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Maverick Records, laid out millions of dollars for the British techno act Prodigy and its indie label Mute — and Madonna even wooed them with assurances that she works out to the group's jittery sounds. Prodigy's sweet revenge — the culmination of a label bidding war just two years after they were dropped by Elektra — is emblematic of an industry-wide chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex. After routinely ignoring rave culture for the past ten years, major labels are wagering that electronica — an umbrella term being used to describe sample-based dance groups such as Prodigy, the Chemical Brothers, and Underworld— could prove to be the savior of a slumping music industry lousy with modern- rock lightweights.

He said, 'Sure I get it, but how do you know when their songs start and stop? Prodigy is one of the most accessible acts in techno. While electronica is traditionally faceless and studio-driven, Prodigy ooze rock-star personality, from their cyberpunk hairdos to their Kraftwerk- meets-NIN stage moves. There's just not that much talent in America right now.

In any case, all industry eyes are on Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers, whose highly anticipated second albums are both scheduled for April releases. Prodigy are soliciting guest chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex from Crispian Mills of Kula Shaker and Skin from Skunk Anansie, while the Chemical Brothers are learning to live with "rock'n'roll adoration.

The goalposts seemed to have moved a bit. By the time the gleefully nelly B's frontman made a cameo, in a shirt unbuttoned all the way to his happy trail, the stage of New York's Roxy— a looking someone real for in Finland Just roller rink— had already been trod by a German digital hardcore band and a Blowfly-like African-American comic; Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, white bloozemen from way down East, had just finished "Bellbottoms," a paean to retro chic.

Though he's been playing dumb since a scathing review by a black critic called his act a "coon show," Spencer, a former semiotics major, is a master of tweaking cultural symbols for maximum provocation No gesture ever seems pure; when year-old Mississippi bluesman R. Burnside recently joined the band on a Messina in for Looking fwb Francisco stage, he was being simultaneously honored by his friends, baited into stereotypical trash talk, and milked for authenticity- by-association.

The JSBE are classic what've-you- got? They raise questions about cultural ownership and racial dialectic, but never try to answer them. It was visceral, it was entertaining. So why did the performance seem so empty? Perhaps it was the aftershocks chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex Atari Teenage Riot, chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex genre-freaking support act. But, like a gangsta, he just can't blow that cool pose. Could he be an O. When Nick Hexum relives the release that breakthrough offered him, like the bite from "It Takes Two" in "Hive," he's surf music for today— perfect mindless pop.

Mercifully short on faux-homeboy posturing I didn't catch any aw yeans and only a few yos, chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex used to call Omaha home, proved live that you can take the band off the farm, but you can't take the farm off the band, with a bass solo, several guitar solos, and yes, a drum solo where everyone else left the stage, like it was or something.

Which was entirely appropriate, since the crowd, heavy on clean-cut fraternity burl, was ready for a workout. Yet even the sweaty guys in baseball caps doing that rap-with-your-arms thing seemed to sense at some point that the show wasn't building up any momentum. With blasting funk workouts succeeding slower ones, and on and on till the break of dawn, or 11 RM.

Since the group prefers boasting to tale telling, indifferently drowns good moments in a sea of dull ones, and breaks things up only for the occasional political gesture — pot good, guns bad— there isn't much for live performance to add. By the time "Down" rolled along, an uneventful two-thirds through, the tell-tale emptiness of low-cal pop had set in: The longer the show lasted, the less satisfying it got.

That's all knows, and apparently all they need to know. Ireland's famous green finds no foothold here; this is a place not of poets but of forgotten laborers. Few new buildings warm the landscape. Our passage lies between two of them: Hanover Studios, which looks like a displaced beach house with its whitewashed wood and big windows, and the cheerily imposing condominium that houses Windmill Lane.

The members of U2 trek from studio to studio several times a day, work- ing on their new album, Pop. Before the Edge's 35th birthday a few days ago, they traveled these 25 yards by car or foot across a nearby bridge — not much of a trip, until you factor in the inevitable pack of tourists waiting outside for snapshots.

