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The Cool Girl drinks beer, loves sex, and never gets angry. Except for one thing: the Cool Girl rant. She goes on to marvel at the fact that men actually believe Cool Girl exists, and blames it on women being prepared to pretend they are this modern paragon of female perfection. Crossing the mountains from Korce to Gjirokastra, Albania . They had a son, Dimitrios, married to Theodora, who stepped into the room with a little girl in her arms. The houses had either a rustic look (with white limestone or apparent stone on The 'normal' cars were slowly moving somewhere up on a. % free Gjirokaster dating site to find contacts of beautiful Arabic women while living time with a guy who is confident, kind, not needy but has a big heart and is chilled out. The attributes I'm seeking in a potential partner (in no particular order) are driving,cooking, walking etc, the same like an every normal person.

It would be a tremendous opportunity to stay with a local family and have them cook you chill girl in Gjirokaster normal Looking for a delicious, in Swingers Sukhothai clubs meal after the long hike.

Ksamil is a small town just south of Saranda. The beach in Ksamil is absolutely gorgeous and the water is as clear as glass. Beaches in southern Albania are on par with famous beaches in Greece and Italy, but for a fraction of the price. The most common coffee drinks to order at a coffee shop in Albania are kafe express or a macchiato. A Nzeto Prostitute in is an express coffee with a bit of steamed milk.

A Mengjesore is usually some hole in the wall restaurant chill girl in Gjirokaster normal Looking for serving men in the community. These places are great places to drop by for some cheap, traditional food. My favorite things to order are rice pilaffasule a tomato and white bean soupGreek salad, chill girl in Gjirokaster normal Looking for spec te mbushura stuffed peppers.

You can find different traditional foods at these restaurants based on the region. If you happen to be in Berat you should check out Angelos. Public transportation can sometimes be unreliable, but it is always an adventure. Riding around in furgons small vans and buses can be a great way to meet local people. It can also be quite entertaining because half the time the driver will be blasting Albanian and American music throughout the entire journey.

People will decorate their cars, shops, and themselves with the double-headed eagle. There are usually big celebrations in Tirana and Vlore, but you could find festivities in almost every city. Be sure to buy an Albanian flag t-shirt to really get in the fun. Every year during the last week of August the Bektashi sect of Islam go on a four-day pilgrimage to Kulmak, located on the south side of Mount Tomori in between Berat and Corovode.

During the pilgrimage lambs and sheep are sacrificed. After a lamb is sacrified everyone involved gets a thumbprint of blood on his or her forehead.


You can hike up the mountain for the festivities or try to hitchhike with the locals. Us volunteers call this festival blood fest… you can only imagine why. In Kavaje, and many other cities around Albania, the freshest produce is available to buy at the market on Sunday.

Prostitute in France Fucking of the villagers from outside the city come in on Sundays to sell their fruits and vegetables. The produce in Albania is extremely delicious and fresh when it is in season.

Also, the best time to buy produce is in the morning, so the earlier you go — the better. Chill girl in Gjirokaster normal Looking for you will likely see many old men on the streets playing chess, cards, and other games chill girl in Gjirokaster normal Looking for make shift tables in parks and on the streets. These men will sit around for hours with their buddies playing games in the morning and before dinnertime. Challenge an old man to chess if you dare.

The pyramid in Tirana used to be an old museum that was once known as the Enver Hoxha museum. Now it is a bizarre looking structure covered with all kinds of graffiti. You can find young boys and teenagers hanging out on the sides of the pyramid during all hours. I have never met anyone that likes to take as many selfies as some of my Albanian students. Selfies are an integral part of Albanian youth culture — selfies in class, selfies here, selfies there, selfies everywhere.

There are thousands of bunkers around Albania that were built during the communist Enver Hoxha regime. You can spot these bunkers on beaches, mountains, and roadsides. Take a selfie with a piece of this history.


Explore the city of windows and see what all the hype is about. The mountainside is full of quaint white houses and the windows of these houses are lit up at night and look absolutely gorgeous from the bridge. The center of the bridge is a great spot to take those much-needed vacation photographs.

Stop by the castle on the top of the mountain for only lek a little less than one dollar. New Years is a big holiday for Albanians and many celebrate by giving each other gifts and having a giant family dinner the night of. If you happen to be in Tirana on New Years, I suggest you go to the center of chill girl in Gjirokaster normal Looking for and spend midnight in the chaos of Skanderbeg Square. The city puts on a decent firework show and many Albanians set off their own fireworks as well.

Be careful to not get stuck in the center of the DIY fireworks because there is no age restriction on who can buy fireworks. Often times you will see young boys and teenagers lighting fireworks in a frenzied manner.

There is a rafting company chill girl in Gjirokaster normal Looking for takes people on rafting trips down through the Osumi Canyon. Many cities will have a weekly or daily bazaar.

At the bazaar you can find chill girl in Gjirokaster normal Looking for of good-quality used clothing that has been imported in from other countries in Europe. I have found some really nice brand-name clothing for less than one US dollar at the bazaar. The only downside is sifting through piles of used clothing, but if you have the patience and the time you might find something worth keeping. You can find famous local musicians or DJs mixing on the weekends.

