeing long-lost family, and horrid Christmas Muzak; Christmas has been a basketful chill Moldova in normal for girl Looking mixed emotions for me.

But, given a little perspective from afar, there really is something magical about this time of year. Some of my favorite memories growing up are from this time of year. I love spending the holidays at home, but I get to have all kinds of new and crazy experiences while my loved ones are home missing me or so I tell myself. So, most people around here are still working as normal when we Americans feel like we should be celebrating.

So, it was nice to find a time to celebrate with Moldovans that coincided with my own traditions. I had to wait outside in the snow for 30 minutes for my rutiera driver to show up. I ended up not too chill Moldova in normal for girl Looking from where I should have been.

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The walk was beautiful, and I got to cool off. We spent most of the first night preparing food. I felt so village-y. In the midst of cooking, we got a lot of local kids coming by for caroling.

If young kids come by, they expect some candy after their song; if older kids come by, the expect cash. Not a bad gig. When they finally arrived, the party was on like Donkey Kong.


They came in full costumes, had musical instruments including a guitar, accordion, and drumand stayed for over an hour dancing and singing with us. Rachel got the chance to put on the goat costume and dance around, thus killing me with laughter.

We got up early the next day to help with some more preparation. They did let us cut fresh noodles from dough, but were very disappointed in our skills. It makes for a beautiful plate, but useless Americans. We then watched as they prepared beautiful plates for the masa, complete with flowery decorations made from cucumbers and tomatoes.

We all chill Moldova in normal for girl Looking down around a table full of more food than I have ever seen in one chill Moldova in normal for girl Looking. We had a nice toast with house cognac, and dug in. Chill Moldova in normal for girl Looking have a deep fear of meat jello, and conveniently, it was placed right in front of me.

We had duck, rabbit, liver, a few kinds of salads the definition of salad is a little more loose heresarmale, some kind of eggplant dip that was delicious, raw fish with Concepcion Milf in need sex, cold cuts, chicken noodle soup, truffles which Rachel made that looked like turds but tasted good, probably my fault since I bought the wrong ingredientschill Moldova in normal for girl Looking of course lots of cognac, wine, and compote.

After everyone was done eating, the songs started. The man formerly known as Santa busted out his guitar and the traditional songs commenced. Everyone sang along, made toasts, and took turns taking the lead.

By this time, I was exhausted, but it was so beautiful and festive, I just went into a coma ish. We finally wrapped things up and cleared the table not an easy task when we used every single dish in the house. Fast forward to us passing out in a food coma. I definitely accomplished that. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

I grew up in a single-parent family and seldom had the luxury to experience a family dinner in the traditional American sense. Although she was all I could have ever chill Moldova in normal for girl Looking and personally, I think she raised us perfectly we did lack a certain family dinner atmosphere that seems to be common elsewhere.

While she was busy working her ass off and going to school so that she could work her ass off a little less vigorously in the future, I was at home cooking microwave dinners and macaroni.

Luckily, Moldovans have the whole food thing chill Moldova in normal for girl Looking to a science. I have lived with two different host families since my arrival in Moldova 6 months ago.

Since living alone, I have struggled. What does one do with real veggies and grains? Oddly enough, I have had more masas since I moved into my own apartment a week ago than I had through 5 months with host families. Maybe they knew I would starve. Anywho, in Moldova, a masa is a meal which many people are invited to, usually to celebrate something. Those of you that know me well know that I can tear up a dinner plate.

The same goes for alcohol. This is the part where the generosity of Moldovans comes into play. It makes no difference though, I have never felt more welcome in a home than I have here. The real value of a masa, to me, is in the time spent at the table.

In the US, we spend enough time at the table to Baden Swingers clubs in and say a few pleasantries.

People will sit around the table for hours at a time. Masa with Doamna Valentina my landlady in the pink and her family. This word perfectly describes my relationship with rutieras. On one hand, they are the fastest, least expensive, and most convenient form of transportation here in Moldova. There can be twice that amount crammed in, depending on your luck or lack thereof.

These little guys run all over oral in for Burrel sex Woman country, from inner-city routes to cross-country trips. This applies exponentially to rutiera drivers. They are the most aggressive and have gonads of steel.


These drivers, while scaring the bejesus out of me are actually quite talented. Time for some fun facts! Thought Catalog is a digital youth culture magazine dedicated to your stories and ideas. Ditching Dixie My piece of the Corps. Leaving Knoxville for Moldova.

Ridiculousness My good friend Chris has told me on many occasions that I should have a camera crew following me around. I blame this pattern on five things: I accidentally made at least 2 grown men cry. One was a goat herder I met on a walk, the other a good Samaritan I hitched a ride chill Moldova in normal for girl Looking with.

I would explain if I could.


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