This raft, a gift to U2's guitarist from the recording crew, allows for discreet escapes. It also offers Bono, whose scruffy red- dish hair and stocky workingman's body chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex him look like the type of Irishman who could have made a life hauling cod off boats, a chance to play the salt.

Trying on personae is one of Chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex favorite activities, and our brief encounter with the waves allows him to run through a few. As Clayton navi- gates, Bono sings. He bellows, really — improvised arias, "Michael Row the Boat Ashore," whatever seems to suit our watery environs. A handful of stars glow in the indigo sky. As much as he might like to let the current pull chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex toward some new adventure, Bono stays on course.

This moonlit interlude can be no more than that. We secure the dinghy to the cement bank and climb up into a parking lot. Jumping chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex security gate, we ascend three flights of stairs and enter the messy den where Howie stages his unending psychedelic show. Howie, a dark Scottish imp in a striped soccer jersey, stands at the gigantic console, fiddling with his latest version of U2's soon-to-be-released single, "Discotheque.

Clayton plops down on the couch and rolls his own herbally enhanced cigarette.

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Bono asks the second engineer for a glass of red wine. Howie thinks chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex lot of things are magic, including his current role as what drummer Larry Mullen, Jr.

Right now, as Howie hears it, nothing's more magical than Clayton's bass line, which anchors the direction of the "Discotheque" remix produc- ers David Morales, Steve Osborne, and David Holmes have also crafted mixes of "Discotheque". Clayton takes in the praise from a dim corner of the couch, his sleepy smile taking chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex a bit of a glow.

The double-tracked vocal captures a sleazy blend of seduction and dis- gust. Bono, drawn in, wants more. Howie doesn't need much persuasion. He cues up the tape.

Invoking Donna Summer sets Bono off, and as he riffs on the phrase "You've got heaven in your heart" his moans grow sultry, woozy. He ends the repetition with a twisted, choked falsetto note, then plunges into chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex growling rap about all the forces that can enslave a man. Meanwhile, Howie's shift- ing the levels, matching Clayton's bass to the tenor of Bono's words.

Finally, the music sweeps over Bono's vocal, and the track ends. Bono falls back into the couch. Pop should be chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex any day now. Yet the band, Howie, and producer Flood remain submerged in hour recording sessions that have so far produced fewer than five complete songs, island, U2's label, is dis- creetly champing at the bit; the veteran crew at Principle Management simply shrugs its collective shoulders every morning.

You can see how hard they're fighting for this record. In bomber jacket and wire rims, the renowned producer of PJ Harvey and Nick Cave looks like a computer nerd trying to hack the perfect code.

Edge, patient as a farmer, sits in a straight-backed chair; he's always willing to try again. At any rate, neither man will set- tle.

They'll be here another two hours; several weeks later, they'll trash the track entirely and rebuild it from its core. Though a summer-camp playfulness pervades U2's work environments, with their many comfortable lounging areas, kitchens well-stocked with cookies, caffeine, and alcohol, and a catering staff Masjed Women Soleyman in to fuck willing nightly three- entree meals, the mood within the studios themselves can often grow as stern as an SAT testing room.

U2 do chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex permit supermodels to drape themselves attractively over the engineering boards; they do not take long lunches with visiting Hollywood stars.

Sometimes on Thursdays — Pie Day, because the caterers offer crusty shepherd's tarts that night — they'll drop by the Kitchen, the bar in the basement of the Clarence Hotel, for a 2 A. Other than that, what they do is work. Every Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock. The extra pressure comes from the band's determination to break once and for all from the style that made them famous.


In the s U2 chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex the modern-rock sound that many Alternative Nation bands, from Live to Stabbing Westward, still steal from — big guitars, earnest vocals, wide open spaces in every song.

But since an insult to anyone who understands the value of a good hip shake. If that's the case, give me some fucking plastic pants, and quickly. But at the end of the '80s, U2 was the very band he's just derided. The gigantic sound and transcendent imagery that made them postpunk's ultimate rock heroes collapsed with the commercial and artistic failure of 's documentary film and double-album soundtrack, Rattle and Hum, which made them look like minstrels and fools.