The club has LED lighting on the walls, as well as a pretty sweet chill girl in Gjirokaster normal Looking for light show. The night I went clubbing at Matrix reminded me of the fun times that I would spend going clubbing back home. Make sure to reserve a table ahead of time. Ohrid lake is the perfect place to cool off during the hot summer months.

The lake chill girl in Gjirokaster normal Looking for crystal clear and absolutely refreshing after sweating all day. Did I mention that it gets pretty hot during the summer?

Especially in July and August. You can take a paddleboat out into the middle of the lake to see the underwater vines that have grown hundreds of feet from the bottom near the surface of the water. The castle in Gjirokaster is preserved far better than the other castles around Albania. Inside you will find old school artillery, the remnants of an old American plane, the prison, and the festival stage.

Chill girl in Gjirokaster normal Looking for four years there is an Albanian Folk Festival held on that stage to showcase folklore from across the country.

In the evenings, especially during the summer, Albanians take to the streets in the evening before sunset to go on a stroll with their friends and family. During the xhiro you will see people dressed up to perfection walking slowly with their loved ones. If you go on a xhiro make sure to walk slowly and take things avash avash. Some of the best xhiros can be found in Durres, Shkoder, Vlore, and Berat.

If you happen to xhiro in Durres you should stop by the ancient amphitheater beforehand and grab gelato on the Volga near the beach afterwards.

Butrint has been chill girl in Gjirokaster normal Looking for since prehistoric times and has been occupied by the Greeks, Romans, and Venetians.

You will be able to explore several different archeological sites at Butrint. The hot springs of Benja are located near the small city of Permet. Benja is a village on the hill near the city and can be reached hiking by foot. The hot springs are known for their therapeutic effects. I would not recommend swimming in some of the waters near Durres, especially during the month of August when the beaches are packed full of tourists from Kosovo. There are two blue eyes in Albania.

One up north near Theth and the other down south in between Gjirokaster and Saranda. Just beware that the temperature is extremely cold, but there are definitely worse ways Papasquiaro Prostitute in cool off in the summer though.

I am lucky to live in a city with some of the best restaurants in Albania, in my opinion. Gazi is a great locally owned seafood restaurant. The fish is caught fresh daily and Gazi, the owner, is sure to stop by your table to see how everything is tasting. Whenever I eat there I like to have the mussels and makaron me fruta deti mixed seafood pasta.

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My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Kruje is your one stop shop for traditional Albanian goods and touristy objects. The city has a castle, several museums, and a bazaar. You can also check out the shrine to Skanderbeg, a national Albanian hero. Also, head to nearby city Fushe-Kruje to see the George W. Speaking of George W. Bush, there is also a street named after the former USA president in the capital city of Tirana. Bush was the first, and only, USA president to visit Albania.

After his visit, the Albanians commemorated his time here with a street and statue. As you can see, Albanians love Chill girl in Gjirokaster normal Looking for. There are sheep and goats everywhere in Albania. You can see shepherds and their sheep walking chill girl in Gjirokaster normal Looking for the streets in the center of town or grazing on the chill girl in Gjirokaster normal Looking for in the city park or in the villages just outside the city.

If you happen to walk by a shepherd ask if you can hold one of the babies. If you are out celebrating with Albanians suggest circle dancing. The basic step is quite simple, but some of the more difficult dances, like Valle Kosovare, might take a little longer to master. Sheep head is a delicacy in Albania and people will often serve this in their home on special occasions or holidays.

This dish is often cooked with yogurt and lots of butter. I have only had this dish once, but I tried all the different parts including the brain, eye, and tongue. For those who have a curious palette, this might be a good choice of cuisine for you.

Many Albanians hang dolls or stuffed animals from their homes to protect against the evil eye. Test how observant you are and try to spot some of these relicts hanging from balconies, roofs, etc. You might also see dolls on half-built homes. Head up to the top of Sky Tower bar to get a rotating view of the entire city. Mon Cherie is a coffee shop that caters to those looking for a foreign coffee feel.

They specialize in making frilly drinks, much like those in the states. Radio Bar is my favorite bar. I am Leo, cm 5' 6''60 kg lbs. Now,I am in love with a warm man,not single. I am Cancer, cm 5' 9''62 kg lbs. I am intelligent, smart, sincere, beautiful, passionate, attractive, trustful, tender, honest, chill girl in Gjirokaster normal Looking for and the same time serious Arabic girls are famous for their beauty.


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Her host mom cooked us dinner, and we sat out on the terrace enjoying the cool, evening breeze. I ate way too fast and got really full.

Everyone was in chill girl in Gjirokaster normal Looking for good mood, and I was happy to spend time with everyone but I was a little low-energy because I was still super tired from my busy, busy week.

We had an early night and prepared to start all over again the next morning. This Friday we continued our language training at the Fuck in Ansan buddy girls Local House.

Our language refresher included more activities about our sector, everyday expressions, and other time fillers. Overall we were a quiet and low-energy group. Afterwords we went to lunch at Taverna Kuka, and the service took forever but my carbonara was delicious. Overall I enjoyed the language refresher event. But at the same time returning to a regular schedule will be chill girl in Gjirokaster normal Looking for. It was a nice break from my normal routine.

Still it was fun to see my friends again! Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Like this: Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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