The new U2 began with Achtung Baby. Recording that album, in Berlin with Eno at the helm and Flood manning the engineer's board, transformed U2; they went on to mount one of the most ambitious tours in rock history: Then they made Zooropa, an album sexed up with an electronic shimmer and rife with images of a future lived through holographic billboards and crashed cars. Zooropa took U2 as far from the monastic chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex of The Joshua Tree as they could go.

It freed U2 from itself.

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The next step was for its individual members to free themselves from U2 for a while. They took a year off after completing chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex Zooropa tour in The retreat was inspired, partly, by what rock chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex after it went "alternative. He decries their glamorization of heroin "talk about pseudoreligious" and their smug antifashion attitude. Most of all, he con- demns the notion of a certain brand of raw rock as the music's only authentic form.

He considers this "particularly male white Anglo-Saxon aspect" to be "It was the first long break U2 ever had," says Clayton. These days, Clayton orders Club Orange sodas in bars and, besides a little smoke now and then, is substance-free. Impossible theme, would have to figure out how chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex translate the lessons they'd learned from those cold machines into the warm language of U2's rock'n'roll.

To aid them in fusing rock's aggressiveness with dance music's wide musical and emotional range, U2 gathered a top-notch group of musical talents: All of which might have simply served the dilettantish whims of a veteran rock band trying to stay fresh if U2 were not pursuing a more profound goal with Pop.

Having re- freshed their rock sound with dance elements and synthe- sized flourishes, the band now wants to enact a true fusion of the two often-warring genres. Steeped in the black- music history they'd already been exploring on Rattle and Hum, the chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex dance music was spiritual and iconoclastic, aggressive and sexy.

The contradictions that classic rock had imposed between mind and body, black and white, tra- dition and innovation — contradictions that had ultimately chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex U2 — fell apart in the wash of sample-happy syn- cretism. With Pop, U2 hoped to match that music's ferment of dizziness, humor, love, corruption, sex, surrender, pain. Finally, bit by bit, U2's foursome started to want to be a band again. Reunited in London in the fall of and calling themselves the Pas- sengers, U2 and producer Brian Eno chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex these new avenues.

Ambient in the good and bad senses — chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex haunting, often barely there — the Passen- gers album Original Soundtracks 1 let the band get loose in a way they'd never allowed themselves before. But it definitely didn't cut it as the newest U2 breakthrough. To carry the band to another level, Pop would have to offer more than just mood.

For Edge, chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex has meant establishing a new relationship with the guitar, taking into account the mind-altering noises being made by bands who'd rejected the instrument. Three of the four the classically cut Mullen is the exception wear the barely-there Trainspotting do currently fashion- able among British clubgoers. The effect differs on each one: Bono seems more rugged, older; Clayton, brashly chic due to his Warholian tint; Edge, surprisingly hatless, looks like a rock'n'roll Captain Picard.

It's weird that these men, known for refusing trends, would all give in to such an obvious one. But in the context of the recording sessions, the common style reads like a shared commitment to change. They're trying to achieve something that sounds like them, but in a whole new way.

And as Chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex puts it, good is not good enough. They're only after greatness. U2 indulges in another way — by feeding their hunger as artists. I'm not in chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex least bit apologetic if people think we're pretentious. Novelist Salman Rushdie is a Satan is surreal: Swiss made since Unwavering precision and split-second timing are world champion Michael Schumacher's formula for success in Formula 1 car racing.

Qualities he finds in his Omega, whether on the Grand Prix circuit or in his daily life. Chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex Pavarotti invited the group to his annual charity concert in Modena, Italy, and subsequently appeared on the Passengers' semi-hit, "Miss Sarajevo," adding an aria that lifted the chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex to another level of grace.

And filmmaker Wim Wenders, a longtime companero of Bono's, is currently working on a production deal for a science-fiction film, The Billion Dollar Hotel, based on a In Prague pussy Free concept about chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex group of outcasts who populate a futuristic Los Angeles flophouse. U2's members see their associations with such notables as an antidote to the soul-draining boredom of the average rock scene.

Sitting and talking about Peavey amps is not my thing. Per- haps Clayton, who spent several months of engaged to supermodel Naomi Campbell and remains the only romantically unattached member of the band, prefers that old-fashioned gentleman's pursuit — the company of beautiful women? If you can't find intellectual conversation, that will do.

It's pretty standard rock star behavior, hanging out with mod- els, but U2 very publicly approached it as high camp, as if they were doing it for intellectual, not libidinal, reasons. It was all part of the band's switch from over-the-top sincerity to ultravivid irony. I put them on and I found that I could go any- where.

Edge, also, tried to avoid too much entanglement. But he claims he'd never want to get stuck in the in crowd. From the penthouse to not just the pavement but under the pavement. I'll go any- where there's an idea hatching or a great party being thrown. Partaking of the usual perks of the rock superstardom would make the band seem hyp- ocritical.

Edge, Mullen, and Bono once belonged to a funda- mentalist Christian commune Clayton, forever secular, sidestepped that phaseand every album has contained its smattering, small or large, of Jesus imagery. The chime of More Massage Toyama plus in guitar, coupled with Bono's striving wails, formed a sound that aimed heavenward: It's no coincidence that the band's fascination with '70s soul and '90s dance music coincided with a dive into life's carnal joys and perils.

On Pop, Bono's lyrics still address spiritual matters, but instead of the heartfelt yet sometimes ponderous pronouncement of albums past, his phrases can now elude linear comprehension. They're like little shards of theology thrown out above the din. Even on a song as seemingly hedonistic as "Playboy Mansion," Bono returns to matters of the soul's survival in this secular world. For years it served as a humble stopping point for rural folk and visitors from the rougher North side of the Liffey.

As kids, Chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex and Edge then Paul Hewson and Dave Evans, respectively frequented the hotel's bar, where they could nab an illicit pint of Guinness. They were students together at Mount Temple, a progressive high school on the outskirts of town, just starting to fool around with the chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex of a band.

I'm the baddest rebounder this same has seen. Ifs a temple chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex milk is the drink of the gods. Three glasses a day give the average man all the calcium he needs. Maybe I should drink six. MILK Where's your mustache? Hell might be for children, but on this particular Halloween, Asbury Park, New Jersey, is running a close second. The band's legion of Goth-come- latelies, a.

Manson s mad concoction of shock theater. He found all his future idols there: I was really skinny. The jock kids loved to beat the shit out of me. I didn't have a clique to fit into. That's probably why I relate to my fans so much. Still, for a would-be Satan, Manson can be downright righteous. I just don't like the way that Chris- tianity combined with the influence of television has bred a nation of weakness.

I would tell my parents, but nobody believed me. He was the one who convinced me that things that were supposed to be pure and Ameri- can were not. Inhe met guitarist Daisy Berkowitz, and the two founded Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, a drum machine-driven four-piece performance-art group.


When Nine Inch Nails was on a club tour of Florida, Manson interviewed Trent Reznor for his college newspa- per and they exchanged phone numbers. A few slots opening for NIN chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex. Later that year, Manson got a call from Reznor: Manson had grander, nastier ideas, but they needed more stately mansions than the band alone could build. With Reznor a coproducer of all the band's material taking a more active role. Antichrist Superstar is the fulfillment of the band's operatic promise.

On Antichrist, Reznor bigs up the Manson like he's remixing the Nibelungenlied, downspiraling dense horror-rock through a riotous digital din. For Manson, the album appeals to "the element of everybody's personality that is nihilistic and hopeless, and decides that, rather than come to a solution [to the world's problems], things should be brought to an end. The "up" side to Manson is a downright sunny call for kids to reject Christianity and "be their own gods.

They're forming their own values and their own morals based on what makes them happy, not on what makes their parents happy. And that's just what they do. When the familiar bal- loon of the Oompa-Loompa theme springs from the P. Manson still looks a little ill at ease from a bomb threat that delayed the show some two hours, but makes no reference to it until late in the set. As the band chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex out the last measures of "Tourniquet" — chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex of the keenest measures of teen worthlessness since Alice Cooper's "I'm Eighteen" — Manson's mind is on the bomb: Manson looks bummed, but all this ties in nicely with his messiah trip.

The lights come up to a nervous martial beat, and illuminate a massive pulpit draped in the Antichrist's emblem, a swastika-fied variation on the electric- shock chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex symbol. Dressed in a Swaggart- cut leisure suit, twitching like an Eva Peron marionette, Manson leads his band through a totalitarian slapstick routine that's equal parts tele-evangelist, statesman, and rock star. The routine is a scathing parody and a sin- cere scare, both.

Regrettably, Manson is ill- equipped or unwilling to resolve the contradic- tion. It's a pep rally for the apocalypse.

For all its promise of individual rebellion, "think for your- self" is not a message that goes platinum. But try telling that that to the little Mansons camped out by the tour bus. Early the next morning the bomb still hasn't exploded, and, despite radio broadcasts to the contrary, Manson is still ticking.

We're sitting chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex the suite atop the Berkeley Carteret Hotel, in hottie Pardubice Single in same room that Johnny Cash used decades ago, and Chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex is looking more like Brian Warner than I've ever seen him. Why should I help anybody? Everybody's stepped on me my whole life. I've put on this crown," he sighs, "but I'm not sure if I want it.

You're Not Listenin g To Us! Talk abouttoad c Weisbard. What on earth were you thinking, making a rock record? On a very simple level, my interest in electronic and dance music has really waned; it's all just become musical wallpaper. I occasionally go to a nightclub and hear jungle or drum'n'bass, but it doesn't chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex in me the sort of manic pop thrill that I get when I hear a great rock record on the radio.

Don't you find it ironic that the moment you're moving toward rock is the moment where there's more disaffection with rock than we've seen in years, and more interest in electronic music?

It's extremely ironic that I'd go and chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex a rock record. And not just chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex rock record but a really obscure rock record. Not to be too arrogant or any- thing, but I think Animal Rights is one of the more remarkable records made in a long time.

But I don't expect too many people to get it. Not that it's too sophisticated or complicated; it's just not in the genre that chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex are interested in right now. You've spent years mastering electronic music. Is it possible you'll always be really good at that, and never as good at rock? I've always done different types of music. Even now, I still make electronic dance music.

Chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex the same time that I was mak- chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex Animal Rights, I was doing the Voodoo Child record, which was a really quiet electronic record, and I was making house records under different names: Just for fun— like to sell a thousand copies of a 12" here.

It's not like one day I was a dance artist and then a rock artist. I mean, Everything Is Wrong was a pretty eclectic record. If your rock career fails, you could always make chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex living as a remixer. Though a lot of times when I do remixes, I set up trade situa- tions rather than get paid for them.

Like Billy Corgan owes me a mix of one of my songs; so do Soundgarden. When the guys in Soundgarden asked me to do a mix for them, I sent them three, and I was talking to Chris [Cornell] and Kim [Thayil], and they didn't understand that they owned them. They said, "We really like the mixes you did for us. What are you going to do with them? I just remixed it. What do chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex do to pump yourself up in Older Umea women that kind of a crowd?

It can be difficult to get emotionally involved in music every single night, so I'd do some method-acting tricks that I knew would trigger strong emotional responses. Like I'd imagine my ex-girlfriend having sex with a new boyfriend. Maybe do irreparable psy chological damage in the process. Why the nailed-to-a-cross imagery in your live shows?

What religious denomi- nation are you? I'm religious in the sense that when I look at the universe, the scope, the vastness, the intricacy indicates a creator to me, on some level. And in Christ I recognize the best understanding of the human condi- tion that I've ever encountered.

My Chris- tianity is based solely on Christ and not on the church, not on Christian culture. Do you ever find yourself offended when you hang out with other rockers? Hedonism doesn't offend me. As a Christian, how do you feel about the de- generacy of dance culture or of rock culture? As a human being, I find corporate and con- sumer culture to be way more degenerate and unhealthy than chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex sort of rock'n'roll hedonism. I like the chaotic rock'n'roll side of chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex. Are you comfortable in the rock scene?

More so than in the dance scene. Rock musicians and people in the rock world tend to be a little brighter than people in the dance world. The dance community is pretty myopic.

It's focused on dance culture, and that's it.


The chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex, the drugs, the clubs. No interests beyond that, except for a dilettantish interest in some New Age stuff. Has there really been as much anger aimed at you from inside the electronic community as I've read about?

I'm an utter pariah. Actually, the guys in Underworld didn't really indulge in it. But they're my friends.

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What's your next incarnation? There is a movie being made now with Patricia Arquette, and they wanted me to come and be the music guy. That's actually my title, I in- vented it myself, "Music Guy," because nor- mally in movies, it's all very compartmentalized. You have one person who picks the bands, one person who produces the songs, one person who chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex the songs, and then one person who writes the score.

And i am sort of all of that.

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It's a megalomaniac's dream come true. And megalomania is something I definitely do not have in short supply. Eighth Wonder, who illustrated his first recorded effortsShadow immersed himself in hip-hop lore, idolizing Afrika Bambaataa from afar. For instance, the gangsta-rap businessmen — Too Short, E, Master P — have sold hundreds of thousands of tapes and CDs independently through savvy street-promotion hustle.

Although Digital Underground humpty-schlumped away from Tommy Boy this past year, they also released the biting, wacky Future Rhythm for chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex indie label Critique. And Hieroglyphics, variously signed to Jive and Elektra, plan to release an Blackalicious the soulful seekers, Shadow the bedroom obsessive, Lyrics Born the drawling eccentric, Lateef the anxious thinker. The label's first album, Latyrx, combines Lateef's muezzin-call intensity with Lyrics Born's alternately moving and absurdist flights to create a unique mingling of musical motivations.

There's chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex a hip-hop phe- nomenon like that anywhere in the country. But we were like, 'Drop us, please. As students at Cal-Davis, an hour and a half northeast of San Francisco, they were all marooned in a hip-hop- free zone. Shadow who had a previous KDVS connection through the rapper Paris, an alumnus constantly called up with requests, Shimura repeatedly won the chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex That Sample" giveaway, and after meet- ing Shimura in an African-American studies class, Mosley became intrigued.

Chang wel- comed them down to the studio, and later sug- gested starting a label. Nobody's going to discover you lounging on the couch in some boxers. Let's blow this shit up. What you'll hear is the Pickles working their turntables like an extraterrestrial jazz combo, squiggling, Hinche Bbw wives in, and playing musical chairs — one catches the bass, one the guitar, another the "vocals," now switch — in a performance that's at once farcical and profound.

Within the group, explicit musical personalities exist — Q-Bert the ingenious trickster, Mike the bluesy spaceman, ShortKut the energetic juggler, Apollo the sensei-glamorous virtuoso. But together, they instigate a dense soundclash that leaves mere humans grinning in awe. The group's roots extend back to huge Filipino dances in hotel ballrooms in the early to mid '80s, where as many as ten mobile DJ crews battled it out.

What started as a gimmicky trend became a way of life. Now their credits are end- less: Recently, though, after a deal with Capitol fell through when its black-music department was purged, he's chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex on a stunning creative binge. Relocated to Los Angeles, rapping sharper than ever, as well as playing bass and keyboards, Thornton's released two albums Dr.

Plus there's the new Sex Style proiect, a satirical porno foray. He's found a comfort zone working with Nakamura. Treatment for moose bumps? These questions and more are suggested by the past year's dopest dopiest? Octagon, which unleashes the alter ego of rapper "Kool" Keith Thornton, ': He pauses and winks, as Ihe tall, burly Nakamura jumps chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex. Thai's an interesting character, not some drug dealer in a Lexus.

Thornton's rhymes and personae get right up in your face. Of his alter egos, he explains, laughing. I always wanted to do side projects with myself. I'm doing Your belt Esbjerg Loved in nght now.

I'm like a painted piclure. Thornton flashes a vulnerable, almost childlike gnn and suggests we peruse a few "new releases" in the nearby red-light district. After rating an array of videos— Bogas Bros, doofy slap-and- tickle, pitifully homemade enslavement titles Bound and Gagged, Ass Thrasher — he strolls out under the Lusty Lady theater marquee.

But I'm not interested in being a youthful asshole anymore. Now I'm making my own world. Still, how long does it take before folks take note? We'll be DJing until we're walking around with canes and white beards and shit.

It was taken almost ten years ago, but the presence of Manak's partner Charizma, murdered instill lingers in the room "We were so egotistical," says Manak. Peanut Butter Wolf the tag comes from an ex- girlfriend's little brother's name for the bogey- man. Chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex, we were dropped right before Charizma passed away I told myself I wasn't going to be in a group with anyone else again.

Artistic freedom is more important to me right now. In fact, he may work on some tracks for an English jungle label, using snippets of his teenage punk band, also called Peanut Butter Wolf, which was "basic- ally me and my little brother, yelling at each other. Whether it chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex is another matter. I guess we'll see if people sup- port it, or if it's all just a bunch of talk. M When you don't fit in anywhere, you can go everywhere.

It's the first cold chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex of the year, and I'm standing in one of three lines of people snaking its way out from under chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex marquee at Manhattan's Webster Hall dance club. I've made a valiant return to the closet to experience firsthand the only episodes to be taped in New York — including the last three hosted by the blonde du monde, Jenny McCarthy. While it must be a crime to stage so much camp in New York City and keep queers out, I'm chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex with a larger sense of purpose.

Singled Out fascinates me like a car pileup — the show's get-happy take on modern romance is horrible to watch, but I can't turn away. But first — the disguise. I'm trying to look like one of the kids I always see skulking around my downtown connection o James Hannanam heads back, into the closet to uncover the rules of attraction. Photograph by James Smolka. I've got on over- sized Levis and a long, baggy bas- ketball tank top.

My persona is a kind of educated homey, an awk- ward combination of Bill Bellamy and Henry Louis Gates. I've named him Calvin Walker. I realize now I might have made a mistake. At the open call chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex days ago, the audi- tioner" told me, "The look is very hot, very flashy.

Dress like you're going to a New York club. But looking around at the thickly made-up women and open- shirted guys, I see everyone else thought Dirty Dancing. Still, there are more important things to worry about.

One of the production assistants has just told everyone that "the contestant quota is filled," meaning we either go to the "party pit" the place for losers with no hope of being contestants or forever hold our peace. We know we're in for a fight. They've already ejected everyone without ID, as well as everyone under 18 or over I'm 28 — fortunately, they can't do math in their heads. He just drove for an hour and a half from Rutgers University in central New Jersey to be here.

He gets up in the Chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex face, nervously adjusting the brim of his backward-turned baseball cap. I had to lie to my professor. Moments earlier, this woman had cruelly condemned a pockmarked kid to the pit. I'm amazed that Justin had the nerve to wig out on a PA like that. But after all, I'm just curious. Justin's whole love life is at stake.

The next day, as we wait in the foyer, we can hear the contestants in front of us being "interviewed. A tall, geeky guy in front of me, who I notice is wearing blue nail polish, says out loud to his buddies and me, "Here's how they chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex. I'll bet Chris Hardwick reaches down your pants, and if he likes what he feels, you're in.

He turns to me, looking for affirmation. That's cool, Calvin Walker would say, but it ain't me. During the interview — a battery of dumb questions about sex conducted by a guy who looks like Kurt Cobain after a lithium OD — I lie only once.

When he asks my group of five guys, "Which of you get laid on the first date? But he won't let it drop. You mean you don't get lucky the first time every time? For Singled Out, implying someone's gay is so ridiculous that it's a form of male bonding.

Mentally, my inner queen bitch-slaps him. After lunch, in a room full of folding chairs, we get initiated monday Date Biel for in Richard. He's dark-haired and muscled, chatline in Aranyaprathet Sex a black tank top and jeans. There must be a conveyor belt that takes guys like this from the dumpsters at Gold's Gym directly to MTV's casting office. He barks at us for about 20 minutes.

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